Debbie Gibson / We Could Be Together: 13-disc career retrospective

Signed edition SOLD OUT • 13-discs: albums • rarities • remixes • videos

Edsel have created what they are calling the ‘definitive pop collection’ of American singer/producer/actress Debbie Gibson, who enjoyed chart success in the late 1980s with a string of self-penned and often self-produced hits, including Only In My Dreams, Shake Your Love and Foolish BeatWe Could Be Together is a 10CD+3DVD collection that includes expanded albums, two discs of remixes/rarities and a host of video content. Fans quick off the mark can secure an exclusive edition that comes with a 12-inch print SIGNED by Debbie Gibson.

This full career retrospective features eight albums (across eight CDs), all with extra tracks. They are: Out Of The Blue (1987), Electric Youth (1989), Anything Is Possible (1990), Body Mind Soul (1993) and the first-ever UK release of Think With Your Heart (1995), Deborah (1997), M.Y.O.B. (2001) and Ms. Vocalist (2010). 

Additionally, two further audio discs deliver classic 12-inch remixes and rarities from throughout Debbie’s career along with some exclusive, previously unheard new recordings.

Together the three DVDs feature an enormous amount of promo videos and period live performances, including the Out Of The Blue and Electric Youth tours.

The discs are presented in 12″ x 12″ book-type packaging, within which sits a 32-page ‘scrapbook’ with unseen pictures (chosen by Debbie) and Debbie’s own commentary. There is also a new interview with Fred Zarr who co-produced Electric Youth.

If you want the exclusive edition with the signed print, there is no premium, but you have to order from Amazon in the UK, since it’s exclusive to them. Only 750 are available and we’ve seen these sell out in less than a day in the past, so be warned! Both versions are listed below. Update: Signed edition now sold out but non-signed edition is now over £10 cheaper than the version with the print.

We Could Be Together will be released on 20 October 2017.

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Debbie Gibson

We Could Be Together - standard edition

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  • 1. Out Of The Blue
  • 2. Staying Together
  • 3.  Only In My Dreams
  • 4. Foolish Beat
  • 5. Red Hot
  • 6. Wake Up To Love
  • 7. Shake Your Love
  • 8. Fallen Angel
  • 9. Play The Field
  • 10. Between The Lines

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11. Only In My Dreams [Extended Club Mix]
  • 12. Shake Your Love [Club Mix]
  • 13. Out Of The Blue [Club Mix]
  • 14. Staying Together [Remix]
  • 15. Foolish Beat [Extended Mix]


  • 1. Who Loves Ya Baby?
  • 2. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 3. Love In Disguise
  • 4. Helplessly In Love
  • 5.  Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words)
  • 6. Should’ve Been The One
  • 7. Electric Youth
  • 8. No More Rhyme
  • 9.Over The Wall
  • 10. We Could Be Together
  • 11. Shades Of The Past

Bonus Tracks:

  • 12. Lost In Your Eyes [Piano & Vocal Mix]
  • 13. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) [Acoustic Mix]
  • 14. No More Rhyme [Acoustic Mix]
  • 15. We Could Be Together [Campfire Mix]
  • 16. Electric Youth [Latin Edit]
  • 17.  Over The Wall [Dub Version]
  • 18. We Could Be Together [Extended Version]


  • 1.  Another Brick Falls
  • 2. Anything Is Possible
  • 3. Reverse Psychology
  • 4. One Step Ahead
  • 5. Stand Your Ground
  • 6. Deep Down
  • 7.  It Must’ve Been My Boy
  • 8. Lead Them Home My Dreams
  • 9. One Hand, One Heart
  • 10. Sure
  • 11. Negative Energy
  • 12. Mood Swings
  • 13. Try
  • 14. In His Mind
  • 15. Where Have You Been?
  • 16. This So-Called Miracle

Bonus Tracks:

  • 17. So Close To Forever
  • 18. The Most Beautiful Love Song


  • 1. Love Or Money
  • 2. Do You Have It In Your Heart?
  • 3. Free Me
  • 4. Shock Your Mama
  • 5.  Losin’ Myself
  • 6. How Can This Be?
  • 7.  When I Say No
  • 8. Little Birdie
  • 9. Kisses 4 One
  • 10. Tear Down These Walls
  • 11. Goodbye

Bonus Tracks:

  • 12. Eyes Of The Child
  • 13. Love Or Lust
  • 14. Kisses 4 One Percappella
  • 15. Losin’ Myself T-Ray’s Acoustic Mix
  • 16. Free Me Extended Mix


  • 1. For Better Or Worse
  • 2. Didn’t Have The Heart
  • 3. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
  • 4. Dancin’ In My Mind
  • 5. Dontcha Want Me Now?
  • 6. Can’t Do It Alone
  • 7. Think With Your Heart
  • 8. Too Fancy
  • 9. You Don’t Have To See
  • 10. Two Young Kids
  • 11. Interlude / Tony’s Rehearsal
  • 12. Let’s Run Away

Bonus Tracks:

  • 13. Call Yourself A Lover
  • 14. You Know Me


  • 1. Prelude
  • 2. Ode To A Would-Be Lover
  • 3. Moonchild
  • 4. Only Words
  • 5. Naturally
  • 6. Nobody’s You
  • 7. Cry Tonight
  • 8.  Where I Wanna Be
  • 9. Butterflies Are Free
  • 10. Give Me Your Love
  • 11. Just Wasn’t Love
  • 12. I Can’t
  • 13. People
  • 14. Don’t Rain On My Parade
  • 15.  I Will Let You Go

Bonus Tracks:

  • 16. My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend [Maxi-Pop]
  • 17. You Belong To Me
  • 18. Only In My Dreams [1997 Dance Edit]
  • 19. Only Words [Dance Edit]
  • 20. My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend [Unplugged]

CD7 / M.Y.O.B.

  • 1. M.Y.O.B.
  • 2. Your Secret
  • 3. What You Want
  • 4.  Down That Road
  • 5. The One
  • 6. Wishing You Were Here
  • 7. What Part Of No
  • 8. In Blue
  • 9. Jaded
  • 10. Knock Three Times with Tony Orlando

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11.  The Last Word
  • 12. Light The World with Peabo Bryson
  • 13. Comes Right Back [Campfire Mix]
  • 14. M.Y.O.B. [Dance Mix]
  • 15. Your Secret [Hot Vocal Radio Mix]


  • 1. Tsunami
  • 2. Say Yes
  • 3. I Love You
  • 4. Roman Hikō
  • 5.  Suddenly – Love Story wa Totsuzen ni
  • 6. True Love
  • 7. Hitomi o Tojite
  • 8.  Sakurazaka
  • 9. However
  • 10. Robinson

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11. Lost In Your Eyes 2010 [English Version]
  • 12. Sekaiju no Dareyori Kitto with Eric Martin
  • 13. Lost In Your Eyes 2010 [Japanese Version]


  • 1. Electric Youth [Deep House Mix]
  • 2. We Could Be Together [House Mix]
  • 3. Anything Is Possible [12-Inch Remix]
  • 4. One Step Ahead [Club Mix]
  • 5. Losin’ Myself [12-Inch Masters At Work]
  • 6. Free Me [Smoove Free Club Mix]
  • 7. Only Words [Arena Club Vocal Mix]
  • 8. Only In My Dreams ’98 [Club Mix]
  • 9. Your Secret [Secret Party Mix]
  • 10. Medley [Debbie Gibson Mega Mix]


  • 1. In The Still Of The Night (I’ll Remember)
  • 2. Come Home (Wonder Years)
  • 3. Without You
  • 4. Someday with Chris Cuevas
  • 5. Hopelessly Devoted To You
  • 6. You’re The One That I Want with Craig McLachlan
  • 7. With All My Heart
  • 8. Someone You Love with The O’Neill Brothers
  • 9. Sounds Like Love
  • 10. Say Goodbye with Jordan Knight
  • 11. Naked
  • 12. Already Gone
  • 13. Rise
  • 14. Promises
  • 15.  Wonderland [Cutting Room Floor Mix]
  • 16. Snake Charmer
  • 17. Famous
  • 18. RCVR with Big Black Delta
  • 19. Rise [Revolution Mix]
  • 20. Dance Dance
  • 21. Cougar
  • 22. Pop Circus
  • 23. Only In My Dreams 2016 [Acoustic Version]


  • 1. Only In My Dreams
  • 2. Shake Your Love
  • 3. Out Of The Blue
  • 4. Foolish Beat
  • 5. Staying Together
  • 6. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 7. Electric Youth
  • 8. No More Rhyme
  • 9. We Could Be Together
  • 10. Anything Is Possible
  • 11.  This So-Called Miracle
  • 12.  One Hand, One Heart
  • 13.  Someday with Chris Cuevas
  • 14.  Losin’ Myself
  • 15. Shock Your Mama
  • 16. You’re The One That I Want with Craig McLachlan
  • 17.  For Better Or Worse
  • 18. Didn’t Have The Heart
  • 19. Only Words
  • 20. What You Want
  • 21.  Already Gone
  • 22.  I Love You

Bonus Footage:

  • 23. Shake Your Love [12-Inch Version]
  • 24. Out Of The Blue [12-Inch Version]
  • 25. Electric Youth [Long Version]
  • 26. We Could Be Together [Long Version]
  • 27.  Anything Is Possible [UK Version]
  • 28.  Only Words [Dance Version]
  • 29.  Electric Youth Reloaded with Jace Hall

DVD 2 / LIVE IN PITTSBURGH: The Out Of The Blue Tour, 1988

  • 1. Staying Together
  • 2.  Foolish Beat
  • 3. Shake Your Love
  • 4. In The Still Of The Night (I’ll Remember)
  • 5. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 6. Should’ve Been The One
  • 7. Out Of The Blue
  • 8. Only In My Dreams
  • 9. We Could Be Together
  • 10. Crocodile Rock

LIVE IN ATLANTA: The Electric Youth World Tour, 1989

  • 1. Who Loves Ya Baby?
  • 2. Over The Wall
  • 3. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 4. Don’t Flirt With Me
  • 5. Dance To The Music
  • 6. Love Under My Pillow
  • 7. Should’ve Been The One
  • 8. We Could Be Together
  • 9. No More Rhyme
  • 10. Electric Youth

DVD 3 / LIVE IN NASHVILLE: Tin Pan South, 1995

  • 1. For Better Or Worse
  • 2. Didn’t Have The Heart
  • 3. Your Love Amazes Me
  • 4. Too Fancy
  • 5. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 6. Let’s Run Away
  • 7. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

106 responses to Debbie Gibson / We Could Be Together: 13-disc career retrospective

  1. Fred says:

    This is one of the best box sets I have ever bought! Thanks Debbie ;)

  2. NsTanner says:

    Is there anyway to find out sales figures for the box set?

    • john Mannheimer says:

      Hi I love debbie gibson music how much does this set cost i want to save money up and get it it 2 cds after body and soul i never knew she had many more cds

  3. Geoff C says:

    Argh, has anyone else had issues getting this? I preordered the amazon exclusive and it was never delivered. Then they got more stock and sent a replacement but it wasn’t the exclusive. No autograph. Even if it had been the box was destroyed in transit and the set itself got dinged up. So frustrated with amazon UK.

  4. Greig says:

    Received my box set today and I am blown away with how beautiful it is.

    It’s very like the Dead or Alive box (ie like a big gorgeous book – I’ll be ripping the music onto computer as I don’t want to ruin the pages by constantly removing the discs though).

    The artwork on the discs is faithful to each albums original style, the interview with Deborah by Tom Parker is VERY informative (They discuss every disc on the box in great detail) and from what I’ve heard on the 5 discs I’ve played so far, the sound is brilliant.

    What strikes me is how stunning Ms Gibson’s songwriting was at such an early age. Personally, I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves.

    The PWL mix of Anything Is Possible is confusing me. The mix on the remix disc is credited to Harding/Curnow (the notes call it the 12 inch remix) and when I put the CD into my computer, it comes up ‘PWL 12″ Remix’. Is this the PWL mix people were talking about not being included or is that a completely different one? Sorry for any confusion arising from reading this paragraph! I’ve confused myself!

    PS… The 2017 remix of Shake Your Love is fantastic! It sounds similar to the Miami Sound Machine/Mylo – Doctor Pressure track.

  5. Larry Davis says:

    I wonder if the price will drop more before Friday/late Thursday?? Right now, it’s like 67 pounds…with shipping, 70.12…which comes to $92 US, not at all bad…I just hope I enjoy it enough to keep…I only used to have her 1st 2 albums…this is a huge catchup…the only reason I kept my order was because of the signed pic…I don’t want to regret it if I cancel the order, so I didn’t…hope to love the set…

  6. Griffin says:

    Hmm, I took out my Jap 3″CD & listened to Over The Wall Dub. That is exactly the same as on Wounded Bird’s: a Vocal Version. So mistake was made by WEA back then THEN. What a pity.

  7. Griffin says:

    I received my copy of The Singles A’s & B’s! No vinyl rips as far as I hear. But it is very random, not A then B, some singles are missing like Losin’ Myself & Free Me, b sides like Only In My Dreams (Dreamix) 4:18/Foolish Beat (Instrumental) are missing, but 12″ track is included here Lost In Your Eyes (Piano And Vocal Mix) & Over The Wall VOCAL VERSION is included instead of the Dub Version! Will Wounded Bird going to correct this? I have the Dub myself. But for the people who doesn’t have it, it’s a pity. They could have included 4 or 5 songs extra easily, like the missing A’s and/or B’s as there are plenty of disc space left unused. But I’m still happy to get the @ tracks!

    Debbie Gibson – The Singles A’s & B’s-Disc 1 (69:54)

    01. Only in My Dreams (Vocal) 3:54
    02. Only in My Dreams (Dub) 4:43 @

    03. Wake Up To Love 3:44 Shake Your Love-B side
    04. Shake Your Love (Vocal) 3:45
    05. Shake Your Love (Bad Dub Version) 5:03 @

    06. Red Hot (Vocal/LP Version) 3:54 Staying Together-B side

    07. Out Of The Blue (Vocal) 3:55
    08. Out Of The Blue (Edited Dub) 4:16 @

    09. Fallen Angel 3:44 Out Of The Blue/Foolish Beat-B side
    10. Foolish Beat 4:24

    11. Staying Together (Vocal) 4:20 @ I strongly believe this is the LP Version – Vocal Re-Cut as LP=4:07
    12. Staying Together (Dub Edit) 4:35 @

    13. No More Rhyme 4:14
    14. Over The Wall (Vocal Version INSTEAD OF Dub Version) 4:26 No More Rhyme/We Could Be Together-B side

    15. Lost In Your Eyes 3:34
    16. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) (Acoustic Mix) 3:39 Lost In Your Eyes-B side
    17. Lost In Your Eyes (Piano & Vocal Mix) 3:33

    Debbie Gibson – The Singles A’s & B’s-Disc 2 (70:57)

    01. We Could Be Together (Edit) 4:40
    02. No More Rhyme (Acoustic Version) 4:13

    03. Electric Youth 4:57

    04. One Step Ahead (Hot Radio Mix) 4:17
    05. One Step Ahead (LP Version) 4:52

    06. Anything Is Possible 3:44
    07. So Close To Forever 3:01 Anything Is Possible-B side

    08. One Hand, One Heart 4:35
    09. The Most Beautiful Love Song 3:14 One Hand, One Heart-B side

    10. Without You 4:17

    11. This So-Called Miracle (Edited Version) 4:15
    12. This So-Called Miracle (Full Version) 7:27

    13. Shock Your Mama (The London Apprentice Edit) 3:16
    14. Love Or Lust 3:58

    15. In His Mind 3:33

    16. Eyes Of The Child 2:20
    17. Love Or Money 4:05

  8. Mike says:

    This is a really great set and a bargain for 10 CDs and 3 DVDs. Bit of a nuisance to have the Broadway album missing but appreciate this set is focused on her Pop career.
    Glad to have Ms Vocalist included along with the new material. Haven’t heard the 3 albums released prior to it so lots of new stuff for me on the way :-)

    (Maybe the Broadway album and all the remixes will get packaged together in a separate set for all the completists to purchase ;-)

  9. It’s too sad… some Pettibone remixes still remains unreleased on CD :(

  10. DebHead4Ever says:

    Summer Nights was going to be a single and the single version is awesome…EDSEL: CAN IT BE ADDED?

  11. DebHead4Ever says:

    If EDSEL is reading comments: please add the INTRO of WHO LOVES YA BABY (I believe in you yes you believe in me too don’t ever get swept away by something not real cause the way I feel I will always feel that way who loves ya baby?). It was a brilliant opening to the EY tour and no one needs the IT’S SHOWTIME intro when we can have the above! Deborah’s silhouette and singing and BAM the curtain falls! We want it!!

  12. DebHead4Ever says:

    Has anyone noticed that disc 13 now has the OSA tour on it and Tin Pan South…looks like comments may be considered…

  13. Griffin says:

    The Singles A’s & B’s, what happened to the B-side Foolish Beat Instrumental? Foolish Beat Instrumental was as legal download for years! I just hope Wounded Bird won’t use any vinyl rips for the rarer tracks.

  14. DebHead4Ever says:

    Tracklisting of A and B 2 CD set

    CD 1:

    1. Only in My Dreams (Vocal)
    2. Only in My Dreams (Dub)
    3. Wake Up to Love
    4. Shake Your Love (Vocal)
    5. Shake Your Love (Bad Dub Version)
    6. Red Hot (Vocal/LP Version)
    7. Out of the Blue
    8. Out of the Blue (Edited Dub)
    9. Fallen Angel
    10. Foolish Beat
    11. Staying Together (Vocal)
    12. Staying Together (Dub Edit)
    13. No More Rhyme
    14. Over the Wall (Dub Version)
    15. Lost in Your Eyes
    16. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) (Acoustic Mix)
    17. Lost in Your Eyes (Piano & Vocal Mix)

    CD 2 :

    1. We Could Be Together
    2. No More Rhyme (Acoustic Version)
    3. Electric Youth
    4. One Step Ahead (Hot Radio Mix)
    5. One Step Ahead (LP Version)
    6. Anything Is Possible
    7. So Close to Forever
    8. One Hand, One Heart
    9. The Most Beautiful Love Song
    10. Without You
    11. This So-Called Miracle (Edited Version)
    12. This So-Called Miracle (Full Version)
    13. Shock Your Mama ((The London Apprentice Edit)
    14. Love or Lust
    15. In His Mind
    16. Eyes of the Child
    17. Love or Money

  15. DebHead4Ever says:

    As of now:
    Release date changed to about mid November and deluxe price preorder is now 70.13 pounds on my order to USA.
    Have now heard all unreleased songs included on the set and am disappointed by them. So many other gems should see the light of day….

  16. kiefer2 says:

    Just got an email that release date has changed to November.

  17. DebHead4Ever says:

    Experience DANCE DANCE live now….
    What do you think?

  18. Gordon M. says: here in Canada now has this listed as well. Current pre-order price is $170.32.

  19. fj says:

    Thanks, Nick! With the plethora of goodies, I missed it. I’d still like to see this track somewhere: Staying Together (LP Version With Vocal Re-Cut)

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  21. Nick says:

    Without you is track 3 disc 10

  22. fj says:

    Without You, the Japan only single should have been included somewhere. Also, the deluxe edition bonus tracks for the Ms. Vocalist album, re-recordings of several other hits, surely could have been included?

  23. Marcus André says:

    Hello, hello Edsel!! I need this DVD!! Plese, release it separately!! Kisses from Brazil!

  24. Phil Fogel says:

    I wish other artist could have such a compilation. I have to admit her first 2 albums are of most interest but one of my favorites is Think With Your Heart, it was a hard to find album, I remember a friend of mine making me a copy on cassette back in the day. A few years ago I bought it on Itunes thinking it would never get a CD re-release. How nice of her to put her fans name in the booklet by just requesting it.

  25. wparkermusic says:

    This is too much Deb for my taste, but a dream for many others, so it is great that there is still an audience out there. I’d be interested in Electric Youth expanded release, and Perhaps Out of the Blue. But other than that, I’m good. I’m still waiting on a proper WB Madonna retrospective, which will never happen.

  26. Charlie Shine says:

    Hi Paul, This is an impressive Debbie Gibson Collection with some rarities indeed. But honestly, are 13 Discs necessary for it ? If anyone wants the remixes only, I would recommend the Japanese Compilation ‘Super Mix Club’ CD from 1988 which is only focused on Debbie’s first album ‘Out Of The Blue’ from 1987, that is in my personal opinion the most successful album and contains the best hits in her career. In the other hand, the majority of the remixes included here were mixed by Little Louie Vega who replaced Jellybean at The Fun House in NYC back in 1985 and engineered by Michael Hutchison, Doc Dougherty & Hugo Dwyer. They all used to work with Jellybean on his remixes. Kind Regards!!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m sure Demon will end up doing a specific remix project. I don’t think this was conceived as such. This gives you the albums, a decent amount of bonus material and is very much a career overview. The signed print was the icing on the cake for fans but obviously they’re sold out now.

  27. RJS says:

    She sold millions in the US in the late eighties but after selling out all 750 signed copies of this box set, Miss Gibson must have more than doubled her UK sales tally.

    • DebHead 4Ever says:

      Does RJS stand for Reality Just Sucks?

      Deborah’s debut album “OUT OF THE BLUE” AND her sophomore album “ELECTRIC YOUTH” BOTH were certified GOLD in the UK: sales over 100,000 units. Her other releases in the UK did well and her amazing theatrical debut in London’s West End (GREASE) was a box office smash with record figures for its time.
      Oddly enough, WE COULD BE TOGETHER was a higher chart success in the UK than the USA…

  28. Lee says:

    Awesome!! When Deb announced she was releasing a box set I thought maybe 2 CDs and hopefully a DVD. I never dreamed we’d get something as amazing as this. I can’t stop looking at the track list it’s unreal! I know lots of remixes have been omitted, but this isn’t a remix set. Hopefully that will follow and we’ll get all of those cool mixes later. For now this set is more Than I could have dreamed of. Very happy Debhead here!

  29. kiefer2 says:

    As referenced above-there is also another “Extended Club Mix” of “Only in My Dreams” on her “Greatest Hits” cd that is different than the other “Extended Club Mix”. It is 5:50 and is radically different than the longer version (not just an edit of the longer).

  30. Griffin says:

    {@joe} I’m not an expert! I do have many remixes from Debbie already, mainly her first 2-3 albums. I also want to know which ones were released back then. And if Edsel is planning to release Debbie’s first few albums separately expanded to 2-3CD’s each or a 2-3 CD-set Remixes & Rarities they might have a look as well (found on discogs):

    Only In My Dreams (Vocal) 3:50
    Only In My Dreams (Dub) 4:42
    Only In My Dreams (Dreamix) 4:18

    Only In My Dreams (Extended Club Mix/Vocal) 6:34
    Only In My Dreams (Percapella/Vocal) 3:29
    Only In My Dreams (Dreamix) 4:18
    Only In My Dreams (Hearthrob Beats) 4:14

    Shake Your Love (Vocal) 3:46
    Shake Your Love (Bad Dubb Version) 5:03

    Your Love (Vocal/Club Mix) 5:56
    Shake Your Love (Bonus Beats) 6:33
    Shake Your Love (Vocal/LP Version) 3:46
    Shake Your Love (Bad Dubb Version) 5:03
    Shake Your Love (Vocal/Bass Apella) 3:35
    Shake Your Love (Shake The House Version) 5:48

    Out Of The Blue (Vocal) 3:55
    Out Of The Blue (Edited Dub/Dub Edit) 4:12

    Out Of The Blue (Club Mix/Extended Version) 5:50
    Out Of The Blue (Bonus Beats) 4:20
    Out Of The Blue (Drumappella) 4:05
    Out Of The Blue (Dub Version) 3:54

    Foolish Beat (Vocal) 4:29
    Foolish Beat (Instrumental) 4:30

    Foolish Beat (Vocal/Extended Mix) 6:46
    Foolish Beat (Instrumental) 4:28
    Only In My Dreams (Dream House Mix) 10:03
    Debbie Gibson Mega Mix (Medley: Out Of The Blue/Shake Your Love/Only In My Dreams) 7:13

    Staying Together (Vocal) 4:15
    Staying Together (Dub Edit/TV Trk) 4:30

    Staying Together (Remix) 6:01
    Staying Together (LP Version With Vocal Re-Cut) 4:15
    Staying Together (Dub Version) 5:56
    Staying Together (Bonus Beats) 1:35

    Staying Together (LP Version – Vocal Recut) 4:22
    Staying Together (12″ Remix) 6:01

    Lost In Your Eyes (LP Version) 3:34
    Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) (Acoustic Mix) 3:39
    Lost In Your Eyes (Piano And Vocal Mix) 3:33

    Electric Youth (UK Special DJ Edit) 3:38
    Electric Youth 4:55
    We Could Be Together (Campfire Mix) 5:33

    House Side
    Electric Youth (Deep House Mix) 7:35
    Electric Youth (Shep’s House Dub) 5:51
    Electric Youth (Shep’s House Beats) 6:00
    Electric Youth (House Edit) 3:51
    Latin Side
    Electric Youth (The Electro Mix) 6:35
    Electric Youth (Electric Dub Gone Haywire) 6:32
    Electric Youth (The Electro Dub) 6:30
    Electric Youth (Latin Edit) 3:53

    Electric Youth (7” House Edit) 3:54
    Electric Youth (7” Alternative Latin Edit) 3:53
    Electric Youth (LP Version) 4:55

    Electric Youth (Deep House Mix) 7:35
    Electric Youth (Shep’s House Dub) 5:55
    Electric Youth (7” Version) 4:57
    Electric Youth (The Electro Mix) 6:35
    Electric Youth (Electric Dub Gone Haywire) 6:32
    We Could Be Together (LP Version) 5:33

    Electric Youth (Club Mix/The Electro Mix) 6:36
    Electric Youth (7 Inch Mix) 4:56
    Electric Youth (Ultimix) 9:22
    Electric Youth (Deep House Mix/House Version) 7:33

    We Could Be Together (Remix) 5:37
    We Could Be Together (Edited Remix) 4:38

    We Could Be Together (Edit) 4:36
    No More Rhyme (Acoustic Version) 4:13

    We Could Be Together (House Mix) 7:25
    We Could Be Together (House Of Trix) 5:59
    We Could Be Together (Radio Mix) 4:32

    We Could Be Together (Edited Remix) 4:39
    We Could Be Together (Remix/Extended Version) 5:35
    We Could Be Together (Campfire Mix) 5:33
    We Could Be Together (Live Mix – From Video) 7:44

    No More Rhyme 4:17
    Over The Wall (Dub) 4:26

    Anything Is Possible (Remix Edit) 3:30
    So Close To Forever 3:00

    Anything Is Possible (Dance Mix) 7:06
    Anything Is Possible (Radio Edit Of Dance Mix) 3:59
    Anything Is Possible (Dub) 5:07
    Anything Is Possible (Instrumental) 4:59

    Anything Is Possible (LP Version) 3:44
    Anything Is Possible (Edit Of Dance Mix) 3:59
    Anything Is Possible (Dance Mix) 7:06

    Anything Is Possible (Remix Edit) 3:30
    So Close To Forever 3:00
    Anything Is Possible (12″ Remix) 7:20

    Without You 4:20
    Without You (Instrumental) 4:17

    (This So-Called) Miracle (Edited Version) 4:17
    (This So-Called) Miracle (Full Version) 7:29

    One Hand, One Heart 4:36
    The Most Beautiful Love Song 3:14

    Step Ahead (Hot Radio Mix) 4:18
    One Step Ahead (LP Version) 4:52

    One Step Ahead (Club Mix) 7:25
    One Step Ahead (Masters At Work Mix) 5:50
    One Step Ahead (Underground Mix) 5:43
    One Step Ahead (Bonus Beats) 3:14

    One Step Ahead (Hot Radio Mix) 4:15
    One Step Ahead (Radio Mix With Rap) 4:20
    One Step Ahead (LP Mix) 4:50
    One Step Ahead (Club Mix) 7:25
    One Step Ahead (Masters At Work Mix) 5:50
    One Step Ahead (Underground Mix) 5:43

    In His Mind 3:36
    One Hand, One Heart 4:37

    Losin’ Myself 5:19
    Losin’ Myself (Masters At Work ”Hot” Mix) 3:59

    Losin’ Myself (Masters At Work “Hot” Mix)
    Losin’ Myself (Radio Mix)
    Love Or Lust (previously unreleased)

    Losin’ Myself (Masters At Work “Hot” Mix) 3:57
    Losin’ Myself (Radio Mix) 3:59
    Losin’ Myself (G-Man/Marz Alternate ”Hot” Mix) 4:02
    Losin’ Myself (T-Ray’s Acoustic Mix) 4:01
    Losin’ Myself (Masters At Work 12″ Edit) 3:58

    Losin’ Myself (12″ Masters At Work) 5:47
    Losin’ Myself (Masters At Work Dub) 7:30
    Losin’ Myself (G-Man/Marz ”Hot” Mix) 5:14
    Losin’ Myself (T-Ray’s Hip Hop) 5:56
    Losin’ Myself (T-Ray’s Acoustic) 4:47
    Losin’ Myself (Bass Hit Dub) 7:30

    Losin’ Myself (12″ Masters At Work) 5:47
    Losin’ Myself (12″ Dub) 5:45
    Losin’ Myself (12″ Instrumental) 5:49
    Losin’ Myself (Masters At Work Dub) 7:30
    Losin’ Myself (T-Ray’s Hip Hop Instrumental) 3:38
    Losin’ Myself (Bonus Beats) 3:07
    Losin’ Myself (Bass Hit Dub) 7:30
    Losin’ Myself (AM Mix) 7:30
    Losin’ Myself (T-Ray’s Hip Hop) 5:56
    Losin’ Myself (T-Ray’s Acoustic Mix) 4:57
    Losin’ Myself (LP Version) 5:15

    Shock Your Mama (The London Apprentice Edit) 3:14
    Love Or Lust 3:57
    Shock Your Mama (Edit)
    Kisses 4 One (Percapella)

    Shock Your Mama (Edit) 3:14
    Shock Your Mama (LP Version) 4:04

    Eyes Of The Child 2:22
    Love Or Money 4:07

    Free Me 4:28
    Love Or Lust 3:58

    Free Me (Extended Mix) 7:22
    Free Me (Smoove Free Club Mix) 7:36
    Free Me (Dew & Smoove Dub Mix) 4:04
    Free Me (Ralphi’s Dub Vox) 6:41
    Free Me (Miss Debbie’s Dub) 4:04
    Free Me (Miss G’s Dub) 2:00

  31. kiefer2 says:

    I’m just gonna hold on to my limited box set pre-order and if it doesn’t go down in price a week or 2 before release I’ll just cancel and order the cheaper. I can live without the picture as well, especially at such a premium.

    • alan says:

      I have just got both ordered in case the price increases and will decide nearer release date. They may find a few autographed sets being cancelled week of release.

  32. Mark Sillifant says:

    will the exclusive set go down in price also (does anyone know),as i aint paying extra just for a signed picture

  33. DebHead 4Ever says:

    I feel conned. Anyone who bought the super deluxe edition just paid 10 pounds for an autographed photo that should have been a bonus for being one of the first 750 people to buy the set. This set will be 29.99 or 39.99 6 months after it’s release and now I feel the single edition re-releases will be released. I’m over this box set. YAWN!!

    • Andy says:

      It may drop in price before release, who knows. But I do feel this is a “test the waters” thing and if all goes well, and selling out of the 750 exclusives in a few days is probably a good indication, I think we will see individual deluxe versions of the albums, or at least the Atlantic ones. Or maybe Rhino will now take note and do a project, they are the re-release label for Atlantic right, in the states. (Also the reason I think this is uk only based)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Having the sets the same price despite the autographed print is great I think. Hardly a con. Demon can’t control what Amazon do with the pricing after that. Also the Dead Or Alive sets which were a similar price are now MORE expensive to get hold of, not cheaper!

      • DebHead 4Ever says:

        But they weren’t the same price when first released and on the date you published this article. Good thing the price is guaranteed to be the lowest (for now). :)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          These are two different products as far as Amazon are concerned. The signed editions won’t be fulfilled at £83 if that’s what you are thinking. The price guarantee for the signed edition will give you the lowest price that the product was available and that was £95.

  34. joe says:

    When looking at the tracklist and overview of this my first thoughts were it seems to have everything on it. While I’m not a DG completist, it did seem to be very comprehensive. The amount of contributers here commenting on the omissions were initially surprising, but I genuinely bow to their superior DG knowledge . I’m curious though – is there any DG completists out there who could list the remixes/tracks which are missing from this box. I’m very interested to know the extent of the shortcomings of the box, which have been expressed here.

  35. Mac says:

    Are these all remastered tracks?

  36. Paul says:

    A lot of mixes left off. Hope Edsel does a better job than they did on the Dead Or Alive box set.

  37. Dollarqueen says:

    blimey, 2 minutes later it’s gone

  38. Larry Davis says:

    I too noticed the standard one dropped 11 pounds… Sounds like it lost weight or went on a diet haha…but is the signed one sold out yet??

  39. Gordon M. says:

    It appears the non-signed, standard version is now listing for £83.75 on Amazon UK. Pre-ordered, and now the long three month wait.

  40. Eric M. says:

    Debbie seems to be a genuinely sweet person. Glad to see her back caralog milked a bit. If I could change one thing, I’d add “Only in My Dreams” (Dream House Mix) to either CD1 or CD9. I don’t believe it ever made it to CD before, so this is a missed opportunity for collectors.

  41. Alan says:

    Shake Your Love always amuses me when it comes on the radio. Take away the repetitive “shake your love, I just can’t shake your love” and there really wouldn’t be much left at all.

  42. Larry Davis says:

    Oh gosh…this release kinda shocked me, like REALLY?? But I saw Edsel was behind it, and it’s probably a similar package as the Dead Or Alive box but not as big. Being i’m from her neck of the woods (almost…she’s from Merrick on Long Island’s South Shore, I’m on the North Shore)…I was a huge fan between 1987 and 1990, when she fell outta fashion…but Deb was always a guilty pleasure, if not more because of her talent. At least she has a self deprecating sense of humour…she guested on a Circle Jerks punk album for instance. I haven’t had her stuff back in ages because her old CDs were never remastered until this set…I normally woulda waited but the signed print at only 750 copies will fly fast…so I put my preorder in (missed out on the DOA signed Pete Burns photo)…as for people complaining about missing remixes, me, I couldn’t give a crap about that… It has a decent amount of them…I like having the albums first, 12″ versions secondary… I’m not gonna complain about a missing mix cuz I never had multiple mixes of her records in the first place… As long as it has the main original extended 12″ version of the hits…and it does… I’m happy… But yes, surprised and happy with this box, as she’s a local gal done well…and I always thought she was good-looking… Cute at first, but Deb got hot later on…just saying…

  43. Kauwgompie says:

    Even though im a sucker for 80’s pop, this doesn’t work for me. Either include absolutely everything in one package, like they did w Dead Or Alive, or release the individual albums with all the remixes. This is somewhere in between and misses the mark completely.
    Also, virtually everyone knows and likes the first 3 DG albums. They should have just included those with absolutely all the remixes, 7″ versions and b-sides as opposed to including the duds that were her later albums that almost no one wants to hear. I have the feelng DG herself was involved in this and wanted it this way because she is proud of her later albums. I can completely understand from the artist perspective but the record company should have known better. I hope for Edsel they didnt print too many of these. It’s only for the truly die hard fans and there aren’t too many of those. I’m hoping for a 3cd remix compilation. That I will buy instantly.

  44. CJ says:

    I’ve really hoped we would get something like this from her at some point. Omissions or no, I’m totally in for this.

    Now, can we get them to give Tiffany the same treatment? She had AMAZING besides that still have not been collected, and I would happily pay for a similar box that rounded up all the b-sides, stray tracks, and other material that’s been almost impossible to find on CD for decades.

  45. Griffin says:

    We paid good money collecting her (first 3) albums & many vinyl/cd/cassette singles! So if someone/something want us to pay loads of money then they should including EVERYTHING or at least 90~95% of her 7″/12″/dub/instr/acapella/unreleased etc. It makes no sense for me to get this while I only like her first 2-3 albums plus remixes & maybe the promo video DVD! And the remixes I have, are even more than this box can offer me (I want to pay for the ones I don’t have yet)! I just don’t like how they keep milking us the fans, deliberately holding tracks/remixes back for their next project(s) like they did with Belinda Carlisle. The Collection, The Anthology, The 2CD+DVD Album reissues, The Complete Studio Albums, The Singles Box & then the Vinyl Album, … Maybe more to come. How many times can they keep milking us/fans?

    “Debbie Gibson – We Could Be Together: 13 disc career retrospective” is the headline of Paul Sinclair’s post here! I clicked on the album cover picture to see that the sticker on it stated:
    The Definititve Pop Collection Celebrating 30 Years 1987-2017

  46. Fil says:

    Here’s hoping that they release her 4 Atlantic Records albums with bonus discs featuring all the mixes and single versions. I’m still hunting for the Staying Together (Vocal Re-Kut Single Version) on CD!!!

  47. StevieB says:

    As it’s called a career retrospective rather than a complete collection, then it’s odd and rather unfair complaining that certain things are missing. The press blurb further refers to the set as definitive, which derives from the word define, and if this set is what Debbie and/or Edsel think defines her career or is an accurate retrospective of it, then that’s their right, they never promised or suggested anything else.

  48. Michael Khalsa says:

    #TeamTiffany. I bought an edsel boxset like this of Dead Or Alive. Would have preferred them as individual cd’s. Then people can choose which albums they want. They packaging is not the greatest. The cd’s kind of fall out of the case which I presume is the same with this box.

  49. jon says:

    shes a good artist, but this seems like its for diehard fans,,,,a bit much for this artist

  50. Galley says:

    Not sure if I scored a signed editon, but I was only charged £79.16. The product page says £94.99.

  51. Griffin says:

    I did a quick search on discogs for some remixes (durations):

    11. Only In My Dreams [Extended Club Mix] 6:32
    12. Shake Your Love [Club Mix] 5:54
    13. Out Of The Blue [Club Mix] 5:51
    14. Staying Together [Remix] 6:01
    15. Foolish Beat [Extended Mix] 6:43

    12. Lost In Your Eyes [Piano & Vocal Mix] 3:33
    13. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) [Acoustic Mix] 3:39
    14. No More Rhyme [Acoustic Mix] 4:12
    15. We Could Be Together [Campfire Mix] 5:33
    16. Electric Youth [Latin Edit] 3:53
    17. Over The Wall [Dub Version] 4:26
    18. We Could Be Together [Extended Version] 5:35

    1. Electric Youth [Deep House Mix] 7:35
    2. We Could Be Together [House Mix] 7:25
    3. Anything Is Possible [12-Inch Remix] 7:20
    4. One Step Ahead [Club Mix] 7:25
    5. Losin’ Myself [12-Inch Masters At Work] 5:47
    6. Free Me [Smoove Free Club Mix] 7:36
    7. Only Words [Arena Club Vocal Mix] 6:46
    8. Only In My Dreams ’98 [Club Mix] 7:32
    9. Your Secret [Secret Party Mix] 7:42
    10. Medley [Debbie Gibson Mega Mix] 7:16

    Many vinyl-only dub, 7″ & 12″ remixes, instrumental, acapella, beats etc are missing ;(

    • kiefer2 says:

      There are actually 2 “Extended Club Mix” versions of “Only In My Dreams”. There is also a version on her “Greatest Hits” cd that is 5:50 and is radically different than the 6:32 version. So which one that is on the box is anyone’s guess.

  52. SimonP says:

    Preferred the Playboy era stuff.

  53. FROM MARS says:

    Thank You. Pip Cohen.

  54. Jacques says:

    Hope that Edsel will release this box as individuals cd in a near future. Only the first 3 albums are interesting for me.

  55. Griffin says:

    Many thanks again Paul. I was very excited when I saw the “headline” of this post. But when I saw the tracklistings I was so turned down by those. I wished they could do the albums expanded in 2 or 3 CD’s with all the 7″/12″/Dub/Instrumental/Remix etc. DVD sold separately. And maybe a Remixes & Rarities compilation. And after all these perhaps everything put together in a big boxset. I hope they won’t be repeating the history again DOA-errors. I was a big fan. But at this point I’ll skip it as what I have (remixes) are much more than this box can offer. Unless they’ll put more mixes on or make everything available separately. And the price is also a bit high if you think almost all of their boxes will sell for half price or even less in the end.

  56. Brian says:

    that’s a lot of CDs for someone who was pretty much a one hit wonder. Well atleast here in NZ.

  57. Richard Rodriguez says:

    The First and Second Album… little remix version… percapella, dub, edit remixes the HITS Only in my dreans, Shake your love, out of the blue, electric youth, lost in your eyes,

  58. Philip Cohen says:

    Obviously, Ms.Gibson is very talented(she had a home recording studio at age 12, and had already written and recorded 200 songs before she got a recording contract), but I’ve only ever heard 3 songs by her. By the end of the 1980’s, she was 20, and small kids moved on to singers closer to their age. Also, her wholesome image(a reflection of how she really is) became a liability. She tried to present herself with a slightly sexier persona in a few videos, but she was not meant to be Madonna. As for the wholesome persona, Ms.Gibson said that she can’t help it. It’s how she is. Fortunately for Debbie Gibson, she also had acting and dancing abilities, and found a later career in touring companies of Broadway shows. She also entertains on cruise ships, singing her early hits. Ms.Gibson is now 47.

  59. Mike Williams says:

    Is the DVD PAL or NTSC?

  60. Disapointed Fan says:

    OMG ..there is so much mising is right!!
    all the remixes from all the albums!!
    they really could have left out Deborah/M.Y.O.B/MS. VOCALIST..gotta wonder is Debbie had a hand in the sections and far too much acoustic stuff being put on here. very disappointed in this..who know maybe Edel..will read these on here and add another CD or 2 full of the missing REMIXES…and make this a true full career retrospective!!

  61. Scott says:

    I’m really excited for this (I’ve been a Debbie fan since day 1), but find it odd that they excluded an entire album, her showtunes collection “Colored Lights.” It was one of her best albums. It was either a rights issue or it was left off because it was a covers album.
    It was nice to see some tracks from the “Grease” London cast album thrown in the mix.
    I’m glad they included both the “Out of the Blue” and “Electric Youth” concerts. I had them both on VHS back in the day, but can’t find them anymore. Both VHS tapes also included some “behind the scenes” and other footage. Hopefully that will be included as well.

  62. mike says:

    Ignoring all the dull boring comments regarding whether Debbie Gibson deserves it, to which the answer is yes, as much as anyone else (open your minds people!)The remixes are being held back for a multi disc compilation a la Bananarama, a Tom Parker production is in store!

    • DebHead 4Ever says:

      Is this true or are you speculating?
      I’m not impressed by this set at all….not for $118 US.

      • Marshall Gooch says:

        I’m no Debbie Gibson fan, but you must be hard to please if $118 for a 10 CD + 3 DVD set isn’t impressive!

  63. Peter says:

    I’m confused – is it April 1st?

  64. Adam says:

    Great for fans of Debbie Gibson, bet they’re as happy with this as I was when the Dead or Alive box was announced. Hope the Debbie fans don’t get as many errors though!

  65. DebHead 4Ever says:

    3.5 stars out of 5 stars. This is NOT complete and it breaks my heart. I ordered instantly and it’s great, but there is so much missing.

    The Out Of The Blue Tour was fully recorded and us fans have been waiting for it to be released in all its glory. “RED HOT”, “LOVE IN DISGUISE” “MOTOWN MEDLEY” “PLAY THE FIELD” and the whole show should have been included. It was Deborah’s best tour (although THE ONE STEP AHEAD TOUR which was professionally recorded and aired on Japanese television and should have been included in this set) and what the fans want.
    The Live Around The World footage included is a yawn. YAWN! Again, add some footage we haven’t seen. “OVER THE WALL” and “DON’T FLIRT WITH ME” is the only footage I am excited for if the quality is perfect. AND: why wasn’t the album version of “DON’T FLIRT WITH ME” NOT included on this set?!?!?! It’s brilliant.
    Tin Pan South is boring compared to the CBGB’s Gallery show and CBGB’s should have been included. It was professionally shot compared to the one camera shot of Tin Pan South. Audio issues on both could have been enhanced with technology, but a whole disc for Tin Pan South is as boring as a single DVD of The OOTB Tour combined with Live Around The World concert footage. Again: where’s the FULL “EY TOUR”!?!?! I can watch these shows on YouTube!
    Deb recorded so many songs during the “THINK WITH YOUR HEART” and there are 2 songs she should have recorded as bonus tracks for this release (initials) “BE” and “AMP” (just her and the piano even if there are issues releasing the recorded versions).
    Don’t get too excited for “POP CIRCUS” – IT’S almost as bad as “ELECTRIC YOUTH RELOADED”!!
    The Extended Versions of the albums are a nice touch but didn’t we all do this back in 2001 when we had CD burners and than make better versions on our iPods? Another CD or 2 should have been included of remixes and some demos (the original demos recorded in Deborah’s garage of OIMD and OOTB (Deb put LIYE’s demo on YouTube so check it out) and other songs would have been amazing! The inclusion of either MEMORY LANE Cds rightfully are not included but come on: another CD or 2 of remixes and demos should have been included.
    Overall, this is a great release. Maybe I expect too much, but I write this in the hopes that there is a chance in hell this release can be updated. It’s almost at the finish line.

    I’m taking the last word
    The final answer
    The last word
    No second chances
    The last word
    And I won’t say it twice
    The last word
    Lyrics written without permission and all copyrights owned by Deborah Ann Gibson

  66. Matt NYC says:

    wish i could buy the DVDs separately.

  67. Steveasian says:

    Can’t resist. Ordered. Even though I have most of her remixes either in CDs and vinyl which has been left out in this deluxe box set, I can’t resist in ordering this beautiful box set.

  68. John says:

    Looks great but of course I’m going to sound whiny by saying “I wish they had included more single mixes.” Also, I’m really only interested in her Atlantic albums, and the DVD of videos. Wish I could buy those separately!

    • kiefer2 says:

      I was just going to post this. I have been salivating for this set ever since I first heard that it was being released but I must say, even for its girth, I’m a little underwhelmed (cd 10 and the DVDs are the only draw for true fans IMO). I’m still ordering it though :)

    • Anaise Radisson says:

      totally agree John, more single mixes would have been more impressive, was hoping the PWL remix of ‘Anything is possible’ would have been included

      • Mickey says:

        Just got the box today– was so glad to see the “12” Remix” of “Anything is Possible” is the PWL 12″ mix!

  69. Galley says:

    Great Googly Moogly!

    FYI: I was at the 1989 Atlanta show. Portions of the show were previously available on VHS.

  70. The Progster says:

    Wooooahh this is just a bit TOO MUCH Debbie Gibson…she was ok for the first couple of albums but after that no so good…I just think this is so way over the top BUT IF your a fan then I guess it’s party time all over again and then some…each to their own.

    • william mckinley says:

      I totally agree with you @The Progster. A lot of these songs sound really dated. I think they would’ve benefited if they sold these separately, not as a big expensive box set.

  71. Ronald says:

    Too much missing remixes and not interested in 15 CD’s. First 2 maybe 3 albums I would have gotten as 2 CD sets. The rest is of no use to me. Perhaps to others and it’s good to be issued again. But this is done right IMHO of course.

  72. HS says:

    Thanks for the heads up, just ordered the Amazon Exclusive.

    I’m pretty sure there will be some kind of remixes anthology to follow at a later date…

  73. MINO says:

    “Additionally, two further audio discs deliver classic 12-inch remixes and rarities from throughout Debbie’s career” but I see only 1 cd of remixes and rarities on the tracklist….

  74. Frank Bruce says:

    What a shame, it could have been so much better than this. There are loads of mixes they have left off, it would have been nice if they had put the live concerts onto CD as well.

  75. Jon says:

    Impressive indeed but lots of remixes left off…they would have done better had they did this like they did the Pretenders/Lisa Stansfield boxset…each album in it’s own cardboard sleeve with bonus discs of all the remixes. I wonder if they are gonna release an additional remix compilation to cover the missing mixes.

  76. Michael G says:

    Ordered looks good!

  77. Fifteen and marooned at an all-boys school when Shake Your Love came out, I thought she was splendid.

    Ten years later, in New York with a girlfriend, saw her in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, and she was great then too.

    (Now leaves comments section to people bemoaning omission of favourite songs.)

  78. Lee Taylor says:

    Got to meet her when she did an in-store at a place where I worked. Very nice. Still have the signed copies of M.Y.O.B. and promo postcard.

  79. Osko says:

    Impressive set

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