Freddie Mercury / Messenger of the Gods: The Singles / vinyl box


Coloured 7″ vinyl box and 2CD set 

Freddie Mercury‘s solo 45s will be celebrated in Messenger Of The Gods: The Singles, a new vinyl box set contain 13 coloured seven-inch singles.

This set kicks off with his debut solo single I Can Hear Music, released under the brilliant pseudonym Larry Lurex, and works through the dance floor-influenced solo anthems of the 1980s and up to his collaborations with legendary Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé, including Barcelona.

This collection also includes two posthumous singles, In My Defence and Living On My Own (No More Brothers Radio Mix), the latter of which became Freddie’s first solo number one in the UK (Barcelona had peaked at number two).

As well as the 13 coloured vinyl singles, this box will include a booklet featuring photos, some of which are previously unpublished. The vinyl collection also contains download codes for 320 kbps MP3s. There will also be a two-CD version which puts A-sides on disc one and B-sides on disc two.

Messenger Of The Gods The Singles will be released on 2 September 2016 by Hollywood Records in the US and Mercury/Universal elsewhere.

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Freddie Mercury

Messenger of the Gods 7-inch vinyl box


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Freddie Mercury

Messenger of the Gods 2CD Edition




Messenger Of The Gods The Singles vinyl box set

(A) I Can Hear Music – Larry Lurex (1973)
(B) Goin Back Larry Lurex

(A) Love Kills (1984)

(A) I Was Born To Love You (1985)
(B) Stop All The Fighting

(A) Made In Heaven [Single Remix] (1985)
(B) She Blows Hot And Cold

(A) Living On My Own [Single Edit] (1985)
(B) My Love Is Dangerous

(A) Love Me Like There s No Tomorrow (1985)
(B) Let s Turn It On

(A) Time (1986)
(B) Time [Instrumental]

(A) The Great Pretender (1987)
(B) Exercises In Free Love [Freddie s Vocal]

(A) Barcelona [Single Version] (1987)
(B) Exercises In Free Love [Montserrat s Vocal]

(A) The Golden Boy [Single Edit] (1988)
(B) The Fallen Priest [B-Side Edit]

(A) How Can I Go On [Single Version] (1989)
(B) Overture Piccante

(A) In My Defence (1992)
(B) Love Kills [Wolf Euro Mix]

(A) Living On My Own [No More Brothers Radio Mix] (1993)
(B) Living On My Own [Julian Raymond Album Mix]

Messenger Of The Gods The Singles 2CD

CD 1 / A-Sides
1 Living On My Own
2 The Great Pretender
3 In My Defence
4 Love Kills
5 Barcelona
6 Made in Heaven
7 Time
8 Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow
9 I Was Born To Love You
10 The Golden Boy
11 I Can Hear Music
12 How Can I Go On
13 Living On My Own (Radio Mix)

CD 2 /  B-Sides
1 Goin’ Back
2 Let’s Turn It On
3 My Love Is Dangerous
4 She Blows Hot and Cold
5 Living On My Own (Album Mix)
6 Stop All The Fighting
7 Time (Instrumental)
8 Exercises In Free Love
9 Exercises In Free Love (Monseratt’s Vocal)
10 The Fallen Priest
11 Overture Piccante
12 Love Kills (Wolf Euro Mix)

53 responses to Freddie Mercury / Messenger of the Gods: The Singles / vinyl box

  1. saki mercury says:

    Why wasn’t this released on heavyweight vinyl? The who,rolling stones and many other bands have why not this silly box set? And the price for this miserable box!you expect fans to pay €100 for cap like this all over again? You must be mad. Taking the pis! I bet you a tenner it will be released on vinyl,also Queens greatest hits will be released in winter again I believe it hits there’s another €20 down the pan what a Scandal! Release the real music the unreleased music Now stop all this rubbish!

  2. Steve says:

    I only got the 2CD set, it just arrived today, and I am so tired of the trifold binders with the booklet stuck in a sleeve on the center fold. Inevitably, I tear the cardboard while trying to extract the booklet! ARgh! But, the music makes up for it. :)

    • saki mercury says:

      Yes you are right!same happen to me, so akward you better save another 20 pounds for the winter queen are releasing greatest hits again I believe it’s part 1 spread the news!

  3. Marc says:

    Been listening to this. While they appear to be pressed well – there is very audible compression… source audio was mastered way to high for vinyl.

    yes, i realize it’s more of a collector’s item than anything else – but I expect quality in expensive box sets.

    still happy to have it.

  4. David says:

    Yes, this is a very good boxset. Only disappointment is that the Back to Black download does not work. I have been in touch (eventually after emailing their support contact several times) and I have been informed they have a delay in the digital download. Surely this should have been sorted before the release date. Hopefully should eventually come through.

  5. Catweazle says:

    Yes, effing expensive. But also very beautiful. Had to have it.

  6. Steve says:

    Although the download doesn’t work :(

  7. Steve says:

    Mine arrived today, it’s lovely and sits well with the queen coloured vinyl box set. Love kills b side is blank, no etching I’m afraid

  8. DJ Lenny K. says:

    The Single Remix of “Made In Heaven” makes its debut on a digital release. It was prominently left off the 2000 box set.

  9. AlexKx says:

    This is a responsibility of the record company, Queen, their managements, promoters, stores, and their fan community…

  10. Bill says:

    Can you answer my question posted above regarding the differences between the 2 cd sets ?

  11. Shane says:

    I’d really love this box set but 100 GBP for 13 7″s is too much. This I’ll wait until the price drops to Bananarama box levels of insanity ;)

  12. peter m says:

    I was in a local charity shop last week, & picked up a copy of ‘mr bad guy’
    On cd for 30p. Actually, not a bad album.

  13. AlexKx says:

    I wish someone would address both Bill’s question with some answers, eh It and they are entirely relevant to this product. I tried identifying what versions of these songs are and where they could and or could not be found previously or not. But there seems to be no good answers anywhere which is sad.

  14. Bill says:

    I’m not familiar with Freddie’s solo work. Can someone tell me what the advantages are in buying this new double cd set vs. “Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs: The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo (2CD)”?

  15. Andrea says:


  16. Andrea says:

    Is the CD edition going to have the same booklet as the vinyl box?

  17. Rob Deighton says:

    Unfortunately i don’t think this will have the same appeal as the Queen Studio box set. Freddie (and the rest of Queen) were better as band unit than as a solo artist (in my opinion anyway).

    I hope that the next product from QPL isn’t a vinyl box set of all their singles. When they did the Singles Collection boxes a few years ago (spread over four boxes) on CD they couldn’t even get those right as they missed out key b-sides and replaced them with album tracks.

    We. shall. see!

  18. AlexKx says:

    What?! Holy shit! Was there any difference in the two? Perhaps the year listing?

  19. Maxe says:

    The Freddie Mercury Album was on vinyl twice! In 2000 there was a re-issue in 180g vinyl celebrating an EMI anniversary, got em both.

  20. AlexKx says:


  21. Anthony C says:

    I think I only know of one Freddie Mercury song, but I do think this packaging looks very nice!

    However, the point I wanted to make was regard the download at 320 Kbps! WHY? Can people in 2016 really be that stupid! This should be a lossless FLAC file.

    I’m glad for collectors they can at least get those tracks on CD, but a 320 kbps lossy file is so very Neanderthal.

  22. AlexKx says:

    Holy shit! “The Freddie Mercury Album” was on vinyl?! I’ll have to check that shit out! :)

  23. Dr Magus says:

    Give us something we haven’t heard before QPL.

  24. Catweazle says:

    Alex, I agree with most of what you said above. But: There WAS a vinyl version of “The Freddie Mercury Album” (I know for sure because I’m happy to call a copy my own)!

  25. AlexKx says:

    …I also meant to use the description of these also being seven inchers in terms of this being a grand idea. It also leaves open the idea and concept of twelve inchers being done for them in the years down the road, eh! :)

  26. AlexKx says:

    SOMETHING happened to where all of the record shops closed up! With all of that said I actually prefer to use c.d. as well! I find vinyl for certain recording artists to be exciting for both being a historical reference in that format AND for the larger artwork and hopefully liner notes THOUGH I must say some liner notes including credits in multiple formats from music to film over the last decade and a half have been FAR FAR extreme in being too little to read which is pathetic and warrant an improvement on that in future re-releaes again of both certain films and music. With that said I am also not asking for an exaggerated increase in size for credits but something more logical. In some cases certain text and credits could be twice the size that they are or were…anywho I’m kind of rambling but I thought and figured speaking of some of these things to people across the industry over time might be of use and or influence….if anyone from there sees these posts, eh.

    …and with all of THAT said back to the topic at hand concerning the article and about sales of c.d.s. I definitely love my c.d.s and have no intention of getting rid of them for multiple reasons and must confess that I am a retrograde when it comes to doing downloads. I try to prevent downloading even in my pants! Um, wait never mind. So, yeah, I actually agree with you 100 % as I don’t know why people don’t buy the c.d.s and then download the music…with THAT said there seems to be a good and healthy de-clutter phenomenon going on in our society but I do know some folks who take that to a pretty steady extreme which I find rather frustrating when I get excited about a new music release. I feel like they can’t enjoy them as much as I do per se THOUGH I guess on some level I can understand the priority of the music over whatever packaging and having too much stuff but that is NOT the case for me. I’ve NEVER held a c.d. or vinyl and thought, “Oh, they should have cut back on the liner notes, artwork, photos and packaging.”. So I can’t relate to that.

    This (“Messenger Of The Gods: The Singles) looks to be something I THINK that will be worthwhile as a two c.d. set and has its distinctions from “Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs: The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo” which in itself I find to be wonderful! I did not appreciate that release for many years because I thought it was the same concept as two previous compilations but it was not. The two previous compilations “Great Pretender” and “The Freddie Mercury Album” (which ironically has never been on vinyl and I personally think it would be more exact to call it an “L.P.” THOUGH I can certainlu see the case of where the word “Album” might be better in terms of a title I guess, eh?) consisted of many remixes so they had their own legitimacy to their own existence.

    With all of that said I think the concept of a vinyl version of the this in particular with the colored discs is a great idea as well at least as a collector’s item exemplifying the respect of the music! Is that one a “limited edition” or perhaps by default it naturally is? Well, I’m totally excited about this and intend to get both! Rawk!

  27. Dean says:

    AlexKx: The CD trend is down. Having said that, four times as many CD’s were sold last year compared to Vinyl. So yes, CD’s sell.

    I have no idea why people don’t buy the CD and rip it themselves rather than pay for Digital downloads – but I suppose some things we can’t know. :)

  28. Ray judson says:

    Made in Heaven is shown in the video so it is included. Man…I have all of these singles from the monster Complete Freddie Mercury Box set from years ago but the presentation does look first rate.

  29. Joseph says:

    Looks cool, but an exercise in regurgitation.


  30. AlexKx says:

    Oh, that doesn’t even add up…I wish someone could i.d. where these respective releases originate on whatever previously released l.p.s and compilations…

  31. AlexKx says:

    I was trying to understand what this compilation is. It is…five songs released either as b-sides or a-sides from “Mr. Bad Guy”, ten remixes (of various types), five songs that were not only any of the original solo studio l.p.s but can be found on “Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs: The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo” and “The Solo Collection” 10 c.d. and 2 d.v.d. box set from the year 2000, two songs that are not available on anything other than “The Solo Collection”, and one song from the studio l.p. entitled “Barcelona”. Am I doing this right. Christ this is confusing. PLUS these are apparently not on any releases at all outside of their original singles:

    The Fallen Priest (single edit) 2:55
    Living On My Own (single edit) 3:05
    Made In Heaven (single remix) 4:08
    The Golden Boy (single edit) 5:14
    She Blows Hot & Cold 3:39 – it seems, they bothered to restore studio chat before the song for the first time since original single.

  32. Gavin says:

    Made in heaven was a single – so not complete then

  33. AlexKx says:

    The answer to Rick’s question lies in the answer to another question. Do c.d.s sell anymore? The answer is no.

  34. Michel D. says:

    available at Amazon Canada now $20.65

  35. Adam shaw says:

    Disc 2 Love Kills hasn’t got a B side ?

  36. Catweazle says:

    A typo probably – there’s two Barcelonas!

  37. Edu says:

    Hi, Paul,

    Is it a typo or made in heaven is not on the cd version? Tks

  38. Rick says:

    Does the music industry care about anything other than vinyl at the moment?

  39. Michael Fortin says:

    Good to see this will be available on CD too. Hopefully a pre-order for the USA will be coming soon.

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