Depeche Mode / Video Singles Collection / 3 x DVD anthology


Depeche Mode are to issue Video Singles Collection, in November, a first-ever career-spanning anthology of promo videos and short films.

The three-DVD package is being issued by Sony (they acquired the rights to the band’s catalogue in July last year) and spans the years 1981-2013. It features more than four hours of newly restored music videos and over two hours of new audio commentary on specific individual clips, recorded by members of Depeche Mode especially for this release.

The band have worked with some ground-breaking directors over the years, including Julien Temple, Anton Corbijn, D.A. Pennebaker, John Hillcoat and others.

“It’s been amazing to go back and relive all the experiences and memories these videos evoke after all these years”, the band are quoted as saying, adding, “It’s incredible to have all our videos finally together in one place and we’re hoping our fans enjoy this journey through time as much as we did.”

Excitingly for fans, Video Singles Collection is the first in “a series of band-approved retrospective projects” so we wait with anticipation to see what will follow. If you have any suggestions, then leave a comment.

Video Singles Collection is released on 11 November 2016.

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Depeche Mode

The Video Singles Collection [DVD] [NTSC]



Just Can’t Get Enough (directed by Clive Richardson)

See You (directed by Julien Temple)

The Meaning Of Love (directed by Julien Temple)

Leave In Silence (directed by Julien Temple)

Get The Balance Right (directed by Kevin Hewitt)

Everything Counts (directed by Clive Richardson)

Love, In Itself (directed by Clive Richardson)

People Are People (directed by Clive Richardson)

Master And Servant (directed by Clive Richardson)

Blasphemous Rumours (directed by Clive Richardson)

Somebody (directed by Clive Richardson)

Shake The Disease (directed by Peter Care)

It’s Called A Heart (directed by Peter Care)

Stripped (directed by Peter Care)

But Not Tonight (directed by Tamra Davis)

A Question Of Lust (directed by Clive Richardson)

A Question Of Time (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Strangelove (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Never Let Me Down Again (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Behind The Wheel (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Little 15 (directed by Martyn Atkins)

Strangelove ’88 (directed by Martyn Atkins)

Everything Counts (Live – from “101”) (directed by D.A. Pennebaker)

Personal Jesus (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Enjoy The Silence (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Policy Of Truth (directed by Anton Corbijn)

World In My Eyes (directed by Anton Corbijn)

I Feel You (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Walking In My Shoes (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Condemnation (Paris Mix) (directed by Anton Corbijn)

One Caress (directed by Kevin Kerslake)

In Your Room (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Barrel Of A Gun (directed by Anton Corbijn)

It’s No Good (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Home (directed by Steven Green)

Useless (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Only When I Lose Myself (directed by Brian Griffin)

Dream On (directed by Stephane Sednaoui)

I Feel Loved (directed by John Hillcoat)

Freelove (directed by John Hillcoat)

Goodnight Lovers (directed by John Hillcoat)

Enjoy The Silence ’04 (directed by Uwe Flade)

Precious (directed by Uwe Flade)

A Pain That I’m Used To (directed by Uwe Flade)

Suffer Well (directed by Anton Corbijn)

John The Revelator (directed by Blue Leach)

Martyr (directed by Robert Chandler)

Wrong (directed by Patrick Daughters)

Peace (directed by Jonas and François)

Hole To Feed (directed by Eric Wareheim)

Fragile Tension (directed by Rob Chandler and Barney Steel)

Personal Jesus 2011 (directed by Patrick Daughters)

Heaven (directed by Timothy Saccenti)

Soothe My Soul (directed by Warren Fu)

Should Be Higher (directed by Anton Corbijn)

156 responses to Depeche Mode / Video Singles Collection / 3 x DVD anthology

  1. Jamie says:

    i can only find an NTSC DVD of this. no PAL VERSION? anyone help?

  2. New Life says:

    I know there’s no official promo for New Life but a pity something like this could have been included.

  3. Sue. A says:

    I’ve asked for this for Christmas, I cannot wait for this <3

  4. DaveH says:

    Having this on blu-ray isn’t only about the picture quality. Blu-rays hold more information which allows for better quality audio.

    This was the ideal opportunity to use the 5.1 surround mixes already created for the CD/DVD reissues and finally issue the non-album singles in 5.1 mixes.

  5. Ron de Joode says:

    No 5.1 surround sound …. missed opportunity ….

  6. Stevo says:

    What a shame they haven’t released this on Blu-ray! I would have bought it. I don’t want another large dvd box set like the tour of the universe box set I bought just prior to my Blu-ray days. :(

    • Neil says:

      It’s not a large box set it’s in a slip case and is very thin which is annoying trying to get the DVD’s out. I’m glad they didnt release this on Blu-ray as no amount of cleaning could remove the grain from those anton corbijn videos also the ratio of the videos on the first two discs is in 4:3 so you would have those black bars down the side of the telly. The audio is PCM and sounds great btw.

  7. Neil says:

    I paid £26.99 for this and now looking at it again on Amazon it had decreased to £18.50 a day after it was released but no chance of a refund. I am getting totally sick of Amazon messing people about with their stupid pricing and things being out of stock on their release date like the recent Hipsway album which i had to order from elsewhere. I haven’t watched theses DVD’s yet so i cannot comment on the quality just yet but the amount of people moaning on Amazon about there not being a Blu-ray release and giving the product 1 star is just ridiculous.

    • Steve says:

      Ridiculous isn’t it. Mine still hasn’t arrived so I’ve cancelled it and ordered it again at the much lower new price. What happened to their price promise?

  8. DaveH says:

    Is the audio the surround mixes or just stereo?

  9. Daniel Howells says:

    This is out already? I bought it in HMV Westfield yesterday .. only watched disc one so far but thought it looked and sounded fantastic.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Weird… not supposed to be out until Friday. Overeager HMV employee, maybe?

      • Daniel Howells says:

        Probably .. I didn’t see it in HMV Oxford St or FOPP so was probably a mistake and I got lucky. Very happy with it though apart from the super-tight card slots that house the discs (a bit like the Rust Never Sleeps re-issue) .. great having all those early videos on DVD finally.

  10. Keith T Brittain says:

    Even though it’s a “singles” collection, they still should have included “Halo”, since it’s such a key DM song! Actually, though, a live verson of “Halo” is a b-side on a CD singles in the box set.

  11. Otto says:

    And again no blu-ray from Depeche Mode. Disappointing and no buy from me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Also, forgot to mention in my last post: Yes, 4:3 IS very much correct. Nothing should ever be cropped. The original aspect ratio should always be left intact. I never intentionally purchase a product that crops the image or alters the aspect ratio.

    That said, I understand that some people are unaware of how this works, which is understandable. Others have explained most of this already, but for my take on it: Things that were filmed in 4:3 can never be correctly altered to widescreen because no visual data exists to add to the sides. As others have said, when 4:3 is changed to widescreen, it is always done incorrectly: you either lose data on the top and bottom of the screen (in order to maintain the aspect ratio), or everything is stretched out horizontally (which I think looks very bad). That is why “black bars” on the side are a good thing; it means an original 4:3 was transferred correctly.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to add my vote to what others have said here about several things:

    – Agreed that ALL of the videos should be released, not just those that happen to be singles. This should include every single one ever made, released or unreleased, good or bad. I plan to go ahead and purchase this latest collection, but I am extremely disappointed that it isn’t comprehensive. Do the people who produce these collections ever think to take a few minutes and ask the fans what they really want? Is it really too much to ask for ALL of the videos?

    – Agreed; Strange, Strange Too, and Live in Hamburg need to be rereleased in order to update them to something better than VHS.

    – All unreleased concerts should be released

    – The B-sides and mixes etc. from the single releases that come after the singles boxed sets need to be rereleased as a collection (in whatever physical product form, whether that is a continuation of those singles boxed sets or by some other method).

    That said, I would like to point out that some people such as myself vastly prefer DVD to blu ray and am pleased that this release is on DVD. Without going into details or getting into a debate about it (unless someone is really curious, in which case I’ll explain further), blu ray is a flawed technology that usually costs more and has never looked any better for older releases in my experience. And, as for streaming, the companies must be laughing all the way to the bank to sell something without providing an actual physical product. That leaves DVD as the most recent decent technology.

  14. Neil says:

    Release date changed to the 18th November.

  15. memoryboy says:

    On the Donna Summer post I read about SDE possibly influencing artists and companies to take action on future releases… I just want to put here really quick, in case anybody is reading, that Depeche Mode should really consider re-doing all their albums and improving the Remastered sound. I loved the extra films on the DM remastered albums back catalog, but the remasters themselves are like listening to the music through a cloth, very muffled sounding to me. Compare those to other releases. (The Singles 81-85 perhaps) there is a noticeable difference. The first 3 DM “Singles” box sets are in need of remastering too. I hope Martin Gore and Dave Gahan are reading this! I know you are! Hahahaha

  16. Koen Kroeze says:

    If you have the idea to compile a 3DVD box-set and I quote “It features more than four hours of newly restored music videos and over two hours of new audio commentary on specific individual clips, recorded by members of Depeche Mode especially for this release” I don’t understand why left out a few more promotional videos, which I actually saw on MTV before I had even bought the “Strange”/”Strange Too” VHS cassettes.

    I really prefer a few more videos instead of two hours (!!!) of commentary. The clue should’ve been “Video Collection” instead of “…Singles…”. If I want to hear their singles I play audio and not video. (Weren’t U2’s “Numb” and “Love Is Blindness” video-singles only either?? I believe there were more songs at that time released as video only…)

    And yes, the singles box-sets need to be updated, remastered and expanded. As well as their albums indeed…

  17. DaveC says:

    I Feel Loved Dan O Rama video remix woulda been a nice extra.

  18. Bernard Smith says:

    I would to have a THOMPSON TWINS video DVD collection . . . Please .

  19. memoryboy says:

    Neil is correct, “But Not Tonight” was issued as a single, while “Pimpf”, “Halo” and “Clean” were not. (Except “Halo” was actually issued as a single only in certain countries)

  20. Neil says:

    They* even

  21. Jakub says:

    Why are not the videos for Pimpf, Halo or Clean included? And why the hell But Not Tonight (this very bad DM song recorded in one day during the Black celebration session as a b-side for Stripped) has 2 versions included?

  22. memoryboy says:

    @Neil I agree with you 100% regarding the horrible remasters for the DM albums. And the bonus tracks ending up on the DVD’s. Horrible imo. I hope they re-do the albums at some point, with bonus tracks included on CD this time. The Box sets as I’ve said for the Singles (Box sets 1 – 3) need to be re-done as well, the remastering on the first three were done back in 1991? Time for an upgrade. I have to say though, the remastering on the Singles 81-85 is excellent and also the remastering on The Singles (2-Disc) 86-98 are also excellent.

  23. negative1 says:

    am i the only person that has almost every depeche mode video released on laserdisc?

    sure its not HD, but it was way better than VHS, and the sound is excellent.

    i’ve transferred all of them digitally for viewing.


  24. Mark Reed says:

    Hopefully they will listen to the view of the people who are the bands customers : the fanbase.

    We don’t want material imprisoned on dead formats such as VHS. There is a lot of material not available anymore. The Live In Hamburg, Strange, and Strange Too films haven’t been in print for 20-25 years. There are a lot of alternate mixes and live songs only on 30+ year old 12″s and CD’s.

    The 2006 reissues were spartan : Rushed 5.1 mixes, a handful of videos, and some leftover b-sides on the DVD. The only things worthwhile on them were the 30-60 minute documentaries, but they weren’t worth paying £20 for each set for. It wasn’t that they weren’t OK, but that so much was clearly missing.

    The best we can probably hope for are individual album releases in the following configuration :

    CD1 : Remaster of album
    CD2: B-sides and remixes, extra tracks, compilation appearances*
    CD3:Demos or alternate version of the album
    CD4/5: Contemporary live set
    DVD 1/2 : Live show, 2006 reissue documentary, videos, leftover audio

    Ideally 1993’s “Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live” will finally be issued in concert running order with the full set.

    *arranged in a way that doesn’t present 14 remixes of Enjoy The Silence in a row. That’s boring

  25. Johnny Feathers says:

    With the 86>98 package already out on DVD, I’m not sure how much this really offers, besides the videos from before and after that period.

    More exciting would be a proper DVD/Blu-Ray release of their Hamburg video. If this is the beginning of a new retrospective campaign, maybe they’ll get around to that? Heck, I could easily see them doing a Blu-Ray box set of all of their live videos. Throw in some bonus material, and I’ll pre-order it as soon as it’s announced.

  26. Renato says:

    Oh, they should include the long and short Dan-O-Rama versions of I Feel Loved as extras – still a single, right? :)

  27. Renato says:

    No more singles box sets, please… I’d rather have new remastered and complete (including all the related tracks, either B-sides, remixes, promo-only versions, video mixes, outtakes, maybe some demos and other assorted rarities) editions of each album. And please, give us a complete B-sides compilation, and a complete video collection (considering the promo videos for the singles will be released now, maybe when Strange/Strange Too finally get a DVD or Blu-ray release the rest of the videos – non-single and alternative versions – could be included as extras; another possibility would be to release these other videos together with TV performances).

  28. arnaud says:

    Strange and Strange too???

  29. Neil says:

    I’m hoping they will remaster their back catalogue now properly as those remasters from 10 years ago were rubbish.

    • Michael says:

      What was the Problem?
      I think it was a very good Remaster and the surround-Mix and Bonus-Material was great.

      • Neil says:

        If you listen to the remasters on the singles box set 4 to 6 from 2004 then listen to the album remasters a couple of years later the difference is like night and day and those so called album remasters didn’t sound any better than the original CD’s. They also stuck those bonus tracks which were far from complete on the DVD’s even the bonus tracks from the original CD release of Speak & Spell. One album i have never been able to get into at all is Playing The Angel as the mastering on that is horrendous and is unlistenable.

  30. Marko G. says:

    Mark, which ones would those be? I can’t enjoy any of DM’s more recent (albeit HD) videos. But to each their own…

    • Mark says:

      Are you saying on the basis that the recent promos aren’t very good?
      Suffer Well is probably the last decent one ( off the top of my head) . Would rather have ones from this era back to Ultra on Blu-ray than DVD.
      Also, minor point . A Blu- ray release could be a single disc removing the need to get off my bum to change discs!!

      • Daran says:

        Even upscaled the Ultra era videos don’t look very good on their 86-98 DVD compared to other bands promos. U2’s always look much cleaner/sharper image wise on their DVD’s. Must be an Anton DM specific thing, as the first Exciter era video which I don’t think he filmed looks much better.

  31. Mark says:

    So are we all saying that as SOME of the videos wouldn’t benefit from Blu-ray, then we shouldn’t be able to enjoy those that would ? i.e. The more recent ones.
    Hey, maybe should have just released it on Betamax ?

  32. Jason says:

    Not releasing a Blu-ray version is of course silly, even if some of the videos would be in low definition.

    It could also have stereo / 5.1 options. Bit of a wasted opportunity.

    I imagine they’ll burn us for a better version in five years’ time :-(

  33. Leif Wiik says:

    What I the world really needs is a 6-CD-box of both Speak & Spell and A Broken Frames respectively, with demos, live, alternative takes, unreleased songs and so on!

    Thank You!

  34. Marko says:

    Videos from Ultra footage are from Mtv concert series…

  35. Darren Rigby-O'Neill says:

    The Singles Tour footage was shown on MTV back in the day.

  36. Glen Withonen says:

    Regarding the format, I’d love a blu-ray release, but realistically it’s unlikely those early videos are going to look any good in HD – they’ll more than likely look terrible, so I’m OK with DVD if that’s all we’re getting.

    Obviously videos such as Pimpf, Clean & Halo wouldn’t be included on a singles collection, but there’s no reason why both Strange & Strange Too won’t make an appearance on disc in future; the press release clearly states that this DVD set is the first in a series of DM archival releases by Sony.

    There are a number future DM releases I’d love to see happen – like others have mentioned, a continuation of the singles box sets would be very welcome; but it’s actually the previously unreleased visual material that excites me most, something this new collection only hints at.

    There are at least two or three professionally filmed concerts that DM never released back in the day; the first is the Hammersmith Odeon concert in support of A Broken Frame – most of which was released as audio on the extra 12″s of Get The Balance Right, Everything Counts & Love In Itself. This 1982 concert was deemed to ‘dated’ by the time it was ready for release when DM were recording Construction Time Again, so they set it aside; this story is covered in Steven Malins excellent DM biography Stripped. You can see snippets of the concert in the documentary that accompanied the 5.1 mix of A Broken Frame on the Collectors Edition back in 2007/8.

    There is what seems to be a professionally filmed Black Celebration concert floating on YouTube ( ). The audio provided the live tracks on the A Question Of Time single formats, adding credibility that this Wembley show was also once considered for official video release. At the time DM had they’re highest charting album & a new stage set design, so it’s not difficult to imagine that they would want to film one of the Black Celebration tour concerts for commercial purposes.

    Now I’ve heard fans talk of quality Violator concert footage, but I haven’t personally seen anything that could be considered professionally shot & edited; however, that doesn’t mean this talk is nothing but wishful thinking, who knows what else DM have stashed away? Watching the doco on the Ultra Collectors Edition DVD reveals very nice footage of what appears to be a Singles Tour show – perhaps yet another unreleased concert?

    So you see there’s plenty of exciting unreleased DM visual material potentially awaiting us in Sony’s official archival release series; personally, I’d love to have expanded multiple disc editions of many DM albums, & it’s clear that there is an abundance of material to support such releases. I think a great design would include would include the album + singles & b-side bonuses on disc one; another disc (possibly two for later albums) for the 12″/CDs remixes, & a DVD (or blu-ray for HD material) featuring those Strange films, unreleased concerts, EPKs & so forth relevant to the album in question, along with a nice book of photos, cover graphics, interviews etc. That could be really amazing if wefe done properly & I imagine many DM fans would jump to pre-order such releases, particularly for any unreleased content!

    • Will says:

      The live tracks on A Question of Time were recorded at Birmingham NEC, not the Wembley show.
      The Birmingham show was recorded for Japanese radio if I remember correctly – there is a very good FM broadcast of it floating around if you know where to look.

  37. Neil says:

    £29.99 on pass

  38. Ian Harris says:

    I’m just glad this is complete, I saw some listings that had some tracks missing. I do hope there’s a commentary track for Leave In Silence which is such an awful video (well the space hopper bit anyway) it almost becomes genius!

  39. Elliot says:

    I’m glad all the videos from the early years have been included, I was considering getting The Videos 86>98 + but I don’t think I need to now. I agree with putting out a DVD release for The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg and including Strange/Strange Too on a DVD somewhere.

    I have the first 6 singles box sets and would love to see box sets covering the rest of the singles (2001 – 2013) as some singles are quite expensive to track down.

  40. Newmusicmark says:

    I thought most of their videos were shot on film? I’m pretty certain at least the Anton Corbijin ones are. That means blu ray or 4k HDR is possible and will look much better, someday! . That would be expensive though for Sony as they just probably paid a lot for the catalog I assume . Also, it’s possible the original films are gone so maybe that can’t be done. Would be nice to know what the situation is. Music labels should be doing hi res scans of their film videos that they own, it’s the only asset they still have that they could demand high dollar for. Kind of said that film from 100 years ago can look better than a video shot merely 10-20 years ago

    • Shaun says:

      They were. The early Corbijn ones look like 16mm given the heavy film grain.

      Pure speculation but given the tech at the time it could be that the raw film was transferred to professional grade tape and then edited (either tape-to-tape or non-linear). Which means the final edit of the video(s) would be a SD tape master. So the videos would need to be reconstructed (not just transferred) from the original film elements in an HD edit environment. This would involve hunting down the films, cleaning, transferring and editing.

  41. memoryboy says:

    Jon appears to be doing the exact same thing he is ranting about. Complaining about whatever… LOL

  42. Jeff D says:

    Amazon in the US does have it listed. So it appears that it will be released in the States.

  43. Daran says:

    Having said the above, The deluxe Collectors Editions were nowhere complete track wise. I expect new SDE’s of all their albums will be released with full(er) track listings instead of the four or five we got previously, with the high res audio.

  44. Daran says:

    Strange and Strange Too are naff. I say that as a huge Mode fan. Nothing much to see there, except some wooden acting. However, if anybody is really desperate to see those again since their VHS player died then they have been uploaded on VEVO.

    As many more sensible and knowledgeable types have already mentioned there is no point releasing this on blu ray. DVD’s still outsell BD’s apparently, and specific to DM the raw quality of some of the videos must be really poor, even the previous DVD video singles DM released is very poor compared to what can be achieved on DVD.

    Shame they have not included the mini films that were done for each of the SACD / DVD DTS mix deluxe editions they released a while back. They are informative, and give some real insight into this great band’s highs and lows. Also the SOFAD and Ultra electronic press kits.

    • Renato says:


      The Violator, Songs of Faith and Devotion and Ultra EPKs are available on the second disc of the Videos 86>98+ compilation.

  45. Steve says:

    Hey Paul,
    Since you asked, I’d like to see ‘One Night in Paris – The Exciter Tour 2001 ‘ reissued on DVD and for those that prefer Bluray since it’s out or print now. It’s one of the best concert films I’ve seen committed to film ever !

  46. Paolo says:

    As soon as I’ve noticed that the format was DVD only I figured in my mind the army of whiny moaners that would have flooded the comments section. Read the first 40 or 50 and then stopped. That’s quite annoying, frankly. If the main point is to bring constructive debate I believe that most posters fail to do so. I don’t see anything constructive in saying that the DVD is an obsolete media and they won’t buy this thing because it’s not released on Blu-ray, which makes a good 80% of the comments above. It’s like the complaints on other topics for stuff like vinyl and cassettes being included in deluxe boxes. As I’ve said already people will never be satisfied, no matter what’s being given to them, so at this point a stronger moderation for such useless discussions would be welcomed.

  47. Carlton says:

    I would like a proper complete b-sides collection, but I imagine that’s a fairly standard wish-list entry.

  48. Derek Langsford says:

    No Deluxe Edition with a VHS tape? A missed opportunity.

    BTW not all tracks were remastered in 5.1 I was very sad that Shake the Disease, a non-album track, was not in 5.1 on any of the SACDs.

  49. thomas says:

    well, concerning the “series of band-approved retrospective projects”, i’d love to see them finally continue with the singles box sets! since i own the first six boxes and didn’t really buy any of the cd singles from the later albums, a continuation would be very welcome ;)

  50. Neil says:

    If the ratio on the vast majority of these videos is going to be in 4:3 then i’m glad there will be no Blu-ray as i don’t want to watch it with those black bars down the sides.

    • Shaun says:

      But a native 4:3 image will have the black bars on the sides no matter if it’s a DVD or BluRay. Otherwise the image has been cropped or distorted to fill a 16:9 screen.

  51. Craig says:

    There is no point to a blu-ray release since these were shot on video tape. You can clean up a little, but you can’t make them HD unless you go back and do costly rescans and other work that frankly would not be justified economically. And even then it would only be somewhat better.

    By the way, that’s also why the Berlin release was DVD – shot on video and not film. Stupid.

    This is a nice archival release, but I would much rather have a release of Live in Hamburg and any other actual live early-mid ’80s footage.

    Sadly, I don’t think there is actual full concert footage of Black Celebration or Violator tours.

    • Paul E. says:

      @Craig…I second the “Live In Hamburg” request. I own that on VHS and have since lifted the audio for listening on the go with the “old” iPod classic (it looks a bit silly walking about with the VCR- forget about trying to run with it). What I’d love to see in this release is remastered audio to 24 / 192, DTS-HD, or some sonic upgrade. Mode has always sounded fantastic since I first saw them live at age 13 in ’84. I’m just an older fan now that has the audio equipment (and perhaps, still the hearing) to appreciate options greater than 2 channel stereo. Either way I’m all in on this release be it DVD or Blu-ray.

    • Shaun says:

      Which ones were shot on video tape? They look like mostly film to me. A lot of them were probably edited and archived on tape which would be costly and problematic for going back to the original elements (if they weren’t cared for or kept track of).

      Live in Berlin was shot in 2013/14 so I can’t imagine they didn’t use cameras that captured in 1080p or even 4k. The fact that’s it’s not film doesn’t matter here.

      Here’s some fun outtakes from Enjoy the Silence:

    • Glen Withonen says:

      Craig, you may be interested in this concert I found on YouTube some time ago;
      It appears to be a professionally shot concert film, and whatsmore, I think the live tracks on the A Question Of Time formats are taken from this same recording.
      The concert that provided the recordings for the 1982 Hammersmith Odeon tracks on the 1983 limited 12″s, was also recorded and can be seen featured in the doco on the DVD of the A Broken Frame Collectors Edition from 2007/8.
      So that’s at least TWO COMMERCIALLY UNRELEASED CONCERTS that DM have in their archives, besides the 184 Live In Hamburg video, which are ripe for release on disc, possibly as part of special editions of the respective albums (aBF, SGR, BC) which the concerts supported! We can but hope…

  52. Marko G. says:

    Why would they release BluRay? Most of the videos were not recorded in HD format. Upscaling wouldn’t help. I’m perfectly fine with this, even if the sound is not surround (but it would be a nice touch). Looking forward to it!

  53. spaceboy says:

    I stopped buying DVD’s years ago…!?

  54. Eric Slangen says:

    No blu ray No buy

  55. Glenn says:

    As per Rolling Stone article:

    Bonus Alternate Music Videos
    1. People Are People (12-inch Version) (directed by Clive Richardson)
    2. But Not Tonight (Pool Version) (directed by Tamra Davis)
    3. Soothe My Soul (Extended) (directed by Warren Fu)
    4. Stripped (Unreleased Alternate Cut) (directed by Peter Care)

  56. Rick says:

    Will there be a domestic release of this or import only?

  57. Will says:

    Great to see the early videos finally being release.

    There are a few extra tracks on this as well:;

    Bonus Alternate Music Videos

    People Are People (12″ Version) (directed by Clive Richardson)
    But Not Tonight (Pool Version) (directed by Tamra Davis)
    Soothe My Soul (Extended) (directed by Warren Fu)
    Stripped (Unreleased Alternate Cut) (directed by Peter Care)

    I doubt it will be in bluray. Anton Corbijn wouldn’t allow Live in Berlin released in bluray as it thought it looked better in plain old SD, so I think he might veto the use of his videos as well.
    Just a hunch.

    Whilst I’m in hunch mode, I reckon the next projects to be released by Sony on dvd will be:

    The World We Live In And Live In Hamburg
    Strange Too

    All of the above are crying out for a re-release digitally.

  58. Jason Handy says:

    Baffled as to why no Blu Ray it can’t be a cost issue?
    I will buy it anyway but i feel they used “the wrong method with the wrong technique”

  59. Phil says:

    It’s a shame: No Bluray!!! So don’t buy this s**** WE ARE IN 2016!

    dvd is the past

  60. rob says:

    Great to finally get all the early videos, I’d given up waiting for a deluxe Greatest Hits Volume 2 package to get hold of a few more stray videos, like on Volume 1, that hadn’t been collected up anywhere :) Never even knew there was one for Get the Balance Right – cool!

    Shame they didn’t go the route of the previous deluxe DVD set (Videos 86-98 +) though, and add in all the oddment videos for the US market etc. This would have been a great place to utilise Strange and Strange Too which do need to be featured as entities in their own right, as other have said here.

    Perhaps all this kind of content could be packaged together as a follow-up.

    Talk of other projects sounds promising, and this is a good way to start.

  61. Kiki says:

    Well that’s a good idea. But what will be the sound specification on these?

  62. Guido Hoffmann says:

    Blu-ray Edition would be a no-brainer for me. DVD? No thank you.

  63. Martin says:

    No Blu-Ray? No chance then BR would have been very compelling for a casual fan like myself

  64. Lee Carson says:

    Reading the official press release this is the first in a series of reissues so Strange and Strange Too may appear in due course

  65. Mike Pember says:

    Depeche Mode @ the BEEB video complication would be nice..Videos shuch as “New Life”from TOTP & others from Swop Shop etc.

  66. Jon says:

    I come here for the music news, but stay for the deluge of complaints for every single release: “It’s missing [rare track no one knows or cares about] and [another rare track no one knows or cares about]!” and “Why aren’t they releasing it on my preferred format?!” and “Why would I ever buy a 12-CD set of a band I don’t care about?” and “That’s way more than I would pay for!” It starts off entertaining but by the end I’m amazed at what negative, picky, ungrateful bastards music buyers are. (Not that I don’t have some of those same thoughts, but I use the inside my head voice.)

    • Jon says:

      BTW, Paul–excellent site. I can’t believe how thorough you are in coverage, and I’ve jumped many times to the links provided to pre-order, most recently the Shriekback reissues. Thank you.

    • negative1 says:

      if people don’t complain, the labels won’t listen.

      most knowledgeable fans, know way more about the tracks, and what is missing that the music studios ever will.

      i complain just as much as anyone else, and moreso.

      i still buy a lot of products, but because of the comments on this blog,
      i have avoided many others, and saved a lot of money, until many of them have
      been fixed.

      complaints about the format are ridiculous though.

      either buy it or don’t.


    • Glen Withonen says:

      I have to agree Jon. Depeche Mode fans are unfortunately a rather whiney bunch, and it’s times like these that I’m embarrassed to be one. It’s obvious to anyone who can read why certain videos were left off this compilation, and also realise that the DVD format may be somewhat kinder to much older source material than the unforgiving high definition of blu-ray.

    • Renato says:


      Is this comment for real? Man, the music industry isn’t making us any favours… why should we be “grateful”? We pay A LOT for their products – the least they could do would be to listen to our complaints and try to give us the best possible products (for instance, really complete “ultimate editions” or “comprehensive” sets). Oh, well…

  67. Gregory says:

    As others have said before, only interesting for me if this comes with 5.1 sound at least or, even better, in blu-ray format. Otherwise there is not much point in purchasing this. YouTube will suffice in this case.

  68. Shaun says:

    What? No Laserdisc release?

  69. memoryboy says:

    Oops, I meant to write “Yes they have released Singles Box Set’s already, but the first three box sets (1981’s “Dreaming Of Me” up to 1987’s “Little 15″ are sorely in need of a Remaster, because when you compare those discs to the following three Singles Box Sets (1987’s “Strangelove” to 2001’s “Dream On” the last three Singles Box Set’s sound much more superior in Remastered Sound, and this has always bothered me. I hope this leads to releases like the one I just described. Bring it on!” note: It was “Strangelove” I believe that was the first Singles CD Disc in the Box Set # 4, If I am correct.

  70. memoryboy says:

    Depeche Mode are my ALL TIME favorite band. Ever. Been obsessed with them since I was a kid, first hearing ‘People Are People’ on the radio in 1984. This is an exciting release. I will note that this is a “Singles Collection” for videos. so “Halo” and “Clean” don’t make sense to be on here (although “Halo” was actually released as a limited single if I remember correctly.) I do hope that they continue with a Remastered “Singles” Collection (Audio) for maybe “The Singles 2001 – 2013”? Or perhaps a Huge Box Set of all their Singles, B-Sides and Remixes Digitally Remastered. Yes they have released Singles Box Set’s already, but the first three box sets (1981’s “Dreaming Of Me” up to 1987’s “Little 15” are sorely in need of a Remaster, because when you compare those discs to the following three Singles Box Sets (1986’s “Stripped” to 2001’s “Dream On” the last three Singles Box Set’s sound much more superior in Remastered Sound, and this has always bothered me. I hope this leads to releases like the one I just described. Bring it on!

    • Neil says:

      Halo was released as promo single in the US and was planned to be a single but was never released.

    • Marc G says:


      “Yes they have released Singles Box Set’s already, but the first three box sets (1981’s “Dreaming Of Me” up to 1987’s “Little 15″ are sorely in need of a Remaster…”

      Certainly not if they sound like the overly compressed 1998 remasters or the box sets 4-6.

  71. Tommy Christiansen says:

    To polish up the original videos doesn’t require it to be on blu-ray, so I hope that’s all they’ve done, without cropping it.
    You can still make it look a lot better, without changing the aspect ratio.

  72. Urs says:

    As I don’t own a BluRay player (yet), I’m perfectly happy with this release and will order it immediately. :-)

  73. Edward says:

    Wow! ive been a fan for years and i havent even seen all of these videos….yet!

  74. Scott says:

    Please note that this is called ‘Video Singles’. It is comprehensive in the respect that it covers all the videos that were singles released somewhere. ‘Halo’ and ‘Clean’ were not singles, so the singles from Violator are represented in the form of the videos included. I do like the video for ‘Halo’ but I’m more for everything that predates Violator.

  75. negative1 says:

    i for one, am glad it’s not on bluray, which is a dead format for me.

    dvd quality is more than enough for the vast majority of these grainy,
    and early videos.

    the only thing blurays are good for are for extra space.

    good choice on the video listing.

    and for people missing out on the little bits from the other clips,
    you’re not missing anything important.

    yes, halo and clean aren’t on there. oh well, there will always be omissions.


  76. ChristopherM says:

    Why would three DVDs be required to hold four hours of video, with or without commentary? Wouldn’t two DVD-9 discs provide ample capacity? Or am I missing something?

  77. Andy says:

    DVD? It’s the year 2016, no blu-Ray?
    A strange thing to bring out, Does anyone sit and watch old music videos back to back nowadays?

  78. Michael says:

    Looking forward to this.
    However, I would have liked it to have been backed up/accompanied by a newly and not brickwalled remastered CD single collection to mirror the DVD set.
    Maybe that could be next? Soon. Please?

  79. Milton says:

    I would die to have all DM Remixes (US & UK Editions, etc.) from the past on CD!! e.g. “Fly On The Windscreen” (Slow Mix), “Nothing” (numerous remixes that appeared on vinyl), “Shake The Disease”, “Enjoy The Silence” (Quad Mix), etc.

  80. Chris Hanington says:

    Any word on a North American release?

  81. Derek T. says:

    It’s great that it has so many early videos. Everything from their first video compilation, “Some Great Videos”, is there plus some that weren’t even on that. I think some are getting their first release! On the downside, it would have been great to finally get the complete “Strange” and “Strange Too” films on disc. This was the perfect opportunity to include them as extras. Sadly not to be.

  82. Tom says:

    No bluray??? WTH?

  83. Dave H says:

    Do you know if they’ve used the 5.1 surround mixes created a few years back?
    I hope so because the digipaks didn’t include the non-album singles in 5.1 so hopefully we get to hear them here.

  84. Ken Murphy says:

    No blu-ray? Never understood why the Live In Berlin box didn’t have a blu-ray option either.

  85. chdx says:

    I would like to suggest to go back to using the Blu-ray format for video content (this set, the Live in Berlin film…).
    And then to go for the obvious: 101, Devotional etc…

  86. Mark says:

    A Blu-ray would make sense! Newly restored but then pop on a DVD !!
    Will wait for the Blu- Ray and then buy 10!

  87. Tracey says:

    I’m a big DM fan, but have to admit that this release doesn’t excite me. However, I’m sure I’ll still acquire it at some point. The comment about other retrospective projects does sound intriguing though!

  88. Matt says:

    When will they ever revisit Strange and Strange Too……

  89. HarrySmith says:

    Hope there will be a Blu-ray edition as well.

  90. peter says:

    Paul, do you know at all what they did for sound on this?
    DM did get all their albums in 5.1 so would hope they did a DTS 5.1 for this as well.
    Maybe its stereo only and thats why no mention.
    Any info is appreciated.

  91. Phil L. says:

    Unfortunately it looks like there are some omissions, such as “Clean” and “Halo” which were on the Strange Too VHS.

    • Matt says:

      Strange Too was a compilation of short films based on selected tracks from Violator. Clean and Halo were both album tracks not singles so we’re never going to be part of this compilation

    • Neil says:

      They aren’t omissions because they weren’t singles which is what this release is all about.

  92. Tom Abbott says:

    I have high hopes for the audio to be mixed in at least 5.1 surround sound. I really think it would sell better because a lot of people missed out when the SACD and DVD Audio releases came out. It seems like the perfect opportunity for even the casual fan to catch up and enjoy DM even more.

  93. elliott buckingham says:

    seems pointless restoring picture and sound and then sticking it back onto dvd

  94. Scott says:

    FINALLY! All of the early videos are being released. I will definitely buy this, even if only for DVD 1.

  95. John Pettigrew says:

    Wouldn’t you have expected a blu-ray release?

  96. Gusto says:

    Is this getting a Blu-ray release as well?

  97. Joe says:

    Also, no “Pimpf,” “Halo,” or “Clean”?!

  98. Alone With Strangers says:

    If they are ‘remastering’ them then a BR would have been nice to have all the ones recorded in HD as such.

  99. Adam says:

    No Blu Ray?

  100. Joe says:

    I think they would have been better off putting the previous video compilations together and adding other various bits and bobs to make it complete. Strange and Strange Too were pieces to themselves and it will be a bummer not to have them whole. Another missed opportunity.

    • Miles says:

      Agreed. Don’t see the point it’s another consumer gimmick. And why no blu-ray? DVD is old hat, even blu-ray is now on 4K. Less costly to throw it onto DVD, meaning their cutting costs. Why cut costs when the potential package could of been soooooo much better!?

  101. Boaz Halachmi says:


  102. Guido says:

    wow. a lot of old stuff. on old media.

  103. Simon Tardif says:

    The only reason for me to purchase this set is if the sound is in 5.1 Multichannel. I truly hope it is.

  104. Henry Gutierrez says:

    Hopefully there’ll be a Blu-Ray release? Or at least an NTSC release for the US?

  105. Colin says:

    I’m all over this. Will pre-order now.

    Glad to see they aren’t ignoring their (mostly terrible) early videos.
    Bands should own their history.

    The Anton Corbin stuff from the late 80s / early 90s are really special.

    Would like to have seen some rare stuff though. Also, it’s slightly disappointing that the additional ‘joining bits’ from Strange / Strange Too don’t appear to be on this.

  106. bob says:

    This is great news, this looks like it will be a fantastic package.
    I would love them to release a super deluxe edition of Violator next.

  107. Mikael says:

    There are a few unreleased concerts from 86 and 90. Could be great to have them out but I think it might just be the old LD / videotape only releases.

    • Antony Hudson says:

      I have Black Celebration Tour London on DVD. From eBay £13 Russian seller. It’s actually taken from the official dmarchives.


  108. Darren Rigby-O'Neill says:

    I hope to God they’ve not reformatted to 16:9.

    • Tim says:

      Ah yes Darren, like the infamous Queen remastered video collection…16:9 chopping frenzy. Any sight of a Bluray release?

    • Daniel says:

      16:9 it time would be nice !! 2016 4:3?? it´s out !!

      • feline1 says:

        Daniel, if you really want to crop all the top and bottom of the picture off a 4:3 video, I think you’ll find your TV’s remote control has a “Zoom”/”Aspect Ratio” button expressly for that purpose.

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