Free Oasis download: Live at Glasgow 1994


As part of the promotion around the reissue of Oasis’ Definitely Maybe, Amazon UK are offering fans a free download of the band performing two tracks Live at Glasgow ’94.

Limited to UK customers only (sorry!) the songs are Live Forever (Live Gleneagles June ’94) and Digsy’s Dinner (Live Gleneagles June ’94). Neither of these appear on any of the Definitely Maybe reissue formats.

Definitely Maybe is re-released across a number on formats on Monday 19 May.

4 responses to Free Oasis download: Live at Glasgow 1994

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  2. Enrico G. says:

    Now it seems that you can download from all Countries, but when you click the submit button it spells that “There was a problem with your address submission”.
    Any help???

  3. Enrico G. says:

    Onlu UK and ISRAEL customers.
    This is unacceptable!
    Cheers from Bologna, Italy.

  4. Stuart says:

    Nice. I wonder if the entire gig will eventually become available in dribs and drabs ?

    I recall reading that the famous I Am The Walrus cover from the Cigarettes & Alcohol b-side which is listed as ‘Live at Glasgow Cathouse’ was actually from this Gleneagles gig as well. Apparently it was a record exec do, which would explain the Gleneagles location (Gleneagles isn’t exactly a hotbed of live music venues, just golf courses).

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