Friday's Amazon Easter Deals

Last day of SDE coverage of Amazon Germany’s Easter Deals. Today isn’t as good as yesterday, but still some decent sets including a 20-CD Johnny Cash box (9am), John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers 4CD set (11am), the excellent Monty Python‘s Total Rubbish 9CD extravaganza (11.30am) and a second chance to pick up the Nirvana Nevermind super deluxe or the ABBA The Albums 9CD box.

SDE will be sending only three or four emails today to alert you of the best of the offerings but remember you need to sign up for the SDE Deal Alerts via Email service to get them.

Live at 5pm GMT/UTC: Jimi Hendrix West Coast Seattle Boy 4CD+DVD box



Johnny Cash 20 Original Albums 20CD / €20


John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers:  So Many Roads Anthology 4CD


Monty Python‘s Total Rubbish


Nirvana / Nevermind super deluxe


ABBA / The Albums 9CD


Jimi Hendrix / West Coast Seattle Boy 5CD – 5pm






58 responses to Friday's Amazon Easter Deals

  1. spot says:

    the who – tommy box 43,99€
    richard thompson at the bbc box 24,99€

  2. spot says:

    starting soon:
    A Complete Introduction to Tamla Motown 13,99€

  3. richie says:

    Got the Walker Brothers for £18 inc. Post, £36 on Am, UK, that`s me done now – been a good week but not on the wallet, can`t take the stuff with you so feck it!!!

  4. Geoff says:

    @Dennis – thanks. Another question – how do you know if you’ve been successful on the reserve list? Just gone for the Walker Brothers box set.

  5. Dennis says:

    finally scored the Pistols boxset – fingers crossed no more tempting offers tomorrow :) …

  6. Geoff says:

    How does the clocks going forward 1 hour in the UK tonight affect matters for tomorrow? Is there still 1 hour’s difference?

  7. spot says:

    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells-the Ultimate Edition Box Set: 43,99€

  8. Alan says:

    Got the Who’s box set – third box set purchase this week, bankruptcy looms :o))

    Great price though. Thanks again SDE and spot.

  9. spot says:

    The Who – Thirty Years Of Maximum R & B 15,99€

  10. spot says:

    The Orb – A History of the Future Box: 16,99€

  11. Adrian Barrett says:

    Thanks guys!

  12. spot says:

    about to start:

    Mr. B.B. King 4cd Box 14,99€
    Juas Priest Collection 34,99€
    Soundgarden Telephantasm Box Set 39,99€

  13. Geoff says:

    @Adrian -go to Amazon and click on the banner that says ‘Oster-Angebote-Woche: Nur noch 3 Tage’. Where it says ‘Kategorie’ change it to Musik, if hasn’t already, and then click the right arrow to scroll through.

  14. Adrian Barrett says:

    Is there a list on the German Amazon site of todays deals?

    • William K says:

      Yes, use google chrome for auto translation. Click on ‘deals’ at the top of the page. Then use the drop down ‘category’ menu and choose ‘music’.

  15. Richie says:

    Another day, another Am. Ger. sale day. I missed out on Rush Sector 2 (got 1&3) first time around but got it this morning. Cancelled my Am. UK order for it, saving of £7. This may not seem a great amount but when you spend as much as I do…this week I reckon I`ve saved over £70 on items that I intended to buy and I did not buy any big sale items,…………THANKS PAUL.

  16. Barry Whiting says:

    How much was the Python set out of interest?

  17. Greg says:

    The Out-Of-Print, two CD version, of Sweetheart of the Rodeo, for about $9 shipped to the US (5 Euro plus international shipping) is an amazing bargain. This is a great album. We have all bought some good albums in fancy boxes. This is a great album for an equally great price. It is still available. Don’t miss out.

  18. Ron says:

    Paul, I was surprised to see you say that you are married. The woman must be a Saint. Mine is a Saint and I don’t spend a tenth of the money you do on music. : )
    Thanks for all you do. I picked up Sweetheart of the Rodeo at a sweetheart of a price, 5 Euros for the 2cd set. I also picked up the deluxe version of the Paul Heaton cd for just under 10 Euros. I’m lucky that most of the items are coming up while I am at work, or my Sainted wife might have me sleeping on the couch.

  19. David Glennon says:

    All I need now is the Bob Dylan Tell Tale Signs deluxe set to crop up somewhere and I’m a happy man.

  20. Straker says:

    Orb and Judas Priest also coming round again tomorrow.

  21. Michael Pendlebury says:

    Just got the “Nevermind” super box set! I’m done for the day!!! Enjoy your weekend off with your wife Paul! I think you’ve taught me and a lot of other people how this whole thing works so we’ll try and manage without you – it’ll be tough though!!!

  22. David Glennon says:

    Nirvana £32 inc P&P. Bargain.

  23. Adam says:

    Managed to get the Nevermind box set this time round. Thanks SDE and Paul for the updates. Love this website and how nice everyone is on here, long may it continue!!

  24. Adrian Barrett says:

    Couldn’t resist the Cash box set.Happy days.

    Scored the Orb box yesterday as well.

  25. James Pigg says:

    I am doing this on my mobile which probably isn’t helping but that add me to waiting list button hasn’t shown up for me at all. Oh well my bank manager will be delighted at my technological ineptitude!

  26. Adam says:

    If it’s possible to get on the waiting list, the button changes from “add to cart” to “add to waiting list” (or something like that) and the reserved amount is still under 100%. Once it goes over 100%, you can’t do anything except hope it comes around again (plenty of offers seem to be having a second go-round over the weekend).

    Waiting list paid off, got the Python box. Took almost 20 minutes, but worth the wait. Under $38 shipped to the US.

  27. James Pigg says:

    How do you get on the waiting list. Was straight on the Mayall and Python pages but both said 100 reserved with no option to click on anything else!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The ‘add to cart’ button turns into ‘add me to the waiting list’ – so you have to click that and keep browser window open and watch out for a pop-up window that might come up and say that you’ve been lucky and got one from the waiting list.

  28. Adam says:

    Somehow missed out on the Python box even though I was on the page when it switched. How do you know what place you are on the waiting list? Mine just says I’m on it, but not what place.

  29. KevinK says:

    Had “#1 place on the waiting list” twice in a row now! :)
    Was 5 minutes before the John Mayall became available to add to basket … about 20 seconds for the Python box!

  30. BRENEZ Alain says:

    You don’t need to refresh the page. Just go on the page and wait until the offer starts; it will refresh on its own. Then you have to be fast indeed; just click on the button to add it to your basket; don’t even look at the price. You have then 15 minutes to close the deal. After 15′, it’s automatically deleted.
    Just got the Monty Python CD box set for 25.99 euros !!!

    • karl says:

      Hey yesterday on the priest boxset I only had 3 min to add to basket and not the 15 min stated on a reserve order of which i stayed glued for 11 min and then got my chance and lucky enough to pull the trigger

    • richie says:

      That Python box is a true bargain, I paid £45 for mine.

  31. James Pigg says:

    So frustrating. I really wanted the Mayall box but it just said 100 per cent reserved and wouldn’t let me add the sale price to the basket.
    Can anyone help. What was I doing wrong? How do you reserve?

  32. Gary C says:

    Don’t forget all those amazing classical music deals on the go, some amazing treasures

  33. James Pigg says:

    How do you buy these deals. It is showing as reserved and not allowing me to add to basket.

  34. Helder says:

    “Last day of SDE coverage of Amazon Germany’s Easter Deals”? Howcome, Paul?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Well it ends on Monday, anyway. And my wife will kill me if I spend all weekend working! :) I might do some kind of basic overview of the best deals but not the live updates throughout the day..

  35. Straker says:

    Daft Punk box coming round again tomorrow for anyone that wants it.

  36. richie says:

    Great start to the day, Johnny Cash box for just over £18 including post, thanks Paul.

  37. BRENEZ Alain says:

    Just got it !

  38. spot says:

    Johnny Cash: 20 Original Albums: 19,99€

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