Dire Straits / “Studio Albums 1978-1991” vinyl box set artwork


As the image above illustrates, the forthcoming Dire Straits Studio Albums 1978-1991 vinyl box set will sport classic 1984 Alchemy-era typography, with a hint of Making Movies design thrown in for good measure.

Ironically, being a studio albums collection, the live record from which the typography is taken doesn’t feature here. The 8LP box does, of course, feature all six studio albums, two of which are presented as 2LP double vinyl sets – On Every Street (from 1991) and 1985’s Brothers In Arms (unedited on vinyl for the first time).

**Update 8/11/13: Universal have confirmed with this blog that Bernie Grundman has mastered the first four titles from analogue masters, with lacquers cut by Grundman and Chris Bellman; Brothers in Arms and On Every Street mastered by Bob Ludwig from digital masters, and cut by Chris Bellman.

The Complete Studio Albums 1978-1991 is released on 25 November 2013 (for more vinyl box set releases this autumn, check out our ‘vinyl countdown‘ post).

Dire Straits / Studio Albums 1978-1991 vinyl box set artwork

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7 responses to Dire Straits / “Studio Albums 1978-1991” vinyl box set artwork

  1. Kaj Sandholm says:

    I bought all dire straits albums on used vinyl a few years back. I payed something like 5€ a piece. I’m listening to “on every street” right now. It sounds great. Since this is universal, why not give us a blu-ray with all albums in 24/96 and 5.1. That would be something new, oh and don’t forget “twisting by the pool”. !!!!

  2. John says:

    The current price for the boxset is £69.07

  3. David Olstein says:

    They should have included the Twising By the Pool EP as a bonus. But I guess that would have required a little imagination.

    • Joe says:

      Agree with David completely. This is still a nice set, and it looks like a few of the best folks around had a had in the mastering/cutting chain (fingers crossed on good quality pressings), but how much effort would it take to throw in Twisting…? Oh, well…

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  5. Mike F says:

    Hey Paul,

    Just a small correction. This is not the first appearance of Brothers in Arms in unedited form on vinyl. The Stan Ricker cut from a several years back was also a double with full length versions (despite the label times stating the shorter track times.)

    • vinyllistener says:

      and it sounded bloody awful compared to a good edited single lp !
      for those with short memories ricker was the tinearred hack behind a lot of the atrocious early mobile fidleity output.

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