Faithless / New album, ‘All Blessed’

Signed CD and vinyl available

British electronica band Faithless return with a new album All Blessed next month, and fans have the opportunity to pick up signed CDs and vinyl.

This is their first long-player in ten years and the 12-track album is described as a “love letter to electronic music delivered across twelve highly collaborative and intelligent tracks”.

The CD comes with gold foil-blocking and is available with a signed booklet from both Amazon UK and the official artist shop. The Faithless store also offers signed vinyl and various bundles.

All Blessed will be released on 23 October 2020.

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All Blessed - signed CD


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All Blessed - black vinyl


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All Blessed - standard CD


1. Poetry (feat. Suli Breaks)
2. Gains (feat. Suli Breaks)
3. I Need Someone (feat. Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi)
4. Remember (feat. Suli Breaks & LSK)
5. Synthesizer (feat. Nathan Ball)
6. My Town (feat. Gaika)
7. What Shall I Do?
8. Friendship
9. Walkin My Shoes
10. All Blessed
11. Innadadance (feat. Suli Breaks & Jazzie B)
12. Take Your Time (feat. Damien Jurado & Suli Breaks)

20 responses to Faithless / New album, ‘All Blessed’

  1. Ronnie says:

    Does anyone know why the track (what shall I do)
    Was left off the vinyl mix of All Blessed, it’s on the
    Track list & artwork, is it a mispress.

  2. Gary Russell says:

    Interesting that neither of the singles released this summer are on there

  3. Martin Dudley says:

    Judging by the cover image, I’m guessing they won’t be looking to give this album away in the Daily Mail… Political sarcasm aside, its one thing to have a new Faithless album without Maxi Jazz, but his absence will leave a big hole in their live show, if they’re planning to tour this abum when we’re finally allowed to have gigs again.

  4. Peter says:

    What is with this Dido adoration, please stop, now!

    Sister Bliss and Rollo are faithless with or without Maxi Jazz

    Dido NO! NO! NO!

    • S A says:

      Agreed 100%. Can’t stand her singing style.

    • Russ T says:

      100% agreed. I’m more than happy this album doesn’t feature Dido. Or Maxi to be honest – Faithless, to my ears, were always better as just…. Faithless. Sister Bliss and Rollo.
      I wish they’d do a Cheeky Records compilation. So many great singles and side projects Rollo had.

    • Jon Mac says:

      Well like it or not Dido was originally part of the band! Rollo and Bliss were doing demos with her before Faithless formed. She was also part of Rollo’s Dusted band and numerous other side projects…

    • john says:

      Dido is Rollo’s sister.

  5. MelodicMusicIsTheBestMusic says:

    If Rollo’s sister Dido is not on this then I’m not interested, I will stick with the debut album by R Plus called “The Last Summer” which came out last October featuring Sister Bliss, Rollo and of course the exquisite DIDO :-)

  6. Roland K. says:

    Ordered for the birthday of my wife, end of september. A second view learned me however it’s being released the month after…. Grrr!

    Now praying it’s stuck in a jewel case…

    • Jack says:

      Nothing says “I love you” and “Happy Birthday!” more than……a cd.

    • Roland Keja says:

      Well, to answer my own question: it’s not in a jewel case… Sniff, sniff,….

      I’ve however another question: where did the members of Faithless exactly sign? I purchased this as present, so don’t want to open it now, but I don’t see any signature. Is it somewhere inside??

  7. Kauwgompie says:

    I hope they will release a special edition with remixes like used to do. I’m not going to buy a cd without any incentive like bonus tracks, that is what streaming is for.

  8. Michel Banen says:

    I suppose the signed items are signed by Sister Bliss and Rollo ? Maxi Jazz is no longer part of the band.

    • Tyrone says:

      You are correct Michel – I just looked at the Faithless website
      Not to take anything away from the other members – Maxi Jazz is iconic in my opinion. – and 50% of Faithless.
      Ive seen the Faithless at many festivals in Ibiza and the UK, leaving me with brilliant memories of my clubbing days.
      The electric guitar chops during the intro of ‘Insomnia’ at Ibiza MTV 99 was worth every penny of the £120 to get into the fesitval! No one shouted ‘Judas’ by the way..

      I will be ordering the CD – Synthesizer is a great tempter

  9. Michael says:

    What exactly is gold foil-blocking? Anyone? Loving Synthesizer (and Faithless) so I can’t wait for the rest.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Foil blocking (or hot foil stamping) is the process of applying metallic or pigment foil to paper or card, where a heated die is stamped onto the foil. Metallic foils are often used to highlight a product as premium or category-leading.

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