Depeche Mode / Cover Me CD single

At the end of August SDE mentioned that the third single from Depeche Mode‘s Spirit album would be Cover Me. At that time you could pre-order a 2 x 12-inch vinyl single, but now 8-track CD single is available for pre-order.

Like the vinyl, this includes seven versions of Cover Me and a remix of So Much Love. Presumably, they are identical.

Both the vinyl and CD versions of Cover Me are released on 6 October 2017.

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Depeche Mode

cover me - CD single


Compare prices and pre-order

Depeche Mode

cover me - double 12-inch vinyl


12-inch #1
1. Cover Me (Ellen Allien Remix)
2. Cover Me (I Hate Models Cold Lights Remix)
3. Cover Me (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
4. So Much Love (Kalli Remix)

12-inch #2
1. Cover Me (Erol Alkan V1.2)
2. Cover Me (Texas Gentlemen Remix)
3. Cover Me (Warpaint Steez Remix)
4. Cover Me (Josh T. Pearson Choose Hellth Remix)

CD Single

1. Cover Me
2. Cover Me
3. Cover Me
4. Cover Me
5. Cover Me
6. Cover Me
7. Cover Me
8. So Much Love


28 responses to Depeche Mode / Cover Me CD single

  1. Nigel D Day says:

    Quote. The fans that were with them from the early days will only like their early work. Unquote.

    Well, that’s not how it’s gone for me ! I’ve been a fan since I bought the Some Bizarre album back in ’81, and have stuck with them ever since. And I’d rather listen to Delta Machine than CTA or SGR or even SOFAD ! I don’t dislike Spirit either.

    The only album of theirs I’m not too keen on is Sounds of the Universe.

  2. memoryboy says:

    I can’t wait for these remixes. I feel that Depeche Mode are still releasing great remixes of their new singles. Loved the remixes for “Going Backwards”

  3. TomDM says:


    “Depeche Mode today released the video for “Cover Me”, the next focus track from their latest studio album ‘Spirit’. Directed by longtime creative collaborator, Dutch photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn, “Cover Me” features a pensive Dave Gahan, dressed in astronaut attire, restlessly wandering through an empty Los Angeles and visibly longing for his past life as an astronaut in space. Shot in black and white with heavily contrasted light and shadow, the video is as moody as the song itself.”

  4. TomDM says:


    CD Product without
    05.Cover Me (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
    09.Cover Me (I Hate Models Cold Lights Remix)

    2LP Product without
    01.Cover Me (Radio Edit)
    06.Cover Me (Ben Pearce Remix)

    Digital Product:
    01.Cover Me (Radio Edit)
    02.Cover Me (Warpaint Steez Remix)
    03.Cover Me (Josh T. Pearson Choose Hellth Remix)
    04.Cover Me (Ellen Allien U.F.O. RMX)
    05.Cover Me (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
    06.Cover Me (Ben Pearce Remix)
    07.Cover Me (Texas Gentlemen Remix)
    08.Cover Me (Erol Alkan White Light Rework)
    09.Cover Me (I Hate Models Cold Lights Remix)
    10.So Much Love (Kalli Remix)

    CD Product:
    01.Cover Me (Radio Edit)
    02.Cover Me (Warpaint Steez Remix)
    08.Cover Me (Erol Alkan Black Out Rework)
    07.Cover Me (Texas Gentlemen Remix)
    04.Cover Me (Ellen Allien U.F.O. RMX)
    06.Cover Me (Ben Pearce Remix)
    03.Cover Me (Josh T. Pearson Choose Hellth Remix)
    10.So Much Love (Kalli Remix)

    Vinyl Product:
    DISC 1 – Side A
    04.Cover Me (Ellen Allien U.F.O. RMX)
    09.Cover Me (I Hate Models Cold Lights Remix)
    DISC 1 – Side B
    05.Cover Me (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
    10.So Much Love (Kalli Remix)
    DISC 2 – Side A
    08.Cover Me (Erol Alkan White Light Rework)
    07.Cover Me (Texas Gentlemen Remix)
    DISC 2 -Side B
    02.Cover Me (Warpaint Steez Remix)
    03.Cover Me (Josh T. Pearson Choose Hellth Remix)

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  6. Jon Lorenz says:

    For all of their singles output post “Playing the Angel,” I feel like there will always be one remix that is better than the original – one that gets what makes a DM single great better than the band itself. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking of : Heaven (Owlie Remix), Poison Heart (Soulsavers Remix), Should Be Higher (MAPS, Jim Jones Revue, & Little Vampire Remix), Soothe My Soul (All remixes), Fragile/ Hole to Feed, etc.

  7. Neil says:

    I wonder if people feel like i do regarding these mixes in the sense that you know they will be crap before you even listen to them. I suppose it’s quite sad when you are stuck in the past but i always looked forward to new DM singles to get mixes you just knew were going to be good especially all the mixes of the singles from Violator.

  8. Steven says:

    It’s a good album but hardly anyone here in the US except for long time fans even know it exists. If it weren’t for sites like Paul’s I’d miss everything worth picking up. Such is the state of the music business in the US.

  9. frank seifert says:

    Third single from “Spirit”? Which one was the second?

  10. Marcel Rijs says:

    Very glad that Depeche Mode are still releasing CD-singles like any decent artist should. I’m very disappointed when bands like A-ha, OMD and others think they please their fans by releasing only ‘digital singles’. Even if CD-singles are not the commercially viable products they used to be there is still some fun to be had by both artist and fan if they were released on a limited ‘made to order’ basis. It shouldn’t be that hard in these days of pre-ordering and Pledge Music thingys.

  11. smorrissey says:

    Its ok to differ i respect that however the best work of this band was done when Wilder was part of it an that includes BC, MFTM, Violator and SoFaD and thats not my personal opinion but a fact.
    Personally i think Ultra, Exciter and Playing the Angel are good albums (not great) but thats all.
    Bring Alans back is a funny comment that some people use to show their dissatisfaction with recent mediocre Depeches works however we all know the problem is not bringing Alans back the problem is Alan refusing to come back to this band at all.

    I consider Spirit one of their worst works and releasing singles from this album are just for pleasing all time collectors but thats all. Lazy singles when all the songs are remixes done by third people.

  12. Mart Chart says:

    Not that this necessarily means that much anymore, I realize, but still. A while ago I was looking at the chart positions for the album, and as far as I can tell, in the US, it entered at 5, and two weeks later was out of the top 200 completely. That’s R.E.M territory, boys. And from what I can tell, the only place they still seem to have moderate staying power left is in (most but not all of) central Europe. They only managed 6 weeks in the UK top 100.

    Anyway – I guess I bring this up because – even though, as I say, I realize that we now live in a different world than many of us can remember – based on all that, the question still occurs to me – is there an actual point in an 8 track single, months after those kind of returns on the album?

  13. Dylan says:

    Depeche Mode got better after Alan Wilder left, imo

    • Aevion says:

      I agree, and I don’t think much would be achieved by bringing him back. Personally I feel that “Spirit” is up there with their best, and while I feel that some of the B-sides from the Ben Hillier albums should’ve been on the albums, the output in general was quite solid. While it might be nice if he returns, I don’t really see the point.

    • Neil says:

      Sorry but you are way of the mark with that comment. After Wilder left they had one pretty good album Ultra and the standalone single Only When I lose Myself but since then apart from maybe a couple of singles their output has been terrible as far as albums go.

    • The fans that were with them from the early days will only like their early work. True after Alan left they went downhill and used different producer’s on every album to try find someone as good as him and they haven’t. Precious was there last good album after Alan. Martin won’t take him back. I’d love them to do an album with Alan and Vince Clarke back. Only the new fans will like their last few albums. I’m a fan since the early days and haven’t bought their last 3 albums, they should retire.

      • Willard says:

        I agree, and find that their best work was between Some Great Reward and Violator, with some inspired moments since.

        But I just saw them play a rocking and well-received set in a packed Bell Centre in Montreal. If they’re happy making music and touring they should continue to do so. If you’re unhappy with their output, you should continue to not buy their music or go to shows.

        “They should retire”? Really? Why? Would you?

      • martin says:

        Precious wasnt an album,it was a single ,Spirit is excellent ,Delta Machine was good only SOTU in my opinion was poor .Irrespective of album sales ,the are racking it in on tour $50 million so far ,so they are doing something right and good luck to them i say

      • Antony Hudson says:

        Precious was a single not an album.
        DELTA MACHINE #2 UK chart.
        David Bowie kept it off the top exactly like he did to Depeche Mode’s “VIOLATOR” in 1990. Probably up there as their best album but not my favourite!!

  14. Mikey-D says:

    Paul game you heard any news about them releasing new single box sets? There should be enough singles now for volumes 7, 8 and 9 at least.

  15. Dylan says:

    Great news!

  16. Pascal says:

    The seven versions of Cover Me are all identical?!? ;-)

  17. Dom says:

    Isn’t it an 8 tracker ? Good news though. Great they’re still releasing physical singles

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