Electric Light Orchestra / limited edition clear vinyl pressings


Sony are to reissue three classic Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) albums just before Christmas, as limited edition clear vinyl pressings.

The long-players in question are 1977’s ten million selling Out of the Blue, its predecessor New World Record (1976) and ELO’s fourth studio album, 1974’s Eldorado.

The former is a gatefold package with the double album pressed on two discs of clear vinyl. A New World Record, which features the hits Livin’ Thing, Telephone Line and Rockaria is a one-LP release, as is Eldorado.

These are limited to 5,000 (of each) worldwide, with around 1,000 or so allocated to the UK market.

All three albums are released on 18 December 2015 (8 Jan in Germany).



Out of the Blue (2LP clear vinyl)


A New World Record (clear vinyl LP)


Eldorado (clear vinyl LP)


elo_blueclear elo_Elderadoclear elo_newworld_clear



Out of the Blue

Side 1
1. Turn to Stone
2. It’s Over
3. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
4. Across the Border

Side 2
1. Night in the City
2. Starlight
3. Jungle
4. Believe Me Now
5. Steppin’ Out

Side 3
1. Standin’ in the Rain
2. Big Wheels
3. Summer and Lightning
4. Mr. Blue Sky

Side 4
1. Sweet Is the Night
2. The Whale
3. Birmingham Blues
4. Wild West Hero


A New World Record

Side 1
1. Tightrope
2. Telephone Line
3. Rockaria!
4. Mission (A World Record)

Side 2
1. So Fine
2. Livin’ Thing
3. Above the Clouds
4. Do Ya
5. Shangri-La



Side 1
1. Eldorado Overture
2. Can’t Get It out of My Head
3. Boy Blue
4. Laredo Tornado
5. Poorboy (The Greenwood)

Side 2
1. Mister Kingdom
2. Nobody’s Child
3. Illusions in G Major
4. Eldorado
5. Eldorado Finale

29 responses to Electric Light Orchestra / limited edition clear vinyl pressings

  1. Gary says:

    Just received out of the blue on clear vinyl and it will not play. I can’t work out why but the table doesn’t spin consistantly and seems to drag somewhat. Anyone else experienced this? Every other vinyl I have works including recent 180gram releases

    • Andy Davidson says:

      the jerky movement is an optical illusion !-mine is the same, the sound quality of these editions is pretty dull and flat .Not analogue, but the clear vinyl is its natural condition no colour added, shame about the Epic labels also, and no cardboard spaceship?

      • Jesús M Rey says:

        I have the ANWR clear and for me the sound is quite right. And the first black Eldorado reissue as well…IMHO the first bunch of these ELO re-releases were GREAT: “No Answer”, ELO 2, Eldorado & ANWR, with their full lyric inserts, good sleeves… The latter ones (FTM, Discovery, Time, 2-LP Secret Messages) have no info sheet or lyrics at all, what a shame….

  2. elliott buckingham says:

    just received out of the blue with the cool ltd number of 1947 the yearof jeff lynnes birth. not the greatest sounding issue ive heard but still a great album the vinyl also feels lighter than my other 180g issues

  3. graham hill says:

    i bought all 3 and all but eldorado have nice stamped silver numbers. if shrink removed all traces of numbers gone unless you keep the sticker. how very odd!

  4. Brian Palmer says:

    Adam is right. Some of these copies have the edition number stamped directly on the jacket, while others only have a sticker on the outside of the cellophane wrap. My copy of OOTB was stamped but both Eldorado and ANWR had stickers. I guess if you want to remember which edition number you have, you will have to cut the sticker out and save it in the jacket.

  5. John Able says:

    As a 47 year old fan since 1974, these will be added to my collection. As an aside, it makes me laugh that for the last thirty years it’s been deemed uncool fairly universally to be a fan of ELO and now sold out arenas and a top five album ? Oh well, I guess some of us aren’t all sheep and feel the need to follow…….!!

  6. Cary Wilson says:

    Still have my original ‘Out of the Blue’ LP, with the poster, that I got for Christmas 1977, as well as that amazing CD reissue with all the miniature-reproduced inserts. Think I’ll pass.

  7. Adam shaw says:

    Just got all three records . OOTB and NWRecord all have nice stamped numbers on the back covers , Eldorado has a round sticker reading the ltd number stuck on top of the outer celophane ???? You couldnt make it up if you tried !

    • Jesús M Rey says:

      It happens to me with the ANWR, mine has that useless sticker number, so I had to keep the transparent wrap not to diminish the value of the record, only cut the left side of it to get the record out.
      It seems that there are 2 different “LIMITED EDITIONS” for (at least) these releases: Eldorado & ANWR, one initial with the round hype white number and a better finished 5000 more with the golden letters…

  8. Scott G says:

    Just read on Steve Hoffmann (
    that the source of these are based on 16bit CD Maters :(

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  10. Daniel says:

    they should release “secret messages” as the originally planned
    double album with all the missed tracks incl. “beatles forever”.
    this would be a great step into the right direction.

  11. elliott buckingham says:

    hope it has the proper jet label and not the awful epic one that was on the mov release

  12. I think you’ll find that as ELO’s back catalogue is with Sony, the new album is on Columbia – which is also owned by Sony.

    I suspect with the lead-in times for pressing vinyl even on short runs, this will have been pre-planned to tie in with the new album.

    ‘Nowt wrong with shifting a bit more of the old back catalogue. You should now what these labels are capable of by now!!

  13. Chris Squires says:

    The question is for me, do I need even more versions of LPs that I already have various versions of already. Already have the Blue Vinyl versions of OOTB, the recent re-issue of World Record is a good one. I can think of dozens of albums that are nowhere near being re-issued (like first 4 x Kate Bush) and yet some albums just keep being re-issued when they are really not needed, shall I call them “The Usual Suspects”. As someone said above OOTB is a good pressing in it’s original format and not expensive (I recently picked up the blue one for £6), the recent MOV re-issue is still available and also does the job.
    Frustrating, I suppose we will get another Tubular Bells soon too before anything I actually want. (I Love TB but have like a dozen of the bloomin’ things from the original laminated version to 200g Classic records and beyond). It would also be nice to have some of the Stephen Duffy / Lilac Time albums re-issued…the list goes on. Thanks Sony but I will pass this time. Good luck to Jeff though…..

  14. Guido Hoffmann says:

    Exactly the three albums which are already reissued by MOV in excellent quality. Makes no sense for me.

  15. baward says:

    As many others have said before, black vinyl is coloured vinyl. Come to think of it, clear vinyl doesn’t of course count as coloured at all!

  16. Simon taylor says:

    Whilst coloured vinyl is an issue for audiophiles (I’m not one but sound quality is important,) the whole coloured vinyl thing is a big selling point right now it would seem. New Lush best of on double red vinyl is on my Christmas list. I already have the CD but if it had been black vinyl I’d have probably passed. I already have the CD album ELO boxset so this isn’t for me however they missed a trick in making out of the blue clear rather than blue. Quick last minute Xmas cash in whilst the new ELO album in another label is getting good reviews. Cynical, me?????

  17. Sir John says:

    Just what we need. A vinyl reissue of an album that is ten a penny second hand…..

  18. Rob says:

    Out of the Blue isn’t complete without the cardboard space-station that you get to assemble!

    Paul, do you have any info as to whether or not these come from analog or digital masters?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m guessing that analogue-cut is probably unlikely, but will see what I can find out…

    • DaveM says:

      I have a feeling the spaceship will be in the recently released Japanese Bluespec 2 CD vinyl replica. Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but it would be a bit tricky I imagine assembling a 5″ based cardboard cutout!

  19. Frank says:

    Hmm?! They had “Out of the blue” on blue vinyl in 1977 and last year from MOV. Does this clear coloured reissue make sense? In the 70ies also “GH” on clear and “Face the music” on green vinyl. Lots of 7″ on colored vinyl also. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • matt says:

      You are right. A New World Record was available on Red and Eldorado on Yellow as well as the blues you mentioned Those pressings are still readily available on Discogs etc at reasonable prices. I really dislike this wanton profiteering from the record companies. I also read a comment they are mastered from CD so the sound quality wont be great.

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