Fleetwood Mac / Live box set

Fleetwood Mac / Live box set

Superb live set now improved with more than an hour of unreleased music.

Fleetwood Mac Live will be reissued as a six-disc super deluxe edition in April.

The live double album was originally released in 1980 and features music mostly recorded during the world tour for 1979’s Tusk. The ludicrously strong setlist includes massive hits such as ‘Dreams’, ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Rhiannon’, and ‘Don’t Stop’. 

This new super deluxe edition box set features remastered versions of the original album on both 180g vinyl and CD along with a bonus CD featuring over an hour of unreleased live materialThe 14 bonus live tracks include seven songs from the Tusk tour (1979-80), four from the Rumours tour (1977) and three from the Mirage tour (1982). The extra songs include ‘Second Hand News’,  ‘The Chain’, ‘Hold Me’, ‘Tusk’ and  ‘You Make Loving Fun’. 

The live version of ‘The Chain’ is one of 14 previously unreleased tracks

The set also includes a bonus 7-inch single featuring previously unreleased demos for ‘Fireflies’ and ‘One More Night’.

The box set comes presented in a 12″ x 12″ rigid slipcase and comes with a booklet with rare photos, a full itinerary for the Tusk Tour, and a history of the live album by writer David Wild. 

This Fleetwood Mac Live box set is released on 9 April 2021.

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Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac Live - super deluxe edition


Live 3CD+2LP+7″ super deluxe edition

CD 1 (Remastered)

1. Monday Morning [3:55]
2. Say You Love Me [4:18]
3. Dreams [4:18]
4. Oh Well [3:44]
5. Over & Over [4:54]
6. Sara [7:23]
7. Not That Funny [9:04]
8. Never Going Back Again [4:13]
9. Landslide [4:55]

CD 2 (Remastered)

1. Fireflies [4:25]
2. Over My Head [3:37]
3. Rhiannon [7:43]
4. Don’t Let Me Down Again [3:57]
5. One More Night [3:43]
6. Go Your Own Way [5:44]
7. Don’t Stop [4:05]
8. I’m So Afraid [8:28]
9. The Farmer’s Daughter [2:25]

CD 3 (Previously unreleased)

1. SECOND HAND NEWS*        The Forum, Inglewood, CA (10/21/82) [4:11]
2. The Chain **            Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH (5/20/80) [6:51]
3. Think About Me **           Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO (8/24/80) [3:15]
4.What Makes You Think You’re The One **   Kansas Coliseum, Wichita, KS
5. Gold Dust Woman ***     The Forum, Inglewood, CA (8/29/77) [7:19]
6. Brown Eyes *           The Forum, Inglewood, CA (10/22/82) [4:26]
7. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) ***    State Fair Arena, Oklahoma City, OK (5/18/77) [6:21]
8. Angel **           Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH (5/20/80) [4:35]
9. Hold Me *                The Forum, Inglewood, CA (10/21/82) [4:13]
10. Tusk **                   Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO (8/24/80) [6:25]
11. You Make Loving Fun ***                   Tulsa, OK (5/19/77) [4:44]
12. Sisters Of The Moon **  Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NB (8/21/80) [7:05]
13. Songbird **    Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NB (8/21/80) [3:55]
14. Blue Letter ***            Little Rock, AK (5/20/77) [4:39]

Bonus Track

Fireflies   (Remix – Long Version) (1981)  [4:05]

* Mirage Tour,  ** Tusk Tour,   *** Rumours Tour

LP 1

A1. Monday Morning [3:55]
A2. Say You Love Me [4:18]
A3. Dreams [4:18]
A4. Oh Well [3:44]
A5. Over & Over [4:54]

B1. Sara [7:23]
B2. Not That Funny [9:04]
B3. Never Going Back Again [4:13]
B4. Landslide [4:55]

LP 2

C1. Fireflies [4:25]
C2. Over My head [3:37]
C3. Rhiannon [7:43]
C4. Don’t Let Me Down Again [3:57]
C5. One More Night [3:43]

D1. Go Your Own WaY [5:44]
D2. Don’t Stop [4:05]
D3. I’m So Afraid [8:28]
D4. The Farmer’s Daughter [2:25]

Bonus seven-inch

A. Fireflies – Demo
B. One More Night – Demo

93 responses to Fleetwood Mac / Live box set

  1. Tom says:

    I own all the rest of the box sets. This will be a welcome edition. Got mine for $80 with the shipping. I figured I’d buy it now. I waited for the Tusk box set and paid over $200 for it used. Tough to be a collector now a days

  2. CRAIG LEVY says:

    Jb HIFi in Australia have pre order for $195 aus lol no thanks

  3. Jeff D says:

    The mixed media thing is weird. At this point, I’ll buy CDs only if they’re SACDs, otherwise it’s either Blu Ray or Vinyl for me. Anything that I would listen to on CD, I’ll just listen on a streaming service instead.

  4. Gisabun says:

    I’m not a major FM fan but to throw in a demo on a 7″ single and not include it on the CDs?
    And they should of kept the CDS separate from the LPs. On major FM fans would by the release. If separately more would buy the individual releases.

  5. Arthur O'Brien says:

    The version of “Never Going Back Again” on this set is, to me, the definitive recorded version of this song. The performance gives me chills every time I hear it. The “Rumours” version pales before it.

  6. Mark says:

    This of the kind of release that makes me want to illegally download it purely out of spite. I’m sure there’s a huge chunk of Fleetwood Mac’s loyal fan base that just want music, not product, and this kind of cynical format-mixing is an insult to them.

    Shame on you Fleetwood Mac, The Band, etc, and full marks to Thin Lizzy et al for showing their supporters some respect.
    NB: file-sharing is bad, etc.

  7. Karl says:

    I have to agree it’s steep price for the maybe 25 songs??

  8. Phil says:

    I’m surprised no one has queried why discs 1 and 2 weren’t combined, allowing for discs of unreleased live material. Between 1975 and 1982, there were rare live performances of Crystal and Silver Springs plus staples such as World Turning and Gypsy, along with Tusk gems like The Ledge, Save Me A Place and Honey Hi (some in rehearsal). I also view this as a lost opportunity to issue the Tusk documentary (featuring live performances) on dvd/blu-ray for the first time.

  9. Evan says:

    Almost all these extra unreleased songs were included on the live discs in the 2015 Tusk reissue, from the same 1979/1980 tour. Probably different nights, but I’m willing to bet the performances will sound near-identical.

    Like many others have said… why isn’t the band focusing on the Mirage tour? So far we only have like 12 songs from that great run. Or the Tango tour, or 2003 tour… or anything after 2003… c’mon Mac, shake it up a bit.

  10. Matthew Collier says:

    As others have said, this is a great performance and a great albumn but £70 for Vinyl I can’t play, just to get the extra CD3 is very annoying (even if the re-mastering for CDs1& 2 is decent (which I won’t hold my breath for, sadly… :( )

    Also, am very disapointed that once more, they failed to release the Tour video. A mate of mine wore out his VHS recording off the telly, in the mid-80s, watching this over and over [sic] ;) :D I have been on the lookout for YEARS for a decent copy of this video, but it doesn’t seem to exist, and if not now, then probably never, sadly… :(

    Due to the mixed media, I’ll wait and see if the price drops and/or, people report a really decent new mastering…

    It’s a shame and a missed opportunity, I think.

    • Mr Martin Clarke says:

      But you can play it. Buy yourself a decent turntable and relive the glory days of vinyl. You’ll actually find that the current releases are on far superior vinyl than their 1980’s original releases

      • John MC cann says:

        Why because it’s heavier?, Don’t think so !, The groove I believe is the same depth,,

      • Mike the Fish says:

        As it happens I preferred the sound of the 80s cut I’ve got of Mirage to the one in the deluxe set.

      • Mark says:

        The vinyl could be 180 kilograms and as thick as a bulldog’s neck and it would still wear out at the same rate as a flimsy ‘70s pressing. Both are going to lose fidelity every time you scratch a needle across the surface.

  11. David Olstein says:

    What a missed opportunity. They could have given us an 8CD box set with complete concerts from the Fleetwood Mac (1975-1976), Rumours (1977), Tusk (1979-1980) and Mirage (1982) tours. And with the possible exception of the Mirage tour, they probably had enough shows that the could have avoided overlap with the live material included in the SDE box sets for the studio albums. It’s particularly annoying that even with the inclusion of 3 new tracks from the 10/21/1982 Mirage tour, between this and the live disc from the Mirage box, we’re still well short of a complete concert setlist. It’s bad enough that they didn’t include a complete concert recording on the Mirage box. Now that they had a perfect opportunity to fix the problem, they can’t be bothered? Seriously, what were the compilers thinking?

  12. Michael Norrby says:

    I just hope that this reissue will be treated correct in terms of sourcing the true original 1st generation master reels and handled by a namegiven, experienced mastering engineer, a proper transfer and plating at either QR, RTI or Pallas. Worst case scenario is a piss product manufactured by Czech under par pressing plant GZ…

    • Mike the Fish says:

      I don’t think Warner’s use GZ. Have you got any of the previous sets? I’ve only got two and neither are GZ, both are quality pressings (mastering not necessarily to taste on one of them) and named mastering engineers.

  13. GRAHAM says:

    Why put songs from the “Mirage Tour” which was 1982 on a reissue of a 1980 live album? It seems a little out of place.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There’s already songs from 1975 on this 1980 album, so it’s not exactly strict about what ‘it’ does.

      • What? Buckingham? Worry? says:

        Yes, but 1975 predates 1980 so songs can be included. 1982 post dates 1980 and unless FM had a time machine to play those gigs in 1980 then they shouldn’t be included on a 1980 set. It would be like adding a Lovesxy gig to a Parade Super Deluxe.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Depends what your objection to non-1980 songs is. By definition, a reissue has the benefit of the time between when the record came out and the time of the reissue. Just because they couldn’t move forward two years at the time, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it now. 1982 is closer to 1980 than 1975 so if you are being logical it is nearer to the time and ‘their sound’ in 1980 than something from 1975. Your example isn’t really quite the same thing. A live album with a mixture of eras on it released in 1980 is still a live album with a mixture of eras on it when reissued in 2021.

    • David Olstein says:

      I don’t have a problem with including songs from the Mirage Tour on the box set, especially when you consider just how inadequate the Mirage SDE box was with respect to live material. The single disc of live material included in the box doesn’t come close to give us a full concert setlist (and, if memory services, the songs are out of order). We get three additional performances from the LA Forum source concerts on this next box. But several songs are still missing. If we going to get 1982 live performance, at least give us enough songs to compile on our own a complete setlist.

  14. Mister Stick says:

    Is there any way to get it without the David Wild part?

    That would raise the value for me.

  15. The Golden Agen Of The Phonograph says:

    I bought all the previous Fleetwood Mac Box Sets, but I`ll not be bothering with this. I have the live LP already and have those extra `Live` tracks and more on a `grey area` F. Mac box set (6 CDs for £15).

    CD/LP combos don`t bother me I play both but I do understand those who don`t want both. Rhino`s policy of continued LP/CD sets must be costing them in potential sales.

  16. Bob McCartney says:

    Was at this show in KC MO at the tender age of 17. That summer also I was also able to catch Eagles – The Long Run Tour. Fuzzy, but warm and wonderful memories. Purchased the Tusk Box but not sure on this one. Will have to get to a certain number that is generally in direct conjunction to cash flow and whether I feel it may go out of print.
    Seeing light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.
    Everyone Stay Diligent and Stay Safe

  17. Francois says:

    This is worth the purchase for the incredibly gorgeously magnifiecient rendition of “I’m
    afraid” which should have been the last track on this album. I have always wondered why they had to close with “The Farmer’s..”

  18. Paul Wren says:

    I wonder how many F.Mac fans would rather see the individual release of the complete live shows rather than bits and pieces of them?

  19. Randy Layton says:

    As the sun rises and sets, the whining about cd/vinyl combos. Give it a rest. I love both and this is another good deal. Maybe the vinyl haters can find an alternative SDE forum to log the same complaints-like a Parler version or something.

    • Stan Butler says:

      Thankfully Paul allows all respectful opinions to be aired, thereby showing a true reflection of the SDE buying public’s views on each release. Negative points are just as valid.

  20. Alan Blevin says:

    Rhino are the only label doing these bastardised CD/vinyl packages with no CD only alternative on such an industrial scale.For them it is the new normal and is the only format they are releasing Deja Vu 50 in.
    For those few people who want to buy the same music in 2 formats they could obviously still do this if they were sold separately.
    Someone bought up the pricing of Stage Fright however they are releasing an excellent value 2 CD version with all the music.The forthcoming Who Sell Out box has a 2cd version with a lot of the music.
    Rhino have been a fantastic archival music label for a long time but they are really becoming the enemy of the people.

  21. Alex David Falcone says:

    Why didn’t they put the songs on the 7″ on the bonus CD? WHY?

  22. Jeff Brace says:

    Kinda lazy. The original live Tusk era album plus some bonus material in some extra CDs. Why not go back and plop in “the bonus material” and create a complete concert?

  23. CJ says:

    I caved and bought the mixed media Tango in the Night because I wanted (borderline needed) the CD of 12″ mixes that were exclusive to the large format box. But my storage space is getting limited, and I don’t get as excited for live material. I have zero use for vinyl. It literally just takes up valuable shelf space in my collection, and it drives the price of the package up too far. If this comes out as CD-only, I’ll buy that, but I won’t get the mixed media set even if it drops to $20.

    I think the record companies WANT CDs to die. Vinyl is harder to rip to files and therefore harder to distribute as downloads. They are charging huge markups on records (I remember very well that it used to be that vinyl and cassettes were approximately the same price, and you paid more for the CD). They make more profit on the vinyl, and people who buy vinyl are even less likely to purchase low-profit downloads than people who buy CDs. So I’m pretty sure the record companies want to drive CD buyers to downloads and just get rid of the format altogether, or make it so the CD is a “limited release” premium product that they can then price gouge for the diehards. I’ve already found myself paying upwards of $30 for some CDs direct from artist websites (Annie, The Bird and The Bee, and–I’ll even confess to this one–Jedward) because I want a physical copy, and that’s the ONLY place to get them.

    I’m all for profits and whatnot (though I doubt the artists are seeing much of the money), but I really hate being manipulated by corporations. I love the music. I love the artists. The business itself, though, is invited to go do something extremely vile and vulgar to itself at this point. Music shouldn’t be a “luxury purchase” unless you’re getting something truly special and deluxe–like lavish box sets. A straight-up album shouldn’t be a “major purchase.” This is not a lavish box set. This is a basic reissue that’s been padded out to justify a higher price tag. If I did buy this, I’d be paying almost $100 for a 3-disc set with a dust collector. I’d rather have the freaking marbles and a bandanna than vinyl.

  24. Graham Thomas says:

    My sense, backed by absolutely no data at all, is that CD lovers don’t want vinyl and vinyl lovers don’t want CDs but both do want quality music in their favourite format and like the bonus / extra stuff provided it’s not ridiculously expensive. So surely the best sets will present the main material in the favourite format with the bonus stuff only on CD. I would buy that but not a bunch of duplicates I don’t want. And easy to throw in red book quality downloads for vinyl fans who like their Sonos in the background.

  25. Tony says:

    Am I the only one here who thinks this is fabulous value for money?

  26. Todd says:

    So ok, the worlds most private rock family has more cracks showing to the public. Here’s a heads up – 3 members have sold the rights to their catalog(s) to investment entities, so we’ll be hearing FM-related material long after the small prayer for “one last tour/album” (pick your lineup) is a memory. Right now, I think there are 4, if not 5 managements involved in (the touring? current? version of) Fleetwood Mac. That means all those entities must agree on all things before the beast can move forward. (Why does the band need to make a tour announcement on a major media outlet? Because it has to be one-and-done! Can you imagine those board meetings?
    To be clear – I’ve dove deep into the world of FM for years now, both on-air and in my own personal collection. I have a deep affection for this band and the musical legacy it has created through the almost 20 line-ups. But of late – the only real consistency of late is slight disfunction. Perhaps it’s a side effect of all those managements trying to find common ground (or at least space on the lifeboat before the weight of it all sinks the ship).

    In this last year of Covid, everything has been delayed, or moved or whatever – the FM family of releases was stepping on it’s own feet with Box Sets (the second vinyl of the Early Years (Vinyl) , the overall Early Years (CD) (Both via RHINO) and the CELEBRATION edition of THEN PLAY ON (CD and Vinyl and original version included in the previous EARLY YEARS). In all of this mess was the rescheduled RECORD STORE DAY DROPS over 4 months adding to the pile. This included MICK FLEETWOOD AND FRIENDS releasing a 12″ preview single of Peter Green live covers for the (delayed!) film, album, box-set recorded in February 2020 (this is now set to arrive a month before the newly announced LIVE SDE). Stevie Nicks, already setting up her live concert film for theaters (wha?!) added a limited online stream and a special edition gold-trim double CD (Target) or clear vinyl (Barns And Noble – not even available on-time) before a standard (?) release was finally announced (2-CD, 1-DVD, 1-BluRay, 2-CD/DVD, 2-CD/BluRay…. goodness) for Jan. 15th ’21. But in the middle lets add a stand alone single with 2 versions and EPK about the election here in the USA. I might also point out that Neil Finn and Mike Campbell both had releases already since the last tour ended (Finn’s with backing vocals by Nicks and McVie) …

    Is it my experience or do McCartney/Starr try not to release material on top of Beatles anniversary box sets?

    Ms McVie’s recent interview about the chance of FM ever touring again (not too likely) only makes me wish there was a released recording of the last tour. The FINNWood Mac editions of Split Enz “I Got You” and Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” were far beyond expectations, Stevie Nicks singing “Black Magic Woman” (!) and Mike Campbell leading “Oh Well” were stunning. Tack on the nod to long-time Mac friend Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” (already covered by Nicks years ago) and it became one heck of a night.

    As for this anthologized LIVE – I guess its cannon to include the material added – as the album was already from more than one tour source – even if barely ( a soundcheck party here, one or two tracks there….) I rue the stand-alone reissue of editions for RSD like anyone else, but at least can approve the consistency of packaging CD /Vinyl together as all the Buckingham/Nicks era albums have been in the past .

  27. David Regan says:

    On the argument separate CD and LPs sets well remember The Rumours LP and CD Set ..its now a 3CD set tho it took a few years to get released as a 3 CD set..yet the the CD only set of the Tango LP and CD had yet to appear maybe over time in a few years it’ll probably appear as a CD only set and maybe this will go the same way

  28. Richard says:

    Paul 6 discs and only 1 disc with leftover live tracks … why not a 3lp set and a 3cd set .??

    • Howard Keese says:

      I would concur it’s not much of a bargain, especially if you already have the Tusk Super Deluxe which has a two disc live compilation from the Tusk tour.

      On the plus side, it’s remastered, so hopefully there will be some sonic improvement, although I listen to it occasionally (ripped to WAV) and it sounds pretty good to me, considering the age of the disc and nothing has been done to it since it’s original CD release.

      Like others have commented, I’ve picked up all the Fleetwood Mac Super Deluxe Editions well after release date at about two thirds to half the price if you shop around.

      I also have no use for vinyl.

  29. Ed Silverman says:

    No interest in vinyl. I continue to vote with my wallet – No CD only release, no sale.

  30. Stephen K says:

    I don’t think single “The Farmer’s Daughter” has been remastered since 1764(*), shortly before Mozart composed his 5th Symphony, so it will be great to get that one track (setting the bar rather low)! Now, was it edited for single release? That’s the question!

    (*)Released on vinyl in 1980. Issued on CD in 1988, but not necessarily remastered. Otherwise neglected. Doesn’t appear on compilations!

  31. eric says:

    Good to see the band’s obsession with writing Lindsey out of their history isn’t getting in the way of milking the past ….

  32. stevie says:

    If people think this is expensive, what do they make of, for instance, The Band Stagefright at £133? Jeepers. £75 is not bad for 3xCD 2 xLP, 7″ single and book.

    • Andy says:

      … Or the up and coming $152 Alice In Chains “Facelift” box set which only has a 2 disc LP, a cassette and a book as it’s main items.

  33. RODOLFO MARTIN says:

    All the artists and bands that have released live albums can now follow FM and release the leftovers.

  34. JJDelmas says:

    Again and again the same discussion about combining vinyl and CD in the same package. This is the sixth (and final) SDE of this incarnation of the band, and at this point what is more important IMHO is that, like it or not, they have conserved very much the same format for all the albums. There is a cohesiveness which, for instance, I miss in the ongoing Prince editions, even if they are from very good to superb when considered separately.
    Going back to this particular release, I have to agree it doesn’t look like great value for money considering what is new here. And call me picky but if you want to expand a classic live album it is not appropriate to include material recorded in tours different from the ones of the original edition, specially if they are from albums that were released later. Somehow they have managed to create a sort of greatest hits live covering all the pre-Tango years, or what is the same, all of the tours with this complete lineup until 1997. Fine but that’s not what the original album was about.
    And yes, I would love too a Behind The Mask SDE!

    • todd says:

      here here re Behind The Mask SDE!

    • Klaus says:


      IMHO not a good idea to compare Rhino/FM-boxes with Prince of all artists.

      The SDEs released by the Prince estate so far are a good example how it should be done because neither of them has mixed media included.

      Both formats have only one flaw so far:

      For vinyl that is that “Purple Rain” was only re-released as the original album without any bonus material, for cd the inconsistency of the “Sign O’ The Times”-box in size compared to the other three so far released boxes.

      As a cd-buyer that’s a “problem” i can cope with unlike the mixed media sets released by Rhino.

      If your point is the disparity of sizes of SDEs by one artist you should better name R.E.M., Manic Street Preachers or Pink Floyd for instance.

  35. Andreas says:

    Very easy… Let’s buy some sets together and split them up in CD only and LP only packages. For those who don’t want both.

    • John MC cann says:

      But in reality it wouldn’t be very easy would it!,,,in fact it would be very very complicated,

      • Andreas says:

        It would work if it is being organized by SDE But I understand that Paul has other things to do.

        • John MC cann says:

          Can you please give me a breakdown on how this could possibly work!, Paul gets a 100 boxes,splits the CDs and records!
          He then lists them separately on the s d e shop,we contact him,he packs them into parcels and sends them out? Who gets the original packaging,inserts ect?, just easier to buy or not but the thing,Imo

  36. Jim Vandegrift says:

    I will join the no mixed media Brigade. I believe they do it just to raise the price point. I am sure people in the industry follow this excellent site they just worry about the bottom line. Thanks Paul for this top shelf site.

  37. Nigel Pond says:

    It would’ve been more understandable if there were three versions:

    1 – A limited edition of combined CD and vinyl for those who wish to purchase both.

    2 – CD only package.

    3 – Vinyl only package.

    My guess is that once fans have purchased the box set, there will be an announcement that there will be a CD only package on general release and a vinyl only release for Record Store Day, maybe even coloured vinyl?

    Me cynical? Yes, guilty as charged!

  38. Sascha H. says:

    I bought all of the box sets for a good price except ” Tusk “, I could not find it cheap until today. And this set is also new to me, good for me that I´ve waited and did not bought it. Box set here I come !!!

  39. RealSavageLike says:

    I won’t be getting this as I don’t listen to CDs anymore; the only one I have bothered with was the first for Rumours. I have bought all the ‘Alternative’ RSD vinyl releases and the triple live Tusk In Concert album, which is fantastic. It’s a funny mix of things on the third CD; they are maybe just viewing it as a kind of anthology live set of the classic line up album-touring years.

  40. Keith says:

    Echoing what others have said.
    CD and Vinyl = No Sale
    CD or Vinyl = Sale (My preferred is CD)
    The early years box set(69-74) was great all CD or two volumes on Vinyl for those that like that kind of thing.
    I just don’t need vinyl in my life

  41. DaveM says:

    I hope the price goes down or there is a separate CD release as others have stated. I have over looked the mixed formats on prior deluxe FMac releases even though the vinyl is useless to me, because they weren’t THAT expensive. The only one that was pricey prior to this was Tusk, but that had five CDs in it.
    The other problem is that if you wait for a deal alert in the current climate is how quickly these sell out and will they ever get re-pressed. Preordered with reservations.

  42. Warren says:

    The price will definitely drop, the other sets have been really good value even the Tusk one which is also 2 vinyl albums (but includes more CDs). I’m sure this will be sub £50 by the time it comes out. Will sit nicely along the other five.

  43. Simon says:

    Slightly underwhelming, even for someone who loved the Tusk tour shows (Stafford x2 in 1980), especially when most of it is already available….I would have been tempted more by, say, a full show from start to finish, and any extras from the SAME tour, not different eras – what’s the point of that?….

  44. Adam says:

    Wish that the Tusk tour documentary only available on VHS would have been included on DVD along with any other live footage from the tour. Rhino US offers a bundle with some replica items from the tour limited to 1000, not too enticing. Seems there are no overlaps between this live album and what has been issued on the previous Super Deluxe set as bonus live material. I see that on Tusk those tracks were from Wembley and St. Louis and one track Landslide was from Omaha that this new set also has some songs from. The three songs from the Mirage tour on this bonus disc here were indeed not on the Mirage super deluxe released in 2016 even though all songs were from the same show. I would not mind getting complete shows released, probably saved for later.

    I hope that Behind the Mask will eventually get a reissue treatment, or that we get a music videos and Tango, Mirage live tours released as well.

  45. THG says:

    “This Fleetwood Mac Live box set is released on 9 April 2020.”

    I guess, U mean 2021 ;-)

  46. Pieter van der Velde wzn says:

    I agree with Rog, a 3cd version would be nice and a lot cheaper. Plays better in my car too.

  47. Jonas says:

    First I thought “Oh Yes!” Then “Oh No!” Why, why , why mix CD’s and vinyl. I have no interest at all in vinyl! If the CD’s were available without the vinyls I would order right away. Now I will pass.

    • John C. says:

      For anyone not wanting the vinyl, just buy the set and SELL your vinyl copy. There’ll be someone that wants it.

  48. gary Uzzell says:

    Nice idea,would have liked the unreleased stuff on vinyl and would have been good for the vinyl to be coloured but hey that’s just me!!!

  49. John says:

    Agree with the theme here, too pricey. Looking back at my Amazon order history I’ve pre-ordered the other Fleetwood Mac deluxe boxes at the £45 mark, including the double album Tusk. Can live without an hour of live recordings of over familiar songs. Would buy a simple 3CD set for £20 or this for £55, but not £75. Have to draw a line somewhere no matter how much I loved the original album.

  50. adam shaw says:

    This needed remastering badly.
    The original cd was so flat .
    Can’t wait for this !

  51. Opa says:

    I agree on mixed CD/Vinyl packages. I have no interest in CD’s at all. Perhaps we should set up a list of people willing to split difference on these releases.

  52. Mike the Fish says:

    That is not a lot of bonus for a lot of money. Taking account of duplication that’s about two and a half hours music for £75!

  53. Derek Langsford says:

    Even if I loved live albums, I’d want a 5.1 or Atmos mix and video on DVD or preferably Blu-ray. Despite my personal rule to not buy boxed sets with mixed analogue and digital media, I have the previous Fleetwood Mac album boxed sets and bought them to get the 5.1 or hi-res material. There’s no such incentive here and the price is makes it an even easier decision.

  54. Ronnie de Champs says:

    too expensive for just 1 disc of extra material (no interest in the vinyl) Will have to wait for a SDE deal for this one. And a bonus vinyl 7’inch? Record companies are losing their plot. Do not mix formats, please.

    • Iain says:

      “Record companies are losing their plot” Too right! It really is time that they stopped mixing digital discs and analogue vinyl. Keep the formats separate then everyone has the choice of which media to purchase.

  55. Bill Hicks says:

    Excellent. The original album was great and the live album that came with the deluxe Tusk (and which was also released on vinyl) was similar. The unreleased selections would be good as a double vinyl, presumably as Paul Nolan says, on RSD.

    • ARidd says:

      I was lucky enough to see the Tusk tour at Wembley in 80 and bought this double lp as soon as it came out. I remember the NME giving a glowing review, calling it an excellent live album and praising how well the warmth of their concert performances had been captured on record.
      However, as others have said, no video of the tour is a big disappointment, no 5.1 also and it’s a shame the bonus material doesn’t include more performances from the same tour like on the Tusk sde – why mix other tours in with it? Shame – could’ve been a real treasure, as it is I think I’ll wait for a price drop too.

  56. Klaus says:

    Phew! 100 EUR for 1 cd with unreleased material and possibly a nice book seems a bit over the top for me.
    I have all the so far released SDE’s of this incarnation of the band and i could live with the vinyl album inside because it was only one per set (alright, two when it came to “Tusk”) and the price was okay too, but now it seems like Fleetwood Mac try to explore unknown Macca territory.

  57. HN says:

    Great album. Would have been nice to have a choice between vinyl and cd. I don’t own a cd-player and probably a lot of people with a cd-player don’t own a record player. Besides that, ridiculous price.

  58. Philip John Birtwistle says:

    Looks good, but £75 for one disc of new material and some vinyl I can’t play. Way out of my league.

  59. John Orr says:

    Yep, will wait for it to come down. Got the others for under £30.

  60. Galley says:

    I do not care for vinyl. I will not be purchasing this, unless it is available as a Hi-Res digital download.

  61. Tom m hans says:

    Way too pricey for what it is. Hoping for a 3cd deluxe version soon

  62. Paul Nolan says:

    Great lLive Album, No doubt there will be the obligatory Record Store Day Issue of the Bonus tracks on Vinyl

  63. Robert Noah says:

    Looks nice!

  64. Alex James says:

    Ironic timing in light of Christine’s recent comments that she, Stevie & John won’t be touring again.

    Good looking set (although the mix of CD & vinyl will annoy some), but way too pricey for me. Given the circumstances I guess Mick needs the money…

    • Rog says:

      So they fire Lindsay claiming it’s over a tour, then the remaining singers don’t want to tour any more? Another day in the life of Fleetwood Mac.

      I’d be interested in a 3cd edition if it happens.

  65. pb says:

    gahhhh here we go again with vinyl and cd combined. it would have been an immediate sale for me if the cd version was available by itself. hard pass when the vinyl is jammed inside. the amount of customers who want both is a lot less than the customers who would buy it if it we were given the choice to buy it on vinyl OR cd

    • Stuart Ansell says:

      Conversely, those of us who like mixed media releases are happy (although 75 smackeroos is still a bit steep).

      Potayto potahto.

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