Demon Music prepare three-disc Belinda Carlisle reissues

Belinda Carlisle Demon/Edsel reissues 2CD+DVD

Demon Music Group will reissue the four Virgin-era Belinda Carlisle solo albums on the Edsel label this August, in what looks like a comprehensive series of 2CD+DVD sets, all presented in ‘casebound  book packaging.

The series starts with 1987’s Heaven On Earth and then works through all the subsequent albums (Runaway Horses, Live Your Life Be Free) ending with 1993’s Real.

As well as the usual array of extended remixes, these sets – without exception – include many seven-inch edits, something we will raise our hand and claim some credit for. In our interview with Edsel label manager Val Jennings back in March 2013, he was clear that he didn’t value including seven-inch remixes on deluxe reissues (“generally you’re going to miss off the shorter versions, the seven inch versions, since there is no point in filling it up with that”, he said) but some of our readers were robust in their feedback, leaving comments on this blog, pointing out that seven-inch edits/remixes were of value (“the first thing I look for”, claimed one person) and were often unavailable outside the original vinyl issue. We know Val read your comments!

1993’s Real also uniquely includes many demo versions, which were issued on CD singles at the time.

All the reissues come with a DVD featuring all the relevant promo videos, plus an interview with Belinda by DJ Mark Goodier discussing the album in question. Heaven On Earth also includes the Belinda Live! Concert film from 1988.

All four sets will be released on 26 August 2013.

Reissue Track Listings in full:

Heaven On Earth

Disc: 1

  • 1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • 2. Circle In The Sand
  • 3. I Feel Free
  • 4. Should I Let You In?
  • 5. World Without You
  • 6. I Get Weak
  • 7. We Can Change
  • 8. Fool For Love
  • 9. Nobody Owns Me
  • 10. Love Never Dies
  • 11. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Promo 7″ Edit)
  • 12. I Get Weak (7″)
  • 13. Circle In The Sand (7″)
  • 14. World Without You (7″ remix)
  • 15. I Feel Free (7″)
  • 16. Love Never Dies (7″)

Disc: 2

  • 1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Heavenly Version)
  • 2. I Feel Free (Extended Version)
  • 3. Circle In The Sand (Beach Party Mix)
  • 4. World Without You (Extended Worldwide Mix)
  • 5. I Get Weak (12″ Version)
  • 6. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Down To Earth Dub)
  • 7. Circle In The Sand (Seaside Mood Groove Mix)
  • 8. World Without You (Panavision Mix)
  • 9. Circle In The Sand (Sandblast Multi – Mix)
  • 10. I Get Weak (Romantic Mix)
  • 11. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Acappella)

Runaway Horses

Disc: 1

  • 1. Leave A Light On
  • 2. Runaway Horses
  • 3. Vision Of You
  • 4. Summer Rain
  • 5. La Luna
  • 6. (We Want) The Same Thing
  • 7. Deep Deep Ocean
  • 8. Valentine
  • 9. Whatever It Takes
  • 10. Shades Of Michaelangelo
  • 11. Leave a light on (7″)
  • 12. La Luna (7″)
  • 13. Runaway Horses (Single Edit)
  • 14. (We Want) The Same Thing (Summer Remix)
  • 15. Summer Rain (Single Remix)
  • 16. Vision Of You (7″ Edit)
  • 17. Valentine (Edit)*

Disc: 2

  • 1. (We Want) The Same Thing (Extended Summer Remix)
  • 2. Leave A Light On (Extended Version)
  • 3. La Luna (Extended Dance Mix)
  • 4. Summer Rain (Justin Strauss Remix)
  • 5. Leave A Light On (Kamikazee Mix)
  • 6. (We Want) The Same Thing (All The Right Moves Mix)
  • 7. La Luna (12″ Dub)
  • 8. Summer Rain (Dub Mix)
  • 9. Vision Of You (91 Remix)
  • 10. La Luna (Acappella)

Live Your Life Be Free

Disc: 1

  • 1. Live Your Life Be Free
  • 2. Do You Feel Like I Feel?
  • 3. Half The World
  • 4. You Came Out Of Nowhere
  • 5. You’re Nothing Without Me
  • 6. I Plead Insanity
  • 7. Emotional Highway
  • 8. Little Black Book
  • 9. Love Revolution
  • 10. World Of Love
  • 11. Loneliness Game
  • 12. Live Your Life Be Free (Single Edit)
  • 13. Do You Feel Like I Feel (Single Edit)
  • 14. Half The World (Single Edit)
  • 15. I Plead Insanity (Single Mix)
  • 16. Live Your Life Be Free (Radio Edit)

Disc: 2

  • 1. Live Your Life Be Free (Club Mix)
  • 2. Little Black Book (Little Black Mix)
  • 3. Do You Feel Like I Feel (Dance Mix)
  • 4. I Plead Insanity (Extended 12″)*
  • 5. Live Your Life Be Free (Extended)*
  • 6. Little Black Book (Belinda’s In The House Mix)
  • 7. Live Your Life Be Free (House Mix)*
  • 8. I Plead Insanity (Dub Mix)*
  • 9. Only A Dream
  • 10. The Air You Breathe


  • 1. Goodbye Day
  • 2. Bigscaryanimal
  • 3. Too Much Water
  • 4. Lay Down Your Arms
  • 5. Where Love Hides
  • 6. One With You
  • 7. Wrap My Arms
  • 8. Tell Me
  • 9. Windows Of The World
  • 10. Here Comes My Baby
  • 11. Lay Down Your Arms (Single Edit)
  • 12. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Dyme Brothers 7″ Mix)
  • 13. All God’s Children (Edit)
  • 14. A Prayer For Everyone (Edit)
  • 15. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Dyme Brothers 12″)

Disc: 2

  • 1. Change (Demo)
  • 2. Too Much Water (Demo)
  • 3. Wrap My Arms (Demo)
  • 4. Here Comes My Baby (Demo)
  • 5. Feels Like I’ve Known You Forever*
  • 6. A Prayer For Everyone*
  • 7. All God’s Children*
  • 8. I Feel Free (Live)**
  • 9. Circle In The Sand (Live)**
  • 10. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Live)**

33 responses to Demon Music prepare three-disc Belinda Carlisle reissues

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  4. David says:

    I know what you mean, Jeffrie

    I’ve seen some pretty damning reviews on Amazon of the remastering of classic 70s and 80s albums. It’s hard to know when to dive in and when to hold back

  5. Jeffrie says:

    I have the original Runaway Horses CD album, a Virgin, Holland pressing. I’m looking at the Remastered & Expanded version of the album at Amazon with much interest. But, something is holding me back. Lately, it is been brought into attention that CDs that are remastered these days are suffered, sound quality wise, due to the loudness war. They sound simply louder than their original release but lacking all the dynamic range. Hence, they are called “brickwalled music”. So, before I make the plunge into purchasing Runaway Horses Remastered & Expanded version CD, could somebody here verify with me that this one doesn’t suffer from the loudness war, which is what we’re currently experiencing on CDs today? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

  6. David says:

    I had Runaway Live on VHS. Would have been amazing to get it as a DVD extra. It’s only seems to be available on DVD as a Region 1 sadly

    Have just ordered Heaven On Earth special edition for its bonus concert DVD however

  7. Shae says:

    LOVE the way you guys did this. i got mine last week and they sound amazing. it’s filled with so many great photos and remixes. PLEASE do the same with her BELINDA album and her WOMAN AND A MAN album. please/ it needs to deluxe treatment.

  8. Stephen says:

    I think I have outgrown the Heaven on Earth album, but not the remixes (I never heard the other albums). I have the US 12″ of I Feel Free, and I would love to get it on CD. I’d forgotten until looking on YouTube that a ‘live’ version was used for the video. Maybe I thought the song was exciting because of those rip-roaring guitars that were added in for the video. I Feel Free, Martika’s I Feel the Earth Move, and Tiffany’s I Saw Him Standing There/I Think We’re Alone Now sounded very fresh and contemporary when they came out.

    I also would love to get the other mixes on CD, particularly the ones that weren’t released on the CD singles.

    I always put the video for I Get Weak together with George Michael’s Father Figure, because they came out around the same time, and they both were visually treated.

    Heaven on Earth is the most mainstream pop album I bought in the 80’s.

    Hooray for getting the 7″ mixes with these releases!

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  10. Seb says:

    Let’s not forget that I get weak got a U.S. only single version by Shep Pettibone… Would love to hear that on CD! Is that version the “romantic mix”?

  11. tartankiwi says:

    Another vote from me for the dub of I Feel Free. It is the best mix!

  12. Griffin says:

    @Paul Sinclair: Please get the confirmation on the I Get Weak – Instr & I Feel Free – Dub. Glad, to hear Edsel will indicate vinyl rips on future releases :)

    @Mike: Here we can leave comments anonymously (FB is linked)! ;)

    @AnonyMousE: Yes, that why I tried to find the durations to have an idea!
    Tracks 1-11 is about 58:47+i get weak romantic mix (using times from cd/12″ on discogs)!

    I Get Weak (Instrumental Version) 7:32
    I Feel Free (Dub Version) 7:37
    73:56+i get weak romantic mix (there is about 6mins left for this mystery mix)!

    Runaway Horses CD2 (I found together with Heaven On Earth CD2, but didn’t post yesterday):
    1. (We Want) The Same Thing (Extended Summer Remix) 5:09
    2. Leave A Light On (Extended Version) 8:07
    3. La Luna (Extended Dance Mix) 6:47
    4. Summer Rain (Justin Strauss Remix) 8:05
    5. Leave A Light On (Kamikazee Mix) 4:46
    6. (We Want) The Same Thing (All The Right Moves Mix) @
    7. La Luna (12″ Dub) 6:32
    8. Summer Rain (Dub Mix) 6:51
    9. Vision Of You (91 Remix) 4:08
    10. La Luna (Acappella) @

  13. AnonyMousE says:

    Griffin, what a great job in finding those missing tracks ! But is there enough room to include them on the 2nd disc ? They could include them on the dvd, maybe

  14. Mike says:

    Best to leave comments on belinda’s fb page, unless paul has the inside track?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Mike – agree that very specific stuff is probably best for Belinda’s FB. I will try to get official confirmation from Edsel about the I Feel Free dub mix.

  15. Griffin says:

    Btw, does any of you here know about I get weak extented mix 5:38 on Virgin ‎– VJD-12002? Is it any early fade of the 7:31 twelve inch version? Or a special edited version of the 12″? Or an unedited/longer version of album version? If it is different then they can also put this one on :P

  16. Griffin says:

    Hi there, I’m so excited! I love Belinda’s Heaven On Earth & Runaway Horses a lot! But I hope they don’t use any vinyl sourced material like Tabu Reborn series! I read from above comment that they’ll probably change the tracklisting to include I Feel Free Dub Version! :D I have another suggestion to add: I Get Weak Instrumental Version (I have the 12″ with this one on, I hope finally to get this in Master quality)! I did some checking all tracks/mixes are easy obtainable from Belinda’s various CD singles except the ones with @ (previously released on vinyl or unreleased)! So no excuse to use vinyl rips while almost all tracks/mixes were available on CD’s before!

    1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Heavenly Version) 5:59
    2. I Feel Free (Extended Version) 7:02
    3. Circle In The Sand (Beach Party Mix) 7:07
    4. World Without You (Extended Worldwide Mix) 8:26
    5. I Get Weak (12″ Version) 7:31
    6. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Down To Earth Dub) 5:25 @
    7. Circle In The Sand (Seaside Mood Groove Mix) 3:51
    8. World Without You (Panavision Mix) 4:16
    9. Circle In The Sand (Sandblast Multi – Mix) 5:18
    10. I Get Weak (Romantic Mix) @
    11. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Acappella) 3:52

    I Get Weak (Instrumental Version) 7:32 @
    I Feel Free (Dub Version) 7:37 @

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Great stuff – thanks for posting that information. After what happened with Tabu, they’ve promised to highlight it if vinyl is used…

  17. Peter says:

    Whilst Real was Belinda’s ‘I want my creative vision realised, and stuff commercial success’ stance…it is worth buying for the bonus disc. ‘Change’ is my all time fave BC track. Treasure can be found amongst the mediocre basic album :p

  18. Mike says:

    They look so dont they….

    My only moan was the missing dub mix of I Feel Free, but great if that has been rectified. Certainly will buy the first three, Real sucks though sadly imho. Woman and a Man was far far better, hope chrysalis release that deluxe one day.

  19. Richward says:

    I love Belinda so love these, but please someone tell me that those discs are not in card sleeves?

  20. Cassiano says:

    my name is Cassiano from Brazil is defined the setlist from dvds for albums remastered?

  21. AnonyMousE says:

    Sorry to do another post, but… am I remembering right that the Live your life be free had some writings translated in different languages ? Will the dvd include the English one ?
    Regarding the live set, it was recorded last year, sorry :)

  22. AnonyMousE says:

    I’m very happy with these re-issues, but just one question: why not adding the Runaway live concert into the Runaway Horses dvd ?
    This one:

    Belinda is going to release a live cd+dvd set in early September: Live From Metropolis Studios, recorded this week in London : )

  23. Eric says:

    I’m waiting for the first reviews of these to mention the dread phrase “vinyl rip”. Please say it won’t be so! Hopefully, Virgin have looked after their masters properly, and Demon have bothered to use them for everything! If so, they look magnificent.

  24. Metal Mickey says:

    In all honesty I have minimal interest in the fragrant Ms. Carlisle, but kudos to all concerned in putting these packages together, which look absolutely comprehensive and “the last word” on the artist (audio and video), which, as we seem to be entering the final phases of the life of “hard media”, ought to be what every reissuer aims for, rather than (as often appears to be the case) holding some things back, imagining there might just be one more chance to squeeze out a “final” version in the future…

  25. Erik says:

    I’m wondering if these will get a US release?

  26. Erik says:

    Excellent news. Well done on facilitating a comprehensive release.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Erik – thanks for your comment. Just to be clear I’ve had nothing to do with these reissues – that’s all the work of Edsel – but as I pointed out in the post, I’m sure the interview I conducted with Val and the feedback fans left on this blog, got him thinking about 7″ versions and edits. If Val reads this, he can either confirm or deny :)

  27. billy3010 says:

    These deluxe editions are lush! Everything I would look for ie 7″ edits/remixes, 12″ versions and dub mixes in a deluxe re-issue. I believe the track listing for ‘Heaven’ has changed to now include the Dub mix of “I Feel Free’ after fans raised the issue. It may not sound like much, but ‘I Feel Free’ was a US only vinyl release – to finally get it’s remixes on CD is (excuse the pun) Heaven!

    Also, some rare/unreleased gems in each of the re-issues – a job very well done to whoever compiled these. Imagine if Madonna’s albums received the same treatment (I know, I can dream)!

    • Howard Trigg says:

      I feel the same about these reissues, and just think what Madonna re-releases could be like if they were given the respect and attention they deserve. Maybe now she has left Warners they will start to look at doing these things properly.

  28. Dan Gisbourne says:

    Looking good and well done on your part for swaying the views on Label bosses to include what the fans what on reissues.

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