Edsel to fix Dead Or Alive box set errors

Dead Or Alive / Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI 19-disc box set

A number of errors which have come to light with regards to the brand new Dead Or Alive box set Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI (out today) will be corrected by Edsel.

These errors have already been picked on by a number of fans and SDE readers and are all related to the Youthquake CDs in the box set. The issues are as follows:

Youthquake CD1:

  • My Heart Goes Bang (7” version) repeats the album version

Youthquake CD1 and CD2:

  • Both discs are in MONO not stereo

Edsel will get new discs pressed and all fans will have to do is send an email (to be confirmed soon) to get replacements sent out to them. No proof of purchase or other messing around will be necessary. Fans who have bought the box will just need to provide an address for the replacement discs to be send to.

The vinyl box will not be affected, although it has now gone back a week to 16 December 2016.

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Dead Or Alive

Sophisticated Boom Box




In the box set:

‘Sophisticated Boom Boom’ (2CD)
‘Youthquake’ (3CD)
‘Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know’ (2CD)
‘Rip It Up’ (2CD)
‘Nude’/‘Nude Remade Remodelled’ (2CD)
‘Fan The Flame, Part 1’ (1CD)
‘Nukleopatra’ (2CD)
‘Fragile’/’Unbreakable – The Fragile Remixes’ (3CD)
DVD1: Promotional videos
DVD2: ‘Rip It Up Live’ in Japan at the height of their international fame and a selection of UK TV appearances.



  • 1 I’d Do Anything
  • 2 That’s The Way (I Like It)
  • 3 Absolutely Nothing
  • 4 What I Want
  • 5 Far Too Hard
  • 6 You Make Me Wanna
  • 7 Sit On It
  • 8 Wish You Were Here
  • 9 Misty Circles
  • 10 Do It

Bonus Tracks

  • 11 Selfish Side
  • 12 Misty Circles [7″ Version]
  • 13 What I Want [7″ Version]
  • 14 I’d Do Anything [7″ Version]
  • 15 That’s The Way (I Like It) [7″ Version]


  • 1 Misty Circles [Dance Mix]
  • 2 What I Want [Original Dance Mix]
  • 3 I’d Do Anything [Megamix]
  • 4 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Extended Version]
  • 5 What I Want [1984 Dance Mix]
  • 6 What I Want [1984 7″ Remix]
  • 7 Give It To Me [BBC Session]
  • 8 Misty Circles [Dub Mix]
  • 9 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Dub] – previously unreleased
  • 10 Absolutely Nothing [Dub] – previously unreleased
  • 11 Misty Circles [Instrumental]
  • 12 Keep That Body Strong (That’s The Way)



  • 1 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
  • 2 I Wanna Be A Toy
  • 3 DJ Hit That Button
  • 4 In Too Deep
  • 5 Big Daddy Of The Rhythm
  • 6 Cake And Eat It
  • 7 Lover Come Back To Me
  • 8 My Heart Goes Bang
  • 9 It’s Been A Long Time

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 You Spin Me Round [Murder Mix]
  • 11 In Too Deep [7″ Remix]
  • 12 My Heart Goes Bang [7″ Version]
  • 13 Lover Come Back To Me [Extended Version]
  • 14 My Heart Goes Bang [Extended Version]


  • 1 In Too Deep [Off Yer Mong Mix]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Performance Mix]
  • 3 Lover Come Back To Me [Extended Remix]
  • 4 My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round [Alt. Album CD Version with ‘Rock It’ intro]
  • 6 Cake And Eat It [Alt. Album CD Version with unfaded intro]
  • 7 It’s Been A Long Time [Alt. Album CD Version with ‘You Can Be The First…’ intro]
  • 8 You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix]
  • 9 Lover Come Back To Me [7″ Bonus Mix]
  • 10 I Wanna Be A Toy [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 11 Lover Come Back To Me [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 12 In Too Deep [Instrumental]
  • 13 My Heart Goes Bang [Instrumental]

CD3: The Youthquake Tour – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 6th July 1985

  • 1 Cake And Eat It [Live]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 3 In Too Deep [Live]
  • 4 Big Daddy Of The Rhythm [Live]
  • 5 Far Too Hard [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 6 Misty Circles [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 7 It’s Been A Long Time [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 8 Lover Come Back To Me [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 9 DJ Hit That Button [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 10 What I Want [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 11 You Spin Me Round [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 12 In Too Deep [Encore] [Live]  – previously unreleased
  • 13 My Heart Goes Bang [Encore] [Live]  – previously unreleased
  • 14 You Spin Me Round [Encore] [Live] – previously unreleased



  • 1 Brand New Lover
  • 2 I’ll Save You All My Kisses
  • 3 Son Of A Gun
  • 4 Then There Was You
  • 5 Come Inside
  • 6 Something In My House
  • 7 Hooked On Love
  • 8 I Want You
  • 9 Special Star

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Come Inside [7″ Mix]
  • 11 I Want You [7″ Mix]
  • 12 Brand New Lover [Edit]
  • 13 Something In My House [7″ Remix]
  • 14 Hooked On Love [Edit]
  • 15 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Remix]
  • 16 Something In My House [Flamenco Version]
  • 17 Hooked On Love [7″ Remix]


  • 1 Brand New Lover [The Dust Monkey’s Love Bubble Club Mix]
  • 2 Something In My House [Mortevicar Mix]
  • 3 Hooked On Love [The Big Revolver Mix]
  • 4 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [The Sonia Mezumbda Memorial Mix]
  • 5 Brand New Lover [Up Ducky Mix]
  • 6 Something In My House [7″ US Wipe-Out Mix]
  • 7 Something In My House [12″ US Wipe-Out Mix Part 2]
  • 8 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [The Long Wet Sloppy Kiss Mix]
  • 9 Hooked On Love [La Vie En Rose Mix]
  • 10 Brand New Lover [Instrumental]
  • 11 Something In My House [House Instrumental]
  • 12 Hooked On Love [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 13 Something In My House [7″ Instru-MENTAL Mix]

1987 RIP IT UP


  • 1 Brand New Lover [continuously mixed]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [continuously mixed]
  • 3 Something In My House [continuously mixed]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [continuously mixed]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [continuously mixed]
  • 6 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [continuously mixed]
  • 7 In Too Deep [continuously mixed]
  • 8 Hooked On Love [continuously mixed]

Bonus Tracks

  • 9 Mighty Mix [Part 1] – Wish You Were Here, What I Want, Do It, Misty Circles
  • 10 Mighty Mix [Part 2] Absolutely Nothing, Sit On It, You Make Me Wanna, That’s The Way (I Like It)
  • 11 Something In My House [Naughty XXX Mix]
  • 12 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [The Powerful Club Twelve]
  • 13 Something In My House [Short Version]


  • 1 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Club Mix]
  • 2 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Instrumental]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [Jail House Club Edit Remix]
  • 4 You Spin Me Round [Jail House Club Remix]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round [400 Hz – Kleopatra Remix]
  • 6 You Spin Me Round [400 Hz – Marc Antoine Remix]
  • 7 You Spin Me Round [Edouard’s Mix]
  • 8 You Spin Me Round [Kalk’s Underground Mix]
  • 9 You Spin Me Round [Blue Sky Mix]
  • 10 You Spin Me Round [The Yummi Extended Mix]
  • 11 You Spin Me Round [The Yummi 4am Mix]
  • 12 You Spin Me Round [The Vicious Mix]
  • 13 MEDLEY: Turn Around And Count 2 Ten/Blue Christmas /Your Sweetness [Accapella] (Live In Nagoya, Japan 29 November 1990)

1989 NUDE


  • 1 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten
  • 2 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine)
  • 3 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye
  • 4 Stop Kicking My Heart Around
  • 5 Come Home (With Me Baby)
  • 6 I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
  • 7 Get Out Of My House
  • 8 I Cannot Carry On
  • 9 My Forbidden Lover

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine) [Instrumental]
  • 11 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Alternative Mix]
  • 12 Love Toy [inst. version]
  • 13 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [7″ Version]
  • 14 Come Home (With Me Baby) [7″ Version]
  • 15 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Edited House Version]
  • 16 Love Toy [Full Vocal Version] – previously unreleased
  • 17 Come Home (With Me Baby) [The Deadhouse Dub 7″ Edit]
  • 18 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Radio Edit]

CD2: Nude: Remade Remodelled

  • 1 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Remade Remodelled]
  • 2 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Remade Remodelled]
  • 3 Stop Kicking My Heart Around [Remade Remodelled]
  • 4 I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [Remade Remodelled]
  • 5 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine) [Remade Remodelled]
  • 6 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Remade Remodelled]
  • 7 Come Home (With Me Baby) [12″ Version]

Bonus Tracks

  • 8 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Extended Mix]
  • 9 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [The Pearl And Dean “I Love” BPM Mix]
  • 10 Come Home (With Me Baby) [The Deadhouse Dub]
  • 11 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [The Pearl And Dean “I Had A Disco Dream” Mix]
  • 12 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Instru-MENTAL]
  • 13 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Instru-MENTAL] – previously unreleased

1990 FAN THE FLAME (Part 1)


  • 1 Fan The Flame (feat. Gina X) – previously unreleased
  • 2 Unhappy Birthday
  • 3 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness)
  • 4 Total Stranger
  • 5 Gone 2 Long
  • 6 Lucky Day
  • 7 What Have U Done (2 Make Me Change)
  • 8 And Then I Met U
  • 9 Blue Christmas

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Total Stranger [Remix]
  • 11 Unhappy Birthday [Heavy Metal Version]
  • 12 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) [Instrumental]



  • 1 Nukleopatra
  • 2 Rebel Rebel
  • 3 Sleep With You
  • 4 The Right Stuff
  • 5 I’m A Star
  • 6 International Thing
  • 7 Picture This
  • 8 Spend The Night Together
  • 9 Gone Too Long
  • 10 Getting It On
  • 11 Sex Drive

Bonus Track

12 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Radio Mix]


  • 1 Rebel Rebel [12″ Extended Mix]
  • 2 The Right Stuff [1994 Mix]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix]
  • 4 Sex Drive [Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix]
  • 5 International Thing [International 7″ Edit]
  • 6 Rebel Rebel [The Hole Mix]
  • 7 Sex Drive [Scream Driven Remix]
  • 8 International Thing [Nu-NRG 7″ Remix]
  • 9 Rebel Rebel [Safe Hands Remix]
  • 10 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Pumpin’ Mix]
  • 11 Sex Drive [Peewee’s Extended Mix]
  • 12 International Thing [Nu-NRG 12″ Remix]



  • 1 Hit And Run Lover
  • 2 Something In My House [2000]
  • 3 Even Better Than The Real Thing [2000]
  • 4 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [2000]
  • 5 I Paralyze
  • 6 Isn’t It A Pity?
  • 7 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [2000]
  • 8 Just What I Always Wanted
  • 9 My Heart Goes Bang [2000]
  • 10 Lover Come Back To Me [2000]
  • 11 I Promised Myself
  • 12 Blue Christmas 2000

CD2 – Unbreakable – The Fragile Remixes

  • 1 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Y&Co. “B” Mix]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Zi Zone Mix]
  • 3 My Heart Goes Bang [Love Machine Remix]
  • 4 Something In My House [Deadend Of Eurasia Mix]
  • 5 Hit And Run Lover [Ventura Mix]
  • 6 Isn’t It A Pity [Bustard Remix]
  • 7 I Paralyze [B4 ZA BEAT Remix]
  • 8 Blue Christmas [P.K.G. Remix]
  • 9 Lover Come Back To Me [Earthquake Mix]
  • 10 Just What I Always Wanted [R.M. Hyper Techno Mix]


  • 1 You Spin Me Round [Punx Soundcheck Vs Princess Julia]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Mark Moore & Mr Motion Remix]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [D-Bop Club Mix]
  • 4 You Spin Me Round [Metro 7″ Edit]
  • 5 Hit And Run Lover [Bonus Hit Remix]
  • 6 You Spin Me Round [Metro 12″ Extended Mix]
  • 7 Pop Life
  • 8 Why’s It So Hard
  • 9 Jack & Jill Party – Pet Shop Boys Feat. Pete Burns
  • 10 Never Marry An Icon – Pete Burns vs The Dirty Disco
  • 11 The Art – Pete Burns vs The Dirty Disco – previously unreleased


  • 1 I’d Do Anything [Promo Video]
  • 2 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Promo Video]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Promo Video]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [Promo Video]
  • 5 In Too Deep [Promo Video]
  • 6 My Heart Goes Bang [Promo Video]
  • 7 Something In My House [Promo Video]
  • 8 Hooked On Love [Promo Video]
  • 9 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Promo Video]
  • 10 Brand New Lover [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 11 Something In My House [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 12 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Promo Video]
  • 13 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 14 Come Home (With Me Baby) [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 15 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) [Promo Video]
  • 16 Total Stranger [Ruff Promo Video]
  • 17 Rebel Rebel [Promo Video]
  • 18 Sex Drive [Promo Video]
  • 19 Hit And Run Lover [Promo Video]
  • 20 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [2003] [Promo Video]


CONCERT FEATURE: ‘Rip It Up Live’ – Japan, 1987

  • 1 Hooked On Love [Live]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [Live]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Live]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [Live]
  • 5 Brand New Lover [Live]
  • 6 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Live]
  • 7 In Too Deep [Live]
  • 8 Something In My House [Live]
  • 9 Come Inside [Live]
  • 10 Son Of A Gun [Live]
  • 11 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Encore] [Live]


  • 12 That’s The Way (I Like It) [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 12/04/1984
  • 13 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 14/02/1985
  • 14 Lover Come Back To Me [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 1985
  • 15 In Too Deep [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 1985
  • 16 Lover Come Back To Me [on ‘The Kenny Everett Television Show’] TX 11/05/1985
  • 17 In Too Deep [on ‘Wogan’] TX 17/06/1985
  • 18 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Christmas Top Of The Pops’] TX 25/12/1985
  • 19 Brand New Lover [on ‘Wogan’] TX 1986
  • 20 Brand New Lover [on ‘Roland Rat: The Series’] TX 1986
  • 21 Something In My House [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 22/01/1987
  • 22 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Blue Peter’] TX 10/01/2003



265 responses to Edsel to fix Dead Or Alive box set errors

  1. Gary Hunter says:


    Just reading various comments about the vinyl box set version and one side of the “Nude” LP it has been pressed with “Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” on some released copies……How the hell can a mistake like that be made in this day and age!!!

  2. Keezy says:

    Go have a look at the photos on the Dead Or Alive Bristar page. Many people reporting the Boom Box package is warping! So awful : (

  3. Grumpyoldgoth says:

    I haven’t bought the box yet… still planning…as usual errors… was the same with Simple Minds etc… now i see amazon says it’s due for release December 15…. does that mean Amazon took all the faulty boxes off the “shelf” and when i get a new one… all the faulty discs will be the new versions?

    Anyone know how Amazon works in these situations? Sell the faulty stock and leave it to Edsel to ship the discs?

  4. ENGLAND says:

    Today, I received an e-mail from Demon informing me that they will replace my damaged booklet – so with that, i’m happy that Demon ARE doing all they can to rectify these errors.
    As for Amazon – they would only entertain replacing the booklet if I returned the entire box set!

  5. GG says:


    I received same information from Demon music service.

    New stock for box cd will be error free as they change 8cd and the 2 dvd

    They said to me that they’ll fix the vinyl box too.

    Maybe they found some wrong thinks that’s why they delayed one week more till 16 december.

    French amazon site will have the new stock too ^^

    So will be faster to have it for me.

    But as for people who can afford it, having 2 box cd and vinyl it’s good for collector.

    One never opened and the other to play sometime too.

    A lot of change, as a lot of customer was unpleased to see so much mistake.

    That’s why Demon group changed 8cd and the 2 dvd.

    Should other box will be better, i mean other brand and music group?

    Also is there box from any brand without error or minor error?

    Wait and see, the parcel reach each home too :-)


  6. Barry mason says:

    Can’t believe the person complaining about the volume of the CDs being “too low”!

    This just means that the music hasn’t been badly compressed. CDs that play at high volume are usually so badly compressed they are unlistenable.

    Low volume is a good sign. After all you can always turn them up using volume controls, so it isn’t really an issue.

    Thank goodness this box set didn’t go for “loudness” and preserved the integrity of the music.

    • Greg Daniels says:

      It is possible to have higher volume while still keeping the integrity and quality of the original sound, when remastering. It is done all the time. More often than not. Could have been done for this release. But upon further listening, it is a bit better overall then I had thought, volume-wise. But I have found, still, the volume to be too low on many tracks. And not level across the whole she-bang. No biggie. I will survive. But it is my right as a life-long DOA fan to complain when an expensive package like this comes out and it is full of errors. Never-the-less, better than not at all, and so thrilled that they have fixed most of the issues and will be sending out replacement discs soon. Kudos!!!

  7. Greg Daniels says:

    OK, so in addition to all the other errors, another glaring problem is the volume. The volume is WAY TOO LOW on these tracks. It is a little lower than the Evolution release and A LOT LOWER than the “That’s The Way…Best Of”. There are SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH THIS BOX SET. Dead or Alive was my favorite band of the 80’s. I had all but given up any hope of ever having “Youthquake” and “Mad, Bad…” remastered and expanded. Then months ago I heard of the boxset and IMMEDIATELY without hesitation pre-ordered the compilation. I could not believe it was actually coming to be. I don’t care for the last CD’s really past “Rip It Up”, but was worth the price just to get the others remastered at long last. Then Pete passed and I still cannot believe he is gone… especially with this massive release coming out. Then I hear about all the problems with the tracks, the audio, etc. And then I got my boxset yesterday and have spent hours going through the first few albums and there are all those things wrong with it we all have already pointed out, but across the ENTIRE THING the volume is WAY TOO LOW!!! It is just the most depressed I have ever been about a deluxe remaster like this. Pete must be rolling over in his grave with all the issues with this boxset. Pete and DOA deserve a fitting tribute, as do us long-term fans who have waited eons for this release. An error here or there is one thing, but a whole bunch of them, with poor quality across the whole thing… that is just unacceptable and I am shocked and dismayed that this happened. What a waste of time and money. I was hoping for something along the lines of ALL the amazing Bananarama re-issues, boxsets and deluxe editions of the past few years. I thought they were all just about perfection, with excellent sound quality, etc. This one is TERRIBLE!!!! The design itself is kinda cheesy if ask me. The huge box, identical-looking CD’s. Booklet.
    PLEASE FIX ALL THE MISTAKES and send us new copies or else you should refund us or give us credits for future releases. For the record, I have been disappointed with the sound quality or volume level of at least a couple of other Deluxe Editions. Two that come right to mind are “Exposure” from Expose and “Songs From The Big Chair” by Tears For Fears. Both of those releases have such a low volume, it was like I was listening to the old CD’s, low low volume. Annoying…

  8. Jim Edwards says:

    You’re not the only one RickJapan.

  9. Greg Daniels says:

    Another error, I just discovered… not sure if it has been covered already. On the “Rip It Up” CD1, it says “Short Version” of “Something In My House”, but I am pretty sure that is exactly the same as the 7″ (single) version. Not the short edited down album version. You can find that one (on vinyl) at the Burning The Ground blog/website. So far, as I am slowly going through the whole package, I have not found many other errors that were not already pointed out. I am glad they are fixing the DOA masterpiece “Youthquake”. I also hope they fix CD1 of “Mad, Bad…”. Having the two blent songs in the middle abruptly stop and then start again, not even in the right place… that ruins the flow of the entire CD and should also be fixed. I will say that the booklet (which I read last night) is amazing. I got a signed print in there too. And it is SO WONDERFUL to have all this treasure on CD at long last. I just hope the bulk of the errors are to be fixed!!!

  10. CDManiac says:

    Has anyone gotten their confirmation e-mail from Edsel/Demon?

  11. Fred says:

    Apparently, Edsel needs a ears tout correct the errors on the box… Hey oh, the fans are here !!! And you can read this articles and the multiple post !!!

  12. Keezy says:

    I hope this gets passed along

    The extended mix of Rebel Rebel that is missing is not an edited version of the Hole Mix. It is a mix unto its own. it has flamenco style guitar on it .

    International Chrysis REBEL REBEL  Extended Mix W/L promo catalog number   

    PWL International ‎– INTER 1

    Discogs reference

    Youtube to hear it

    • Bulldog says:

      Hey, that’s an awesome mix! Much better than the “Hole”. It doesn’t look like it’s being corrected though? How was this missed! It’s unique.

  13. soundstory says:

    I have to say its been interesting scrolling through the comments today.

    For those who are holding on to their faulty box sets because they believe that they will collector’s items in the future…

    Are you serious?

    Having a copy of Youthquake for example in mono doesn’t mean its rare

    It means it’s faulty….

  14. Paul Sinclair says:

    Since there is a significant development, I’m opening this back up to comments again. This text is lifted from the Demon website:

    “Dead Or Alive: Sophisticated Boom Box Errors

    We have carefully read through all of the comments and e-mails we have received, and we are now in the process of rectifying all issues that were raised. To ensure that the changes we have made are correct, we have enlisted the help of an expert to act as a second pair of eyes and ears, and are satisfied the changes below address the issues that have been highlighted.

    Thank you for the feedback – it is appreciated.

    Demon will be offering replacement discs of 8CDs and 2DVDs to all customers who e-mail to the following e-mail address

    This is the process:

    • Subject line of the e mail should be ‘Dead Or Alive’
    • Customers to not write anything in the body of the e-mail apart from their name and full postal address including post code/zip code
    • Each e-mail will be responded to with a confirmation
    • The replacement discs will be ready to ship from the 28/11/2016
    • Optimal (the manufacturer) will ship the packages via DHL/UPS and they estimate a delivery time of 2-3 days depending on location
    Below are the issues that were identified and the actions that have been taken:-

    Disc 1 – Sophisticated Boom Boom – CD1

    Track 1 – ‘I’d Do Anything’
    Issue – Finishes with an extra “do do do” which sounds odd on play back.

    We have corrected this error and are remanufacturing this disc

    Disc 2 – Sophisticated Boom Boom – CD2

    Track 5 – ‘What I Want’ (1984 Dance Mix)
    Issue – Plays the same as Track 2 ‘Original Dance Mix’.

    Upon seeking advice from an expert we have now corrected this and will re-manufacture this disc

    Track 9 – ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ (Dub)
    Issue – plays the same as Track 12 – ‘Keep That Body Strong (That’s The Way)’.

    Despite being extremely similar, these versions are different. We understand that the (Dub Version) was an earlier version of ‘Keep That Body Strong’. From a historical perspective, we are keeping this in place.

    Disc 3 – Youthquake – CD1

    Issue – plays in Mono
    Issue – Track 12 – ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ (7″ Version) plays the same as album version

    We have corrected the mono error and are remanufacturing this disc
    We have sourced a new master for ‘My Heart Goes Bang’ (7″ Version)

    Disc 4 – Youthquake – CD2

    Issue – plays in Mono
    Issue – Track 4 – My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix]
    Issue – Track 8 – You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix]. Sounds like it’s a reconstruction, using a clean intro (lifted from the Performance Mix), and a clean 7″ single version, with the bells/chimes in between coming from a crackly vinyl source

    We have corrected the mono error and are remanufacturing this disc

    Track 4 – My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix] should actually be listed as an ‘Edit’. The full length mix has never been released on CD, however at present we are unable to source a master with the full, unedited 6:45 duration.
    Issue – Track 8 – You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix] – We were supplied an analogue tape by Sony. We believe the chimes may have been lifted from another source and edited to create this unique mix at the time of production.

    Disc 6 – Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know – CD1

    Issue – There is an awkward gap between ‘Then There Was You’ and ‘Come Inside’ on the original album sequence.
    Issue – ‘Brand New Lover’ (Edit) appears to be slower than any other version.

    The segue between Tracks 4 & 5 has been fixed and we are remanufacturing this disc
    We have sourced a replacement master for ‘Brand New Lover’ (Edit)

    Disc 8 – Rip It Up – CD1

    Issue – Track 13 ‘Something In My House’ (Short Version) should be an edit of the album version but plays the 7″ remix.

    We have sourced a replacement master of the 3.28 “7” short version” and we are remanufacturing this disc

    Disc 12 Fan The Flame (Part 1)

    Issue – Track 1 ‘Fan The Flame’ (feat. Gina X) / Track 2 ‘Unhappy Birthday’.

    Steve Coy included this version of ‘Fan The Flame’, as it was previously unreleased and acts as an opening prelude for the album, which was re-sequenced. Track 1 now segues seamlessly into Track 2 ‘Unhappy Birthday’, which was the original Track 2 on the 1990 Japanese release.

    Disc 14 – Nukleopatra – CD2

    Issue – Tracks 1 and 6 ‘Rebel Rebel’ are exactly the same (they should be different mixes).
    Issue – Track 12 should be ‘International Thing’ (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) but plays the album version.

    Track 6 is ‘The Hole Mix’, whereas Track 1 is an earlier shorter version of that mix. Track 1 and 6 are identical up until 6:10-ish. Track 1 has an “UGH!” at this point and ends abruptly. Track 6 has no “UGH!”, and starts to fade out instead… so they’re the same mixes, with very slight differences to the endings.

    We have sourced a replacement master of the 7.02 ‘International Thing’ (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) and we are remanufacturing this disc

    Disc 18 and 19 – DVD 1 & 2

    Issues – Cropped, freezing issues.

    We have gone back to the source masters and fixed all of these issues and are re-authoring these discs.

    We would also like to highlight that in the process of putting together this set we have used the Sony and Steve Coy masters. There are no MP3s and vinyl rips used.”

  15. Andrea says:

    After the Pretenders box, and the mess they made of it, I vowed I’d never buy Edsel again, no matter if it’s a favourite artist of mine.
    Everything I’ve read since confirms me in my resolution

  16. Ian Harris says:

    I can only echo what some people have said above, it just seems bizarre to me that major quality control issues, like mono discs, escape. Or on the Thompson Twins A Product Of / Set CD having a track mastered from vinyl and playing at the wrong speed! I mean there are mistakes and there are mistakes…

    Would it really be so hard to get known expert fans to check things over before they went to final manufacture? Personally speaking I’d be delighted to do that sort of thing and I’d be happy with a just thank you in the credits and knowing that I’d given fellow fans the sort of thing they’d appreciate. It would also be having pride in doing something to a gold standard.

    Surely it makes more sense (economic if nothing else) to do this sort of thing than to have to order a corrected re-pressing, mail these out to everyone, recall the faulty sets or whatever. In my job I have a project management background and quality control is not something you should compromise for time reasons, that’s just bad practice and a no-no. That’s why newspapers have, or used to have, sub-editors and proof-readers. Of course no one is perfect but that’s why you have a second or third pair of eyes look things over.

  17. Sam Matheson says:

    This sort of thing happens so often, this site ought to have an “Errors and Replacements” sub-page to help inventory and keep track of these cock-ups.

  18. Craig says:

    Paul, just interested, but is this the most commented on topic in the site’s history?

  19. Neil says:

    I find it bizarre that people are leaving 5 star reviews for this box on Amazon when there are so many errors on it. Fair enough sometimes the wrong mix or whatever gets used which is understandable to an extent but the amount of errors on this and two discs being in mono is simply not acceptable and yes they have offered to replace the two mono discs but what are they chances of the other errors being fixed zilch i would say and i have read that the DVD’s are very poor quality as well. Hopefully this will make people think twice about preordering future releases from Edsel till they read the reviews first.

  20. Michael R. says:

    I am out of this boxset, glad that I did not pre-order.

    • GG says:


      Me Amazon service advice me to cancel it and wait till next stock on middle December.

      Hope really that next stock will be better.

      But will it be error free?

      Will the vinyl box be error free too???


  21. Flex says:

    WoW at all this comments

  22. GG says:


    I just see that Amazon Uk delayed with one week more release of Vinyl box.

    It’ll on stock on 16 December and new cd ox on 15 December.

    Did Edsel notice something wrong on vinyl box???

    Strange really.

    For non Uk resident, it’ll we hard to receive box before Xmas…


  23. No Excuses says:

    The site owner writes :

    “I don’t know how many music box sets you may have put together, but I can tell you from experience it is very, VERY difficult to produce a multi-disc set and not make a mistake somewhere, whether audio-related, an error in the notes, or some artwork not being correct. It just IS.”

    You know what? I’m not buying that. You make it a POINT to have everything checked, double-checked, and triple-checked by different people all along the line. And THEN, maybe you even do a little research and find say 5 or 10 fans of the artist in question to further vet initial test pressings. And if the budget doesn’t extend to that being possible, then the project needs to be put aside. And if you do follow the above protocols, and there’s STILL something wrong with it, then whoever was responsible needs to be taken to task from it.

    The other problem, quite obviously, is that a huge amount of these things are being put together by someone who has a “job” at the label, and has little to none of the knowledge needed in order to be able to get it right in the first place. But I’m sorry, the stances of “well at least most of it is right!”, and “there are bound to be mistakes” is misguided, a touch arrogant, and completely insulting to potential customers.

    • Adam says:

      Right, because you’ve never made a mistake in your job, or the one time you did, you were immediately fired. Give me a break.

      We are all human. Mistakes happen. Processes break down. As long as the company is willing to replace all the faulty discs, I don’t see an issue. (I see an issue with this box only because the company has not uet said they will replace ALL the faulty discs, but that’s a corporate problem.)

      Everything you mention has a cost. A CD company has to balance the cost of doing business with the willingness of the CD-buying public to pay that cost. If your proposal (triple checked, fan involvement, etc.) made the project cost double, many people would not have bought it (I know I wouldn’t), so the set wouldn’t exist. Is that better? It’s a judgement call.

      Basically, the company is betting that the process it has will work properly enough of a percentage of the time that the project usually comes out flawlessly, and when it doesn’t, they can make it up to the customer by repressing discs and mailing them out. If that percentage isn’t high enough, people avoid buying the company’s product in the future, and they go out of business. That should be enough of an incentive to get it right the vast majority of the time.

      But to expect perfection every time is a dream. We don’t live in that dream, so let’s do the best with the world we’ve got and the imperfect humanity that lives and works there.

      • Rob says:

        Sorry Adam but making excuses like that will only give record companies full permission to mess up again and again.
        Fans would only be too happy to get involved in such projects and I imagine the lucky chosen ones would be satisfied with a free finished product as a compensation and wouldn’t ask for a full year salary.
        We’re not talking philosophy and the meaning of life and the imperfection of the humanity here, we’re talking about a project that is being thought of and made by human beings, and goes through different stages of conception.
        Sure some errors might slip through the cracks but in the end, yes, perfection is what must be aimed at, and that’s what customers are in right to ask for, especially if they have to spend quite a lot of money on a particular item.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I thought what Adam said was pretty fair. It wasn’t ‘excuses’ it was dealing with the real-world as it is, not as you want it to be. You appear to be putting you fingers in your ears and saying “I don’t care, I want perfection”. I’m sure they were *aiming* for perfection. Aeroplanes crash and passengers die, because people make mistakes and processes fail… if that industry can’t achieve “perfection” then how can you expect it all the time from a record label that puts out reissues?

          • Rob says:

            I’m not an insider so I don’t know how the whole process was done, if it was mainly money motivated or whatever, and I certainly don’t intend to put the record company down.
            What I mostly would like to underline (without any aggressivity by the way) is that it wouldn’t hurt record companies to do basic and complete check ups before release to ensure everything is as it is supposed to be.
            I’m pretty sure die hard fans of any artist would be happy to oblige if financial cost is the problem.
            That airplane example you give works both ways : do you think the airplane industry (or any industry for that matter, unless it’s morally corrupt) would let out potentially faulty pieces, and what do you think they’re doing to ensure the risk is at its lowest? Again, one or two mistakes might slip through the cracks. When a series of accidents start happening on a particular airline or product, something is clearly wrong.
            To give you another example in another field, do you know how much food is controlled, even in the fast food industry, to ensure that the finished product is the best possible?
            Again, it’s not about putting people down. What some may see as negativity is actually a form of encouragment to do better because both the artists and audience deserve it, and that can only profit to record companies too in the end.

          • Anthony says:

            I prefer to view it a bit like this;

            Edsel can do it “in-house”, use existing CD sources to master from where available, keep any master tape transferring to an absolute minimum (even if some cleaned up vinyl rips have to be used) and dress it up nicely. In this scenario, you save more money in the short term and come in under budget and on time.

            Alternatively, they can bring in a freelancer, who will know the catalogue inside out and want to work from master tapes, needing more money, time, resources, etc. and might even need to push the date back to get everything done just right. In this scenario, you might exceed the budget and even miss the deadline.

            In the first scenario, you risk damaging your reputation and forking out more money in the long term as you correct mistakes, replace discs and fight fires. Meanwhile, the growing negative feedback puts off customers, and potential working partners, severely hampering profits. Whereas in the second scenario, you’re less likely to do so and the initial outlay will be more than recouped by the recommendations and good press a good job well done will generate.

            DMG are a business and they need to make money. They need to make money from us – the customers! The way I see it, they don’t look at the bigger picture and prefer to cut costs at ground level, penny pinching and tightening the purse strings, instead of spending the required time and money on the product they want us to buy.

          • Adam says:

            To add to what Paul said here (thanks!), and to specifically address your comment, @Rob, I don’t agree that my comments “give record companies full permission to mess up again and again.” They should always aim for perfection, and customers should always demand it, and express their disappointment to the record companies when they don’t get it.

            However, one has to acknowledge that in aiming for perfection, sometimes the record company will miss. As long as they are willing to own up to their errors, make them right, and endeavor to do better next time, then I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They’re not making medical devices. If it’s perfection or nothing, these companies won’t exist.

            (If, over time, it becomes clear that they are not trying to do better, then yes, it seems logical to divert your monetary resources to companies that care more.)

            Also, I want to address this idea that some number of super-fans could spot check these releases each time. This costs potentially a crippling amount of money and time. First of all, how do you find these super-fans? They’d have to be different for every project – no one is a super-fan of every band. You’d have to weed out real super-fans vs people who just want to be sent a freebie; how would you do that? Finally, how much time do you give them to find the errors? For a 17-CD/2-DVD set, it would have to be considerable. It would end up being a nearly unknown cost in money and time, which NO project manager worth their salt would ever agree to. And after all that, the end product will have a higher price tag, and you STILL might end up with errors in the product, and have to do disc exchanges regardless.

            Clearly, every process is worth investigating to see if it can be improved. But everything has a cost, too. I’m willing to forgive occasional errors in exchange for repressed discs and keeping overall costs in check.

            (I think the fact that this one release is so egregiously messed up is reducing the amount of forgiveness one might be willing to offer, and that’s fair. But I also believe that Edsel will learn from this situation, since their business effectively depends on it.)

      • No Excuses says:

        “We are all human. Mistakes happen. Processes break down. But to expect perfection every time is a dream. We don’t live in that dream, so let’s do the best with the world we’ve got and the imperfect humanity that lives and works there.”

        Translation : “Yeah, we could ATTEMPT at being better, but let’s just kick back, not strain ourselves, admit we kinda suck, and hope for the best.”

        Excuse after excuse. Never ends. Never will.

        Oh, and another thing – I cannot tell you how many releases and re-releases in the last five years have got simple audio errors that I can fix (and have fixed) in about 10 seconds myself in Audacity. And somebody is getting PAID for doing that kind of work? If there were enough hours in the day, maybe Steve Wilson could do every release on the planet. Sadly, there is not, and he cannot. So we get a lot “mistakes happening and processes breaking down.” Such a shame. Too bad we can’t change any of that, isn’t it?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I don’t expect everyone to agree, but if this is the quality of debate I’m locking this post today so no further comments will be allowed. All we are getting now is people repeating what other people said many times over.

      • Andrew Edwards says:

        Well conceived and written Adam.

  24. Shane says:

    Dave: Edsel have only issued a statement about replacing the mono discs of Youthquake. No word on all the other issues, therefore any negative feelings about the set are warranted.
    Also, Steve and Pete’s family I’m sure are not as superficial and lazy that they will stop at the fact that “oh all those negative comments” but will want to know where the reaction comes from, I really don’t think they are that gullible. If Pete had not been concerned about quality he would have saved all the catalogue as mp3 on one single bluray and called it a day but we all know that is not what he did so I truly believe he would be unhappy about the lack of attention given to the final product.

    Peter: thank you for being attentive and I will do my best not to be provoked by those who seek reaction like those.

    To all who are worrying about the sealed box and all: amazon have the best customer policy, if you are not happy with a product you can return it. If it was faulty, they usually refund you the postage as well, and the product price. I will certainly be keeping mine and will demand that Edsel replaces all the faulty tracks for sure. I have also ordered the vinyl….godknows what will be on those!

  25. smirkdj says:

    just got my box(159 Euro!!!),i don’t mind spending this amount for such great boxset but hope Edsel will replace ALL error discs soon(and maybe add something extra for
    inconvenience,but i will be glad to actually receive the replacement discs)
    RIP PETE!!!

    ps:thx Paul for the great interview

  26. Griffin says:

    It’s diasappointing to read that this box has so many errors. Even more disappointing if not all errors will be corrected ;( Now I’m regretting that I had pre-ordered this. If I have waited, reading all the comments/reviews first & waited for the new “corrected” batch or waited even longer for the deal alert, then ordering it, it would save me lots of trouble, disappointments, money, etc etc etc.

    What Edsel & all other companies/labels could/can do, is to bring someone onboard with some know how (like Paul Sinclair)! Or do some PR promotion like a competition on their social media giving away pre-production CDR-copies & waiting for the fan(s)’ feedbacks! If something is wrong then they could correct those errors ASAP before the production or no problems then green light it for the production.

  27. Craig says:

    Honestly, I can see both sides of this issue.

    This is an expensive product, and if a fan is going to spend hard-earned money on it, and there are several major errors, I can see the frustration. A mis-labeled mix with a few seconds difference? Eh. A gap between songs rather than a direct segue. Eh. I can live with it. Most people (i.e. non-hardcore fans) would never notice it. Mono rather than stereo? That’s a whopper and just horrible QC.

    However, the company is replacing the mono discs. Is it inconvenient? Of course. Is it frustrating? Of course. But they quickly acknowledged the error and are correcting it with minimal effort on the consumer’s part.

    I also understand this set is mainly aimed at hard-core fans. A casual Youthquake-era fan isn’t shelling out all that cash. Based on that, I might have had someone with a big DOA background listen to the final product before going to print. What does it add to the release time – a week? It would have saved a lot of negative reviews/comments from fans who picked up on this stuff right away. At that point, they could make a decision as to what to let go and what not to. Most likely, the only fix would have been the stereo/mono thing, but that would lessened the complaining by most but the hard-hard-core. For the rest of them, they could have noted them with an insert and updated their product data sheet. Then consumers could decide whether to still buy it or not.

    QC is a costly undertaking. It is non-value added. But it can prevent bad results at the end. There are formulas and levels of acceptance of QC vs. cost to do it that varies to each individual company.

    My overall fear is with too much complaining, in an era of diminishing physical product, that record companies will just stop doing them. And no, I don’t think putting out an error-filled product is acceptable either. But there is a happy medium.

    I believe it is easy to identify “superfans” that would be more than happy to listen to files/discs before they manufacture them. Same with printed materials. For any of these SDE type releases, the cost of a couple of the sets is cheap in the long run compared to the negative comments/reviews.

    I have high hopes for the Alison Moyet re-issues, with the understanding that some of the bonus content might night be as cleanly remastered as the original albums, as the tapes may not have been available. But most have not been on CD before and really hard to find in any form, so something is better than nothing.

    I also anxiously await the next Tears for Fears box of STSOL, and knowing Paul was involved, everything will probably be fine.

  28. bertielego says:

    I received my (amazon exclusive) box set on 29th October…
    …and I am very pleased with it!

    For those who wanted to know, it is a 12″x12″ format digibook, and the booklet is 12″x12″ too. IMHO, the artwork and its color theme fits the music and the image of the band.

    I have started listening to some of the CDs, and am very pleased! Some may find it could have been mastered with a little more bass… nothing critical, though.

    Now I’m looking forward to the link to request replacement discs, to get the set perfect!

  29. J says:

    This is what happens when a label entrust absolute amateurs with such an important project. What a shame someone like Tom Parker wasn’t involved, a professional who delivered incredible PWL related releases, time and again. Unlike the fool who was in charge of this mess. As if messing up Donna Summer wasn’t lesson enough.

  30. Dave says:

    I can’t help but think now that with so much negativity about this release on here and on the official DOA FB page that Steve Coy will seriously consider not to release anything else as comments have mainly been destructive.

    Steve owns all the master tapes for this project and sent them to the record label, so for the incorrect mixes being used, they were either mis-labelled in the first place or something occurred pre-production. Whatever happened, Edsel have already said they will fix the errors but that just doesn’t seem good enough for some. Yes, I agree that there should have been a complete quality control before the set went to press but stuff happens and it’s being resolved.

    I know the comments are aimed at Edsel but all this negativity in the very week Pete passed away and no-one seems to stop and think what impact these comments could be having on Steve who worked so hard on this, and Pete’s immediate family.

    Steve recently mentioned that there is more to come, but what with some ‘fan’ uploading to YouTube the previously unreleased tracks from Boom Box and all this nit-picking over disc errors over-shadowing Pete’s sad passing, so-called Dead Or Alive fans are actually killing any potential future releases.
    I for one thank Steve so much for putting this together and I sincerely hope he will be encouraged by the more positive of us to carry on Dead Or Alive from what is left in the vaults to honor Pete’s memory.

    • Anthony says:

      I do entirely see your point of view, Dave and have similar fears with regards Steve’s attitude to further releases. However, Pete and Steve entrusted their recordings to the label and it’s the label who have failed to understand, research and manage the catalogue sufficiently. “Destructive” comments? I guess to an extent, but I prefer to view them as constructive ultimately, as we’re telling the label information that they clearly know nothing about (mixes, edits, segues), and I’d guess Pete and Steve were assured by the label they had a great team working on this, when it’s starting to become apparent they don’t really know anything about Dead Or Alive. The blame has to lie with the label, and yes, hopefully they’re admitting their mistakes and replacing all discs which are effected.

      I see more errors are being rearing their head this morning, with the ‘American WIPE-OUT Mix’ of My Heart Goes Bang, from the all-mono Youthquake CD2 being the edited version (5:59 Vs 6:45). I hope they haven’t already ordered a stereo re-press of the Youthquake discs!

  31. Mark N says:

    Regarding Mike’s comment about the Rebel Rebel (12″ NRG Extended Mix), I might be wrong but I think it’s supposed to be this mix

    This would match up with the time of 6.25 listed on Discogs.

    The only difference on the box set between the 12″ NRG Extended Mix and The Hole Mix is from 6.09 onwards, where it ends with a “Huh!” in the extended, but the “Rebel Rebel” backing vocals fade out in The Hole Mix.

  32. Rob says:

    As a major DOA fan I’m certainly glad I waited for the first comments on the boxset before placing any order, even though the exclusive signed print was quite tempting.
    I don’t know much about that record company and I don’t wanna put them down, but that boxset coming after some “market research” might indicate that they clearly cared more about the commercial aspect than the artistic side. “Hey, it will sell!”
    Fans should definitely be involved in such projects, at every level. This way we might even have had Fan the flame (Part 2) in the tracklist.
    I don’t think this is unnecessary negativity to badly react to so many mistakes. Any project should aim for perfection. As someone mentioned, rating that set 5 stars on Amazon is giving record companies the green light to keep on screwing up. “Hey, it will sell anyway!”
    Sending out replacement discs is nice but won’t make up for all the inconsiderate mistakes.
    As for this faulty boxset becoming a collector’s item, this is just ridiculous, unless you’re a completist.

  33. Larry Davis says:

    I can understand people being upset about the errors…but I do agree that it is perfectionism as negativism…i can accept certain errors like the space between the 2 tracks on MBDTK…no big whoop…but at least the mono Youthquake discs are being replaced…not sure if I am getting a box by Nov 5th…will find out tomorrow…but I’d rather have an imperfect box over none at all…as for Edsel I never had any problems with any of their releases I had purchased before…the Jimmy Somerville triple, the 22 disc Pretenders set and the 7CD Jim Croce box…am going to order the Blue Zone and Lisa Stansfield box…killer price…and I do want the Suede reissues, the Bananarama sets, Belinda Carlisle sets and Thompson Twins box…sorry the DOA is imperfect but like Pete said, no other deal was on the table…so that or nothing…and they are doing at least something about it…I’m with Paul on this one…love the site Paul and RIP Pete…

  34. GG says:


    Well having not the good version is one thing and no one check if it was good.

    But having mono disc is incredible, no sound test has been made with the master and after some cd on the factory?

    If Edsel remplace all faulty disc as i saw that some people reported that 10/19 was faulty, how Edsel will do this?

    The next stock for Amazon Uk is for 15 december, if Edsel replace all faulty the next released date will be over this one.

    But will they correct all errors, all errors are too big to be ignored really.

    A box with error ok but not so big one, and for box over 100£ no error at all should be the good thing, but it seems that it wasn’t the priority…

    Will the vinyl box will be hint by so big problem???

    Edsel should add more delay to check vinyl box and same thing to correct the CD box…

    Wait and see, but all fans won’t wait a long time and pay so much for other error too.


  35. RikTheHib says:

    My copy is apparently on the way – I’m secretly hoping that Amazon will send me an email (as they know I am a legitimate customer, not a freeloader) saying that they know about the errors and if I would like to return the box unopened (at their expense of course) they will send out a replacement when all fixes are in place.
    I’d be happy with that. Wouldn’t we all?

  36. Neil says:

    Personally i think it’s a disgrace that Edsel have been getting away with this for years. I never bought this as it’s not my cup of tea but i can sympathise with people on here who have forked out £100 for this and the excuse i have read about a release this size being difficult to curate is no excuse really when you consider the amount of 2 disc reissues they have screwed up by the likes of Paul Young,Aztec Camera and Level 42 to name just 3 but their are loads more. It’s blatantly obvious nobody listens to these before they are released.

  37. Andrew Edwards says:

    Well Daran your comments are aspirational at best but that isn’t the reality. My comments are directed at the reality of the box set as it is. So I would rather have most of the DOA archive remastered, released and available to enjoy and I must say the level of perfectionism expressed in the form of negativism on this blog is rather off putting

  38. NM says:

    Nice to know that replacements for Youthquake, discs 1 and 2 will be made available. Would it make sense financially and logistically to compile a third disc that includes all of the other tracks corrected?

  39. Shane says:

    Oh Paul, if you start commenting on posts you should do it on all of them, even if it is your blog, calling people “negative Nancys” is just as offensive. Just because you believe that it’s better to get this set with all the mistakes than no box at all.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I agree that is not acceptable either so I’ve just removed it. I need everyone to be civil please. I’d rather write posts, make videos and do productive things for SDE rather than spend time having to be a ‘referee’ in the comments section.

  40. AmiRage says:

    Damn, not again a faulty release …
    … and how do I get the replacement CDs (if I’ll ever get them) *in* my second Amazon Exclusive box set, which was meant to stay sealed?

    • Daran says:

      That is not a markup due to the errors though Straker surely? It is the Amazon exclusive edition signed by Pete, which sold out a while back of course. The signature is the bomb here, not the flawed discs which must number maybe a couple of thousand sets sold maybe more (1000 signed, rest unsigned around the world – who knows how many?). There is no rarity in the faulty disc box at the moment, just too many of them out in the wild. The signature though with Pete’s passing now is worth a ton of money obviously, regardless of faults.

      • Andrew Edwards says:

        The price still includes the defective discs with the signed print. Still a collectible errors and all.

  41. Shane says:

    I can’t believe the “it’s ok to make mistakes attitude” there is on here! Especially for something that costs more than 100£
    What is your work guys? Where I work you can’t do mistakes and if you do them, they have to be fixed immediately and your procedures updated to ensure you don’t do the same mistakes. That is why you have quality control! There is no excuse for allowing faulty products to be issued. None. It doesn’t matter what size it is. Especially given that it’s not cheap either. More quantity? Adapt the control process! It shocks me every time that it’s clear that these companie employ people with not respect for the work, no interest in their reputation and simply don’t care about what they are doing. If they did, this would not happen. Don’t try to sell me any excuse! It is pathetic to try and justify this.
    I hope I will be able to enjoy this set nonetheless and I will tell you that I have lost count and interest in having to contact the companies, after spending time to try and find the right place to contact to get whatever replacement. Isn’t my hard-earned money sufficient that I must be subjected to some kind of easter egg hunt? People are really strangers to the meaning of the word “professional”.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I haven’t read anyone say ‘it’s okay to make mistakes’. And please don’t call other people ‘pathetic’ on this forum. Fair enough if people are unhappy with Edsel but I’m a bit fed up with people being so aggressive and vicious towards OTHER FANS who don’t share their view.

      • Anthony says:

        I agree, Paul. Being rude and disrespectful is not necessary and I suggest should not be tolerated here. I for one do not enjoy seeing slurs like “Negative Nancys” being bandied about, but it’s been on this page for over 24 hours. If it was my site, I’d have a zero tolerance policy. Remain civil or your post is removed.

  42. Straker says:

    I would’ve thought all these errors might’ve given the re-sellers pause. But apparently not – Yours for £615:

  43. SimonP says:

    At least Edsel are offering to replace some or all of the discs. Howard Jones’s Risk CD had mastering errors and all purchasers got was a tough luck message from his management. They carried on selling the box set even after the errors were pointed out.

  44. Andrew says:

    Received the Amazon exclusive edition on Friday. Great box, lovely booklet, adore the signed print of PB. Noticed the glitches with My Heart Goes Bang 7″ and What I Want 1984 12″. As I’ve ripped this to iTunes, I’ve replaced those with the correct versions.

    I haven’t played the Youthquake discs in detail, so hadn’t noticed the mono issue.

    Great to have a box set, disappointed that it’s not perfect but in the scheme of things it is what it is – and I look forward to getting the updates discs once the thread is updated with the ‘how to’ details.

    So sorry that we’ve lost Pete. Now that’s something worthy of my upset.

  45. Paul English says:

    The problem with errors like this is that sets with the incorrect discs will still be available to buy for months or even years later.

    You have no way of knowing in advance if the set has the incorrect discs – Grace Jones Disco Years box being an example.

    • GG says:

      Having for example same song instead of 7″ version is fault ok.

      But it’s worst having cd in mono…

      Don’t know if there was so big noie for other Edsel Box released but very bad really.

      Sure that for the vinyl box, they’ll look after i hope.

      For the next stock of cd box on amazon uk hope it’ll be ok.

      For French amazon site, it’s no possible to order it now, maybe due to master factory?

      Samething for French Fnac site.

      Wait again…


  46. fons says:

    Received the Amazon exclusive on Saturday here in R’dam/NL. It sure is a stunning looking set indeed, too bad its overshadowed by the faults. Stains on a -unintentional- tribute to Pete Burns. The mentioned faults aside I think the actual audio quality is quite good on all thats left. I hoped to kick off with Youthquake but it being in mono made me opt for MBADTK and it sounds really great. The dvd1 looks bad btw, I also see cropped images. Quality wise it is way worse than the Evolution dvd. You can actually see a big difference between the older videos and the last YSMR video so it has to be the sources used. Think someone at Edsel really is having a bad weekend…awaiting more info while I play some more :)

  47. Steven says:

    Played my DVDs last night no playback noise issues like others are reporting. All good.

    • GG says:


      DVD plzy fine, it’s a good new.

      But how about the faulty cd?

      Do you have problem with all cd mentioned?

      A print error isn’t a big mistake.

      But factory default such mono instead of stereo or noise pb or silence between two song it’s not normal.

      No quality check has been done, it’s impossible…

      Just only for the mono cd, how can they missed this???

      Hope really the new Amazon stock will be free error, and hope the same with Vinyl box too.


  48. Daran says:

    And many will horrified by your apologetic condoning of this horror show of a release….. Your feeling of being sick from people having the sheer nerve and audacity to complain about a £100 product riddled with errors is music to the music biz execs ears… “Yes boss, fans really will swallow any old crap we push out”.

    Some fans doubtless could not really afford to buy this if they were honest about their finances, but will do so anyway, so that argument of yours is blown out the water for a start. For heaven’s sake stop being so easy on the record industry. As Pete B said himself this is a big ask for fans to pay over £100 for. As a poster has already mentioned they are not releasing this SDE as a favour to fans, they are releasing it to market to sell and make a profit on, and as a product with a financial transaction taking place to acquire it the purchaser has a right to expect it to be QA’d, fit for purpose etc.

    Just because ‘fandom’ is involved does make it ok for record co’s to push out such faulty product. Would you be ok for a £100+ tablet, smartphone, food blender etc to be 40% faulty on day one release? No, you would not. So why should Edsel get an easy ride for being so slack – AGAIN.

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      Would you rather have the box set with errors or no DOA box set at all? As Pete Burns reported there was no other deal on the table. More than likely the label will correct the errors as labels do. I agree that there should be better quality control but I would rather have most or all of the music by an artist with some flaws than not at all. Some optimism is warranted here. The majority of the remastered music here in the box set is not flawed so I’m sure most will enjoy it while the label clears up the flaws

      • Daran says:

        I would rather Paul had curated it/PM’d it! That way the release would have come out error free most likely, and we would not be having this conversation closing in on 200 comments on a faulty disc thread for one of the most highly anticipated SDE’s of the year! That is what I would ideally have wanted Andrew, as would we all ;)

        • Andrew Edwards says:

          I believe it is quite interesting that many people haven’t spoken much about the music that sounds great and what was done right by the label instead of all the criticism. Again perfectionism as negativism. Paul has it right about being balanced and fair about the attempt at a massive undertaking by a label with a huge archive of material.

          • kiefer2 says:

            OK-how about this-the part of the building that isn’t on fire is absolutely beautiful! The fact remains that errors on 8 out of 19 discs is really too much for anyone to have accept just because it’s what isn’t screwed up sounds great. It’s a lot to pay for bread that’s almost half stale.

          • Michel Banen says:

            I love this box ! Youthquake is my fave album so I’ll have to wait for those discs to be replaced to fully enjoy that but what I’ve heard so far is FANTASTIC !!! I even got the signed photo !!! Packaging is excellent and there simply is no such thing as perfection. As soon as the Youthquake CD’s are replaced I guess the box is [almost] as perfect as it could be.

          • Max says:

            I read somewhere that “My heart goes bang” American Wipe out Mix is no the full length version but the edited version we already had on the best of “that’s the way”.
            I hope they can put the full version on the stereo corrected reprint.

          • NeilKelly says:

            They can’t source it, unfortunately. My fav track, too!

          • Andrew Edwards says:

            The comparison to the problems in a box set to a building on fire is so misguided. My God it is music not someone being burned or physically hurt. Wow this discussion continues to be even more and more bizarre. I don’t blame Paul for mostly checking out of the posts on this blog

          • Michael khalsa says:

            It was 250 dollars for god sake. All you would have to do is listen beforehand or get a huge fan like Carlo who ran the website to listen beforehand & then go to presses.

      • Rob says:

        In response to Andrew Edwards : I’d actually rather have a boxset with no errors at all.
        Sorry but if you keep on letting everything pass under any excuse of “optimism” or love of the artist, or if send out the signal that you’re “satisfied” anyway, well guess what, anything else will pass in the future.
        Record companies would be well advised to show more respect for both the artists and the audience, don’t encourage them down the other way.

        • Andrew Edwards says:

          Well even with all the criticizing, pontificating and negativity, this type of thing continues to happen for a lot of reasons. Some of it is that for many years 80’s music was horribly archived and the quality of some of the labeling and editing was horrendous. Remember in the 80’s 12″ records were throwaway for labels, promotion only. Many of those masters were lost forever. Now Edsel has a lot of responsibility for these errors and I’m sure they will make good on some of the problems. Others they might determine are not problems.

          • Michael khalsa says:

            Not with this band. Pete said it himself in the interview 72 % of the sales of You Spin Me were 12″. The label tried the argument that 12″ were just for promotion it does not really wash. I bought all their 12 inches at the time. Pete described Youthquake as a bag of shit but the remixes were fabulous.

          • Eightiesaddict says:

            Only Pete would be so tone deaf to refer to Youthquake as “a bag of shit”. It is beloved by so many of us, and is one of my favorite 80’s albums. Honestly, I wonder why he thought the fans loved DOA at all. According to him they hardly did anything right. He was more critical of anything they did, than the most jaded of critics.

            P.S. I ordered the Amazon Exclusive Box Set the first day it was available. Just happy to have it. Mistakes and all. #OhWell

  49. Fred says:

    I have cancel Yazz and Blue Zone… No more Edsel.. Yet I have enjoyed the Lisa stansfield box…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yazz is Cherry Red, not Edsel… but I agree with the sentiment. If Edsel always make mistakes, then the choice is to stop buying them or lower your expectations.

    • Anthony says:

      That’s a shame Fred. Both Yazz and Blue Zone are in much better hands, as I understand it. These reissue packages are only as good as the project manager(s) behind them. The team responsible for Dead Or Alive (and other flawed releases on the Edsel label) are not the same as those working on either Yazz (Cherry Pop) or Blue Zone (Edsel). I’m much more confident of receiving a quality product for both titles and I hope you change your mind, or at least purchase them after reviewing positive feedback from early buyers.

      This is my concern with regards the reissue market. The target audience can only get their fingers burnt so many times before they withdraw their support, and some genuinely excellent releases are being tarred with the same brush as those filled with errors. The inconsistency is a worry and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Lowering ones expectation, as Paul recommends, is inevitable – I lowered mine years ago! That’s why I like to try and find out who is doing what in advance! There are a few names that fill me with confidence (Vinny Vero, Tom Parker, Michael Sylvester, etc.) and some which cause great worry. I even do my best to contact the labels and compilers and offer my thoughts, advice and time to help, if it’s something I’m a fan of and known the catalogue well enough. I get a little credit from time to time, which is always nice, but my main motivation is ensuring my views as a fan and a customer are heard.

      Ultimately, it is the label themselves who must take responsibility for a reissue project being flawed, they should be the final “filter” for careless mistakes and errors once completed. It’s their reputation on the line and they should take just a little more pride in what they’re prepared to put their name on.

      • J says:

        Couldn’t agree more. I called Demon yesterday and the lovely guy on the phone couldn’t agree with me, and the comments here more. It’s a shame a few rotten apples in the basket tarnish the name. Ultimately though, the label were wrong in trusting the persons in charge of this project. So it’s their name that suffers, a fact the guy I spoke to was well aware of. I suggest those they did put in charge find another day job.

  50. 263ewdsdf says:

    Seems like some people online are Edsel employers trying to block critisism using Pete’s death to guilt customers. Or That how it looks like. Also I didn’t buy this to make profit or because it’s “rare collectors item”. I bought it because it was easiest way to buy all DoA CDs.

  51. Mike says:

    I’m also confused about Nukleopatra Disc 2 – 1. Rebel Rebel [12″” Extended Mix] which was a 12″ Promo only mix but the CD plays a cropped version of The Hole Mix. Is this an error or a genuine edit? Maybe the DAT could not be found for the 12″ Extended Mix (which I find hard to believe!)

  52. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    It starts with high expectations. Then the interview. Then Pete’s death.
    Then all these mistakes. The Box Set should be a great compilation of all these DOA years
    and now more and more people find faults….
    Maybe they should start a CONTROL Sticker on new Deluxe Editions
    especially on Box Set with so many CD’s. And then fans know that the label
    have checked the compilations two times! before they send them out.
    The Box Set looks really great on the promotion pictures. A good job – ( easy to do ).
    But the content seems flawed.

  53. Jan Greeve says:

    Received mine in Amsterdam yesterday. I wonder what i should do… return the box to, or hope Edsel will fix ALL flaws. Maybe i better sleep another night over it.

  54. GG says:


    I just talk by tchat with amazon service and give the link of this webiste.

    As my item wasn’t dispatched on saturday and that’s the last one on stock, amazon said to me cancel the whole order and order vinyl box now and cd box few weeks after when it’ll be available soon on Amazon.

    Hope too that new stock will be a Free error box too, i hope so really!!!

    A lot of wasted time, money maybe, but hop it will be ok on December…


  55. gwynogue says:

    I’m not bothered about ‘dishonest’ people claiming replacements for CDs they didn’t order – if Edsel loses money over this disaster, it might motivate them to take more care and effort with quality control in the future.

    • Andrew Edwards says:

      I totally agree with you. The only way a label will improve their products if they don’t turn a profit

  56. Stevo says:

    Wow. This is the most number of mistakes I’ve heard of in a box set release. What a mess. Moral of the tale: if you’re ever buying a box set from these Edsel guys, do so with caution.

  57. Omar says:

    Wasn’t it mentioned at one point that Steve Coy was overseeing this project? If he did , I’m sure he would’ve noticed something at least?

  58. Greg Daniels says:

    What a bummer to find out that there are so many mistakes with this set, as I eagerly await it’s shipment, but at least I found out before I got my shipment… so I won’t go totally ballistic when the box set arrives. Happy to hear they are going to fix the issues with DOA’s best EVER album “Youthquake”, and also hope they fix the other issues, especially with “Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know”. I agree, mistakes DO happen, but this is a real head-scratcher… makes you wonder who, if anyone, actually listens to the finished product BEFORE it is manufactured. Pete would be PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. colin says:

    Another comprehensive list of the problems is listed here from an ‘Amazon Customer’.

    An Amazon reviewer has posted this (so far) comprehensive list of all the problems with this DOA Box Set! He/She says: So far, I’ve identified…

    Sophisticated Boom Boom CD1

    01 I’d Do Anything – The final line sung by backing vocalist (”I would do do do do doo!”) is repeated a second time.

    Sophisticated Boom Boom CD2

    05 What I Want [1984 Dance Mix] – This is actually the slightly edited version of the first Dance Mix, which appeared on Evolution.

    Youthquake CD1 – Whole disc is in mono

    12 My Heart Goes Bang [7″ Version] – This is actually just the LP version repeated

    Youthquake CD2 – Whole disc is in mono

    Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know CD1

    04 Then There Was You
    05 Come Inside – These two tracks should segue, but there is now a blunt 2 second pre-gap (ie. silence breaking them in two). You can hear the start of track 05, then silence, then back to where track 05 left off.

    Fan The Flame [Part 1] CD1

    01 Fan The Flame (feat. Gina X)
    02 Unhappy Birthday – These two tracks should segue, but there is now a blunt 2 second pre-gap (ie. silence breaking them in two). You can hear the start of track 02, then silence, then back to where track 02 left off.

    DVD1 – Poor quality, freezing issues, audio sync issues, screeches whilst playing (the previous Evolution DVD is of a better quality)

    DVD2 – Poor quality, freezing issues, audio sync issues, screeches whilst playing (the previous Evolution DVD is of a better quality)

    Booklet – I got one, but some people just didn’t get one! Ooops.

    And someone else has added this!
    1) Apparently “Brand New Lover (edit)” plays at a slower speed (which it also did on “That’s The Way I Like It – The Best Of”)
    2) Apparently “International Thing (NU-NRG 12″ Remix)” plays the album version.

    Hop this helps anyone wondering what all the issues are!
    This might end up costing edsel more to replace the faulty discs than they first thought!

    • GG says:


      So you checked all items inside the box and this is conclusion about all faulty items?

      Sure that Edsel people will look after comments.

      But will they replace more than the 2 youthquake cd???

      For 100£ with so much error, it’s not good.

      I’m always waiting for my box from Amazon uk, should left uk this saturday.

      But if not, will check on Monday to see what’s wrong.

      Don’t mind if it’s delayed to middle of December.

      But i’d like to receive like most people a free error Box.

      A great idea this box, but to much errors.

      As Pete Burns passed away, not so bad for him to see that it’s a big joke this released.

      Released made to fast without high quality control for a high level price too…


  60. Steven says:

    Segue issue aside, can we just celebrate what a great album Mad Bad and Dangerous to know is, and sounds better than ever. My favourite by far. Great set.

  61. daf says:

    Farnaby, thanks for the run down. I’m awaiting the arrival of an already shipped error-plagued set. Noting the improper BPM issue with “Brand New Lover (Edit )”, and wondering if you ( or anyone else who has the set) can comment on whether past BPM issues with versions of “Lover Come Back To Me” have been corrected here (even if they are incorrectly in mono)? Thanks.

  62. Anthony says:

    As it stands, the number of replacement discs required now totals 10/19. That’s 8 CDs and 2 DVDs. More than 50% of this box set is affected with mistakes and issues. This makes this release officially the worst product Edsel/DMG have produced to date, which is a great shame as it was probably one of the most in-demand ones. Someone needs to be accountable for this, it really is extraordinary it ever reached us fans in this state. Previous efforts have had errors and mistakes, some of which were resolved by replacement discs, and some weren’t. I can’t understand how someone who makes the same mistakes over and again keeps getting the task of putting these things together. They’re making Edsel/DMG look like fools.

  63. Farnaby says:

    A man called Andy Evans posted that list on the Edsel FB page. I added other errors mentioned by other people. If someone has other things to add to the list, please do.

    1.SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM (Disc 1) Track 1, I’d do anything ( finishes with an extra “do do do” which sounds odd on play back)

    2. SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM (Dis 2) Track 5, which should be what I want 1984 dance mix plays the same as track 2 Original dance mix.

    3. SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM (Disc 2) Track 9,That’s the way I like it (dub) plays the same as Track 12, Keep that body strong (that’s the way)

    4. YOUTHQUAKE (Disc1)
    The audio is bad quality (mono),
    Track 12 which should be My heart goes bang 7″ version plays the same as album version which is also track 8.

    5. YOUTHQUAKE (Disc2)
    The audio is bad quality (mono),

    6. MAD, BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW (Disc1) there is an awkward gap between Then there was you & come inside on the original album sequence and track 12, Brand new lover (edit) appears to be slower than any other version.

    7. RIP IT UP (Disc 1) Track 13 should be Something in my house ( short version) which should be an edit of the album version plays the 7″ remix.

    8. NUKLEOPTRA (Disc 2) Track 12 should be International Thing (NU-NRG 12″ Remix) but plays the album version.

    9. DVD There is an awful loud grating noise when the DVD spins around, like it is scrapping against the tray when it is spinning around, it is so loud I have to turn the volume up to drown out the sound and I can still hear it. When selecting menus the grating noise is still there and sometimes it just freezes, the level of noise changes constantly. I have put the disc in another player and also in my laptop and it has the same issue so it is not the player.

  64. Adam says:

    My box is on its way from UK to US. I don’t have a problem with errors (though there do seem to be more than most on this one) as long as the record company is willing to fix them. I’ve gotten replacements for Ministry’s “Early Trax,” the New Order reissues, and just got my two replacement blurays from Rhino for the Chicago Quadio set. Took a while, but they made things right.

    But it sounds like there are issues with this set that Edsel are NOT willing to fix, and THAT is a real problem. Not fixing the gap on “Mad Bad” and the errors on each of the “Sophisticated” CDs is inexcusable, frankly. Why would we trust them with another set if they’re not going to own up to their screw-ups?

    (And what exactly is wrong with the DVDs?)

  65. Jon says:

    If they are willing to replace the CD’s why the drama? Mistakes do happen. Same thing happened when Rhino reissued the New Order albums. They shipped out corrected discs. I don’t have any issues with the Thompson Twins reissues, then again I bought them ages after the initial release date (maybe they were fixed?).

  66. Scott Davies says:

    It still amazes me how some people claim a mess like this is now a “Collector’s Item”. What??? Let me tell you what I did with my Siouxsie ‘Peepshow’ “Collector’s” CD when I got the corrected replacement, it went straight into the trash. And to say things like “I don’t care about the errors, I still love my box” sends the WRONG signal that, hey, it’s ok if you rush a product and do it improperly, I’m just happy to have it. Absolute non-sense.

    Cherry Red went through many years of ruining their reputation, and that’s how I originally got involved with them a decade ago. They made nice packaging but preferred a quick and dirty vinyl transfer rather than paying for the masters to be restored and transferred. So I worked on various projects for several years to ensure some sort of quality control and accuracy. It was the case some people mention here, having a fan involved to ensure it’s done correctly. But that relationship came to an end when a project manager asked me to skimp on quality for the sake of meeting a deadline. What? Didn’t you hear a word I said? That’s when I stepped away. But what they did take away is that they did start making greater efforts and using masters, and have released many stellar products since. When brickwalling the sound started becoming a problem, I notified them and they started taking it down a notch. They are not perfect now and I understand some releases have had faults, but they are worlds better than they were in the early 2000’s.

    I did work on a project for the Edsel label many years ago, and after a very unfortunate experience with them I vowed never again. Edsel needs to give customers the concerned ear and listen to what people are telling them, and even get 1 or 2 of them involved in final product quality control. I wish they would quit sticking their finger in a light socket.

    • colin says:

      Very true Scott. Collector’s Items are when a release gets withdrawn (i.e. RECENTLY – Liverpool 2 CD Deluxe Set By Frankie Goes to Hollywood, withdrawn as some tracks were deemed ‘jam sessions’ and not worthy of being on a Deluxe Reissue. BACK IN THE DAY – Hammer to Fall 7″ & 12″ By Queen, withdrawn as I understand it the correct permission had not been sought for the ‘Live band Picture’ on the front of the sleeve and NOT SO RECENTLY – Love Me Do 7″ 50th Anniversary release By The Beatles, withdrawn as the wrong catalogue number and also wrong version of the A Side Love Me Do were used on the release. Some copies leaked out and can command a high price to collector’s. Even when the record was re-released the following week it still had the wrong catalogue number on it!). These are just 3 examples of many there have been. You are spot on with Cherry Red releases using vinyl rips instead of the Master Tapes. Very amateur! Unlike your comment on this post which is spot on my friend!

  67. mark says:

    I received mine and come on people most fans would have MHGB 7 inch version anyway,we r so lucky to have these,What about Pete’s memory,I found all the cat calling very sad,everyone has mistakes in their past,it’s a quick e mail and you will have fresh discs.

  68. Jo-Jo says:

    Edsel will coninue to release faulty CDs when Amazon customers rate this box set with 5 stars.

  69. elliott buckingham says:

    i complained to cherry red about the faults in the 3cd reissue of holly johnsons blast never got a email back or anything

    • Straker says:

      They never did anything about the appalling mess they made of The Danse Society’s Looking Through re-release either.

  70. Straker says:

    Reviews page on Amazon has more comment about the errors, some of it linking back here. I noticed one review saying the DVDs look like Youtube rips – Are they THAT bad? I don’t have the box so I can’t check myself.

    • Adam says:

      Yep, the quality of the clips on the dvds is poor. I’ve tried the disc in two different players and it makes no difference. BBC stuff is preserved in much better quality than appears on the disc.

  71. ernst says:

    Also, as Paul points out regularly, this site is primarily about having and holding nice packaging, so it’s no surprise when he is not overly concerned about errors in the actual music.

  72. FRED says:

    It is impossible for me to support 2 seconds of glitch between 2 mixes !!!
    I hope EDSEL will quickly send the cd corrected
    Also, my favorite song is “My Heart Goes Bang” 7 version and it is not present !!!
    I wanted to do a chronological listening is missed

  73. bertielego says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you very much for this warning post.

    I ordered the box set a while back, and it is supposed to arrive on Nov 1st according to Amazon’s tracker… So I guess I’ll receive a faulty set.

    Looking forward to your next post with the replacement link.

    • GG says:


      I’m like you awaiting box and surely one faulty.

      All other web site which can sell it the product is delayed to middle of December.

      So i guess that they awaiting new product with remade cd and booklet inside too.

      When i’ll receive mine, will only listen youthquake cd only the beginning and as will sure that i have a faulty will send back to amazon uk and will wait new product.

      Loose time, loose money…


  74. Robert I says:

    No proof of purchase necessary is an interesting one. What will stop anyone just emailing and getting a free 2 disc Youthquake set??

  75. Geof says:

    I live in the U.S., ordered mine through Amazon & it’s still scheduled for release on November 4th, although they were never able to give me a delivery estimate even when I ordered it this past Monday. I’m not worried about it though, but I was wondering if someone could answer this question:

    Is the “American WIPE-OUT Mix” of My Heart Goes Bang (Youthquake Disc 2, track 4) the full 6:47 (or so) version, or is it the approximately 6:15 edit that’s been on all the previous CD and digital releases I’ve seen? This is possibly my favorite version of my favorite DOA song, and it’d be nice to finally have the full mix on CD. Assuming I get the stereo replacement discs whenever, haha.

  76. Mike C. says:

    Edsel did ok with Thompson Twins, and that was 8 discs.

    • negative1 says:

      not really, there were problems with those also.
      i remember getting replacement discs for some of them.

      there were clicks and crackles, as some tracks were
      vinyl transfers.


    • Scott Davies says:

      No, Edsel didn’t do OK with Thompson Twins. There was a big recall/correction that was done with Into The Gap 2 CD, and perhaps another. I know Side Kicks was done very well, but that was it. The A Product Of/Set 2 CD was horrendous and never fixed. Credit when credit is due…

    • Mike the Fish says:

      One CD was replaced on The Gap set I think.

  77. Bulldog says:

    You gotta be kidding me… I ordered mine on Wednesday. If there are replacements, that’s cool, but I just hope all the defects are found. I bought the Bananarama box a while back during a price drop, but have never got around to listening to it. What’s the trouble in there?

  78. Straker says:

    I wonder why the likes of Cherry Red and Edsel don’t engage the services of a hard-core fan/fans just to check it over before they press the big red button at the factory? I’m sure the biggest DoA fan on a fansite would’ve been more than happy to pick over this lot with a fine tooth comb before Edsel committed to the full run and I daresay someone that nerd-qualified would do it simply for a freebie boxset.

    On a set of this size I daresay folks would’ve been forgiving of a couple of glitches but it is beginning to seem like it’s riddled with them.

  79. Christophe MOREAU says:

    The problem in that case is, as usually, that the sound went far AFTER the packaging… that is a bit annoying for a company that is supposed to sell CDs !

    I remeber that, some years ago the same kind of debate occurs with Cherry Red. But since then, they decided to make a REAL effort on the sound… And Edsel, which usually had a better image is now completely deterioriated…

    Are we talking of 8 discs on 19 having defects ? Really ?
    Who said we should not complain with that many errors for that price ? we’re not talking about a budget compilation, but a big collector box that was supposed to cover the WHOLE Dead Or Alive discography…

  80. Daran says:

    So to live by my own mantra my two typos above are my limit! No more mistakes are allowed Daran… I should have proof read my post, no excuses. Three strikes and you are out :)

  81. Daran says:

    Mistakes can happen, and everyone is allowed to make them once or twice. But if a company or individual is not learning from them, and keeps making those same errors over and ovr again then something is clearly wrong with process improvement and product QA.

    If Edsel cannot handle large, prestigious and ambitious SDE projects and do them justice, then they should not be attempting them. An 8 out of 19 disc error rate is way too high. That is just under 40% faulty poduct (so far).

  82. James says:

    This is so disappointing to read – and before my set has even arrived.
    Quite how the 2 discs for the most popular album in the set get included in mono is beyond me. Surely that is noticeable to even a casual listener.
    And to Charles’s comment above, I would say that the single and album versions of “My Heart Goes Bang” are radically different? This is not a subtle edit of the same mix. Similarly, the 1984 12″ and original 12″ of “What I Want” have very different intros and should not have been confused.
    I hope that Esdel’s generosity in replacing the faulty “Youthquake” discs extends to the rest of the discs with faults. If only these kinds of errors were identified BEFORE release (and this is not aimed purely at this set or only at Edsel), the labels could save themselves some unnecessary costs and bad press.
    Saddest of all, these flaws are marring what should have been the ultimate tribute to the creative output of Pete Burns & his bandmates less than a week after his untimely death.

  83. Neil says:

    Edsel are notorious for their errors on reissues in fact there are too many to mention that they have cocked up in the past and that should have been a warning to most people. I’m not surprised this happened and it won’t be the last time either.

    • OMAR says:

      With the death of Pete Burns I’m sure that more reissues r in the works. Since this boxset may have failed to meet the desired expectations Edsel might never really correct the problem by issuing a new “fixed” version. Instead free replacement discs will be sent out. On the other hand they might may choose to release 2cd deluxe versions without all the glitches corrected.

  84. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    Maybe i’m a little bit too artless but how can it be that a stereo recording from a master tape
    can be turn into mono ? Can anybody explain that ? We have not a recording from 1958.
    I know the same mistake from FGTH but it seems to me mysterious….

    • Francis says:

      Level 42 also had a release that was put out in mono.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      Sum to mono and other ways. Could also have just one channel duplicated. This is a plus for those who choose to listen with only one earbud.

      • Joseph says:

        Which is possibly why the issue wasn’t caught: some dummy signed off while literally half-checking via one earbud…

    • Larry Davis says:

      I wonder that myself…Youthquake was not RECORDED in mono…on the new Ramones boxset of their 1976 debut, they made a new mono mix from scratch and wanted to originally release the album in mono…some people prefer mono because all the sounds are together as if coming from one speaker, not separated…I am curious to hear it in mono…but I will send out for all corrected discs…no matter how many there are…I just hope mine comes with the booklet…also what are the dimensions of this set??? 12×12, 10×10?? And are the CDs in pages on the box in slots or are there digipacks/cardboard gatefold wallets of each album??

      • Matt says:

        Larry, this box is 12″x 12″ size. It opens like a really sturdy book with thick cardboard pages and the CD’s slotted in pockets in those pages. Looks stunning, actually.

    • Neil says:

      It happened with that Level 42 – Living It Up box set as well tracks being in mono.

    • Erin says:

      Maybe in the mastering stage when they’ve been saved after processing? They may have been marked ‘export as mono’ in error.

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Really easy, I’m afraid. It can be just one stray button on a mixing desk, or a setting in the digitising software, or maybe even a software glitch. You would hope it would be spotted somewhere along the process though.

  85. Andrew Edwards says:

    Looking at it from a different perspective, someday the box set with some of these errors will be an amazing collector’s item worth 2 to 3 or 4 times the amount. For example books and stamps with misprints today are worth a small fortune. I am grateful to get any replacements but me for one will keep the boxset with the errors

    • Friso Pas says:

      Andrew….I’m not a DoA fan, but trust me, that boxset with all the errors will be worth Zilch! Keep on dreaming.

      I agree also with Ernst. I’m not looking at it from a fan’s perpective. I only read this, because I’m generally interested in boxset- and vinyl-releases. I visit SDL daily. I don’t have a emotional attachment to this set, or to Pete Burns, but hey, I really think it’s a shame he couldn’t live to see this coming out, but then again….should he witness this….this…
      Because I also think this is starting to look like a major cluster-f, pardon my french.
      It’s not so much Edsel-related, as more a general sign of the times. Nowadays, companies just want to put things out, before they are properly tested, because the sooner it is out, the sooner the money will come in. Self driving cars making accidents, phones exploding, some of these things are far, far, worse, of course, but it’s state the of the world. Putting it out there asap! Announcing it months and months before, to wet the appetite. Even crazier…today they announce the announcement. Oooohhh!! And everyone goes right along with it.
      But although this here is not life threatening, people are spending their hard-earned money on something they love, which is music, and this item was not cheap. I think it is a lack of respect of their own product and their customers/fans. When you, according to Paul, put so much effort into this, why not give it to a couple of dedicated fans to do some QC, before it goes out?

      Fans should not be thankful, only because it is very, very difficult to make. That is not a good enough reason. Liner notes, artwork….That is all secondary to the main thing, the music. It is always! about the music. In my opinion, those cd’s should be right, faultless, 100%, all of them. The music is the main thing. If that is not done right, then why bother being a record label?

      • Andrew Edwards says:

        As often is the case on this blog you shoot off your mouth and don’t know anything about this. There are examples of mistakes being made and the value increasing. For example the Pet Shop Boys Party CD issued in 2009. There were several track errors and one of those tracks was an outstanding 7″ version of Go West that was never released. They repressed the CD and removed the errors. Now you can’t even find an original pressed copy of that CD and that track remains unreleased 7 years later. As a result, the value on the secondary market is dramatically higher. Collectibles come in all forms.

        • Scott Davies says:

          There’s an obvious difference in that scenario, it included a version of a song that had not been available. Yes, I would keep a mistake like that along with my corrected replacement. But the mistakes we talk about here and are all over this box are incorrect versions of previously available songs or inappropriate gaps between songs that are to be segued, not surprise unreleased versions. DVD’s that show the video having been cropped across the whole thing, not some unreleased cut of the video. Apples and oranges. This will not increase in value, just embarrassment.

          • Andrew Edwards says:

            Not apple and oranges if there is a version of a track pressed on the CD is different than listed on the CD or the box set. And that is the case with some of the versions of 12″ mixes identified by some buyers.

          • Andrew Edwards says:

            And some of the so called tracks you claim were already available that are mistakes pressed here onto CD’s haven’t been remastered like they are here. So again you have missed the point just to be negative

      • Andrew Edwards says:

        Here is an example of my point about secondary markets. A bit of lunacy however this validates my position that many here purported to be misguided. A box set for 615 pounds

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      Perhaps a completionist will want a faulty box, but only if it has the signed print.

    • Francis says:

      Some of us are buying it for the music only and not to make a profit later in life, so we want the errors corrected.

      • Andrew Edwards says:

        No one intentionally buys music for a profit later in life. Sometimes it serendipitously happens. The errors in this boxset will be corrected but like I already responded, the Pet Shop Boys Party CD is an example of a CD with many errors that resulted in an unbelievable collectible item with some treasures.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Well whatever happens with this DOA set…I will keep both the faulty discs and the corrected ones…as for albums or books with misprints and false info, I have a real rarity and no clue what it’s worth or how many were mispressed …kinda weird but it’s a CD of 90s US modern rock/pop band Matchbox 20…their debut album “Yourself Or Someone Like You”…it looks like a regular copy with correct artwork in the booklet and on the CD itself…but the wrong album was pressed…it’s Canadian alt-rock band The Tea Party and their 1997 album “Transmission”…if you put it in a computer…it reads the Tea Party album and if you look at the bottom of the CD, it’s the Tea Party catalogue number in the centre…how much would this error CD be worth??

      • Andrew Edwards says:

        Larry I agree with you. Having a version of Youthquake in mono is rare and by mistake now a collectible. I would have thought all the self-proclaimed “completionists” would value this and all other “errors.” Having it all also means having the mistakes too.

        • Joseph says:

          Andrew, with all due respect, you are losing sight of the fact that collectibles with errors are usually collectible because the errors were subsequently fixed, which then made the version with errors a rare collectible after the fact. The bottom line is, the errors should be fixed. However such corrections serve to enhance the value of a prior version with errors is incidental. If the particular errors of this box are not corrected, it will be worth zilch as pointed out. Plus, we so far know of no unique tracks being inadvertently included, or other manner of happy accident benefitting this set. Rather, it’s just giving us a litany of needless f***-ups that detract from desirability.

  86. Scott Davies says:

    I have to say I agree with Ernst on this. And as a famous line from a camp classic movie goes: “If you can’t do something right then don’t do it at all!” A fault or two, I can possibly understand, depending on the size of the project. But the list is really growing on this one. And it really does come down to no one really paying much attention to verifying the CD’s prior to production. They may have them on in the car or playing in the background as they’re getting their kids ready for school or downstairs doing laundry.

    Some faults cannot have an excuse. Take the Siouxsie and the Banshees ‘Peepshow’ CD from a couple of years ago, where at the start of a song you could hear the tape rev up playing the previous 8 seconds of the song before the proper song started. The claim was multiple people listened to the CD master before it was sent off. I find that impossible to believe. Having something playing and actually listening to it for errors are two different things.

    I appreciate the effort that went into this box, but Edsel’s reputation of such faults goes back a long, long time. Remember when their long-overdue reissue of the Altered Images album ‘Bite’ came out in 2004? Numerous incorrect versions were used and nothing was ever acknowledged and no corrections ever made. What about the Thompson Twins 2 CD set that included the album ‘Set’, which pictured master tape boxes in the booklet but was clearly a dreadful vinyl transfer. That was never corrected either. I love that they try to be comprehensive, but they need someone else overseeing the final product to ensure it is CORRECT. That’s what is sorely missing from their releases.

    • Glenn says:

      How did you get the corrected disc for Peepshow? I have a defective copy and never did see how to get a replacement.

      • Scott Davies says:

        You had to contact Universal through their online store. They sent an email with further instructions. In the end, I received the replacement CD in a simple white CD sleeve so you use your original packaging.

  87. Ian says:

    I read what Paul just said on the difficulty of curating a huge box like this. It reminded me about an article I read on how the recent “Yes- Progeny Seven shows from 72” box was put together. It was not a case of grabbing the tapes from a handy, indexed shelf and donking them onto a cd. It was clear that tape archives are very confused places. There is no “Yes” tape room with a shelf marked “1972 concerts”. It was a very complex process to find the tapes and get them into a listenable state and they went and did some lovely art work. But then made a mistake I think, attributing a gig to the wrong venue. Did that ruin it for me? No way! I’m only a passing DOA fan but this discussion has made me go and listen some more. £102 for 19 discs seems a decent Christmas present for myself. A real immersion as PF might call it ;) I hope everyone gets their replacement discs and enjoys their box.

  88. Francis says:

    A friend who has it also says there’s a 2 second drop out on track 1 of “Fan The Flame”.

    • Dave says:

      There is no drop out on the Fan The Flame cd. The track order has changed slightly to include the previously unreleased ‘Fan The Flame’ which DOA used as their intro music to live shows which then led into Unhappy Birthday as the first song of the set. Unhappy Birthday is now the album opener instead of Your Sweetness so the band have changed this to reflect the inclusion of ‘Fan The Flame’. This track was never intended for release as part of the original album but DOA listened to demand and added it in.

      For me, I’m glad that Fan The Flame has been included as a completely separate track and I feel that this is not an error but as the band intended.

  89. Francis says:

    I am really annoyed that there are errors in this boxset because I have recently sold my old CDs and 12inch singles of Dead Or Alive because I planned to have them all in this collection and now there are errors, such as the incorrect mix of “What I Want” which I did have the original vinyl record! So I think we have the right to complain about errors considering as fans we are forking out good money for this boxset and this goes for any release, whether £5 or £100. You would not expect someone to purchase a car having been told it is okay apart from the breaks do not work properly and the airbag could explode at any time!

  90. Dejan Dozic says:

    This made me cancel the whole order. I go bonkers over errors. Is there NO quality control at Edsel at all. Deeply dissapointed.

  91. GG says:


    I just read it.

    Well i ordered on 26 october, shipment is for tomorrow 29.

    Sure that will have the faulty box?

    Better to cancel the order as soon as possible and wait till middle of December?

    Or let the order do his job and wait for new replacement cd as soon as link will be provided to have it?


  92. Ian says:

    Sounds like they got a hell of a light RIGHT though on this epic box. Fair play to them. Who could have predicted such a whopping clearance of the archives for very little outlay. What a huge tragedy that Pete never got to see it released.

    • Paul Sinclair says:


      • ernst says:

        I remember saying as I crashed my car because the steering wheel was broken, “Well at least they got the rest of the car right.”

        Don’t defend this ineptitude, it makes you look silly. It costs £100 and should have zero errors. As others have pointed out, many ‘deluxe’ sets suffer similar piss poor quality control and it is unacceptable.

        The attitude from some on here is that we should forgive errors because they are doing us a favour by putting these box sets together. Pathetic attitude.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’m agreeing with someone who is taking a more balanced approach to some here who think it’s bordering on criminal to make a few mistakes on a massive 19-disc box set. I’ll express whatever opinions I please, on my own blog, thanks very much. I don’t know how many music box sets you may have put together, but I can tell you from experience it is very, VERY difficult to produce a multi-disc set and not make a mistake somewhere, whether audio-related, an error in the notes, or some artwork not being correct. It just IS. Pete Burns told me himself that “there was no other deal on the table”, so without Edsel, this Dead Or Alive box simply wouldn’t have happened. They have made it happen, however imperfect it may be (until it’s corrected) but despite this, many so-called fans are virtually baying for blood because of some mistakes. I’m sure the team at Edsel and the band/management (who would have approved) are just as disappointed as everyone else. They are fixing the problems, aren’t they?

          • Ralph says:

            Exactly, Paul. People who don’t know the workload of such a Project should Keep their mouth shut or prove that they can do better (which they can’t). I wouldn’t want to listen to 25 different mixes of a song and having to decide which mix is which. I think the People putting together this stuff have to be able to trust what the sticker on the tape says.
            Knowing everything after the fact is no achievement, and criticism should be kept low-key.

          • Francis says:

            Trust you to think we are all in the wrong just because you met Pete Burns. Never had so may errors with CDs years ago!

          • Anthony says:

            If it’s very difficult to do it, then why not triple check it? And then check it again? And then ask a fresh pair of ears to check it? Or otherwise just don’t bother. In your interview, you quoted Pete as saying the label had done their market research and thought this material was in high demand, and yet they’ve been so careless with it. Well, you may have done your market research but you sure didn’t do your catalogue research or quality checks. All they see is a potential to make money – do it fast, with as little cost as possible, and hope for the best. The people behind this release don’t even like Dead Or Alive – you can tell. Look at the credits – all those people involved and not one of them noticed track 1 on disc 1 had an error. Literally, from the get go, there is a problem.

            It’s very obvious that these CDs have not been played back once manufactured. You cannot produce an item of this size and with this price point and not play it back before sending it out. Paul, do you honestly believe all of these discs have been played back? Even once? Because they simply can’t have been. I’ve played some of the discs once and noticed right away what is up with them. Big gaps of silence! Totally wrong mixes! Wrong frequency! These aren’t a few typos in the notes or just one affected track on one disc – 6 CDs have audio problems (so far…) and the DVDs both have issues also. 8 discs from a 19 disc set is a poor strike rate for £100+! “Baying for blood”? Yes, because it’s happened yet again – it’s so tiresome having to tell a company they’ve once again made all the same mistakes they made last time, and the time before that. Why don’t they ever learn? Why can some people deliver brilliant sets with no mistakes and no complaints time and again, but others always make the same mistakes? You aren’t very good at this job, stop doing it and let someone else have a go, I say. Thank God these people were nowhere near Bananarama’s catalogue. If they’re attached to future projects, I will simply not buy them.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I don’t want to be drawn much more into this to be honest. I’ve given my view point. I don’t mind if people don’t agree with it, but if Francis’ childish response is going to be the quality of the debate then I’m checking out and will leave you to it.

          • Neil Kelly says:

            I think ernst was talking to Ian rather than yourself, Paul. Of course i could be wrong…

  93. Jon says:

    I ordered the same day it was placed on and yesterday it said “preparing for shipping”. When I look again today it now says “December 15th” as shipping day. Very disappointing day.

    • John says:

      Like you, I placed my order on Amazon UK the day it was available (September 8th) and my page still says “Preparing for Dispatch” although my credit card was charged. I’m in New York and whats disturbing is that a friend, also in New York, ordered after me and he received an email that his order has shipped. I’m now concerned that my order will be held due to the pressing errors and that I might not receive the exclusive autographed edition I originally ordered.

  94. GG says:


    Where can we have correct Cd if all sold Box are faulty?


  95. Nick Drew says:

    This is a fantastic box set, beautifully packaged. However, I do believe theres another error. This time with Sophisticated Boom Boom Disk 2 track 5. This is credited as the 1984 dance remix of ‘What I Want’. I was expecting this to be the second UK 12″ release (TA4510), however it seems to be another edit of the orginal 12″. The remix I was expecting doesn’t seem to be included anywhere else. If I’m wrong please feel free to correct me.

    • Anthony says:

      You’re correct, Nick. The 1984 Dance Mix is not on CD2 despite being listed. Instead it’s the edited original dance mix, which was cut down by 30 seconds for the Evolution compilation. You can hear the correct one on YouTube by searching for “Dead Or Alive – What I Want (’84 Dance Mix)”. Good mix, too. Is anyone keeping a running tally of all these mistakes?

  96. sf432ewdf says:

    So there are now 5 discs (SBB, YQ1&2, MBD, FtF) with errors? Embarrassing.

  97. Ian says:

    Hope the upcoming Floyd Box set has been through rigourous quality control!

  98. Francis says:

    In an Amazon review a customer has noticed other errors: “Sophisticated Boom Boom (CD 1) end of ‘I’d Do Anything’ repeats the “I would do do do do do” which is wrong and ‘Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know’ has a glitch where “Then there was you” mixes into “Come Inside” I hope Edsel have spotted these errors too! Terrible to have any errors with regard such a large and expensive box set, one of which Pete Burns had something to do with (I don’t think he would be very impressed).

  99. Andrew H says:

    So had this on pre order since 8 Sept , arrived today… NO BOOKLET!!!! For gawds sake

    Spoke to Amazon… none in stock.. can’t replace booklet!!

    So faulty CDs , no booklet… great waste of £100

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Weird.. but I’m sure Demon/Edsel will send you a booklet, if you contact them.

    • Adam says:

      I thought there was no booklet with mine initially, I actually missed it at the back slotted in!

    • Anselm Lee says:

      No booklet for me either. I don’t have good feelings about trying to get one sent to Korea. Should I contact Edsel thru their web site? What is the best way to get their attention? They don’t inspire any confidence.

  100. Anthony says:

    As feared, more and more errors are revealing themselves and being reported across social media. Anything originally segued on the original albums now has CD pre-gap data. You can’t get that from a master tape, so it looks like the original albums were all simply lifted from digital files created from existing CD pressings and not even extracted with a cue to ensure seamless playback. I wouldn’t like to be Demon Music Group on Monday morning…

    • Mike the Fish says:

      I don’t think you understand how CD mastering works. You’re right that pre-gap data isn’t on analogue tape – it can’t be, but that doesn’t mean it was taken from a CD (although it could have been.) A pre-gap, countdown into the next track, or whatever you want to call it is put in by a mastering engineer. It’s just indexing information that is part of the track data and can be put over audio or silence. It’s not difficult to do with the right software, and some use it to put hidden tracks on the countdown to track one (again, not difficult.) Metropolis in Chiswick use SADiE (or at least they used to), and here’s some further info if you’re interested:

      I gather it is more the trend nowadays not to use index 0 between tracks.

  101. Karen says:

    Rickjapan what Bananarama errors were there with this box set?

    Thanks everyone for the heads up about this box set. Member of my family is getting this, so will let them know.

    Also to note, Amazon will not have anymore stock in until 15 December, either to correct disc errors, and awaiting correct stock, or they have sold out he current run.

    Edsel seems to be having a bad time, I remember the Belinda Carlisle fiasco with 2 of her deluxes

    • Rickjapan says:

      It was a long time ago, so my memory may be playing tricks, but I think it was the Nathan Jones disc that had noise/clicks on at least one of the tracks (maybe the 12″ version?). This was a case where they sent you a replacement disc if you contacted them, which is what I did.

  102. Scott Davies says:

    Edsel replied to a comment I left on their FB page and said that Youthquake is being fixed but that they found no errors on the other discs. They didn’t even specifically address the issues with album 1 and album 3. It’s not too hard to avoid these issues. I remastered Sophisticated Boom Boom for Cherry Red Records back in 2007, and I listened to everything before I gave them the master. I do the same thing for all remasters I work on, and my upcoming releases by Our Daughter’s Wedding (on the Futurismo label) and the Altered Images catalog (on the Vinyl 180 label) will be without any mastering errors, that’s for sure.

  103. JPD says:

    Ok a few mistakes but this collection is F&CKING AMAZING!

    I’ve never been a fan of the instrumental but the Youthquake instrumentals are INCREDIBLE!

    The booklet is beautiful. Haven’t read Pete’s words yet as I can’t bring myself to do so. Gorgeous photos and design.

    Love Toy Full Vocal Version – OMFG! Finally after so many years we have it and it’s fantastic.

    For fear of rambling on and on I’ll sign off now but WOW!

    Edsel, Steve and of course Pete thank you for this tremendous and extremely pleasing set. :-)

  104. AlexKx says:

    Both this set and Roger Taylor’s “The Lot” have l.p.s (c.d.s) in them that are named “Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know”! Don’t forget the “FREE” vinyl box set that had the wrong picture on the back of it containing two pictures of one of the l.p.s and left out the picture of the cover for “Fire And Water”! I almost would probably keep the one I got for that just to show the cock-ups of the record companies and inability to do their products right. Are the artists not responsible in some way, level, and manner?!

  105. Northerndog says:

    Thank you for this information, Paul.
    I bought my copy at Amazon UK and send a mail to Edsel as you say (with my invoice for the proof) and got automatic reply: “due to a very large volume of emails, it can take up to 10 days for us to reposnd and we may not be able able to reply to each email we receive.” Well, hope I can get my replacement discs…

    And +1 for Rickjapan.
    I think we need the database of errors about Deluxe Editions/Remastered Editions. And I’m very glad if SDE has this database, because I think this is the most suitable and best place for this matter.

    • Joseph says:

      Regardless of how difficult it is to put together a box set, or whether we all appreciate the ins & outs of how difficult it can be (which most of us don’t), the fact is most box sets simply do not have this many random and completely preventable problems mushrooming left & right (or in mono as the case may be). There really cannot be an argument made for putting out a set with so many issues. Edsel obviously doesn’t want to do this on purpose, and they’ve done better (so we can say they are capable of doing a good job). Ergo the following conclusion: they deprioritized the level of attention & resources given to this set for the benefit of other sets they’ve been working on. Sure it’s not life or death, but it does feel like DOA fans were disregarded along the way. And since we have voices to say that’s not very cool, here we are.

      With that, I’m willing to allow the chance to rectify as long as the label owns up to all mistakes (which is not going so super as of yet). At this point, the right thing to do is recall all unshipped sets back and correct them in full. Unfortuantely I fear the economics of such a task will likely doom us to a significantly incomplete compromise. And I do appreciate a set like this could very well have never come to fruition in our lifetimes, but the price point chosen by the label begs for much better quality control than what all of us are apparently getting.

      Just as an aside, I know the track gaps are annoying but you can rather easily rip & fix/rejoin with software; not the end of the world on that one.

      • Joseph says:

        Please to all, keep reporting on mistakes/defects with this set. Just as labels can take our feedback on tracklistings into account, they need to hear exactly how badly they mess up and not forget that we care about what they are trying to (re)sell to us.

  106. Anthony says:

    Well, this comes as no surprise. OK, they’re going to replace discs, great. But this is now becoming an all too familiar scenario. I’m tired of it. When are these reissue labels going to admit they are producing these sets as quickly and as cheaply as possible, without showing the artist or the fan any respect whatsoever? It’s a complete joke. So far, we have an error on track 1, CD1 where the final acapella is repeated an erroneous second time before track 2; The 7″ mix of My Heart Goes Bang is actually a repeated album version; two Youthquake CDs are in mono, not stereo; the seguing on tracks from Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know has pre-gap information from a CD source in between the tracks… and this is only hours after people have received their boxes and I suspect more errors will reveal themselves as people listen further. This is a litany of c**k-ups!

    Will the replacement discs resolve the issues? I’ve had replacement, replacement discs from Edsel/Demon in the past believe it or not. Can you believe the replacement disc had an error of it’s own?! What is going on?!

    I must say, I predicted all this and advised caution over on the Dead Or Alive Facebook group. I was attacked and criticised for being negative, and then banned from the group. I offered plenty of examples to illustrate the point (Donna Summer, Belinda Carlisle, etc.) and named the people behind the various projects with issues, and they were all the same people of course… and here these same people are again! Why are they allowed near whole back catalogues? They clearly aren’t up to the task. I despair, I really do. They are clearly all style over substance, although the style isn’t anything to right home about if I’m being honest. There are two or three names I have so much respect for in the reissue field, because they just get it. They know what they’re doing and they do the home work. When I see their names attached to things, I relax. I’m so glad to have them behind the scenes, but sadly none of them were involved here. Anyway, here we are again and on the world spins and no one learns anything and see you next time it happens…

  107. Dave says:

    Are all comments ‘awaiting moderation’?

  108. Paul Dunford says:

    Really pleased at how quick these error reports have been taken on board.

    Once they replacements have been done i will update my review on the Amazon Exclusive Box Set.
    Thanks SDE

  109. Jorge says:

    The 2003 “Evolution” DVD has many of the videos also included in this new box’ DVDs. The vast majority of those were in gorgeous 5.1 surround sound. Anybody around here knows if this would be the case with this new set? Thanks

  110. Rickjapan says:

    Paul, I would really like it if you could manage some kind of investigative article into why these errors seem to continually occur. I’m not buying the Dead or Alive set, but I have also been burned with things (Bananarama singles box set errors, Bros deluxe problems, Belouis Some debut CD horrendous sound). Some of these have been fixed, some I just couldn’t be bothered about and left as they were.
    In addition, things I was interested in buying, such as the OMD Junk Culture re-issue, and the Tori Amos deluxe editions, I have not pursued as a result of problems reported.
    Is quality control so difficult to do? It seems that if only the music companies did their jobs properly, such as listening to the finished product, then a lot of these things wouldn’t happen.
    I would be interested to hear what the companies have to say, if they can justify why these errors occur so frequently (ironically on “deluxe editions”, yeah, right….)
    You can’t deny that in an age when physical product is on the decline, then all these errors would just seem to hasten the decline. Can’t these people see that they are digging their own graves?
    I really am genuinely intrigued as to how so much faulty product can end up released into the market. Or maybe I’m just an old fuddy duddy that expects too much? I really hope that’s not the case, but it’s getting to the point where I no longer pre-order things because I’m fearful of all the errors that may be found. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Ok, sorry, rant over, will get back to drooling over the Alison Moyet re-issues (and if there are errors in those, I will be seriously p***ed!!!

  111. Dave says:

    Someone mentioned above that some wouldn’t recognise the difference between mono and stereo and they are spot on. My ears are too old to notice things like that now! This box set is probably the best I have ever purchased and am not at all bothered by a couple of errors. It is well thought out and beautifully packaged. Pete’s reflective words in the booklet are hard to read, especially the last part about the future.

    Big thumbs up to the label for sorting out the errors though.

    A lasting legacy to an icon of my times. RIP Pete Burns, and thank you.

  112. Cal M says:

    We often see errors like the wrong mix, but mono is a bit much, i understand someone who doesn’t know a group getting the wrong mix etc but surely people can hear mono and stereo sounds unless they’re a equal opportunity company and are employing death people.

  113. DJ Control says:

    Great news. Thanks again Paul & SDE. Mine is still on a plane to Australia. And you’re right, it is going to be a success!

  114. negative1 says:

    not having proof of purchase is dumb.

    how do they know if i really bought the boxset or not,
    and how does it prevent anybody from just saying they did.

    and having free discs sent to them.

    someone really didn’t think about that, did they.


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They are trying to make it easy for people and they get criticised for that!

      • Stan Butler says:

        It’s very generous, but they will surely have to send out many more replacements than boxes sold, especially as Youthquake is the most commercially successful album. To get a 2cd deluxe version (sans packaging) for free is tempting, for even the just curious amongst us.

      • Cal M says:

        Just can`t win, i applaud Demon for trying to get this right, but it should have been done perhaps as 2-3 cd deluxe editions per album and made sure that it was correct, then move on to the next one.

        They are trying to fill a demand, a hole so that those fans can get the majority of the releases, but often with those fans being more than just fans, they notice things like the wrong remix, a shorter version, a wrong tempo on a remix etc.

        I think personally they rushed this boxset to enable them to hit the Christmas market.

      • negative1 says:

        the criticism is for their process.

        it’s not that hard to include an email receipt (although that
        could be fake also). or even email a picture from a cellphone, etc.
        i had to do this for the simple minds box set replacements,
        and also for other releases with issues.

        anyways, i always try to support artists and their
        products when warranted.

        but in this case, i’m going to wait a long time to see if they
        can straighten this mess out.


  115. Scott says:

    What about the other errors that someone pointed out on Amazon UK? That includes the end of I’d Do Anything from Sophisticated Boom Boom being repeated twice and a gap between two tracks on Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know that were supposed to segue together.

  116. Charles Christopher says:

    Honestly, I’d be amazed if anyone but the most hardcore fan could listen to these tracks and immediately tell the difference between all those versions of each song (how many artists themselves can tell the difference between the mixes?) – especially if it’s the difference between the single and album versions (instead of complete reconstruction remixes). (From experience with tape libraries, these things are often mis-labelled, or even not labelled with the relevant information at all). And you’d be amazed how many music fans don’t even notice the difference between mono and stereo.
    Cheers to them for taking care of this as soon as the issues were brought to light – you can tell that something this comprehensive is a real labor of love for the label, and they’re definitely ensuring it’s a total success at the end of the day. Buyers are even getting extra discs they can keep! Considering how thorough the tracklisting, how elaborate the packaging, and their determination to get Pete involved in it, I’m impressed by all they got right more than the odd thing that went wrong (which are being fixed anyway)!

    • negative1 says:

      sure people make mistakes.

      but if you set the bar low and allow these mistakes to keep happening. guess what.

      frustration from buyers, and lost money for the label.

      if they took the time to get it right, people wouldn’t have complaints in the first place.
      especially on an expensive set like this.


    • Stevie B says:

      Both Youthquake CD’s are in Mono, and in answer to saying that only hardcore fans would notice any differences, that may be, but Youthquake sounds flat and horrible in Mono so getting to keep them as ‘bonuses’ isn’t that great a deal. Paying over 100 quid I would have expected the sort of mistakes you get on budget compilations NOT to have happened here.

      The gaps between the continues mix is something even a non-fan would have spotted. Glad they are being replaced though.

      I’ve listened to half the Boxset and other than the cock-ups it is FANTASTIC! Some really great gems… Never Marry an Icon, Jack & Jill Party etc (though only the one version of this… I could be wrong but I thought two were released?).

  117. negative1 says:

    typical. not surprised at all.


  118. OMAR says:

    The Marc Almond anthology is out too, right? I hope it’s not messed up as well??

  119. Chad says:

    Just got a notice this morning that mine has shipped from the UK (i’m in the US). Hopefully they will send replacements to international orders too.

  120. Kiki says:

    Well , that was predictable .. And I predicted it ! lol
    Like Andrew M I think this is a complete lack from record companies! Come on guys, *JUST do your work properly and you’ll save money (and we’ll save time !).

  121. Andrew Mogford says:

    It always amazes how these errors occur – does quality control not exist in these companies? That said – credit to them for resolving the issue so quickly and well. I’m still scarred by the Roger Taylor : The Lot debacle.

    • Catweazle says:

      Yes that was a debacle but why are you scarred? I got my replacement and did not have to return the faulty box which leaves me with two collectibles for the price of one :-)

      • Andrew Mogford says:

        Congratulations. I preordered mine on the day it was announced on Amazon and got nothing as it was recalled. I couldn’t find anything out, as the manufacturers, and the Queen online store knew nothing and the record company knew nothing. I was eventually promised from the person exclusively dealing with the release on behalf of RT that she would reserve one of the corrected editions for me from the Queen Online store, when stocks were replenished but she didn’t and I missed out again.

        I am so happy for you that you got two.


  122. OMAR says:

    Are both Youthquake cds in mono or just a few tracks?

  123. Joe says:

    Well my Amazon order got delayed for no reason. I hope that when I finally get it that the errors are fixed. I know I won’t get the signed post card I already pre-ordered ages ago now.

    • Simon says:

      Got the same email Joe, but I doubt it will be to wait until replacement discs are available.

      • Joe says:

        Yes, Edsel have confirmed the new printed ones we finally get from Amazon, will be the corrected ones. Still doesn’t explain why I order the Amazon Exclusive with the signed print and they were limited to 1000 copies but they are ‘out of stock’ of them, even though they had my order weeks ago. It seems they took more than the allotted amount of orders for the Exclusive and then pick and chose who they gave the print too. Edsel have no more copies of those, they have confirmed this to me. I am a Prime member but seems they favoured non Prime members, hoping to get their membership, even if they ordered it later than the ones (like me) who pre-ordered weeks before.

        • Billy Dojcak says:

          The Amazon Exclusive are out of stock because all 1,000 were ordered and allotted for. If you ordered weeks ago there was probably one set aside fo you.
          I don’t know if your pick and choose theory holds water.
          I am a US prime member, but that probably doesn’t make a difference. Suppose we’ll see what happenes.

        • Joseph says:

          Hmmm. I pre-ordered from Amazon (non-prime member) and have received no such email…

        • Joachim Schossig says:

          As a German fan I have got the Boom Box at 29th of October and there are more errors then the first Cds.

          Sophisticated Boom Boom
          Between I’d do anything and Thats the way repeating two times doo doo doo

          Youthquakev CDs
          Mono recording
          repeating of My heart goes bang LP version

          Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to know
          between Then there was you and Come inside is a break

          Rip It Up
          YSMR french ‘more mixes’ some are too fast

          Video CD
          Really bad quality
          Total Stranger totally confused with insertion of Total Stranger and its break off before the real end!!!

          May be there are more errors. At the moment I haven’t the time to listen it all.

  124. Tyler Williams says:

    Any word on whether or not the U.S. release has the same errors?

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