Depeche Mode / Where’s The Revolution five-track CD single

Depeche Mode will next month release their first single from their forthcoming long-player Spirit as a ‘maxi’ CD single.

The CD will contain five remixes of Where’s The Revolution, (see detailed track listing below). A 2 x 12-inch vinyl set with nine mixes will also be issued.

This CD of Where’s The Revolution will be issued on 3 March 2017. The vinyl will follow at the end of April.

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Depeche Mode

Where's The Revolution (Remixes)


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Depeche Mode

Where's the Revolution 2 x 12-inch


CD Single

1 Where’s the Revolution
2 Where’s the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Remix)
3 Where’s the Revolution (Algiers Remix)
4 Where’s the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Remix)
5 Where’s the Revolution (Autolux Remix)

2 x 12-inch vinyl

1. Where s the Revolution (Autolux Remix)
2. Where s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Remix)
3. Where s the Revolution (Algiers Remix)
4. Where’s the Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
5. Where s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Beatless Remix)
6. Where s the Revolution Where’s The Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Dub)
7. Where s the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Spatial mix)
8. Where s the Revolution (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
9. Where s the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Kompromat Dub)

71 responses to Depeche Mode / Where’s The Revolution five-track CD single

  1. memoryboy says:

    Has anyone got a hold of this yet? It comes out today, right? I’m looking around for it… here in the U.S.

  2. SimonP says:

    I quite like Ewan Pearson’s remixes to be fair. His epic version of Ride A White Horse by Goldfrapp is a particular favourite and his mix of Enjoy The Silence was pretty faithful to the original, too…

  3. MüllerMüller says:

    How long run the remixes ?? Is there any info?

  4. There are still bands releasing CD singles regularly:
    Pet Shop Boys / New Order / Take That / Visage / Erasure and of course Depeche Mode.

    Recently bought all CD singles by a new band called Empathy Test, they also released two 7″ picture discs lately. Bright Light Bright Light also released a CD EP. NINA regularly releases CD singles and there are other independent acts holding on to the CD single format. Even cassettes seem to make a comeback! Latest Take That single even comes in two versions: CD1 & CD2! The single format (7″ and CD) is not dead yet… no, not yet!

  5. Erick Haight says:

    Amazon US has the CD single as “currently unavailable.” Any info?

  6. smorrissey says:

    IMO you need a great song to have good remixes (at least). Their first single for this new album is so so….

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  8. memoryboy says:

    @ Adey, how do you know the remixes are crappy if you haven’t heard them? Perhaps you are not in to remixes in general. I really look forward to hearing the remixes and hope they are great. I am definitely a remix person. I don’t like all remixes, but some are pretty amazing.

  9. memoryboy says:

    @ Neil, that’s the beauty of it all, we all are entitled to our own opinions. What you say is not fact, it’s just your opinion. Mine is that ‘Ultra’ was a great album. So was ‘Exciter’. So was “Playing The Angel’. So was ‘Sounds Of The Universe’. So was ‘Delta Machine’. I just happen to love each album for what they were. I got in to each of them, went to the concerts. Bought the remixes and singles. Not all of their stuff is perfect. I don’t 100% love every song they do. But they are my favorite band, and I have not been disappointed in any of the albums following ‘Ultra’. And each album since ‘Ultra’ has gotten their share of positive reviews.

  10. Adey says:

    £8.55 for a cd single of crappy remixes? I like the new single but will wait for the album release.

  11. memoryboy says:

    I have to say, I agree with Steve on the “Heritage Act” issue. Depeche Mode are still going strong, releasing great albums every four years consistently, reviews are all over the place when they release an album, their fans get excited, and they release remixes and singles that their fans buy, and they sell out shows. It’s like how acts like Madonna, Pet Shops Boys and Erasure keep going…. Depeche Mode are consistent. The Cure however…. is another story

    • Neil says:

      I strongly disagree with your comment about them releasing great albums every four years. The last decent album they released was 20 years ago Ultra and since then they have had a few good singles but on a whole their albums have been rank rotten.

  12. Steve says:

    Depeche Mode will be releasing a 5-track CD featuring remixes of their new single “Where’s the Revolution” on March 3rd. The release will be available physically in stores and through all digital and streaming services. A special 9-track, double LP collection of remixes of “Where’s the Revolution” will be released April 28. “Where’s the Revolution” is the debut track from Depeche Mode’s upcoming 14th studio album, Spirit, and their first new music in four years.

    Track listing for 5-Track CD, 3/3 release:

    1 Where’s the Revolution
    2 Where’s the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Remix)
    3 Where’s the Revolution (Algiers Remix)
    4 Where’s the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Remix)
    5 Where’s the Revolution (Autolux Remix)

    Track listing for 9-Track Double LP, 4/28 release:

    LP 1
    Side 1
    1. Where’s the Revolution (Autolux Remix)
    2. Where’s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Remix)

    Side 2
    1. Where’s the Revolution (Algiers Remix)
    2. Where’s the Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
    3. Where’s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Beatless Remix)

    LP 2
    Side 1
    1. Where’s the Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Dub)
    2. Where’s the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Spatial mix)

    Side 2
    1. Where’s the Revolution (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
    2. Where’s the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Kompromat Dub)

    • John O. says:

      So we could buy get 11 remixes. ( Yikes!! )
      Overkill or what? You decide….
      2 Where’s the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Remix)
      4 Where’s the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Remix)

      Track listing for 9-Track Double LP, 4/28 release:

      LP 1
      Side 1
      1. Where’s the Revolution (Autolux Remix)
      2. Where’s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Remix)

      Side 2
      1. Where’s the Revolution (Algiers Remix)
      2. Where’s the Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
      3. Where’s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Beatless Remix)

      LP 2
      Side 1
      1. Where’s the Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Dub)
      2. Where’s the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Spatial mix)

      Side 2
      1. Where’s the Revolution (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
      2. Where’s the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Kompromat Dub)

  13. Pete C T says:

    9 track 2 x 12″ version released 28/04.

  14. Florian M. Kranz says:

    I heard a minute of the song today and I said to my wife: “Well, Depeche Mode really sound like Depeche Mode”. The song was not surprising AT ALL.

  15. Craig says:

    While the CD hastened the demise of listening to an album, the download era cemented it.

    Many fans (not necessarily here but the masses) just listen to the one or two songs that they may hear on the radio or on a TV appearance just because it is so easy now with phones, etc.

    The lack of radio play for older acts – even a U2 or Depeche Mode – is disturbing and because of it many times I tend to only gravitate to a song or too per album. But when you see them live, the songs grab you.

    It’s a weird thing. And anyone with kids knows they really only listen to songs. Artists would be better served just doing a strong 5-song EP more often (if they have good songs) and then touring.

    The money is in touring anyway.

    As for live shows, if a band like U2 or Depeche Mode are touring a new album, and you get 20 songs; I don’t need more than 4-5 new ones. I would rather hear “Gloria” or “Everything Counts” for the umpteenth time than any new song every day of the week.

  16. Steve says:

    It’s an interesting subject and obviously prone to favouritism and rose tinted spectacles :)
    Personally, I love their last 3 albums, especially playing the angel and Delta Machine.
    I’m hoping the new album isn’t like the new single, which isn’t one of my favourites.
    Heritage acts around today, I’d say are bands like The Human League, Tears for Fears, Simple Minds, OMD, Heaven 17, soulIIsoul (all playing or have played festivals together like chilfest) Adam Ant, The Icicle Works The Damned (although they finally have a new album coming out) Echo and the Bunnymen I would say fall into that category, continually touring and very occasionally put a new lp out.
    I could go on, but they tend to play small gigs or festivals, rarely or never write new material but have enough of a fan base to justify touring.
    The other acts I guess I would call heritage are Bands like the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Who, Rodger Waters, The Cure, Genesis/Phil Collins : huge fan base, massive tour potential but little or no new material. Always a greatest hits tour.
    On DM’s last tour they played most of the new album the tour was named after. So not simply a nostalgia fest.

  17. Pughie says:

    Erasure still also bring out CD singles but they are mostly not a chartable CD as they putas much content on as possible making it unfriendly chart wise

  18. Steve says:

    Hey Paul thought I’d take issue with your round up this week, I found it a little out of touch for you: “for a band whose best days are perhaps behind them and are now something of a heritage act.”
    I think there are a lot of people that would disagree with that statement. If you had been to one of their gigs, especially abroad you see why.
    There’s no great mystery why they can release cd singles and commission remixes. It’s because their fans will buy them and make it worth doing (unlike Duran Duran where not enough fans will)
    If you become a heritage act because you’ve been around for 35 odd years then sure they are.
    But then so was Bowie, so was Prince so are U2.
    I’d say you become a heritage act when you stop recording new material and only tour your greatest hits and release acoustic versions of your album.
    I think U2 are heading there by not releasing their new album and doing a Joshua Tree tour. Depeche Mode aren’t there yet. :)
    So everyone, what is the definition of a heritage act?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My definition is a band whose best days in terms of studio albums are far behind them and still tour very successfully because everyone wants to hear the old hits etc. I’d be really surprised if anyone thinks that is an inaccurate description of Depeche Mode 2017, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      • Johnny Feathers says:

        Funny enough, there’s consternation among U2 fans now that they’re doing a Joshua Tree tour. Depeche Mode are actually viewed as an example of an act that hasn’t yet given in and done a purely nostalgia tour. (Of course, they did have a Singles tour in 1998, which was almost an “Ultra” tour.) That’s quibbling, though. Both are among my favorite acts, but obviously DM’s peak ended by the mid-90’s. Still, they’re amazingly solid, live.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Interesting. The thing is, if the albums get worse then as fans you WANT it to be a bit more nostalgic, don’t you? :)

          • Johnny Feathers says:

            That’s kind of the position I’m in. U2 fell off significantly over the past decade or more. I still love the band, but I’m probably more interested in seeing them tour the album that first made me a fan, at this point. DM could easily do the same thing, but I was surprised at how great the Delta Machine show was, considering I thought the album was maybe the worst. Hoping Spirit brings them back.

        • smorrissey says:

          Both bands are pretty similar IMO. Yes, Depeche hasn’t done a “violator tour” again yet for example but their 3 latest albums (considering spirit sounds like their first single of course) have been as lame as the U2 ones. I love both bands equally and buying their physical albums still but i’m still expecting more…

      • seikotsi says:

        Sorry I disagree. Best albums for me are Sounds of the Universe and Exciter. And best single is Heaven. But I guess everythone has their own views…

        • smorrissey says:

          It’s respectable your personal taste however their “classic albums” despiste any personal taste are “Violator” and “Black Celebration”, “Music for the Masses” and “SOFAD”.

      • smorrissey says:

        I agree same happens with U2 and even Morrissey.

  19. Neil says:

    Back in the day DM remixes were excellent when they had the likes of François K, Flood, Shep Pettibone and Jon Marsh to name but a few remixing them and even the b sides had remixes which were good. Nowadays the vast majority of so called remixes are just a racket and bear no resemblence to the original song at all and i can’t see the mixes on this overpriced single being any different.

  20. Paul Foster says:

    The video edit version is much better , 5 minutes is a bit too long. Hopefully a 12″ vinyl will follow later, maybe they’re seeing how the spirit LP vinyl sales go. Cheers for the offers on the box sets by the way, Just ordered the 6LP vinyl remixes set.

  21. Willard says:

    I sure hope future single releases from this album do have exclusive b-side songs. In the defense of DM, their last three albums all had exclusive bonus songs, b-sides or otherwise. So maybe they’re coming!

    • smorrissey says:

      It could happen but i really doubt it. I’ts a real pity that Spirit will include only remixes as bonus content this time.

  22. Travis says:

    The Revolution will be at Paisley Park in April…

  23. Rune T says:

    Nice to see a physical single, but I would prefer it having at least one additional track (either a non-album track or a version of an album track) instead of just being remixes of the one song.

  24. Phillip Griffiths says:

    £8.16 what!!! Bet the remixes sound terrible as well I will wait for the album!

  25. Marshall says:

    Rhetorical questions still require a question mark.

    • Timbo19 says:

      Not necessarily. As you know, such a question does not require an answer so strictly speaking it does not need to be identified with a question mark. It is a matter of taste, I am sure you would agree…

  26. Timbo19 says:

    The album title is probably best regarded as a rhetorical question and as such does not require a question mark. Hope this helps with any grammar related angst.

  27. smorrissey says:

    I love DM and i’m planning to buy the deluxe physical edition, having said that i’m tired of these lazy remixes, where are the times when they released exclusive new songs as bsides? gone…sadly.
    Even the new deluxe edition of spirit contains a full cd of REMIXES! Not a single new song =(. Yeah Depeche are now the only ones in my personal catalogue still releasing cd singles, U2, Def Leppard and Morrissey have completely stopped, IMO Depeche should too.

  28. Johnny Feathers says:

    Big fan of the band, but have no interest in singles with a bunch of remixes. Though maybe once they’re packaged in a “Remixes 3” album.

    Still, looking forward to the album.

  29. memoryboy says:

    I loved the song “Should Be Higher”, I thought it was fine as a single, not my favorite, but it’s a great track. But they really ruined the single version. The single mix is awful. I much prefer the album version.

  30. Andrew F says:

    Where’s The Revolution is the best Depeche Mode single since Should Be Higher*

    *ducks to avoid bricks.

  31. memoryboy says:

    “Where’s The Revolution” is an instant Depeche Mode classic. After many listens, I feel it’s their best single since ‘Wrong’ or ‘Precious’. Actually ‘Heaven’ was a great single. ‘Suffer Well’ was a great single. As far as singles go, I am excited for “Where’s The Revolution”. Great lyrics. Great vocals. Great music. Great message. I am one of those DM fans who feels they consistently deliver great music. I have enjoyed all their albums, singles and remixes for the most part.

  32. Robert says:

    “Where’s The Revolution” is a great song. Maybe their best single in the last years.

  33. martin farnworth says:

    someone always says the new DM album is “their best in years” – yawn.

  34. elliott buckingham says:

    it sounds like the lyrics could have been sang over any electronic backing track just doesn’t fit the verses at all not impressed this might be the only mode album I will not own

  35. Yves Berget says:

    Sadly no more 7′ singles since they joined Columbia…

  36. daveid76 says:

    Where’s the Revolution? On vinyl at 33 and 45 rpm so where’s the vinyl?

  37. Stevo says:

    *Rock/pop has always played fast and loose with grammar.*

    Thing is, I’m not convinced it’s deliberate. They’re up there with signwriters, many of them.

  38. paolo says:

    Is the CD single having a comeback? The Bowie EP, now this, and I can’t remember who else but there were a couple more acts who released CD singles in the last two years.

    • Lee Carson says:

      Pet Shop Boys did release CD singles if I remember correctly. Did New Order?

      • michael says:

        yes, PSB did 3 cd singles from their last album, new order 4, visage 5 from their last studio album.
        cd singles are not dead in germany, in some retailers like saturn/media markt there is a top 10 in physical cd single format. not my favourite music but there are still cd singles..

        • Gareth Pugh says:

          And PSBs are bringing out a 3-track ‘Undertow’ CD single via their web store – it has its own picture sleeve designed by Farrow along the lines of the other Super singles – its exclusive with purchases of their new 2017 ‘Annually’ book. A 4-track 12″ will also follow (RSD maybe?)

      • Don says:

        Yes, New Order released a whopping four CD singles to support their last album “Music Complete.” Plus various 12″ vinyl singles. DM will have to pull out all the stops if they want to top that.

      • Mikey-D says:

        Yes New Order released 4 singles off of Music Complete. And I promptly went out and bought them all!

    • smorrissey says:

      It has never gone completely…

  39. David Bricknell says:

    Where’s the question mark?

  40. Lloyd Evans says:

    The pricing difference just about says it all! And they wonder why music sales went thru a lull.
    Thank you SDE..i may have spent a small fortune lately but you’ve certainly got me value for my fistful of fivers

  41. bob says:

    I think this is their best single for years, would be good to see them back in the singles charts again.

  42. Andrew F says:

    So pleased that they haven’t discarded physical singles. For such a great singles band, it takes more than just a focus track on a digital album to count as a single release. I’ve noted the video version is a minute shorter than the album version, therefore possibly the only radio edit that’s available for us to stream on demand. I hope that in addition to the CD that there’s a digital single release too.

  43. Michel D. says:

    We can always count on DM to release physical products, good for them…and for us !!

  44. tom says:

    The revolution don’t come cheap…in the UK.

  45. CJ Feeney says:

    I’m enjoying the single, it gets a lot of play on 6 music at the moment. DM were off my radar for years, but I may pick up the album. It’s good to see a physical release, but multiple mixes aren’t my thing!

  46. Jan says:

    Interested to hear the mixes. The album got 4 stars in the new Mojo. “Best album in years”. A heavier Mode.

  47. Craig says:

    Where is the vinyl 12″?!

  48. Steve says:

    Why is the UK release the most expensive?!

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