Donald Fagen / Cheap Xmas vinyl box

First ever vinyl release of the ‘complete’ Donald Fagen box

The recent reissue of the ‘complete’ Donald Fagen Cheap Xmas five-CD box set was very welcome, but much more exciting is the news that a first ever vinyl edition of the same set will be with us before the end of the year.

This seven-LP box includes all of Fagen’s solo albums – The Nightfly (1982), Kamakiriad (1993), Morph The Cat (2006), Sunken Condos (2012) and a bonus LP, ’10 Extras’, which features rarities such as demos, songs written for films and live tracks.

The price in the UK is £73, which is already good value, but bear in mind that you’d probably pay that just to track down a decent original copy of the Walter Becker produced Kamakiriad on vinyl. And while no one is claiming the vinyl edition of The Nightfly included here will sound as good as Mobile Fidelity’s recent Ultradisc One-Step Pressing, you are getting close to Fagen’s entire output on vinyl for less than the press of that one audiophile box.

Morph The Cat and Sunken Condos are both double albums (although there is no music on side three of Condos), which is why Cheap Xmas is a seven-LP box. Sunken Condos has never been issued on black vinyl (the original was clear) so that’s another fact worth pointing out.

This vinyl edition of Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete will be released on 8 December 2017.

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Donald Fagen

Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete - 7LP vinyl box


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Donald Fagen

Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete - 5CD box


The Nightfly

Side: 1
1. I.G.Y.
2. Green Flower Street
3. Ruby Baby
4. Maxine

Side: 2
1. New Frontier
2. The Nightfly
3. The Goodbye Look
4. Walk Between Raindrops


Side: 1
1. Trans-Island Skyway
2. Countermoon
3. Springtime
4. Snowbound

Side: 2
1. Tomorrow’s Girls
2. Florida Room
3. On The Dunes
4. Teahouse On The Tracks

Morph The Cat

Side: 1
1. Morph The Cat
2. H Gang

Side: 2
1. What I Do
2. Brite Nightgown

Side: 3
1. The Great Pagoda Of Funn
2. Security Joan

Side: 4
1. The Night Belongs To Mona
2. Mary Shut The Garden Door
3. Morph The Cat (Reprise)

Sunken Condos

Side: 1
1. Slinky Thing
2. I’m Not The Same Without You
3. Memorabilia

Side: 2
1. Weather In My Head
2. The New Breed
3. Out Of The Ghetto

Side: 3
1. Miss Marlene
2. Good Stuff
3. Planet D’Rhonda

10 Extras

Side: 1
1. Rhymes
2. Big Noise New York (Demo)
3. True Companion (Soundtrack Version)
4. Confide In Me (Demo)
5. Blue Lou (from Glengarry Glenn Ross)

Disc: 2
1. Shanghai Confidential
2. Green Flower Street (Live at the Beacon)
3. Century’s End
4. Hank’s Pad (Live)
5. Viva Viva Rock ‘N’ Roll (Live)

34 responses to Donald Fagen / Cheap Xmas vinyl box

  1. Paul Bakewell says:

    Are the bonus disc tracks available elsewhere please ? Thanks

    • Larry Davis says:

      Paul…’Century’s End” is from the 1988 soundtrack of “Bright Lights Big City” on Warner’s…great soundtrack…

  2. Philip Birtwistle says:

    The UK CD price of £23.94 is a third party seller. Amazon price is £29.99

  3. Thom says:

    Why 2VN on vinyl isn’t authorised:

    – There’s literally no record of it being distributed by Warner/Giant anywhere other than someone’s say-so Discogs. The likelihood of a Grammy-winning album being released on a format where there is no official record of it existing is about 1,000 to 1.

    – The EAN/Barcode shows up on three sites: Discogs, RateYourMusic and Popsike, which are all from user-generated content. No official site carries this barcode anywhere else- that’s because it isn’t real.

    – Walter Becker’s note about the vinyl edition on specifically says: ‘We have not mastered such a disc as of this time and so anything that you see out there along these lines is an unauthorized version.’ Clear as day to me, that indicates that they (band/label) haven’t ever approved a vinyl version for release – a major label would never dare put out a release like that without the band’s approval.

    – Giant, who put out the original album is owned by Irving Azoff, Steely Dan’s manager. This reduces the likelihood of an unapproved release even more.

    – The Discogs listing is literally the only extant vinyl pressing of the album. It’s therefore certain that this edition is what prompted Walter Becker to write his note about the album not being authorised. No other pressings have been made since then.

    – Said listing has no identifying information that can verify where this was pressed, or who mastered it. An authorised major release wouldn’t be so vague.

    – As far as I can tell, Giant Records didn’t release any other albums on vinyl between 1998 and 2001.

    – No advertising for Two Against Nature at the time of release mentioned a vinyl format.

    – The album clocks in at 51 minutes. No one who cares an ounce about sonic quality would put such a lengthy album on one disc, especially one released in recent times.

    Paul, if you fancy taking on a bit of detective work, it’d be interesting to see if Giant/Warner/Reprise can give a definitive answer on this. It’d save some poor mug from spending £400 on what could be a bootleg if someone can confirm either way…


    Two Against Nature vinyl – unofficial and unauthorised are two different things. This has been debated to death on Discogs, where it currently stands as an official release as it was ‘officially’ distributed by Warners to big chain retailers such as Virgin and HMV, where I bought mine. As to number of copies, well we were lucky to get a vinyl release at all in 2000.

    Either way, it’s likely to be the only vinyl release of this album we’ll ever see.

    • Alan Jones says:

      Thanks Martin, so the chances are I have an officially distributed copy of Two Against Nature vinyl. Good skills!

  5. Alan Jones says:

    Two Against Nature on vinyl was not officially released (the late WB once posted words confirming that) but some copies have surfaced. If it were a boot I would expect more copies to be in circulation and the price to be lower. To my ears played on a reasonably decent Linn / Naim / B&W system, my copy sounds official. Either way it’s a nice item to have and certainly equivilent to Everything Must Go on vinyl which did get an official release.

  6. CJ Feeney says:

    Not to say I told you so (oh go on then) but I did comment a year or so ago that it would soon be newsworthy that an album was issued on black vinyl!

  7. Neil says:

    I do wish they would remaster The Nightfly and Kamakiriad.

  8. J Galvin says:

    I wouldn’t waste my money on this because they didn’t remaster “The Nightfly” or “Kamakiriad” for the CD Box set so chances are they didn’t bother with the vinyl.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That might be considered a plus for some people. It will mean that Kamakiriad will sound the same/very similar to the original pressing.

      • Larry Davis says:

        Did they ever remaster “The Nightfly”?? I think that may have been the big negative on the last boxset…weird as they titled it after that album… There was an Audio Fidelity disc. Maybe it was recorded so well, as was “Kamakiriad”, that they are audiophile standards and don’t need to be??

    • Remember when ... says:

      Quite true plus ant remaster is likely to sound worse.
      The Mo-Fi one-step is meh compared to a mint original US pressing.

  9. richie says:

    It’s called irony Kevin.

  10. Music Man says:

    Let’s hope a Steely Dan box set is on the horizon for 2018

  11. Kevin says:

    Well, he couldn’t appear more pleased on the cover. He makes Morrissey seem downright cheerful.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s all part of the fun with Donald Fagen. He has a very good sense of humour, I think.

      • vikerii says:

        I love that cover. I can picture the exact same look on a young Donny Fagen getting screwed for Christmas and being forced to pose next to his lame gifts. LOL.

        • Larry Davis says:

          You mean Chanukah…Donny and Walter (Rip) both Jewish…but yeah, miserablist humour is their stock in trade…I was worried about booklet inclusion, as these Warner “complete” boxsets didn’t use to have em, but are now starting to, it seems…

  12. richie says:

    I have the CD box, nice, more thought put into it than normal (booklets included for each album). I can also fit into the box my Japanese `The Nightfly` SACD (plus inserts) & my S.E. 2CD `Kamakiriad` (plus inserts).

  13. BillyD says:

    In the two hours since you posted the US cd box has jumped $12. I was gonna get it for my mum for xmas, but $32 seems kinda high. Or it’s cause I’m cheap.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s nicely packaged. They give you the original CD booklets for each release, along with the card slipcase. $32 is still worth it, I think.

  14. Alan Jones says:

    Cheers Paul. You’re spot on with Kamakiriad which cost me an arm and a leg on vinyl. I won’t disclose what I paid for Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature on vinyl either for fear of my wife hiring a hiring a hit man. What I will say it that this collection harbours some of the most accomplished, best produced songs you are likely to hear ever which keep giving time after time. This is the re-release package of the year for me and I can’t recommend it enough.

    • Trash says:

      @Alan Jones
      I just checked on the price of Two Against Nature… heart attack city!

      My girlfriend is thinking of hiring a hitman just in case I am tempted (I love that album).
      Don’t think I’ll be picking up a copy anytime soon though :-(

  15. Marc says:

    Very similar to The Nightfly Trilogy CD box set, but with the inclusion of Sunken Condos. I haven’t looked/listened at the Trilogy box for awhile but I seem to recall there was a bunch of bonus content (videos, FLAC files, etc.). Anyone?

    • Larry Davis says:

      Yes it did…used to have it but sold it many years ago…maybe cuz “Sunken Condos” was coming out and it wasn’t “complete” anymore??!!?? And they may have been expanding the box in the future?? That or I needed extra cash?? I kinda regret it…no video/files on the new box…kinda don’t… expanded box & rarities disc still included…

  16. Sebastien michel Mills says:

    now this is good news indeed

  17. Mic Smith says:

    It’ll be the CD box for me, as a Xmas gift.
    Good to see this set getting a physical release.
    I had been on the verge of downloading the extras disc until I saw a reference to the physical release on Hoffman.

    Be good to see an extras disc pulled together for Steely Dan at some point.

  18. Trash says:

    Shame I just picked up a second hand copy of The Nightly.
    However I would love a vinyl copy of Kamakiriad…

    Ohhh the temptation.

    Thanks for the info Paul.

  19. Paolo says:

    Why “much more exciting”?

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