Dubnobasswithmyheadman: Underworld super deluxe box set


Underworld‘s acclaimed third album dubnobasswithmyheadman will be reissued in October 2014 across a number of formats, including a five-disc super deluxe edition box set.

The release marks the 20th anniversary of the album and has been newly remastered at Abbey Road by Underworld’s Rick Smith.

Previously unreleased material and rare alternate mixes will be included as part of the super deluxe box, along with remixes, material from the original companion singles and an unheard live jam. This also comes with a book containing memorabilia from the period and new artworks by design collective tomato.

dubnobasswithmyheadman will be reissued on 6 October.

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Compare prices and pre-order


Dubnobasswithmyheadman [VINYL]


Track listings


2CD Deluxe Edition disc 1 (Original album):

  • 1.DARK & LONG
  • 5.TONGUE
  • 9.M.E

2CD Deluxe Edition disc 2 – bonus tracks

  • 1. ECLIPSE
  •  2. REZ
  •  3. DIRTY
  • 5.SPIKEE
  •  6. CONCORD (3 Comp75 id9 A1771 Aug 93A)
  • 7. CAN YOU FEEL ME? (from A4796)
  • 8.BIRDSTAR (A1558 Nov 92B.1)


SDE Box CD 1 Deluxe Edition (Original album):

  • 1.DARK & LONG
  • 5.TONGUE
  • 9.M.E

Super Deluxe CD2 Singles 1991 – 1994

  • 2.ECLIPSE (released as Lemon Interrupt)
  • 3. REZ
  •  4. DIRTY (released as Lemon Interrupt)
  • 8.SPIKEE

Super Deluxe CD3 Remixes 1992 – 1994


SDE Box CD4 Previously Unreleased Recordings 1991 – 1993

  • 1.CONCORD (3 Comp75 id9 A1771 Aug 93A)
  • 2.DARK & LONG(1struffid3A15512)
  • 3.MMM…SKYSCRAPER I LOVE YOU (A1765 Sky Version id4. Harmone6 COMP43)
  • 4.MMM…SKYSCRAPER I LOVE YOU (After sky id6 1551 2)
  • 5.CAN YOU FEEL ME? (from A4796)
  • 6. BIRDSTAR (A1558 Nov 92B.1)
  • 7.DIRTY EPIC (Dirty Ambi Piano A1764 Oct 91)
  • 8.SPOONMAN (version1 A1559 Nov92)
  • 9.ORGAN (Eclipse version from A4796)
  • 10.COWGIRL(AltCowgirlC69MixfromA1564)

SDE Box – CD5 Live Jam Kyme Road (Previously Unreleased Live Rehearsal at Lemonworld Studio, 1993)

  • 2.IMPROV 1
  • 4.IMPROV 2
  • 6.IMPROV 3

29 responses to Dubnobasswithmyheadman: Underworld super deluxe box set

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  3. Adam says:

    Just received the 5CD box set last night. Haven’t listened to it yet, but it came with a download code with which you can get 24-bit 96kHz .wav files! So if you can play high-resolution files on your stereo, there’s no need to spring for the Blu-ray if you get the box set.

  4. palazzo says:

    cdjapan says that they being shm-cds and the extra disc are both (subject to change). And the extra disc is only likely to be three tracks from a Japanese concert. There seems to be no hires download promised, even of just the original album, let alone the remixes, only the bluray disc of just the album.

  5. Bertielego says:

    It turns out that the Japanese version of the Super Deluxe Edition box set will not only consists of SHM-CDs, but include an exclusive 6th disc!

  6. Bertielego says:

    I have been waiting for this for years!
    Glad they didn’t duplicate tracks already made available on previous compilations, in favour of previously unreleased rarities…
    And as usual, the artwork is going to be top notch!

  7. England says:

    the box set has dropped in price on Amazon to £53.99 (from £61.99).

  8. Dave says:

    Excellent news! It’ll be great to get a copy on vinyl, for sure. Too bad there wasn’t a 3 or 4LP version that had Rez, Dark Train, Spikee, Dark & Long 7”, and especially Thing In A Book on it.

    For me, Thing In A Book is the best thing they’ve every released, so it’s great to see it on here. Never has 20 minutes of techno passed by so quickly and sounded so effortless.

  9. Jesper says:

    The blu-ray doesn’t seem to be availabe for preorder like the other items yet?

    Or was it cancelled?

    • Adam says:

      Blu-ray appears to only be available at the Underworld shop. It’s the top-left choice on the page linked from the article.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It may end up on Amazon at some point…

        • Che Bramley says:

          I managed to get a copy ordered from HMV Norwich. It is also available from Universal Music as is the Limited Yellow Vinyl of Rez/Cowgirl, which ironically is out of stock on the Underworld Website.

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  11. william says:

    This excites me greatly

  12. Steve Burke says:

    Oh man, not just the best electronic album of the 90s but one of the best albums of the 90s period. Have dreamed of a deluxe box set of this for several years including a brand new 5.1 mix as this album would be terrific in surround but still excited to see it getting a deluxe set. Hopefully it’s not going to just get “slammed” in the mastering stage because the original CD is pretty frikkin’ perfect as it is, just like most Underworld releases.

    Want a not great stereo to sound much better than it really is? Put on dubnobass, 2nd Toughest or Beaucoup Fish, all three original CDs are examples of how to do CD right. Beautifully mastered, tonnes of dynamics.

    • neg1 says:

      If you pre-order, you get a sample of cowgirl remastered.

      One review of it from jetpig:
      Up late and can’t sleep, so I decided to do some comparison between my CD rip of Cowgirl (FLAC) and the pre-order download WAV. There’s a general boost of about 10 db, but the clipping alert on foobar never went off once, which is very good, addresses the volume issues of the past without sacrificing quality. Overall sound separation is VASTLY improved. Details are much easier to pick out, vocals are much cleaner, and texturing is phenomenal. I’m REALLY excited to hear this whole thing. October can’t come soon enough.


    • Disco says:

      That’s interesting, because I always found Dubnobass and Second Toughest to be way too QUIET on the original CDs.

  13. Adey says:

    Nice to see a super deluxe edition of an album with no useless vinyl. I cannot see why anyone would want a set with both vinyl and cd of exactly the same tracks or a box filled with complete tat seems a waste of money to me (u listening oasis?)

  14. Mark Elliott says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed they do the same in 2 years time for Second Toughest in the Infacts, which is my favourite album of all time.

    • neg1 says:

      From their site:

      Dubnobasswithmyheadman is the first remastered work to be released, there are plans in place to remaster and reissue all of the Underworld’s studio albums in the next few years.

      So, yes, it will be coming. Just a matter of waiting it out.


  15. Piotr says:

    I’m a big fan of theirs and this is fantastic news. I really hope they continue the reissue campaign over the next couple of years. So many formats for Dubnobasswithmyheadman, including a Blu-ray Audio disc. I guess a standalone disc 4 and 5 set from the Super Deluxe Box would have made this release completely whinge proof. Fans should be aware that it is also available for pre-order from Amazon, yes it is 11 pounds dearer, however if you are ordering from outside the EU, with the VAT removed and the significantly lower shipping cost it works out 10 pounds cheaper. I would also hedge my bets that Amazon will lower their price between now and release date.

  16. Carpathian says:

    Everybody seems to bang on about Beaucoup Fish but, for me, this is the killer of theirs. It’s on my mp3 player still in regular rotation and hasn’t tired once over the 20 years.

    5cd ordered and genuinely excited for it’s release.

    • Richard says:

      I have dreamt about this for years, looks great but why is , erm ” why why why” omitted, seems to be only thing missing?

      • neg1 says:

        there’s a lot more tracks missing. we’ve been listing our own wishlist and compiling our own version for several months before this was listed.

        here’s a brief listing (done as WAV and MP3’s) already

        dubnobasswithmyheadman deluxe v0.3
        1 album remastered from vinyl
        2 dubnoDat promo
        3 remixes
        4 b-sides and edits, non-album tracks
        5 live tracks
        – tracks from
        – various single tracks
        – partial gigs
        6 DVD videos
        – promos
        – live
        time = 12hr35min
        tracks = 89

        time = 1hr50min
        tracks = 17

        dubnoDat version – early promo version
        1 dirty epic 9:58
        2 mmm skyscraper (jamscraper) 8:57
        3 big meat show 6:51
        4 mmm skyscraper i love you 13:01
        5 organ 6:22
        6 river of bass 9:09
        7 dark and long 7:30
        8 dirty fuzz 9:55
        9 can u feel me 4:30
        10 goodbye mother earth 7:08
        10 tracks

        1 5:43 Mother Earth (fm mix)

        2 7:06 Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You (telegraph 6.11.92)
        3 9:12 Mmm…Skyscraper I Love You (jam scraper)

        4 9:51 Dark Train (edit)
        5 11:30 Dark Hard
        6 10:28 Dark Train

        7 8:55 Cowgirl (long album version)
        8 11:45 Cowgirl (irish pub in kyoto mix)
        9 6:25 Cowgirl (winjer mix)

        10 10:00 Dirty Guitar
        11 11:14 Dirty
        12 7:37 dirty epic (dirty guitar fade)

        lemonworld mixes
        13 mmm skyscraper 6:04
        14 man loop 17:24
        15 dark and long (dark train jam) 6:12


        135min – 2hr15min
        15 tracks

        b-sides and edits, non-album tracks
        1 6:13 The Hump (wild beasts)
        2 8:49 The Hump (groove without a doubt)

        1 9:55 Rez
        2 8:20 Why? Why? Why?
        3 12:14 Why? Why? Why? (Extended)
        4 5:15 why? why? why? (edit) cd volume 8 only

        5 12:34 Spikee
        6 12:13 Dogman Go Woof

        7 4:08 Dark & Long (hall’s mix)

        8 5:52 Most ‘ospitable
        9 20:02 215 Miles

        10 20:12 Thing In Book
        11 17:53 Spoon Deep

        12 8:47 Burts

        13 4:10 Dirty Epic (jed the fish edit)

        14 6+ big meat show (anthology verson)
        165 min – 2hr45min
        16 tracks

        live tracks:
        60min part 5: -from
        90min -single live tracks
        210min -partial gigs

        Underworld: Videos 1993-1997 – Footwear Repair by Craftsmen at Competitive Prices
        [9 Jun 1998] video compilation
        VHS: 1998 US (TVT/WaxTrax!; ??)

        00:00-10:00 01 Rez
        10:26-22:50 03 Spikee
        22:51-23:15 04 ‘velvet crab’ vocal improv 1
        23:16-24:42 05 inst 1
        24:43-32:25 06 Spoonman
        32:26-33:51 07 inst 2
        33:52-43:40 08 Dark Train (video version)
        43:41-44:42 09 inst 3
        44:43-49:00 10 Most ‘ospitable
        49:01-49:44 11 vocoder inst 4
        49:45-58:05 12 Cowgirl

        64:01-73:54 14 Dirty Epic
        11 tracks
        60min = 1hr

        live videos
        1 source : uw dutch tv – tmf 9
        Date : 05/07/1998
        Event : Eurockeenes
        City : Belfort
        Country: France

        2 source : uw dutch tv – tmf 9
        venue : Ahoy
        city : Rotterdam, Netherland
        date : 31 october 1998

        audio = 12hr35min
        tracks = 89

        tracks = 17


      • Carpathian says:

        I was under the impression they’ve not duplicated some of things already found on The Anthology in order to make room for things that weren’t.

        I’d also imagine some other items missing are a victim of the epic nature of some of the version/mixes we love Underworld for – the 20 minutes of Dark & Long (215 Miles), as a prime example. That would have been another quarter of a CD gone immediately.

        It’s going to be a case, for me, of this 5 disc set plus a custom made extra disc to mop up the rest.

        That notwithstanding it’s a heck of a good set and the new Cowgirl clean-up sounds properly *stunning*

  17. Gavin says:

    Instantly ore-ordered the 5cd version!

  18. Don says:

    WOW! That’s a lot of discs.

    I’d still like to see reissues of the under-appreciated Underworld mark 1 albums “Underneath the Radar” and “Change the Weather.” I would assume Edsel/Rhino could add a bonus disc to each of these and put them out without much fuss.

    Underworld seems to have disavowed both of these records, but you can actually hear their heavy influence on Underworld’s “Barking” album and also on Karl Hyde’s work with Brian Eno.

    • Aevion says:

      I really hope for these two as well. Even the Freur albums were reissued at one point. I would love to see these two remastered with all the bonus material.

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