Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Liverpool 30th anniversary vinyl reissue


No sign of any ‘Inside Liverpool’ style super deluxe box set, but Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s second and final studio album will be put out as a straight vinyl reissue next month.

The point of this (if they need a point) is celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary. Liverpool spawned three singles, Rage Hard, Warriors (of the Wasteland), and Watching the Wildlife. Having nearly had four UK number one singles from Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Liverpool delivered none and in fact, only Rage Hard even made it into the UK top ten.

This didn’t stop the usual array of formats and special editions when it came to the 45s, although Rage Hard broke the sequence of cassette singles that had started with Relax in 1984 and while Rage Hard and Warriors both came in CD single variants (compacted), a CD for final single Watching the Wildlife didn’t emerge.

All that is by the by, since this release appears to be nothing more than a straight album reissue, which may or may not be remastered.

The Liverpool vinyl LP reissue comes out on 20 May 2016. A Rage Hard coloured vinyl 12-inch is released on Saturday 16 April for Record Store Day.


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Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Liverpool [180 gm black vinyl]



  1. “Warriors of the Wasteland” – 4:58
  2. “Rage Hard” – 5:03
  3. “Kill the Pain” – 6:16
  4. “Maximum Joy” – 5:32
  5. “Watching the Wildlife” – 4:18
  6. “Lunar Bay” – 5:42
  7. “For Heaven’s Sake” – 4:29
  8. “Is Anybody Out There?” – 7:25

26 responses to Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Liverpool 30th anniversary vinyl reissue

  1. Kenny R says:

    Hi, Has anyone received the silver vinyl from Amazon Germany?
    It is now September and it hasn’t been delivered. I had forgotten about it until I got an email from Amazon saying that they were still trying to fulfill the order!!!

  2. Justin Campbell says:

    Hi- I’ve received an email from Amazon Germany stating that they “need more time” to fulfil the order- a bit worrying as my coloured Rage Hard is getting lonely…

  3. Steve Miller says:

    Mine’s a lovely shade of grey / silver. It’s a nice companion piece to the Rage Hard 12″ from RSD.

  4. Karl X. says:

    BEWARE… Some fans are reporting that their copies are black vinyl, rather than silver as expected – even though they have the sticker on the cover stating “Limited edition of 1,000 coloured copies / Individually numbered” . If you usually keep your collector editions “sealed”, you might want to make an exception and open this one to see what you actually got.

  5. David says:

    Got mine from whatrecords for £16.99.

  6. Jan Burnett says:

    no longer listed on jpc, but the silver version is on Amazon Germany if you search.

  7. fritsveer says:

    Hi Paul,

    Are you also considering releasing a 24/96 version of the same?
    That would be very much appreciated by me.

    Regards, Frits

  8. Bubalitoys says:

    OK here goes…… they are releasing 1000 Silver worldwide….. 250 in the UK only in Silver….. after all the silver have gone….. it will be black vinyl only…..

  9. Boaz Halachmi says:

    They say the first pressing of 1,000 copies is silver:

  10. William M says:

    call me an old cynic but i’d much rather see the band members make some money for their work than the label and it’s pretty common knowledge they don’t get much of anything financially from their back catalogue

  11. Le Baron says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to ask fellow FGTH fans to arbitrate this old debate between my wife and I.
    She has been claiming that, at the end of the WTTPD album, it is said: ”Frankie said: No War!”. I claim it is said: ”Frankie said: no more!”
    Who do you think is right?
    Best regards and, thanks again to Paul for the ultimate very best internet website on earth !!

  12. bob says:

    That really was a terrible album cover. As Holly Johnson said at the time, it looks like a 12” single cover.

  13. KackC says:

    I thought Maximum Joy & Lunar Bay were equal to the best songs on Pleasuredome.

    • Gerald says:

      The bassline of Lunar Bay is spectacular. I love the whole album, though, possibly more than Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

  14. elliott buckingham says:

    cheaper to buy from jpc for the silver than the black vinyl on amazon

  15. Anthony C says:

    I think this single vinyl release has only been license as the team behind the WTTP box set are probably saving that project for themselves to release.

    Incidentally, Watching The Wildlife CD single was released a few years ago ‘posthumously’.


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Watching the Wildlife CD only came as a limited edition bonus with a German-only compilation. It has never been issued on its own or anywhere outside Germany.

  16. Simon F says:

    Very disappointing album. Had the original. Sold it years ago, don’t miss it all. Do still have all three singles in their many and varied formats. Frankie says no more.

  17. Christian Fex says:

    .less (= pointless)

  18. Such a shame that they (ZTT) haven’t brought the likes of Ian Peel, Kevin Foakes and Philip Marshall in on this one to create another box set a la Inside the Pleasuredome. It seems ZTT have gone dormant as a label and that seemingly continuous stream of catalogue reissues have all but dried up. Some would say that’s a good thing, but whilst he was there, Ian Peel did some stellar work on unearthing worthwhile content.

    I guess “Liverpool” has less going for it than “WTTPD” in terms of additional content.

    I have the original vinyl, cassette, CD, CD-reissue and withdrawn CD reissue. As a completist, I might spring for this. MOV typically do a good job of their reissues. The Rage Hard 12″ is top of my RSD list for tomorrow.

    • Motte says:

      I think it is the right decission not to release Liverpool as a Deluxe-Edition in the style of Inside…
      WTTPD is one of the most outstanding albums of the 80s and deserves a super dooper deluxe rerelease. But Liverpool is just a very good album (nothing more, but nothing less…).

  19. tonysp says:

    Some websites are claiming it will be silver vinyl, should make it a bit more attractive than a straight re-release. Not sure if direct links are allowed but a couple of euro sites make this claim.

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