Def Leppard / Vinyl and CD Collections / Volume one: The Eighties

Eighties output remastered • CD and vinyl boxes • Rarities disc

In June, Universal Music will issue a new Def Leppard albums box set which will be available on CD and vinyl. It’s the first of four planned volumes which will cover the band’s complete recorded output

Vinyl Collection Volume 1 (and CD Collection Volume 1) contains the band’s eighties output: their first four albums, Live at the LA Forum 1983 and a disc of rarities.

Additionally, the vinyl set will include a recreation of the band’s first EP The Def Leppard EP which contains three songs recorded in 1978. This was issued in January 1979, 15 months before debut album On Through The Night was released. Interestingly, the CD box includes the same content on a three-inch CD single – nice!

The audio was re-mastered by Ronan McHugh and Joe Elliott at Joe’s Garage, and the vinyl LPs were cut by Greg Moore. Both vinyl and CD sets feature a hardcover book with photos by Ross Halfin and notes by Paul Elliott.

The Vinyl and CD Collections Volume 1 will be released on 1 June 2018.

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Def Leppard

The Collection Volume One - vinyl box set


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Def Leppard

The Collection Volume One - CD box set


CD 1 – On Through The Night (1980)
1 Rock Brigade
2 Hello America
3 Sorrow Is A Woman
4 It Could Be You
5 Satellite
6 When The Walls Came Tumbling Down
7 Wasted
8 Rocks Off
9 It Don’t Matter
10 Answer To The Master
11 Overture

CD 2 – High ‘n’ Dry (1981)
1 Let It Go
2 Another Hit And Run
3 High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night)
4 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
5 Switch 625
6 You Got Me Runnin’
7 Lady Strange
8 On Through The Night
9 Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
10 No No No

CD 3 – Pyromania (1983)
1 Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
2 Photograph
3 Stagefright
4 Too Late For Love
5 Die Hard The Hunter
6 Foolin’
7 Rock Of Ages
8 Comin’ Under Fire
9 Action Not Words
10 Billy’s Got A Gun

CD4 – Hysteria (1987)
1 Women
2 Rocket
3 Animal
4 Love Bites
5 Pour Some Sugar On Me
6 Armageddon It
7 Gods Of War
8 Don’t Shoot Shot Gun
9 Run Riot
10 Hysteria
11 Excitable
12 Love And Affection

CD5 – Live at the LA Forum 1983
1 Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
2 Rock Brigade
3 High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night)
4 Another Hit And Run
5 Billy’s Got A Gun
6 Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
7 Foolin’
8 Photograph
9 Rock Of Ages
10 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
11 Switch 625
12 Let It Go
13 Wasted
14 Stagefright
15 Travellin’ Band

CD 6 – Rarities Volume 1
1 Wasted (Single Version)
2 Hello America (Single Version)
3 Good Morning Freedom
4 Bringin ‘On The Heartbreak (Remix)
5 Me And My Wine (Remix)
6 Tear It Down
7 I Want to Be Your Hero
8 Ride Into The Sun (Re-Recording)
9 Ring Of Fire
10 Release Me

CD 7 – The Def Leppard EP
1 Ride Into The Sun (Single Version)
2 Getcha Rocks Off (Single Version)
3 The Overture (Single Version)

82 responses to Def Leppard / Vinyl and CD Collections / Volume one: The Eighties

  1. bon scott says:

    ive already shelled out on the deluxe editions and would love the 1st 2 albums remastered but at what cost dear god AT WHAT COST PITY THE CHILDREN

  2. joseph says:

    Sorry if asked, been out of the loop. Is Hysteria across 2 vinyls (as it should be), or still crammed into one?

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  6. psykomyko says:

    I’m thrilled to finally see the official CD release of the EP and early single tracks. Curious about the new mastering, too.

    But I can’t justify paying this much for this set, knowing what it could be. Only 6 of these songs haven’t been officially released on CD before. The band/label could make this a truly complete archive of their 1978-1989 studio output with just a few minor additions.

    It would be easy to expand the rarities disc and EP disc to two full rarities discs. These could include the rest of the Hysteria B-sides from its out-of-print Deluxe Edition, not to mention the video edits of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Rocket,” or the other 1980s songs from Retro Active (“Fractured Love,” the original unreleased instrumental of “Desert Song,” the unreleased original 1989 electric demo of “Two Steps Behind”).

    And why not include their 1979 demos with the EP? They’ve been on bootleg for years, so why not officially release them? It would be a valuable addition to this set, being a missing part of the history and development of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. (I know the band quickly moved away from their early style, but it’s largely forgotten what a big influence they had on metal as teens.)

    And why include the Pyromania bonus concert, but not the Hysteria bonus concerts? Even better, why not include an unreleased show? There are plenty of other 1979-1988 concerts out there on bootleg; surely there are other shows recorded by the band/label?

    I’d love to know what others think about this set.

  7. Stuart says:

    If they stick to 4 albums per set, I’d speculate on the following;

    Vol 2: Adrenalize, Retroactive, Slang and Euphoria. Live disc: The Don Valley show that accompanied the limited 2CD version of Vault, plus a rarities disc (maybe the 6 track acoustic live disc that accompanied the original 2CD version of Slang.

    Vol 3: X, Yeah, Sparkle Lounge and Def Leppard. Live disc: hopefully something new, plus a rarities disc.

    Vol 4: Seeing as there’s no more studio albums I’d speculate that this will either be a Live Volume (Mirrorball, Viva Hysteria, And There Will a Next Time) or a DVD version (In the Round, Greatest Hits, Viva Hysteri, And There Will Be a Next Time, with a bonus disc wrapping up all the promos that weren’t on Greatest Hits)

    I think Vol 4 may be more likely to take the DVD route seeing as they are adding live discs into the studio boxes.

    • Gisabun says:

      No indication that there would be a 4th set or any of the second CD of 2 CD sets. They didn’t in the first volume.

      • Jordan Farquharson says:

        There is an indication. Read the whole post. There are four sets planned.

        • Gis Bun says:

          Can’t see them re-releasing Mirrorball, Viva Hysteria, and There Will a Next Time so fast.
          I would guess DVD box set for the 4th with the older videos included.

    • Lisa says:

      I think its a Great Idea. For a true collector of their music. i own most all of the cds , however.. they are in sad shape. covers are geeat tho!! lol I need all the new collection. [period} ;) I own Albums that hang on my wall Vhs’s. etc.. Good Lord!

    • Jordan Farquharson says:

      I hope that the rarities disc for the box that includes Yeah!! gathers up the cover songs that were released as bonus tracks on certain versions(like the ones sold at Best Buy and Wal-Mart).

  8. Larry Davis says:

    Looks like JPC has the lowest price…are they like Amazon in that they don’t collect the $$ upfront when you preorder?? Or do they?? If they collect only when dispatching, I will order from them…I am an Amazon Prime member, so I preordered, no shipping charge and 2-day shipping, BUT they charged tax, so the price was $97US…JPC is over 30 bucks less…

  9. Mirko says:

    The questionis how often will they release the same stuff? I have the RSD Single – which is now included. I bought the deluxe editions and the last superdeluxe edition. But now I will wait till the record price drops down……………..

  10. MusicFan says:

    I’m not old enough to know anything about this band but I really like how this has been packaged together and the artwork looks great.

    I also really like the fact that they have planned out the whole campaign and communicated to fans this will be over four volumes.

    Fans are usually left in the dark when it comes to reissues so at least this gives fans the option to buy into this or not.

    • Larry Davis says:

      And it’s broken down into 4 affordable bitesize chunks, not one huge pricey set of 25-30 discs!! What I would like to know is how long the wait for each volume?? 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?? And this is their whole recorded output?? Meaning also titles they released/reissued themselves?? Those being the 2015 self titled album?? The Slang deluxe?? Mirrorball with those 3 studio cuts?? The viva Hysteria and pyromania live albums?? And what about DVDs/blurays?? Maybe an audio CD of their CMT Crossroads show with Taylor Swift?? I thought that was a brilliant collaboration that worked really well…

    • deadair says:

      you’re never too young to get into music…

      i’m 47 and a massive motown, stax, chess and blue note fan

      Def Leppard were fun, sometimes silly, but just plain ol’ fun

  11. Keith Lambert says:

    I’m interested but my UK originals of the first three albums sound so good it would be a bit of a luxury. I’d love to have the live LA Forum album on vinyl though; that’s a great performance and one of those where you can really hear that terrific stage left & right guitar separation.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Really… I thought the original CDs sounded just awful…tinny and low volume…they needed remasters really badly…and this box will rectify that problem…I hope the preorder price goes down before June…

    • Tim says:

      Exactly what he said! My interest vanishes after the third album (if I’m honest with myself, after the second…). I have great UK first pressings of the first three plus the ‘Bludgeon Riffola’ EP. I would like the LA Forum show on vinyl but, basically, I’m done. – Great looking set though!

  12. Alan says:

    I get it

  13. Dave says:

    Now £56.99 on Amazon UK

  14. Kevin says:

    If the remastering is up to par, I could very well be on board with this. About the only thing to bemoan from my perspective would be the absence of Hysteria single versions. The extended versions I could live without. The album versions were already long enough.

    • Larry Davis says:

      The remastering…Ronan and Joe did it at Joe’s studio…so if those are not band approved, dunno what will be otherwise…and the single versions are in the Hysteria box…I guess they didn’t want too much duplication from that other set, methinks…it looks like they made it in such a way that you may hunger for the Hysteria box as well…

      • Kevin says:

        I was going to bemoan having to get the Super Deluxe for that, but I had no idea there was a 3-disc Hysteria in addition to the Super Deluxe. That remedies that situation!

  15. Cuffy says:

    So, not showing any vinyl release on Amazon UK? I hope this doesn’t mean we can only order the CD edition in the UK, and have to order the vinyl from elsewhere, as the postage will be a fortune!

  16. Charlie Waffles says:


    I had the same link come up from bitly telling me the web site is risky. That was a first. I took a screenshot if you need to see it.

    I want to thank everybody who warned me above that the live album is on the Pyromania Deluxe Edition. I have it but I have not listened to it. A proper live album would be from the High ‘n’ Dry tour or the first show in 1986 post accident.

    To the record executive who gave the ok for the three inch disc: I hope Rudolph leaves a large Danish on your windshield this Xmas. I have some three inch discs that I can only play in a laptop disc drive. I cannot play a three inch cd in my Bose Wave Soundtouch.

    This lame release is why I have stated before record suits should not be designing and compiling box sets. They usually get it wrong. It is too much money and very late getting it released. I would still like to see the Hysteria Deluxe Edition back in print. The suits will not listen to me, though.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Waffles… The Hysteria tour (post 1986 accident as you call it) is documented on in the round in your face on the Hysteria box, and the included LA forum 1983 show is amazing, punk energy and raw…the early early shows on High N Dry and on thru the night tours were prob not taped, not sure, but that was when the band was really green and finding their feet…the LA forum show was the perfect document of capturing their aha moment of clarity but still raw, young, punky and loud…as for the 3″ single…I dunno and have no problem with it…can play it in my system and upload it to iTunes from my laptop… I have one other 3″ CD…the original Band Aid Do They Know it’s Christmas?? Go figure…

  17. Neil Kelly says:

    Bit of a mish-mash. Can’t say i’m happy about a 3″ CD either in 2018.
    What master is this i do have some of those deluxes but i see some are complaining about the mastering again. Are these new masters?
    Anyone ordered from that Japanese website before? Any downfalls? I see they are by far the cheapest ATM if i were to invest in this.

    • Jordan Farquharson says:

      I believe that these will be newly remastered. Ronan didn’t do the remastering for the deluxe editions, but he did the remastering for the box.

  18. Darren says:

    I love when bands do this. Release the pure albums and add a rarities disc in a box. Wish more would!

  19. Tom M Hans says:

    Those 2CD Remasters from a few years back are atrociously brick walled. I am sticking with my original releases since the live show doesn’t really cut it for me.

    • Larry Davis says:

      I LOVE the live disc…having heard it on the “Pyromania” double…it’s got punk energy and it’s raw…at times it sounds Sex Pistols-ish…amazing, shows how they have more in common with punk and powerpop bands, an updated 70s Brit glamrock band like Sweet, than “metal” ones…

  20. Kauwgompie says:

    The Def Leppard 80’s stuff is now officially milked bone-dry.

  21. Larry Davis says:

    I’ll get this set…and the “Hysteria” box and I’m squared…the fact that there will be 4 boxes has me very interested as well…used to have the original deluxes of “Pyromania”, “Hysteria” and “Adrenalize”, but with the 7 disc “Hysteria” box, I sold them, for what was to come later…this looks good. I also have the band-released “Slang” deluxe which is cool (and I downloaded and burned on CD-R the ITunes extras)…had the Japanese “X”…I have a “complete” “Yeah!!” with the BestBuy and Target versions and Walmart interview disc combined into 1 set, and I have the latest, self-titled record…am curious how they will combine it all onto these boxes…what to keep, what to sell…

    • Larry Davis says:

      and I have the “Def Leppard” EP vinyl that was released on RSD 2 years ago(??) The 3″ CD single is a nice touch…

      • Jordan Farquharson says:

        Will the 3 inch CD play in regular CD players?

        • Tim says:

          That depends on the player… Many have (or did have – I haven’t looked closely at a modern CD player in years) a recess in the drawer for 3″ CDs. Mine (a Rega) is a ‘top loader’ so I simply open the lid and place the CD on the hub – doesn’t matter what size it is as CDs read from the inside out.

          Don’t put it in a car player though…!

        • Gisabun says:

          Some have a groove to fit it in where the regular CD would fit.

  22. Eric M. says:

    Agree with some others here. I’m mildly interested in the CD box (I have the original Pyromania and Hysteria CDs, plus Vault which altogether make up the entire “essential” Leppard for me), but the price would need to come down about $20 USD to really grab me.

  23. AndyB says:

    Wow. I really don’t understand this release at this price (CD version.) The LA Forum show was released on the deluxe edition of Pyromania, so those of us who bought that will find this a bit redundant. Those of us who bought the Pyromania and Hysteria deluxe sets will find this even more redundant. So 3/7ths of this box is pointless at least for me. Jump in if you want it, but this set isn’t for me.

  24. John Phillips says:

    It would be nice to have the first two albums with a new mastering. Unless they will be issued separately I’ll wait for it to show up on iTunes. If anyone doesn’t remember, the live disc was included in the Pyromania deluxe edition.

  25. Michel Banen says:

    After the wonderful HYSTERIA box and several special / deluxe editions of the other albums these sets do not look very interesting to me. However, if you’re not familiar with Def Leppard then this series might be a good start.

  26. Karl probst says:

    Whoa that’s way too much money for 4 albums..pass.

  27. Allan Robinson says:

    Def leppard have shown us what hard work and the determination to show the musicians of today what it takes to become a major force in music today. Blinding ballads and major influential banging tunes to make an old man tap his feet to a nerve jangling beat.

  28. Gisabun says:

    The live album [even though the same era tracks as the recent Hysteria edition] would be nice separately. That and the EP.

  29. Jeremy says:

    Paul – do you know if any of the albums in the vinyl box set will be double LPs? Specifically, I am wondering about Hysteria (which was reissued recently as a double vinyl LP) and Live at the Forum.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Universal are calling it an 8LP set..although I don’t know if they are including the EP in that…

  30. Lee Realgone says:

    About nine years ago, there was a 2CD version of ‘On Through The Night’ scheduled for Japanese only release. I’ve no idea what was on it – presumably the bonus disc included the EP tracks and a couple of other bits, but it got cancelled.

    I’d love to see an expanded version of that album released instead of the constant rehashing of the more popular stuff.

  31. smorissey says:

    If they are not including all the B-sides i don’t see the point on buying this. They are including Hysteria again here without the bsides so….

  32. Mick says:

    Ooooo – if only the 3″ CD of The Def Leppard EP would get a separate release!

  33. Francis says:

    I will stick with the Deluxe Editions as much better! These are just the standard albums with a few bonus tracks (no 12inch versions included) and mostly live recordings (boring).

  34. elliott buckingham says:

    hoping for a separate release only need the 1st 2 albums remastered I’m happy with the last round of remasters I think the live disc was part of the pyromania deluxe 2cd reissue but I could be wrong

  35. Shawn says:

    They just released Hysteria on vinyl a few months ago. What a scam – I would’ve purchased this set, but I’m not paying for Hysteria twice.

  36. Kevin Barrett says:

    This is good stuff, from someone – me – who missed the orange vinyl Hysteria, nice.

    • Carl Homes says:

      My thoughts exactly. I was gutted about missing out on the orange vinyl too so this softens the blow a little.

  37. AFGreenwood says:

    the question is (apart from when will the price drop below £40) how much different will the remastering be, and will On THrough the Night be completely remixed (I imagine not)? These are albums I bought on release (including the ep), and Leppard were the first proper band I saw live (1980 Manchester Apollo, supported by Magnum and The Tygers of Pan Tang). I bought them again on CD and again on Deluxe CD in some cases, including Pyromania which has the 1983 LA Forum on it. There might be a couple of tracks on rarities I don’t have, and it may be a lovely box with a nice booklet, but £70… I think not.

    • David says:

      Hi – totally agree with your points and like you a Def Leppard were the first band I ever saw … on the same tour with Magnum and TTOPT… I was at Newcastle City Hall thiugh :-)

      They are the next band I will see as off to RAH in two weeks

    • PTRCO says:

      On Through the Night can’t be remixed. The session tapes are most likely buried under the site of the studio where it was recorded. Apparently it was sold and bulldozed with everything that wasn’t cleared out. Joe has mentioned this in a couple of interviews. The best we can get is a remaster and then, if the master tapes were also lost, would have to come from a very very clean original vinyl. This will be the first time ever On Through the Night has been “treated” post the original release. I’m interested to know where this version is coming from.
      Other than that, as a massive fan, Ill get this. Also as a massive fan, there is nothing here (technically aside from the EP on CD) that I don’t already have. There is way more in the archives than this.

      • Jordan Farquharson says:

        Don’t you mean remastered? Also, On Through The Night was recorded at Ringo Starr’s home, which was previously owned by John Lennon. Judas Priest recorded at the same place, and their albums have been remastered. Perhaps Joe was mistaken.

  38. fran garcia says:

    Hi, the link in the mail has launched a warning in my browser: copy and paste so you are aware of it.
    And thank you for your work!

    STOP – there might be a problem with the requested link
    The link you requested has been identified by bitly as being potentially problematic. This could be because a bitly user has reported a problem, a black-list service reported a problem, because the link has been shortened more than once, or because we have detected potentially malicious content. This may be a problem because:

    Some URL-shorteners re-use their links, so bitly can’t guarantee the validity of this link.
    Some URL-shorteners allow their links to be edited, so bitly can’t tell where this link will lead you.
    Spam and malware is very often propagated by exploiting these loopholes, neither of which bitly allows for.
    The link you requested may contain inappropriate content, or even spam or malicious code that could be downloaded to your computer without your consent, or may be a forgery or imitation of another website, designed to trick users into sharing personal or financial information.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Apologies… don’t know why that happened. Just to be clear there is nothing wrong with in terms of malware or anything weird!!

      • Liam Bastick says:

        I wasn’t insinuating that – the anti-virus caught it as a “re-used link” – I just thought I would mention it in case it caused other readers problems too.

  39. Johnny T says:

    LOL @ photographer.

    Anyway High n Dry and OTTN to lesser extent both rule. Fuck all the rest

  40. William_M says:

    I’m liking this but trying to work out just how many versions of hysteria i need in my life?

  41. ANDREW r says:

    Because in the whole of europe ,Brits do the most online shopping,
    plus use Amazon most .Therefore captive audience no need to discount.
    Also unquestioning consumers most people are only interested in how soon it will arrive
    they never question the price.This forum is a small minority that do!

  42. Alan says:

    Why is Amazon UK always the most expensive on boxsets?

    • art says:

      not always. sometimes, they are the cheapest. it depends on the title.

    • Steven Morgan says:

      With current exchange rate of sterling and euros the prices may be more similar than they appear.

    • Eams says:

      They tend to normalise nearer the release date.

    • Louise says:

      Mainly because they’re not a record store, they will sell anything that makes them a profit, even a small one, because they have massive funding behind them, that’s their ethos since day 1 and how they managed to force the majority of record shops, book shops, toy shops etc out of business.

      • Gis Bun says:

        @Louise, what you said may not be so true. HMV Canada [120+ stores at one point] died a few years back. They were just incompetent.
        A small chain called Sunrise Records took over about half the HMV stores and are barely surviving. Their prices are ridiculous.

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