Donna Summer / Encore / career-spanning 33CD deluxe box set

All Donna’s albums in one box • Remastered • Massive amount of bonus material • Large format • Hardcover book • Expensive, but limited

A new comprehensive 33CD box set, Encore, will bring together remastered versions all of Donna Summer‘s 17 studio albums and offer eight bonus discs of rarities and non-album material.

Encore starts at the beginning with Lady of the Night from 1974 and works its way through the Casablanca era to the eighties, when Donna had spells on Geffen, Mercury and Atlantic. The last album is 2008’s Crayons. Also included are 1978’s Live And More, the 1979 compilation On The Radio and Live & More Encore! from 1999.

That totals 25 CDs and a further eight discs offer a massive 109 bonus tracks (there are 329 tracks in total). These include seven-inch mixes, 12-inch mixes, non-album rarities and other one-off recordings.

Encore – 33CD box set (click image to enlarge)

All the music is remastered and the albums are presented in mini-replica CD sleeves with inner wallets (the latter is welcome). These are all housed in a large format lift-off lid box set which comes with a 40-page 12” x 12” hardcover book which features a  newly commissioned 25,000 words of sleeve notes by Christian John Wikane. The notes incorporate new interviews with many of Donna’s collaborators, including Giorgio Moroder’s production partner Pete Bellotte (Moroder himself provides a foreword).

Encore is limited to 1500 copies and will be released on 27 March via Crimson Productions (a Demon Music imprint).

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Donna Summer



Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Lady Of The Night
2 Born To Die
3 Friends
4 Domino
5 The Hostage
6 Wounded
7 Little Miss Fit
8 Let’s Work Together Now
9 Sing Along (Sad Song)

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Love To Love You Baby
2 Full Of Emptiness
3 Need-A-Man Blues
4 Whispering Waves
5 Pandora’s Box
6 Full Of Emptiness (Reprise)

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
2 Prelude To Love
3 Could It Be Magic
4 Wasted
5 Come With Me

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Spring Affair
2 Summer Fever
3 Autumn Changes
4 Winter Melody
5 Spring Reprise

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 I Remember Yesterday
2 Love’s Unkind
3 Back In Love Again
4 I Remember Yesterday (Reprise)
5 Black Lady
6 Take Me
7 Can’t We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)
8 I Feel Love

Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Once Upon A Time
2 Faster And Faster To Nowhere
3 Fairy Tale High
4 Say Something Nice
5 Now I Need You
6 Working The Midnight Shift
7 Queen For A Day

1 If You Got It Flaunt It
2 A Man Like You
3 Sweet Romance
4 (Theme) Once Upon A Time
5 Dance Into My Life
6 Rumour Has It
7 I Love You
8 Happily Ever After
9 (Theme) Once Upon A Time

Double- Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Once Upon A Time (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
2 Fairy Tale High (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
3 Faster And Faster To Nowhere (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
4 Spring Affair (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
5 Rumour Has It (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
6 I Love You (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
7 Only One Man (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
8 I Remember Yesterday (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
9 Love’s Unkind (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
10 My Man Medley: The Man I Love/I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good/Some Of These Days (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
11 The Way We Were (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
12 Mimi’s Song (Recorded live Universal Summer Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)

1 Try Me, I Know We Can Make It (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
2 Love To Love You Baby (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
3 Feel Love (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
4 Last Dance (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
5 MacArthur Park Suite: MacArthur Park/One Of A Kind/Heaven Knows (with Brooklyn Dreams)/MacArthur Park (reprise)

CD10 & 11: BAD GIRLS
Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Hot Stuff
2 Bad Girls
3 Love Will Always Find You
4 Walk Away
5 Dim All The Lights
6 Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart
7 One Night In A Lifetime
8 Can’t Get To Sleep At Night

1 On My Honor
2 There Will Always Be A You
3 All Through The Night
4 My Baby Understands
5 Our Love
6 Lucky
7 Sunset People

Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 On The Radio
2 Love To Love You Baby
3 Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
4 Feel Love
5 Our Love
6 I Remember Yesterday
7 I Love You
8  Heaven Knows (Donna Summer/Brooklyn Dreams)
9 Last Dance

1 MacArthur Park
2 Hot Stuff
3 Bad Girls
4 Dim All The Lights
5 Sunset People
6 No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand)
7 On The Radio (Long Version)

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 The Wanderer
2 Looking Up
3 Breakdown
4 Grand Illusion
5 Running For Cover
6 Cold Love
7 Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’
8 Nightlife
9 Stop Me
10 I Believe In Jesus

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Love Is In Control (Finger On The
2 Mystery Of Love
3 The Woman In Me
4 State Of Independence
5 Livin’ In America
6 Protection
7 (If It) Hurts Just A Little
8 Love Is Just A Breath Away
9 Lush Life

Single CD-sized replica mini- sleeve wallet

1 She Works Hard For The Money
2 Stop Look And Listen
3 He’s A Rebel
4 Woman
5 Unconditional Love
6 Love Has A Mind Of Its Own
7 Tokyo
8 People, People
9 (I Do Believe) I Fell In Love

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Supernatural Love
2 It’s Not The Way
3 There Goes My Baby
4 Suzanna
5 Cats Without Claws
6 Oh Billy, Please
7 Eyes
8 Maybe It’s Over
9 I’m Free
10 Forgive Me

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 All Systems Go
2 Bad Reputation
3 Love Shock
4 Jeremy
5 Only The Fool Survives (Duet with
Mickey Thomas)
6 Dinner With Gershwin
7 Fascination
8 Voices Cryin’ Out
9 Thinkin’ Bout My Baby

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt
2 When Love Takes Over You
3 This Time I Know It’s For Real
4 The Only One
5 In Another Place And Time
6 Sentimental
7 Whatever Your Heart Desires
8 Breakaway
9 If It Makes You Feel Good
10 Love’s About To Change My Heart

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Get Ethnic
2 Body Talk
3 Work That Magic
4 When Love Cries
5 Heaven’s Just A Whisper Away
6 Cry Of A Waking Heart
7 Friends Unknown
8 Fred Astaire
9 Say A Little Prayer
10 Mistaken Identity
11 What Is It You Want
12 Let There Be Peace

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 White Christmas
2 The Christmas Song
3 O Come All Ye Faithful
4 Christmas Is Here
5 Christmas Medley: What Child Is
This/Do You Hear What I Hear/Joy To
The World
6 I’ll Be Home For Christmas
7 Christmas Spirit
8 Breath Of Heaven
9 O Holy Night
10 Lamb Of God

CD22 & 23: I’M A RAINBOW
Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1  I Believe (In You) (Donna Summer duet with Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito)
2 True Love Survives
3 You To Me
4 Sweet Emotion
5 Leave Me Alone
6 Melanie
7 Back Where You Belong
8 People Talk
9 To Turn The Stone

1 Brooklyn
2 I’m A Rainbow
3 Donna Walk On (Keep On Movin’)
4 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
5 A Runner With The Pack
6 Highway Runner
7 Romeo
8 End Of The Week
9 I Need Time

Single CD-sized replica mini- sleeve wallet

1 MacArthur Park
2 This Time I Know It’s For Real
3 I Feel Love
4 On The Radio
5 No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Donna Summer featuring Tina Arena)
6 Dim All The Lights
7 She Works Hard For The Money
8 Bad Girls
9 Hot Stuff
10 My Life
11 Last Dance
12 Love Is The Healer
13 I Will Go WIth You (Con Te Partiró)

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Stamp Your Feet
2 Mr. Music
3  Crayons (Donna Summer featuring Ziggy Marley)
4 The Queen Is Back
5 Fame (The Game)
6 Sand On My Feet
7 Drivin’ Down Brazil
8 I’m A Fire
9 Slide Over Backwards
10 Science Of Love
11 Be Myself Again
12 Bring Down The Reign
13 It’s Only Love


Gatefold CD-sized wallet

1 Denver Dream
2 Something’s In The Wind
3 Love To Love You Baby [Single Edit]
4 Winter Melody [Single Version]
5 I Feel Love [Edit]
6 Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep
Inside) – Album Version
7 Rumour Has It [Single Version]
8 I Love You [Single Version]
9 Once Upon A Time [7″ Single Version]
10 Heaven Knows (Donna Summer/Brooklyn Dreams)
11 MacArthur Park [Single Version]
12 Hot Stuff [Single Version]
13 Bad Girls [Single Version/Edited]
14 Dim All The Lights [7″ Single Version]
15 Walk Away [Single Version]
16 Sunset People
17 Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’ (Edit)
18 Cold Love (Edit)
19 Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (7” Version)
20 State Of Independence (7” Version)

1 She Works Hard For The Money [Edited
Single Version]
2  Unconditional Love [Edit] (Donna Summer with Musical Youth)
3 Stop, Look & Listen [7″ Single Version]
4 Love Has A Mind Of Its Own [7″ Single Version]
5 Eyes (7” Remix Edit)
6 All Systems Go (Edit)
7 Dinner With Gershwin (Edit)
8  Only The Fool Survives (Edit) (Donna Summer duet with Mickey Thomas)
9 This Time I Know It’s For Real (7″ Mix)
10 I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (7″ Remix)
11 Love’s About To Change My Heart (PWL 7″ Mix)
12 Breakaway (Power Radio Mix)
13 When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford 7″)
14 State Of Independence [New Bass Mix Edit]
15 Breakaway (Remix Edit)
16 When Love Cries (Single Version Remix)
17 Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Radio Mix)
18 Fame (The Game) (Dave Audé Radio)
19 I Feel Love [Almighty Radio Edit]

Gatefold CD-sized wallet

1 Love To Love You Baby (Come Dancing Version)
2 Could It Be Magic [12″ Single Version]
3 I Feel Love [Special Disco Version]
4 Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) [12″ Disco Version]
5 Hot Stuff [12″ Version]
6 Dim All The Lights [12″ Version]
7 On The Radio [Long Version]
8 Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Dance Remix)
9 She Works Hard For The Money [12″ Single Remix)
10 Eyes (Extended Mix)
11 I’m Free (Extended Mix)

1 All Systems Go (Extended Remix)
2 Dinner With Gershwin (Extended Version)
3 This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Remix)
4 I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Phil Harding 12″ Version)
5 Love’s About To Change My Heart (Extended Remix)
6 When Love Takes Over You (Pete Hammond Original 12” Mix)
7 Work That Magic (ISA Extended Remix)
8 I’m A Fire (Craig C’s Burning Club Mix)
9 Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)
10 Fame (The Game) (Dave Audé Club)

CD30 & 31: REMIXES
Gatefold CD-sized wallet

1 I Feel Love [Patrick Cowley Mega Mix]
2 Love’s About To Change My Heart [Clivillés & Cole 12” Mix]
3 I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt [Pete Hammond Original 12″ Version]
4 When Love Takes Over You [Dave Ford Extended Remix]
5 Breakaway [Extended Power Mix]
6 State Of Independence [12″ Millennium Mix with Martin Luther King]
7 Breakaway [Remix – Full Version]
8 Work That Magic [ISA Full Length Remix]
9 I Feel Love (Masters At Work 86th Street Mix)

1 I Feel Love (Rollo/Sister Bliss Monster Mix)
2 State Of Independence [Creation Mix – Edit]
3 Love Is The Healer (Eric Kupper’s I Feel Healed 7” Mix)
4 I Feel Love (Qattara 2004 Remix)
5 Working The Midnight Shift (Holy Ghost! Remix)
6 MacArthur Park (Laidback Luke Remix)
7 Hot Stuff (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper As Director’s Cut Signature Mix)
8 Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix)
9 Dim All The Lights (Duke Dumont Remix)
10 Love To Love You Baby (Giorgio Moroder Feat. Chris Cox Remix)
11 I Feel Love (Almighty Mix)
12 Sunset People (Hot Chip Dub Edit)

Gatefold CD-sized wallet

1 Wasserman (Aquarius) – [from “Haare” 1968 German Cast Version]
2 Oh, Segne Gott Mein’ Seel/Bless The Lord (from German Cast Recording of ‘Godspell’)
3 Virgin Mary
4 Theme From “The Deep” (Down, Deep Inside) (A Love Song)
5 With Your Love
6 Sometimes Like Butterflies
7 Face The Music
8 Tearin’ Down The Walls
9 La Vie En Rose [Album Version]
10 Any Way At All
11 Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (West End 7” Radio Mix)
12  Does He Love You? (Liza Minnelli and Donna Summer)
13 Whenever There Is Love (from “Daylight”) (Soundtrack Version) (Bruce Roberts and Donna Summer)
14 I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiró)
15 You’re So Beautiful (Tony Moran Radio Edit)
16 I Got Your Love (Radio Edit)
17 To Paris With Love (Mendy Radio Edit)
18  La Dolce Vita (Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder)

1 Je T’Aime (Moi Non Plus)
2  Something’s Missing (In My Life) (Paul Jabara feat Special Guest Donna Summer)
3 With Your Love
4 Last Dance
5 Carry On (Outta Control Extended) (Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder)
6 That’s The Way (Almighty Radio Edit)
7 Dream-A-Lot’s Theme (I Will Live For Love) (Moroder/Cox 12″ Extended Remix)
8 Power Of Love (Hani’s Mixshow Edit)
9 Last Dance (Masters At Work Remix-Short Version)
10 My Life [Junior Vasquez Private Collection Mix-Long Edit]

258 responses to Donna Summer / Encore / career-spanning 33CD deluxe box set

  1. Griffin says:

    @PJB (April 5, 2020 at 18:43)
    I’m not sure where you exactly were refering to. I tried to find it (the pink pages). If that’s the case mine didn’t jump from ‘Heaven Knows’ to ‘State of Independence’.
    @Jose (April 6, 2020 at 15:51)
    Yeah, on the front pages, the album covers & tracklistings. Once Upon A Time, CD2, Act Four track 9 Happily Ever After INSTEAD OF (Theme) Once Upon A Time. And all the albums were full with track durations, composers, authors, licensing etc. Not just Lady Of The Night.
    @Hans-Jürgen (April 19, 2020 at 10:11)
    With the hard bookcover (front & back) + 22 pages = 24 pages.
    @PJB (April 19, 2020 at 19:36)
    Perhaps you can find the page (pictures) online. So you can finish your reading. Or if Paul would be so kind to post “your missing” page here.

    Are there any more issues I need to know & to check (so I’ll know my copy is fine)? I don’t have time to all CD’s at the moment. If there is a replacement programme I hope Paul you will keep us posted.

    I pre-ordered mine with Grooves-Inc or on 25-03-2020 as most sites were more expensive with their price was €178,09 (+€8,95 for using PayPal) = €187,04 still very good deal. And it was already in stock (green light). 17-04-2020 writing them as there was still no dispatch notice. They replied that there had been an error. But it was sold out. I pre-ordered it & it was stated in-stock (green light). Okay, it could happen. They promised me re-ordering from supplier(s). 08-05-2020 once again no updates/dispatch notice. They replied that it is still unavailable. They placed orders with more distributors. 16-05-2020 I checked their site, this time item is green lighted again (4-8 workdays in stock). I emailed them directly. Same story currently not available. Backorders. But none of the distributors can supply them (while on the site the item price was over €230 & green lighted). 28-05-2020 I checked they still had 1 left. I emailed grooves asked them to buy from to honour my pre-order. They ignored me. I then open dispute with PayPal. I was just afraid they kept me on a line & no chance they are going to honour my €178 order while the selling pricd is more than €258 at this moment. Still with PayPal involved they still sold me the same story, no updates, not telling me where the suppliers were from (UK, FR, DE, etc). So I’ll know when perhaps lockdowns will be over. Finally I saw & bought it from for €199,46 (incl. €5 shipping) on 10-06-2020. Received it on 12-06-2020. Then PayPal refund completed in a few days from Never again with this dishonest seller. But many times in the past, no problem. Big amount/value order I will choose for the more trusted sellers.

  2. Jbird says:

    After waiting decades for the 12” version of “She Works Hard For The Money” to FINALLY be released on CD, I was extremely disappointed to hear the version on the set is the edited mix without the Horns in the instrumental break. The complete mix runs 6:15 and the version on this set (from what I’ve seen on Discogs) runs 6:01.

  3. PJB says:

    Has anybody else noticed a couple of missing pages in the middle of the book? It jumps from ‘Heaven Knows’ to ‘State of Independence’. I was enjoying the read up to that point!

    • Jose says:

      No I am fine with that but in Once Upon a time page
      There is a big couack track 8 cd 2 Happily Ever After
      Track 9 Happilly Ever After where is the Ince Upon A time And also at the moment the only cd fully detailed with title and running time is Lady Of W The weight

      • PJB says:

        Thanks Jose. Might be just my book then :(
        My Once Upon a Time & Lady of the Night CD track listings were the same as yours though.

      • Hans-Jürgen (Donna Fan since 1968) says:

        Hello Jose, you are right, there are two times written Happilly ever after. Also they forgot to write that Donna was singing in two other Musicals in Germany 1972. Both Musical was also recorded by Global Records and came out as a Gatefold Cover Album.
        The German Version is called: Ich bin ich and the English Version is called: They me nobody knows. There is another Album Missing before Lady of the Night. Its called Summernight – Donna Summer-Veith Marvos-RedPoint Orchestra and Friend. This Album was recorded in Munich with Veith Marvos and his Red Point Orchestra 1972 til 1973/74. Released 1984 as a Record – Unreleased Munich Sound Collectors by Boom Records Germany, In 1972 and 1973 Donna Summer was singing as a Background Singer for Veith Marvos Albums and other Bands in Munich before she startet her career with Pete and Giorgio together.

        • Uwe Wandel says:

          You know that there never was an album before ‘Lady Of The Night’.

          See Discogs: Collection of Donna Summer early material. Summer’s vocals were recorded in the early ’70s, pre-Love To Love You fame, for several releases of Veit Marvos and his orchestra. When Summer became famous, Marvos remixed, re-recorded and reissued these tracks with Donna’s voice more audiable in the foreground. It was released without her consent. The first editions of this album were still issued as “Veit Marvos, Donna Summer And Friends” (ca. 1984). Countless subsequent releases just noted Donna Summer as the artist.

    • Hans-Jürgen (Donna Fan since 1968) says:

      Hello PJB,

      how many pages have your book from Donna? I got includung the hardcover 24 (48) pages.

      • PJB says:

        Hello Hans-Jurgen (with apologies for the missing umlaut),

        I’ve just had a count of the pages and, including the hardcover, there are only 22. Looks like I drew the short straw. Never mind. There are far worse things going on at the moment, plus, I doubt I could get a replacement for the book alone. Other than that I am very happy with the box set.

  4. Kiefer2 says:

    B#%ch and you shall receive! Just marked as dispatched from Amazon Uk!

  5. Kiefer2 says:

    Has anyone in America gotten the box from Amazon Uk? I saw mycharge card was alerted last week, got my hopes up andthat was the end. Still says dispatching soon.

    • Eric Henwood-Greer says:

      I’m in Western Canada and had it on pre-order from (since January, so maybe I was early in any sort of cue?) they dispatched it last Saturday and then it arrived this Wedneday. With a 20 dollar duty fee I was not expecting, but at this point I really didn’t mind. So, if it’s any consolation, you should get it quickly once it is sent out.

    • cdmaniac says:

      Still waiting here. There was a hold put on my card & then it fell off. On Amazon UK it still says it will be delivered between the 6th & 11th

  6. philce3k says:

    I am a professional graphic artist (and a semi-professional composer/producer/musician).
    Initial thoughts on the set…..

    Aesthetically speaking the box is GORGEOUS. The book and CD replica sleeves are also top notch. Only criticism is my eyes are not what they used to be and I would have appreciated a few more pages in the book so as to get the type bigger! :-D Would also liked to have seen a selection of photos of the divine Donna.

    I have quickly tested a random selection of tracks purely on my blu ray player put through my new TV. They sound gorgeous with fantastic separation and great mix levels and great bass/mid/high levels. I usually test on headphones so this was a revelation.

    It’s expensive but you when you get the set you can appreciate why to a degree.

    Can’t wait to really get into this set. I am loving it.

  7. philce3k says:

    From wikipedia:
    MacArthur Park: “The versions of this medley in Live and More and in the 12-inch recording are notably different in the presentation of the two original songs. In the 12-inch version, Heaven Knows” was extended to incorporate the instrumental string introduction and the bridge horn solo of the single version for radio stations, but left out the second verse and “One of a Kind” was trimmed of a large part of the instrumental break but included the second verse.”

    Are these versions of Heaven Knows and One of a Kind in the box set? If not, are they available anywhere else?


    • Eric Henwood-Greer says:

      This box set restores the original MacArthur Park Suite to Live and More–the one that has less of Heaven Knows. This is a big deal to some of us obsessive fans–it was released on the CD Dance Collection back in the 80s, but ever since then they’ve used the later 12″ promo mix which, as you quote from Wiki, incorporates more of Heaven Knows (presumably because it was a hit on its own). The 7″ single version of Heaven Knows is included in the box set. I don’t think a single version of One of a Kind outside of the context of the Park Suite has *ever* been released–I’ve certainly never have come across one (and frankly, unlike Heaven Knows, it always sounded more like a decent “segue” song but not one to stand on its own). The promo 12″ of MacArthur Park Suite isn’t here, but should still be easy to find. It was on the 2 disc Deluxe Bad Girls, for example, which features a number of things not included here like a Bad Girls demo and the excellent 12″ of Walk Away which is one of her few 12″ with added vocals and that is not simply looped. Unfortunately, on Bad Girls Deluxe they messed up and included Walk Away 12″ in *mono*. It is also in stereo on the old Dance Collection disc but I admit the fact that it’s not on this set, when the other Bad Girls extended versions are, and the fact it’s my fave of the 12″ mixes from that album, is baffling to me and one disappointment I do have for this set.

    • Michael Harper says:

      The 12″ version of MacArthur Park that you mention is available on the album The Dance Collection on AMAZON Prime as an Ultra High Def digital streaming, and on the The Bad Girls Deluxe Edition CD – disc

      I don’t own the box set yet to verify if this version is on it.

  8. Larry Davis says:

    Hack job edits, Bob?? Dunno, I have the 3CD Ultimate Collection, and nothing was glaring…I did compare the tracklisting of Ultimate with this boxset, to see if everything was included (so I could sell it)…nope…the Paul Jabara duets are not included, nor is “Love On & On”, the B-side on the CD maxi of “Con Te Partiro”…I guess that song might be from the unreleased Epic/Sony album sessions…I’ll hang onto both…looks like this box covers between 80 & 90 percent of her catalogue…missing stuff I can get from downloading or from fellow fans’ compilations…oh and I did meet her once when she did an in-store appearance in 1999 for the VH1 Live & More Encore disc…she was quite nice & cool…

    • ray says:

      I am in the UK and my just arrived !
      it’s Lush !

    • Bob says:

      I know the edits of Sunset People and Winter Melody are not the originals. The ones made for the ultimate collection were poorly executed. Take another listen. I’m still waiting for my set to arrive, but someone else has stated that the “come dancing” version of Love to love you baby is also an attempt to create the original but with mistakes. So far, no one I know that has it, has opined about the sound quality. I’m hopeful. Everyone is universally pleased with the look and quality, so I’m defo chuffed. I’ll be going through the entire thing next weekend with a fine tooth comb. P.s The reason something like bad editing irritates me is that Donna has some very talented fans and collectors. Securing the proper edits of singles would have been easy, if only someone on her team had asked.

    • Eric Henwood-Greer says:

      This does include the ballad duet with Paul Jabara, Something’s Missing, which actually was only released as a Jabara solo on his album (apparently Neil Bogart at Casablanca thought at the time that having Donna sing a song in her full voice, which she hadn’t used much in recordings yet, would confuse listeners, or so I’ve heard). It previously showed up on Jabara’s “Hits and Misses” CD. But it is frustrating that the two, fun, disco duets aren’t here. I also thought Love On and On would be included. There’s a strange story there too–it wasn’t done for the Sony “Angel” album (as fans call it) but was originally done for the soundtrack to the movie 54. Someone, I’ve heard Donna herself, dropped it from the soundtrack (because she didn’t like the production, she didn’t like the movie, who knows, and I’ve heard different things). That version has leaked and the production isn’t great. Hex Hector then remixed it, presumably when he was producing Con te Partiro, and I like it a lot so was hoping he would be included (the Partiro max was released in the US in two parts–*lots* of mixes–and one disc had Love On and On as a 7″ single and another in a full 12″ mix).

      There are a few other ones offs I thought we’d easily get–The Power of One from Pokemon either as a ballad or mixed (not to be confused with Power of Love which is here), her dance version of the Disney song Someday which had a lot of great clubbier remixes, etc. Still, there are a few things here that I’m impressed they included.

    • Eric Henwood-Greer says:

      The Ultimate Edition used the original Melody of Love but said it was the West End Radio Mix. So does this version–do they use the original? (Personally I would be fine with that, or else the Morales mix–called The Boxx Mix I think).

      The two disco duets with Paul Jabara are *terribly* edited on the Ultimate edition–in particular they remove my favourite part of Shut Out.

  9. Sterling says:

    Also received notice that my set is also being sent to US. Glad Amazon UK are honoring pre-orders.
    Anyone looking for set in US, I’ve noticed have listed price at $167.99.
    Hope this info is useful for others.

    • Jonathan Riley says:

      but importcds has a $7.99 shipping fee due to the weight of the item and then sales tax
      for me ordering to California was going to be $189.62.
      Still cheaper then some, but more then the order by a lot

      • Sterling says:

        Only posted info for price due to Amazon UK will no longer ship this box set to US. By far cheaper than ordering from Amazon US, almost $90 cheaper.

        I’m just happy that we are getting our set, seems like we will have plenty of time to enjoy it.

        Stay safe.

  10. Jonathan Riley says:

    mine just shipped to the USA from
    Used the 2nd shipping method. It’s coming ups and should get to me on the 2nd of april
    very very very happy
    now if i can just get the tears for fears sets that I ordered from SDE, to clear customs in chicago all will be good

    • Bob says:

      My card was charged this morning for delivery in Canada.
      I was in contact with someone who knows someone who already received their box set. There are a couple of disappointments, including the hack job edits from “ultimate collection” being used again. There are some other notable unfortunate decisions, but I’ll let you discover them for yourselves. In one bright spot.. The State of independence version with martin luther king is actually extended out to 6 minutes. Also, the junior vasquez mix of my life is not the one leaked to the internet, and has a running time of just over 6 minutes, with some different instrumentation.

  11. Larry Davis says:

    Uh oh, just saw the whole no shipping to US warning, but my arrival date hadn’t changed…so I checked here now for updates about it and I am relieved that it will arrive no problem…I just feel bad for those who cancelled their order pre-Corona and decided to reorder at the last minute and are now shut out…I did receive my MPeople, Sister Sledge & Ash sets no problem…my TFF Songs From The Big Chair box was dispatched on the 19th…music is making my isolation more bearable, that and my current project of copying my VHS tapes to DVD… copyright restrictions are somewhat of a roadblock though…hope you are safe & hanging in there Paul with your family…and all fellow SDE readers…

    • Jonathan Riley says:

      i just got the pending amount in my bank account for the donna summer set for shipping to the USA =)

  12. Jonathan Riley says:

    i just spoke with chat about the set. keep in mind I used the 2nd most expensive shipping just to play it safe. They told me “your order will be shipped out priority and get there on the estimated date to Cali
    so its looking good that will really be shipping this to the USA if you preordered it

    • Kiefer2 says:

      Jusr got notice that my charge card was charged by Amazon Uk. So they are def. honoring the preorders to the US.

  13. music collector says:

    Wow, alot of CDs!
    I’d probably buy it, if the price gets down to around $2/CD.

  14. D.Harris says:

    Can’t wait! After a long and challenging winter, we all could use a little Summer right now. Especially the entire season!!!

  15. Marcel Rijs says:

    If that Donna Summer set arrives on my doorstep this whole self-isolation thing will be no problem at all…

  16. Sterling says:

    @Paul Sinclair, just noticed that Amazon UK now states that Donna Summer Encore will not ship to United States on description page. If I placed my order back in January and my order has not been canceled yet, do you think I will still receive my box set? Just wondering what your thoughts were before I try to source another vendor.

    Thanks for all you do. Hope you and the family are well.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If you’ve pre-ordered it and they accepted the order at the time, then I’d just wait and see what happens. Hope you are well too.

    • David McCallum says:

      I’m in a similar situation, Sterling, but my Amazon status on the order says it’s due to arrive at my home on April 11. Fingers crossed! (Though I’m running out of fingers and toes these days.)

    • Bob says:

      To those concerned about their expensive Donna box sets. I chatted with support this morning. If you live outside the U.K and pre-ordered your box set before the covid 19 outbreak, will still be honouring your purchase. They also indicated that the boxsets are still set to start rolling out on time. That said, with the constantly changing landscape of the pandemic, that may change by Friday. Here’s hoping it doesn’t. I’m sure everyone out there could use a little joy right about now.

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Thank you Bob. I wonder what shipping to the USA has to do w. Covid19. Earlier Amazon said they would ship non-essential items later. That, I understand. But if you ship the box to people in the UK or in the USA, what does it matter?

  17. Philippe says:

    is Could It Be Magic [12″ Single Version] different than Prelude to Love + Could it be Magic on Donna’s Love Trilogy ?

  18. Domenico says:

    I also ordered this box set. And I’m looking forward to opening such a treasure. I live in Italy but ordered via ( price was far more expensive). Donna surely deserved a career spanning remastered set. Thanks Paul.

    • Bob says:

      To anyone in the states who are interested. popmarket are offering the set for $215.00, free shipping until 12 midnight. Gogogogo.

      • Sterling says:

        With VAT removed, price from Amazon UK works out cheaper. My total cost was $185.
        Also worth noting, if first time ordering from Popmarket, make sure you sign up for their email first, they usually send a 10% off voucher code.

  19. Dave McG says:

    I’ve got this on pre-order.

    A hard-core Donna fan who was lucky enough to meet her on a UK breakfast TV show in 2004 when The Journey came out.

    The box set looks great, and will never please everyone. I have all the non-album tracks that AREN’T in the box set, although I would loved to have seen them here…….Sally Go Round The Roses/So Said The Man/If You’re Walking Alone/Can’t Understand/Black Power/How I Feel/ Hand In Hand/Adonai/Begin Again and about 20 other non-album tracks rather than loads of edits and remixes.

    I have the 2012 Japanese SHM which are MASTERPIECES! Attention to detail is breath-taking.

    I may be selling my Japanese 2012 SHM reissues of Donna’s 70s classics.

    Roll on the end of March!

    • DJRMewzique says:

      The biggest reason I am buying this is because of the amount of remixes that are I clouded…that was what tipped the scales for me to spent a fortune on this box set!

    • Eric Henwood-Greer says:

      I can’t help thinking that stuff like Adonai, from the fabled 2001 Sony album (some have called it Angel) will all end up on their own release eventually as a lost album. There’s too much stuff there for it not to.

      Am I the only one disappointed by the lack of including the 12″ of Walk Away? An underrated track and also one of her few disco era 12″ versions to actually not simply be looped but to have added vocals (the vocal bridge “This time I’ll get over you…” etc). To add insult to injury, it was on the Deluxe 2 disc Bad Girls but they accidentally included it in… mono.

  20. Michael says:

    Ordered. It seems Demon are just using Amazon UK for orders now. I’m in Australia so used a shipping service. Not too bad 12 pounds. Could this have been done better? Yes.

    Having the cd’s on 1 cd would have been better. Plus a cd each of the Casablanca 7″ & 12″ mixes.
    Then 2 cd’s each of of the 7″ & 12″s from the Geffen etc years. And include the non single songs in those.

    It’s missing some of my favourites which it should not for the price point.

    Try Me, I Know We Can Make It 4.46 which was on Anthology.
    MacArthur Park 8.27 album version without the suite which has not been on cd. Was on vinyl.
    No More Tears 7″ or the Wet album version.
    And the Supernatural Love 12″ which is great.

    Thank you Paul.

    • Ian D says:

      I would’ve liked to have seen Stop, Look & Listen (12″ version) & Unconditional Love (12′ version). To best of my knowledge these are available on CD.

    • Andrew says:

      There’s two different versions of Supernatural Love.
      I have the UK & US 12” and they both start differently.
      One rolls into a beat with the LOVE…ove ove ove repeat over the top.
      And the other….starts with vocals alone.
      I forget which is which but to add to the confusion they are both the same length !

  21. David says:

    Junior Vasquez if your listening in Thank You ever so much for letting them include your mix of ‘My Life’ it’s been a long time coming I can’t wait to finally hear it.

  22. Nal says:

    This release is bittersweet because we’re finally getting the Casablanca albums remastered, but so much space is wasted by putting the double albums on two cds when they could easily fit onto one each. Though I HATE cardboard cd packaging (regardless if they’re mini replicas of the original albums) , I’m totally game for gatefold design but the 2 cd thing for one album is annoying and a total waste. The gatefold packaging is enough symbolism of Donna’s double albums. And seeing how SWHFTM is debuting in this new series, more of an effort should’ve been made to include all the bonuses. Most of them are except the crucial “Unconditional Love” extended mix. This was the finally chance to finally include “The Woman In Me” 7″ without spoken intro and they blew it. I know there are licensing issues, but doesn’t Driven BTM own TWIM?. And all those rehashed APAT and Crayons remixes are just too much. Why is “The Power of Love” here instead of the Donna original “The Power of ONE”? And those Love to Love You Donna tracks (Midnight Shift) don’t belong here. I hate to say it, but I think alot of this was Bruce Sudano’s idea, he supported Midnight Shift remix before, no one from Crimson would select that track. Gripes aside, there are plenty of reasons to buy this set (mostly for LOTN and the Casablanca stuff plus Christmas Spirit and the VH-1 album all remasted. But again, because of some selected material and poor packaging (splitting the albums into 2 cds, it makes it very bittersweet. But it’s Donna, who is absolutely worth it.

    • Nal says:

      Aside from my suggestions in another post, I’m very excited about this release. The news of this box set seem to come out of nowhere and I can’t wait to own it, regardless of earlier criticisms.

    • D.Harris says:

      I agree with you regarding “The Woman in Me” (7″ single version) not being included in this pkg. I have raised this up numerous times before. Most recently, when “The Ultimate Collection” and “Donna Summer” were reissued. In fact, I’ve actually gotten into arguments with fans saying there is no such version or there is no difference. But as you’ve mentioned, the 7″ version does not include the spoken intro (so radio personalities could talk over the opening) and makes this much more than just an edit.

      That said, my guess is that they just cannot locate it. I can’t think of any other reason the label would continue to ignore including this.

      • John says:

        The Woman In Me 7 inch version is on youtube , as is everything else in this collection. And the one unreleased not so great track will be on youtube too. The better sounding SHM Japanese remasterings are on youtube also, so there is no use for this boxset, which sadly, doesnt include any unreleased material and also omits plenty of rare tracks.

    • Bob says:

      I felt the same way at first. But if you consider that they’ve also recreated the inner sleeves as well, the weight of the discs would be helpful to push the sleeves in and out of the narrow jackets. I know I’m not gonna be able to read those tiny liner notes and lyrics, but it’s a nice touch none the less. I’m stoked about seeing those miniaturized Casablanca albums. Here’s to a big ole trip down nostalgia street.
      Also, for those who keep harping on about how great the Japanese remasters look. Take a peek at the how the jackets were done. The photo’s don’t quite meet up with the four corners of the back of the album covers. Bad girls and On the radio were done well, but the rest are kinda… meh. I would love to sell mine, complete with the Bad Girls case.. Let me know if anyone wants them.

  23. Luke says:

    Good news for Australian and New Zealand fans, it’s now listed for pre-order at for the same price as UK amazon. Bye-bye amazon…I am never ordering another thing from you again.

    • plumbat says:

      Thanks. I’ve been revisiting this page in the hope that someone would find a way of getting this box set in Australia. now bookmarked!

  24. Walter says:

    It looks like a great set to own but I’m not sure whether I’ll buy it though.

    Others have already mentioned their concerns and many of them I agree with. Maybe Crimson/Demon will listen to SDE readers just like they did with “The Ultimate Collection” in 2016 and make this box more interesting for the “I want it all & in the best quality” fans :)

    I’m mostly interested in getting the songs in the best quality and that’s not what I’ve been hearing in Crimson/Demon CD’s like “The Ultimate Collection” or the 2014 re-releases. Mostly their remastering made the songs just sound loud -not better per se- and though DR numbers ( aren’t the holy grail they give a certain indication of the sound (the lower the DR numbers the more “just loud” the music seems).

    Speaking of sound… there’s no mention of “remastered from original master tapes” nor the name of the person who did the remastering.
    So does this mean just some 20+ year old person, already half deaf because of listening to loud mp3 files on his mobile phone for hours and not familiar with the sound of the original releases (the Casablanca ones sound great), fiddles with the buttons to make the songs all sound loud instead of making them sound musical (for lack of a better word/expression)? ;-)

    I also wonder if they’ll use any vinyl rips and if they do if that info will be available in the book, assuming there will be a proper credits section in there.

    It’s strange that news of this box set isn’t mentioned on the official website yet it is on a some of their social media outlets. Probably because it’s a “some territories only” release.

    • Bob says:

      Here, here! A post that I can completely get behind. I can overlook the lack of one off recordings that we all wanted but aren’t gonna get. I can forgive the seemingly endless repeats of the same Another place and time Mixes, which will now be making their 3rd appearance on cd in less than 6 years. But the sound quality has got to be there!
      I’m glad you mentioned the Ultimate Collection, which I despise. Although it was lovely to get a few new things on cd, the overly compressed sound, coupled with the strangely cobbled together track list made it virtually impossible to listen to. Then there were the errors…..The false starts on the wanderer and when love cries were just flat out embarrassing. But nothing, and I mean nothing could have prepared me for the hack job edits they came up with for winter melody and sunset people. Who are these people? Is it some old couple living in a London flat, pumping this stuff out? Where is the quality control. Who’s checking for errors before it goes to print? I don’t know, but given the myriad of problems I’ve read online regarding crimson releases, I’m nervous. However, the great thing about ordering from amazon is… They accept returns. And that’s precisely what’s gonna happen if this $315.00 Canadian set is less than stellar. In the spirit of generosity, I will post a detailed review of the box set in early April. Hopefully, it will help when deciding to buy or avoid. P.s Glad to see I’m not the only one that uses the dynamic range database!

  25. nal says:

    Crimson: Please consider these revisions to this set.
    CD 27 (7″ singles) SWAP OUT State of Independence (new bass 7), Breakaway (remix edit), Stamp Your Feet (jason nevins 7), Fame (dave aude 7) and I Feel Love (almighty 7) FOR: The Woman In Me (7 edit without spoken intro), Supernatural Love (7 remix), Breakaway (power radio edit), Melody of Love (classic club edit) and To Paris With Love (album version edit).
    CD 27 (12″ singles) SWAP OUT Work That Magic (isa extended), I’m A Fire (craig c mix), Stamp Your Feet (jason nevins) and Fame (dave aude club) FOR: She Works Hard For The Money (hot tracks dub mix), Unconditional Love (extended club), Supernatural Love (7 remix) and Work That Magic (us album version)
    CD 30 (Remixes) SWAP OUT State of Independence (millenium) FOR: State of Independence (murk club mix)
    CD 31 (Remixes) SWAP OUT State of Independence (creation mix), Working The Midnight Shift (holyghost), Dim All The Lights (duke dumont) and Sunset People (hot chip dub edit) FOR: Stamp Your Feet (discotech remix), Macarthur Park (rosabel club remix), The Power of ONE (tommy musto vocal club) and Sunset People (hot chip re-edit).
    CD 32 (Non studio, Album & Extended) SWAP OUT Melody of Love (west end 7), To Paris With Love (mendy radio), La Dolce Vita FOR: Melody of Love (album version), To Paris With Love (album version) and Carry On (album version).
    CD 33 (Non Studio, Album & Extended) SWAP OUT Carry On (outta control extended), The Power of Love (hani mixshow) FOR: Carry On (hysteria 7 or 12), and The Power of ONE (album version).
    Thanks for the consideration.

    • RJAD says:

      To upgrade this boxset from ‘good’ to ‘simply great’, the Crimson/Driven by the music’ offices should take serious notice of the revisions suggested by Nal. Just consider: what on earth is the justification of including “Working The Midnight Shift (Holy Ghost! Remix)” which isn’t even vocally performed by Donna herself !!

    • Ant says:

      Great suggestions, just a few small things I noticed:

      Disc 27:

      You suggest removing Breakaway (Remix Edit) and replacing it with Breakaway (Power Radio Mix), but actually the Power Radio Mix is already featured on the same disc, it’s track 12. The inclusion of both those mixes in the tracklist as it is now is very hard to understand, especially as none of the other single songs feature twice (not ccounting the couple of remix singles which were released decades after the original versions). Both the Remix Edit and Power Radio Mix were also featured on the Geffen box version of Another Place And Time AND the 30th Anniversary Edition from last year, plus Power Radio Mix was included even on the 3-CD Ultimate Collection from 2016, so it’s not exactly like we need both of them again. Especially when there are so many other single versions missing.

      I mean I don’t necessarily need the 7” version of No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) myself, as I have it on multiple collections, but to have two single versions of something like Breakaway and ignore No More Tears altogether on a disc of hit single edits? Excuse me? Someone please explain their thinking!

      CD 29 (12” Mixes):

      You suggested bringing in Supernatural Love (7” Remix), which you already suggested for the singles disc. Just a typo, you meant a 12” Remix? (I can’t recall now for certain if there was one, but I think so yes.)

      CD 30 (Remixes):

      The peculiar obsession to include multiple Breakaway mixes we already have on previous deluxe editions strikes again! This time it’s the full length mixes of the previously mentioned Remix Edit and Power Radio Mix, what else… Almost back to back as tracks 5 and 7. So one of these should definitely be replaced with some missing remix.

      Breakaway was a good song but hardly a monster hit, I truly don’t understand why it’s been included so many times on this release!

  26. BillyD says:

    This just popped up on Amazon US for $279! Plus another $21 in tax. The price may drop some, but not enough to equal + there is that pesky tax issue.
    My copy from Amazon UK only cost me $190! All inclusive.

  27. Sander says:

    I wonder how fast it will sell out because it is only limited till 1500 boxes.

  28. Quante says:

    Does anyone know if the Donna Summer budget Universal Japanese reissues from 2018 have the same 24 bit mastering used for the Japanese 2012 shm cd’s?

    • Bob says:

      I don’t know as I refused to buy them, and I was a huge Donna collector. If you can, wait out the release of the box set and see how good the mastering is. I know its expensive, but I say this without malice. The Japanese remasters were absolutely horrible. I have them all and I removed them from my Itunes library. I’ve said this in another post, somewhere in this thread but…. There is a website devoted to detailing information on dynamic range or lack thereof. It is a problem that started in the mid 90’s and still plagues music to this day. I urge everyone to check it out. It’s a simple format, you type in the artist’s name and whatever albums or singles that have been logged will appear and give you clear indications of the releases quality. Green numbers are good, yellow are meh, and red are crap. Donna’s Japanese remasters fail miserably. Even the 2014 Geffen and Atlantic remasters didn’t score very well. Check it out for yourself. It’s annoying since all of her original releases with the exception of crayons were mastered with such care. Sound quality was always a priority, thanks to the incredible standards in place from her producers and engineers. I mean, we’re talking about music here. It should sound as good as it can.

      • AdamW says:

        I have not listened to any of the remasters referred to here, but I can tell you that judging only by the numbers produced on the Loudness War website is folly. Your ears have to be the judge. I’ve heard perfectly good remasters of music I’m very familiar with come in at 7 or 8 on this site, and while dynamic range IS important, it is not the only aspect of a recording that should be used to judge its quality. The original mastering engineer’s choices might sound less good to you than the remastering engineer’s tweaks. Alternatively, they might sound neither better or worse, just different, which is fine – it’s another way to experience the music.

        We all have different ears and brains, and sometimes things hit us differently than other people. You have to judge for yourself.

        • Edward Andrews says:

          Totally agree Adam with everything you said…the Loudness War website is rubbish..I let my ears be the judge and the Japanese 2012 CD’s sounded amazing

    • Jeffrey M Back says:

      YES! I ordered them thru CD JAPAN for $8.88 each! Sound identical to my SHM Live & More!

  29. Michel says:

    This looks great, but I don’t think the Casablanca albums can be topped by the Japanese 2012 SHM CD’s. The Japanese take extreme care in recreating the original album sleeves to make them look fantastic. There’s a luxurious feeling about Japanese mini-LP’s that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Also, the 2012 SHM CD’s have excellent 24-bit mastering and sound great, at least to my ears.

    I’m mostly into Donna’s Casablanca output and I don’t have any of her studio albums that were released from the eighties onwards, except for ‘Donna Summer’ (1982) which I think was a fine album. Although this box set might be a bit too comprehensive for me, I couldn’t resist pre-ordering it.

    By the way, I noticed a mistake on the sticker on the box. It says 1980’s ‘On The Radio’ is included. But this album was released in 1979.

    • Edward Andrews says:

      I Totally agree you with everything you said…Japanese labels are meticulous and create fantastic CD’s..I let my ears be the judge and the Japanese 2012 CD’s sounded amazing and the were amazing replicas of the original records

  30. ian graham says:

    will there be a unboxed video for donna summer encore box set

    • Bob says:

      I would agree that everyone needs to be their own judge. But that’s how I found that website. I was growing increasingly irritated by what I perceived was louder but somehow more muddled sounding music. It may be that I grew up in a time where people used vinyl on good turntables, with good sound systems and big ass speakers. Music was able to breathe more and you could hear the mids as well as the lows and highs. When the reissue craze first started, I was excited and ready to spend. But alas, I found that I wasn’t knocked out by what I was hearing. I then spent a small fortune on pairs of studio quality headphones. I then deleted my Itunes library and ripped every single cd at Aiff quality. Better but still no joy. I even had my hearing checked. In short.. it took me way too long to understand that music is no longer produced for sound systems, its now made for headphones. People listen to music differently now and that’s ok. But I want it to sound as it was originally intended. Not louder without substance. But crisp, clean so that the listener can hear everything, not just the base. 24 bit remastering means nothing if the mids have been lost in a sea of compression. It’s for this reason that I’ve kept most of my cd’s purchased prior to 1995. If I played two identical tracks, one from 1992 and the same track mastered in say 2015, I guarantee that I would be able to tell the difference in seconds. That website was founded and is run by someone that shares the same fondness for music. It’s nice having tools at my disposal that help to maintain standards. It’s music, it should sound good! Not just loud.

  31. Eric Henwood-Greer says:

    I’m both excited for this box set (Donna Summer is my favourite pop artist) and feel a bit like a sucker with all of the stuff that I already have (and will hold on to–a ton of singles, the albums, the box set of post 1980 stuff–though I never did get the singles box).

    I agree with much of what has been said. I really wish we would be getting something from the almost mythical 2000-2001 “Angel” album with Sony where she worked with the then red hot Metro, Linda Perry and Tony Moran (who of course we’ve had some of his stuff with her released). She used to stream some excerpts on her website and I had assumed she kept the rights to the recordings– Maybe they are holding off on it for yet another release.

    Sad to see a few other things not get an officially release–stuff like We’re Gonna Win, etc. Also, surprised as others have said that with all the excellent remixes of I Will Go With You, so little is included (but I have those singles–including the promo Love is the Healer single and of course I Will Go With You included as a B-Side the Hex Hector remix of Love On and On which was written for 54 but not used.)

    One of the strangest omissions for me, though, and one that oddly I haven’t seen others bring up, is perhaps my favourite of the 12″ mixes from her disco era–Walk Away. Unlike the other singles from Bad Girls, this wasn’t merely a looped mix, but had new vocals with the added bridge (“This time I’ll get over you” etc) which for me makes the song. We have had it on two previous CD releases, but on The Dance Collection it remains unremastered. And then on the Bad Girls Deluxe release for some reason they messed up and the version included there is in *mono* something I am pretty sure they never corrected. Grrr. But still, yes, it looks beautiful and luckily is coming out just when I should be getting some birthday money.

    • Michael Harper says:

      Walk Away 12″ is available as a digital download as 24 bit 192khz remaster from the mercury tapes on at least 3 hi rez download sites — Prostudiomasters, and HD Tracks. The album is The Dance Collection -2013.

  32. Kpreecorn says:

    Donna Summer 70’S rarities

    Sally Go Round The Roses
    So Said The Man
    If You Walking Alone
    Can’t Understand
    Down Deep Inside
    Down Deep Inside (Love version)
    Shut Out
    Burning Up With Fever
    Never Loose Your Sense Of Humor

    Donna Summer 80’ S

    Lover In The Night (backing vocals)
    I Won’t Let Go (backing vocals)
    Pretenders (backing vocals)
    A Girl Like You (backing vocals)
    True Love (backing vocals)
    Modern Age (backing vocals)
    Talk To Me (backing vocals)
    Highway Runner 12 » remix
    Sometimes Like Butterflies
    Protection (12 ‘’ remix)
    Walk Hand In Hand
    Face The Music
    The Girls Back In Town
    Tearin’ Down The Walls
    Something s Missing
    Spirit Of The Forest

    Donna Summer 90’ S

    We Gonna Win
    Carry On
    I’m A Rainbow
    Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (remix)
    La Vie En Rose
    Melody Of Love
    Any Way At All
    I Feel Love 95’
    Does He Love You
    From A Distance
    Let It Be Me
    Whenever There Is Love
    State Of Independence 96’
    Carry On 97’
    Tant Qu’il Y Aura L’ Amour
    Sing To Me To Sleep Mommy

    Donna Summer 2000

    Dream catcher
    When I Look Up
    The Power Of One
    When The Dream Never Dies
    I Cannot Be Silent
    Another Rosie Christmas
    Take Heart
    I Got Your Love
    That’s The Way It Is
    Dream A Lot (Theme)
    You Are So Beautiful
    Power Of Love
    Are You Brave
    Thank You For Being You
    À Whole New World
    It’s Only Love
    Valley Of The Moon

    Donna Summer 2010

    Love To Love You Baby (Diesel mix)
    To Paris With Love
    Crazy/ On The Radio (diet with Seal)
    La Dolce Vita

    All this should be in the box otherwise it’s not a complete collection

    • Eric Henwood-Greer says:

      Some of that (La Dolce Vita, the Paul Jabara duet version of Something’s Missing, etc) is on the box set. But I agree with you–at least with most of it (I don’t consider some of those tracks that she sang backup on too important).

    • Kpreecorn says:

      I forgot in the 70’s
      Old Fashioned Girls (backing vocals)
      (With Brooklyn Dreams)
      El Verdadero Amor (from Daylight)
      (Spanish version)etc etc etc
      Done with no precise reflection about what is expecting I really do believe they should have take one of us as a consultant and use a rare photo of the 80’ S just to give the box a better image other than the nostalgic Disco style

    • Darryl Fraylon says:

      Well ❗

    • John says:

      You’re right. The boxset is a ripoff,especially since it has no unreleased material. In addition to these, also include 3 great originals , Don’t Wanna Work, Nobody and If There is Music There and a gospel cover ,originally recorded during Live and More but included years later on a CD called The Very Best of Donna Summer. The backing vocals of Donna on the Gene Simmons song Burning Up with Fever make the song extra good, and she also did backing on another Gene song, Tunnel of Love which is not so great. Several of the songs you included in your list (eg Romeo, Down Deep Inside, Tearin down the Walls, Face the Music, Something’s Missing, Does he Love you,etc) are actually in the boxset.It;s shocking, though, that essential traks like It’s Only Love and To Paris with Love aren’t though.The Casablanca albums are available in the Japanese remastered SHM sound versions on youtube. I doubt the remastered versions on this collection will be up to that sound. The Bad Girls deluxe edition was supposedly remastered , but I couldn’t notice any improvement in the sound. LOL. The boxset also omits the Bad Girls demo version that was on Bad Girls deluxe edition. What a shame that the boxset is such a waste. The 2014 boxset was great, but this is just rehashing all the stuff us fans have already.

    • Jomaro Kooke says:

      Hi Kpreecorn,

      Thank you for all your detailed info.
      Am I wrong or or do I miss the song “Begin Again”?


  33. Petee says:

    This is quite expansive, but there’s still a wealth of rare material I wish had been included. “Sally Go Round The Roses”/”So Said The Man”, “If You Walkin’ Alone”/”Can’t Understand”, the 7″ remix of “The Woman In Me” (sadly not on that lovely singles box set), the remix of “All Systems Go” on the b-side of the “Fascination” single, and there are MANY more single edits, some only released internationally (“Je T’aime Moi Non Plus”).

  34. Niko M says:

    There was a lot of remixes released for “I Will Go With You” in ’99 but strangely not one is included. Also one of the remixes for “La Vien En Rose” would have been nice addition. As for “The Power Of One” perharps they couldn’t get licence from Pokemon :-)

  35. Neill2407 says:

    This is pretty expensive. I’m not going to buy it. I already have the other reissues and will wait as I suspect there may be more reissues to come for the albums that haven’t been reissued yet.

  36. Michael K says:

    Dear Crimson Productions/Donna Summer Estate

    Something along the lines of the following would make a great highlights package & something I would purchase. Kind Regards.

    Love To Love You Baby
    Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
    Could It Be Magic
    I Remember Yesterday
    I Feel Love
    Theme From The Deep
    Last Dance
    MacArthur Park
    Heaven Knows
    Hot Stuff
    Bad Girls
    Dim All The Lights
    On The Radio
    No More Tears

    The Wanderer
    Love Is In Control
    State Of Independence
    She Works Hard For The Money
    There Goes My Baby
    Dinner With Gershwin
    This Time I Know It’s For Real
    I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt
    Love’s About To Change My Heart
    Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved)
    I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiró)
    I Feel Love [Patrick Cowley Mega Mix]

    • Michael says:

      Track down the Gold compilation for this selection Michael. The only thing missing is the Cowley Mega Mix.

      • Michael K says:

        Thank you but I want the I feel Love Patrick Cowley Mega Mix & the 8.23 versus of MacArthur Park. Both of which I cannot find on cd or on iTunes.

        • Auntie Sabrina says:

          The 16 minute Cowley mega mix and a 17 minute plus version of McCarther Park Suite are on the I Feel Love Collection, a double CD release, can be bought in the U.K for under £10.

        • Bob says:

          yup, stay away from the gold collection. With the exception of crimson’s “ultimate collection” it represents the worst sounding compilation in her catalogue. Sadly, even the I feel love mega mix that appeared on the u.k I feel love collection was a vinyl rip. Here’s hoping they restore it with better care for this forthcoming opus.

          • Auntie Sabrina says:

            The I Feel Love Cowley mega mix was originally mixed using 2 vinyl 12″ records. The I Feel Love compliation was remastered at Abbey Road.

  37. Jeffrey Back says:

    I have been a TRUE Donna fan my whole life! From my teens to senior citizen status. I’m getting tired of hearing “Love to Love You Donna” was “awful”! David Foster was a close friend of our divas’. He is also the CEO of Verve Records. Besides one misstep, Holy Ghost, the remix album was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Some remixes I loved more than others, BUT it was truly a tribute to our QUEEN! I think she would have been PROUD! She was introduced to a legion of young people, whom might not have known who she was otherwise.

    • D.Harris says:

      I agree 100%!!! From the gorgeous cover photo to the song selections. I thought this was extremely well done. My only regret is that they didn’t release this as a 2-CD Deluxe Edition!

    • Bob says:

      To be fair, I’m not a fan of ltlyd, but there are at least 6 mixes that I quite enjoy from that project. I think the anger stems from the fact that most of Donna’s ardent fans have that in their collection already. Whomever put this new collection together selected 7 cuts from that project that could have easily housed a more varied selection of better remixes. Like the most recent remixes of hot stuff, or as someone else suggested Con te partiro. And all of her fans hate the holy ghost mix of Working the midnight shift. I would be happy if they just removed that completely. That said, I had a tiny interaction with Bruce yesterday and he did make it clear that it was a difficult and lengthy process to get licensing for everything that’s going to be included. And although I did express my slight disappointment over the final track listing, I didn’t want to piss on his cornflakes, as he was so chuffed about the fact that the collection hit number 1 in the sales charts yesterday. So is Encore perfect? Absolutely not, but I think at this juncture, as long is the music is handled with care, we should be somewhat grateful it’s coming our way.

      • Steve says:

        I was amazed that a $200 box set hit Number one. I wonder if they will consider making more than 1500 sets.

      • Andrew Edwards says:

        I’m glad to hear that you and many many others on this site, acknowledge that no collection will ever satisfy everyone…The licensing on this had to be HUGE with all the Universal and non-Universal tracks…Sony and independent labels etc. I have been trying to infuse some sanity about what was included and not included due to licensing, availability, feasibility, and practicality. I’m sure he appreciated you not pissing on his cornflakes…Nothing including any of us will create anything perfect…Gratitude is always a positive resolution. Sometimes vinyl rips are all we are ever gonna get.

  38. Ray D says:

    Id like to know when they will ever release the version of Hot Stuff that was only on some Disco years cd from years ago compilation. Its on youtube. Its basically the single version extended. I have heard a couple different versions to of that one.

  39. Billythe50yearoldkid says:

    Maybe we get the Casablanca remasters in Vinyl. Here’s the first one.

    • Bob says:

      I’m quite certain that will be the next chapter of her reissue campaign. Her casablanca vinyl collection has been out of print for ages. But.. lets see how the remasters sound on the forthcoming boxset. Because you can be sure they will use the same thing for the vinyl.

  40. Bob says:

    Just a quick shout out to Paul Sinclair. I fear I may have become addicted to your site, as I have a growing need to log in several times a day. I just wanted to say a quick Thank You for hosting such a lovely site. The site is beautifully laid out, informative and the attention to detail is astonishing. Your efforts are very much appreciated! Here’s to you, mate.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Cheers! Much appreciated :)

    • V16trola says:

      Hear hear Paul! Your site has become essential daily viewing. Obviously i don’t like all of the artists featured but it is always fascinating to read about what is coming out and how artists’ catalogues are dealt with (or not!). Thank you for making it so informative and interesting.

      …..and ‘Hi Bob!’ ;-)

    • Noel says:

      Couldn’t have put it better Bob – SDE is one of my most visited web pages :)

  41. smirkdj says:

    Is this exclusive for I hope this will be available through too

  42. Mark Richards says:

    Also missing are the 12″ versions of Walk Away, Last Dance, No More Tears. It’s a shame they can’t release a boxset of Donna’s ‘Imperial Years’ at Casablanca.

  43. Luke R says:

    So will not ship to Australia or New Zealand. I wonder if Crimson Productions (Demon Music) were aware of this when they decided to use amazon as their means of selling the product ? This is extremely disappointing and upsetting…several people I know are in the same situation. Is there anyone at who could try to find out if 1) they are aware of this and 2) if they will do anything to help those of us who amazon refuses to sell to? Any help sincerely appreciated.

    • Auntie Sabrina says:

      Demon music’s website mentions “Due to licensing restrictions, we are not always able to offer our products for sale in every global territory”.

  44. Jarmo Keranen says:

    33 cd’s? I own I Remember Yesterday, Bad Girls and The Wanderer cd’s and Once Upon A Time vinyl from her. Other recordings what i have heard from her thru the years, 33 tracks would be enough for me!

  45. gwynogue says:

    Amazon (still) aren’t shipping to Australia – is there a way for us colonials to order it?

    I looked on the Demon/Crimson website but I couldn’t find any mention of it.

    • Michael says:

      You could use one of the shipping services from the uk. I’ve done this before. They charge you but it works.

  46. Karsten says:

    As far as 7″ and 12″ versions go, is there anything on here that wasn’t on the recent deluxe re-releases?

  47. Ed Hanke says:

    Lose the “Love to Love You, Donna” mixes. Everybody hates them (for good reason). It’s bad enough that they’re on a “tribute” album. Some tribute. To include them in this set is a travesty.

    • V16trola says:

      Totally agree with Ed. To include the Love To Love You Donna mixes is a real insult (especially one mix which only includes about 10 seconds of Donna’s voice!).

      Dump those mixes from the collection and include the full amazing John Morales remix of the MacArthur Suite which includes outtake vocals etc and/or the recent Ralphi Rosario remixes. The fans would go mad for that!

  48. Daniel says:

    So imma nerd out abit and wonder if the Rollo & Sister Bliss mix of I Feel Love is the full orgasmic 9:54 min mix or the edited/faded one. AND if they got hold of the full 7:52 Frankie’s Director’s Cut of Hot Stuff too. He posted that and a dub on Soundcloud.
    And to be really honest (and greedy), considering that she was a dancediva with ALOT of remixes under her belt I really love a complete singles box. Like Driven but done properly. But that’d be a feat getting all those mixes (and rights) together. And the number of discs would be maybe too many. A digital option for her nerdiest hardcore fans maybe?

  49. Jim says:

    Unable to order in Australia. Disgusted and furious doesn’t fully express how I feel right now.

  50. nale chaben says:

    This set is Amazing, but I agree that with the exception of the Casablanca material alot is just rehash of recent sets. Where is The Woman In Me (single version without spoken intro), Unconditional Love (Extended Version) and why is The Power of Love (a Luther Vandross remake) here and on Ultimate Collection instead of the superior and original Donna track “The Power of ONE”. Also, the 7″ remix of Supernatural Love. And the individual albums don’t have bonus tracks, they should’ve been put on one disc for convenience. Spreading the songs out like that is a waste. I would’ve also love to have The Dance Collection included but I guess those songs are accounted for on the remix/extended cds.

  51. Kauwgompie says:

    Wow, this box is Amazon’s #1 in Cd’s & vinyl. It will be sold out in no time if they stick to the 1500 promise. It sold even more than the new Coldplay, Pet Shop Boys and the Billie Eilish albums!! I wonder how much effort it is for them to print more. Is that just one phone call to the printer or are there all kinds of rights issues if they want to print more?

    • Bob says:

      I don’t know but… just upped the price to $170.00 a little while ago. For those of you procrastinating, I suggest you move quickly or lose out. Clearly, Donna Summer still holds a special place for many.

  52. Babakazoo says:

    There’s always going to be people hoping for something that was not included, but I am just happy for the new remasters of the Casablanca albums. The albums replicating their original vinyl 2 LP issues is a nice touch, keeping it authentic to the original releases. Plus having the original cover on Live & More! (Only ever issued on CD with the original cover on the 2012 Japanese SHM-CD release).

    The annoying part is that Amazon UK won’t ship to Australia anymore, so I have to get a friend in the UK to order it for me, then send them the money and pay for them to mail it to me.

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      The 2012 Japanese SHM-CD’s were sonic masterpieces…

      • Bob says:

        lol They were absolutely atrocious! I have them all and although they look lovely, they sound like they were mastered under water. Check the and punch in any of the Japanese remaster titles to see how poorly they score. With the exception of I’m a Rainbow, even the 2014 box sets get a failing grade. All of her releases prior to 1996 score highly.

    • Glen Norris says:

      Where have you gone Babakazoo? We miss you!!

  53. Larry Ward says:

    If you really, really, really like Donna Summers then this is the mother lode.

  54. Bob says:

    As the realest Donna Summer fan ever, I’d have to say that this box set looks pretty yummy. As an avid collector, I already own all her albums in single disc cd form, all the Japanese remasters in the deluxe bad girls box, the cd collection, the vinyl collection and the singles box set as well as the more recent 30th anniversary edition of Another Place and Time. I’m happy with many of the inclusions here, although, there are some glaringly obvious omissions that really should be sorted in order for this to be a true career spanning box set.
    Single versions of Could It Be Magic and Try me, I know we can make it and Spring Affair, strangely missing.
    It’s lovely to see the 12 inch version of She Works Hard For The Money finally making it to cd. But for some odd reason, the 12inch versions of Supernatural Love and When Love Cries were missed. Yet we have to suffer through some of the horrible mixes from Love to Love you, Donna. But.. I’ll be happy as long as everything included is properly remastered from master tapes. I had better not hear any fan mixes, or hack job edits like the kind that appeared on The Ultimate collection. Also, if anyone’s paying attention to this, please remove the holy ghost remix of Working the midnight shift.. It’s not even Donna Summer singing. One last thing. The last time the patrick cowley mix of I feel Love appeared on a Donna Summer compilation, it was bad vinyl rip. Other than that, all the card sleeves look poppin and I love the fact they’re including the inner sleeves in replica form. Can’t wait to have the Junior Vasquez mix of My Life. It’s one of her best! I hope this set comes with platform shoes and a little tiny disco ball for my…….

  55. Philip C says:

    Where can Australian ‘fans’ purchase this?

  56. Lee says:

    Include the other Michael Omartian tracks from 1986, the other Faltermeyer tracks from 1987, the Sony/Epic 2000-2001 sessions for the mythical “Angel” album and finally, the original Ordinary Girl soundtrack and I’ll bite.

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      They are probably saving all that for a special collection of material…there is also most likely licensing issues with that material….most people on this site have no idea of the practical and legal issues involved in that type of release…for example with the reissuing of the Casablanca material….Universal is the owner of these masters….and the time and money involved in that can be substantial

  57. Francesco says:

    Thank you Paul for this marvellous news!
    I’m a really happy man today! I’ve been waiting for this for so long that surprisingly it became my own present for my birthday next march!
    I hope to see very soon the vinyl edition of this box set or, at least, of all the Casablanca records.
    Greetings from Italy.

  58. mattNYC says:

    my holy grail would be to have Live And More on DVD/Bluray in its entirety. does it even exist?

  59. Marc Kleber says:

    Donna would be proud of this, a great reissue and ofcourse Patrick Cowley’s remix of I Feel Love is included, a cult version for a lot of collectors, the price is fair as you compare it with others cd-boxes like the Depeche Mode Mode box for example, all those bonus tracks and remixes, just great!

  60. Simonf says:

    This is the same price that I have paid for my still-to-arrive Depeche Mode box set. Go figure.

  61. John Taylor STAN says:

    I’m not a Donna Summer STAN but like her more than enough to buy this. I think all of us have to remember they rarely have a real fan like yourselves put something like this together. People are doing this as a job, so it’s not as important to them to fill in the gaps like an uber STAN would. Hopefully, they still get feedback like you are all giving here & do their best to make everyone happy. This looks fantastic, but alas with so many recent re-releases of her work, it sounds like a bit of a rehash to most. My opinion is: if you have the $$$, buy it…if you don’t, don’t. I plan to enjoy it!

  62. Shane says:

    Well now that I’ve had the day to think about this and read all the comments I’m gonna say that I can’t wait to get this.
    However, some negatives must be really pointed out no matter what Guy thinks:

    -This set is probably aimed at people who like Donna enough to spend all this money for stuff they probably own half of already, and not everyone can afford all this money to get the little of the rare tracks that can be found in. So it’s a bit unfair to them. I can afford it so I won’t complain about that.
    – Donna’s estate has given up great expanded editions of her post Casablanca albums, but then proceeded to issue that pointless singles box, another Another Place And Time expanded reissue with some different mixes, and now we are presented with an even bigger box. Knowing very well that many fans want what they don’t have yet, they will buy the same stuff over and over again which hey, nobody is forcing us to do but we are forgiven for saying, for the effort that must have gone in producing this set, the price (which is still good value), they could have put in a bit more rare stuff. I don’t think I recognize that awful Love to Love You Donna remix album in the track listing (if they are really doing it then here’s our finger), I agree we would have never got too many unreleased tracks so a mixture of what’s already out there is not so unsual. I do agree however that this could have been the chance to issue all those stray tracks like the soundtracks, the different languages versions of the stunning Whenever There Is Love in French for example.
    Personally, I really hope that the Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix is going to be the full length one that is not on CD yet because a) it is longer than the digital version, and b) it features the chord change towards the middle, which is otherwise only found on the difficult to get 7″ version of the remix. That mix has a special place in my heart because it was that which kickstarted by serious interest in Donna and because it is an orgasmic classic dance tracks which propelled Donna back in the charts in the UK even without a video, I remember on MTV they used to show the fabulous Live & More shot used for the single release, which has found its way again on the front of this release.

    On the plus side:

    -they could have made this a digital only!
    -they could have made this a vinyl only!
    -they could have made this original albums only!

    It could have been much worse, but could have been better.
    However as proven over time, Driven By The Music clearly reads Paul’s SDE blog and we successfully managed to change their releases at least once, if not twice, right? So MAKE YOUR SUGGESTIONS, YOU NEVER KNOW THEY MIGHT LISTEN!!!!!!

    I have my my preorder.

  63. Steven Roberts says:

    Donna Summer, Toyah, Heaven 17, Star Wars 4K…

    …March is shaping up to be EXPENSIVE!!!!!

  64. Larry Davis says:

    Awesome set, ordered early this morning as soon as I saw it…will easily sell out in a week or less…here’s my take…a few are complaining about some missing obscurities and mixes, yet it’s 33 discs & expensive enough…I can suggest a way to please everyone by including these missing tracks and NOT jacking up the price…how??…well, a few of the albums, double albums, were split into 2 discs but could fit onto 1, like “I’m a Rainbow”, the original 1996 CD was on 1 disc not 2…combine these double albums onto 1 and the now spare discs?? Fill em up with these missing tracks!! Book, problem solved…they can do this like they did with the excellent triple “Ultimate” and make more fans happier…

    • Marco says:

      I wholeheartedly agree! It’s not about complaining but I have to admit that I expected more and feel quite disappointed after having read the track list! It’s a no from me!

  65. Adriano Cristino says:

    7 out of 10 for this boxset and that is an encouraging vote. Any serious collector that loves boxsets (not necessarily Donna’s) would have done a better job with tracklist, artwork for box cover and newly prepared cds, chronological track order and so forth. Still better than nothing but if you think that Donna’s husband is behind this project you would have thought that an important single like the 1971’s Donna Gaines debut single would have been included as the pivotal moment in this amazing performer ‘s career. Drop some silly remixes that nobody needs and that are no part in DS’ career and start including important tracks for this unparalleled singer!!!

    • John Robert says:

      I loved Cant’ Understand (La Donna Gaines) – and it’s frustrating it never shows up on any collection – wonderful track!

  66. jorge hernandez says:

    I already pre-ordered, happy but a little bit upset, I was expecting Can’t Understand, If you Walking Alone, How I feel, Black power, Denver Dream, Sally go round the roses, Protection (duo w/Bruce Sprinsteen), El Verdadero Amor, When I look up,Valley of the moon.

  67. Tony says:

    This looks great, that box looks great, not a big fan of Donna myself but it looks terrific and low numbers, what more could a fan want?

  68. Anthony says:

    Another compilation and this time a gigantic one! We will probably all be dead by the time they release any new material that was recorded. I wonder if there is some clause where they don’t release any new music after an artist’s passing.

  69. Dejan says:

    Not too expensive considering what you get for the money.
    However… having said that.
    I have most of the songs from earlier purchases and other remixes that never reaches the public. So don’t misunderstand me. Definitely a good buy, if you can afford it.

  70. Guy says:

    Dear me, the number of people complaining that ‘(insert name of obscure track 2 seconds shorter than the album version and doesn’t have a cowbell at 3.24)’ is missing is beyond me.

    There are 33CDs, 329 tracks, a book and its not even advertised as a complete discography. What do they reasonably expect? Or are these people just trolls showing off their ‘superior’ knowledge to wind up the average SDE fan? Yes, there are some poor compilations out there. This is NOT one of them, in any shape or form.

    Those wanting these extra tracks have probably got them somewhere already even if in digital form. So get a blank CD, burn these tracks on it, write ‘Extra Donna Summer stuff to keep ME happy’ on it with a Sharpie pen and shove it in the box (where I’m sure it can be squashed in with the other 33). Then finally, look up the meaning of ‘entitled’ in the dictionary.

    As for me? More than enough to keep me happy!

    • guy1 says:

      hahaaa I totally agree, there could be 500 tracks in this set & somebody would still moan about what’s missing!

    • Timm Davison says:

      Thank you! I’ve noticed lately some of the commentary has turned from ‘well, it’s fairly expensive’ or ‘hey, thanks for posting this, I didn’t know and I would like to have it’ into ‘hey man, where’s track x remix aa or the spanish-language version of song b, or the 17th remix of track xxy?’
      We get it. An obsessive collector is going to have stuff most people – probably even the artist themselves – have forgotten about. That being said, if 33 cd’s of product doesn’t make you happy, then nothing will. And really, when has a record company ever put anything together that is factually ‘complete’?

    • jorge hernandez says:

      Bravo, you expressed right, just what I wanted to say. I noticed that there’s always unhappy fans no matter what, they’re never satisfied, I am very happy and thankful with this collection that I immediately ordered,no matter that I already have most of this cds. I wish a collection of all her videos in BR format can be put out soon.

  71. jorge hernandez says:

    Wow what a very nice surprise this morning, I just found out about this new Donna’s Collection, I’m very pleased and I’m going to pre-order it right now. I wish they could do the same treatment to all of her Videology and live concerts worldwide. Also I wish for a Profesional Photo Book including photos and posters, on and off the stage,etc. All Videology upgraded to BR format.

  72. Kiki_ says:

    Well … Even if I have 2 comments :
    – I’d have prefered that they put out of this the Geffen/Warner years (we already got this before – and more CDs is still more expensive)
    – They could have opt for a more “Casablanca” orientated, looking for every mix/ edit that ever exists about this era…

    Let’s face it : We have something that looks great, and that we’ve been waiting for years ! So of the result is as great as the tracklisting is. I’m on it !
    Donna will still be the queen of disco ! Love her !

    • Raymond says:

      Exactly – this makes ‘The CD Collection’ redundant. So the people who shelled-out big bucks for that are screwed if they buy this. (Unless the CD’s are offered separately, allowing you to pick-and-choose what you want. But they won’t offer that.)

    • Edward Andrews says:

      Crimson/Driven By the Music may have only just recently gotten the rights for the Universal/ Casablanca master tapes…..for this project. Or the estate bought them…who knows…that maybe why they released the Geffen/WB stuff and other collections in the last 5 to 6 years….they didn’t imagine getting access to the early music

  73. Robert Lett says:

    I am all over this, very exciting!

  74. Al says:

    The stereo 12” version of Walk Away missing again…

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      Its on the 2003 reissue of Bad Girls deluxe edition..

      • Bob says:

        At the risk of causing you to yell some more, I will reiterate that I know Donna’s catalogue like the back of my hand, including but not limited to some of the tracks still sitting in the vault. The stereo 12 inch version of Walk Away has NEVER appeared on any release to date. And quite frankly folks, I wouldn’t expect it. It’s highly doubtful it was kept in good shape, or kept at all. I’m sure no one back then could have imagined that there would be such a demand for 40 odd year old music?

  75. Frank B says:

    I’m going to buy it simply because it looks like a beautiful package and collector worthy. All the Casablanca albums and remastered. Would love to have gotten some vaulted tracks, but maybe another day. In the meantime, I hope they release My Life remix to the clubs! Let’s get another Number One! I think this set will appeal to many. It is #21 in sales rank. I wish they would release it in the US too!!

  76. Stephen Strahan says:

    Paul, has anything been said about relaeasing the Casablanca albums individually? Id love to get remastered versions of those, but I already have the post-Casablanca box so a lot of this is redundant. Im assuming they will cos otherwise it seems like a lot of work to go to for such a limited run.

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      They were all individually reissued through Universal Japan in 2012 SHM-D and they were sonic masterpieces….amazing…lets see what these sound like

  77. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    as i read over “100 bonus tracks” i was really excited. now after checking all the details i’m disappointed. very disappointed. between 1993-2006 donna summer sang so many good songs for compilations. i see only “la vie en rose” here ( which of the 2 different versions is included here ? ). so much good songs were left off. not 1 song from the last studio sessions for the planned 2 albums ( dance album / standards album ).
    i’m a big fan of remixes but not the third time again the same mixes in a box set. the idea of a complete box set was good but the implementing is it not. there are really pearls in the vaults but only a few are here in this set. as with other artists before i hope that this box is only a first step into the right direction: the deluxe editions of all earlier albums with unreleased stuff and alternate versions…
    it seems that i must buy as a hardcore fan every new box set to get 3 to 6 rarities….that is really annoying… but i hope that the promised 5 new abba songs will made my year!

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      Daniel as Paul has interviewed so many remixers and producers…many masters for remixes are lost and cannot be found. Labels were careless with dance music because many never too it seriously or labels were bought by other labels and lost…what about the Universal fire that destroyed so many artists master tapes…maybe some of Donna’s masters were lost too. AND AGAIN THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A COMPLETE BOX SET……Paul mentioned this

  78. Olivier Favret says:

    As a fan, I would have preferred demos, live like Live At Bussola or its last tour rather than unnecessary mixes
    All the same a beautiful object for a great lady.
    Donna, we miss you

  79. Well, for a fan is a must. Especially all the CASABLANCA albums never remastered (apart from Bad Girls).
    MACARTHUR PARK remix version chosed is disappointing, Rosabel’s version is much better. Even Ralph’s version of Fame is better than Dave Aude’s, not mentioning the great version of HOT STUFF they did, also not included here and their version of I GOT YOUR LOVE. (again the best remix of the song)
    Also he was working in a version of COULD IT BE MAGIC, that would be a great welcome in it
    A bad choice as WORKING THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT – Holy Ghost Remix , its not even Donna singing in this awfull version!!
    MELODY OF LOVE the Club Mix is also missing
    Still in time to make some changes? :)

    • gareth davies says:

      The Casablanca albums were remastered by iur friends in Japan.

      • Bob says:

        Yes, and those friends in Japan completely butchered the sound. Boxed in, compressed and flat. But even more alarming is the fact that MacArthur Park Suite was slowed down by someone who clearly fell asleep at the wheel whilst mastering.

  80. Chris says:

    Where is Supernatural Love 7 and 12″ remix??

  81. bruce kelso says:

    not my interest, but what a REAL deluxe set. the stones should realize that its time to get with it, cause it will be to late if they don’t. time is passing.

  82. Auntie Sabrina says:

    CDs 13 and 28’s On The Rafio (Long Version) are the same then?

    • bob says:

      Nope. It’s complicated but, there are in fact 3 versions of On the radio. The single version which opens the album of the same name, the album version which comes in at 5:50 which closes the album. There was also a 12 inch version commissioned for the foxes movie soundtrack which is included on disc 28 which comes in at 7:28 second and includes an instrumental break.

      • Auntie Sabrina says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply bob.

      • Ryk says:


        I have a vinyl copy of the Foxes soundtrack, purchased just after I saw the movie way back when (and likely only listened to once or twice). There is also a fourth version of the song on the album, an instrumental version, credited solely to Georgio Moroder (the composer of the song) with a length of 4:27. Thanks for mentioning the soundtrack album though, as I had forgotten about it, and will now have a listen in the next few days.

  83. BillyD says:

    The Casablanca stuff and the first two Geffen albums + I’m A Rainbow are all that interest me. Fairly sure the 12″ mixes have appeared on quite a few compilations. The Donna Summer Anthology is a complete (for US fans at least) singles collection up to Carry On. And my favorite driving cd, The Dance Collection, mostly unedited 12″ singles.
    The majority of modern remixes are pretty bad. Sounds like they were only done to be played in clubs during their release time. Perhaps the remixers truly love the songs, but I don’t feel the love in any of them.
    It’s difficult to please everyone with these extra cds. Singles have different edits for many territories and people want what is familiar without buying another album to get it.

  84. sm says:

    Is there any chance of them fixing the distortion in the latter part of “Could It Be Magic” (Album Version)? Was that distortion also present on the 7″?

    • Mickey Jones says:

      I have the Japanese remastered CDs, as well as the original CD pressing of ‘a love trilogy’ and the original 1976 LP pressing; every one of those versions has the distortion. The audio levels were probably deliberately set lower to create that distortion, as neither Giorgio or Pete would have let that go out unnoticed.
      Ironically, you can hear the distortion even more clearly on the latest Japanese versions because of the clarity in the mastering

  85. Fab says:

    Even if the box had 150 cds there will always be somebody moaning about one pointless radio edit and some horrible track released as a b-side of a b-side in japan

  86. Ingvar says:

    Forgot ”Love is the healer”?!?

  87. Kauwgompie says:

    You gotta wonder who puts this stuff together? What a massive disappointment. Virtually all the bonus remixes have been released in remastered form on CD before. As far as I can tell only “She Works Hard For The Money” is new to CD, except maybe it was on an obscure compilation album and certainly not remastered.
    The draw is the remastered Casablanca albums. Great, but could have been so much better. Again, the Japanese 12″ of Protection was left off, one of the best songs from her “Donna Summer” album. Why not include more obscure remixes? These remixes have been released over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy this box is released and when I saw 109 bonus tracks, I got excited but there is not much there. 2 discs of single versions, 99% if which are just early fade outs. This is better than the Depeche Mode box but it could have been so much better. So much duplication with the “Driven By The Music” box of her 80’s albums. This would have been the moment to include stuff that wasn’t in that box.
    Erasure did that really well with their Moscow To Mars box. Many new or rare mixes, b-sides, live and unreleased stuff was included. This is just a re-hash of what was released before except for the Casablanca remasters. I’m disappointed.

    • JanfromBelgium says:

      She works hard for the money was released in the ‘Legends of Rock’ series, remastered in high definition in 2014, limited to 3000 copies.

      • KMKY says:

        She Works Hard For The Money is being advertised on Amazon UK as a yellow vinyl remastered LP limited to 1000 copies worldwide… Just preordered a copy for £27.99 … release date 28th feb … apparently

  88. michael reinberg says:

    1500 copies is not really much, so I pre-ordered it, thanks paul, also for all your help with the tracklisting and remix info, I am really looking forward for the remix cds !!

  89. HS says:

    I already own both the recent albums and singles box sets, along with individual releases of all her albums that were not in the box set.

    I still pre-ordered but with tracks like the Power Of One missing from such a massive set is a bit of a letdown. Also, who knows what these remasters will actually sound like?

    I might cancel and risk that the set will still be available after release date – although I would not bet on it.

  90. Casaw says:

    We will never had something properly done

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There’s no such thing as ‘properly’ anymore. One person’s ‘properly’ is another’s ‘torture’ (see comments below).

  91. RIchard Barrett says:

    I am over the moon about this release. Looks amazing and so good to get all the Casablanca albums remastered. Yes, I already have the more recent box set of 80s albums and the singles one too, also a fair few of the Japan reissues among my complete collection of all Donna’s albums on cd, however this is a superb collection of ALL her studio albums in one set. The extra tracks are welcome too even though I have most of them anyway. Maybe the inclusion of the Chromeo and Oliver full length mix of Love is in Control’ would have topped it off for me, I’m not complaining. I agree that there are various rare or unreleased tracks that having had been included would have made this set even more fantastic, but what we are getting is simply magical (in my opinion)
    Already preordered and so looking forward to holding it in my hands. ♥️
    Donna is the Summer that lasts all seasons.

  92. Grant Burnside says:

    Hopefully there’s time to include some of the real gems:

    If You Walkin Alone
    Can’t Understand
    Sally Go Round The Roses
    Walk Hand In Hand
    Silver Girl
    Protection (duet)
    Can’t We Just Sit Down (alternate)

    And, there MUST be other outtakes from the late 70’s stuff.

    Dig deeper, sell more. Simple as that. Do Donna’s legacy proud, especially as this is titled ‘Encore’.

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      First Protection duet was never officially cut…it was something someone did…and in the 70’s they didn’t record a lot of extra stuff…Giorgio Moroder said that in some interviews…He said that even he didn’t have outtakes…why do people keep imagining all this

  93. Klaus Michael Jackson says:

    Now for this Album box “looking great for a fan to begin collecting” set and earlier there was released a Box set called Singles… Driver By The Music (so gladly to have the box with and extra cd incl.)

    For other soul queens i been wonder if there also had been made a single box or Album box set out for the Motown Soul/disco queen Diana Ross… searched for something like this for years, maybe had been done, or what you all think for something like this been done ??

  94. Simon says:

    I’m in two minds here. Owning the 2014 boxset of Geffen albums with bonus material, I would have been happier with a boxset of pre-Geffen albums and She Works Hard For The Money. Good to see the 12″ version of that album sneaking out though.

    • John says:

      Yes. I’ve been waiting for that to sneak out too. I wish the extended versions of unconditional love and stop look and listen were included though.

      • Ronald A Flaviano says:

        I agree! Unconditional Love is on an 80s remix compilation cd out years ago, but Stop, Look and Listen extended remains elusive on cd.

  95. Fredpostman says:

    Immediately brought yesterday,and it’s great having the Casablanca/GTO (I live in the UK)albums remastered,but im disappointed “Could It Be Magic” isn’t here in it’s original 7″ version..
    You can’t have it all I suppose LOL

  96. Quante says:

    I’ve a feeling this is going to be desirable and at some point sell out, then the price will jump upwards. Conversely, if it doesn’t sell well. the price could drop and someone will get a bargain! 1,500 boxes is not a lot for a global star, where her whole career is included, so I’m betting it’ll sell out.

    I’ve ordered it in order to buy me some time to consider fully the cost vs family explanation – and I’ve a music loving supportive wife. It’s my birthday in February, so perhaps this is my present.

    The box looks brilliant and the casablanca discs remastered are the draw for me. I’ve some of the Japanese editions, but not all, so to get them all in a remastered set is perfect.

  97. Dean says:

    Looks great, unfortunately still some gaps and yet still missing material… I was hoping for the Spanish version of “Whenever There Is Love “(from “Daylight”) (Bruce Roberts and Donna Summer) -‘El Amor Verdadero’.
    There also several tracks from soundtracks, and other artists albums missing.
    Black Power (P.Thomas/G.Francropolus) 1971
    Tracks from musical ‘The Me Nobody Knows’ and ‘Ich Bin Ich’ 1971
    A: Sally Go ‘Round The Roses
    b/w So Said The Man Decca/MCA 1971
    A: If You Walkin’ Alone
    b/w Can’t Understand Philips 1972
    Including the unreleased Sony album recorded in and around 2000, would have been a huge boost for sales.
    These things are rarely perfect…

    • Klaus says:


      If you want it perfect then what about the tracks she sang for the German version of “Hair”, “Haare”? You might as well could include the whole cd of this because she’s in the background choir of almost every song there.

  98. Francesco says:

    Great job, but many tracks still missing: Ordinary Miracle, The Power Of One, Take Heart, When The Dream Never Dies, To Paris with Love (original version), Someday, Love On And On, Rosie Christmas, Dreamcatcher, Denver Dream, Sally go round the roses, If you walkin’ alone, etc. And many Casablanca singles still missing. WHY??? There’s still time to correct and improve…hopefully

  99. NTG says:

    Hopefully the remasters will be well balanced, not brickwalled, causing sound distortion on louder parts…
    I’m sick of these “wanna be upgraded” remasters, of which the majority are victims of the loudness war.
    The tracklist is absolutely fine and FINALLY her Casablanca albums have been included.

  100. Jan Greeve says:

    I can feel the endorphine going through my veins.

  101. Kleo says:

    Great set, but a bit disappointing for the hardcore fan that I am. I would have loved to see the inclusion of some disregarded remixes and unreleased gems. Off the top of my head:
    – Romeo (full version)
    – True Love Survives (alternative mix)
    – People Talk (with rap part)
    – Protection (duo with Bruce Springsteen)
    – Protection (Japanese 12” Extended Mix)
    – Love On and On (Disco Version)
    – Love’s About to Change My Heart (UK 7” Remix with alternative ending)
    – Walk Hand in Hand
    – Only The Fool Survives (unedited mix)
    – Thinkin’ Bout My Baby (rumored unedited version)
    – any unreleased 12” mix from “The Wanderer” LP
    – and so many more…

  102. R. A. Sesin says:

    Will this set be available in the USA?, maybe through Amazon?

  103. John says:

    Now, I’de be very interested in a Donna Summer box set if it focused only on the Casablanca productions that also included a DVD of 1978 ‘Live and More’ concert. I am absolutely not interested in the SAW album, it signified for me the lowest low point of Summer’s career after so many lustrous highs.

  104. Jon says:

    A great set but missing some single and extended mixes. Still no “Woman in Me” single version. I’m wondering if the master can’t be found. Same with the 12” version of “Stop, Look & Listen”. I wish they could have included unreleased stuff like “Valley of the Moon”. No “Walk Hand in Hand” although I’ve heard the master for that is missing too. Also strangely missing is the single versions of “Try Me I Know We Can Make It”, “Spring Affair”, “Could it Be Magic”, “Supernatural Love” amongst others. “”Power of One” is missing amongst others. Oh well I guess you can’t have it all LOL.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Apparently this was originally conceived as an albums-only package and the bonus remixes were added later and never intended to be totally comprehensive, rather a selection.

  105. James Blair says:

    As others have said, this is a pretty good price for the vast content, and looks to be well presented. Despite already owning much of the material featured, it’s a pre-order for me!

  106. Ramon Sesin says:

    Cheers! Will this set be available in the USA? AmazonUS?
    Thank you.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Assuming it probably will… but don’t know for sure.

    • Trevor Smith says:

      If its not, I’d be happy to help you.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      If you have an account just click on Paul’s link, put it in a shopping cat, log in with your US Amazon login (it will link to your US account with all your saved address and payment details) and purchase it. I’ve done that many times with boxed sets. They subtract VAT (17 or 18%) and only charge approx $5 postage for any boxed set. It almost always is cheaper to get a UK-produced set from Amazon UK directly sent you than to wait for Amazon US to stock it.

  107. Xavier Cruz says:

    I preordered this set but now that I see the track list, I think I’ll cancel. I have EVERYTHING on here with the exception of My Life. Where’s Freedom, Power Of One, Ordinary Miracles, Adoni, etc??? There’s sooooo much more. Come on, throw us a bone already. Why torture us die hard fans like this? And again with this photo????? Seriously? So many gorgeous photos, ie, Bad Girls session alone has incredible outtakes. Oh well, wishful thinking on my part.

  108. Donald says:

    This is amazing! Quite a bit is duplicative for those of us who’ve been purchasing the releases all along, but what *isn’t* duplicative more than makes up for it. I’m so excited, this is a dream come true. Viva Donna!

  109. Glenn Roger says:

    I love this upcoming box set. This has to be the most complete up to date of Donna Summer material. Its like getting everything in one bang, including off album cuts and remixes. I most def have to have this in my collection. I placed my order immediately because the number is so limited at just 1500 and I wanted to be sure to get a copy. I’ve learned my lesson previously on so many occasions. Thanks Paul for the heads up on this one!

  110. V16trola says:

    Thank you for sharing this Paul. I read this site every day and being a life-long Donna Summer fan, this is the kind of thing that I have dreamed of!!

    However, I suspect that the hard-core fans will seriously not be happy. All of Donna’s 70s double albums originally fitted on one CD (even in the days when CD running time was limited to 70-something minutes) so I don’t know why they have been spread out over 2 CDs here. The rarities and remixes are great (and it’s nice to see so many of the rare 70s single edits included) but there are huge gaping omissions that could quite easily have been plugged.

    And the inclusion of the mostly absolutely hideous remixes from 2013’s Love To Love You Donna album (which most fans hate with a vengeance) will result in a tidal wave of venom (and lost sales) – but the packaging looks incredible and I can’t wait to get my hands on it especially for the 70s albums!

  111. Tony O says:

    going on other box sets and the demand for similar artists i would suggest that the price on this will come down, if not pre release but certainly post release. its amazing how many box sets limited to 500 but more collectable artists end up in the sales. however it does look like a nice set and as others have said at £5 per disc looks great.

  112. frattonlad says:

    I can get behind this. I love the 70s Donna, not so much the 80s Donna but not sure my family will thank me if I blow 170 quid on it… I do hate it when something like this is immediately limited and not available seperately though. I have a ton of 12″s and all the albums on vinyl so I may have to content myself with that for the time being!

  113. What?Summer?Worry? says:

    MMM, no 7” single mix of Could It Be Magic but there is 12” there wasn’t a 12” for this single.

  114. This looks extraordinary, very good value and – as others have observed here – a salutary lesson to other artists and labels. I loved everything up to and including Cats Without Claws, so am very tempted. And I’ll always be grateful to Donna for including a Bible verse on a sleevenote of one of the eighties albums (possibly The Wanderer) that I used in an essay about To Kill A Mockingbird. My English teacher was very impressed. Didn’t tell her where I’d got it from.

  115. Xav says:

    So many remixes missing, almost all the Almighty stuff, mixes of Con te Partiro and Wheneevr There Is Love and so on. Could have been a great complete box, but no.

  116. Matthew Jessee says:

    Incredible! Going to have to put some £££ aside for this one! Thanks, Paul.

  117. Michel Banen says:

    For such a set the price is actually not that expensive. It comes down to about 5 Pounds per disc and actually even less as it also has a box and book to go with the set.

  118. Shawn Bartels says:

    I don’t see Unconditional Love Club Mix on here. I hope this isn’t getting left off the box.

  119. Woodsey Niles says:

    I’m a fan but this is more Donna Summer than I need. Looks like a great set though. I recall an old comment Brian Eno made, when after hearing “I Feel Love” for the first time, he excitedly called either Robert Fripp or David Bowie and said he had just heard the future of music. Considering how electronica dominated the music scene from that point on, he was pretty much right.

  120. Andrew Barnett says:

    Would love the 8 Bonus CDs on there own!!!!!
    Thanks for the info Paul

  121. Daryl says:

    Not really my cuppa tea, but this certainly appears to be a good lesson to other companies on how to produce a comprehensive box set.

  122. Mikko Suhonen says:

    Any news about the pre-Geffen albums being released separately? With them already remastered in my collection I don’t fancy buying them all over again.

  123. Shane says:

    Incredibly irritated that they do this box after the expanded single editions singles box and APAT re-reissues, all of which were not cheap at all! Still they get me idiot with this one too because of the other tracks and because its her. Fool me. Ordered. Thanks Paul aka the enabler ;)

    • Andrew says:

      AND …..that’s why this nonsense keeps repeating.
      They have ‘the tapes’ of stuff as far back as her days with the band The Crow.
      Never mind ‘wot’ really happened with Bruce Springsteen.
      They have calculated just how many rabid must-have fans she has left and that’s why it’s a Ltd.Ed.
      I won’t be buying it and I LOve her voice.

      • Edward Andrews says:

        No they may have never imagined getting to use the Universal master tapes of her early CD’s….

      • Kpreecorn says:

        Donna Summer 70’S rarities

        Sally Go Round The Roses
        So Said The Man
        If You Walking Alone
        Can’t Understand
        Down Deep Inside
        Down Deep Inside (Love version)
        Shut Out
        Burning Up With Fever
        Never Loose Your Sense Of Humor

        Donna Summer 80’ S

        Lover In The Night (backing vocals)
        I Won’t Let Go (backing vocals)
        Pretenders (backing vocals)
        A Girl Like You (backing vocals)
        True Love (backing vocals)
        Modern Age (backing vocals)
        Talk To Me (backing vocals)
        Highway Runner 12 » remix
        Sometimes Like Butterflies
        Protection (12 ‘’ remix)
        Walk Hand In Hand
        Face The Music
        The Girls Back In Town
        Tearin’ Down The Walls
        Something s Missing
        Spirit Of The Forest

        Donna Summer 90’ S

        We Gonna Win
        Carry On
        I’m A Rainbow
        Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (remix)
        La Vie En Rose
        Melody Of Love
        Any Way At All
        I Feel Love 95’
        Does He Love You
        From A Distance
        Let It Be Me
        Whenever There Is Love
        State Of Independence 96’
        Carry On 97’
        Tant Qu’il Y Aura L’ Amour
        Sing To Me To Sleep Mommy

        Donna Summer 2000

        Dream catcher
        When I Look Up
        The Power Of One
        When The Dream Never Dies
        I Cannot Be Silent
        Another Rosie Christmas
        Take Heart
        I Got Your Love
        That’s The Way It Is
        Dream A Lot (Theme)
        You Are So Beautiful
        Power Of Love
        Are You Brave
        Thank You For Being You
        À Whole New World
        It’s Only Love
        Valley Of The Moon

        Donna Summer 2010

        Love To Love You Baby (Diesel mix)
        To Paris With Love
        Crazy/ On The Radio (diet with Seal)
        La Dolce Vita

        All this should be in the box otherwise it’s not a complete collection

  124. Greekgeek says:

    Just a casual Donna Summer fan but what an unbelievable set and amount of material. So many other artists could take a lesson from this. Thanks Paul.

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