Depeche Mode / archive 12-inch boxes

Two 3 x 12-inch single boxes • newly remastered

In August, Sony will issue two new Depeche Mode vinyl box sets that feature the 12-inch singles issued for their first two albums, Speak & Spell and A Broken Frame.

Three singles were pulled from both albums. For the 1981 debut – the only Depeche Mode album to feature Vince Clarke – the single releases were Dreaming of Me, New Life and Just Can’t Get Enough. A Broken Frame was issued a year later and the singles from that record were See You, The Meaning Of Love and Leave In Silence.

This is early enough that none of the singles had multiple 12-inch releases with loads of variants, so the track listing simply adheres to what was issued on the 12-inch single at the time (actually, there wasn’t a 12-inch at all for the band’s debut Dreaming Of Me, so for that you just get the seven-inch tracks).

Unlike the CD single boxes of 1991, these don’t ’round up’ all associated tracks, so for example you don’t get the standard seven-inch versions of either the singles or some of the B-sides – they are a strict recreations of the original releases. It will be interesting to see how Mute deal with later singles with multiple 12-inch releases – logic would dictate that they will include separately all the different vinyl offered at the time, so three-disc sets could potentially turn into six-disc sets (or more), later on.

Both of these new boxes feature a stylish graphic cover which references the design of the original album covers, and include the three 12-inch singles (with original artwork), a poster and download codes. The Speak & Spell box includes a ‘facsimile reproduction’ of a rare flexi-disc.

The label describes these as ‘audiophile-quality 12-inch vinyl’, with audio remastered from the original tapes and cut at Abbey Road Studios.

This new 12-inch singles series will “continue over the coming years”, with plans to release boxes containing the singles from each of the band’s albums in similar box sets.

The Speak & Spell and A Broken Frame 12-inch single boxes will be released on 31 August 2018.

Compare prices and pre-order

Depeche Mode

Speak & Spell - The Singles [VINYL]


Compare prices and pre-order

Depeche Mode

A Broken Frame - 12" Singles Collection [VINYL]



Speak & Spell – The 12-inch Singles

Dreaming of Me
Dreaming of Me
Ice Machine

New Life 12-inch
New Life (Remix)
Shout! (Rio Mix)

Just Can’t Get Enough 12-inch
Just Can’t Get Enough (Schizo Mix)
Any Second Now (Altered)

Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead b/w King of the Flies

A Broken Frame – The 12-inch Singles

See You 12-inch
See You (Extended Version)
Now, This Is Fun (Extended Version)

The Meaning Of Love 12-inch
The Meaning Of Love (Fairly Odd Mix)
Oberkorn (It’s A Small Town) (Development Mix)

Leave In Silence 12-inch
Leave In Silence (Longer)
Further Excerpts From: My Secret Garden
Leave In Silence (Quieter)

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  2. Aidan says:

    Black Day

    Depeche Mode is my favourite band and I’ve bought all their releases… up until now. These singles box sets are not giving anything new and the prices are ridiculous!

    They should be either doing a Singles 81-18 release (think the logo possibilities) or continuing with the Singles box sets. They could do boxes 7-9 now.

    I actually recommend people don’t buy them to send a message. they are not getting the balance right ;-)

  3. Mark Wayt says:

    Just be glad you’re not a Guns and Roses Fan. I ordered the two box sets from HMV in the UK, they arrived today. But whilst I was looking around I noticed an Appetite for Destruction box set. £899.99 (yes, £900!!)

  4. Craig says:

    Most serious Depeche Mode fans have all bought this stuff multiple times – singles, 12″ Singles, records, cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Rays, CD Singles, CD Singles Box Set, CD reissues, vinyl reissues, etc.

    At what point is enough, enough?

    I guess all I would really like now is SDE CD remasters of each album that includes enough discs to include the proper album, all the different versions of songs from other countries’ versions of the albums, 7″ versions, remixes, extended mixes, radio mixes and whatever else. Complete audio of every song from that album/era. And then finish it off with a Blu-Ray with 5.1 mix of album, promo videos, key TV appearances, and if available, a live show (such as Live in Hamburg would be included with Some Great Reward).

    For songs not on albums, like Get The Balance Right or Shake the Disease, there mixes would be included with the logical album (Construction Time Again and Black Celebration respectively).

    And I would want it remastered and curated by the musical master of DM Alan Wilder, who would make sure it was done right.

    They would be expensive, but then we would have everything, and if you only liked a certain album or period of albums, you could just get those.

    I mean, hey, I can dream, right?????

    • Francois says:

      I would say this is covered by the deluxe SACD (or CD for those unfortunate who did not get their hands on the SACD) and boxes 1 to 5 and the two remixes compilations that were released a few years ago.
      I would rather have a proper Blu ray release of the singles tour and a full restoration of 101 and Devotional with real discrete 5.1 mix and a blu-ray release of the Live In Berlin from the delta machine tour

      • Steve says:

        I agree with Francois, if you want it on CD it’s all out there. Zoom is a great link, with the 10% off the boxes are £37 each with free postage. That’s about £12 a disc, still too much if you remember how much you bought them for originally :) but about the same price as good condition originals.
        I wonder if these will get a price drop on amazon any time soon?

  5. memoryboy says:

    I guess what I do not like about these releases is that they don’t also include the single 7″ Versions. Why not include that with the remixes and b-sides?

    I already have all of these remixes and singes up until … ‘Violator’ era, I’ve got a few of the singles/remixes from that era (1990) but not all, so anything after that is on my wish list.

    But I truly want all of this on CD. I’m not sure I will be buying these early releases since I already have the originals on vinyl. I would re-buy it all if it were being released on CD.

    Knowing me, I’d then buy the CD release if they were available and also the vinyl. Dammit. I am a Depeche Mode obsessed addict who can’t say no. I WANT IT ALL!

    I end up ripping my vinyl to mp3 and CD anyways so I can take my music with me. And it sounds amazing.

  6. Mike shaw says:

    How ltd are these releases etc
    Does anyone know please ???

    • Michael says:

      so ‘limited’ as the whole RSD Shit… (only my opinion)
      I really like these DM vinyl boxes, but the prices are ridiculous (on amazon germany 58 euro free shipping for 3 (!) 12ers)
      ..wait 1 year and you will get them for half price.

    • Steve says:

      Daniel Barassi who put these together for Sony says he thinks there are at least 15,000 although Sony hasn’t confirmed numbers

  7. Gerd says:

    Luckily I got thall the vinyl singles in really perfect condition apart from 2 that I missed to buy. What they do here is a rip off of fans and collectors. 64 Euros in Germany is to overprized for 3 12 inch singles. And the Artwork of the Boxes? They don‘t fit DM‘s Artwork at all. Looks like badly done streetart. It is the first time that I do not like an DM Artwork/Package and I even did like the look of spirit. Sony seems to be the worst thing that happend to the guys. Sad.

  8. Mark Williams says:

    £41.99 @

    • John 79 says:

      Thanks for the heads up Mark,I got both from for £41.99 each and as a new customer signing up to their newsletter I got 10% discount and free postage,I’m a happy chappy

  9. Cris says:

    Sorry for an out of topic post Paul, but I think that nobody better then you may have an idea of a reply to my now ageing question.
    Leaving aside the total disagreement I have towards “not faithful to the original” re-releases (i. e.: double vinyl LPs with new inner sleeves and notes – see also similar recent decision on the part of U2) since they deprive me of having a faithful copy of the original LP at a decent price instead of paying ridiculous money for certainly not “rare” items as we mean it, DM have reissued ALL their albums literally dozens of times except for Songs of Faith and Devotion Live. Even the 101 gap has recently been filled.
    Do you have any idea of why on earth is that? I cannot afford forking out a figure from 90 Euro upwards for the original, you see…
    Thank you, cheers and congratulations as always

  10. Paul Foster says:

    The next non album single get the balance right came as two 12” issues as did nearly all the subsequent ones up to stripped. Will we get the doubles and what will the price of them boxes be or will they miss out ‘balance ‘ as it didn’t come under construction time again ?? So many questions that i bet Sony haven’t considered yet. 53 Singles so far so it’s going to be a huge lengthy campaign . Will we get a live release at the end of this year of the spirit tour??

  11. Ed says:

    These look great and I’m a massive fan of both these early Dm masterpieces especially a broken frame . But £50 is not at the price point I would buy it . But I’m sure there will be plenty that will buy it regardless of how much it is . It doesn’t really matter what’s on it material wise as record companies know that the die heads will go for it . £50 ! For a few singles …. crazy !

  12. David says:

    Pre orders available on Lexer Music for £50 each

  13. Elizabeth Ursula Hirst says:

    I have every 12″ up to I Feel Love after which I made the (in hindsight foolish) decision to move to CD singles. I will therefore be interested in the boxes for Songs of Faith and Devotion onwards. I’d have collected from the start if these had been reasonably priced (possibly funded by selling the originals)

  14. Richard says:

    Both of these are £46.99 on

  15. Mark says:

    As someone who has been a DM fan since 1985 and started collecting early 86, i am really looking forward to getting these again (of course the price is bloody ridicules). i have pretty much all original DM 12 inch vinyl releases (up to violator) including the german coloured DM vinyls, but having my records stored for a long time and not looking after them properly…i will be happy to have them again….but like i said, i know the price is ridicules but it seems to be the case with most releases (really wanted the Pink Floyd Pulse vinyl) but again will have to wait until the price comes down. All i can say is apparently there will be a lot more extras with the download card, no idea what…but it seems there will be a lot of extras. I guess time will tell.

  16. Normand says:

    Paul, look at the nice price at : $62,36CAN (approximately £36) ;-)

  17. Klaus says:

    Each to their own, i know, but:
    107 comments so far about some re-released Depeche Mode-vinyl, only 9 (in letters: n-i-n-e) about the new album by Anna Calvi, 4 of those not even referring to the album but erroneously to some white vinyl-repress of an old Madonna-album?


    Life (indeed) Is Unfair.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Yes, seriously.
      Like the old Ronseal adverts this site “does what it says on the tin”. It’s about reissues and boxsets.
      I have little to no interest in a lot of new music but have listened to a few “new” things that Paul has mentioned and they have been OK for a few listens, maybe more, but are they going to push “The Visitors” or “The Kick Inside” off my turntable…in all honesty no. I can’t answer for anyone else. I am sure Anna Calvi has her supporters but few of them are here and most of the “new music” posts get a dozen or so posts but, like them or loathe them, people are here to find out about reissues and boxsets for Madonna, Prince, Bowie, Queen, Springsteen, The Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Roxy / Ferry, Elvis, Elton, McCartney and The Beatles as first division stars then lesser but no-less loved people like Tull, Depeche, Erasure, OMD, Paul Young, Alison Moyet, Kate Bush, Mike Oldfield…..the list goes on (and we can argue about position all day long).

      Unless something is truly controversial (ridiculously expensive or massively flawed) or someone says something inflammatory most first division posts hit the 100, most second division posts hit the 50 mark. Most niche posts hit 20 or 30 and most new music posts hit a dozen to 20.

      Rarely, and I am thinking “Flowers in the dirt” here, a first division post is controverssial enough to hit the 200 mark and I think a Bowie post (Anciant – Heroes) hit the 300.

      So Anna Calvi, who I am sure is being looked at more closely elsewhere, getting under the dozen is about right going on previous history.

      If this Depeche mode box-set had been priced at a more sensible level it would have got about half the posts it has.

    • Neil says:

      Apart from the fact i have never heard of Anna Calvi is this thread not about DM ?

  18. Dan says:

    I don’t get the people commenting here. Yes the price is extreme, but to those of you saying vinyl is pointless, and get angry when a vinyl release is announced, you’re a contradiction, vinyl is the most collectable format, you should know this.

    • RJS says:

      For a lot of people it’s more about the most convenient listening format for them, not the most collectable. Music is for listening to, not collecting!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        People like collecting… it’s part of the pleasure of owning physical items. Not exactly hard to relate to. How many people bought three 12-inch singles from an album in the 1980s and ‘had’ to buy the fourth, even if you didn’t really ‘need’ it (or even like the song!). You could say ‘stamps are for posting not collecting’ but saying it doesn’t really mean anything and isn’t going to change stamp collectors’ behaviour.

        • Mr. Happy says:

          “People like collecting… it’s part of the pleasure of owning physical items. Not exactly hard to relate to.”

          If your primary interest is in actual music itself, it’s not just hard to relate to – it’s completely impossible to take seriously on any level whatsoever.

          Don’t get me wrong, to each their own – I’m just saying.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I think you’ll find you are in the minority here, but as you say, each to their own.

        • Pete says:

          sums it up nicely :)

  19. Franco says:

    Seems like a Money grab to me… You can buy these original 12″ singles on discogs or search in your local record stores for less than the cost of the box.

  20. Annabel Lecter says:

    iTunes featured a Complete Depeche Mode compilation, back in 2006, which claimed to include everything between 1981 – 2006.

    It’s the only official release to include DMBX7 and DMBX8, the next two ‘boxes’ to further the previous six DMBX CD single sets. These two included the singles between I Feel Loved and Martyr.

    Of course, once the next album was on the cards, the collection was pulled from iTunes as it no longer contained the whole shebang.

    Naturally, I’m a firm fan of a physical format – but these digital boxes are better than nothing and at least have enabled me to keep my DM collection up to date on my portable devices.

    For what it’s worth, I like the look of these boxes. Just imagine them sat next to each other on the shelf? That said, I’ve promised myself that I will not be indulging – as I just know the price of the boxes within the multiple-format timeline won’t be easy on the pocket.

    I have so many of the originals, which I’ve taken good care of. I can already hear the flaws in my own argument, as I stare over at the three Bowie box sets for the 1969-1982 era which I had all the contents of already.

    If I was flush enough, of course I’d snap all of this up. I just know I’ll be balking at the future box price tags and particularly if they get split into separate editions for each single release.

    In closing, if you do indulge, I’m sure you’ll love these sets. Expensive, perhaps. Lovely collector’s item. Definitely.

    • memoryboy says:

      I bought that iTunes ‘Complete Depeche Mode’ years ago when it came out, mainly for the rare remixes. But it was low-quality mp3. 120kbps or something like that. Horrible. I never listen to it. It’s too bad something that “complete” wasn’t released on CD remastered. I do feel it was a waste of money. Because if the sound quality and low bit-rate.

    • Marc says:

      The itunes package isn’t complete and lower quality nowadays, the vinyl reissues incl digital download of the 12 inches in original release so 4/5 remixed unreleased tracks so far should be available for the first time as digital download with the boxes and as for the dmbx-1-6, they could release now 7,8,9 as ‘going backwards’ was depechemode”s 54th single release (9×6)

  21. c_q says:

    Really torn on this one – although at least going to the US these have a bit of a discount by removing VAT (and although not free shipping, only 4GBP so overall better). I am hoping the price goes lower before release, though of course my preorder makes it slightly less likely that will happen.

  22. Patrick says:

    The Singles Box Set is on iTunes, between £10-20 pounds

    • Daran says:

      Each box (1 – 6) or the entire collection? Wasn’t it £100 originally with iTunes exclusives?

  23. Renato says:

    How is the A Broken Frame box cover art a recreation of the original? No peasant woman, no sickle. What is the image on this box supposed to be?

  24. RJS says:

    Not far off a tenner per song!

  25. dM fan says:

    pointless and way overpriced. well done sony.

  26. Fady says:

    This is a little off topic Paul, but it would be great if you could incorporate a “like” button on your website. There are some really good comments on this thread and I reckon it would be great if the better ones could be highlighted in some ways. I appreciate this might be difficult on a site that probably takes up more time than you ever imagined. Cheers.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      An upgrade to comments with this facility is actually on the way!

      • Fady says:

        Brilliant! This great site just gets better and better. Now if only you could get Amazon to change their policy on blocking their international sites to Australia… :-).

  27. Zongadude says:

    For somone who hasn’t bought the original 12” at the time, this is a great opportunity. Especially if they re-created the orignal artwork.
    But at these prices, I can’t begin to imagine I will buy them, as much as I want them, because who knows how much the whole bunch will cost in total !

    • Paul says:

      As a big DM fan, I have most of their 12 inch singles already on vinyl, however over time these have sadly deteriorated a little as I bought them way back. It was just to hard to resist in these box sets despite the price as others have said. I’m sure the price will come down. I look forward to the future releases of these and will be interesting to see how they tackle the multiple versions released including the non album singles.

  28. HalloweenJack says:

    That price tag though… Good luck on that, Mute/Sony.

  29. Daran says:

    Says something about the state of the industry that most of the releases on SDE seem to be (coloured) vinyl now. Why not release these as CD box sets DM? The big box sets of cd singles 1 – 6 they did were a long time ago and are now very expensive and rare from my time hunting them down. I guess vinyl is the new cash cow….

    • Antony Hudson says:

      I still have my 1991singles boxsets and never realised the 7″ versions are not on the 1-3 SETS. 4-6 are unopened! SO I cannot see if the 7″ tracks are on them?

  30. Marko says:

    OK, collectors and completists, can you please explain to me why would anyone buy the same content in a different packaging? I don’t get it. “See, it’s the same album/single, but here it says Made in X country”. “It looks nice.” Who cares? There’s nothing different about the music, they’re repackaging old stuff and milking you dry with these ludicrous prices. And all this from a band who recently released “Where’s the revolution”? I loved them to bits, but they’ve turned into corporate fakers. Instead of releasing the stuff that was only released on VHS 20-30 years ago, they repackage singles in the same format without adding anything of value? I’m disgusted. Grabbing hands…

    • Dan says:

      I only own a few 12” Depeche Mode singles, they are hard to find and are usually quite expensive. I welcome these releases.

    • Antony Hudson says:

      Good point. In my experience the serious collectors will want these even if it is for slight variations in the music. A good source told me it will be the download card that will be the BIG surprise in these two boxsets.
      I bought this music on 12″ in 1981 and 1982 and can understand you.

    • memoryboy says:

      I think a collector would want to buy these even if they already have them on CD or vinyl, they might want to buy these on vinyl because they are on 12 inch vinyl, and 12 inch always sounds louder and better, more detail, you know if it’s only got a couple of tracks on it, the grooves are deeper, that’s one reason maybe, also a lot of these are out of print so I don’t know if you can’t track them down these days for lower prices online or in the used vinyl shops. This is a much needed reissue of an important part of their catalog. The remixes. It makes sense to repress these. Also vinyl is taking over. I’m not sure what it’s like in the UK market but CDs are fading out and more people are indeed buying vinyl. Also some older fans might have never had the remixes collection, or only had the singles box sets. Or perhaps the newer younger fans are interested in these to buy on vinyl. Maybe it might be nice to have these if you don’t. But I agree the price is shocking on this listing but it will go down. And a few years from now these will be out there at lower prices. But they do need to be released and in circulation. I think it’s exciting. Vinyl and streaming are the new future.

    • Dr Volume says:

      Marko this is happening because Record Companies have seen revenue plummet -initially by illegal downloads and lately by everyone switching to streaming via Youtube or whatever. They’ve no doubt been eyeing up the price of 2nd hand vinyl on Discogs and want a piece of that. They will be aware of hardcore collectors like the people who will buy every tiny variation of the same Beatles LP – tiny bits of text on the sleeve, different country of origin etc (not sure if that applies to Depeche?) and Record Store Day also shows them that people will hand over hard cash for Coloured vinyl editions of things you can get in charity shops for £1. I won’t be buying this overpriced nonsense but no doubt they’ve calculated that sufficient people will pay £60+for a box of 12″ that you could probably get in good condition for half that.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Collectors eh? What ARE they like.

        I have two vinyl versions of The Red Shoes by Kate Bush and the ONLY difference is that on the inner sleeve the top open sided cutaway, to help you get hold of the record, is on different sides. One version has it on the “Kate” side and one has it on the “Fruit” side.
        Difference in median price is £87 to £135. (Max £185 – £300)
        I am sure there are equally inane examples of why we “must have” a particular copy of something.

  31. Richard says:

    Having put them in my basket, I then wondered what the point was of spending almost £100 on some stuff that will just look nice (maybe) on a shelf. And I don’t even have all the original 12″ singles! Sigh.

  32. thewildeyedboyfromfreecloud says:

    Who really wants a flexi disc though? They sound pretty rubbish. It would have been far more appealing to reproduce the 7″ white label test pressing and get the chance to hear a superior recording of it!

  33. memoryboy says:

    Whenever I see prices like these I always assume they will go down. I think it’s too soon to know what the prices will be once released, and months down the road. I already have all these on vinyl, to be honest. But I can find this stuff easily at the local used vinyl shops here in San Francisco, California. I think it’s good they are reissuing these 12″ Remixes, but as I’ve said I do wish they were being released on CD, remastered, WITH the 7″ Versions intact, and the 7″ b-sides intact, AND all remixes included.

    So yeah, I can see why some are complaining. I think my first concern is how does the Remastering sound? Is it amazing? I mean, it could sound crappy. And so that is what I want to know first. If it sounds excellent then I am interested, and hopefully the price does go down. But then I am left wanting the 7″ singles and b-sides, and … oh dear I am never satisfied. I guess that’s how it goes for someone like myself who is Depeche Mode’s # 1 Fan.

    I am a collector. And have been collecting their stuff since 1983.

  34. Isaías says:


    By the time Video Singles Collection (3 DVDs) was released by Sony and it was said to be the starting point of a new programme reissue to the whole Depeche Mode back catalogue. I thought Sony scheduled to rerelease each of the DM albums with a deluxe treatment including the 7″ and 12″ singles plus demos, unreleased and alternate altogether. Not necessarily to be a big box but a deluxe edition which include all the era material from the albums. Now two vinyl boxes released by Mute and not by Sony. I wonder if I misunderstood the Mute/Sony deal or we (DM fans) can really wait for something worthy to come. To me this box is totally

  35. tim says:

    Ridiculously overpriced, I am amazed by the lack of backlash in the comments here for the cost vs quantity of music equation.

  36. Dave C Aus says:

    As a huge colllector from way back in the early 80’s, this might actually be the stopping point in my dm collecting. Like a lot of others, I have all the singles on vinyl, and being a collector, I have the UK and Aussie and German coloured 12”ers. I have five copies of the flexi that I have picked up over the years. Would I like these – sure would look good with the rest of my stuff. Can I afford them with the added huge postage cost to Australia – sadly no. I recently saw a second hand record store referring to dm as a “blue chip” band these days, and even rubbish condition copies of the early albums have ridiculous prices in them. As someone pointed out above, these are aimed at the Uber fans.

  37. Isaías says:

    By the time Video Singles Collection (3 DVDs) was released by Sony and it was said to be the starting point of a programme reissue to the whole back catalogue. I suppose each of the DM albums would have a deluxe treatment including the 7″ and 12″ singles plus demos, unreleased and alternate altogether. Not necessarily to be a big box but a deluxe edition which include all the era material from the albums. Now a vinyl box released by Mute and not by Sony. I wonder if I misunderstood the Mute/Sony deal or we (DM fans) can really wait for something worthy to come. To me this box is totally useless!!!!

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      The press release and DM website say this IS released by Sony who have the old Mute Records catalogue rights (not to be confused with Mute Artists, which is the label Daniel Miller presides over now). ‘Mute Records’ as such is now not really a company with staff or offices, but a set of assets for Sony to commercialise as they see fit. Their owning the old Mute Records-era heritage stuff *does* handily put all DM output, past and present, in one place.

      I don’t remember the exact wording but I do remember the Sony press release from Christmas 2016 when they put out the Video Singles Collection DVD set, and I don’t think it *quite* promised to re-release the whole back catalogue (although they well may do so in time). IIRC it said something like this was the ‘first of a series of exciting new ways to present the back catalogue’ they were planning.

      These 12″ sets look lovely, and I’ll go for them but like many others on here, the price point is about £15-20 more than I expected.

      • Blasphemous Rumour says:

        Actually Sony don’t have the rights to the old Mute Records catalogue. That is owned/controlled by BMG. Hence, their re-issues of the Erasure, Yazoo, Nick Cave catalogues etc. Sony only have the rights to the Depeche Mode catalogue which it appears that they are able to re-issue using the Mute Records logo/label name.

        • Gareth Pugh says:

          Ah good point. Yeah, I read that the appearance of the Mute ‘Walking Man’ logo on Delta Machine and Spirit (and related singles) is due to a sort-of gentleman’s agreement between Sony and Daniel Miller for ‘old time’s sake’ with the band (and he still acts as ‘A&R consultant’ so I’ve read re. makes suggestions on mixes etc.)

  38. -SG- says:

    I bought all of these originally on vinyl. The sound of the originals is fuller and was analogue. Despite the cleaner sound, the singles box sets did not have the life sound that the original vinyl has. Oberkorn is a good example, when I finally got it on CD I was so excited, but found my record sounded more alive. What can you do? Vinyl is not for everyone. So now, these will likely be digital transfers, but who knows. I imagine these will sell well despite the premium price, but you may be able to get good copies of the originals for a similar price, on colored vinyl no less, but this set will be much simpler to get or give as a gift. There are plenty of fans who will get this who have not had access to the originals, I don’t need this, but it looks nice. If they unearthed some rarities, I think they would sell more. There was supposedly an alternate 12″ mix of dreaming of me that ran about 7 minutes but never got released, this would have been a good place for that, as well as a non flexi (red vinyl) of the flexipop single, but it looks like they have a theme, who knows, If they are not careful, these boxes will get bigger and bigger.

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      I will be very interested to see what they do when the series reaches the point when they began to release (second) limited edition remix 12″ formats – initially with Live tracks and then moving into alternative mixes vs. the standard ‘extended’ 12″ editions. Will they include replicas of these in the future boxes, and if so, will they be as standalone discs with reproduction sleeves, or will they just include (for example) one disc/one sleeve formats but cram the content of both the ’12BongXX’ and ‘L12BongXX’ formats onto it at 33rpm? OR will they ignore the remix 12″ singles and just stick to reproductions of the standard formats? The proving point will come with the third box (Construction Time Again era) where the ‘L12’ format kicked in.

      • Gareth Pugh says:

        Oops, should have read your original post a bit more carefully Paul, as you make exactly the same point! Sorry! My guess is like yours, I would anticipate we’d get all the commercial 12″ formats as separate discs with their own reproduction sleeves. That *would* make the Violator box a whopping 9 discs (4 singles, and Enjoy the Silence ran to 3 separate 12″ releases)…

        • Simon says:

          I hope they include the uk promo 12’s from the Ulta/Exciter era’s lots of rare remixes,some still not on any other format.

  39. Yves says:

    To gregory c schalla: The original flexi-disc is a 33 rpm single-sided record. The first track is the alternate version of I Sometimes wish I Was Dead, the second one is a remix of Fad Gadget’s King Of The Flies. The reissue will be a ‘facsimile reproduction’ . Interesting, yes, but still overpriced, as you can find the original flexi-disc on second-hand market for £8. And there is one reason among others why there are so much re-issues: second-hand sellings don’t fill records companies’ pockets!!!!

  40. xymox970 says:

    These early (81-82) singles / maxis are quite interesting, but certainly nowhere near such classics like the ones from the 85-86, when every released 12″ was a real winner – my favorite from that golden period being Shake The Disease / Flexible 12″. It will be interesting to see how these (when released) will be priced. If, at some point in time, these upcoming sets come even close to the asking price of the used single 12″s combined, in at least VG+/NM condition from that period, that would then, for me, be an interesting offer to consider purchasing.

  41. Mark says:

    A Broken Frame boxset is now down to £46.69 on Amazon.

  42. Rotem says:

    Beside the ridiculously over-price, the Some Bizzare version of “Photographic” is missing on this release. Do the merchandise people actually thing that fans will re-buy these singles, just because of an early 2 minutes Flexi disc version of an album song and a new designed box?

    As for 180 grams vinyl bullshit – It is just heavier and take more storing space, and makes the post shipping more expansive, while the old 120 grams pressing sound perfect!

    #Recycle #Avoid

  43. Iva Ugewon says:

    Glad most of the comments are on the ridiculous price for these box sets, £20 would be more appropriate, for £50-60 I’d expect 180g vinyl with immaculate reproduction of the artwork and I doubt that’s what we’ll be getting! Let’s hope Sony come to their senses and half the price on these!

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Well, the Sony press release/news story on DM’s official site says that these sets are BOTH those things (180gm audiophile and faithful reproduction artwork) so let’s see what arrives in August.

      But I agree, I’d have thought £30 would have been a more realistic price-point, at least for these earlier releases. Once you get to later albums, remix 12″ formats, a sold-as-two-records release, the occasional gatefold and even one release that came in a custom-printed blue PVC outer sleeve heat-sealed on all 4 sides, come into play and I’d expect they might cost more.

  44. memoryboy says:

    I will want these vinyl 12″ singles for sure, but would not mind if it were released on CD. Actually I would prefer it on CD to be honest.

    The Singles Box sets released on CD from 1991 need to be remastered. They re-released them and did not remaster them (1981 – 1986 singles)

    I don’t have time to edit the spelling on this.

    I was just having another listen to Depeche Mode’s ‘Spirit’ album earlier this week. It really is one of their best. And I went back and looked over their past few albums and here is what I found:

    1. ‘Playing The Angel’ from 2005 was really their last “Big” album. Meaning it has a real hit single on it (“Precious”) and some other great singles. It’s an excellent album and right up there with some of their best.

    2. ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ (2009) had some great singles imo, with ‘Wrong’ and ‘Peace’ and ‘Fragile Tension’ being very string singles. But the album did not really have any big Hit Single on it. I do think this album suffered from a poor track listing, the order of the songs were not sequenced very well. Starting the album off with ‘In Chains’ was fine, but to follow it with ‘Hole To Feed’ was a mistake, and they could have left that song off and put it on the Box Set disc with the other extras. I did not think ‘Hole To Feed’ was single material, to be honest. It’s still a good song. But not Single Material. Also, ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ is too long. Too many songs. And that takes away from the whole listening experience. Also, I hate what they did to the last track ‘Corrupt’, with the “mystery” track at the end. That shit irritates the hell out of me. I always felt that ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ as an album did not flow very well and started off kind of slow, with not much spark. Maybe adding ‘Wrong’ as the first or second track might have made it better. It’s not a bad album, it’s just not sequenced very well.

    3. ‘Delta Machine’ from 2013 is a good album I think. But it lacks any real decent singles. Their choice in singles for this album are awful. ‘Heaven’ is an excellent song and makes a great single. But they lost momentum perhaps when they released this as the first single. I always thought the big hit off this album was in ‘Angel’. They should have made that the first single, imo. It’s great and memorable. I can not stand ‘Soothe My Soul’ as a single. I like the song, but never thought it was good enough to be a single. Same with ‘Should Be Higher’. Those two songs are not memorable enough to be singles I think. I really can’t stand the single version of ‘Should Be Higher’. Horrible. The album version is much better. I prefer the single version of ‘Soothe My Soul’ over the album version. My picks for singles that should have been for this album are ‘Angel’, ‘Alone’, ‘Secret To The End’, ‘Heaven’ and the album version of ‘Should Be Higher’. I think the problem with ‘Delta Machine’ is that although it’s a good album, flows well and has some great songs on it, it also lacks any real good singles. Nothing really memorable. I loved this album when it came out, but was disappointed to see as time went on what they released as singles.

    4. ‘Spirit’ from 2017 is an excellent album. A return to form and has what I think to be a great, epic single in ‘Where’s The Revolution’, with it’s classic Depeche sound. But I think the choices in singles after that were not the best choices. I’m not big on ‘Going Backwards’. It’s a good song, and political in nature, but as a single it’s not the best choice. But I do love the remixes for that single. I did think that ‘Cover Me’ was a great choice for a single, but I think the album has a number of great songs that could have made better singles, such as ‘Poison Heart’, ‘So Much Love’, ‘Scum’… I really do think that ‘Spirit’ is an excellent album, it flows well and has a decent single (‘Where’s The Revolution’) as well as ‘Cover Me’. But they could have released even more great singles off this album. I don’t think ‘Spirit’ is quite up there with ‘Playing The Angel’ but it’s a great album. I think that ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ and ‘Delta Machine’ are good in their oen respects but they both have their problems.
    I like ‘Excited’from 2001 and some of the songs off that album are excellent. With some memorable singles. But it’s not an album I put on often. ‘Ultra’ from 1997 is another classic DM album that is right up there with their best.

    I guess I just wanted to write about what of the newer Depeche Mode albums I think are good and what ones are lacking. In the end I like or love them all for various reasons, but ‘Playing The Angel’ and ‘Spirit’ are the best since ‘Ultra’… but the ones that are lacking still have some amazing songs and should not be over looked.

    For the people complaining about Depeche Mode’s newer releases, you get excited about older bands re-releasing their older albums, but you can’t find anything to appreciate in Depeche Mode’s albums released in the past fifteen years? I find that strange. Perhaps you are not really listening and enjoy complaining. I mean, you have the right to your opinion, but I disagree that their output from 2005 and onwards has been terrible. It’s just not true.
    re: these vinyl 12″ singles being released on vinyl.

    Compact Discs are over. Yes you can still buy them. But they are slowly being phased out. Vinyl did not just make a comeback, vinyl is here to stay. Possible permanently. I think we have realized the sound is superior and although I think digital will still be around (CD’s in some form, and mp3’s) I think that Streaming and Vinyl will be the new norm. So it’s best to accept and get use to it. CD’s will at some point maybe no longer be offered. It will be interesting to see what happens. My question is: if somebody likes to collect music and not stream it, if they are buying vinyl how do they take their music with them out walking, to the gym, to work, in the car? If you aren’t in to streaming then I think mp3’s might still be useful. And therefore CD’s also would make sense…. I guess we will have to just wait and see what happens….

    I still have my turntable I bought back in 2004, I bought it for $1,000.00 and I am so glad I still have it. And I still have my vinyl collection in storage. So I’m glad to continue collecting vinyl. But I always transfer my vinyl over to CD or mp3, because I like to take it with me, and it sounds great. Vinyl transferred to digital sound pretty good to me.

    • Neil says:

      I’m quite sure we have had this conversation before but i am one of those who have hated their album output since Ultra. I thought Exciter was dreadful and then the big problem started with Playing The Angel which was so horribly mastered it was hard to tell whether that was a good album or not and the rest of the albums they have released since then have just left me cold and i have listened to them. They need to address their back catalogue again as those remasters they released sounded no better than the original albums and reissuing the first 3 single box sets and not remastering them was very strange as the other box sets were remastered. I wish vinyl had stayed dead as it’s just another excuse to rip people off.

  45. negative1 says:

    i’m a huge fan of depeche mode. but at this price point i will wait awhile
    until they come down before getting them.

    other than that, nice packaging.


  46. Bridge says:

    I have all the original 12″s from the beginning, but because I’m a huge fan and a completest, I’ll probably grab these…when the price comes down to earth that is.

  47. gregory c schalla says:

    So, the real question is: With regard to the flexi…..will the 7″ b-side really be the Fad Gadget King of the Flies??? If so, that makes the whole re-issue a much better, more interestiung kettle of fish!!!! Anyone have the answer to that query??????

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Yes – from the band’s official site:

      ‘Speak & Spell | The 12″ Singles contains a facsimile reproduction of the rare FlexiPop flexi-disc “Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead” & “King of the Flies” (the Fad Gadget track as on the original release)’

      .. so you are in luck!

  48. Antony Elia says:

    I’ve been a fan since the very early days, but they haven’t done a decent album for over 20 years.I think they are quite irrelevant now. Shame really. Saying that, as long as they hit the £25-30 price point, I will buy up to Ultra.

  49. Benjamin Adams says:

    That pricing is redonkulous compared to what Sisters of Mercy was able to do with their LP + 12″ boxsets.

  50. Kevin M says:

    I saw a See You 12” for £1 in South London recently.

  51. stahlnetz says:

    Give us the demos, the unreleased songs, versions and mixes. This is too expensive and too nonsense.

  52. François says:

    I’m a big DM fan and if the sound is half as goood as the sound on the Vinyl 12″ remixes of the latest album’s singles, I’m totally in.
    Only comment here : please stop working with Corbjin !! Try a renewal, a rebirth, anything but stop with Anton, he’s dried out of good ideas. Last great cover was Exiter’s. It was unexpected, and intriguing. After that, it has been a succesion of unjnspired collages and “pochoirs”.

    • P. E. says:

      I’m so in agreement with you about AC’s artwork. I find it atrocious. I feel embarrassed for them that their work is represented in such dull artworks. Why DM still use him is beyond me. They really should look for someone else.

  53. Jason Schafer says:

    People who say DM’s output of the last 10 years is mediocre–Well, that’s your opinion, I suppose, but some people do actually like what they’ve been up to. If the price is too high on these, just wait and they’ll be forced to lower them at some point. You can get U2’s most recent album places online for less than half of what it was originally priced so…

    • Svetoslav says:

      U2s work for the last twenty years is amalgamut of mediocrity (shall I use the better description “shit”!), so thanks for that proposal !
      Depeche More are a different league.

  54. Lorenzo says:

    Please,will they let me buy the empty boxes only? Ha!

  55. martin farnworth says:

    absurd pricing and dull releases. underwhelming artwork that keeps in line with recent album releases. these appear to be designed with the completist in mind- a fair few of the DM fanbase i suppose. Audiophile quality is good (though expected) but these early synth pop ditties don’t really demand it. Truthfully i’m not a huge fan of their early work even if it’s stood the test of time fairly well.

    Some things already mentioned like singles box sets would be more worthwhile. Or how about a superdeluxe’s of Black Celebration and Violator.

  56. Jan says:

    The edit on the flexi has never come out on CD, so that’s interesting.

  57. Wayne Olsen says:

    I have to echo everyone else. Are they crazy with that price? Who do they think they are? Roxy Music?

  58. elliott buckingham says:

    well overpriced these make the fgth record store day boxset seem like a bargain

  59. paul griffiths says:

    far too expensive for re-issued vinyl…with nothing extra on them……..anyway when are the “official” releases for the spirit tour…..dvd,blu-ray,cd etc,live vinyl would be 101

  60. Yves says:

    Hi Paul,
    Do you know if the versions of Dreaming Of Me / Ice Machine are the ones with the cold end? It would be the only interesting thing for me (as many others too) as I already own the other records, including the flexi disc. And the price is too high indeed.

    Thanks a lot for your site, it is always a pleasure to look at the news from time to time!

  61. Martin Power says:

    Gawd these bring back memories and was click happy right up to the price – I much like many others above will either hang on for a deal or reduction. I think for these £25-30 would be ok

  62. Craig says:

    To pick up on Marcel’s comment – “this vinyl obsession is getting out of hand” – I really see it from both sides.

    From the fan’s perspective, it’s something “new” from a favorite band to replace the old vinyl you may have that is worn out, etc. Some also prefer the sound to CD/Stream. And for many it’s nice just to flip through some records again rather than doing a search for a song on a PC or phone.

    From the artist/record company side, vinyl is really the only physical product that is showing a lot of life right now. Where do you even buy CD’s now? Best Buy is phasing them out of the stores in US and Target and Walmart will no doubt follow. And they only carry the “big titles” now anyway. So unless you have a cool local CD/Record store, you probably just log on to Amazon and click away. But here is the other thing. How many DM fans would buy this if it was a CD set? We already have all this stuff several times over. Vinyl might get superfans to bite and also the people getting into/back into vinyl.

    I don’t miss the pops and clicks of warped/scratched/dirty vinyl. I don’t miss lugging 8 milk crates of records around to DJ gigs I used to do. But I do miss going to Tower Records or the cool independent shops in Hollywood with all the import records and just hanging out and flipping through all the records, looking for cool covers and new music. This is something my children will never really get to experience as they are all Apple Music now.

    So to end this babbling post, I get why all the new releases seem to be vinyl now. But I would still like good deluxe remastered CD box sets of my favorite artists (Seeds of Love anyone???).

    And sadly, my advice is to buy up those deluxe boxes while you can; there is going to come a time where they just won’t be released anymore.

    • Dave Vachon says:

      I buy tons of CDs from Amazon and Amazon re-sellers all the time. No issue with selection whatsoever. (Not a plug for Amazon, just relaying my personal experience)

  63. Brian says:

    Dreaming of Me wasn’t on the original 1981 version of Speak and Spell.

    Although it was added to the 1984 German CD

    • colinthebruce says:

      Do you know for all these years I’d never realised that! Really! I had to dig out my Speak and Spell there to check, and you’re right! Laughing away at myself. (Still to parting with the cash but think I’ll pop out and get the originals from a second hand local shop and an extra Speak and spell and broken frame and cobble up a box. Will post a link when done, with a price comparison…

  64. Paul says:

    Good to know they are planning later releases in this series. I’m tempted to wait until ‘Violator’ and ‘Songs of ..’, but, will I be kicking myself if I didn’t complete the set by not buying these.
    They’ve got me!

    • Antony Hudson says:

      The Violator and SOFAD boxsets will probably consist of a download card WAV files apperantly, and more vinyls than the first two boxset releases. From a good source named Daniel Barassi.

  65. Steve says:

    Assuming all the non- studio album singles too like Get The Balance Right , Shake The Disease , It’s Called A Heart etc etc will be included. Agree price is high and nothing new as I have everything officially released but the boxes and artwork will be nice.

  66. Steve curtis says:

    A broken frame pack has less content and is £10+ more expensive?!? I’m so torn on this. I buy everything DM and it’s only the Flexi disc that I don’t own… but look at the lovely packaging… I guess a few beers later will have me ordering

  67. colinthebruce says:

    Goodness – was all set to order…then I saw the price. Absolutely ridiculous. taking the p….

    Ive still got that flexi disc and plays fine – I always thought it was a better version of I Sometimes wish i was dead than what ended up on the album.

    Will wait till its cheaper. (Don’t these marketing guys work out they’d sell more if cheaper?)

  68. David Carter says:

    I am a massive Depeche Mode fan and would love these but not at that price, £25 quid would be acceptable, Just.

  69. Ade Swatridge says:

    How much???!! I’m out. Ridiculous.

  70. geri184 says:

    Terrible price. I own new Mute releases from 90s and price was 3.99 £ for one. It is 12 £
    for one album..little bit expensive box set with poster :-) … 50 £
    Thank you…
    Depeche Mode must release some box with rarities like US 12″ mixes on CD (Behind The Wheel, Strangelove, It’s Called a Heart etc.
    We everything know that still exist many remixes what exist only on 12″.

  71. Jon says:

    THat flexi introduced me to Fad Gadget – I dropped DM after A Broken Frame, but stuck with Fad aka Frank Tovey till the end. Still got the flexi too!

  72. Mikael says:

    Dreaming Of Me was never issued as a 12″ before.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I guess you haven’t read the post then, where I specifically mention that point. As a general rule, quite good to do that before making a comment, so it’s not superfluous.

      • Robbie says:

        Dreaming of Me should not be included in this box. It can’t be a recreation of the original release since it wasn’t a 12″. Even though the box would be Kind of incomplete they should have either left out this single or included it as a 7″ with an Explanation why this is not a 12″. The flexi is included as a 7″, so why not Dreaming of me?
        It may come across as nitpicking but if you want to release a historically correct product you should not make up things that weren’t there in the first place.

  73. Chandler says:

    Nice to see the Flexipop disc being reissued, but I’ll pass with that price I have all the cd boxsets and I’m happy with the sound on those.

  74. Billyuk says:

    I agree, while i love the concept, the pricing is truly ridiculous. I wouldn’t be prepared to spend more than £25 and that’s being generous

  75. daveid76 says:

    Some bands just can’t get enough. How about releasing a new studio album occasionally boys?

    • Tim-meh says:

      Like the one they put out last year?

      • Poopoo pants says:

        Yeah, but much like most of the bands output in the last 10 years, it’s mediocre at best.

        • kook says:

          I might have agreed with that comment a couple of years ago but I really think ‘Spirit’ is pretty decent – not up there with ‘Violator’ but then few albums are.

        • blutroniq says:

          I thought so too until I took note of the lyrics and re-listened to it a couple more times. I’m not much of a lyrics guy, but the stand they’re taking against all the BS in the world today was surprising and refreshing. More bands need to do the same.

      • daveid76 says:

        One album of weak filler every four years is hardly a sign of creative vigour is it?

  76. David Collie says:

    While this looks nice. CD Singles Box Sets 7-9 would have been more appreciated.

  77. Christian says:

    Should’ve better continued the Singles Boxes (> 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, …).

  78. Matt S says:

    Seems pretty pricey for a bunch of 12″s.

  79. Marcel Rijs says:

    What is the point, I wonder? Depeche Mode fans all have these 12″ singles I would think, and they are still available on record fairs and several websites. I would prefer Mute to finish off their CD-singles box sets series, because the six I have now are left incomplete.
    Honestly, this vinyl obsession is getting out of hand.

  80. Mark says:

    I would love these but the price is outrageous!

    • Matthew Langhorn says:

      I was just thinking that, I love DM but I can’t justify that outlay
      (written at 16:39 on 15.06.2018…………..just so you can all quote me in about a week when I order them!)

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