Donna Summer / Singles box set


A new 24CD ‘Driven By The Music’ Donna Summer Singles box set will be released in October.

This set collates the Geffen and Atlantic Records singles issued from the albums The Wanderer, Donna Summer, Cats Without Claws, All Systems Go, Another Place And Time and Mistaken Identity. Each CD features the tracks included on the various formats of the official international versions.

Disc 24 is a ‘bonus’ six-track CD featuring many ‘Hot Tracks’ remixes not  previously available commercially and if you order this box via the Official Donna Summer Store this CD will contain two further bonus mixes (first 500 pre-orders only).


The discs come in vinyl replica sleeves and this package includes new notes by Christian John Wikane which feature brand new interviews with the likes of Bruce Sudano, Matt Aitken, Jellybean Benitez, Harold Faltermeyer, Pete Hammond, Ray Parker Jr., Martyn Ware and Pete Waterman.

This Donna Singles box will be released on 2 October 2015. Note: The Official Donna store don’t ship to the US so fans Stateside will need to order from Amazon UK.



1. The Wanderer  3.46
2. Stop Me  3.44


1. Cold Love  (Edit)  3.16
2. Grand Illusion  3.53
3. Cold Love 3.38


1. Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’ (Edit)  3.59
2. Running For Cover  3.48


1. Looking Up  3.57
2. Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’  4.18



1. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (7” Version)  3.42
2. Sometimes Like Butterflies  4.28
3. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Dance Remix)  7.07
4. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Instrumental Featuring Ernie Watts On Saxophone Solo)  7.04


1. State Of Independence (7” Version)  4.25
2. Love Is Just A Breath Away  3.54
3. State Of Independence  5.50


1. The Woman In Me  3.54 +
2. Livin’ In America  4.42 +
3. The Wanderer  3.46 ++ *


1. Protection  3.35
2. (If It) Hurts Just A Little  3.53
3. State Of Independence  5.50


1. There Goes My Baby  4.06
2. Maybe It’s Over  4.42
3. Face The Music  4.15


1. Supernatural Love (Remix)  3.38
2. Face The Music  4.15
3. Supernatural Love (Extended Dance Remix)  6.11 Remixed By Juergen Koppers
4. Suzanna  4.29


1. Eyes (7” Remix Edit)  3.47
2. It’s Not The Way  4.22
3. Eyes (Extended Mix)  6.58
4. I’m Free (Extended Mix)  6.20

Tracks 1, 3-4: Mixed by John “Jellybean” Benitez / Mix Engineer: Michael Hutchinson / Assistant Engineer: Sandra Buchanek

1. Dinner With Gershwin (Edit)  4.10 +
2. Dinner With Gershwin (Instrumental)  4.55 +
3. Dinner With Gershwin (Extended Version)  7.45 +
4. Dinner With Gershwin (Lp Version) 4.38 +
5. Tearin’ Down The Walls  3.57 ++


1. All Systems Go (Edit)  3.59  +
Edited by John Morales for Another M&M Production, Inc.
2. Bad Reputation  4.14  ++
3. All Systems Go (Extended Remix)  7.55  +
Remix by Bruce Forest


1. ONLY THE FOOL SURVIVES (Edit)  4.02 Duet With Mickey Thomas
2. LOVE SHOCK  4.16


1. This Time I Know It’s For Real  3.36
2. Whatever Your Heart Desires  3.52
3. This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Version)  7.21
4. This Time I Know It’s For Real (Instrumental)  3.34
5. Interview  28.52

Engineered by Karen Hewitt & Yoyo
Mixed by Mix Master Pete Hammond

1. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (7” Remix)  3.32 +
2. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Instrumental)  4.46 +
3. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Extended Version)  6.59 +
4. Dinner With Gershwin 4.38 ++ *

Engineered by Karen Hewitt & Yoyo / Mixed by Mixmaster Phil Harding
++        Produced by RICHARD PERRY Associate Producer: BRENDA RUSSELL

1. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Pwl 7″ Mix)  3.47
2. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Extended Remix)  6.19
3. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Instrumental)  5.13
4. Jeremy  4.36 ++ *
5. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Clivillés & Cole 12” Mix)  7.47
6. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Dub 2)  7.13
7. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Clivillés & Cole 7” Mix)  4.21

1-3 Remixed by Mixmaster Phil Harding for PWL
5-7 Post-production, background & mix by Robert Clivillés and David Cole for Cole/Clivillés Music Enterprises / Edited By – Luie Rivera for “Quick Cut” Productions

1. When Love Takes Over You (Remix)  3.37
2. Bad Reputation 4.14 ++ *
3. When Love Takes Over You (Extended Remix)  6.13
4. When Love Takes Over You (Instrumental)  3.35

Engineered by Karen Hewitt & Yoyo
Mixed by Mixmaster Dave Ford

1. Breakaway (Power Radio Mix)  4.04
2. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) 4.19 ++ *
3. Breakaway (Remix – Full Version)  6.44
4. Breakaway (Remix – Edit)  3.34
5. Breakaway (Extended Power Mix)  6.09

1&5 Additional production and remix by Tony Humphries / Engineered by James “Doc” Dougherty
3&4 Remixed by Harding/Curnow for PWL
Recorded & Mixed by Bruce Swedien

1. State Of Independence (New Bass Edit)  4.10
2. State Of Independence (New Bass Mix)  5.58
3. State Of Independence (No Drum Mix)  5.46
4. State Of Independence (N.R.G. Mix)  5.34
5. State Of Independence (7” Version)  4.25 *
6. Love Is Just A Breath Away  3.54 *

1-4 Re-Mixed by Boilerhouse

1. When Love Cries (Radio Remix)  4.10
2. When Love Cries (12” Club Mix)  6.56
3. What Is It You Want  4.42


1. Work That Magic (Isa Full Length Remix)  4.57 *
2. Let There Be Peace  3.58
3. Work That Magic (Extended Isa Remix)  6.17 *
4. Work That Magic  (Capricorn Isa Remix)  4.26 *
5. This Time I Know It’s For Real  3.36 **
6. Dinner With Gershwin  4.38 ***
7. State Of Independence  5.50 ****


* Special Remix Production by Ian Stanley
** Produced and Arranged by Stock/Aitken/Waterman
*** Produced by Richard Perry/Associate Producer Brenda Russell
**** Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions

1. State Of Independence (New Radio Millennium Mix)  5.00
2. State Of Independence (Creation Mix)  4.19
3. State Of Independence (Original Album Version)  5.50 *
4. State Of Independence  (Dj Dero Vocal Mix)  8.19
5. State Of Independence (Murk Club Mix)  8.22
6. State Of Independence (Jules & Skin Vocal Mix)  6.24
7. State Of Independence (Murk-A-Dub Dub)  6.21
8. State Of Independence (Cuba Libre Mix)  6.31
9. State Of Independence (Jules & Skin Dub Remix)  6.24

1 Programmed by Phil Ramacon, Edited by Bruno Morelli
2 Additional Production & Remix by Sold Out
4 Additional Production & Remix by DJ Dero/N. Guerrieri/A. Guerrier
5, 7-8 Additional Production & Remix by Ralph Falcon & Oscar G for Murk Productions
6 & 9 Remixed by Jules & Skin

1. This Time I Know It’s For Real (Hot Tracks Mix – Mix 1)
2. Whatever Your Heart Desires (Hot Tracks Mix)
3. If It Makes You Feel Good (Hot Tracks Mix)
4. Love’s About To Change My Heart (Hot Tracks Mix)
5. Work That Magic (Hot Tracks Mix)*
6. Highway Runner (Disconet Mix)*

*bonus tracks for first 500 sets ordered via Official Store


108 responses to Donna Summer / Singles box set

  1. Pat78 says:

    Whatever Your Heart Desires (Original Mix) is missing on this Box Set.
    The 1989 CDS of This Time I Know It’s For Real used an early version of Whatever Your Heart Desires.
    On this Set the normal album version is included.

  2. DanaDotCom says:

    Supreme set, but I’ll pass. Nothing I really need. I thought her SAW material was her absolute worst output, so another mix that sounds identical to the 10 before it is pointless to me. What I was hoping to see was the extended mix of “Protection”…perhaps on a future anthology. I hope the single version of ‘The Woman In Me” is included here…Hmmm, maybe I will invest…maybe not.

  3. bertielego says:

    I received today the box set from Donna’s store… and I am very happy about it!

    May this, and other similar sets like Bananarama’s influence the industry and set a standard!

  4. Francis says:

    If it contained ALL her singles from “The Hostage” (1974) right up to “Stamp Your Feet” (2008) then it would be worth purchasing but as most of her early and late ‘hot stuff’ is missing, this collection is not for me (I will stick to treating myself to her all expanded albums).

  5. baward says:

    Multi-company licensing, a lawyers favourite subject ;-)

  6. Brian says:

    why ONLY the Geffen releases?

    no casablanca or mercury releases?

  7. Gianni says:

    Hmm. I’ll probably get this just to have it. Already have the UK box set and the Japanese box set. As for the bonus cd, I recreated the Hot Tracks mixes from the original cd rips. A friend gave me the Disconet mix that he recreated from the Fast Times cd rip. All in WAV format. Sounds waaaay better than the vinyl/cd-to-reel-tape-to-vinyl issued by the remix services.

  8. Rich says:

    I know that ‘She Works Hard’ is not available for this box set but it just seems really weird to have singles set without including it. I love the look of the box and at a good price i would be tempted but it is basically repeating what was in the re-issues so i dont think i will be buying. If i did it would be just a case of wanting to have it rather than listen to it.

  9. Juan C Ortiz says:

    It’s not fair! We who live in the USA have to order From Amazon UK and won’t have access to the “Bonus CD” …

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  11. Phil says:

    Thanks Eric for the info. Cheers, Phil

  12. Kauwgompie says:

    The 2nd 12″ version of “I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt” is missing. It is on the remastered cd however. The long version of the Bruce Springsteen penned “Protection” (6’10”), a japanese 12″ is also missing. That’s a real shame as it is not commercially available anywhere. Best is to rip it from YouTube.
    Does anyone know what the 2 bonus mixes are if you order from the Donna Summer site? Are they added to a cd or do you have to download them?
    If you already have the remastered cd box set, the only value is in the bonus disc with the hot tracks and disconet mixes. 6 tracks, that’s not much for an entire boxset. I had hoped they added more than just those 6. Still thinking whether to order or not. Also depends on what the 2 bonus mixes are.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The two bonus tracks are as listed on the track listing. They are tracks 5 and 6 of that CD – 5. Work That Magic (Hot Tracks Mix) 6. Highway Runner (Disconet Mix). In other words you get just four tracks on this CD if you’re not one of the first 500 to pre-order via the official Donna store or you just buy it somewhere else.

      • kauwgompie says:

        Thank you Paul! The remix of Highway Runner is a gem (if it’s a good mix), it’s the only remix from the Rainbow album that exists to my knowledge. Anyway, thanks once again for the amazing site!!

  13. Eric says:

    The last thing SDE needed was a self-appointed “Katie Hopkins” of the comments section anyway. So it’s probably for the best!

    Maybe we can get back to reading and discussing the music and the products themselves again.

  14. Steve says:

    Great website! Thanks, Paul!
    I have ordered my set from Amazon UK. Just hoping that “The Woman in Me” is the single version. If not I guess it is because the master was either lost or damaged.

  15. Shane says:

    I must have missed Darren’s out of proportion comments, or maybe I am used to much worse on the net. However, Eric’s comment is exactly what I’m saying, and I will kindly quote what he said: “a Compact Disc, especially a “deluxe editions” of one, should have a reasonable sound quality from master tapes (or at worst, copy the existing CD if all else fails)”.
    And instead by reading Darren’s post is basically we have to accept things just because that’s the direction the reissue world has taken, because some smaller and newer labels are putting out stuff that does not come from masters, then anyone who does the same should not be held accountable for vinyl rips.
    Frankly. I don’t mind vinyl rips if they have tried to track down the masters, but it should be clearly stated on the package. Anything else is taking clients for a ride. It is a CD, supposed to be digital quality and not vinyl rips, so anything else should be advertised as such.

  16. Kev says:

    “Darren”, be careful and don’t fall off your high horse. You really think your sh*t don’t stink. Good riddance!

  17. Javier says:

    Neil? Chris? Are you there?

  18. Darren H says:

    Just for clarity for the future, I am a different Darren and if I post I will now put Darren H. As for this box set, it looks lovely. I have the albums box set though and thank that’ll do for me.

  19. Phil says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but which tracks on last year’s Donna Summer box set were identified as being vinyl rips? Also, was the box reissued with ‘corrections”? I didn’t know about this.

    • Eric says:

      Hi Phil, all the albums are fine. Some of the bonus material is not from the actual mastertapes, since the compilers apparently did not have access to everything. The mixes of Eyes were the only ones they were prepared to redo to a better standard; you can still contact Demon Music to get a repress of the Cats Without Claws disc for free, but don’t expect a completely pristine version even now. It’s just a bit better. Also, don’t be surprised if the replacement comes marked/scuffed and in a paper sleeve. That seems to be the case for everyone who requested one!

      (Darren would have a heart attack at all my bitching and whining, but this is the world of deluxe editions and reissues, you are going to encounter some iffy quality control….there’s nothing wrong with calling labels out on it!).

  20. Bob says:

    Is there a way to get this box set in the US? I don’t get it, why are US fans not included in any of the purchasing options?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      At the moment you can’t be it from anyway IN the USA, but you can order it from Amazon UK. The £87 is equivalent of $114 plus shipping (VAT deducted).

  21. Eric says:

    Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in quality control. There was the same attitude towards naysayers when those horrendous Tabu “deluxe editions” came out; the number of times I got abuse for that on amazon, simply for agreeing with the negative reviews pointing out that a Compact Disc, especially a “deluxe editions” of one, should have a reasonable sound quality from master tapes (or at worst, copy the existing CD if all else fails).

    I’ve heard really decent vinyl rips (there’s a particular blog on the web which excels at making hard-to-find stuff available in almost blemish-free versions), but it’s false advertising when labels claim to have sourced from the original tapes (or similar) when they have not. And charing “deluxe” prices into the bargain. Anyone who brings such releases to the attention of music fans is doing us all a favour.

    What a depressing week for the comments section of SDE. Come on people, we’re better than this. Shouting down other music lovers, and displaying ridiculous music snobbery.

    • Darren says:

      Eric, I agree with all of that. The Tabu reissues were so hit and miss. Some were good, but some were dreadful.

      As for the comments. They really have been depressing. However, it has made me appreciate just how different people’s opinions can be and how valid they all are, no matter how ridiculous or stupid they appear to be to me. I’m not at all tolerant of people who moan for the sake of moaning or are sarcastic in a passive-aggressive way or ask stupid questions that they can find the answers to quite easily (and usually in the original post that Paul Sinclair wrote) or that look down their noses at what they consider to be “not quality music” etc. However, it has made me appreciate that I need to accept people as they are. So now, I welcome you whingers, moaners, naysayers, and idiots with open arms…. and thank you for being a constant pain in the side until I got the point that you also need to have your voice…. even if it is ridiculous hot air :)

  22. Adam says:

    I appreciate this Singles set because you get what the Single releases looked like at the time , appreciating the artwork in this mini LP-replica set, makes you think about why certain B-Sides might have been chosen, although with this release the large majority of B-Sides are other album tracks or tracks from previously released singles. You can take a single and perhaps rediscover an album track you have not listened to in a while. You can focus in on a few tracks and remixes put out around the same time that are otherwise relegated to the end of the albums on album reissues or on a separate CD. As someone else said, the This Time… Interview is great to have been included, the press release for this set just needs to mention what the uniqueness of the set is.

  23. george says:

    Shaddup for a bit, Darren

  24. Shane says:

    Someone said vinyl rips. I agree. Not that I hate them, but I cannot stand companies lying to sell reissues. The biggest culprit is Cherry Red and its myriad of labels who did so much damage by churning out out-of-print albums with bad quality “remasters” or vinyl rips, saturating the market and making it impossible for others to re-release these albums properly.
    Grateful in a way for putting them out but angry they are fucking it up.
    There are many examples all of us know where BBR or Cherry Pop dropped the ball (Eighth Wonder album, the Sinitta DVD that was a straight-off rip of her VHS compilation in Mono…..). BBR is certainly not the tops!

    • Darren says:

      Shane, you’re blowing things out of all proportion with this crazy fake outrage. Yes, there have been some problems, but you make it sound like it’s a non-stop sh*t show. Some of the problems have been rectified. Some of the problems haven’t, but the solution to that is to track down what you really want from the original releases. In very few cases are we stuck with something that is bad quality and no alternative avenue is available. It just means to have to be realistic with what is available. Accept the best products. Send the crap back and get a refund. Yes, it’s inconvenient, but is it the end of the world? No.

      This is a good example of a trend I’ve noticed of serial complainers who think nothing is ever good enough. You make it seem far worse than it really is, so the only thing really upsetting you is your own bad attitude and laziness and finding solutions for yourself. But, it obviously seems easier to do nothing but complain and whine.

      Companies do the best they can to give the best product they can and at a price that people will like. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t last long. Nobody is setting out to deliver crap product that everyone will reject.

      If you really look again at how many CDs you’ve bought that were bad versus good, you’ll see that the bad ones are a small minority. We’ve had an unbelievable amount of great reissues over the last 5 years. It really comes down to your own attitude as to whether you are satisfied or not. Personally, I’m amazed at how much great stuff keeps coming. It’s thanks to labels like Cherry Pop, BBR, Edsel, Funkytowngrooves, Rodeo Media, Blanco Y Negro, ZYX etc, that music which was previously vinyl-only is finally being made available on CD.

      It gets really tedious all the whiners and complainers on here spoiling what is otherwise a great website.

  25. Joseph Hayes says:

    Not sure what the point is of this box set other than that it is super cool looking. I’m torn as I am a Donna completist. I see Donna’s 80’s music as extremely personal and powerful although I know she wrestled with the record execs for hits. I think I may just have to buy this — it’s just too cool for these singles that were so meaningful to me.

    As for Casablanca I bought the Japanese mini-lp box and it is incredible (albeit no bonus tracks).

  26. Gordon says:

    I just had a look at the Donna store site – looks like it ain’t shipping to Oz either!

    Just a question to Paul about disc 24 – in the article you said six tracks, with two bonus if you order from the store. But in your tracklisting, you have six tracks INCLUDING the 2 bonus. So is it (standard) six or just four? I’m getting it either way, but still…..there are so many DJ-only-promo-mixes out there that six is pretty stingy. Then again, the majority of them are of her 70’s and 90’s output, NOT the Atlantic/Geffen era. But hopefully – like another poster mentioned – they’ll get a big multi-disc collection of their own one day.

  27. george says:

    just wondered if anyone could tell me if these are all the mixes available of ‘This Time I Know It’s For Real’ ?

  28. Russell says:

    The PWL 7” Mix is the ‘Edit’, isn’t it?

  29. MikeR says:

    I really wish Donna could get the same treatment as the Bananarama box set – why does this have to be limited to commercial only material? This is such an amazing opportunity to explore and release as much as possible.

    Where are the ‘Edit’ (Original commercially released 7″ Remix) and 7″ Instrumental of ‘Love’s About To Change’?

    • Darren says:

      It is unbelievable how stupid some people are. Why don’t you do some research and answer your own questions. It takes about 30 seconds to find the information. You have internet access. There is no excuse.

      • Mike the Fish says:

        Why are you so angry?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Darren – do me a favour and just calm it down a bit, will you? You are antagonising people rather unnecessarily. You’ve got interesting things to say but you’re in danger of looking like a troll by being so aggressive / sarcastic. Not sure why you are suddenly being like this, but it’s detracting from the debate. We all want to read what people have to say and I would like to encourage as many people as possible to leave comments on SDE – they should not feel intimidated just because they may not be as savvy and knowledgeable as others. BTW – I tried emailing you but it bounced back. Cheers, Paul

          • Darren says:

            It’s OK. I already decided it’s time to move on anyway. By the time things appear here I usually already know about them from other sources, so on the whole I’m not finding out anything I don’t already know. Although sometimes there are finer details that come from your inside knowledge and I have picked up a few good deals that I was unaware of. I liked the site initially to read the comments and sometimes add to the discussion. It was good for that for a while. But the people commenting are now mostly serial complainers, naysayers and idiots. So I’ve only been annoying myself by reading all their crap and then reacting to that. I should have just risen above it all, but I found myself getting sucked in. So for me, it’s just not a healthy place to be, which I identified last night. I came here this morning to see if I still felt that way about it and read your message. I thank you for it because it really seals the deal for me and wakes me up fully to the fact that this isn’t the right place for me. There are a few really great people that come here, but on the whole it’s a pretty miserable bunch of people and over time I think if you don’t do something about moderating the comments you’ll find that the decent people drift away and you’ll be left with the dross. I don’t need to associate myself with all that. Frankly, I have better things to do with my time and this website only served to sour my mood lately. So you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t be hearing from me again.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Sorry you feel like that. P

          • kiefer2 says:

            Good riddance.

  30. Kiefer2 says:

    Yet again-US buyers are shafted on the bonus cd.

  31. Conner says:

    And one more thing. How AWESOME is it that we are getting the interview from the This Time I Know Promo CD?!!! That CD goes for hundreds of dollars. That alone makes this worth it.

  32. Carlton Fisher says:

    I’m going to have to save up for this one. I know everyone can come up with a reason to crap on it as a release, but at some point, shouldn’t we also think about the fact that it’s better to have something–albeit incomplete–than what we have now, which is nothing? I’m a big enough fan that I don’t mind shelling out for a nice set like this, even if it means down the road there’s going to be yet another item to buy to make the collection “complete.” Otherwise, the only remixes I would have of any of these songs are the few that showed up on the album reissues.

    And while I do like her Casablanca years, am I the only one who’s actually more excited about the 80s material? I think it was extremely under appreciated, and certainly not as over exposed as the classic 70s work, which I admit to getting tired of eventually (at the risk of being crucified).

    • Conner says:

      I tend to agree, Carlton. I LOVE her 70s output, but this whole series of reissues and really nifty collectibles has me revisiting her 80s work and there is some great stuff in here. I am super thrilled about this set!

  33. Kev says:

    The estate had the last chance to release all the missing mixes and single versions and they didn’t do it.

    Do they have something against the single version and album version of “Work That Magic”? Why are they not including them?

    Also, the super rare Murk Radio Edit of “State Of Independence ’96” should’ve been included.

  34. Francis says:

    Where are all her early singles that were released on Casablanca and GTO records?

    • Darren says:

      Francis, try reading. The first paragraph tells you “This set collates the Geffen and Atlantic Records singles….”


      So you would expect to find…. er…. let me see now….


      Do you see now? Not Casablanca. Not GTO.


      • bob says:

        Darren, do you always have to be so rude and sarcastic with your replies? People are entitled to their opinions just as you are.

      • Francis says:


        • Stan Butler says:

          Darren, please stick to discussing the box set and try not to insult people who hold a different opinion. I suspect anyone commenting loves Donna’s music, so let’s all calm down.

          Yes it looks a wonderful set and if money was no object I’d snap it up. Unfortunately having bought the albums box, I can’t justify it, for now anyway.

          By the way I notice that the 5 x 12″ box is £40 on the official site. £20 cheaper than the Record Store Day price!

        • SimonP says:


  35. Francis says:

    I think the Albums Box Set is much better and has all the tracks I need! This has singles I have never heard of and way too many repeated songs as different versions (“State Of Independence” seeming to be the main culprit).

  36. Cal Alex says:

    In the future schedule can we have a ‘Megarama’ style 3xCD edition of all the ‘Remix Club’ mixes; Hot Tracks; Disoconet; DMC?

    That would sell!

  37. Petee says:

    Will this have the 7″ remix version of “The Woman In Me” without the spoken intro? Was hoping that version would be on recent compilation, but nope.

  38. Griffin says:

    Why a big release after another? Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle & now Donna Summer! I’m afraid more will follow ;( Edsel will bankrupt me! A lot of singles are a 2 or 3-trackers. Why don’t they do the re-release of individual singles or a series of singles like in the 80’s?

    • Kiki says:

      Well Griffin, Lisa Stansfield could follow! There are still some edits and remixes missing after the release of the wonderful “1989-2003” box… They could also do with Living In a Box, Jimmy Somerville (and perhaps they could do a Post Somerville Bronski Beat era)…

      The release of the 2 last EBTG albums (very poor setlist indeed) should also lead to that kind of box!

  39. baward says:

    Regarding the folks who said that its questionable value and a milking exercise, if you had a recorded legacy like Donna Summer’s, wouldn’t you make the most of it too? And its true, you don’t HAVE to buy it if you don’t want to :-)

    It’s only a shame that no-one released collections like this, and the Casa. and the post-Casa. boxsets when Donna was alive.

  40. Henry says:

    AMAZING! First Bananarama and then this! I have the Donna Summer albums box set and this will make a fantastic companion.

  41. joel says:

    Although I would be very interested in reading the interviews…24 CDs with between 8-30 min of music (and maaaaaany different versions of the same song) to me is not a bargain…I will flip a vinyl lp…not so keen on changing a CD countless times…lord knows I love looking at artwork and liner notes, but a 12 inch is easier to appreciate than a dinky lp repro in CD size

  42. casas josé luis says:

    This is fantastic hope this will give some ideas to the folks of UNIVERSAL and also hope that one day Donna’s entire legacy 60’S, 70’S; 80’S, 90’S & 00’S will be reunited on a one and only box

    • casas josé luis says:

      And you know what… like in the good old days “I’ve pre-ordered this gem instantly” because wherever I Go I Take A Little SUMMER With Me !!!
      Have fun guy’s life can sometimes very short enjoy L(ive) L(augh) L(ove)
      This moments are rare just enjoy it!

    • Etienne says:

      So do I! And it’s summer every day.. Too bad for the extended version of protection and maybe rarities we still don’t know. And what about new stuff, it seems that Donna wrote tons of unknown songs…

  43. Emle J says:

    There are definitely a few omissions, but the earlier Box Set contained a majority of those missing tracks. It’s not claiming to be a complete singles box set, though. It looks fantastic, and definitely worth the purchase, even if you already own the album box set.

  44. Darren says:

    Once again, a fantastic collection that years ago we could only dream of, but thought it could never happen. But here it is :)

    Then come all the boring assh***s to “poo-poo” it.

    Yeah, we know you are NEVER SATISFIED and guess what? Nobody gives a toss.

    I’ve pre-ordered this gem instantly. I could probably scour it with a fine toothcomb and find something apparently missing… or I can just be grateful that this exists at all. It looks awesome. Looking forward to receiving it.

  45. Pat78 says:

    There are two Supernatural Love Extended Dance Remixes! A US and a UK version. They are different, especially the Intro. Which one is missing? The UK version was on the latest remasters.

  46. Eric says:

    Their in-house vinyl ripper will be extra busy on this set.

    • Darren says:

      Eric, is that all you can say about a 24 CD single box set like this? If you’re that lacking in any joy you should go and see your doctor. Maybe you’re depressed.

      • Eric says:

        I get plenty of joy from music, and the prospect of many 80s favourites or things on my wishlist finally seeing the light of day, recently, or in the future. Just today, my BBR reissue of Kool & Tye Gang’s In The Heart (1983) arrived, and I have been after that on CD since I began collecting.

        No, I am just sceptical of companies who come up with these mega-sets of rare material, only to later discover they are vinyl-sourced. I bought the recent Donna albums box, and it’s nice, but many of the 12″ and other remixes are from vinyl. If I want needle drops, I can find them painstakingly done by fans on the internet for free.

        • Billy Dojcak says:

          BBR does great work. Something other reissue labels should pay attention to.

        • Darren says:

          Oh. I have yet to play my Donna box. I hadn’t heard anything about needle-drops apart from one of the 7″ mixes which they sorted out and re-pressed the disc. Are there other issues?

          I played the Kool & The Gang yesterday. It was great.

          • Eric says:

            I’ve not listened to all the bonus tracks on the Donna set either, but apparently a lot of them betray the “sibilance” of a source that’s not the actual mastertapes and is most likely vinyl. Good quality vinyl transfers, from mint and unspoiled vinyl records, can sound okay. But it’s not CD quality and it’s not “from the mastertapes” (although they themselves can have issues after so long, see the Nik Kershaw issues with The Riddle).

      • Paul Anthony Chapman says:

        stop insulting people Darren, it’s a Donna Summer box set not a matter of life & death.

        A third of this thread is from you insulting or just being plain rude to people

  47. Shane says:

    I am starting to get annoyed now with allegedly complete reissues of albums followed by complete singles box sets. Milking fans. At least they should make plans known so one can choose. I might not buy this this time, i’ve already bought the cd and vinyl versions from the boxes last year. They are not even adding anything new! Unlike the Bananarama singles box!

    • AnonyMousE says:

      They don’t want you to choose to buy the albums reissues or the single boxset ! They want you to buy both, so firse the album, then the singles…

    • Michael says:

      I’m with you Shane. I’ve been a HUGE fan since the late 70s but after the follow-up compilation (pretty average but a nice companion piece) earlier this year to last year’s reissues I think enough is enough on this era now.

      How about a round up of all her non-album singles and rarities?

  48. Kiki says:

    Well, except for the 2 last Cds of the box, weren’t all the mixes already on the album box set ?

  49. Tony says:

    Weren’t there remixes and/or extended versions of “There Goes My Baby” off Cats Without Claws? I am wondering why they weren’t included on the earlier deluxe reissues or here in this set. Anyone have any info on that?

    • Retrogroover says:

      Tony…. There Goes My Baby was a 7″ and 12″ single but both formats contained the original 4-minute album version. No remixes or extended versions were done for that release.

      And, to Daniel, the Vocal Club Dub (aka Summertime Remix) of When Love Cries was on the Donna box set. That set did not, however, include the 12″ Mix of the song, which finally makes it on to this upcoming singles set.

      I don’t know why the Vocal Club Dub doesn’t reappear on this singles collection, nor why the instrumental from the US 12″ isn’t here, but I would imagine that various versions and mixes are still being researched and discovered as they go along. Also, it would be difficult if not impossible to access US archives for this UK project, as someone else owns the rights in America.

      • Daniel says:

        Thanks Retrogroover. I confounded the mixes ;)
        To Tony: I have a Video Cut from “There Goes My Baby” on my MiniDisc collection – it has a lovely intro.

  50. Trevor Smith says:

    Anyone know what’s happening with the Casablanca catalogue? That is what all Donna fans really want surely?

  51. Trevor Smith says:

    Thanks Paul. I’m now £80 poorer having ordered from the DS website! Can’t wait to get this though.

  52. Daniel says:

    Yes. The original instrumental version of “Breakaway”
    should be on the CDsingle.
    Then the only interesting track would be “Another Place And Time” in it’s instrumental version. Beautiful song.
    I wonder that the album version of
    “If It Makes You Feel Good” seems to be a remix and the
    “Pete Hammond Remix Instrumental” was included on the “Deluxe Edition” last year.
    Where is the original version of the song ? Too bad for a release ?
    The biggest disappointment for me is “When Love Cries”: Minimum the
    “Vocal Club Dub” and the “Instrumental Version” should be
    included here. Both were on the regular US 12″ single.

  53. pinkfloyd says:

    it’s all well & good…
    but how about the many singles & extended versions from her 1983 album “She Works Hard For The Money”

  54. Rory says:

    Amazing! Early Xmas present (to myself haha). Wish Crimson/ Demon/ Driven by the Music would get the rights to her 70s catalogue + She Works Hard.. But still I’m very impressed with the remastered boxsets so far.

  55. Micky says:

    Hm.. It should include This time I know it’s for real (Loveland 12″ remix) also !!!

  56. AnonyMousE says:

    Only interested in the SAW singles, tho’ :(
    Still no Breakaway(Instrumental) that was supposed to be included in the APAT reissue before they changed it with the remix insturmental.

  57. Ken A. says:

    I don’t know the ins and outs of her singles catalog, but that is a hot lookin’ box.

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