Frank Zappa / Absolutely Free / 50th anniversary two-LP vinyl edition

The Zappa Family Trust have approved a 50th Anniversary vinyl edition of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention‘s second album, Absolutely Free.

This reissue of the 1967 long-player is exclusive to vinyl and features two 180g records, with the original album mastered by Bernie Grundman and cut directly from the original analogue master tapes.

The additional vinyl LP features 20 minutes of bonus material from the vault on side three and a laser-etching on the fourth side. The package features the original design/layout.

Absolutely Free is reissued as this special anniversary vinyl set on 29 September 2017.

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Frank Zappa

Absolutely Free [VINYL]


LP 1

Side A
1. Plastic People
2. The Duke Of Prunes
3. Amnesia Vivace
4. The Duke Regains His Chops
5. Call Any Vegetable
6. Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin
7. Soft – Sell Conclusion (Side A)

Side B
1. America Drinks
2. Status Back Baby
3. Uncle Bernie’s Farm
4. Son Of Suzy Creamcheese
5. Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
6. America Drinks & Goes Home

LP 2
1. Absolutely Free Radio Ad #1
2. Why Don’tcha Do Me Right
3. Big Leg Emma
4. Absolutely Free Radio Ad #2
5. “Glutton For Punishment…”
6. America Drinks – 1969 Re – Mix
7. Brown Shoes Don’t Make It – 1969 Re – Mix
8. America Drinks & Goes Home #2 – 1969 Re – Mix”

14 responses to Frank Zappa / Absolutely Free / 50th anniversary two-LP vinyl edition

  1. Taras says:

    This release (the record itself) sounds great, so it’s a real shame they were so slapdash with the packaging.

    They went to the bother of reproducing and including the Complete Libretto booklet, but printed all the pages in the wrong order. They went to the bother of laser-etching Zappa’s face into side 4, but then put a plain white label over it.

    Having bought previous official Zappa LP reissues, the lack of quality control doesn’t surprise me (I’ve unsealed LPs to find the wrong disc inside on more than one occasion). It really feels like the Zappa estate are only in it for the money.

  2. What a lack of quality control!

    The libretto pages are in the wrong order. A white label in the middle of the laser etching obscures Zappa’s face! I will return my copy.

  3. Henry says:

    Any mention of a 24/96 (or better) version?

  4. madman says:

    @Scott- I could understand that this can’t be expanded for a multi-disc set, but there isn’t another 20 minutes lying around to fill up the fourth side?

  5. Paul Wren says:

    UK retailers to presumably offer this for sale sometime soon which will negate US postal charges etc?

  6. madman says:

    Since this comes out right before my birthday, I’m going to add this to my wish list! Though I am curious as to why they didn’t fill up the 4th side, instead of just having the etching. There must be enough material left in the vault for that.

    Thanks Paul!

    • Jaypfunk says:

      There is no more material from this era in the vault.

      • FredHolmes says:

        ….he said with absolute authority on the matter.

        • Scott says:

          Jay knows what he’s talking about. Joe Travers, Zappa’s “vaultmeister,” has stated several times over the years that there isn’t enough archival material surrounding this release to put together a larger package.

  7. Ludget says:

    Now, it would be more than interesting to see whether this might initiate a whole series of authorized 50th anniversary editions over the coming years.

    Any insight to this prospect from your end, Paul?

    • Ludger says:

      Just replying to my own post to correct spelling of my first name.

    • Robert Atkin says:

      They might release something else, but I doubt it. Uncle Meat was released as Light Meat on CD and WOIIFTM, Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Cruising with Ruben and the Jets, Lumpy Gravy along with Joe’s Garage were released on LP the end of last year. Hot Rats, Chunga’s Revenge and Mothermania may be done when the time comes.

  8. Robert Atkin says:

    Now this looks interesting. There is a dropout on one track on the CD that was issued by Universal around 2012. This should fix the issue.

    Thanks Paul.

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