Demon serve up second helpings of Blancmange with more Blanc Tapes

After the limited run of 500 signed Blancmange Blanc Tapes box sets sold out in a matter of hours, Demon Music have been under some pressure by fans to produce some more. With label and band management delighted at the overwhelmingly positive response, they’ve relented and some more are now available to pre-order, but read on for important details…

In order to honour the terms of the first run, these subsequent sets won’t come with a signed print. Other than that, they will be identical. So you’ll get the rigid outer slipcase (with the groovy ‘Blanc Tapes’ front cover design, as above) and within that, the media book, triple-disc expanded editions of the Happy Families, Mange Tout and Believe You Me albums.

If you were unlucky before and ended up pre-ordering the individual reissues, obviously you now have the option to cancel those and pre-order this. At current prices, there’s a premium of around £5 for this ‘boxed’ set edition, and that’s if this box doesn’t drop, which may well happen. Update: Buying this box is now CHEAPER than buying the three individual reissues!

The Blanc Tapes is released on 4 August 2017.

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The Blanc Tapes - unsigned edition

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon de   139.88
Amazon ca   199.99
JPC de   79.99

Happy Families

CD 1

1. I Can’t Explain
2. Feel Me
3. I’ve Seen the Word
4. Wasted
5. Living On The Ceiling
6. Waves
7. Kind
8. Sad Day
9. Cruel
10. God’s Kitchen
11. Living On The Ceiling [extended version]
12. God’s Kitchen [12″ mix]
13. Feel Me [12″ instrumental]
14. Waves [original version – no strings]

CD 2

1. Sad Day [original version]
2. Feel Me [extended 12″ version]
3. Business Steps
4. Black Bell [demo]
5. Melodic Piece [demo]
6. Your Hills [rehearsal]
7. I Can’t Explain [demo]
8. Waves [demo]
9. I’ve Seen The Word [1979 demo]
10. Holland [demo]
11. I’ve Seen The Word [demo]
12. Feel Me [Mike Howlett dub version]

CD 3: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [13.2.82]

1. I Would
2. Living On The Ceiling
3. Waves
4. Running Thin

RADIO 1 SESSION [5.6.82]

5. God’s Kitchen
6. Feel Me
7. Kind
8. Cruel


9. God’s Kitchen
10. Living On The Ceiling
11. I’ve Seen The Word
12. I Can’t Explain
13. Waves
14. Feel Me

Mange Tout

CD 4

1. Don’t Tell Me
2. Game Above My Head
3. Blind Vision
4. Time Became The Tide
5. That’s Love, That It Is
6. Murder
7. See The Train
8. All Things Are Nice
9. My Baby
10. The Day Before You Came
11. Game Above My Head [long version]
12. Blind Vision [long version]
13. Don’t Tell Me [extended]
14. Vishnu [short version]
15. Blind Vision [Martyn Ware demo]

CD 5

1. Time Became The Tide [demo]
2. If You Want To Be Hip
3. It Never Rains [demo]
4. Murder [demo]
5. Heaven Knows Where Heaven Is
6. On Our Way To?
7. That’s Love, That It Is [extended]
8. Vishnu [full length]
9. Get Out Of That
10. All Things Are Nice [version]
11. The Day Before You Came [extended]
12. Don’t Tell Me [remix]
13. That’s Love, That It Is [remix]
14. Blind Vision [instrumental/dub version]

CD 6: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [17.3.83]

1. Time Became The Tide
2. Murder
3. Blind Vision
4. Vishnu


5. Living On The Ceiling
6. Game Above My Head
7. I Can’t Explain
8. My Baby
9. Blind Vision
10. Don’t Tell Me
11. God’s Kitchen
12. Murder
13. The Day Before You Came
14. That’s Love, That It Is
15. Kind
16. Feel Me

Believe You Me

CD 7

1. Lose Your Love
2. What’s Your Problem?
3. Paradise Is
4. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone?
5. 22339
6. Don’t You Love It All
7. Believe
8. Lorraine’s My Nurse
9. Other Animals
10. No Wonder They Never Made It Back!
11. John
12. Lose Your Love [7″ single version]
13. I Can See It [extended]
14. Lose Your Love (This Club Mix)
15. Mixing On The Ceiling [Megamix]

CD 8

1. Side Two
2. A Remedial Course [demo]
3. Believe [demo]
4. Scream Down The House
5. Gentle On My Mind [demo]
6. M Diver (Alternate Dream) [demo]
7. River Of Life [demo]
8. Lose Your Love [extended]
9. What’s Your Problem [extended]
10. Don’t You Love It All [demo]
11. Lose Your Love With Helen [demo]
12. Reaching Out [demo]
13. I Can See It [7″ single version]
14. Lose Your Love In London [unreleased mix]

CD 9: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [29.9.85]

1. Believe
2. Don’t You Love It All
3. Lose Your Love
4. Paradise Is


5. Don’t Tell Me
6. What’s Your Problem
7. That’s Love That It Is
8. Don’t You Love It All
9. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone?
10. God’s Kitchen
11. Lose Your Love
12. Paradise Is
13. Other Animals
14. Game Above My Head
15. Living On The Ceiling
16. I’ve Seen The Word
17. Kind
18. Blind Vision

53 responses to Demon serve up second helpings of Blancmange with more Blanc Tapes

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  2. Thorsten says:

    Yes very strange, on Amazon Germany its still not available, although JPC Germany has it in stock since a few days. I got mine from UK, pre order.

  3. Brett says:

    Anyone know what’s going on on Amazon USA? As of today it says the box set is “currently unavailable”. what’s the story?

    • John says:

      Ditto with what Brett said. It was updated today with “Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks.” If anyone knows please chime in. I ordered it several weeks ago and thought I would have it by now.

  4. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Yes, you need to check whether you are signed up for Amazon Prime as they seem to slip in a message about it with the emphasis on trying a free trial.

    Some chancer also has one of those limited edition Blanc Tapes signed sets on sale for around £130. Greedy so-and-so…

  5. baward says:

    Back in stock @ Amazon.

    I won’t be buying from Amazon, as last week they tried charging me £6.99 a month for a service I never signed up for. They admitted it was their error and refunded me the money, but I’ve heard of this like this happening more and more; I’d recommend checking your bank account for spurious payments.

  6. Andy says:

    No ‘Cuckoo’ version of Living On The Ceiling, I still have the promo 7″ of that somewhere

  7. Martin says:

    Excellent- Thanks for the heads-up.

    I liked the idea of the box packaging but if truth be known I’m never bothered about signatures so this great decision to put out the box again due to demand suits me.

    Placed my order and the price has dropped too, so Happy Days !!!

  8. Thorsten says:

    Just cancelled my signed edition, i’m happy with the unsigned one and saved 10 pound – so someone here will be lucky to get “my” copy now.

  9. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The tapes are behind the blancmange I think LMTR14

  10. LMTR14 says:

    ahem, the picture doesn’t show… you know… TAPES

  11. Deano says:

    Price just dropped to £58 so pre-ordered. Now cheaper than buying each of the discs separately. Wonder whether Amazon will honour the lower price to those that bought the limited edition 500?

  12. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The price has now come down by about £10 too, 9 CDs for about £60 is a steal..

  13. Michael G says:

    Have to admit after looking at my pre order list in Amazon to many box sets on order,have cancelled everything except for the Blancmange box set.

  14. Thorsten says:

    Just checked: they have different ASIN numbers and the first one has (Ltd) in the title – still i’m worried a bit too

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Two different ASIN numbers means they are different products as far as Amazon are concerned. No need to worry!

      • Carl Ramplin says:

        We might remind you of that Paul!
        this ‘potential’ mess up wouldn’t be corrected by an extra month of Prime!
        Promise to take it back if/when it all goes swimmingly

  15. Carl Ramplin says:

    One has to worry – will Amazon send the signed ones to the people who originally ordered them.
    They certainly can mess things up from time to time ….
    If the item is the same look (not sure about catalogue numbers ..) and same price ..then not so easy to work through.


  16. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Given that the 500 signed editions were the same price, maybe someone who has ordered one of these unsigned sets might contact Amazon and politely point this out.

    Maybe they will reduce the price…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t think they were that price *because* they were signed. The signed aspect was effectively a freebie.

  17. Gunnar Schuldt says:

    Dear Paul,

    I’ve a question referring CD 7, Track 15 (“Mixing On The Ceiling”): Is is now the full Version (more than 10 min) as released on London Records 12″ BLANX 10 or the shorter edit from the 2008 CD reissue Edsel Records EDSS 1027 (7 min)?
    Thank You.


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Here is the answer

      “It’s the full 10+ minute megamix cut by DMC’s Alan Coulthard and originally released on the 1985 Lose Your Love 12″ b-side. It is not the 7 minute mix of Living On The Ceiling which was included previously in error.”

  18. gwynogue says:

    I’ve ordered the slipcase collection version (the second one, not the signed one). I feel a bit guilty because I know there are fans who want the slipcase more than I do, it was just a matter of being tight. I live in Australia so I thought the postage would be cheaper that way. But looking at my order now, it seems while the POSTAGE is cheaper, the overall TOTAL is dearer than buying individually. Hmm…I’ll have to keep my eye on that.

    And speaking of keeping an eye on prices, for the past few days I have been frantically ordering, cancelling, then re-ordering Donna Summer’s “Singles…” boxset. The price is slooowly dropping once or twice a day. Currently a smidge under 50 quid –

    (yeah, I know it’s in your widget, but I thought I’d mention it anyway…)

  19. Steven Roberts says:

    I don’t see the point of this re-release *without* the autographs, especially as the individual sets are available separately (at a discount). What does this set provide, other the slipcover (at a premium)?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The point is you get a nicely designed outer slipcase to house the individual box sets in. You’re a regular here at SDE and you don’t understand the appeal of that? :)

      • Steven Roberts says:

        Just being tight, I guess – I tend to forego the extra bells and whistles (such as slipcases) unless there is exclusive content (such as autographs, or on occasion extra music) to consider.

        No slight intended – to each their own :)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          No problem… you’re entitled to your opinion. Don’t forget the Amazon price for the box might drop a bit… meaning no premium!

  20. Jeffrey Michael says:

    I’m very happy that Demon decided to make this box available again but I’m disappointed that the first and only signed 500 sold out. Also, I’m not sure why this is limited to the U.K. Only. Anyway, same as Derek above, my preorder will ship to California and will be here two weeks after release date. I love Blancmange and always wonder why they stopped after only three albums in the 80’s. I may be in the minority but feel that each album in sequence got progressively better. My very first Post. Thanks Paul and keep up the fantastic work! :)

    • negative1 says:

      It was UK only, because hardly anyone in america (or anywhere else) has a clue about who they are. They quit in the 80’s because they were out the music scene, and have come back, and done more albums now, than they did then.

      To me, only mangetout was great, happy families was poor with many weak tracks, and primitive, and believe you me, was very hit and miss with only a few good songs. the remixes are basically what made some of the tracks superior. there music was barely noticed in the uk either, near the end of the 80s.


      • James Ingles says:

        Although I agree -Mange Tout is a classic, Happy Families is a mixed bag…I disagree in that Believe You Me is one of my all time faves and a desert island disc for me! It may be the only one of the 3 sets I get!

  21. Straker says:

    Be interesting now to see what the flippers get for the signed sets. Neil Arthur signed CDs going unsold on eBay at £15. Luscombe is an elusive cove so the resale price will be more a verdict on how much his moniker is worth to the committed fan.

    Signed DOA boxset commands a decent premium over the standard one but it’s probably the death of Pete Burns that accounts for that.

  22. cdmaniac says:

    This is what I was waiting for….
    Thanks Paul for the heads up!!!

  23. Derek Langsford says:

    I am glad Demon saw the light. I ordered as soon as I saw this, having missed the Amazon Exclusive Box due to being very busy, and being 8 hours behind GMT. The boxed set will be cheaper mailing from Amazon UK than the three separate versions (£3.08 for a single item v £5.06 for 3 items). Without VAT total was £60.57 delivered to California. Love that VAT deduction!

  24. Andreas says:

    Just got a hold of the deluxe Nick Cave Lovely Creatures – now THAT is rigid beautiful packaging.

  25. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Yes, Philip. I recently bought a copy of the Eternal Dance 3CD by Earth Wind And Fire with exactly the type of hokders you describe. It was £10 well spent though…

  26. Philip Cohen says:

    It’s probably too late, but I hope that Edsel doesn’t use the same packaging system as on their recent boxed set “The Creation-Creation Theory”, because it is fragile, and doesn’t properly protect the discs. The small plastic pieces that apply pressure (to hold the discs in place) are fragile, and easily break off. The very first time that I re-inserted “Disc Four” into the package, one of those pieces broke off. Warner’s recent Kraftwerk 4-disc Blu-Ray set used the same system, and one of the plastic pieces from that set also broke off.
    And, when I re-install discs into the “Creation” set, I am uncertain whether the discs are reliably, securely held in place. One day when I opened the book, I found “Disc One” had come loose. This resulted in a scuff, and also a small scratch where the first song is. Luckily, the disc still plays normally.
    Please, dear record companies: go back to digipak book packaging for this type of boxed set. A Digipak holds the discs on hubs. The packaging used for “The Creation” set is not reliable and is not built to last.
    If the Blancmange set uses the badly designed packaging system, I will likely store the discs outside the original packaging (in slim cases or CD envelopes), so the discs won’t get damaged. For “The Creation-Creation Theory” set, I burned CD-R copies of the four CD’s, and henceforth, I’ll only play the copies.

  27. Auntie Sabrina says:

    There’s no details of the remasters mentioned on Demon Music’s website Neil. Amazon do allow you to return items if you are unhappy with the quality so maybe it’s worth a punt…

  28. Neil says:

    Any word if these are new remasters or the dodgy ones from before ?

  29. bertielego says:

    Thank you Paul. Ordered!

  30. Steve Mappley says:

    Oh no! Thought my regrettable tardiness in pre-ordering meant I could have a cheaper month for a change and now this happens!

  31. Lee Grant says:

    brilliant, missed out the first time because I didn’t know about your site, but all is good and delivery just before my birthday

  32. David Carter says:

    Thank you, was disappointed to have just missed out so pre ordered this time

  33. Ade Swatridge says:

    Is The Day Before You Came extended the same as the original 12″ single version with the trumpet part and the long instrumental ending? That is my favourite Blancmange track and I would buy this if that version is included.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Disc 5 of the box set has the extended version of ‘The Day Before You Came”. Since there is only one extended version of “The Day Before You came”, the answer is yes, it is on this box set.

      • Hairy Ears says:

        There’s three versions. The original album version, add the rerecording which has 7″ and extended versions. On the last Edsel reissue the album version was replaced by the 7″. The extended version is not the album version. Hopefully this will be rectified on this reissue, which I hope is likely as clearly Neil has been involved.

        The album version can be found on The Platinum Collection if you can still find it!

        • James Ingles says:

          The extended version was the album version in the USA, just to throw a wrench in things for those accustomed to a certain issue. It threw me back in the day when I first go the European CD since my cassette was different!

  34. Pete in Australia says:

    YIPPEE, Thanks Paul for info and of course all of the Blancmange management and Demon team. Great to get this in slipcase, just. A tad nicer.

  35. Chris Squires says:

    At last, someone listens to the fans. Well done Blancmange and “The Management”… Obviously they don’t share the same management as a certain ex-Beatle.

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