Donna Summer / A Hot Summer Night CD+DVD deluxe & coloured vinyl

Donna Summer / A Hot Summer Night reissue

First time on CD or vinyl • Newly restored 

This July, Donna Summer‘s 1983 live concert A Hot Summer Night will be issued on CD for the first time as part of a special CD+DVD deluxe edition, and also gets its vinyl debut on a 2LP coloured vinyl pressing.

The concert was filmed and recorded live on 6 August 1983, at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California in front of 18,000 fans. It was the second leg of Donna’s ‘Hard For The Money Tour’ in support of the album of (nearly) the same name, which had been released a couple of months earlier.

Guests on the night included Musical Youth, sisters Dara and Mary Ellen and her eldest daughter Mimi joined her on a show-closing ‘State Of Independence’.

CD+DVD deluxe comes as a special ‘bookset’

As noted above, the concert has never been released on CD before and this deluxe edition pairs it with a DVD (NTSC, region-free). Content has been restored from the analogue video tapes and the bookset features 7,500 word essay with newly conducted interviews with interviews singer/songwriter, Bruce Sudano, film director Brian Grant, choreographer, dame Arlene Phillips and executive producer Len R. Epand.

A special 2LP coloured vinyl edition features the same audio as per the CD and also includes the notes.

Both formats are issued on 10 July 2020, via Demon’s ‘Driven By The Music’ imprint. We are making these available via the SDE shop, which ships internationally.

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Donna Summer

A Hot Summer Night - CD+DVD deluxe


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Donna Summer

A Hot Summer Night - 2LP coloured vinyl


A Hot Summer’s Night 2LP coloured vinyl

Side 1

1. Intro
2. MacArthur Park
3. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)
4. Unconditional Love (featuring Musical Youth)

Side 2

1. Romeo
2. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
3. On The Radio
4. Forgive Me

Side 3

1. Sisters Dialogue
2. Woman (with Band introductions)
3. ‘Bad Girls’ Medley: Dim All The Lights/Sunset People/Bad Girls/Hot Stuff

Side 4

1. Last Dance
2. She Works Hard For The Money
3. State Of Independence (with Mimi)

A Hot Summer’s Night CD+DVD deluxe


1. Intro
2. MacArthur Park
3. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)
4. Unconditional Love (featuring Musical Youth)
5. Romeo
6. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
7. On The Radio
8. Forgive Me
9. Sisters Dialogue
10. Woman (with Band introductions)
11. ‘Bad Girls’ Medley: Dim All The Lights/Sunset People/Bad Girls/Hot Stuff
12. Last Dance
13. She Works Hard For The Money
14. State Of Independence (with Mimi)

1. Intro
2. MacArthur Park
3. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)
4. Unconditional Love (featuring Musical Youth)
5. Romeo
6. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
7. On The Radio
8. Forgive Me
9. Sisters Dialogue
10. Woman (with Band introductions)
11. ‘Bad Girls’ Medley: Dim All The Lights/Sunset People/Bad Girls/Hot Stuff
12. Last Dance
13. She Works Hard For The Money
14. State Of Independence (with Mimi)”

58 responses to Donna Summer / A Hot Summer Night CD+DVD deluxe & coloured vinyl

  1. Jorge Hernandez says:

    I wish for “A Hot Summer Night” and “Live And More-Encore” Blue Ray 4K format. Donna is an Universal Icon , deserves All those great live concerts available to the public at least in DVD format.

  2. Paul W says:

    My DVD / CD arrived today … I am staggered at how brilliant the DVD is . What an absolute legend she is… yeah, I’m sad enough to have a Donna tattoo on my left arm, so maybe a bit prejudiced, but omg this woman was a fantastic singer.

    • Mitch says:

      When did you order yours? I ordered mine back in May from here and just got confirmation on Friday that it was shipping and I’m in the USA

    • peter irving says:

      I just watched the dvd, brilliant but I’m sure there have been some small cuts, what happened to the intro to ‘On the Radio’ and I’m sure some of the chatter is missing that used to be on the original vhs release!!

  3. D5equj5 says:

    Donna at her finest above and beyond! Her co-op with Musical Youth alone is worth the price of admission…

  4. JEFFREY BLACK says:

    I Love Her!
    Couldn’t they reached out a little and made it a Blu-Ray or 4K. But I’m happy.

    • Jorge Hernandez says:

      That’s right, I wish for a blue ray format 4K for this concert and also for the Live And More-Encore video.

  5. Jean-Michel Maillot says:

    Le DVD sera visible dans toutes les zones? en France je suis en zone 2.
    J’ai vraiment hâte de découvrir ce DVD et d’écouter ce concert que personnellement je ne connaissais pas.
    Le packaging est lui aussi superbe.

  6. Casper Janssen says:

    This is wonderful news, so shortly after ‘Encore’ Demon Music and The Donna Summer Sudano Estate come with another unexpected surprise. This was a great show, and Donna was on the top of her game during 1983. I’m looking forward to finally have this concert in good qualitiy on CD, LP and DVD and that I can get rid of the bad quality bootlegs that I have. Let’s hope Demon Music and the DS Estate have more surprises in store for us in the future.

  7. Eric C says:

    they just released an extensice donna summer box in may and they already ommitted this show?

  8. Walter says:

    Well I can’t wait to get it

  9. Conner Sharpe says:

    THANK YOU for making this available for international delivery. That’s a big deal for the US fans and I will be sharing on the Donna Summer groups.

  10. Alain says:

    Just pre-ordered the vinyl set via the SDA shop. Thank Paul.

  11. Robert Trujillo says:

    Shipping to US will the price be converted to dollars instead of pounds?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You pay whatever the US dollar equivalent is as determined by your bank/card provider.

  12. Andrew Miles says:

    This is fantastic news! I thought this would never see the light of day on DVD, and with the CD too. Like most fans I have the VHS which I recorded to DVD, but is lacking in quality.

    The packaging looks amazing, and the purple vinyl is spectacular. Pre-Ordered straight away :-)

    • Chris Davis says:

      I agree! Got my LD copied to a digital format but nothing beats an official restoration from the original analogue master!

  13. Lyndon Woodward says:

    I don’t know why ( when this concert was put together) – Somebody made the decision to do a medley of “Hot Stuff”,*Bad Girls”and “Sunset P”. My only complaint about Donna S. is – She always leaves you wanting more.I wish she had recorded more music.I wonder did she ever finish the double album she was working on at the time of her de…

    • Casper Janssen says:

      Donna wasn’t working on an album at the time of her death. There were plans, but nothing happened, and then she got sick and died

  14. Steven Roberts says:

    I do like Donna (still working my way through the Encore set – which only came out, what, 6 weeks ago?), but I do hope they aren’t going down the same road with her as they have with Bowie (ie fresh ‘product’ seemingly every other week).

    By wallet can’t take it!

  15. Nelson Tabe says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Sooooo thrilled for this release. Will be ordering both DVD and vinyl.

    Please also consider releasing Donna Summer’s remastered music videos on DVD (never been released before in any format apart from a Universal 5 song sampler and a bad Brazilian compilation of sorts).

    A release like this of Olivia Newton-John’s 1982 Physical tour would also be most welcomed and be snapped up by her fans :)

  16. JohnnyM says:

    just pre-ordered the CD/DVD set! Can’t wait.

  17. Dan says:

    This would’ve been nice in the Encore box set, but, it looks nice so I’ve ordered both CD/DVD and the Vinyl. Encore appears to be sold out at most places now.

  18. Dwayne says:

    Can you ship to the United States or is there a Covid19 Package issue / hold?

  19. Pierre says:

    From Canada just ordered from SDE

    Thanks Paul

  20. Shane says:

    Wow this looks fantastic, and the color vinyl! Incredible!
    But…how many times are they going to use a variation of her nostrils photo? As iconic as it is, it’s on so many compilations and latest on the Encore box, and the color palette is not too different either. Still love it but guys change it up!

    • Philip Marshall says:

      I rather like the fact they’ve used an iconic Donna pose but taken from the Hot Summer Night concert. I agree the original Live And More cover has been overused but it really is so iconic it must be very hard for record companies to resist using it.

      This is a very welcome release and a lovely unexpected surprise. Maybe more to come?

  21. Nathan Dodd says:

    Loved her duet with my favourite artist, Barbra Streisand on “No More Tears” (Enough Is Enough).

  22. Michael says:

    Love Donna Summer’s music & enjoying the boxset. Even though one of the cds is missing & demon are supposedly closed for corona so no response from them.

    To buy any further of Donna Summer music I would like music from the Casablanca years. Expanded cd editions of the albums from Love To Love You Baby to On the Radio: Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2 I would purchase those if they included things not in the boxset.

    • Søren Jensen says:

      But none of her Casablanca albums have extra material apart from the single edits.

  23. Ilario says:

    great release! thanx!!
    However, it’s a pity that “No more tears” has not been included, already present in the old version on iTunes, now no longer available (I’m very happy to have purchased it, in its time!)

  24. Billy D says:

    DVD? That may be the apex of video technology to the older Donna Summer crowd, but my mom is
    pushing 77 and she had bluray ten years ago. A 4k tv set can only upscale so much.

    The cd box seriously needs another pressing. I had mine ordered through Amazon UK. By the time of release my order was no longer of importance and this pops up “Currently unavailable for delivery to your region due to high demand. We are working to resume delivery as soon as possible.” I kinda thought delivery should go to who was in line.
    I didn’t get my TFF The Hurting for the same reason.
    I see this disclaimer a lot. It’s on the Now 5 cd I ordered when Paul posted it. Let’s see how that goes.

    • Steven Roberts says:

      @Billy D Where are you located, Billy? It’s true that AmazonUK appears to have sold out – but if you are in the UK there are other online stores showing the item as available (at the time of writing, being the early hours 7th May).

      I won’t post the link here because I suspect scalpers monitor the site, but if Paul can put us in touch….

    • Lazlo Nibble says:

      Since the concert was shot on video there’s no point in releasing it on Blu-Ray, the source material wouldn’t be high-resolution enough to get any benefit from anything better than DVD.

    • David says:

      If it was filmed in 1983 it will be 4:3 ratio and it appears not to be film so the ‘analogue video’ will most likely have been 1″ tape, Umatic or 2″ video. Therefore, it is pointless trying to create a 4k or bluray version as it can’t be made better as the original tapes definition is limited to the technology it was recorded on.
      Any PR claiming otherwise is just spin.

      INXS from 1991 was shot on film so they could go back a bring it to life via the process shown on the short promo clip.

  25. Bruce says:

    No “I Feel Love”? How do you not perform your best song, and one of the greatest ever???

  26. D.Harris says:

    This is fantastic news! It looks like we are finally starting to tap into the rare stuff… and having the live content on CD and LP is a great bonus!!!

    I know there have been recent complaints about the number of re-issues. But personally, I think the estate has gone above and beyond to nurture and protect Donna’s legacy. There’s no rule that says you have to buy everything. So if that’s your issue, don’t blame the label. Buy what makes sense to you and pass on what you feel is redundant or unnecessary.

    Bruce, if you see this – Thank You for all the work you’ve put into these amazing remasters!

  27. Kauwgompie says:

    Great release for DS fans like myself. we already have the iconic “Live And More”” from the 70’s, now we have an 80’s concert. Will get this for sure. Price is also very decent.

  28. Why no DVD with the lp veraion?

  29. Mick says:

    Thanks Paul, looks like a winner from a great Donna Summer era. Pre-ordered the cd/dvd package from the SDE Shop.

  30. Erik Vang Olsen says:

    Hi Paul. There is something wrong with the track Numbers on the vinyl version.

  31. Martin says:

    Great stuff – Even might I suggest ‘Hot’

    The vinyl is too good to resist at a great price too – Thanks Paul

  32. Bob says:

    Hi, Paul Ordered through your site. There are many fans in North America wondering if the dvd will be region coded, or if it will be region free? You should see a rise in orders if the latter is the case.

  33. What? Summer? Worry? says:

    Sounds and looks a great package, but couldn’t this of been included in the box set?

    Would also be nice to see either Once Upon Time or Bad Girls or anything pre 78 being released.

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