Depeche Mode / Songs Of Faith And Devotion: The 12″ Singles box

Eight 12-inch singles in the latest box

Sony continue with their Depeche Mode 12-inch box sets with Songs of Faith And Devotion: The 12″ Singles, an eight record set due for release in October.

This numbered limited edition follows the pattern of previous sets, although is relatively straightforward in that it replicates the two 12-inch singles originally offered in the UK for each of the four single releases: ‘I Feel You’, ‘Walking In My Shoes’, ‘Condemnation’ and ‘In Your Room’. So no promo vinyl or ‘third’ 12-inch singles this time around.

Songs of Faith and Devotion: The 12″ Singles (click image to enlarge)

These 12-inches are largely full of remixes, B-sides and remixes-of-B-sides, but ‘Condemnation’ and ‘In Your Room’ both have ‘live’ singles (L12BONG23 and L12BONG24 respectively).

As usual, this comes with a poster, download and the packaging of the physical singles is faithfully reproduced.

Songs of Faith and Devotion: The 12″ Singles box set will be issued on 30 October 2020, via SonyMusic CMG.

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Depeche Mode

Songs Of Faith And Devotion - The 12" Singles [VINYL]


Songs Of Faith And Devotion | The 12″ Singles contains:

  • I Feel You (12BONG21)
  • I Feel You – Remix (L12BONG21)
  • Walking In My Shoes (12BONG22)
  • Walking In My Shoes – Remix (L12BONG22)
  • Condemnation (12BONG23)
  • Condemnation – Live (L12BONG23)
  • In Your Room (12BONG24)
  • In Your Room – Live (L12BONG24)

I Feel You (12BONG21):

  1. I Feel You (Throb Mix)
  2. I Feel You (Seven Inch Mix)
  3. I Feel You (Babylon Mix)
  4. One Caress

I Feel You – Remix (L12BONG21):

  1. I Feel You (Life’s Too Short Mix)
  2. I Feel You (Swamp Mix)
  3. I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix)
  4. I Feel You (Helmet At The Helm Mix)

Walking In My Shoes (12BONG22):

  1. Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix)
  2. Walking In My Shoes (Seven Inch Mix)
  3. My Joy (Seven Inch Mix)
  4. My Joy (Slow Slide Mix)

Walking In My Shoes – Remix (L12BONG22):

  1. Walking In My Shoes (Extended Twelve Inch Mix)
  2. Walking In My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix)
  3. Walking In My Shoes (Anandamidic Mix)
  4. Walking In My Shoes (Ambient Whale Mix)

Condemnation (12BONG23):

  1. Condemnation (Paris Mix)
  2. Death’s Door (Jazz Mix)
  3. Rush (Spiritual Guidance Mix)
  4. Rush (Amylnitrate Mix – Instrumental)
  5. Rush (Wild Planet Mix – Vocal)

Condemnation – Live (L12BONG23):

  1. Condemnation (Live)
  2. Personal Jesus (Live)
  3. Enjoy The Silence (Live)
  4. Halo (Live)

In Your Room (12BONG24):

  1. In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)
  2. In Your Room (Apex Mix)
  3. In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix)
  4. Higher Love (Adrenaline Mix)
  5. In Your Room (Extended Zephyr Mix)

In Your Room – Live (L12BONG24):

  1. In Your Room (Live)
  2. Policy of Truth (Live)
  3. World In My Eyes (Live)
  4. Fly On The Windscreen (Live)
  5. Never Let Me Down Again (Live)
  6. Death’s Door (Live)

62 responses to Depeche Mode / Songs Of Faith And Devotion: The 12″ Singles box

  1. Shaun says:

    Just got a set in the USA with many badly warped discs and “Condemnation” seems to be an off-center pressing. So sad. Where’s quality control these days?

  2. Neil Lorentzen says:

    Is anyone else having a problem with the digital downloads that come with this? Mine downloads, but when I try to unzip the file it doesn’t work. I tried it on both my home Mac and my work Mac and have the same problem. I reached out to Rhino to see what the problem is. All my other set downloads have worked perfectly.

    • Oscar says:

      Same thing happened to me. The way I solved was downloading WinZip. There’s a trial of 40+ days. Hope it helps.

    • Mark K says:

      I had the same problem on Mac too. I downloaded The Unarchiver from the App Store and it unzipped it no problem.

  3. Stephen says:

    Preorder arrived yesterday form amazon and yet again another damaged item. The box and the first three record sleeves. Contact amazon to arrange for replacement and they don’t have any, but it’s ok they tell me, I can buy a used one from a listed seller for £75 more than I paid for it?!? Could tell it didn’t happen in transit as the outer box was intact. Told them to leave it, I’d leave a review including pictures and all of a sudden they were a lot more helpful and part refunded me. Disappointed with the damage but happy with the product, like the other boxes it’s been done really well and sounds amazing

  4. Francois says:

    Just a thought after receivibg the SOFAD box. The rights are owned by SONY now, are they not?
    Does this mean the series go up to Spirit or would they stop at Exciter like they did for the deluxe reissues a while ago (i.e the mute albums before playing.. )?

  5. Dan says:

    I’m glad I ordered this when I did as it sold out, I’m wondering if they’ve reduced the pressing numbers as it seems bizarre this one sold out but Music for the Masses is still available? Violator understandably sold out, but as others have mentioned, there’s not much exclusive content in this one.
    I’ve also noticed Black Celebration has sold out.

  6. Mark R says:

    Overpriced but the live versions are indeed ace. WIME, ETS and IYN especially.

  7. eric slangen says:

    Just noticed that most off the sites are already sold out on Pre-orders!!! Or are very expensive. Look at the Violator prices!!!
    So if you want one be quick.

  8. Beechlander says:

    Black Celebration 12inch box is now down to £45 on Amazon. The SOFAD box already sold out quickly joining Violator.

  9. Chris says:

    Well wouldn’t this make a lovely 10 LP boxset once the album ones are done – all the currently missing (and presumed will also be missing) UK 12″ singles inexplicably being ignored by that BRAT fool and/or whoever else is compiling these things:

    1985 – Shake the Disease 1
    1985 – Shake the Disease 2
    1985 – It’s Called a Heart
    1985 – It’s Called a Heart / Fly on the Windscreen
    1989 – Everything Counts (Live) 1
    1989 – Everything Counts (Live) 2
    1989 – Everything Counts (Live) 10″ upscaled to 12″ format
    1998 – Only When I Lose Myself 1
    1998 – Only When I Lose Myself 2
    2006 – Martyr

    Call it “Depeche Mode – 1985 to 2006 | The Non-Album 12″ Singles” and let’s finish this series on a high note.

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Chris, I’d really like it if they followed your suggestion. What they *could* do if we want to be very completist is add the 3 x commercial 12” singles of Enjoy The Silence 2004 and the one 12” of Personal Jesus 2011, and maybe the L12 double 12” format of Martyr which collected new mixes of a bunch of career-spanning singles (the latter weren’t great mixes to be honest but hey). If they add those, maybe split it into 2 box sets.

      • Chris says:

        Gareth, yeah, not a bad idea either. Though they’d also have to add the 3 promo versions of ETS04 since each one featured bunches of stand alone remixes, bringing it to another 10 LP total set. It could even just be called “Depeche Mode – The Remixes 04-11 | The 12″ Singles” since they were all spawned from those sets. But honestly, I could live without something like that since it’s just 98% of (imo) pretty terrible remixes mixed in with a couple good ones.

        The real pipe dream one for me would be a set consisting of the exclusive US/North American 12″ singles…

        1984 – Master and Servant (Black & Blue)
        1985 – It’s Called a Heart
        1986 – But Not Tonight
        1987 – Behind the Wheel / Route 66 Megamix
        1987 – Behind the Wheel (Extended Remix) Promo
        1988 – Strangelove ’88

        …but I know there is no hope in hell for something like that, unfortunately.

    • Steve Williams says:

      I’d love those also and I’m sure they’ll round them up Chris. I think you’re being unfair to the ‘Brat fool’ as you call him, as he has very little control over what’s released, he tries to get extra stuff in there, like the Flexi disc and the World In My Eyes Promo, but he’s just making sure the audio is the best quality it can be. Blame Sony and Depeche Mode for how stuff is released.
      What I really like in the Exiter box is the 3x Promo 12″s for each of the singles or the U.S 2×12″
      The official UK 12″ releases were a bit sparse.

      • Chris says:

        Steve, well I’ll respectfully (and emphatically) disagree about Daniel/Brat given who he is as a person and how he conducts himself, but I’ll leave it there. :)

        Good call on those promo versions of I Feel Loved, Dream On and Freelove – I completely forgot they even existed and contained SO many more remixes than the commercial versions. That would indeed make one hell of an 8LP set vs. the 5 I was otherwise expecting. Given how that promo of WIME was included with Violator, I actually think there is very good chance they will be included now. Plus their cover art is actually really slick – that would be great to have.

    • James Davies says:

      I was thinking about this the other day and how these singles might get released, I wonder if that will be what we eventually see.

    • fabrizio R says:

      no matter what they put out, there will be someone complaining…

      • Jaxon says:

        fabrizio R, no one is complaining about what they put out. Looks like MANY people just want the stuff they *left out* to still get released. Big difference.

  10. martin farnworth says:

    Less a fan of this era than the preceding few albums. Just a bit to overtly “rock” for me to be truly into it. but still some good b sides/ live tracks. Even a few interesting remixes. We’re into the stage though were a few bear little resemble to the originals and the straightforward 12 extended mix doesn’t happen anymore. Some of the remixers commissioned probably not even fans of the band- possibly just after a decent pay cheque. Nothing as turgid as some of the later mixes of It’s No Good ( Hardfloor mix excepted) or Barrel Of A Gun that I never want to hear again.

    They’ve come a bit unstuck with that blobby artwork not helped by SOFAD amongst their worst covers. Nice colour though. I’d be happy for it to sell out quickly as I fear I don’t have the discipline to stop buying and I suspect price reductions for the later boxsets but not this one.

    Not interested in the last 3 box sets but could see myself buying just to complete the set if I get that far

  11. Michael says:

    For the U.S. it comes to about 187 usd with tax on amazon but from Amazon UK it would be 144 usd including shipping. fyi

  12. Georgia Tasda says:

    The CD boxes, volumes 7 and 8, existed briefly in digital format when the complete DM back catalogue was released on iTunes in December 2006. I was anticipating a physical release, but 14 years later I’m still waiting. The complete collection only had a brief shelf life and that collection disappeared from iTunes once Sounds of the Universe was released.

    I wonder if we’ll ever see Shake the Disease or It’s Called a Heart on vinyl. That omission from the Black Celebration box really rankles. I can see I’m not on my own with that particular grumble.

  13. Neil says:

    Compared to the singles from Violator which were mostly excellent the mixes of the singles from SOFAD were poor the only exception being a couple of those mixes of Walking In Your Shoes. The highlight is really the live tracks.

  14. Marc says:

    The MFTM box with 7 discs was priced around 80€ when it was released.
    The SOFAD box with 8 discs is now 156€ at I had pre-ordered it for 146€, but the price went up by 10€. What is Sony thinking? It’s only one disc more than in the MFTM box, but they nearly doubled the price? That’s cheeky!

  15. magus26 says:

    Am buying this purely for the live tracks which are incredible and without question my favourite DM recordings. Now they need to reissue the SOFAD live LP

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Magus26 I know what you mean. If the band and Sony are so inclined, the SOFAD Live album has struck me, for some time, as a Record Store Day item just waiting to happen. But I don’t think DM have ever gone near RSD so far – to the point where I have wondered if they purposefully have a stance against the whole enterprise ? (see Paul Weller for example – once an RSD ambassador but now outspokenly a critic of how it’s gone).

  16. Ant in NZ says:

    For those who are cynical about these 12″ boxes, it’s worth reminding people that by 1993, the vinyl quality was really on the way down (mainly for the UK pressings) – I bought the German 12″s as well because the Intercord releases were superior. I am happy to buy them again for the better quality pressing over the original UK discs.

    There aren’t any exclusive mixes available on the promos hence why it is just the 8 discs. Rush was released as the feature promo 12″ when Condemnation was released. PL12 Bong 23R just had the same 3 mixes from 12 Bong 23. All the other promos were just advance copies of the main 12 inch release.
    I wonder if there are plans for a complete 7 inch box set?

  17. Branny says:

    I loved DM in the 80s but lost interest after Violator. I’ve never been a fan of the remix overkill. I used to mainly buy 12″ singles where they’d have one or two remixes per disc and if they wanted to issue more versions they’d do it across two or three discs. With the advent of the cd single you’d get some with 6 or 7 versions of one track and I’d lose interest after the first couple because they became less appealing the further you went down the track listing and that put me off buying the likes of I feel you. Do we really need 7 versions of the same song?

    • Andreas says:

      Exactly. Better create 1-2 really good extended mixes that are true to the 7inch and that people will remember. But unfortunately this is how things had gotten by the 90s. This was the death of the classic 12inch single. Even the Stones had a remix overkill on their Voodoo Lounge and Bridges To Babylon CD single releases. Is anyone listening to those mediocre mixes?

  18. bgreen says:

    Lots of talk about the Violator box being sold out, and I too have seen it come and go over the last month or so – but, it’s currently in stock at Amazon US for $136

  19. Marcus Fahrman says:

    SOFAD was the last album for which I bought all the 12″ singles at release, so won’t be buying this as I already have the original releases. Very keen on the Ultra set though when it arrives. Have BOAG on 12″ but none of the others – only on cd. Interesting to see how they handle OWILM – my gut instinct is it’ll be included in the Ultra set as it was recorded in conjunction with those sessions.

  20. Isaías says:

    Since SONY do not stop releasing 12″ Depeche Mode back catalogue I wonder if the label plans to do the same with CD singles. There are boxes 1,2,3,4,5,6 and a couple of remixes 3cds each and many remixes still missing also. So a box featuring all these material altogether isn’t a bad idea.

  21. Chris says:

    So glad this has FINALLY been announced since the box art has been out for months, but I’m already stressing about how many times I’m going to have to exchange/replace copies before I eventually get one that’s a keeper thanks to Amazon’s absolute shit shipping practices. Save for the MFTM set, I have had return/replace EVERY set at least once – Violator took me 4 times, one of which was because it was also missing an entire LP. So, yeah, here we go again ;)

    That said, after Violator a few months ago and now this one, I hope they get back to doing the simultaneous release of TWO sets at a time again moving forward. I’d love to get the ones for Ultra/Exciter together, PTA/SOTU together, and finish with DM/Spirit together all in 2021 so we can call it a day and hopefully move on to getting all those missing non-album singles taken care of too… and maybe the 7″ singles that could essentially be released/bundled the same way the CD singles 1-6 were years ago

  22. Michael says:

    It seems to me that the price goes up and up, the further it gets.

  23. SimonP says:

    Someone pinched my CD of this album and it’s something I never bothered repurchasing. Always thought it’s neighbours Violator and Ultra were much better albums. Still have a bunch of the singles off it, though.

  24. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    This is where I fell away from buying all of the 12″ singles in favour of CDs so this is quite tempting. Price is a problem though, so I’ll see if it is remaindered like some of the others have been – if not I’ll miss out. Too much coming out this year already.

  25. Fletchy Fletch says:

    Some great love stuff & mixes here. I really love the WIMS versions but less fond of the IYR mixes – Sounds like you had to be off your head on disco biscuits to enjoy them!!.

    I won’t be buying this as I already have practically everything on CD single from the time, even all 3 IYR which you put in a fold out cover of one of the set. This looks very very nice though & I hope one day they do the same thing for CD’s! Because that’s what we do here right? We buy the same thing 2-3-4 times!!!

    • Graham says:

      Some great mixes but personally I don’t like listening to numerous remixes of the same song at once. I hope they bring out a third remixes compilation.

  26. Matt says:

    With the success of the cd at this time I, like many other people was buying a lot less vinyl. I did make a point of buying the Lp’s of my favourite bands such as depeche mode, but from around the time of Violator would buy all the 12″ releases on CD single.
    Always regretted that.
    These sets are very nicely reproduced & I pounced on the violator set as I expected it to sell out fast. It seems like there’s still a shortage of them as I’ve yet to see any replenished stock.
    Although arguably, not quite as much as Violator, I expect this set to be popular too, so my order’s in!
    Incidentally, I thought the ‘construction time again’ set was particularly good as it contained the limited live tracks spread over three of the vinyls (& reproduced the textured, gold lined sleeves) – there’s a certain charm about electronic bands playing live in an era when the technology was barely capable of making it so!
    That set is still widely available & often on offer & I rather recommend it.

  27. Andrea Gianni says:

    I think that discussing prices in this context is pretty useless, we’re collectors, price is a function of how we feel the need of possess a specific item. Although I’m a great fan of DM I tend to pass on what is a mere reproduction of something already issued. The only 12” box I was tempted to buy was Violator for the two rare singles, the etched Enjoy The Silence was actually in my hands at the time, but I felt then I could not part from my precious 11,000 lire for 1 remix…. Still regret it now, but 150€ for the box were simply too much to tick that box. But I can understand who is buying this, these are great 12”, a time when remixes were carefully crafted and often more enjoyable than the album versions.

  28. Bojidar says:

    Great news and finally I can get the Vinyls at a reasonable price.
    @David: I would not call this box expensive as you can get only one 12” in mint Condition on EBay nowadays for the same price as the Box will cost for all 8 x 12”. As we all know the vinyl industry has started its dawn at the beginning of the 90s. Looking forward to it and already ordered.

  29. Luke says:

    It’s time for a 7th and 8th CD single-boxset so I can make my collection more complete now.

  30. Jim Turoczy says:

    The US price on this set is $174.98 for eight 12″ singles. The Violator set (which is the only one that has sold out) was priced at $159.98 for ten 12″ singles, one of which was sealed in a clear blue vinyl sleeve, which had to cost more to produce than ones without. Has the cost to produce these box sets gone up or is this a case of the labels milking the fans?

    • Ant in NZ says:

      The cost of vinyl has jumped in general this year so the increased price for the SOFAD box is not a surprise. Most likely due to the massive jump in supply and distribution costs due to COVID. Spare a thought for those of us who live on the other side of the world and have to further add shipping of around 30GBP plus tax on top in order to get the item!

  31. Shaun says:

    Although unlikely, I was hoping they would sneak the live LP into this set. THAT needs a reissue already!

  32. mark says:

    This and Ultra are the ones i want…well, i want all of them but i stopped buying DM vinyl for Songs so trying to get the original ones, would cost you a lot so i am very happy. If you want it..if you don’t..dont buy it…its pretty simple.

  33. Beechlander says:

    Having seen many copies of the earlier 12inch boxsets appear everywhere I was planning to hold out until the price dropped on the Violator box set earlier this year. That was only released recently and they are now sold out. Not making that mistake again and this is my favourite DM era.

  34. David says:

    picked up the BONGx CDs from 2o004 and 2005 which nicely compile all the original mixes and remixes from previous releases on to one disc. simple.
    Between £8 and £14 per CD

    or, pick up the 3CD remix box sets ’81-’04 or ’81-’11 for a fiver each!!

    i love vinyl but these DM 12″ box sets are overpriced

  35. Martin says:

    Great sets and working my way through picking them up – I tend to wait on a deal though as they are a bit rich at normal price as I want but dont need them

    Great to see them continuing the line though

  36. Richard S says:

    Bit over-priced since Violator box was £125 on Amazon for pre-orders, with 2 more 12″ singles. Was expecting it to be more around the £100 mark. Grrr! Prince has had to be cancelled and will wait and see if that drops in price at some point.

    • joel ivins says:

      i also cancelled prince, but pre ordered tears for fears and shakespears sister…like you said, hopefully the prince price will drop

  37. David says:

    If you try to purchase these 8 12″ singles separately now, it would probably cost you over £100, so I don’t see that this is overpriced, plus you are getting remastered versions on heavyweight vinyl, I’ve not been disappointed with any of the sets so far

    • jazzmaster says:

      This is very true, but….only with this box is this the case because we are starting to enter the era of fewer vinyl pressing numbers for the original releases. The original SOFAD 12″ singles are very expensive making this set indeed a bargain. That is not the case with the earlier boxes though. I think it might be a wash with Violator ( the etched Enjoy single might drive it up though) but the other originals can be compiled for much cheaper.

      As far as the remastering goes, I’m not sure I am buying it. Pre-Violator, I would bet that almost everything DM released was primarily mastered for vinyl. I’m not sure what the remastering process has entailed for these re-releases. Maybe they were remastered from the original source, maybe not. At any rate, I can say that I can’t tell much difference between the originals and the re-issues on the earlier boxes.

    • Karel Řehoř says:

      Original set from years 93-94 was for me 5 for one. It is 40 pounds. It is really difference. 130 pounds now.

  38. Steve says:

    Is also £130 early doors on their website

  39. Iain Johnson says:

    Of course I’ll buy this as I have the previous 7 Box Sets and the Mode Cube … However I was disappointed with SOFAD after the utter brilliance of my all time No 1 album Violator … hmmm £130 for only 8 x 12” and a poster … should be a little cheaper than that … Sony know the addicted fan base such as me will keep coming back …

  40. Ed Jones says:

    And, thinking about it, they could have included a replicated version of the flexi disc of Death’s Door (Jazz Mix) that was issued with the edition of the Bong fanclub magazine that was published that year. Shame it wasn’t the version that was included on the “Until The End Of The World Soundtrack” as a single-sided 7″ of that would tidy things up nicely from that era, although they seem to be sticking fairly rigidly to the idea of replicating what was released at the time (barring the obvious omission of the Shake The Disease and It’s Called A Heart 12″s from either the Some Great Reward or Black Celebration boxes – still something that I find deeply irritating as a DM collector/fan)!.

  41. Mark R says:

    I still find these DM box sets overpriced. After all it’s a collection of 12” singles off of one album. £100 tops.
    The live versions of Enjoy The Silence, World In My Eyes and In Your Room are stellar. The version they played of In Your Room is the album version and not the 7” and in my view is far superior. The song lost something when they did the remix.

  42. Ed Jones says:

    Hopefully they will honour the original packaging and the second 12″s for I Feel You, Walking In My Shoes and the Live EP of Condemnation will all be packaged in gatefold sleeves. Seems overpriced to me though. Will be interesting to see if this sells out with the speed that the Violator box seems to have done.

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