Frida / Something’s Going On / 3-disc deluxe set with signed print

ABBA‘s Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida) sees her third solo album Something’s Going On reissued as a limited and numbered three-disc deluxe edition in October.

The 1982 long-player was issued less than a year after ABBA’s final studio offering The Visitors, and was produced by Phil Collins (who duets with Frida on album closer Here We’ll Stay).

Something’s Going On was well received and a sizeable hit across Europe, in particular. This new deluxe set includes the remastered album with two bonus tracks, a DVD featuring a ‘making of’ documentary, promo videos and interviews along with a seven-inch single featuring I Know There’s Something Going On/You Know What I Mean.

It will also include a booklet with notes written by Frida and a hand-signed art card. This deluxe set is apparently limited to just 2000 copies. The ABBA Museum did have some but appear to be sold out, as do Amazon UK, although you can still order via Amazon Italy.

The Something’s Going On deluxe box will be released on 23 October 2015.




1. Tell Me It’s Over
2. I See Red
3. I Got Something
4. Strangers
5. To Turn The Stone
6. I Know There’s Something Going On
7. Threnody
8. Baby Don’t You Cry No More
9. The Way You Do
10. You Know What I Mean
11. Here We’ll Stay
12. I Know There’s Something Going On (Single Edit)
13. Here we’ll stay (solo version)


1. Something’s Going On – The Making Of A Record Album [Documentary]
2. I See Red [Promo Video]
3. To Turn The Stone [Promo Video]
4. I Know There’s Something Going On [Promo Video]
5. Here We’ll Stay [Promo Video]
6. Kanal 3, Interview with Lars-Ragnar Forssberg [Interview]
7. Casablanca, Interview With Helen Benno [Interview]

7-inch single

1. I Know There’s Something Going On [A-side]
2. You Know What I Mean [B-side]

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  2. Dag says:

    Sorry if I missed this, I promise I did scan the 20,000 comments – ANYWAY:
    Is this 2015 remaster the same as the 2005 remaster? If no, is 2015 markedly better?
    Amazon US has 2005 expanded edition with the 2 extra songs and if its the same remaster I’d rather buy that for 10 bucks!

  3. Sos says:

    When first released in September 1982, “Something’s Going On” reached number one on the album charts in Sweden, went Top 5 in Norway and Belgium, as well as going Top 10 in Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. The single “I Know There’s Something Going On” has sold over 3 million copies alone since release. The album is produced by Phil Collins.

  4. Dominic says:

    Just noticed that Polar released an four mix EP of ‘I Know There’s Something Going On’ on iTunes in October. A mixed bag, but the Fred Falke (who rarely does a bad job; check out the Gossip and Robyn mixes he’s done) one is the rather fabulous highlight, but all have their charms. I guess released to promote the album re-issue.

  5. Shane says:

    Wow I received my box last week and I was happy about it all.
    Now I see that prices on the net for this are C.R.A.Z.Y.!
    I am glad I bought it, I would have kicked myself if I had not.
    And I was really wondering if the autograph was real and I guess it is then.
    SDE is my primary source of info for reissues. I love it.

  6. Jack says:

    Just received my copy from Amazon Italy and despite the underwhelming content it’s a very nicely designed package – and the signed card is real! (at least, it’s a real signature, and it doesn’t just say “Frida”, either!) It’s now my most precious Frida artifact – along with Agnetha’s boxset of Swedish albums from several years ago ;^)
    Thank you Paul for publicising this – I would never have known this was available otherwise…

  7. Adolfo says:

    woo hoo-got my copy from!

    well worth the price.

    and regarding not wanting to pay for “the same old same old”-as I’ve never gotten a remastered copy of the album the sound quality is head and shoulders above the original cd copy I own PLUS I know have a signed print from frida herself so…….

  8. John says:

    If any body has missed out on this wonderful set I have some sets that I have for sale if any body is interested.

    If so then please email me.

  9. mino says:

    SOOOOO tired of buying always the same stuff without anything new!
    PS this was a post on a Frisa reissue so why writing about other singers?

  10. Adolfo says: has charged me for the box set and also emailed that it has shipped….so here’s hoping!

  11. Walter says:

    Paul B., thank you for the info.

    I’ve done some browsing and noticed at (
    the cd label has (p) 2005 (c) 2015 printed which suggests the 2005 remaster has been used.

    The 2005 remaster doesn’t necessarily sound bad but it’s just remastered to sound (too) loud, making it sound like the songs (both vocals & instruments) haven’t got much room to breathe (by lack of proper words/explanation).

    Oh well, my copy should arrive any day now and hopefully it pays off to have ordered the box set edition…

  12. Walter says:

    Does anyone know if the album is indeed newly remastered or just the 2005 one in a new package?

    It would be a very cheap move by Universal if it’s indeed the brick walled 2005 remaster and presenting it as new remaster…

    • Paul B says:


      The booklet in the box set has a section for 2015 re-release credit and states CD mastered at Masters of Audio by Henrik Johnson so I would assume it is a new master.

      It does sound pretty good to my old ears anyway.

  13. John says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news by Universal they have no plans for any further releases for either Frida or Agnetha.

    I must admit I would also love to see deluxe editions.

  14. Stefan says:

    Hi.Came across this thread today when I received the box set.
    Actually I do agree that the re-release itself is disappointing because it does not contain anything new or alternative material. The DVD material has not been digitally enhanced but looks like taken from old VHS cassettes.
    I’m a vinyl fan but find this 7 inch single use- and mindless.
    My point is the packaging: I like the format a lot as it combines CD with the advantage of vinyls: A bigger print of the cover artwork.
    Would like to see more of my favourite albums as CD sets in this format….

  15. John says:


    As for deluxe editions of other Frida or Agnetha albums from Universal there will be no new releases as they did Something’s Going On as it was Frida’s 70th birthday.

    Sad I know I would also love to see the others released in this way as well.

  16. Adam Dawson says:

    I love this amazing Deluxe Edition of ‘Something’s Going On’ I wish the unreleased track ‘Shot Down In Action’ had been included on the CD as a bonus track.

    I am now looking forward to the Deluxe Edition of Shine as well as the Deluxe Editions of Agnetha’s albums ‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’ & ‘Eyes Of A Woman’.

  17. Adolfo says:

    just got an email from which, as it’s in Italian, can’t quite understand but looks to say that they’re adjusting the delivery date to 13 November to 17 November…

    so checked the website listing and the box set now lists as coming out on 30 October

    still hoping!

  18. Emilio says:

    I received an email today from amazon UK saying the deluxe set had been shipped. I’m in the U.S., so hopefully it will arrive next weekend. Fingers crossed…

  19. Paul B says:


    It is getting a standard CD/DVD rerelease. Wow have got their listings muddled.

    The correct catalogue number for the CD/DVD rerelease is 4758373 per uDiscover store.

  20. Adolfo says:

    cd wow is listing both a 3-piece (ie the one with the 7″) and 2-piece set…

    anyone know if the album is also getting a standard cd/dvd rerelease?

  21. KevinK says:

    Only place I can find that claims the limited deluxe box-set is available to order is

  22. Paul C says:

    From the ABBA Fan Club: As an extra special celebration of Frida, some of the hottest names on today’s dance music scene – LINDSTROM, FRED FALKE, TORN and JUNGE JUNGE – were given free rein with the original recording of “I Know There’s Something Going On”, creating their own mixes of the track. These exciting blends between the 1980s and the 2010s will be available digitally from October 19, 2015.

  23. John says:

    I would not get to excited the site shows the following again.

    Currently unavailable

    Yep it might have been there but it is gone again, just got a reply from them saying that the item is on order but that is no guarantee it will be available for sale.

  24. Adolfo says:

    9/30/2015 Update! has the item listed again as available for preorder (whereas Amazon UK still lists the item as “Currently Unavailable”).

    Crossing my fingers and toes!

  25. John says:

    Yea good luck with getting them from Amazon, according to the email I got they will not be able to supply any orders that have been placed.

    A total shame for the fans that will miss out on this set.

  26. Paul B says:

    Turn the Stone or See Red maybe hehe

    If you browse using google chrome on any of the amazon foreign sites (or any foreign site) it does translate for you – very useful.

    Providing you managed to pre-order one on I would assume it will still be showing in your orders. My own copy ordered with still says Arriving Fri, 23 Oct despite it now saying currently unavailable on the UK website.

  27. Adolfo says:

    Hey all

    as of 9/23/2015 appears to now also list this as currently unavailable; as I don’t read italian and not sure when that changed any chance that those of us who preordered as soon as it showed up online will be getting a copy?

    or must we turn the stone?

  28. John says:

    Yep I know Amazon UK and its fellow sites are all saying “Not Available”, I contacted them all with the same return message, we do not know when or if we are going to get this item.

    A real shame.

  29. Paul B says:


    That is very decent of you to do that for fellow fans.

    Apparently Amazon have been given the exclusive on this by Universal – I am assuming across their various EU websites but 2000 copies are not going to go far like you say.

    I’ve not yet found anywhere selling the CD/DVD digipak yet.

  30. John says:

    Talk about rarer than hen’s teeth, when they first announced that they were going to release this set I then contacted Abba Museum site, then I was told that the 100 copies they had been given sold out in less than 6 hours.

    It took a couple of days of tracking the set down with another seller but I found them, my god this set is going to be one that I am very happy to add to my ABBA/Solo collection.

    It seems so sad that it was not offered to countries outside Europe, Australia missed out altogether.

    So now I am very happy that I was able to track it down from Germany, Amazon UK just has the message “Currently unavailable”, I contacted them and they informed me that they have ordered it but doubt that they will get any stock.

    Between myself and my friend we have been able to get 8 copies of this set, I will have 4 sets for sale if anybody is interested, of course it does not get released until next month.

    If you are interested then send me an email, remember I have 4 sets only for sale.

    If I can help 4 fellow fans then I will.

    Oh well good luck everybody.

  31. Paul C says:

    Note that in addition to this box set, there are two new mixes of I Know There’s Something Going On by Norwegian remixer Lidstrøm. They will also be released in October, but can be heard via Soundcloud at the following link:

    1. Lindstrøm Remix 8.26
    2. Lindstrøm Remix (Dub Version) 8.34


  32. Paul B says:


    uDiscover must’ve had a cancellation. As soon as I had made my post the pre-order button had disappeared from the listing.

    So anyone after it it maybe worth checking the site time to time. have it listed – search Frida and it comes up with it for £34.99 no picture or details but has a release date of 23/10/15 and catalogue no. 4741845 that is the same uDiscover list the product under.


    • Paul B says:

      I had an email from…

      “Dear Paul Brown,

      I’m afraid we’re unable to get hold of Frida – Something’s Going On (CD & DVD Box Set) (Music CD) (Catalog Number: 4741845) as Universal Music have just told us that it is an exclusive for another retailer.

      I’m very sorry that we will not be able to fulfil your order for this item but we are certain that we will not be able to get it due to this reason.

      We have now removed it from our site. As we cannot get this item, we have removed it from your order.
      If you had other items on this order they will not have been affected and will still be sent to you as normal.
      You can view and check the latest status of your order at

      Kind regards,

      Customer Services”

      I replied asking if Universal said who had the exclusive but they have not replied further as yet. do have it listed still but when I tried ordering it did come up with a message saying it had reduced my quantity to zero. Possibly because I have one ordered from

      It has been announced last week as I posted earlier in the thread that a CD/DVD digipak remastered version is now to be released as well.

  33. John says:

    Not sure what you were looking at but it has been sold out for weeks.

  34. Paul C says:

    Bengans’ website gives more details on how the box set will look.

    – Limited Edition CD+DVD+7″ Single Set
    – 2000 copies only (limited edition numbering)
    – 2 part lift off lid box 7×7 in size
    – 7″ CD+DVD gatefold holder
    – 7×7 12-page booklet
    – Signed artwork print

    The link is

  35. Paul B says:

    I wonder if this is limited to the 2000 that ABBA Official have said given how it does appear to be like rocking horse poo now on pre-order.

    I posted a link to Universal Music Store earlier in this thread as their listing shows the same catalogue number as the one being used on other sites (and on the sticker image ending in 4741845).

    I contacted Universal and asked if they could confirm if it was the same item but they told me it would contain a CD, DVD and 7″ single but was not signed at all. I double checked about the art card but no reply.

    Be interesting to see what turns up from Amazon etc…

  36. John says:

    My god trying to find a copy of this to buy has been hard, most of the seller have sold out already, ABBA the Museum sold out in less than 6 hours.

    I was luck enough to get 2 sets, cant wait to get them, this is my favourite Frida English album.

    Hopefully they make release deluxe editions of Frida and Agnetha solo albums, oh well we can hope.

  37. Steve F says:

    I’ve done some more research (see my previous comment above). Here’s a revised list of what I think a Deluxe Version of this album and it’s accompanying DVD could have included…

    FRIDA – Something’s Going On (first released in 1982) (Frida’s 70th Birthday 2015 Deluxe Edition) 10/2015
    1. Tell Me It’s Over
    2. I See Red
    3. I Got Something
    4. Strangers
    5. To Turn The Stone
    6. I Know There’s Something Going On
    7. Threnody
    8. Baby Don’t You Cry No More
    9. The Way You Do
    10. You Know What I Mean
    11. Here We’ll Stay (Duet with Phil Collins)

    12. I Know There’s Something Going On [Single Edit]
    13. To Turn The Stone* [Single Edit] * = previously unissued in CD
    14. Here We’ll Stay (Solo Version)

    Something’s Going On DVD:
    1. Something’s Going On – The Making of a Record Album (Documentary)
    2. Re-Mastered Promo Clips
    I See Red,
    To Turn The Stone,
    I Know There’s Something Going On,
    Here We’ll Stay
    3. Frida in Norway (7th September 1982)
    4. Frida in Germany (Show Express, 9th September 1982)
    Songs performed:
    I Know There’s Something’s Going On,
    Baby, Don’t You Cry No More
    5. Frida in England (Nationwide, BBC, 17th September 1982)
    6. Frida in Austria (“Okay”, ORF1, Austria, 19th September 1982)
    7. I Know There’s Something Going On (“Mies”, AVRO, 2nd October 1982)
    8. Interview with Helen Benno (“Casablanca”, Sweden, 4th October 1982)
    9. Rundt om Skoller (TV-byen, Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Songs performed:
    I Know There’s Something’s Going On,
    Baby, Don’t You Cry No More

    10. Champs Elysées (Paris, France, 9th October 1982)
    I Know There’s Something Going On (live vocal to playback)
    11. Frida in Spain (Applauso, TVE)
    Songs performed:
    To Turn The Stone,
    Tell Me It’s Over,
    I Know There’s Something Going On
    12. I Know There’s Something Going On (“Kanal 3”, Sweden)
    13. Frida in Italy (“Popcorn”, Canale 5)
    Songs Performed:
    I Know There’s Something Going On,
    14. To Turn The Stone (“Vorsicht, Muzik!”, ZDF, West Germany)
    15. Coeur En Fête (TSR & RTL)
    Songs performed:
    I Know There’s Something Going On,
    Here We’ll Stay
    16. Einer wird gewinnen (ARD, Germany)
    Songs Performed:
    I Know There’s Something Going On,
    Here We’ll Stay
    17. I Know There’s Something Going On (“Cadence Three”, France, April 1983)
    18. Photo Gallery

    • Fabio says:

      But all that video material must be licenced from every TV channel, as it belongs to them. It means Universal must invest more money, but I don’t think that’s their plan at all. They know the box is going to sell without all that anyway…

  38. Phil Cohen says:

    Apparently, Amazon wants to get into the music streaming business. The rumor on forums, is that Universal won’t license its music to this proposed streaming service. If Amazon is trying to strong-arm Universal by refusing to sell Universal CD’s or L.P.’s, this will backfire badly on Amazon.
    Presumably, when Universal Music back catalog titles go out of stock, & won’t re-stock. An embargo against Universal can’t be sustained for long. Universal’s artists include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beach Boys, U2, ABBA, Elton John, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and substantial parts of Eric Clapton’s back catalog. Without recordings by those artists, Amazon cannot be a credible dealer of recorded music.

  39. Gary says:

    The reason for the inclusion of the 7″ single is obvious. The 7″ Waterloo picture disc (@£8-£12 a pop) sold out on day of release. A picture disc would have been better; the drawing on the A side, the photo on the B side. Aside from the signed print, the release contains nothing new. Would still like one : )

  40. Joseph Hayes says:

    Not even the 12″ mixes of the one hit??? Lame.

  41. Colin Murphy says:

    Labels always press more than the supposed limited edition number.

  42. Ed says:

    Hadn’t heard about the All About Eve reissues. Very exciting. Would be nice to have the same for ‘Touched By Jesus’ too. Love that album.

  43. Darren says:

    “Something’s Going On” here for sure. If there are only 200o made, how come this was in the top 10 on Amazon UK and is currently number 2 on Amazon Italy. That must mean that either the 2000 is a lie or the sales for everything else are pitifully low or Amazon is bullshitting us with their sales charts.

  44. Stuart K says:

    I really don’t understand the negativity surrounding this release, have some respect for the artist, Frida isn’t keen that demos and unfinished songs…. I doubt during the time constraints at the time that there is enough material to justify a third disc. But the fact that she has taken the time to sign 2000 cards for these is a really nice gesture for her fans. I don’t see many other artists of her calibre doing something similar. Thank you Frida and Happy Birthday!

  45. Paul B says:

    Oops apologies Paul.

  46. Paul B says:

    Any reason my link to this on the uDiscover store was deleted when other folk seem to post links to other products? Just curious…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Wasn’t ‘deleted’ – you posted it two hours ago and I have to manually approve any comments with links due to spam etc. I was having my breakfast…

  47. Paul B says:

    For anyone interested there’s a 10% discount code valid this month on uDiscover store UDAUGUST10 at the checkout

  48. baward says:

    If the docu on the DVD is the same as the one on the ‘Frida The DVD’ DVD then you can see that she’s really uncomfortable to be in the studio with Phil Collins and musicians she wasn’t used to working with. Not (initially) a musical marriage made in heaven.

  49. Paul B says:

    I pre-ordered on Amazon UK and got an email yesterday updating the delivery status thus…


    Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on August 11 2015 (Order #).

    Frida “Something’s Going On”
    Estimated arrival date: September 02 2015 – September 15 2015

    Somehow think this will change given its not due out while 23 October!

  50. mino says:

    Only 2 bonus tracks and nothing new from the last edition? Which kind of deluxe edition is this? Only for the vynil? That’s why it is limited to only 2000 copies… What a wasted opportunity…

  51. Steve F says:

    A pointless re-release. The DVD is a wasted opportunity. I did some research earlier this evening to see what could have been included on it (including what they’ve already announced) and this is what I found:

    1. Something’s Going On – The Making of a Record Album (Documentary)
    2. Re-Mastered Promo Clips
    I See Red, To Turn The Stone,
    I Know There’s Something Going On,
    Here We’ll Stay
    3. Show Express, Germany
    Songs performed:
    I Know There’s Something’s Going On,
    Baby, Don’t You Cry No More
    4. Frida in England (Nationwide, BBC, 17th September 1982)
    5. Interview with Helen Benno (“Casablanca”, Sweden, 4th October 1982)
    6. Rundt om Skoller (TV-byen, Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Songs performed:
    I Know There’s Something’s Going On,
    Baby, Don’t You Cry No More
    7. Champs Elysées (Paris, France, 9th October 1982)
    I Know There’s Something Going On (live vocal to playback)
    8. Frida in Spain (Applauso, TVE)
    Songs performed:
    To Turn The Stone,
    Tell Me It’s Over,
    I Know There’s Something Going On
    9. I Know There’s Something Going On (“Kanal 3”, Sweden)
    10. Frida in Italy (“Popcorn”, Canale 5)
    Songs Performed:
    I Know There’s Something Going On,
    11. To Turn The Stone (“Vorsicht, Muzik!”, ZDF, West Germany)
    12. Coeur En Fête (TSR & RTL)
    Songs performed:
    I Know There’s Something Going On,
    Here We’ll Stay
    13. Einer wird gewinnen (ARD, Germany)
    Songs Performed:
    I Know There’s Something Going On,
    Here We’ll Stay
    14. I Know There’s Something Going On (“Cadence Three”, France, April 1983)

    There’s a couple of other TV appearances/interviews that I haven’t listed here.

    Like I say, a wasted opportunity. I’ll stick to the 2005 Re-Master.

  52. Steven says:

    Is it confirmed that this is a fresh remaster for 2015, or is it the 2005 remaster dusted down with added vinyl and autograph (and price increase)?

    I ask because the bonus cuts are the same as those on the 2005 release…

  53. Saad says:

    Why do singers with a successful track history within a group never quite capture the quality in the material on solo efforts.

    • Darren says:

      Saad, that’s obvious. Take out Benny & Bjorn and you lose the element that made ABBA one of the most successful groups of all time. Take out Agnetha and you lose the fantastic harmonies that made ABBA one of the most successful groups of all time.

  54. Gordon says:

    *I should warn you, my post quickly turns into a long-winded off-topic rant…..*

    I love ABBA – group and solo efforts – so I was very excited when I saw the headline, especially as I don’t have this album. But I was disappointed to read that the third ‘disc’ is just a 7″ vinyl*. Utterly pointless – the two tracks are both on the CD! The album’s ‘bonus’ tracks are exactly the same as the ones on the previous ‘remastered’ re-issues – surely there are some demos/alternate mixes/odds’n’sods laying about. There was a ‘mispress’ of the 2005 remaster/reissue that had an unissued alt. mix of ‘Here We’ll Stay’. The DVD looks interesting, but most of its contents are on the ‘Frida’ DVD from 2005.

    Take out the vinyl*, drop the price (A LOT!), then we’ll talk…

    *Nothing against vinyl or vinyl-lovers – I’m not trying to start a fight with the ‘vinyl-philes’ here – it’s just a practicality issue: I live in Australia so most (if not all) deluxe packages/reissues have to be imported. Even just one tiny, little bonus 7″ can jack up the postage/packaging/import costs to a level I’m reluctant to pay – especially when it can sometimes jack up the product price as well.

    That’s why I never bought the deluxe edition of Goldfrapp’s ‘Tales Of Us’ – as much as I wanted the bonus CD and DVD, they were only available in the ‘with-LP’ package which just made the cost ridiculous.

    But like I said, I’m not anti-vinyl, I truly understand the appeal. I just think they should be a stand-alone item. And I’m sure there are vinyl-lovers who wish they could buy vinyl without having to buy CD as well…..


  55. The “picture-Gag” is hard to understand…

  56. kauwgompie says:

    When you click twice, the problem doesn’t correct itself, you then get to see a different picture. It doesn’t have the sticker on the bottom right. For some reason you get an old version of that cover.

  57. Fatoldbloke says:

    A deluxe edition of this?

    Painful stuff indeed.

    There must be people out there who buy this stuff.

  58. What happens with Frida?

    The cover looks like she had an apoplectic stroke.

  59. Eggman says:

    How about a Hootenanny? They made some great albums in the early 70s that are out of print.

  60. David says:

    THE Voice THE Beauty and THE one and only Dancing Queen of ABBA!
    Admire this extraordinary singer.
    Great way to celebrate her big birthday later this year.
    Sounds like a excellent release.

    Universal also did a great box when Frida turned 60.

    Frida ´s album still is the best selling one of any ABBA solo albums to date.

    • Nicolas says:

      THE one and only Dancing Queen of ABBA??
      aaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha Definitely the second one, but FOR SURE not the only one

  61. bob says:

    As mentioned, if you click the pic twice it evens out the eyes. Strange.

  62. Bridge says:

    “Somethings Going On” with her eyes, haha.

  63. Steven says:

    As others have pointed out, as deluxe editions go this release is a bit on the thin side – and I fully expect the CD/DVD components to be repackaged in future in line with the ABBA deluxe sets.

    The 7″ is a semi interesting oddity – but I can only assume for those interested in this that the main attraction will be the ‘hand signed art card’.

  64. alan hansen says:

    heaven help me, my abilities in the art of subtle sarcasm are waning! when i said “oddly intrigued” uh… well… you get the message.

  65. Dennis says:

    Would be a nice CD+DVD pack …

  66. don king says:

    2 very unexciting bonus tracks????? really??? this is taking the piss!!

    • Fabio says:

      Sam bonuses included on the 2005 remaster. I’m afraid there’s not much else to add, except a “single edit” of To Turn The Stone (nothing really exciting, either).

  67. kauwgompie says:

    What a joke. This is THE example of an album that should NOT get the SDE treatment. Not only are there no interesting extra’s, the original album is plain bad. It maybe has 2 good tracks. 3 tops. I own it but it’s rotting away in my collection somewhere.

    • Michael says:

      Matter of opinion. I still listen to this. It is a truly beautiful album.

    • Darren says:

      It’s a matter of personal taste. I think this album and “Shine” are both excellent.

    • Eggman says:

      Frida in the 80s was a lousy idea.

    • Fabio says:

      Sorry, but that’s only YOUR OPINION. You said “the album is plain bad” as if it were an absolute truth. I’ve got news for you: if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I think exactly the opposite, it’s a very solid album with a great and (at the time) modern production. Frida wanted to do something very different to ABBA, and she succeed.

  68. Howie says:

    Didn’t take the record companies long to exploit the market for quality box sets and release overpriced tat did it? Bob Marley metal tin anyone?

  69. john says:

    Wonky eyes.

    • Daran says:

      Yes I noticed that too. It looks very weird… I wonder if she was happy with that drawing of herself.

    • george says:

      haha. that made me smile
      but when you click through on the picture (twice)
      the last image is not wonky eyed at all
      perhaps it’s part of the re-mastering ;) and/or the eyes are those
      shaky-eye toy parts you can get :)

  70. Darren says:

    £33 for the deluxe edition that only gives a DVD and a 7″ single. That’s not the most exciting package. Why would you want a 7″ single with a CD? Only the most hardcore ABBA fans will need this. I love ABBA and have practically everything, but even I wouldn’t buy this.

    You can get the CD on its own from Amazon Marketplace for £3.87

  71. Chris says:

    The Music Industries new cash-cow? SDEs in limited numbers!
    It starts to annoying me….

  72. Trevor Smith says:

    Only 2000 copies! Hardly enough to satisfy the Abba fan base let only anyone else! Amazon aren’t showing this as a preorder interestingly but as ‘out of stock’ ???

    • Phil Cohen says:

      The media & internet have yet to pick up on this, but Amazon is having some sort of feud with Universal Music, and Amazon’s UK & U.S.A. websites are not accepting preorders for upcoming CD releases from Universal Music Group labels, specifically UMG-owned labels(but not independent labels that are merely distributed by UMG). When consumers contact Amazon about this situation, they (Amazon) either give a non-answer(refusing to address the situation) or they blame UMG. As for people who preordered CD’s before the start of Amazon’s apparent embargo, their preorders still stand, but it is uncertain whether Amazon will supply the discs when they are released. Upcoming UMG boxed sets from Taste, Georgie Fame & Small Faces are affected by this situation.

      • Rob Deighton says:

        Look like the upcoming Queen vinyl releases are affected by this also.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        That does indeed appear to be the case. I’m hearing it’s going to be resolved soon, but we shall see!

        • Neil Hunt says:

          The problem seems to have got worse today. Amazon were taking pre-orders for the new A-ha 2CD album which my brother has ordered (it dropped down to £12.99 a day or so ago) but now it is showing as unavailable.

          The same goes for the two All About Eve reissues, The Mission “Singles A’s & B’s” compilation (all due in September) and the new Jack Bruce “Sunshine Of Your Love” 2CD compilation due in October. They are all showing as unavailable. Luckily I have the AAE CDs on order but didn’t manage to catch the Mission or Jack Bruce titles.

          By the way, the tracklisting for The Mission Singles compilation is showing on (Very expensive price though!) It looks good as it contains all the Mercury 7″ versions on one disc and the 7″ B-Sides on the 2nd disc.

          I’m hoping that Amazon and Universal come to some sort of agreement soon so that I can get my pre-orders in.

          • Phil Cohen says:

            Try and then click on “Deluxe Audio Store”(which will appear at the top of the page). This is Universal Music’s own online store. While not as cheap as Amazon, this is a place where you can preorder any upcoming Universal Music UK or U.S.A. CD product.
            If Amazon no longer wishes to sell UMG products, then it will be their (Amazon’s) loss.

          • Rob Deighton says:

            Don’t forget to have a look on the German & Italian sites as ordering from them doesn’t seem to be a problem – obviously if you are a prime member you won’t get the free delivery.

            HMV now have a online UK store which offers free delivery and are quite reasonable on price too!

          • Neil Hunt says:

            Phil, Thanks for the link. Universal Music have both All About Eve reissues with the track listings and at only £7.99 each which is good. They also have The Mission Singles compilation for the same price, so I might order them all together. Thank you!

  73. Michael Scheiber says:

    Looking very forward to this release!
    The best selling solo album of any ABBA member so far – and the best one!
    Great new vinyl single with a different B side, a signed card …

  74. Daniel says:

    what kind of “Deluxe Edition” is that ?
    the joke of the year ?

  75. Mike the Fish says:

    Ooh, that duet is tough going!

  76. alan hansen says:

    i owned the LP the day it came out and thought it had two or three winners, but otherwise mostly forgettable. although the vinyl here seems a bit superfluous, i’m oddly intrigued by the rest of this package.

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