Elvis Presley / Albums box price drop

Elvis Presley / The Album Collection career-spanning 60CD box set

The recently announced 60 CD Elvis Presley Album Collection box has dropped in price significantly recently.

Although we’ll hesitate to call this a ‘deal’ the career-spanning box set, which includes 57 RCA albums and three CDs of rarities, is almost £40 cheaper than previously listed on Amazon UK. The current price is £182 which equates to a fraction over £3 per CD.

Legacy Recordings have promised fans “meticulously restored” original album packaging with details including gatefold/die cut sleeves, original RCA Victor inserts and stickers, CD labels replicating original ‘side 1′ labels and more. This collector’s box also includes a 300-page fully illustrated hard cover book.

Elvis Presley – The Album Collection box set is released on 18 March 2016. Full track listing and further details can be found here.

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Elvis Presley / The Album Collection career-spanning 60CD box set





13 responses to Elvis Presley / Albums box price drop

  1. David T says:

    Use Amazon code “BIGTHANKS” to get £10 off orders over £50 including this Elvis collection. I’ve just re-done my order :)

  2. Mr. Ska '57 says:

    US $297.98 at Amazon US 17:00 EST.

  3. 199 Euro!

    Turns out to be $280 Canadian and $193.00 US Dollars

  4. Thomas Casagranda says:

    I’d be reluctant to pay any amount of money for a set that has a fair few movie soundtracks.

  5. Brian says:

    Not sure when it happened but I pre-ordered this from Amazon UK when you first announced it hoping that the price would eventually drop. I just checked my pre-order and at some point, it dropped down to 151.99 pounds. Not sure when but i would guess it will likely drop again to that price (or below) before it is released.

    • Scott says:

      Are you in the US, Brian? If so, you won’t be charged VAT so the price is reflected accordingly. My pre-order came in at 151.66 pounds as well (which is $226 US, over $70 less than the current US price).

  6. Walter says:

    Amazon Germany for 199 Euro = 152 £ ;-)

  7. Carl says:

    Which album is Oliver’s Army on? That’s the only track I like by Elvis. I’m not paying £182 to get that track though!

    • Ralph says:

      @Carl. You are Aware that we’re talking about Elvis PRESLEY, not Elvis COSTELLO, right?

      • Carl says:

        Yes, Elvis Presley. Also sang ‘Viva Blackpool’ and ‘Heartbreak B&B’. He was in the Salvation Army for a bit, had big glasses and died on a deckchair after eating several egg baps?

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