Erasure / The Neon

Erasure / The Neon

A trio of limited editions available on pre-order

Erasure will release a new album The Neon in August.

The 10-track release is the band’s 18th studio album and follows World Be Gone from 2017. Written and produced by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, the new The Neon is described as “uplifting and optimistic synth-pop”.  The first single is ‘Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)’.

The album is available on a special edition CD in a six-panel foil-blocked package with a 12-page booklet. A limited edition orange neon coloured vinyl includes high-res audio download code (but not with the black vinyl, it seems!). A green neon cassette is also available if that’s your thing (the tape comes with the hi-res download, too).

The limited editions (CD, tape, coloured vinyl) are only available during the pre-order period and won’t be around afterwards.

The Neon is released on 21 August 2020. You can order all three limited editions via the SDE shop using this link or the buttons below.

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The Neon - limited edition CD


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The Neon - black vinyl LP


Various formats of The Neon

1 Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)
2 Nerves of Steel
3 Fallen Angel
4 No Point In Tripping
5 Shot A Satellite
6 Tower of Love
7 Diamond Lies
8 New Horizons
9 Careful What I Try to Do
10 Kid You’re Not Alone

45 responses to Erasure / The Neon

  1. Christian says:

    Let’s just hope that NEON gets a release in Japan along with some bonus tracks. And then this one will become my special edition. I’d rather have an additional song than postcards or extra booklets. So first of all the limited vinyl will do for me and later on I will -hopefully!- get a Japanese release with bonus tracks.
    But anyway I am more than happy to learn that Erasure release a new album.

  2. MikeW says: and both now have links to the limited edition with download code as a second vinyl option. lists it as coloured, but uk doesn’t mention that at present. However, as they also have the standard vinyl version at £18 I suspect it will be…..

  3. Adam West says:

    i say be grateful that Erasure is still giving us new music, it is not easy to reinvent after 17-18 albums in i am glad they have the passion to keep the music going with new songs. Both Vince and Andy are legends of pop and its great they are still here. Remember Vince Clarke has always been ahead of time with new sounds no one else can deliver since 81 and they do this for the fans as well -good on them!

  4. william says:

    The song is okay, but I do hear that lisp. Also, does the vocal sound separated from the instruments to you? It sounds like the vocals and instruments were jammed together.

  5. mino says:

    10 tracks and thousand of bsides on the singles? Nonsense! Old sound back to the 90’s!

  6. MonsieurMerci says:

    An intersesting deluxe edition could have been a second disc with all the instrumentals.
    This song, maybe they’re trying to hard to be Chorus-esque, except that it seems to me the same vocal melody type formula since Tomorrow’s world

  7. memoryboy says:

    I love Erasure. Always will.
    Even some of their recent stuff.
    But I am not liking this new song.
    I agree with someone here, it doesn’t really go anywhere, this song.
    I can not get in to this. It’s a mess.
    I wanted to like it.
    The music isn’t bad.
    But the singing.
    It’s awful.
    The singing… Andy sounds out of breath, and sings with a lisp, I’ve noticed this lately, not on all songs recently, but this one in particular.

    I have hopes the rest of the album is better. I loved half the songs on “World Be Gone”, that was a good album.

    I like the art for this album.

    • Steen Hansen says:

      I agree completely. The lisp I think is a terrible consequence of very poor mastering. The files are so heavily compressed that the vocals sound like Andy developed a lisp. The World Be Gone album was even worse. I tried to listen to that album because the songs were actually quite good but the sound of the vocals ruined it for me. I’d like to add that I have been following Erasure since 1986 and consider myself a fan, but the sound of the last couple of records have suffered severely from the loudness war. A shame really cause I actually like the sound of the synths on this track though the vocal melody is mediocre at best

      • Josh Higgins says:

        Where are the audible lisps?! I can’t hear any. :)

        • Terry says:

          What is this with this lisp i think andrew is still singing well his voice is
          Slightly different fron the earlier years because he is now 56 but he still has a good voice i think World be gone was poorly recorded all their other albums have always been crystal clear hence this lisp rumour
          I love this group however im the same with another comment the new single does not rock my boat just love vince with the open confidant sythasiser
          Can not spell that with this new song

      • Gary Hunter says:

        Spot on Steen about “World Be Gone”, the vocals are terrible, due to level of compression which has given Andy a lisp, I can’t listen to “World Be Gone” at all, sadly this single suffers with the same issue, surely Vince & Andy can hear it??

        The new single seems all over the place, not convinced.

    • Terry says:

      Blimey, give Andy some credit, he’s not that well and he’s still out there doing it. Do you sound/look the same as you did 30 years ago?

  8. Tracey says:

    This is good news! I enjoyed World Be Gone and am looking forward to this release. Ordered the CD (and finally The Charlatans CD) from the SDE shop. Thanks Paul!

  9. Carl says:

    In this day and age why not supply Hi-Res downloads with all formats?

  10. Boy two says:

    Sounds like the lyric are from five different Songs all packed into one. Nothing coherent.

  11. seikotsi says:

    This song sounds so flat… I normally like upbeat songs, but on ‘world be gone’, the few upbeat songs also sounded uninspired (just a little love, love you to the sky), and the other songs on that album were actually really good (esp. careful what you wish for, still it’s not over).
    Have they forgotten how to upbeat songs with a catchy melody?

    I do like the packaging. But I’m not going to buy it just for that.

  12. Pele says:

    Ordered – Thanks Paul – I like the new format, you just click add to cart – easy to use and fast!!

  13. Chris H says:

    Less than 4 minutes but felt like an eternity. Quite possibly my favorite band for my defining years, ‘87-‘00, spent hundreds on their fan club releases and attending their shows. Wouldn’t even cross the street for this.

  14. John Pettigrew says:

    Contrary to a few jaded souls here, I actually find Erasure maturing and progressing as time passes. I loved the Nightbird album, then didn’t quite like The Light At The End of The World as much, totally raved over the Tomorrow’s World album – possibly my favourite Erasure collection yet – and found The Violet Flame sublime. The Snowglobe project was interesting but didn’t quite think World Be Gone gelled for me. But that’s the great thing about Vince and Andy – the next album is always going in a different direction.

    The new single sounds very late 80s Erasure and I’m really looking forward to The Neon as Andy describes it as an album reflecting on the uplifting pop music they loved themselves from across the decades…

    My order’s in, I can’t wait for the new album and I’ll definitely be going to see them (next year?) if they come back (again!) to Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange or the Usher Halls!

  15. Mark Reed says:

    A disappointing ‘special edition’ with no extra music – previous special editions came packed with lots of alternate versions, extra songs, remixes, and live recordings. This? A few extra bits of paper. Not a very special Special Edition at all!

    • Maxe says:

      The original ‘Chorus’ special edition CD in 1990 came also only in a different packaging with added cards but identical disc…. So this is coherent 30 years later.

  16. Gareth Pugh says:

    As a side note, they are also doing something interesting with the singles strategy for this album. It’s digital EPs (mixes and hopefully a new B-side here and there – in a fan Q&A last Christmas, someone asked them if there were songs left over for B-sides for this album and Vince answered ‘yes’) at-the-time – I’m guessing three singles at 2-3 month intervals. The first of those is out June 26th, 6 tracks TBA. But then ‘we will also be releasing a special collectable package containing expanded CDs of all the singles from ‘The Neon’ towards the end of the year, more about that later!’ (again, from today’s band newsletter). So, the physical single isn’t dead, but it is being simplified in terms of number of releases/manufacture and selling. An interesting compromise approach. I could be wrong, but I’m reading ‘expanded’ to be hint that the CDs will have one or two more mixes than the digital bundles at-the-time will have contained?

  17. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    what a boring song. each b-side track in the “circus” and “innocents” era was better than that.
    imo erasure had their time. i lost interest after “cowboy”. the following albums ( except “other people’s songs” ) were the same for me. i miss the good melodies since “so the story goes”. for me erasure was at their best with melancholy songs. but i also like “sometimes”, “love to hate you” and other great pop songs. i see the same problem with the pet shop boys quality. i am curious about the next album: and then i’m disappointed again. at first sight i thought it could be an updated picture from “the visitiors” album shooting or finally a full ABBA tribute album by erasure. p.s. i hope that the new ( possibly ) ABBA ep / album will make me happy again.

  18. Jebb says:

    They’ve gone from elaborate boxed deluxe editions (The Violet Flame, the Christmas album) to almost nothing deluxe editions. I’m willing to shell out for the boxes when they come with things like the whole album remixed, as did The Violet Flame. At least the art concept for this campaign looks inspired, and it’s good that this seems to be going for upbeat synthpop after a couple of rather downbeat albums.

  19. Tom Walsh says:

    This track like most new music seems to lack any real production. I’m no expert on this area but new music lacks the production depth of older music. Sounds like it was produced and recorded on laptop. I know Vice is a great producer so I am wondering if it is because even established artists don’t have the money for state of the art studios. The new Pet Shop Boys music is similarly tinny in my opinion. Not just electronic music though, lots of indie type guitar music seems to be all surface and no depth production wise. Like I say, I’m no audiophile but maybe some others could pass comment?

    • -SG- says:

      I think recording budgets are much smaller. In their heyday, Pet Shop Boys used a full orchestra and Johnny Marr for a song recorded as a b-side, so yeah hard to compete with that depth. Of course there was an analogue aspect to the synthpop records of early Erasure, so that depth, that margin for error, and imperfect vocals, it was perfectly imperfect. But what are you using to listen to these recordings? Granted over compression makes the old records sound bad too and nothing really sounds spectacular when it is a youtube video, when heard on a phone or laptop, so it is what it is.
      I recently discovered Rubellan Remasters which has reissued a handfull of obscure 80’s records including a lot of the Visage catalogue, they sound much more dynamic than the reissues of recent. Paul, you might want to give some of their reissues a listen if you have a chance, plus they are quite limited.

    • Boy two says:

      Tom, I share your Sentiment. I have the same Problem with OMD. Back in the 80’s People said the Synthesizers sounded so cold, but what really sounds cold and flat are the synths on the recent two or three Albums. It feels like they couldn’t afford that additional Sound from the library that’s not part of the Standard Edition Programme.

  20. michaelb says:

    YES YES YES, OMG! I’m fangirling. haha!

  21. Soren says:

    It is to easy to call it “special edition CD” and then not include any bonus material on it IMHO is packing not enough to make it “special”

  22. stevie mcqueen says:

    burnt out

  23. Marc Sutton says:

    What a very catchy song, clearly the best single they have put out for years. I’d be hopeful of the new album being a “return to form” as to my ears they have not released a decent album since Cowboy in 1996 !!!

  24. Anthony says:

    I love these guys but while the new single sounds great, it doesn’t go anywhere musically…kind of a rehash & of better stuff I have already. Hopefully this is the most boring track on an otherwise fantastic record! Sad that download codes don’t come with ANY physical product bought at this point now…

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Anthony, you get a download code with the vinyl and the cassette this time around (and indeed, last time around with World Be Gone)

  25. Ed says:

    Looking forward to this and obviously a neon green cassette is right up my street ! I pre-ordered direct with mute as they are also offering a chance to get a signed art card with 50 orders

  26. Colin says:

    The Limited Edition CD will also be available from Amazon.

    Also, 150 art prints, each autographed by Andy and Vince, will be added to random orders before they are sent out (50 through Mute Bank, 50 through Mute Bank USA, 50 through Lexer Music)

    All above Information from a very reliable source.

    A new Erasure album is always something to look forward to! No Summer holiday? August brings New Erasure music instead!

  27. alan hansen says:

    excellent! although not for me – i’m only a casual Erasure fan. but for a good friend of mine?… yes, this will make his day. thanks for the update, Paul.

  28. Don says:

    I love Vince Clarke. And I know that as musical artists get older, they tend to go less pop and more introspective-y with their songs. But I’d kill – KILL – for Vince Clarke to put his mind to it and give us another “Don’t Go” or “A Little Respect” or “Just Can’t Get Enough”. A straight-up 4/4 synth pop earworm. Regardless, I’ll be getting this. I’ve been a Clarke fan for three decades now. I can’t stop!

  29. blink says:

    So the only difference between the special edition CD and the regular CD is the packaging (6 panel cardboard) ?

    Does the 12 page booklet come with the regular edition too or is that part of the special edition too (I fear the latter…) ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The regular one will probably be a jewel case (with the booklet).

    • Lee Anderson says:

      As per information from Erasure newsletter:
      ‘Limited Edition Deluxe CD (six-panel card pack with metallic foil-blocking and a twelve-page booklet, packaged in a slipcase with four exclusive art cards)’ then goes on to say:
      ‘there will also be a standard retail CD (with the same specifications as the deluxe edition above, but without the art cards or the slipcase)’ – cheers

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      According to the Erasure Info Service newsletter this afternoon, the deluxe CD also comes with a slipcase and 4 art cards – those 2 elements being called out as what you don’t get with the standard retail CD edition (‘standard retail CD (…same specifications as the deluxe edition…, but without the art cards or the slipcase)”. So – and this has been the case with the past few Erasure ‘standard format’ CD albums – sounds like it may still be a card fold-out… possibly still with foil blocking? We’ll see. They also sent out a rather cool little collectible to 500 randomly selected fans out of those who completed an online survey about ideas for the new album campaign and (eventual) tour march, a couple of months back. It’s a rather nice looking orange square flexi (presumably of the single?), and they started hitting mats today.

  30. Steven Roberts says:

    Another lyric video.

    Coronavirus notwithstanding – does anybody actually make REAL music videos any more?

    • Eamonn says:

      Jarv Is… have made two cool videos for recent single House Music All Night Long; including one live Lockdown green-screen version last weekend (better than the orig in my opinion).

      Also, Kevin Rowland is reissuing his “misunderstood” My Beauty 1999 album in a few months and there is a new video for one of the tracks – premiere’d on Tim Burgess’ Twitter Listening Party for ‘Searching For The Young Soul Rebels’ last weekend.

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