Donna Summer’s Ultimate Collection 3CD improved thanks to SDE readers


The Donna Summer three-CD Ultimate Collection has had its track listing improved thanks to the feedback of readers!

When we first posted about this compilation, SDE reader Erik van der Scheer commented “Yet another compilation album without ‘The Hostage’ :-(” – well, not any more, since the folks behind this set read that comment and acted on it. So The Hostage is now on CD 3.

Similarly, D. Harris wondered “why wasn’t the rare track, but fabulous “I Got Your Love” included?” Well now it will also appear on the third disc of this new collection.

A few people also highlighted the omission of To Paris With Love, a track which has apparently never been officially released on CD. Again, that suggestion has been taken on board and this track has been cleared for inclusion at the eleventh hour. It will be track 20 on CD 3.

Finally, the 3.48 Patrick Cowley “Special New Version Remix” of I Feel Love is another addition making The Ultimate Collection a 58-track set.

There has been a bit of jiggery-pokery to get these extra tracks on here, including moving Eyes (Jellybean Remix Edit) to disc one and switching Shut Out to the single edit, but all in all, this is great news for Donna Summer fans. It just goes to show that it is always worth leaving constructive criticism here on SuperDeluxeEdition, because as we’ve seen in the past (Swing Out Sister, Bros., Peter Gabriel) it’s a blog that really can influence because it’s so well read by those within the industry.

The Ultimate Collection will be released on 18 November and you can view the new track listing is below. Full details of all formats can be found here.

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Donna Summer

The Ultimate Collection 3CD



CD1         TO DANCE            

  • 1               I Feel Love 05:53
  • 2               MacArthur Park                  03:56
  • 3               This Time I Know It’s For Real 03:36
  • 4               Hot Stuff 03:49
  • 5               Dinner With Gershwin 04:10
  • 6               Bad Girls 03:54
  • 7               State Of Independence 04:24
  • 8               Rumour Has It 03:50
  • 9               The Wanderer 03:46
  • 10            She Works Hard For The Money                  04:33
  • 11            All Systems Go (Edit) 03:59
  • 12            On The Radio 04:04
  • 13            Heaven Knows with Brooklyn Dreams 03:52
  • 14            Sunset People 03:55
  • 15            Eyes (Jellybean Remix Edit) 03:47
  • 16            Power Of Love (Hani’s Mixshow Edit) 05:45
  • 17            I’m A Fire (Solitaire Club Mix) 07:12
  • 18            Last Dance 03:18


CD2         TO LOVE                

  • 1               No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) with Barbra Streisand 04:47
  • 2               Love’s Unkind 04:26
  • 3               Love To Love You Baby   03:21
  • 4               Down Deep Inside (Theme From ‘The Deep’) 04:23
  • 5               Could It Be Magic 03:55
  • 6               Try Me, I Know We Can Make It                   04:46
  • 7               Spring Affair 03:59
  • 8               I Love You 03:19
  • 9               Unconditional Love with Musical Youth                 03:58
  • 10            Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) 03:42
  • 11            I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (7″ Remix) 03:32
  • 12            When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford 7″ Remix) 03:35
  • 13            Breakaway (Power Radio Mix) 04:02
  • 14            Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (West End 7″ Radio Mix) 04:14
  • 15            Winter Melody 04:00
  • 16            The Woman In Me 03:54
  • 17            Back In Love Again 03:55
  • 18            Dim All The Lights 04:23
  • 19            Cold Love (Edit)                   03:17
  • 20            Love’s About To Change My Heart (PWL 7″ Mix) 03:45


CD3         TO REMEMBER  

  • 1               I Remember Yesterday 04:46
  • 2               Wasserman (‘Aquarius’) from the Original German Cast           Recording ‘Haare’ (‘Hair’) 03:08
  • 3               Oh, Segne Gott Mein’ Seel (“Bless The Lord”) from German Cast Recording of ‘Godspell’                   02:47
  • 4               Lady Of The Night 03:58
  • 5               The Hostage 04:16
  • 6               Something’s Missing (In My Life) Paul Jabara feat Special Guest Donna Summer                  05:40
  • 7               Once Upon A Time 04:16
  • 8               Shut Out Paul Jabara feat Special Guest Donna Summer 03:10
  • 9               Walk Away 04:29
  • 10            Never Lose Your Sense Of Humor Paul Jabara feat Special Guest Donna Summer 03:33
  • 11            Highway Runner 03:27
  • 12            I Feel Love (Part 1) Special New Version Remix by Patrick Cowley (7″) 03:48
  • 13            Romeo  03:13
  • 14            When Love Cries (Single Version Remix)                 04:12
  • 15            I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiró) (Radio Edit)  03:58
  • 16            Love Is The Healer (Eric Kupper’s I Feel Healed 7″ Mix) 03:36
  • 17            I Got Your Love (Radio Edit) 03:56
  • 18            Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Radio Edit) 03:46
  • 19            Fame (The Game) (Dave Aude Radio) 03:46
  • 20            To Paris With Love (Mendy Radio Edit) 04:00

Newly added tracks in red.

139 responses to Donna Summer’s Ultimate Collection 3CD improved thanks to SDE readers

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Paul. Any chance for Live & More SDE for the 40th anniversary?

  2. Griffin says:

    Donna Summer Replacement CD’s
    First I read about this from D.Harris (05-12-2016) & from Michael (11-12-2016)!
    18-01-2017 sent email with replacement CD’s request.
    26-01-2017 got email reply saying they have sent the CD’s to me (NL).
    03-02-2017 got the replacement CD1 & CD3.

    CD1 original with error AS55852-01
    Trk 09 The Wanderer (the first split second of the intro was repeated like a stutter)

    CD1 new without error AS61831-01
    Trk 09 The Wanderer (okay now)

    CD3 original with error AS55852-03
    Trk 12 I Feel Love (@ 0:11 there’s a glitch)
    Trk 14 When Love Cries (the first split second of the intro was repeated like a stutter)

    CD3 new without error AS65868-01
    Trk 12 I Feel Love (@ 0:11 there’s STILL a glitch)
    Trk 14 When Love Cries (okay now)

    Reply which Michael got from them on Trk 12 & posted here (11-12-2016):
    The original master was unavailable in any of the owner’s archives.
    Rather than use a vinyl rip, we reconstructed the track from the 12” master.
    The track does not skip but there is an edit at that specific point near the start of the track.
    Therefore, we are unable to replace this.

    @MarcM, is there a problem with CD2 as well? Was it a typo by them or you (…replacement for both Discs 1 & 2)?

  3. MarcM says:

    Finally got around to contacting DMG (Demon Music Group) with a request for Disc 1 on January 30 (wasn’t near a computer when I remembered and had other things to do when I was).

    I received this reply the next day:

    Many thanks for contacting Demon Music Group.

    We have also done a replacement for Disc 3 following a corrected glitch on ‘When Love Cries’ and have posted a replacement for both Discs 1 & 2 today. Please do allow a week or two for delivery.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    With thanks,

    Hopefully this helps others get both replacement discs.

  4. Nigel Hall says:

    I got given the 3CD deluxe edition for Christmas and while it’s brilliant to finally have some of the rarer songs on CD, as mentioned by others above I have to admit to more than a little disappointment that DBTM didn’t bother to source (or even properly recreate) original 7″ mixes for many of the GTO/Casablanca era singles. So until a better version comes along I suspect it’ll stay on the shelf.

    I made my own accurate 7″ edits from the full length CD versions last year where they didn’t already exist on CD. It only took me a few days to do all of them. I know this collection is not exactly an expensive set but it’s scandalous that a professional record company couldn’t have put in the effort required to do these edits properly. It’s not as if ANY of the original 7″s are hard to find!

  5. D.Harris says:

    Just received replacement discs for Disc 1! Thank You! I only hope they follow through with correcting “When Love Cries” as well. Because anyone familiar with the single version of this track, knows that it suffers from the exact same problem “The Wanderer” did. If your uncertain, pull out you copy of the remastered “Mistaken Identity” and compare.

    Despite all the issues, I am encouraged that label seems to be addressing these oversights. I would love the opportunity to update my online reviews to reflect this. I guess we’ll have to wait and see the final outcome. But it looks promising.

  6. Michael says:

    You’re welcome MarcM. Keep us posted.

  7. Michael says:

    The address:

    As I said above, they told me late last week the replacement for disc 1 is on its way and today I heard from them regarding the fault on When Love Cries on disc 3 and that its being looked into.

  8. Trevor says:

    Just noticed that mistake on The Wanderer and it’s starting to bug me! Has it been corrected yet and can we get a replacement disc 1?

  9. Michael says:

    For those still following this topic, I was informed this week they were sending me a replacement for Disc 1. I did email them separately regarding the fault on When Love Cries but I didn’t get a response.

    My first email listed all the faults except the spelling errors yet in their response they wrote as if I’d referenced this issue too so it looks like they wrote a generic response for everyone who wrote to them.

    They absolutely swore they’d given careful attention to the volume levels during mastering, and that when it is re-pressed, the errors on the cover would be corrected. Considering the overall reaction to this release, surely a recall and full replacement is to be expected.

    And regarding the sloppy edit of Patrick Cowley’s I Feel Love, they had this to say:
    The original master was unavailable in any of the owner’s archives.
    Rather than use a vinyl rip, we reconstructed the track from the 12” master.
    The track does not skip but there is an edit at that specific point near the start of the track.
    Therefore, we are unable to replace this.

    • MarcM says:

      Is the main problem the error in The Wanderer on Disc 1?

      Could you please provide an email address so that I, and anybody else who’s interested, could also write to them regarding replacement discs?

      Thank you.

  10. D.Harris says:

    Unfortunately, the 3-CD edition of this release is a mess. In my opinion, the track selection is fantastic and the label went out of their way to please the fans. Kudos to them for the planning phase, at least. But the sloppy mastering on “The Wanderer” AND “When Love Cries” (which I don’t recall anyone mentioning – that song is also clipped), along with the mislabeled tracks and horrible packaging, is terrible.

    I can get past a typo or two, even overlook the less than adequate packaging and brief liner notes, but when you can’t master a wonderful track line-up w/o errors, that’s just plain sloppy. I think most die-hard fans are upset because this release offered some much potential, but fell flat when it actually came down to producing the physical product. Surely, a lot of time and effort went into the planning of this release (the vinyl LP edition is gorgeous!), but when it came time to actually get down to work, somebody was asleep at the wheel. After all, this is labeled as a “Deluxe Edition”.

    Paul, is there any chance we could persuade the label to correct these issues? Someone to contact or write to?


  11. baward says:

    I got my copy at the weekend and aside from the brilliant music, I must to say its one of the worst packages ever. Lacklustre ‘design’ – 2 of the faces of one of the foldouts have a graphic clearly done by someone on their first day of graphic design GCSE course, and CDs that are incredibly tight in the sleeve (I wonder how long it’ll be before one of the seams gives out?). Once again, Donna’s legacy is ill-served. Although it’s not as bad as the ‘Love To Love You Donna’ embarrassment.

  12. Casas says:

    Just got mine and what can i say !!!
    At least in a way Donna is still alive, as every year since she left something is done to make her legacy continued.
    But how and why and who is behind this projects with suck a lack of reflection and respect.
    Why when is it always like that when it comes to Donna it’s never right : we still don’t have a proper dvd collection, no real book nothing.

    First : Ultimate should have been in chronological order
    Second : Printing should have been in a higher nicer quality
    Third : The estate could at least have thanks us to be there always faithfull, still supporting Donna’s music.
    Sad that such a classy lady is not repected as she respected others.

  13. Rael says:

    Mine shipped at regular original price, now it’s lower, yet I still don’t want it…if this sloppy work on the 3CD Edition is accepted w NO COMPLAINTS, then who is to say the sloppy work will not be carried over to future releases, because they would have all made easy money and gotten away w it…? Going to return it! No one should buy the 3 Disc Edition w the flaws!

    Buy the Russian Bootleg “Greatest Hits Of The Disco Queen” Edition or The Official “Gold” and seek out the others that most hardcore fans do have or that you CAN even find online on YouTube to complete your Ultimate Collection.

    Thumbs down for this release!

    • D.Harris says:

      I completely agree. A good example of this was the release of Donna Summer’s “Walk Away – The Best of 1977-1980” on CD. When this was mastered for compact disc, “Hot Stuff” had errors (a clipped opening – the equivalent of dropping the needle on the record too far into the track). Anyway, that single error was repeated on numerous compilations over the years, including even those issued by different labels! Don’t believe me, check out the Warner Bros. release, “The Best of Donna Summer” (1990) released a full 5 years after the initial error AND repeated on several other compilations throughout the end of 90s!

  14. John Robert says:

    I think an above comment mentions this, but what about tracks from LaDonna Gaines (before she changed her name) – I Can’t Understand is truly a fabulous track by Donna and you can only get a copy by ripping it from YouTube – this should have been a more encompassing 4 disc collection with some essential full-length versions.

  15. Phil says:

    Well how to start . I was so excited and happy to have this Deluxe compilation . Deluxe in what way ? I wonder why nobody checked this material before marketing . Bugs on 2 songs (The wanderer, Oh segne Gott mein seel, mistake on title “Wassermann” and the photo used for OUAT cover is coming from google ??? What about self made short versions compared to the original edits… Just truncated songs . Horrible sound with distorsion, high and low level between two songs … Even with DJ pro a child could have done a better job . Incomprehensible after the good work made on previous Donna’s albums… Angry and sad … Just hope someone will explain how these could happen …

  16. Simon says:

    I returned mine to HMV for a £12.99 refund today.

  17. Ian M says:

    This is an amazing collection of hits, non hits, album tracks and rarities which should bring endless joy and memories and also unheard of tracks to the newly acquainted fans of her music. A last hurrah I’m thinking (of a history/hits package) and sincerely hoping it will be as there have been so many since she left us. I love the front cover photo. I do not like the packaging which is cheap. I struggled to remove the cds but luckily did not rip the cardboard which would’ve been so easy. I feel that a more detailed booklet showcasing Donna’s work should have been included and a couple of rare photos would have been nice. At the end of the day, the price of the 3CD set is great for the magnitude of work here. I won’t repeat the flaws of the music as they have been mentioned above and on other websites as well. However, I have reached the point where I am yet again frustrated at a serious lack of care and cannot believe why somebody at the pressing plant/record company didn’t listen to the product before it was released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have returned my copy to for a refund. This is the first physical Donna Summer release I have refunded and will not purchase again. I was going to say that record companies need to up their game but no, they need to do their job properly and take pride in the quality of product released. CDs were produced to greatly enhance the quality of music. Music buyers should not expect anything less and Donna Summer’s legacy should not have been compromised – sadly it has.

  18. Stephen says:

    I have been a Donna summer fan for more then 40 yrs. And I think this collection is fantastic!!!..It has some rare tracks and love the vinyl release, we are so fortunate to get anything at this point. Hopefully in the future there will be more comprehensive collections with some unreleased tracks and rare pics, give it time and just enjoy, and if it bothers you that much then just don’t purchase it, but I’m glad I did!!!!

  19. Robert Wilson says:

    Now £9.99 as an Amazon Black Friday deal.

    • Kevin K says:

      Ordered at £9.99 … then cancelled and re-ordered at new even lower price of £8.99. I guess this price is just for today (for now, anyway)!

  20. Chris Hodgkiss says:

    A lot has been said in earlier moments. I was so looking forward to this release. It’s still lovely to have ‘new’ Donna Summer product out, in terms of another greatest hits package, but…

    1 The glitch at the start of The Wanderer is sloppy.
    2 the packaging looks cheap.
    3The lack of any new, or rare pictures of Donna. (same old cover image!)
    4 Sound levels fluctuate.
    5 The tribute from Pete Bellotte and Harold Faltermyer are scant, with no images.
    6 Typography is hard to read and a bit dull.

    I’ll buy it on all formats, because I’m a hie-hard fan, but it could have been a lot better.


  21. Stephen says:

    Come on people @ Crimson Productions !
    I won’t repeat the flaws on the tracks already mentioned , all it required was more attention to detail and a test play before this went to print ? slightly embarrassing for the record company as the quality control is appalling !
    Could have been so much better I think fans would have paid slightly more for a packaging like the previous 2 Driven By the Music box sets or even add an extra disc for the saught after 12 ” mixes rather than trim them shorter then they needed to be – or re release the Dance collection with a bonus disc surely it’s about time that had a remaster ?

  22. Grant Burnside says:

    I need to say this: This is NOT a budget set – it’s on the shelves in all the major UK record stores at FULL price. The vinyl edition was twenty two UK pounds, which is not budget. The three cd set is thirteen pounds and the usual single disc is ten pounds. Standard prices!

    However, budget or not, all that needed to be done was for someone to take their time and check it before it hit those very shelves. Key tracks like ‘Try Me’, ‘Wanderer’, ‘Sunset People’ , ‘Shut Out’ and various others are ‘not just up to scratch’ they’re actually very badly done. This is not a matter of taste and i’m not who would usually complain, but this is a real oversight and has the ‘Donna Summer Estate’ stamped all over it.

    Putting out a compilation is cheap – in fact the easiest way to make money out of music. For almost thirty years Donna Summer’s royalties have come from her back catalogue, let’s be honest as sales ‘Crayons’ can hardly have bought her a Ferrari. No recording studios, producers, technicians needed – just a couple of guys who need to know what they’re doing. Bruce and the family would probably rather die than sit and listen to a three disc cd set of all that old material, but they’ll all thoroughly enjoy the royalty checks which’ll land on their doormats in time.

    Crimson/Demon did indeed do a grand job on the other box sets, no complaints there. You will never please every fan with all of their song choices, but once those choices have been made at least do them (and Donna’s legacy) justice by treating them with respect and not screwing them up for a major t.v. advertised release.

  23. Spiffo says:

    Mine arrived from the UK in Australia today and I’m quite happy with it. A great selection of tracks and the fact in came in three distinct editions makes it all the more special. Ah vinyl how I’ve missed you.

    Now, as to the usual complaints; well the very small collective of moaners have complained about every release of Donna’s material since Crayons. True there is a glitch on The Wanderer, at the very beginning, but it hardly warrants a boycott. Neither does an incorrect label of a track (Melody of Love) or a spelling mistake (Wasserman – Wassermann). As to the endless debate over the edits of tracks, lord give me a break. Calls for boycotts and the, frankly, petulant attitude of some do nothing to increase the possibility of further releases. One can make a polite criticism without getting so ridiculously OTT about it. It is a budget priced collection intended to sell over the Holiday season, backed up with a TV ad campaign. Get a bit of perspective.

    I think Driven By The Music and Crimson should be congratulated for releasing a modestly priced stocking filler in three editions, one on vinyl. Well done guys. This long time Summer fan is more than happy with the product.

    • Michael says:

      You said it buddy! “stocking filler”, and that’s all it is. After all the hype, their supposed response that they really listened to the fans, not to mention the bizarre track choices (I’m not going to bother listing them), uneven volume levels and careless edits, this is, for Donna’s fans, the disappointment of the year. As if Hits, Singles, & More wasn’t enough of a cash-in, here we go again and fair enough but make it worthwhile because for everything that’s been released since her passing, this really is the one her devoted fans have been waiting for. I mean, they had to be given a heads-up regarding missing tracks and they wouldn’t have been included had the fans here not spoken up. Hopefully they’ll listen again, recall it, and rectify it.

      Fans aren’t being OTT, they’re just disappointed the same care that was taken with the expanded editions wasn’t taken here. Crayons & the rest were all beautifully and sturdily packaged and obvious care was taken with remastering 30 year-old tracks. For something regally titled The Ultimate Collection, it doesn’t look, feel, or sound like it.

    • Phil says:

      Come on, be objective . Being a fan should not make you blind and deaf . You forgot another bug on “Oh segne gott mein seel”, OUAT photo has been taken on Google (a fan mixer made that cover) short edits are just truncated songs or just recreated to make them shorter . Nothing to see with the original short edits I have on vinyls . If for you it’s not a lack of respect what is it ?
      Incomprehensible after the very good job they made on others remastered albums . Before marketing someone should have done his job and didn’t or maybe really didn’t care about . That’s not professional but if you consider you are happy with low quality it’s your choice personally, I like good quality when I buy something and this Deluxe edition is not good . Thank god they didn’t ask a high price for it . More than 40 years that i’m a die hard Donna fan, I bought everything official and it’s the first time I send something back … What next time ? Remastered Shout it out ? If I was excited to have something new what a shock after listening the 3 cd’s . Got some old tapes with a better sound .

  24. John says:

    I did leave a comment on the 18/11/16 that is still awaiting moderation regarding the edits and mastering. In short the ‘recreated’ single edits of ‘Shut Out’, ‘Sunset People’ ‘I feel Love Cowley’, are just not good enough and the mastering mistakes ands kips on other tracks are insulting. Where is the knowledge and quality control. Thankfully the Vinyl and single cd edition are free of these faults. All seems a bit rushed demon/Crimson. Your previous sets were awesome!

  25. Casper Janssen says:

    ULTIMATE COLLECTION 3CD is really a dissapointment. Donna Summer unworthy!!! There was already discussion about the selected tracks (essential singlehits missing like “There Goes My Baby”, “Supernatural Love” and the GRAMMY winning “Carry On”), but there are also many many more mistakes. The mastering is CRAP. Songlevels go up and down, and “The Wanderer” has a mistake in the intro, and “I Feel Love Patrick Cowley Mix” has a very bad editing at 11 seconds, and seems to skip. The packaging is very very cheap. The discs are difficult to get out of the digipack, which made my copy already rip :-(. “Wassermann” is wrong spelled (it says “Wasserman” instead of “Wassermann”). “Melody Of Love” is on the album in it’s original album version, and not the superior West End radio 7″ as stated it would be. After the brilliant and wonderful Atlantic/Geffen albums boxset and the beautiful singles boxset, which were done by Driven By The Music/Crimson Productions (which both were almost perfect!) this is a let down and a BAD JOB by The Official Donna Summer Estate/Driven By The Music and Crimson Productions. Why does the Donna Summer Estate have the arrogance to not communicate with fans and listen to their wishes? Why not including the rare “Sally go Round The roses” (which rights belong to Universal, the company they also dealt with to clear the Casablanca recordings) This could have been so good, but sadly turned out so bad. This is Donna Summer unworthy, and has been made with a total disrespect for the artist Donna Summer and her longtime loyal fans.
    The packaging is also crap. It’s almost impossible to to get a disc out… it made mine already rip :-(

  26. Simon says:

    I bought the 3 CD set today but itunes isn’t recognising any of the track info (i.e. no song titles appear, only track 1, track 2, etc.) anyone else have this problem?

    • Cienna tower says:

      I haven’t heard that complaint yet but I have heard many others! To be honest, I can’t confirm any of the this, as my copy hasn’t shipped yet. Here is what is being said on the Donna Summer forum.
      1) the cover is ripping when people attempt to pull the booklet out
      2) the remastering is up and down on all 3 disc (with the possible exception of the tracks being used for the vinyl and single disc version)
      3) whoever put this together didn’t bother to source some of the original 7 inch edits and attempted to create new ones, unsuccessfully.
      4) the version of melody of love is listed as the west end edit but is actually the original mix.

      These issues are being raised by people I’ve been acquainted with for many years and who are passionate about Donna’s music. I think I’m gonna cancel my order. I already have most of it and don’t have room for substandard product in my collection

    • Casper Janssen says:

      No, mine did recognise it immediately. Sadly because of the mistakes and bad mastering of the 3CD set I had to ‘rebuild’ the entire compilation, like replacing “The Wanderer” (because of the mistake in the intro) and “Melody Of Love” (wrong version on the CD) and adding essential missing tracks to it like “There Goes My Baby”, “Supernatural Love (7″ version)” and the GRAMMY winning “Carry On” to the compilation in my iTunes.

  27. Rick says:

    It’s great to have these releases. However, I really hope that they will release “Silver Girl” at some point. And some other rarities too.

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  29. r.mira says:

    Just realized Donna s last recording To Paris with love choosed for this compilation won’t be the ORIGINAL version instead the awful Mandy mix..why????? I was thrilled bout this song included but now totally disappointed by the Mandy mix choice…please change your minds!!!!

  30. riccardo m says:

    but what about ‘AFRICA ‘ ??? Giorgio said this new song produced by him was going to be included in a new compilation this year ….maybe its not this one? or is He asking too much money? shame a new song would have been fabulous !!!!!

  31. Jose says:

    This is great. Can’t wait to get it.

  32. Billy Dojcak says:

    Someday I’d like to find the re-edit of Last Dance that appeared in the Thank God It’s Friday movie. Not the original version on the soundtrack that was the hit. The movie version starts with the chorus and leaves out the slow bits. My daughter likes this better and keeps asking me to make it. I’m sure I could, but it would take some time.

  33. riccardo miracapillo says:

    this compilation is getting much more appealing and interesting with the 3 tracks added ..GREAT …many thanks for listening and considering fans suggestions or ideas ! your availability also means ,in some case , getting silly or ridicoluos requests ….but everyone has the right to say their opinion …as a longtime fan , perfectionist and collector since 1976 , i’d like ,with modesty , to suggest to pay attention on the choice of the Godspell track (Oh segne Gott mein seel )…the official release of the cd version includes a tiny kind of fault on Donna’s intro first note …this is evident if you compare it with the LP version …I also would like to support Carlo cdr suggestion to represent completly Donna’s 3 theatrical ( Hair , Godspel & The me nobody knows ) initial experiences, including a song from The me nobody knows: (wich was released in 1970 ,on Lp in 2 versions , german and english ).. How I feel
    (its her only solo on the album ,and included only on the english version lp ) it could be very appealing ,also in terms of sales i guess….
    I have all of this material in great quality and very open to share/ collaborate if needed without any kind of compensation …best wishes Ric

  34. Stuart Jordan says:

    What about Work that body the remix version that was included on the European version of her 1989 CD.

  35. carlo cdr says:

    and i think at this point , why not to include HOW I FEEL from THE ME NOBODY KNOWS musical (1970) after Wasserman and Godspell, the track is in english and Donna sings alone !!
    …. the song is a pearl !

  36. Mick says:

    As has been expressed by many – it’s wonderful that they’re listening, and that a site like SDE can exert some influence on a release in this way.
    Now…would it be pushing our luck if I also asked for it to not be brickwalled and have a decent high DR?

  37. Conner Sharpe says:

    These changes make this collection essential for a collector with a number of these tracks on cd for the first time. This is awesome and I can’t wait.

  38. Shane says:

    Wow that is great news and I had preordered both formats already so I’m happier than before.
    I agree that it would be great to have “Whenever There Is Love” featured, it is a STUNNING track and probably her last great song.

    Barry, do you mean she recorded new vocals for the Rollo & Sister Bliss remixes of I Feel Love from 95?

  39. Morgan says:

    Really excited about this release but I wish “Try Me I Know We Can Make It” would be the true 7″ version that runs 4:14. It’s one of my favorites & as far as I know has never been released on CD or digital format. Awesome release, though!

    • Tony says:

      The European 7″ single version was 4.46 but I get your point, although there must be a problem locating various master tapes if as you say, it’s not been on CD before.

  40. Mark Phillips says:

    I was going to have a moan about Back In Love Again not being on here – another UK hit that is missing from nearly all DS compilations but it’s there too!

    One of my favourite tracks of hers that’s never heard on the radio any more. I think it was when she moved label to GTO? for just one album and a single or two.

    Talking of singles, will there ever be an Elton John complete singles set? Every greatest hits cherry picks a different bunch of his tunes, but there doesn’t seem to be an overarching overview.

  41. Simon says:

    Does this in effect render Gold obsolute? Should I go for this one instead of Gold?

  42. alan hansen says:

    my dutch “Ultimate Collection” 3CD set now has some serious competition here. and yes, i am aware that my dutch set is all album versions (not edits), but in Donna Summer’s case, i’m rather ok with the edits/radio versions on this new collection. i do hope the mastering on this is as good as that on the dutch series.

  43. memoryboy says:

    I’m not a big Donna Summer fan, but I love the tracks I know. I love this post/thread, reading about how this website may catch the attention of artists and others. I just want to put here really quick, in case anybody is reading, that Depeche Mode should really consider re-doing all their albums and improving the Remastered sound. I guess this belongs on a DM post and not here, but maybe this will get someone’s attention.

  44. Stevo says:

    Make me want to buy it. :)

  45. Kiefer2 says:

    Maybe this will finally quiet down the “I don’t know why people on this board complain about track listing ” naysayers. I doubt it, though. Thanks for listening, guys, but still no ISA radio edit of “Work That Magic”!!!!

  46. Paul Murphy says:

    Well, if the record companies are reading and listening, can we please have:
    Vinegar Joe Box Set
    ‘Across The Universe’ single
    ‘Captain Fantastic’ and ‘Too Low For Zero’ Super Deluxe Editions
    Jimi Hendrix Royal Albert Hall 2-CD + 2-DVD
    ‘Tea For The Tillerman’ Box Set
    A Queen re-issue with a decent cover
    Aimee Mann Box Set
    Mick Taylor Anthology
    A year without a Who compilation
    No more Novexit [mass exodus of wives of SDE readers post November 11th]

  47. eric slangen says:

    Big thumbs up for the SDE and the recordlabel.

  48. D.Harris says:

    “The SDE Expanded Edition” Sorry, I just think everyone here is still experiencing Summer euphoria! LOL

  49. Callage says:

    Excellent feedback from the label. Am convinced enough to add it to my overstuffed Donna collection.

  50. HS says:

    Great news, this looks like it’s going to be the best Donna compilation out there.

  51. John says:

    Well done Paul, FANTASTIC!!… definitely on my Christmas list. I’m absolutely nit-picking but personally I’d have preferred to have the UK 7″ version of Love To Love You Baby (4:57) than the 3:20 edit. I know it’s been included on other compilations but the song, being one of her finest, deserves to be included on this Ultimate Collection in it’s longer form. Maybe replace I’m A Fire Solitaire Club Mix with the Solitaire Radio Edit to make room?

  52. Brian Kelly says:

    What no bonus 4th freebie 3″ disc with Christmas mixes on it? ;)
    Sorry I just had to say it.

  53. fredpostman says:

    What great news Paul….’Our Love’ [for SDE] will live forever..incidentally were New Order listening to this innovative track when they recorded ‘Blue Monday’?It really should have been an A side as it was in Spain in 1980].

    • Stan Butler says:

      New Order have always been very open about the four tracks that influenced ‘Blue Monday’, and ‘Our Love’ was of course one of them.

  54. Rickjapan says:

    I’m not particularly interested in this compilation, but am so happy to hear that at least some labels are prepared to listen to the actual fans/buyers. In a sense, this is what the internet has given us the power to do.

    And it’s thanks to you, too, Paul!! Long may you continue, a day doesn’t go by when I check this site as long as I have a computer to hand.

    The last time I creamed myself was the Alison Moyet reissues lol

  55. carlo cdr says:

    this three cd’s package compilation is good and complete one finally

  56. MINO says:

    That’s amazing! Now we wait for Cyndi Lauper’s reissues….

    • J T says:

      And Laura Branigan’s…

      And Pat Benatar’s…

      • Robert says:

        J T. I know there are 2 of Laura’s cds that have been reissued already. BRANIGAN and SELF CONTROL. You can try amazon or get them at . They were done by Gold Legion. BRANIGAN has a slew of bonus tracks plus a 16 page booklet. SELF CONTROL has some bonus tracks and the booklet as well. They are in the process of doing BRANIGAN 2 but that’s been on hold for over 2 + years now. Unreal. I wish another company was reissuing them, but I am thankful for what we got so far.

  57. Kiki says:

    Well, that’s the kind of news I love ! :-)
    I’m very happy when I see that someone somewhere tries to listen to improvements requested for that kind of release !

    Hopefully, they will listen to us and finally give us a COMPLETE casablanca years album reissues … There are many, many tapes to track down but I think it’s really time for celebrating Donna’s carrier and it’s where she shone!

    PS : Nothing to do with it, bu : If only the PSB could listen to us for complete reissues of their albums would be great also…

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      The Casablanca Albums were all beautifully remastered and repackaged by Universal Music Japan in 2012. For the most part these were all perfect and amazing. The sound was incredible and worth every cent. You can find some of them on sites for purchase. However, I never saw them for sale on Amazon UK.

  58. ken calander says:

    Now i will defiantly b get this one!!! from paris with love FINALLY!!!!!!

    • D.Harris says:

      I know, right! A fantastic addition and Donna’s last commercially available single.

    • r.mira says:

      Yes true but unfortunately they re gonna put in the Mendy edit mix wich is awful!!!! Why not the original radio edit??? Big mistake…

  59. Dave says:

    Possibly the greateat Donna compilation. I would have preferred the original versions of Stamp and Fame but hey ho. A fourth disc and I would be bouncing off the walls…….Denver Dream Virgin Mary Sally Go Round The Roses Can’t Understand Oh Billy Please Protection If You’re Walking Alone Something ‘s In The Wind. But thank you to everyone behind this wonderful 3cd set. You have my money…..mine is on preorder!!!!!! Donna has pulled strings for her hardcore following!!!!

  60. Bruno says:

    What about Love is the healer?

  61. Thomas Williams says:

    Would have preferred “There Goes My Baby” and “Work That Magic” which charted on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart over album tracks like “Romeo” and “Highway Runner” that never even got a single release anywhere. Seems illogical but still like others have said an improvement to the previous tracklisting.

    • Michael says:

      Precisely Thomas. 5 tracks from Another Place… and only one from Cats? Surely they could’ve elbowed Breakaway or I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (both inarguably great tracks) and made room for those. But no argument this is an improvement.

      • Tony says:

        The press release did say UK Tv advertised album, so I guess all five tracks from Another Place And Time must have been hits in the UK.

  62. Toph says:

    Paul .. many thanks for your marvelous input to a final result …looking forward to the new compilation however … what ever happened to the FINALE in named album the Donna was working in when she passed away ??? Is there any chance her estate will ever realease these songs either as demo’/ or remastered gems ?? I have searched for the past years trying to find these songs with no luck … such a a waste for all her die hard fans not to be able to share her life’s last works … thanks to her estate for allowing the extra songs to be included … cheer’s

  63. CakeSaint says:

    Excellent news, Paul! I’m now in the “buyers” camp with these rare tracks included.

    Also, thanks for your price comparisons between different sites. Never thought I’d be buying so many things directly from the UK, but your site and the weak pound have helped to alert me to some great savings. Cheers!

  64. Xavier Cruz says:

    This is MUCH better. NOW, I’ll buy it. Even though I have all these songs, it’s nice to see them in one package. Would be nice to see Sally Go Round The Roses, Virgin Mary, Whever There Is Love , Je t’aime… moi non plus and Maybe This is My Life (studio version) finally released :)

  65. Eamonn says:

    Did they thank the website about this (I mean, it’s not just a coincidence that they’ve changed the tracklisting)?

  66. FRANK RUGGIERO says:

    Here is what should be at least on the compilation and maybe make it 4 disks

    Lady of the Night
    Virgin Mary
    Love to Love you
    Try me, I Know We Can Make It
    Could It Be Magic
    Spring Affair
    I Remember Yesterday
    I Feel Love
    I Love You
    Rumor Has It
    Once Upon A Time
    Last Dance
    Mac Arthur park
    Heaven Knows
    Hot Stuff
    Bad Girls
    Dim All The Lights
    Sunset People
    No More Tears
    On The Radio
    Walk Away
    The Wanderer
    Cold Love
    Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’
    I’m A Rainbow
    Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
    Love Is In Control
    Woman In Me
    She Works hard for the Money
    Unconditional Love
    Love has A mind of Its own
    There Goes my Baby
    Supernatural Love
    I’m Free
    Dinner With Gershwin
    All Systems Go
    This Time I know Its fro Real
    Love’s About To Change My Heart
    I Dont Wanna get Hurt
    When Love Cries
    Work That magic
    Friends Unknown
    Carry On
    Melody of Love
    I Will Go With You
    Love Is A Healer
    Power of Love
    I’m A Fire
    Stamp You Feet
    The Queen Is Back
    Mr Music
    I Got Your Love
    To Paris With Love
    Dream A Lots theme (I Will Live for Love)
    You’re So Beautiful

    • Michael says:

      I like your thinking Frank. While I don’t agree with all your track choices, there is one thing for certain, and I promise Paul it’s the last time I’ll type this: It should be chronological. As it is, that sequencing is a mess.

      • Tony says:

        Chronological was done on Anthology and is not as comprehensive as this edition. Obviously there must have been reasons why this is a 3CD edition, such as clearing loads of rights.

    • ChrisGa says:

      I do wish they had included Work That Magic, which is arguably the strongest track from Mistaken Identity.

    • Anthony says:

      Yes I was actually surprised that beautiful and there goes my baby weren’t included as beautiful only shows up on one compilation and in remix fashion. I would agree to edit the im on fire solitaire remix to a radio remix and include the Bruce Roberts duet. Carry on and dim all the lights would be good too. However it might be too late now.

      Couldn’t there be consideration for another remix album but featuring the rare and club tracks not on any of the reissues? For example you can get the solitaire club mix on cd now twice over with crayons being reissued but I don’t think the I will go with you hex hector or other club mixes are available on any recent compliations.

      Just something for the estate to consider??

      Also will the estate be able to release all the Casablanca and mercury albums in deluxe edition such as she works hard for the money??

      Let’s hope so one day for 2017??

  67. Steve says:

    Thanks for the improvements to this collection. I am definitely buying both the 3 cd set and the vinyl.

  68. Charles K says:

    This is awesome, hopefully other labels will start listening more too! Good on them!

  69. Matt Ganoe says:

    One of my all-time favorite Donna Summer singles is a duet she performed with Bruce Roberts in 1996 for the Sylvester Stallone movie “Daylight”. It’s called “Whenever There Is Love”, and it never gets any respect as being one of Donna’s great songs, or is included on any hits packages. This looks like an awesome set though, even without it.

  70. FRANK RUGGIERO says:

    May need to make it a 4 CD box set

  71. FRANK RUGGIERO says:

    Also Dim All The Lights is missing with was a song she wrote all by herself

  72. Rob Wilson says:

    I wonder if it’s possible, cuz it would be a shame otherwise, to replace the Hani Mixshow Version of Power of Love with the Album Version, the I’m a Fire Solitaire Club Mix with the Solitaire Radio Edit, so there would be room for the 12″ version of Last Dance instead of the single Version

  73. FRANK RUGGIERO says:

    Should include There Goes My Baby, Supernatural Love, Virgin Mary, Carry On (after all she did win the inaugrual Grammy for Dance song when Dance Genre was added to the Grammys) maybe I’m Free, Crayons, Mr. Music, The Queen Is BAck

  74. Rob Wilson says:

    This is amazing! Maybe one day “Love On & On” will get its justice!

  75. Michael says:

    Its great news to see these additions BUT I wish they’d included the 6.25 of Macarthur Park. It is the only version that counts.
    I absolutely agree with Neal’s comment. There Goes My Baby should be here. As much as I love Eyes, Baby is the more relevant track from Cats Without Claws.
    And while the sequencing and a few choices (Breakaway, Highway Runner, & the full length Solitaire Club of I’m A Fire?) still seem nonsensical, this is Day 1 for me.

    • Tony says:

      Would have been good to have the whole MacArthur Park Suite but that would have meant losing four other tracks.

      Eyes is great because it was remixed by Jellybean.

      Cd3 looks as if I Remember Yesterday is the opener to the next 19 tracks which look to be chronological. I’m A Fire was a Billboard Dance #1 so I get why it’s on CD1.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      The 6.25 version appears on the 1993 compilation The Donna Summer Anthology.

    • Uncle 5 says:

      The ‘6.25’ version is just an edit of the longer original 1978 album version – the main part lasting for just over eight minutes and then a short reprise at the end of Heaven Knows.

      This original suite in its correct form is quite hard to find though – in its place on compilations is usually a quite butchered US DJ 12″ edit (which inserts the single version of Heaven Knows). It’s on the old (1980s) Dance Collection CD and a more recent Japanese remaster of Donna’s Live & More album…

  76. Renato says:

    So nice! Congrats, Paul and all commenters!

  77. Michael Allen says:

    This is a killer tracklist! But STILL no “you’re so beautiful”………

  78. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    Congratulations paul!
    This proves that your site grows bigger and bigger and everyone who write here
    his words and thoughts build a better world of better re-releases and box sets.
    And everyone is a little part of it all…

  79. James says:

    To echo what has been said above: it’s refreshing and reassuring to see a label both listening to fans’ feedback AND TAKING ACTION. It is, afterall, in their interests to maximise sales by recognising shortfalls in track listings and tempting those on the fence with a more attractive offer. I know that this is not always possible (artist involvement, lost masters, unclearable tracks etc) but it’s great to see that changes can, and will, be made when possible.
    You should feel very proud, Paul, that you have constructed a site (& commanded a readership!) that packs this much of a punch with the labels!

  80. Casper Janssen says:

    Great news and wonderful that the comments are not in vain. I still miss There Goes My Baby and the Grammy winning song Carry On, but this is still an improvement. Thank you.


    Great News!
    I Just don’t understand…why separating Shut Out from Heaven Is A Disco?
    Anyway I loved the songs in it, good job
    Hopefully you can get the rights for Donna’s Casablancas albums too

    • Tony says:

      If they’d have put Shut Out/Heaven is a Disco on, its nearly ten minutes long so there probably would have been complaints that two more tracks could have been included if the shorter version was included. Besides, I don’t ever remember Shut Out 7″ being on CD. As you say, good job.

    • riccardo m says:

      Shut out was a single ….and Donna had only a cameo on it …cant put others lp full side songs on her collection…

  82. Johnathan says:

    Amazing news! Serendipitous too, as I only placed my order this morning. Kudos to you, Paul, and the SDE readers who pointed out what could be improved!

  83. Barry Noke says:

    Probably too late but what about the 95/96 remix single versions released in europe of I Feel Love (which had new Donna vocals) and State of Independence. They are rare and hard to obtain nowadays

  84. Straker says:

    Big up US!

    I smile whenever I see Patrick Cowley’s name – A man truly ahead of his time and taken far too soon.

  85. Emile says:

    Now THAT is how a company should respond to fans’ suggestions. These changes may be small, but they vastly improve the overall compilation. Some more rarities to entice those that may have been hesitant to purchase otherwise. Well done, everyone involved.

  86. Edward says:

    Why is it that Denver Dream and Virgin Mary (two 7″ from 1974) never appear on any greatest hits package? Agreed, they were dutch singles only, but still…..

    • Jan Marien says:

      But you can find those tracks (Virgin Mary, Denver Dream + B-side Something in the wind) on the Girogio Moroder On the Groove train-compilation-CD’s….
      Unfortunately, they weren’t big hits overhere… but they are still very lovely to lsiten to…

      Jan from Belgium

  87. Andrew Mogford says:

    Great news for Donna Summer fans – kudos to Paul for the site, and the informed readers who comment here. And let’s not forget well done to whoever is putting the compilation together for listening.

    Now can anyone get R.E.M to include the B sides and Remixes on Out of Time? :)

  88. Tony says:

    Don’t think anymore tracks could have been squeezed on. Looks like 77 /79 /77 mins per CD.

  89. bob says:

    This is great news for those who asked for those tracks to be included but especially great news for you Paul. It just shows how highly respected this site is, not only by us music fans who visit daily, but also by the music labels as well.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks. Yes, very happy with this kind of thing happening.

    • Tony Lee says:

      ………but it was because of the negative comments that the track listing was changed. They still left off There Goes My Baby and Who Do You Think You’re Fooling.

  90. D.Harris says:

    That’s great news!

    I truly believe Donna’s estate wants to please fans in the best way they know how. However, given the depth of her catalog, not to mention the argument amongst fans as to what should or shouldn’t be included in a hits package, it’s easy to see how a few tracks can get missed here and there.

    That said, I believe the negative comments regarding just another compilation were unfounded, and these recently announced changes prove that.

    Thanks again Bruce & Co. Donna would be very pleased!

  91. Mark says:

    This is fantastic news. Thank goodness for your site Paul, it really is a joy to read breaking release news, love the newsletters too. Would be great for labels to come to you first before track lists are announced so readers can submit track suggestions. Savers having to go back and rework.

  92. neal says:

    Shame they didn’t listen to my request of Here Comes My Baby

    • neal says:

      Lol I mean There Goes My Baby!!

      • Ravi says:

        Well thaaat’s why… you don’t know whether you’re coming or going! ;-)

      • David Powell says:

        Probably the best Donna Summer compilation as far as quantity of tracks is concerned however some of the longer versions would have been worth including. A semi rare track that appears to be missing is ‘With Your Love’ from ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ and is also the B side of ‘Last Dance’ on 7” & 12”.

    • riccardo miracapillo says:

      that song ,in my opinion has no right to be included was one of Donna’s singles that sold less than any others ..besides its a cover ,and also ,apart her beautiful vocals ,one of her worst …sorry

    • james fuentes says:

      Bruce Sudano once said that universal lost all the masters to her casablanca years as they were preparing the love to love you donna cd. i wonder where they got the masters this time. i hope they didn’t source from cd’s…

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