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Deep Purple will release their 20th studio album, Infinite, in April next year.

The album has been produced by Bob Erzin and the band have put together a documentary film that charts the songwriting process and the recording of the album which will feature on a DVD in some editions of the Infinite.

Talking of which, Amazon UK are currently listing four variants of the album including a CD+DVD digipak, a 2LP+DVD version and a ‘mini-boxset’ edition which on the face of it looks like it might be an enhanced presentation of the CD+DVD.

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A ‘big box’ edition features the double vinyl album, the CD and DVD, three 10-inch singles, a T-shirt, poster, photo-prints and sticker. Not bad value at £43 or €50 and available from (and Amazon FR and DE). JPC also have an exclusive version of the 2LP+DVD edition which comes with a seven-inch single – order here.

Time For Bedlam is the first single which will be issued physically as an EP in February with some non-album tracks and next year the band will support the album with their Long Goodbye Tour.

Infinite will be released on 7 April 2017.

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15 responses to Deep Purple / new album ‘Infinite’

  1. Ren says:

    It’s another Ezrin Production, so don’t expect the early DP power or the strong Perfect Strangers Reunion through early Morse Perpendicular days with any of this. Ian just can’t crow anymore like he used to, so he kind of talks through songs now. Really odd how Ezrin is not only mentioned as Producer on this, but he is also listed as a Co-Writer, and as a Band Member on Backing vocals and keyboards.

  2. lmtr14 says:

    nice of them to release physical singles. metallica didn’t bother to put out even ONE for the recent album…

  3. spot says:

    German retailers Media Markt and Saturn will have an exclusive version of the CD/DVD version, featuring two bonus tracks (re recordings of Smoke on the Water and Black Night).

  4. chuck frank says:

    So looking forward to this. Need to know how to pre order in the US.

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  6. Roel Glas says:

    Thanks for the info Philip. You just jogged my memory. I now remember reading about that on DPAS. Was so looking forward to that set. Maybe in a couple of years (wishful thinking on my part I think!!). In the meantime, I’ll just have to be content with the excellent MK III: The Final Concerts & Paris 1975
    Happy New year to all

  7. Julian H says:

    If the single is anything to go by, the sound will be as bad as the last album. They don’t need to compete in the loudness wars! They’re Deep friggin’ Purple!

  8. Roel Glas says:

    Thanks for all the details Paul. I’ve pre ordered mine from JPC. Good new song although Paicey’s drums sound a bit muffled. Hopefully it’s only the You tube sound.
    The Long Goodbye Tour will be their last as they are hanging up their boots but don’t know how long the tour will last. Knowing Purple, about 2 years I’d guess.
    Great live band – it’s what they do best.
    Paul – Is there any word on what happened to the proposed “Made In Europe” Super Deluxe set??

    • Philip Cohen says:

      “Deep Purple (overseas)Ltd.”(owner of the 1968-76 Deep Purple recordings and many solo/spinoff recordings from those years) was placed “In Administration”(receivership) with a company selected by a court to run the company normally until it can be sold. Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Roger Glover and the Estate of keyboardist Jon Lord have started a legal action to stop the sale of “DP(O) Ltd.”, so don’t expect any significant archival product involving 1968-76 Deep Purple recordings until these issues are resolved. For some reason, this doesn’t stop video projects licensed to the Edel label. Warners and Universal have their existing licenses, so already released material stays in print.

  9. Wazza says:

    I can’t wait for this , my all time favourite band , I like the first song (time for bedlam) although I’m not sure about the strange spoken start and ending . I will be buying the box set and also a standard copy for easier access for playing . they put out a number of singles from the now what album with bonus tracks so hopefully they do the same here

  10. LeagueUnlimited says:

    Who is in DP these days?

    • Craig Williams says:

      Gillan, Paice and Glover from the glory days, plus Steve Morse on guitar and Don Airey on keys.

    • Drawde says:

      Steve has been in the band since 1994 – 23 years, continually. Unlike Blackmore at 16 across two stretches. Don Airey since 2002, 15 years.

  11. Webvan says:

    Thanks for detailing the contents of the BigBox Set, got mine on Amazon FR for €44 last week ;-) It did say 6 discs at the time, guess it’s going to be 7 if you count the 3 10″ Singles.

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