Demon to replace 10 discs on error-strewn Dead Or Alive box set

Dead Or Alive / Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI 19-disc box set

Demon Music have investigated the errors on the recently issued Dead Or Alive box set and will replace more than half the discs in the Sophisticated Boom Box to fans who request replacements….

You can read the detail around the fixes below (taken from this post on Demon’s website) and the process for getting replacement discs is also laid out.

Demon’s statement:

Dead Or Alive ‘Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI’

We have carefully read through all of the comments and e-mails we have received, and we are now in the process of rectifying all issues that were raised. To ensure that the changes we have made are correct, we have enlisted the help of an expert to act as a second pair of eyes and ears, and are satisfied the changes below address the issues that have been highlighted.

Thank you for the feedback – it is appreciated.

Demon will be offering replacement discs of 8CDs and 2DVDs to all customers who e-mail to the following e-mail address

This is the process:

  • Subject line of the e mail should be ‘Dead Or Alive’
  • If you have purchased more than one copy and need multiple replacements, please write the number in the subject line, for instance “Dead or Alive x 2”
  • Customers to not write anything in the body of the e-mail apart from their name and full postal address including post code/zip code
  • Each e-mail will be responded to with a confirmation
  • The replacement discs will be ready to ship from the 28/11/2016
  • Optimal (the manufacturer) will ship the packages via DHL/UPS and they estimate a delivery time of 2-3 days depending on location

Below are the issues that were identified and the actions that have been taken:-

Disc 1 – Sophisticated Boom Boom – CD1

Track 1 – ‘I’d Do Anything’
Issue – Finishes with an extra “do do do” which sounds odd on play back.

We have corrected this error and are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 2 – Sophisticated Boom Boom – CD2

Track 5 – ‘What I Want’ (1984 Dance Mix)
Issue – Plays the same as Track 2 ‘Original Dance Mix’. Upon seeking advice from an expert we have now corrected this and will re-manufacture this disc

Track 9 – ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ (Dub)
Issue – plays the same as Track 12 – ‘Keep That Body Strong (That’s The Way)’.

Despite being extremely similar, these versions are different. We understand that the (Dub Version) was an earlier version of ‘Keep That Body Strong’. From a historical perspective, we are keeping this in place.

Disc 3 – Youthquake – CD1

Issue – plays in Mono
Issue – Track 12 – ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ (7″ Version) plays the same as album version

We have corrected the mono error and are remanufacturing this disc
We have sourced a new master for ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ (7″ Version)

Disc 4 – Youthquake – CD2

Issue – plays in Mono
Issue – Track 4 – My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix]
Issue – Track 8 – You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix]. Sounds like it’s a reconstruction, using a clean intro (lifted from the Performance Mix), and a clean 7″ single version, with the bells/chimes in between coming from a crackly vinyl source

We have corrected the mono error and are remanufacturing this disc
Track 4 – My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix] should actually be listed as an ‘Edit’. The full length mix has never been released on CD, however at present we are unable to source a master with the full, unedited 6:45 duration.
Issue – Track 8 – You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix] – We were supplied an analogue tape by Sony. We believe the chimes may have been lifted from another source and edited to create this unique mix at the time of production.

Disc 6 – Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know – CD1

Issue – There is an awkward gap between ‘Then There Was You’ and ‘Come Inside’ on the original album sequence.
Issue – ‘Brand New Lover’ (Edit) appears to be slower than any other version.

The segue between Tracks 4 & 5 has been fixed and we are remanufacturing this disc
We have sourced a replacement master for ‘Brand New Lover’ (Edit)

Disc 8 – Rip It Up – CD1

Issue – Track 13 ‘Something In My House’ (Short Version) should be an edit of the album version but plays the 7″ remix.

We have sourced a replacement master of the 3.57 “7” short version” and we are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 12 Fan The Flame (Part 1)

Issue – Track 1 ‘Fan The Flame’ (feat. Gina X) / Track 2 ‘Unhappy Birthday’.

Steve Coy included this version of ‘Fan The Flame’, as it was previously unreleased and acts as an opening prelude for the album, which was re-sequenced. Track 1 now segues seamlessly into Track 2 ‘Unhappy Birthday’, which was the original Track 2 on the 1990 Japanese release.

Disc 14 – Nukleopatra – CD2

Issue – Tracks 1 and 6 ‘Rebel Rebel’ are exactly the same (they should be different mixes).
Issue – Track 12 should be ‘International Thing’ (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) but plays the album version.

Track 6 is ‘The Hole Mix’, whereas Track 1 is an earlier shorter version of that mix. Track 1 and 6 are identical up until 6:10-ish. Track 1 has an “UGH!” at this point and ends abruptly. Track 6 has no “UGH!”, and starts to fade out instead… so they’re the same mixes, with very slight differences to the endings.

We have sourced a replacement master of the 7.02 ‘International Thing’ (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) and we are remanufacturing this disc

Disc 18 and 19 – DVD 1 & 2

Issues – Cropped, freezing issues.

We have gone back to the source masters and fixed all of these issues and are re-authoring these discs.

We would also like to highlight that in the process of putting together this set we have used the Sony and Steve Coy masters. There are no MP3s and vinyl rips used.




175 responses to Demon to replace 10 discs on error-strewn Dead Or Alive box set

  1. Terry says:

    my box finally arrived been trying to get the faulty discs replaced they told me to send proof of purchase I sent pictures of my box here is hoping they correct the problem they created…sucky customer service.

  2. Gerald says:


    As DMG published a new on his site:

    I contacted Uk Amazon.

    We must send back the whole vinyl box soon as the new free error stock will be ok.

    As they said, just click on ” return or replace item button ” to have new vinyl box at home.

    If i understand well, new stock will be on Amazon within 10 days.

    No need to send back now, as soon as it’s on stock just process to send back to Amazon faulty vinyl box and choose replacement or refund.


  3. Mark N says:

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the errors on the new replacement discs.

    At the end of “I’d Do Anything” on Sophisticated Boom Boom CD1, the last “do” comes in a bit sooner than it should. I assume they just cut it badly from the version they had, rather than use the original album version.

    Also I don’t know for sure, but I would imagine both the 1984 mixes of “What I Want” were the same pitch in 1984? They are different speeds on the repress CD2 of Sophisticated Boom Boom.

    The Short Version of “Something In My House” doesn’t play very smoothly either. It sounds like all the MIDI instruments are struggling to keep in time but don’t lose their pitch so it’s not a tape issue. It’s like Edsel needs to put a penny in the meter.

  4. Gerald says:


    I just received the 2 vinyl box ^^

    Top parcel, no paper protection i mean no wrapped box.

    I have a minor damage on the edge of Exclusive amazon edition (no sticker exclusive amazon on also)

    Well it wasn’t a joke, it’s really Elvis on Side A of nude deluxe vinyl Box, ok on Exclusive…

    I didn’t play album, only this night i checked nude album.

    I noticed that the blank between 2 track is not on the right area.

    I mean, we can see when a track is recorded on a vinyl and blank part too and it’s not good.

    It play well but surely not well pressed factory.

    Any news about vinyl replacement???

    Very bad so big fault once again…


  5. paul griffiths says:

    in the uk>>>>>mine arrived today

    1 – Sophisticated Boom Boom CD1
    2 – Sophisticated Boom Boom CD2
    3 – Youthquake CD1
    4 – Youthquake CD2
    6 – Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know CD1
    8 – Rip It Up CD1
    9 – Rip It Up CD2
    11 – Nude CD2
    14 – Nukleopatra CD2
    18 – Promo Videos DVD1
    19 – Live DVD2

  6. Andrea-1968 says:

    I write from Italy. Bought the original Amazon exclusive CD box edition when it was realeased, the original/first set arrived but I’m still waiting for my 11 replacement discs. Contacted both Amazon and Edsel/Demon 20 days ago but none of them is helping me at all… Amazon continues to tell me to wait for a customer service reply (they say they are investingating my issue) and Edsel says my replacement discs have already been sent to me (of course nothing ever arrived here). I asked them proof of shipping but of course no answer at all… Is there anyone else here still waiting for replacement discs like me?

  7. Gerald says:

    Hi again ^^

    I fight over one hour with Uk amazon by tchat to know what’s wrong with extra delay for CD box.

    ” MayBe due to wrong stock item” i ordered on 6 november few days ago it was out of stock.

    Now it’s ok and ready to ship.

    At one time, they said you haven’t been charged cause item isn’t sent.

    Impossible as i payed by gift card account.

    After they said, change your method of paiement, we will re-credit your gift card account so the order will be faster to be sent???

    As i said impossible and there’s no difference money by gift car and visa and can’t afford to be charged on my visa once again.

    To the end, they said, no difference with money gift car or visa, and my visa so my order is ok and will dispatched soon…

    Soon is not answer for me, no dispatch date so no delivery date.

    Don’t understand why problem with cd box, as i placed same time order for vinyl deluxe edition and it was sent yesterday.

    Also for Exclusive vinyl box ordered on 8 december and sent yesterday…

    Seem to be other problem with cd box.

    Nothing due to sending outside uk, as they send to me vinyl box and exclusive box.

    Maybe sent on Monday, but surely arrive at my home in France after Xmas :(


  8. Gerald says:


    CD box is once again on stock:

    But my order still ” will be dispatched soon ”

    Dispatched soon well, for me the most important Box is CD as after a lot of play no pb, instead of vinyl…

    Vinyl box will arrive on 21, but CD box no information…

    Very boring situation…


  9. Gerald says:


    Well very strange….

    I ordered cd box and vinyl deluxe edition on 6 november.

    And soon as i saw exclusive version was avalaible i ordered it too.

    At this time, both vinyl box are sent by amazon uk, but not the CD box…

    Hope really that DMG will answer to me whay for the pb on vinyl box and after will reply to know why CD box is not available.

    CD box on my uk amazon order is written ” will dispatch soon ” instead of dispatch on 16…

    Xmas is not so far, but it seems that CD box is very far far away ;(


  10. Matt NYC says:

    Just FYI, the replacement discs arrived here in New York City. I haven’t played anything but there are 11 discs; labeled as follows:
    1 – Sophisticated Boom Boom CD1
    2 – Sophisticated Boom Boom CD2
    3 – Youthquake CD1
    4 – Youthquake CD2
    6 – Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know CD1
    8 – Rip It Up CD1
    9 – Rip It Up CD2
    11 – Nude CD2
    14 – Nukleopatra CD2
    18 – Promo Videos DVD1
    19 – Live DVD2

  11. Greg Daniels says:

    So I am pleased to say that I finally went through the fixed CD/DVD packaged over the past week or so and have listened to and watched everything. I don’t hear or see any more big errors and am now quite happy to have this, if only for the first three albums. Those are the only ones I really loved. I ripped all the CDs too and have them saved on my PC and most of it is now on my iPod now too. The only issue I have, and I am hoping some kind person here might be able to help me out, for some reason, the ONLY ERRORS I could detect on the whole package now were (oddly enough) two tracks skip on my CD1 of Nude. That would be on disc ten actually, I guess. I am not sure if anyone else has this problem or just me somehow, but “Come Home With Me Baby” (7 ” Version) and coincidentally, “Come Home With Me Baby” (Deadhouse Dub 7″ Edit) BOTH SKIP!!! Actually so does “Love Toy”, but I don’t care for that track anyways. Anyhow, I wanted to replace those two tracks. Drives me NUTSO when it skips as I listen to it on my iPod. I don’t want to buy another CD… yikes! Just was wondering if someone else out there might have it where it does NOT skip. If so, I would be so appreciative if you could rip it from the cd @320 kbps mp3 and perhaps be kind enough to email it those to me. At LEAST the regular 7″ version. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  12. Ian says:

    Now are saying the CD box set has been deleted. I ordered mine in October and now I can’t find any for sale online. Really want this but now not available! Would have thought they would have wanted to sell as many as possible to pay for fixing the errors.

  13. Gerald says:

    Where did get this information???

    A link to follow it?

    So all Amazon retailer or other retailer will be affected by missing vinyl on the box?

    Hope it’s not a hoak, cause i don’t understand why the forget a vinyl on the basic edition and not on the Exclusive vinyl box…

    Email to DMG was sent, awaiting answer on monday…


  14. FG says:

    Yes, it seems the ‘basic’ vinyl edition plays Elvis on side 1 of Nude – WTF???!!!! Thank f*** I managed to get the 10″ edition – also bought the CD version (yep, Xmas cancelled as I’m now broke) and the errors in that were horrific but were duly corrected and replaced FOC. After that mess, how in the hell did Elvis get onto a whole side of Nude?????? AND the vinyl editions were re-checked apparently ( by The King himself evidently!!)

  15. GG says:


    Well if I understand, Only the basic vinyl box is faulty, not the exclusive vinyl box ?

    Hope dmg will oublis new soon and how to get the miss vinyl.

    Amazing so muchas error for nothing.

  16. Gerald says:


    What do you mean Neil???

    There’s something wrong on vinyl box???

    A wrong version or wrong song of another band???

    Is it a joke???

    • Neil says:

      We are aware of the pressing issue on the Dead Or Alive Vinyl box. This issue does not affect the Limited Edition version.
      We are currently re-manufacturing the mis-pressed ‘Nude’ album and will issue an update early next week with a date for when the replacement vinyl will be available.
      Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  17. Neil says:

    It’s being reported now that on the vinyl box set that side 1 of Nude plays the new Elvis and the Philharmonic Orchestra Lp oh dear.

  18. GG says:

    Hi ^^

    Well Amazon Uk started to send the vinyl box deluxe Edition and the Exclusive too.

    Strange, the deluxe Edition is now currently out of stock and Exclusive product still on sale.

    The Cd box is out of stock but but as i ordered one more they didn’t dispatch yet.

    Hope all box will arrive before Xmas :-)


  19. Jesus Galeote says:

    Replacememt discs arrived in Spain also

  20. Onnie C. Hettinga says:

    Ok is it just me or did anyone else that got the “replacement discs” find that all the tracks are now not even in the right order?

  21. GG says:


    Well i finished To play all CD/DVD

    Strange things on some songs on DVD 1.

    4/3 instead of 16/9 as se en on other media.

    For me sound problem as they wanted To make extended version and they miss something.

    Either they didn’t check it or once again factory problem.

    Well it’s not so bas overhall, juste Walt new box within 10days


  22. Gregory S Daniels says:

    Got my replacement discs today in the US mail, here in Massachusetts. I am about to have a look-see, and see what’s what…

  23. Gerald says:


    Live in Japan and the videos on same dvd are ok for me.

    Ok as soon as that screen format didn’t change.

    I mean, as i wrote on a previous message that Live in Japan is on 4/3 screen instead of 16/9 on several other official DVD and the Japan LD of the live.

    Didn’t understand why…

    Left the video on the other DVD.

    10 days left, before receiving Box ^^


  24. GG says:


    Only dvd video to play.

    All is good for me.

    It’ll better when like all will receive the cd and vinyl exclusive box.

    Hope before xmas if no delay problem for and french post office that’s the problem in France.

    On the forum who’s living far away from germany for the cd remplacement and received or not y et the parcel?


  25. perryd says:

    Southeastern USA. Received discs.

  26. Chris says:

    Got all 11 replacement discs yesterday in Ontario, Canada. Received from Optimal in paper sleeves.

  27. Gerald says:


    To Jordan follow this link:

    DMG tried to solve majority of error.

    That’s why there no Fan the flame inside.

    I get cd replacement but Fan isn’t inside.

    That’s CD 1/2 to play and DVD video to play.

    One week before amazon uk to send CD box and tomorow after it’s time for Vinyl deluxe edition and Exclusive Amazon Uk Edition( 500 Box only and 1000 for Exclusive CD box)

    Hope really all box arrive before Xmas ^^


  28. joel says:

    got mine in california

  29. Jordan says:

    Got mine today. Ohio, USA. Didn’t get the Fan The Flame CD. Emailing them now.

  30. Sterling says:

    Received replacement disc in Georgia, USA. sent by USPS.

  31. Gregory Daniels says:

    Still nothing in the mail…

  32. Chris says:

    No replacement discs for me in Canada yet. Anyone else in Canada received theirs yet?

  33. Gerald says:



    The exclusive amazon vinyl box is once again to order and on stock on 16 december.

    Very good or worst is cost less than the basic vinyl box…

    I send email to DMG to see if it’s real and free error as the delay of one week the released.

    Awaiting hope this day answer from him.


  34. RikTheHib says:

    When you folks get the disks could you all say which country you are in?
    I’m in Oz and am still waiting!
    Anyone from Oz got their’s yet?

  35. Steven says:

    Replacement discs arrive today, fingers crossed all good when I try them tonight!

    • Gregory Daniels says:

      In Massachusetts… still awaiting my replacement discs. Getting annoyed at this whole process, but I guess I shall try to remain patient, as it seems some of you in the US have now received them. Did they come via USPS or UPS or FedEx, etc.???

  36. Joseph says:

    11 discs received today in USA from Optimal.

    Truly amazing & bizarre how this has all happened. If Nostradamus has somehow predicted this, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

    Several thoughts. It feels like a watershed moment for all labels. I can’t imagine any of them will ever permit something like this to happen again (or I’ll be proven dead wrong in a week, one or the other). Kudos to the online community who responded so quickly in such detailed fashion when the first sets shipped. I know it’s just a silly box set, but nice to see action and reaction taking place. Yes, we were listened to and taken at our word!! Tribute to Pete and the group members that so many people care, especially considering how long it took to get such a project out in the open to begin with (which is still the real crime). Best of all, proves the physical media market is still alive & strong for the forseeable future as Demon otherwise would have certainly just thrown in the towel being faced with such a financial boondoggle.

  37. Ray Miller says:

    I’m in the US and received my replacements today 12/5, so if you are in the US be a bit patient and they should show up.

  38. perryd says:

    I havent received my replacement discs. I’m in the USA. I’ll prob just return my unopened set if these dont arrive soon.

  39. paul griffiths says:

    only just sent the email for the replacement discs……hope i’m not too late???
    any one know if there’s a cut off date??

    • GG says:


      Well maybe till New product will be on stock.

      It also depend of how many jeep the faut box and how They sent back to retailer.

      I have 3 cd to play and 2 video dvd.

      After will wait like other New cd box and vinyl box too.

      Hope really they’ll arrive before xmas.


  40. Greg Daniels says:

    Anyone in the USA receive the replacement discs yet???

  41. Gerald says:


    Well i want you 7″ mix it’s noisy as they said.

    Don’t know if they tried to cut the start or erase this song.

    On Mad Bad

    Track 7 Hooked on love seems to play a little bit slower than i remember?

    Does anyone noticed this?

    On Rip it up CD vinyl source as mp3 are less powerfull than other song but quality is good.

    Left to play CD1 to CD5 and DVD video.

    The best for the end ^^


    PS: tried to post on my tablet and nothing after posting strange bug…

  42. elliott buckingham says:

    replacement discs arrived this morning 11 discs including 2 dvds

  43. Gerald says:

    Well no more post from me on the subject???

    3 cd already read.

    Will continue with Ript it ip 1 and mad bad this day.


  44. Jim Edwards says:

    Mine arrived this morning and I have to say Rip It Up sounds amazing. Will drive my Husband round the bend later with the rest of the corrected CDs. Fingers and everything else crossed for the vinyl edition. Have to say, the T Rex and Suede vinyl box sets really could’ve been executed with a little more style but fingers crossed.

  45. Xav says:

    On the Nuleopatra cd2, I confirm that the Rebel Rebel Extended 12″ Mix is the correct one now (the one from the promo 12″), and not the Extended NRG 12″ Mix aka The Hole Mix Alternative Version.

    The International Thing Nu-NRG 12″ Remix is also now correctly replaced.

  46. GG says:

    Bug on my computer.

    I also checked on dvd evolution and It’s 16/9 ratio…

    Well don’t understand why they jeep 4/3 picture.

    It’s not the most important but as previous released of the live was in 16/9 was thinking that it should stay on 16/9.

    Will listen more cd tomorow and give my opinion just after.


  47. GG says:


    Maybe I don’t know how to setup my dvd read de or my tv but it seems that live in japan is on 4/3 ratio???

    I checked my ld of the live in japan I have easyly 16/9 with a good quality picture.


  48. eric says:

    Replacement discs received in Belgium.

  49. Bruno Miguel Bulcão Ávila says:

    Just received the disc here in Portugal.

    But where’s the Fan The Flame replacement?

  50. GG says:


    I just received the corrected cd this morning, i’m living in France and Manufacturer is located in Germany.

    I’m lucky cause i received the bubble letter almost opened, some people look inside and saw what was the cd.

    11 cd:

    Sophisticated boom bom CD 1 & 2
    Youthquaque CD 1 & 2
    Mad bad CD 1
    Rip it up CD 1 & 2
    Nude CD 2
    Nukleopatra CD 2
    DVD promotionnal video
    DVD Live

    Will star to listen some song in the car and will end in my home with denon player ^^

    Is there other lucky pepople already received cd :-)

    Great day, good job DMG!!


  51. GG says:


    We should happy to receive so much corrected cd as soon as DMG could correct what was able to be corrected with steve coy and other brand such Sony or other.

    Maybe they shouldn’t have to released so much cd according to Steve Coy and Pete Burns just to avoid wrong version, bad source and the worst Mono Cd.

    But DMG with all customer comment was able to correct a lot of thing and surely agree to say ” we made a lot of mistake and try to correct the most of cd ”

    Bad advertising to launch faulty box, but good to see that they react to release new box.

    They lost a lot of money with this and we should be happy to have new box when it’ll available.

    But we should buy now with confidence with DMG

    For rare version not in cd or low quality, maybe fans have those version on vinyl or other media?

    I’ll be happy to receive new cd and vinyl box, hope before xmas.

    Both box are a good thing for fans, and we should also think that Pete Burns is not with us to share this :(

    Thanks to DMG, Steve Coy and Pete Burns for this :-)


  52. Andy says:

    @Gregory Daniels & Paul Sinclair:

    It occured to them BEFORE pressing and sending out the replacement discs. I received my package today, and there’s 11 discs in it, and ALL those problems listed on their news post that they were promising to “repair” are cleaned up. So, no need to request another set of replacement discs. The package they are sending out includes all fixing!

    This doesn’t mean there are still flaws in it, of course (read my comment concerning the DVD). But, I think this is as much as they could do without losing too much time. And I think it’s quite a lot. Please note I’m not making excuses for anybody here. It shouldn’t have happened first time round.

    • CDManiac says:

      Hey Andy, are you in the UK?

      • Andy says:

        No, I’m from Germany. That’s why I already received the CD’s, as the pressing plant “Optimal Media” is located in the eastern part of Germany and the replacement discs are directly sent from there. So we Germans have the advantage of much faster postal running times (usually it arrives the next day, as in my case).
        You might have to wait for it to arrive in the UK for longer than a week, though. It’s my experience when I order CD’s from the UK. They usually need around 7 – 14 days to arrive here. Only exception is, who are much quicker, because they usually send their stuff from the german amazon locations (although they charge postage and packing like it was sent from the UK, bastards!).

  53. Gregory Daniels says:

    OK, so now I am confused after reading this update…

    Boom Box Errors – Update
    Update here:

    It seems that this update indicated there were FURTHER mistakes than they had noted in their original update, where they touched on all the errors that were brought to light by us fans, and then we got that initial update saying all the things that were gonna be fixed, how to email for replacements, and when they would go out… and that there would be 8 CDs and 2 DVD replacements. Now this second update lists more issues, some which were fixed, some not… but the part I am having trouble understanding is where those mistakes also caught before they pressed the replacement discs that just shipped out or do we need to contact them a SECOND time for ANOTHER set of updated corrected CDs? Perhaps I missed the answer and it is staring me right in the face…???

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m confused too, although there’s no way they are going to repress anything again… at least I’d be amazed if they did…

  54. GG says:


    Thanks for explanations Andy.

    Well, maybe some will be angry or diapointed not to receive fan the flame.

    Yes the first released of CD was majority contained faulty CD.

    I don’t know how many box was send to retailer and how many was sent back to them to be refunded.

    But a lot of waste of money for this, a lot of money spent to create and sent to everyone who requested a lot of job of 11 cd cost surely a lot of.

    We know that DMG released faulty product by the past, but was they only one to made this?

    But this time, for CD box and remade vinyl box they surely good job which cost a lot of time and money.

    They did what they can with original source, and maybe they didn’t get more.

    Wait for all receive the replacement cd and new cd box, also vinyl box when it’ll be available.

    Each one who’ll receive replacement cd will listen with care all and give his feeling.

    But all thing could it be perfect???

    Wait and see new cd and new box too ^^.


  55. Andy says:

    Oh wow, I already received an answer from Demon/Edsel!
    Here it is:
    “Many thanks for contacting Demon Music Group.

    Steve Coy included this version of ‘Fan The Flame’, as it was previously unreleased and acts as an opening prelude for the album, which was re-sequenced so we made the decision to leave the track as was intended by Steve Coy and so replacements for this disc were not made.
    For Nude CD2, concerns were brought to our attention regarding the sound quality of ‘Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [extended mix]’ which we have fixed, hence the replacement CD of Nude CD2.
    We hope this helps.”

    I answered them that this will cause quite some confusion, as they state on their website that “Fan the Flame – Part 1” will be replaced, and not “Nude”. And that they said the track will be segued into track two on that disc. They also answered to this:

    “Please accept our apologies. This was our intention but upon investigation, the segueway didn’t work.

    As the track was wasn’t supposed to be segued into anything (as its context is as a live track), we made the decision to keep the disc as it was.

    This should have been updated on the website which we can only apologise for. It has now been updated.”

    So they changed the text on their news page now.

    Paul, to at least stop people complaining about all this and bombarding Demon with even more angry mails, maybe you should put a short explanation on your main page clearing up this confusion. So at least the readers of SDE will know what’s going on and what is the reason for the “Nude disc 2” sent out instead of “Fan the flame – Part 1”.

    What a wild ride this is…

  56. Andy says:

    Just received the replacement discs.
    I can confirm that they actually sent out 11 discs. BUT: Instead of replacing Disc 12 – Fan the Flame Part 1 they put in Disc 2 of “Nude”! Why that? And are we not getting Fan the Flame Part 1 replaced, as stated on the Demon Website? I already contacted Demon/Edsel and also Optimal Media about this. Let’s hope they can stop sending out the wrong discs!

    I haven’t listened to the discs yet, of course, but put in the first DVD to have a short check. Well, the picture improved a bit, but is far from being perfect. Also, now they changed the aspect ratio of the videos that look “squeezed” in the original version, like “Brand New Lover”. It is now changed to 16:9 instead of 4:3, as it was intended. Clearly, the people who did the authoring never saw the original version! Also, there are still those strange “cuts” at the beginning of some of the videos, where the sound and picture start 1 or 2 seconds into the song. Seems we never get a perfect version of the videos, although the ones on youtube and VEVO even look and sound better…
    Seems this whole set is truly cursed… :-(

  57. colin says:

    You beat me to it CDManiac – was about to post same link!
    Replacement Disc being shipped this week!

    ” We have been told that everyone who has sent Optimal an email have had their discs shipped. Please allow at least a week for delivery.

    New stock will arrive at Amazon UK on the 15th December so if you are ordering after this date, you will receive the corrected package”

    Not all errors can be/have been corrected, read link by CDManiac for details!

    • GG says:

      No no was the first to post the link at 5h35, this morning

      The problem wasn’t here if they really checked the source not even from Steve Coy or Sony…

      6 or 7 song won’t be corrected, but the problem is not for me the same song but the quality for some songs from the source, maybe they should have to reduce song quantity and upgrade quality.

      But most of problem was normally solved and thanks to DMG to offer cd replacement.

      Who will be one of the first receiving new CD, mystery :-)

      Will wait also new cd box and vinyl too :-)


  58. GG says:


    Hope the new cd will arrive soon ^^

    There’s update from Demon about possible corrections:

    Well it seem that some song will be not corrected.

    I mean some source are low quality and wasn’t impossible having new without a long time and asking new licence from other brand than Sony.

    Hope it’ll finally fine with corrected cd and hope the vinyl box will be fine too.

    Xmas is coming soon :-)


  59. Larry Davis says:

    Soooo, now it’s November 28th…people should post if/when they receive their (hopefully) corrected 8 CDs/2 DVDs of this box…I know I will when mine arrives…

  60. bob says:

    Good on Demon for acting so quickly to correct this.

  61. Carley says:

    While I am happy they’re fixing the errors, it’s a damn shame they didn’t put the original full-length version of “Nukleopatra” on the album. The edit is widely available.

    • Greg Daniels says:

      I agree with you. And while this is not one of my fav. DOA albums, the title track was the best thing they had done in ages. It is almost criminal that it was never released as a single. It should have been. They definitely should have put the FULL-LENGTH version on here, along with the Glam mixes (which I think are superior to the DOA mixes) of “Sex Drive” and the remixed version of “Unhappy Birthday” that was on the Japanese CD, among others. Maybe they are holding off because they are going to re-release “Nukleopatra” by itself one day and will then add the extra MISSING tracks. I doubt I will want to spend any more money on that though.

  62. Karen says:


    Look at (Amazon Italy) they have reduced the price. Its about £93 or 110 euros

    • GG says:


      Yes i just saw it :)

      Interesting, sure that’s new free error stock, but delay are more important during Xmas holiday and maybe not reach my home before 24 December.

      As in France for winter holidays French post office is overload to receive and resend so much parcel for Xmas and a lot arrive after hard to make understand this to child waiting for something.

      For adult, no pb but don’t want to have it after.

      So 1 order from Uk as collector never opened and 1 from French Amazon to listen for me…

      Both should arrive max on 22 December that’ll fine for me if French post office do his job :-)


  63. GG says:


    Well, just wait to receive replacement cd and dvd.

    Also if replacement CD/DVD are ok, new cd box stock will be ok too.

    So for whom want to order a second and let him never opened for collector or to offer to someone no problem to order now.

    As maybe there will be a lot of order, maybe the shipping date will be delayed too.

    Hope all can receive it before Xmas.


  64. RikTheHib says:

    I asked Amazon for a replacement and they didn’t even bother replying!

    Here’s the auto return message for the “Optimal-Media” email:

    Ich werde ab 04.11.2016 nicht im Büro sein. Ich kehre zurück am

    Thanks for your e mail. Due to the huge response we cannot reply to each
    and every mail. Please be assured we have your details and replacement
    disc packages will start shipping week commencing 28th November 2016.

    Hinweis: Dies ist eine automatische Antwort auf Ihre Nachricht “Dead Or
    Alive” gesendet am 07.11.2016 02:31:48.

    Diese ist die einzige Benachrichtigung, die Sie empfangen werden, während
    diese Person abwesend ist.

    Huge response? I bet there is! :-)

    • Neil says:

      Why did you ask Amazon for a replacement when it is Edsel who are sending out the replacement discs ?

      • Straker says:

        Well, strictly speaking it’s Optimal Media, the replicators, who are mailing the discs out not Edsel/Demon.


        Corrected complete sets should be stickered so there’s no doubt for new buyers that they’re getting a corrected set. I wonder what will happen to all the retailer/etailer returned stock? Will they disassemble them, replace the defective discs, re-seal them and sell them as new meaning the likes of Amazon will be getting stock back in December they returned to Demon in November!

        The expense of this must be staggering so I daresay it’ll be a while before we see it discounted a la the Nanas Singles box.

        • GG says:


          Here’s below what a people from Demon music answered to me few days ago.
          Yes the new stock will be the fixed version. No more boxes that are incorrect are going out to any retailers.

          We are in the process of fixing the vinyl, so that too will be new stock that is free of errors.

          With thanks,

          Well, so new cd box stock will be free error and vinyl box too :-)

          No pb to order now at as it’s the cheapest website to order it.


          • GG says:


            I’m answering to myself.

            I ask to DMG if all new stock of cd box other than uk stock amazon on 15 December will be the fixed version, here’s below the anwser:



            Many thanks for contacting Demon Music Group.

            We are currently re-pressing the discs so all new stock will be the updated version with the fixed discs.

            Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

            With thanks,



            Well good news too :-)

            Hope all order will be sent and received before xmas ^^


  65. Brandon says:

    That link to the demon post not working for me. Anyway, do they send replacements worldwide or on just some selected countries?

  66. Karl Siniak says:

    Well spotted on the “My Heart Goes Bang 2000” mix now using the Original Vocals. My guess for this is that it is deliberate by Pete / Steve who perhaps thought the Original Vocal was better than the Re-Record.
    Of course the original Fragile album due to copyright issues needed everything to be re-recorded as Remixes would’ve needed royalities going to Sony, whereas with this box set being a Sony/Steve Coy licensed set perhaps the same copyrights don’t apply as Sony will get a royalty from the set anyway.
    Unless of course the demos for the Fragile album used the original vocals to build the music track around and the vocals were later re-recorded, making this track also an accidental inclusion…

  67. Flex says:

    I’ve sent my replacement mail today.
    Edsel is doing a great job, I think…..
    Mistakes happen – I’m grateful on how easy it is handled

  68. Michel Banen says:

    Oh well I’ve been enjoying the box for a week now. When the replacement discs come in I’ll play those 10 start to finish and then when the vinyl box arrives late december I’ll play those start to finish as well. Looks like I’ll stay in this “Dead or Alive vibe” at least well into january 2017.

    This must be a very expensive and valuable lesson for Edsel but in the end we’ll have a box that is as perfect as can be AND I even received the signed print with the box that I ordered exactly 2 weeks ago.

    I only needed to send a mail and if all goes well I will now automatically receive no less than 10 replacement discs for my box so I don’t see any reason to complain.


  69. Mark N says:

    And you are correct about My Heart Goes Bang (2000) having the 1985 vocals on it instead of the re-recorded vocals! It should be this

  70. Mark N says:

    Keezy, the 7″ US Wipe-Out mix of Something In My House is different at the end, it changes at 3.33. BUT you appear to be correct about Keep That Body Strong! You can hear how it should start clean here

    It’s basically the Dub version of That’s The Way (I Like It) without the hi-hat 3 beat count in.

  71. Andrew says:

    A good resolution to the issue. I’ll end up with a box set that is correct. Having to send an email to receive replacement discs is less effort than making a cuppa. Nice work on hbd part of SDE and Edsel.

  72. Keezy says:

    Oh and please listen to Keep That Body Strong Thats The Way and hear the ending of That’s The Way Dance Mix outro fade over the intro of Keep That Body Strong. Can we say Cherry Pop edit anyone? The original is clean no other track banded to it. And was the vocal missing for My Heart Goes Bang 2000 mix on Fragile, so the decision was made to use the Youthquake vocal to replace it? At least put the vocal in the mix instead of it floating above the track. Unbelievable this all is. I sent an email to correct the confusion regarding Rebel Rebel and no reply.

    • Scott Davies says:

      Ah ha! So it turns out they did use the 2007 remaster I did for Cherry Red for their box set. I suspected as much, and I’m sure they used more, if not all of the tracks from that CD on the box. Hmmm, maybe I should ask for a credit in the next pressing of the box. Kidding!

      When someone said they believed they took all the previously available tracks from existing CDs, I can’t say I was surprised. Edsel has had a problem in the past paying for a new bake and transfer of master tapes, so when they say “from master tapes”, the are being sneaky at times because it’s their roundabout way of saying they were from master tapes at one point. And I guess I can reveal that when I remastered Sophisticated Boom Boom for Cherry Red, I did not get the chance to use master tapes myself. The base album tracks were re-tweaked from the U.S. CD and ALL of the bonus tracks I remastered from my vinyl collection. Could you tell? It’s my specialty.

      • SMS says:

        So what you’re saying Scott is that we have been ripped off and lied to? And what do you mean by ‘re-tweaked’? Did you put an equalizer and booster on the tracks did you? If that was the case, I already have the US Cd of SBB and ALL the bonus tracks in my own vinyl collection, so I wasted money buying the so-called remastered edition. What a scam.

        • Scott Davies says:

          So, what you are trying to say is after 10 years of this CD being satisfying , suddenly you feel ripped off by the revelation of the source material? Guess what, if I hadn’t done it, it would have been a flat transfer of the U.S. CD as was, and a bunch of crackly, crunchy vinyl played with a bad stylus, such as the label’s reputation was at the time. I prevented it from being a disaster. At that time, Cherry Red were not much for working from masters but after I shared with them various posts online about quality concerns about their products at the time, they have been much improved at sourcing from masters, though not 100%, in recent years.

          And you should also be aware that quite a few labels, major and indie, will source from previously existing CDs rather than pull the tapes out again, and advertise it as “Remastered”, even if they haven’t actually made any changes. It’s nothing new and will not be stopping anytime soon, I suspect. At least I made the efforts to actually “Remaster” everything. And that’s much more than a little EQ and volume boost. I guarantee you I’ve put more time into remastering a single project than probably any other sound engineer out there, pro and freelance. I definitely prefer to work from new master transfers, and have had that privilege on a couple of recent projects. But it’s not always an option, for one reason or another.

  73. Keezy says:

    ALL 3 Something In My House 7″ on the box set are the same. US wipe Out Mix 7″, Remix, Short Version on Rip It Up Disc 2 have the same intro. This is crazy that only one edit is being addressed. The short edit does not have the thunderstorm intro. The LV version on the USA promo 7″ isn’t even on the tracklisting but now maybe is being added. But the other 2 will still be identical. Whomever is their expert should consult with collectors who actually know the mixes.

  74. Griffin says:

    Thanks Paul for the follow-up on this.

    I’m glad Demon/Edsel is replacing 10 discs! But I don’t like that they are losing big money on this. I just hope they did the quality control in advance instead of putting the boxes out & found out from the fans/buyers.

    I was planning to cancel my pre-order. But I’ll wait for it to arrive first then I’ll ask for the replacements. I agree with others to get the replacements you’ll have some of proof that you re-ordered/bought this box.

  75. Adam says:

    Hats off to Edsel I say for sorting this out so quickly. OK, it maybe shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but I think it’s great that the label seem committed to putting things right. I didn’t have freezing issues with the dvds, but the picture quality wasn’t up to much, I hope they’ve managed to improve them.

  76. Pete says:

    I hope Edsel have time to catch this Rebel Rebel mix and get it on there. That’s what’s advertised as being on the CD, and it isn’t.

  77. colin says:

    * sorry 28th November!

  78. colin says:

    The replacement discs will not be shipped until 25th November so it might take a while to plough through all the replacement request emails. Be patient peeps, these things take time!

  79. JPD says:

    Fantastic news! Edsel have listened and have responded in a way that makes me believe they do care about giving fans a great product.

    Hopefully this will be a learning curve for future releases and going forward Edsel won’t make the same mistake.

    Looking forward to receiving my new CDs and DVDs

  80. RK says:

    i just received my order from Amazon JP today.
    Checking MAD BAD AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW disc, sadly failure was true.
    Thanks for this post.

  81. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    It is good to hear that Demon starts a reproduction of the discs and it seems
    that they have now help from experts.
    That’s why I think that your website Paul is enormously important for us !
    But i hope they have LEARNED from that disaster for the future
    and take needful care for forthcoming Deluxe Editions and Box Sets.

  82. tyrone says:

    Pink Floyd must double checking their Early Years Discs! They have already had trouble with Blu Ray discs in the past – that and inserting the extra track on The Final Cut. ;)

    How ridiculous getting 10 CDs wrong.

  83. Joseph says:

    “they’re purging stock”…

  84. Joseph says:

    Just got a slightly humorous email from Amazon updating my expected delivery date to anywhere between 25 Nov and early next year. Tells me their purging stock and forcing the label to replenish. Reassuring that Amazon are apparently not taking this lightly either.

  85. Xav says:

    Regarding the Rebel Rebel 12″ Extended Mix, I confirm by listening to the one on the box, that it is definitely not the correct 12″ Extended Mix which was on the promo 12″. This extended mix was the extended of the radio edit, and was never released on cd. So that was a high expectation for fans to have it on cd on this anthology.

    The mix track 1 on cd2 for Nukleopatra, is definitely not the Extended mix, it is an alternative mix of the Hole mix, which is totally different from the original extended 12″ mix.

    I truely think the correct extended 12″ mix was the one expected for this anthology.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Maybe there is still time to fix this…

    • Larry Davis says:

      Speaking of the “Nukleopatra” disc, I got my box…and I noticed something was missing which I’m not sure people are aware…the full-length 7+ minute version of the song “Nukleopatra” is missing on the box!! It’s only on the Japanese Epic/Sony version as Track 1, but nowhere else…what happened to it??

  86. Mark N says:

    Pete is correct. I bought the Rebel Rebel 12″ promo, which arrived today, to check about the mix. The 12″ Extended mix is indeed different to what’s on the box set. It’s like the album version but longer and has flamenco guitars at the beginning and towards the end.

  87. Martin Kilroy says:

    Now that they have taken responsibility for the mistakes on this set can we see the Robert Palmer CDs being reissued from listenable quality masters? (As you can tell I’m still upset by that – 3 emails they ignored – and this proves they can listen!)

  88. bertielego says:

    Thank you Paul for posting this update on the faulty discs replacement.

  89. Pete says:

    I’m glad they’re replacing these but there’s a mistake when it comes to the Rebel Rebel mix. The CD states it’s meant to be the 12″ Extended Mix, and it isn’t, it’s an edit of The Hole Mix as they confirm above. So PLEASE PLEASE source the ACTUAL 12″ Extended Mix instead, which is only available on promo vinyl. This is the mix that is supposed to be on there!

    • Larry Davis says:

      In the post by Demon, they said the mixes are identical up to 6:10 then have different endings…even the expert agrees…not sure why that promo vinyl-only 12″ mix was not caught or sourced…

  90. AlexKx says:

    This reminds me of the fiasco with Roger Taylor’s box set entitled “The Lot”. Then there is also the issue with the latest vinyl box set by and from FREE. If they offered a new correct box for FREE I think I would keep my old one just to show that the record companies apparently can’t do their job without there being mistakes. Sad.

  91. DJ Control says:

    So stoked with Demon/Edsel. What they are doing is above and beyond what I expected. Bought a Beach Boys box set that has a major mastering error on every track of one disc. There’s a two second gap at the start of every song and the last two seconds of the final song are missing. Still waiting to hear from UMe. It’s been over two years, I ‘ve tried every method of contact (still sending them emails or tweets every two months or so) and have been ignored. Very poor service considering they did a repress. If anyone can help me get through to someone above their customer service email “contact us” buttons it would be greatly appreciated.

  92. Seb Sharp says:

    I received my box today and was lucky enough to get one of the signed photo editions, I’m in awe of the presentation and sound. Now to read Demon are willing to correct these errors is the icing on the cake (and eat it) – thanks so much for keeping us posted, Paul.

    • Eightiesaddict says:

      Got mine in yesterday, and I feel the same way. If people had given Edsel a minute to correct things, they wouldn’t have gotten themselves in such a whirl.

      • Joseph says:

        I am afraid it has been proven time and time again that if people don’t get in such a whirl, things like this do not get corrected (or not as fully). Good on the label for their forward and open response, but equally good on the consumer for rightfully raising cain and speaking out. In my limited & sheltered experience, one thing typically doesn’t happen without the other.

  93. TheProgster says:

    You know if Pete was still with us he would be absolutely fuming at all this mess….he’s turning in his grave now saying “Right you lot of F*****# idiots sort this out now or some heads are gonna roll”.

  94. Kiki says:

    I’m very happy to see that edsel made their best to correct the faulty CDs and to answer to each point they’ve been asked to. Tha’ts a very good point !

    But, let’s face it : 10 out of 19 Cds replacement is very big! I think they have to do something to avoid these kind of issues afterwards… I Think in this particular case, they lost many of the money they should have earned ,and that is not good for them…

  95. Kiefer2 says:

    Has anyone received a “confirmation response” from Edsel?

    • Christian Fex says:

      No, but I’ve got this:
      “Mail delivery failed: returning message to Sender”
      Anyone else?

    • ENGLAND says:

      Yes, I did, around 4.30pm

    • CDManiac says:

      Havent gotten mine yet?!

    • SMS says:

      Yes I have. When I put ‘Dead or Alive’ in the subject headline I received nothing, but when I put ‘Dead or Alive Replacement’ in the subject headline I received this message from them:

      ‘Thanks for your e mail. Due to the huge response we cannot reply to each
      and every mail. Please be assured we have your details and replacement
      disc packages will start shipping week commencing 28th November 2016.’

      • gwynogue says:

        I don’t think adding ‘Replacement’ actually makes a difference – I didn’t add it and I received my reply this morning.

        I guess it’s just a coincidence… never know, you might end up getting TWO sets of replacements! :D

      • CDManiac says:

        Finally got my confirmation response. It took 4 days.

  96. gwynogue says:

    My original order was delayed (Nov 25, according to the e-mail) so I might be getting an error-free re-press, but I’ve sent off a request just in case. Considering the replacements are being released AFTER the date I’ve been given, I don’t know what I’m getting.

    The devil is in the detail – the e-mail didn’t say the item was ‘delayed’, it actually said the release date had changed. That (to me) is completely different. And they still have it listed as a pre-order, rather than ‘In stock on…’:

    That is why I’m confused – the e-mail was sent BEFORE the original release date (and before the errors were discovered), so I don’t know if the ‘new’ date refers to new stock/pressing or original stock/pressing.

    Anyway… cut my rambling post short – I don’t know what’s happening, so I’m ordering replacements. I don’t want to wait another month or so to see whether I need them or not – if I leave it too long, I could miss out.

  97. Mike Pendlebury says:

    I’m impressed with the way Edsel are resolving this issue. I like how they’re not making us jump through hoops to get the replacement discs. Just waiting on the original set to drop in my Oregon Mailbox – and having seen the pics of it online I can’t wait!

  98. Scott says:

    I do hope for the best with these new discs, but I’m a natural skeptic. Did they actually resolve all the issues listed in a proper way? A few users on Edsel’s FB page said they found numerous tracks were sourced from what was at one point MP3. Edsel states no MP3s were used, but they may not be aware of some of the original sources. I guess once the replacements are sent, we will see what the new feedback is. I do hope Edsel learned something from this but I’m sure they’ve cause increased damage to their reputation. Perhaps they can turn that around with a string of flawless releases in the future.

  99. dave says:

    i have no interest in dead or alive, but i notice there have been accusations of mp3s being used as masters. this label have been using mp3s to press cds for years and aggressively deny it despite it being fact – they simply don’t know what they’re doing (or don’t care).

  100. Blade says:

    When will there be a version of this box set out were all is fixed so that you are buying a faultless product?

  101. Rob says:

    While I am still waiting for my box to arrive in NYC, I am glad to know this has been sorted out.
    I don’t mind waiting for the replacements as long as they do the right thing and it seems they truly are.

  102. Tom says:

    Good on them for resolving the matter. Yes, they should have had a second pair of ears to listen to this set in the first place, but that was a common suggestion when the errors started to be reported, so kudos to them for swallowing their pride and taking the suggestions of fans. Hopefully this will be a learning lesson for them. Obviously they didn’t learn from the Thompson Twins debacle but, considering this was a mammoth box set and it was released after Pete Burns’ death, this has been a huge PR disaster for them. They are going to have to win back the confidence of music buyers. It will be interesting to see how they move forward from this.

  103. Christian says:

    Isn’t there a process for making sure problems like this don’t happen? Oh yeah, it’s called manufacturing an acetate disc to ensure everything is correct! Seriously. Even though I did not buy this box or have any plans to, it’s just common sense that if you’re going to issue a box set this big (or not matter the size), you’re going to do some quality control first before the product goes out and at least have someone who knows and has knowledge of the tracks contained on the discs. At least Demon are correcting the error, but it could have been prevented early in the stages of prepping the box set. Due diligence goes a long way.

  104. Ian Harris says:

    I’m glad they’ve sorted this, and as Edward said, quite why they did use a second pair of eyes and ears in the first place is bizarre!
    Let’s hope that they continue to do that for other projects.

    A bit of background for me. I used to work for a reissue label back in the mid-late 1990s, not once that exists any more. They sourced lots of their output from vinyl rips and I was the ostensive librarian, cataloguing what they owned. I would not have known if there were rare alternative versions on singles, foreign pressings etc as their music was mainly of genres I was not remotely interested in. After a while they did get someone in on a freelance basis, to write sleeve notes and so on, and he really knew his stuff and could help me sort of which version of a track was which. It surely can not be that engage people like that.

    A theoretical scenario;
    I know reissues can often get cancelled over rights issues, but surely it would simple enough to set up a post on social media, saying; “We’re planning to reissue such and such an album. What tracks/mixes do fans want to see on it to be totally comprehensive?”. You’d quickly tap into some fan experts, then it could be up the label if they wanted to contact those people off line to do some sort of quality control once they’d sourced everything.

    It’s not rocket science is it?

  105. Noel Leahy says:

    At least Edsel have listened; admitted the mistakes and are correcting them – please let this be an end to the complaining and nit-picking. Problems happen all the time, in this case they’re being addressed. I look to forward to receiving the corrected discs to make this outstanding set as good as it it can be. Well done Edsel, but I’m sure we’ll all agree that Paul and SDE have had a pretty large part in this being addressed so quickly AND to the extent is is being sorted. Another sign that SDE and your good self, Paul, are are listened to :)

  106. Stan Butler says:

    Surely 10 replacement discs should require a proof of purchase. Seems unfair on those who bought the box if not. I didn’t buy it and certainly won’t be exploiting a sorry situation.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Up to Demon. Having half the discs in see-through plastic wallets is hardly the same as owning the box set anyway. No comparison.

      • DJ Control says:

        If people think that there won’t some sort of list for all the sets that have been bought and by whom (especially the 1000 exclusive Amazon sets) then they need to get educated about meta data.

      • Paul Murphy says:

        Kudos to the speed and unargumentative way they are handling this, but it would be nice if they could confirm the cost of the replacements will not be coming out of the band’s royalties.

  107. Rickjapan says:

    This sounds like a good approach to me. No-one is happy with faulty product, neither the consumers who suffer disappointment, nor the producer who ends up losing money as a result of the faults.
    But to get this kind of concrete assessment of the problems and clear explanation (especially mixes that sound the same to most people but actually are in fact a little different and don’t necessarily need replacing) makes all the difference. I really would love this approach to be used for a lot more items, rather than just sweeping the problems under the carpet and hoping no-one will notice.
    I repeat that I haven’t bought this set, but have been closely following the whole story because of my own experiences with other faulty product, and just to get acknowledgement and a clear outline of the problems is very heartening and the producer is to be commended for this.
    When it comes down to it, none of us want to be complaining nag-nags. We just want to buy a problem-free version of what was promised to us.
    Rectifying these problems, when they occur, ultimately make us more loyal to the brands, so I have sincere hopes that the faults will be repaired and that we can have faith in the people that are producing the music that we all love so much.
    Roll on lots more FAULT FREE deluxe re-issues (but if you make mistakes, own up to them and fix the problem, that’s all we ask!!!)

  108. Jonathan says:

    Hi Paul,
    just to let you know that only for TODAY, Friday 4th of November 2016, AMAZON ITALY is giving 10€ of discount for a purchase of at least 50€.
    You have to use GRAZIE1000 as promo code on check out.
    This code is valid only once for items sold and shipped by amazon italy, and is not valid for books, digital contents, babies items, gift vouchers and warehouse deals.

    More informations here, in italian:

  109. David Simon says:

    Fingers crossed!

  110. Fatoldbloke says:

    I am stunned that so many discs were faulty!
    Really tells us how much these producers really care about the fans & quality control

    • Dean says:

      SHows how much they care? Are you serious? If they cared enough, errors across all these discs would never have happened in the first place. This isn’t a sign of tender loving care, it’s a sign of a slapdash release that the label is now scrambling to salvage.

      Let me put it this way – If you bought a package of 12 batteries, and it turned out 10 of them were dead on arrival, would you praise Duracell for replacing the dead ones? No. You’d get a refund and buy Energizer.

  111. Dean says:

    Just recall the sets, and start again.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Or just fix the problems.. as they are doing.

      • LostTurntable says:

        No, recall them. I don’t want to buy a box set and have to mail off for replacements. Pull them, replace the discs, re-issue them.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          There’s nothing wrong with the book/box. Sending an email is hardly making you jump through hoops to resolve.

          • Satan says:

            I’m ordering them and haven’t bought the box.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I’ll try and find out when all the old stock will be pulled. Agreed if you don’t have the box you may as well wait a bit.

      • DJ Control says:

        Spot on again Paul.

      • Dean says:

        Paul – this set is absolutely riddled with problems. Of course they should fix it – but this piecemeal method, over so many discs, will undoubtedly mean bad sets will remain in the market place.

        I certainly can appreciate why people are praising the label for their response – but on the other hand, what a complete cluster f***. My goodness, while it’s good a label fixes errors, the sheer number on this set beggars belief, and illustrates just how slapdash it’s production and release was.

        Sorry – but replacing discs is all well and good, but someone was asleep at the wheel, and there’s really no excuse for errors on this scale. Buying this set today is like playing the lottery – I’m sorry, it’s beyond ridiculous.

  112. Billy Dojcak says:

    Is this the most replaced discs in a box set? Crazy

  113. edward says:

    What a disaster this must be costing them a fortune! what made me laugh was enlisted the help of an expert to be a second pair of ears and eyes which begs the question why on earth did they not do that in the first place! hopefully a valuable lesson learned here!

    • Michel Banen says:

      A valuable and probably VERY expensive lesson. But the end result is a box that is as perfect as can be !

  114. Xav says:

    I think this is truely the first time I see a label correcting 8 cds, even for just 1 or 2 tracks.

    So I think everyone will agree that even if there were issues, Demon have very quickly fixed the problems.

    Really an amazing job at making sure this set is as perfect as could be.

    Well done Demon !

  115. Jan Greeve says:

    Good, i can sleep well now. Do you know how many faulty boxes have been shipped?

    • Neil says:

      If you read the post it states The replacement discs will be ready to ship from the 28/11/2016 so none have been shipped.

      • JMel1229 says:

        If you read the post you replied to, it asked how many FAULTY BOXES were shipped, not about the replacement discs. #irony

      • SimonP says:

        If you read the question you’ll see that is not what was asked!

        • CJ says:

          So now I’m wondering, since I ordered from Amazon US, does this mean that my shipment (which hasn’t gone out yet) is going to be delayed until the problems are fixed and I’ll have a proper box with all the corrected discs, or am i going to need to mail in for replacements still once Amazon US finally get and ships their stock? (I’m hoping they’ll just wait until there are corrected boxes rather than shipping me something they know I’m going to have to get replacements for.

          Any news on how this is going to affect US Amazon stock of the box, Paul?

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Don’t really know. Bound to take a while I would have thought. In your position I’d be more inclined to hope it comes sooner rather than later and get the replacement discs. The only good reason not to do this is if you want to keep the box sealed (with corrected discs).

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