Frankie: Tinned / Simply Frankie Goes To Hollywood / 3CD set

Corned beef, pilchards, baked beans and now Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Yes, we’ve had Frankie ‘cassetted’, well now it’s Frankie ‘tinned’ because Simply Frankie Goes To Hollywood is one of the inaugural releases in Union Square Music’s “Simply Tins” series providing three CDs of hits, album tracks and rarities.

This 33-track collection belies the gimmicky packaging and actually looks really quite good with some relatively rare remixes (“Sex Mix Edition 2” of Relax, Warriors Compacted etc.) and some choice selections from previous deluxe editions such as Watusi Love Juicy and Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?. Add to that some sought-after instrumentals (Watching The Wildlife and Rage Hard in their ‘voiceless’ variants) and you’ve got a great little set, especially at the current price of under £8!

Get your tin openers ready for Simply Frankie Goes To Hollywood which will be released on 29 June 2015.

Track listing

Disc One

  • 01. Relax
  • 02. Two Tribes
  • 03. The Power Of Love
  • 04. Welcome To The Pleasuredome – A Remade World
  • 05. Bang!
  • 06. Ferry Cross The Mersey (And Here I’ll Stay)
  • 07. San José (The Way)
  • 08. Relax – Sex Mix, Edition 2
  • 09. One September Monday
  • 10. Black Night White Light
  • 11. The Only Star In Heaven
  • 12. War (And Hide)
  • 13. Two Tribes – Annihilation
  • 14. The Last Voice

Disc Two

  • 01. Rage Hard – The Young Person’s Guide To The 12” Mix
  • 02. Warriors Of The Wasteland
  • 03. Suffragette City
  • 04. Watching the wildlife
  • 05. Is Anybody Out There?
  • 06. Maximum Joy
  • 07. Warriors of the wasteland – Attack Mix
  • 08. Watusi Love Juicy
  • 09. Watching The Wildlife – Movement 2
  • 10. Rage Hard
  • 11. Watching The Wildlife – Voiceless

Disc Three

  • 01. Born To Run
  • 02. The World Is My Oyster – In Its 7″ Form
  • 03. The Ballad Of 32 – Mix 2
  • 04. Do You Think I’m Sexy?
  • 05. Warriors Of The Wasteland – Compacted
  • 06. (Don’t Lose What’s Left) Of Your Little Mind
  • 07. One February Friday
  • 08. Rage Hard – Voiceless

32 responses to Frankie: Tinned / Simply Frankie Goes To Hollywood / 3CD set

  1. I wish that I could find a collection of XXL FRANKIE SAY shirts.

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  3. steve larcombe says:

    3 CD’s of FGTH at £7 + unique packaging = No brainer :-)

  4. Geoff says:

    Currently £6:99 at Amazon UK.

  5. claudio says:

    …yes! grace jones!!!

  6. Bob says:


  7. MN says:

    I’m still missing a few tracks from ZTT on CD.
    For instance:

    Art of Noise ‎– Art Of Love (Extended Mix) 8’08”
    Art of Noise – Legs (Last Legs Mix) 4’49”
    Art of Noise – Legs (Inside Leg Mix) 6’02”
    Grace jones – Slave to the Rhythm (Ladies & Gentleman) 4’54”
    Grace Jones – Jones to the Rhythm (Long Version 1) 6’09”
    Grace Jones – Jones to the Rhythm (Long Version 2) 5’29”
    Grace Jones – Junk Yard 5’17”
    Grace Jones – Annihilated Rhythm 3’37”
    Propaganda – P:Machinery (Connected) 12’40”
    Propaganda – Jewel (Cut Rough) 6’52”
    Frankie goes to Hollywood – Warriors (Twelve Wild Disciples Mix) 8’32”
    Frankie goes to Hollywood – Wildlife (The Condom Mix / Wildlife Bit 3) 6’25”
    Frankie goes ro Hollywood – Wildlife (Bit 1 t/m 4)
    Frankie goes to Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasure Dome (The Soundtrack From Bernard Rose’s Video) 5’38”
    Frankie goes to Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasure Dome (How To Remake The World) 9’22”

    I suggest a The Art of the 12″ volume 4 …

    And what about the 30th anniversary edition of Grace Jones – Slave of the Rhythm this year on Blu ray, a Deluxe edition or SACD ?

  8. William says:

    Bet the band see zero royalties from such releases which is just criminal

  9. Neolestat says:

    If this was vinyl it’d be definitely buyable… As it is, no, sorry…

  10. NeilKelly says:

    Lol some great comments above and i agree with every one of them. But at £7.87 (or maybe less?) i too had to purchase. Nice little set, if a tad more than unnecessary.

  11. lee says:

    yeah, go on then. there’s always the off chance that one of the singles is, if by accident rather than design, one of the mixes yet to make it to CD. unlikely, but in for a penny, in for eight quid.

  12. Chris Lancaster says:

    I’ve depressed myself by ordering this, despite already owning every track on it. I’ve rationalised this, and can only think it’s due to not knowing precisely what will be in the tin – will the CDs be in a standard jewel case, a digipack or individual cardboard sleeves, for instance – so wanting to see for myself to find out. I have a terrible feeling that playing on the sense of the unknown is a deeply cunning marketing ploy for which I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker…

  13. Cal says:

    Would love to have seen that FGTH Megamix which was on the welcome to frankfurt live album years ago, rather than the same old….

  14. AudioDile says:

    You can tell they have their fingers on the pulse of what fans desparately want… the 56th Frankie Goes To Hollywood collection.

    Bravo ZTT. You are mindreaders. Please make 723 more, since you clearly view us all as blithering idiots who would rather buy the same thing forever than get something that’s never once been released to disc.

    Give yourselves a raise.

  15. peter m says:

    The more I read the tracklist, the more repetitive it looks.
    3 versions of wasteland?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The band probably only recorded 25 tracks. If you’re releasing a 3CD set it will be repetitive!

  16. Darren says:

    These tins look cheap and nasty. What a horrible way to package CDs.

  17. PAC says:

    Purchased !

  18. James Pigg says:

    A bit annoying that they couldn’t include the 12″ extended version of The World Is My Oyster that still hasn’t appeared on CD yet.

  19. Francis says:

    Not exactly the best of packaging – a tin that can easily get scratched and dented. It should look pretty crap after a few years.

  20. Francis says:

    The presentation tin would come in handy for storing sweets, coins, jewellery…etc but that’s about all the release is good for.

  21. omar says:

    I’m amazed at how FGTH cds appear every year and people keep on buying them. Whereas there’s treasures like Slave To The Rhythm, Seal, Art Of Noise remasters still waiting to see the light of day.

  22. Colin says:

    Its so reasonably priced – why not add a few other artifacts like a T-Shirt, a Mug or Coasters and charge a bit more. Most of (if not all) of the tracks have been released elsewhere so (as has already been said) only for completists really. I am one of those so I will be buying it!

  23. Jez Orbell says:

    I really don’t see the point of this set but as stated earlier it is worth buying for the packaging alone, especially at that price. The sequencing of tracks is curious – in places it’s new and makes sense but in others it seems pretty random. As everything is already out there I wonder if now is the time to start doing more interesting things like overlapping tracks so it becomes a listening experience rather than an unnecessary rag bag of oddities simply designed to fleece the public.

  24. Danny says:

    Paul, any idea what other artists they’re planning to do?

  25. Francis says:


  26. Looks like one for the completists. Nothing I can see on there that hasn’t been released elsewhere on one or more of the Frankie reissues in the last 5 years. Might be nice just for the presentation, or maybe not…

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