Everything But The Girl / New deluxe reissues coming


Edsel Records will release a second wave of Everything But The Girl reissues in November 2013.

The three deluxe editions will be The Language Of Life (1990), Worldwide and the Acoustic EPs, (1991-2) and Amplified Heart (1994).

Like last year, when the early albums were re-released, Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn have helped at every stage of the process, sourcing demos, rarities and memorabilia for the releases.

These will be packaged as before, with casebound books containing two-CD sets. Bonus discs will contain  B-sides, remixes, plus previously unreleased demos and live tracks.

Amplified Heart

Worldwide and the Acoustic EPs

The Language of Life

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  1. Philip says:

    So I wonder when Walking Wounded and Temperamental will be along…….

  2. leesa says:

    I’m a little confused… I’ve seen a version of “Eden” and “Love Not Money’ that have all the tracks that the Edsel versions do, but without the BBC live tracks. Are these Boots or are there a few different versions?

  3. Neil says:

    The Language Of Life
    Disc 1
    2.Get Back Together
    3.Meet Me In The Morning
    4.Me And Bobby D
    5.The Language Of Life
    6.Take Me
    7.Imagining America
    8.Letting Love Go
    9.My Baby Don’t Love Me
    10.The Road
    11.Driving [Masters At Work Racing Mix]
    12.Driving [Underdog Vocal Remix]
    13.Take Me [Clifton Mix]
    14.Take Me [Clifton Mix Instrumental]
    15.Take Me [Lee Hamblin Remix]
    16.Take Me [Lee Hamblin Love Mix]
    Disc 2
    1.Downtown Train
    2.Driving [acoustic]
    3.Imagining America [home demo]
    4.Driving [home demo]
    5.The Road [New York live demo]
    6.Meet Me In The Morning [New York live demo]
    7.Will The Roof Fall In? [home demo]
    8.Meet Me In The Morning [live Hammermith Odeon Oc…
    9.The Road [live Hammermith Odeon October 90]
    10.Driving [live Hammermith Odeon October 90]
    11.Me And Bobby D [live Hammermith Odeon October 90]
    12.Imagining America [live Hammermith Odeon October…
    13.The Language of Life [live Hammermith Odeon Octo…
    14.Letting Love Go [Michael Brecker final solo and …
    15.Driving [Michael Brecker final Mainsolo and alte…
    16.Driving [Michael Brecker final Outro solo and al…
    17.The Road [Stan Getz alternate whole take, rough …

    Worldwide & The Acoustic EP’s
    Disc 1
    1.Old Friends
    3.You Lift Me Up
    4.Talk To Me Like The Sea
    5.British Summertime
    6.Twin Cities
    7.Frozen River
    8.One Place
    9.Politics Aside
    10.Boxing And Pop Music
    11.Feel Alright
    12.Twin Cities [Wildwood Remix]
    13.Twin Cities [The Green Plains A Cappella Mix]
    14.Politics Aside [instrumental]
    15.British Summertime [home demo]
    16.Frozen River [home demo]
    17.Understanding [home demo]
    Disc 2
    1.Love Is Strange
    2.Tougher Than The Rest
    3.Time After Time
    5.The Only Living Boy In New York
    8.Horses In The Room
    9.I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love
    10.My Head Is My Only House
    11.Unless It Rains
    12.Political Science
    13.A Piece Of My Mind
    14.I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love [home demo]
    15.Thirteen [home demo]
    16.Kotton Krown [Toronto Bathurst Street Theater 19…
    17.Talk To Me Like The Sea [Toronto, Bathurst Stree…
    18.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? [Queen’s Theatr…
    19.Let It Be Me [Hammersmith Odeon 1990]
    20.Apron Strings [Minneapolis & St Paul World Theat…
    21.Back To The Old House [Hammersmith Odeon 1990]
    22.Fascination [live in Manchester]

    Amplified Heart
    Disc 1
    2.Troubled Mind
    3.I Don’t Understand Anything
    4.Walking To You
    5.Get Me
    7.Two Star
    8.We Walk The Same Line
    9.25th December
    10.Disenchanted [B-Side]
    11.Straight Back To You
    12.Lights Of Te Touan
    13.These Days [live]
    14.Each And Every One [live]
    15.I Don’t Want To Talk About It [live]
    Disc 2
    1.I Don’t Understand Anything [home demo]
    2.Rollercoaster [home demo]
    3.Two Star [home demo]
    4.Troubled Mind [home demo]
    5.We Walk The Same Line [home demo]
    6.Richard Says [home demo]
    7.Back At Square One [home demo]
    8.Two Star [Harry Robinson’s string arrangement de…
    9.Missing [live]
    10.Troubled Mind [live]
    11.Two Star (Live) [live]
    12.Walking To You [live]
    13.25th December [live]
    14.Missing [Chris & James Full On Club Mix]
    15.Missing [Little Joey Remix]
    16.Missing [Ultramarine Remix]
    17.Missing [Todd Terry Club Mix, Ben Watt’s ‘Blanco…

    Only £7.99 on Sainsburys.

  4. Jack says:

    The real treasures will be if they get to Walking Wounded and Tempermental. Both masterpieces. There is precious little in live recordings from the tours they did to promote those albums and hopefully that will be corrected with the deluxe releases.

    • andreas says:

      Totally agree. Amazing albums. Naturally there will be a lot of remixes to go with these – hopefully they’ll commission some new ones (Ben remixes included)!

  5. Malc says:

    Great news and not too long to wait either.

  6. alan hansen says:

    PLEASE let this batch sound less shrill and tinny (i.e. compressed) than the first batch. i had to hang-on to my originals because of the poor (or at least substandard) remastered sound quality. in the case of EBTG, i actually wish there were NO remastering, just compiling and repackaging works for me – the original recordings are stunning!

  7. Surly says:

    Interested in what they will do with The Language Of Life, since Ben seems to dismiss that album now.

  8. Ken says:

    I actually squealed when I read this. I cannot wait for these.

  9. omar says:

    Can’t wait. Curious to see what might end up on The Language Of Life.

  10. claudio says:

    …tracklist, please!!!

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