Elton John / The Diving Board – super deluxe edition box set


Elton John will release a new album, The Diving Board, on 16 September 2013.

Touted as a ‘back to basics’ return to the piano-bass-drums sound of his early years, The Diving Board is produced by T-Bone Burnett, with all the songs co-written with John’s long-time collaborator Bernie Taupin.

The Diving Board will be available in a 15-track edition on CD, vinyl and download; a 19-track super deluxe version on CD and download, adding the extra studio track Candlelit Bedroom and three songs performed live earlier this year at Capitol Studios; and a Super Deluxe box set featuring the extended CD, gatefold vinyl, book and bonus DVD.

Super Deluxe Edition Box Set

Deluxe Edition CD [19 track]

2LP 180g Gatefold Vinyl Edition [15 track]

Standard CD [15 track]

The Diving Board track listing:

  • 1. Oceans Away
  • 2. Oscar Wilde Gets Out
  • 3. A Town Called Jubilee
  • 4. The Ballad Of Blind Tom
  • 5. Dream #1
  • 6. My Quicksand
  • 7. Can’t Stay Alone Tonight
  • 8. Voyeur
  • 9. Home Again
  • 10. Take This Dirty Water
  • 11. Dream #2
  • 12. The New Fever Waltz
  • 13. Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)
  • 14. Dream #3
  • 15. The Diving Board

Bonus tracks on the deluxe sets:

  • 16. Candlelit Bedroom
  • 17. Home Again (live from Capitol Studios)
  • 18. Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight) (live from Capitol Studios)
  • 19. The New Fever Waltz (live from Capitol Studios)

4 responses to Elton John / The Diving Board – super deluxe edition box set

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  2. My Jelly says:

    In the USA via Target the Deluxe Edition has 21 tracks frustratingly two of them are exclusive to this particular release. The tracks being ‘Gaugin Gone Hollywood’ and ‘5th Avenue’. If you go to the Amazon website ‘5th Avenue’ is available to download free, it’s a cracker.

  3. Mr. Jinks says:

    I find it fascinating/appalling that the “super deluxe” version of this album, which amazon and are selling for approx. $160, does NOT include two tracks which will adorn Target’s 21-track version of this album (for only $14.99). Talk about screwing over the hard-core fans!

  4. Boaz Halachmi says: offers exclusive poster with the Deluxe Edition.

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