Gary Numan / Intruder

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Gary Numan will release a new album, Intruder, in May.

Intruder follows up 2017’s Savage: Songs From a Broken World, which reached number two in the UK chart. The album is again co-produced with Ade Fenton who has worked on Numan’s last four albums.

The album will be available on CD and vinyl. The deluxe CD edition comes in a hardcover book and offers the bonus track ‘When You Fall’, while the 2LP vinyl edition adds a second bonus track, an alternate mix of ‘The End of Dragons’.

Amazon UK have this silver vinyl exclusive

An exclusive silver-coloured 2LP vinyl edition is available via Amazon in the UK while Gary’s official store offers what looks like a gold-coloured vinyl along with a picture disc 2LP set (both exclusive).

The Intruder will be released on 21 May 2021.

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Gary Numan

The Intruder - exclusive 2LP silver vinyl


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Gary Numan

deluxe CD with bonus track


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Gary Numan

The Intruder - 2LP black vinyl


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Gary Numan

The Intruder - standard CD


The Intruder deluxe CD edition

  1. Betrayed
  2. The Gift
  3. I Am Screaming
  4. Intruder
  5. Is This World Not Enough
  6. A Black Sun
  7. The Chosen
  8. And It Breaks Me Again
  9. Saints And Liars
  10. Now And Forever
  11. The End Of Dragons
  12. When You Fall (bonus track)

The Intruder 2LP vinyl edition

  1. Betrayed
  2. The Gift
  3. I Am Screaming
  4. Intruder
  5. Is This World Not Enough
  6. A Black Sun
  7. The Chosen
  8. And It Breaks Me Again
  9. Saints And Liars
  10. Now And Forever
  11. The End Of Dragons
  12. When You Fall (bonus track)
  13. The End of Dragons (alt)

The Intruder standard CD edition

  1. Betrayed
  2. The Gift
  3. I Am Screaming
  4. Intruder
  5. Is This World Not Enough
  6. A Black Sun
  7. The Chosen
  8. And It Breaks Me Again
  9. Saints And Liars
  10. Now And Forever
  11. The End Of Dragons

48 responses to Gary Numan / Intruder

  1. Derek Langsford says:

    Be aware that the Deluxe Edition from the artist store is a book version with extra photos etc. whereas I suspect the Amazon Deluxe is a regular CD-sized version but with the Deluxe CD; hence the artist store version is exclusive. That’s what I took from the pictures of the versions at the store and at Amazon, and based on my experience with the Live with the Skaparis Orchestra release which had different packaging from the respective vendors.

  2. Mike H says:

    Paul can you please find out if the Amazon. co. uk “exclusive” silver vinyl variant will be available to US fans? It isn’t available on and the UK store will not ship this to the US. I’m not sure if this is a Brexit, Covid or Official Charts issue.

    I preordered the black through the MM music campaign and the red through an indie store (Reflex). Townsend wants $30.50 to ship the gold LP to the US!!! This is outrageous!!! I don’t think that Numan nor BMG have any interest in creating an US Official Store. This would dilute his UK Official Charts position. Still, I don’t think Townsend should charge usury shipping rates. Reflex only wanted £8 to ship to the US vs £22 for Townsend.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s the sort of thing that might turn up as a Barnes and Noble exclusive. But I don’t really know. I must defend Townsend because it costs a fortune to ship to the US right now. Good customer service, refunding lost items, replacing damaged goods, offering a tracked service, packaging things properly, and paying for the actual shipping via a good supplier ALL COSTS MONEY. £8 is ridiculously low which makes me wonder if Reflex give you all the things listed.

      • Mike H. says:

        Hi Paul:
        Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate your candor. I will check out B&N closer to release date. Still hoping that Amazon (UK) will make the silver version available for export. In all honesty, I have had a good experience with Townsend over the last 10 years or so. Their shipping rates always seemed to be reasonable and competitive. In fact, I pre-ordered the black vinyl from them last year under Gary’s MM campaign and the shipping was only £11. Although I understand your point, I feel that their rates are much higher than other reputable UK sellers. This was not always the case. I guess the recent pandemic has really caused these rates to jump.

  3. StevieT says:

    I’m just wondering what happened to Intruder l and Intruder ll

  4. Ken says:

    Just thought I would give a shoutout for the recent(2019?) live release Numan did with a full Orchestra.This surprised me by being exceptionally good with some unique versions of old and new.His music just seemed to go really well with a full orchestra.He even had a choir of hymnal voices too just to add scope and atmosphere.Comes hughly recommended to the sceptics who wrongly claim he’s a creative spent force.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      It wasn’t a full orchestra. It was strings, choir, and timpani; no brass, no woodwinds, minimal percussion. I was disappointed that the full breadth of an orchestra was not present and that most of the time you couldn’t even hear it. It enhanced some where you could but it was mixed so most of the time you couldn’t. And while it was advertised as 5.1, there wasn’t one.

  5. Matthew Holbrook says:

    I think BMG are targeting number one this time, with all these different variations. All the pre-orders will count in the first week. Narrowly missing the number one spot last time by having fewer options. The only thing is it will probably be straight out of the chart again afterwards. Like the recent Xmas number one single.

  6. Beechlander says:

    His last two albums have been very good so looking forward to this third installment. Love the styling and imagery he’s created over the course of the trilogy..a man very much on top of his game.

  7. WayneUK says:

    I don’t know how the record companies can call it a deluxe edition with just one extra track. A deluxe to me should at least include 3-5 extra tracks. It’s just a money making exercise, adding just the one track. It’s even worse when they call it deluxe, and all you get is a hard book version, no extra tracks at all.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s a deluxe because it’s more ‘deluxe’ than the standard edition. For me this is just uneccessary moaning. £3 extra or whatever for better packaging and even one extra track is worth it. We were paying £15 for standard CDs 20 years ago…

      • WayneUK says:

        Yes. I see your point Paul. But it’s not that deluxe. I recall getting burned over Noel Gallagher, Who built the moon. The deluxe said extra track, which turned out to be on the standard CD too, also saying extra track. All you got was a book version. Maybe it’s better packaging, but was totally pointless. A deluxe to me should be like someone like Paul Weller who always puts 3-5 tracks on a deluxe edition. That’s not ripping the fans off. It’s then worth paying the extra.

  8. Nick says:

    With the Missing Persons box arriving today as well as a shipping notification for the FYC set from SDE shop, and now this.. it’s a good day. I saw Gary Numan ca. 6 years ago on the Splinter tour, it was one of the best concerts I have attended if not the best. Looking very forward to his new album, even if it’s still a few months away.

    • Greg Daniels says:

      Wait… what? What Missing Persons box???

      • Greg Daniels says:

        I just found it. Nevermind! Thanks for the heads-up!

        • Michael Andersen says:

          Missing Persons Box ?!?!!? Can you fill me in?

          • Christopher Bloom says:

            Michael, to be fair, it’s only a boxed set in the barest sense of the term. It’s the three Missing Persons albums, newly remastered on compact disc, housed in a thin cardboard slip sleeve. This release is $52 (US) and limited to 500 copies (I sprang for it, of course). The CDs are well mastered and feature a total of 12 bonus tracks, but you can also buy them individually without missing a single note for $15 apiece. They’re available from Rubellan Remasters, a small label specializing in high-quality remasters of 1980s new wave/indie fare. I’ve been very pleased with their work so far.

            I don’t think I’m breaking any rules by sharing the link to their page:

        • Nick says:

          Sorry, saw it too late! Good to know you found it :) Enjoy

  9. -SG- says:

    Not sure what Mr Numan is up to here, but I couldn’t think of more bad timing for that cover and that title right now.

    • Skreama says:

      Because you’re not sure what he’s up to with this album or thinking.
      The album idea/concept was started via his making music campaign in march 2019 pre pandemic. So a lot of thought & work has gone into this idea. Due to the current situation, this album has been put back as he was due to tour in conjunction with launching the album . There have been many delays, down to rebuilding his studio at the start,to bmg moving release dates ,cancelled tours & his wife being ill , Also not being able to get the vinyl pressed when finally finished (distribution now takes around 5 months presently).
      That combined with the ghost writer making a mess of his book so he had to re-write it mid album recording to meet deadlines. Everything you see & hear is his his ideas the music & the image he plans/ makes /designs it all .
      All in the midst of a pandemic.

      • -SG- says:

        It sounds like he’s had a difficult time. I like Gary Numan, saw him at at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco back in the 90’s. He really put on a good show and the fans were rabid. His blend of dark synth-wave has remained consistent over the years, a real accomplishment.

      • RMI says:

        Actually we do know: this album is about the way we have been mistreating the planet, & how it is reacting to that. Some of the songs are very good but I think the last album was probably better.

  10. Mr X says:

    Townsend music have a 2LP red vinyl version for £30

  11. Derek Langsford says:

    I have followed Numan through his ups and downs since I first heard AFE on the radio in 1979. and actually helped run one of the first internet Usenet groups for him back in the early 90s (pre-www). His last album, Savage, was one of his best (came out the same week as OMD’s Punishment of Luxury -two excellent albums by 80s artist still going strong).

    Intruder is his 22nd studio album of new material (inclusive of the Tubeway Army) which I hope will be as good or better than his Savage. And I appreciate the formats coming out separately so people can chose what they want to buy – regular CD, Deluxe CD, vinyl, with each having something different. And there’s even a cassette available at his website store.

  12. Richard says:

    Too many variations!
    I’d hoped the Deluxe CD would have all the tracks, but it seems not.
    The End of Dragons (alt) is exclusive to Vinyl

    Not mentioned here (yet) is another colour version: RED. Exclusive to Townsend’s web site.

    • David Blaydes says:

      Also availble red rougth trade on red vinyl

      • John 79 says:

        I think the Gary Numan Intruder Red vinyl is available at all independent bricks and mortar record stores,
        I must admit I thought also we were going to get a blue vinyl version when Gary started his Making Music Campaign, instead we are getting a horrible brown or so called gold colour, I’m sure a dark blue vinyl would have fitted with the artwork much better,
        From what I’ve heard of the demo snippets and the Intruder single it obviously in the same vein as Savage,
        Its not my personal favourite music era of his work but I really hope it hits the No. 1 top spot .

  13. Ed Naylor says:

    Agree with the comments about the last album and the live shows. We saw him for the first time ever at BlueDot festival in 2018 when he bravely did a set taken mainly from that album (plus Cars and Electric of course) and totally rocked it.

  14. Nick says:

    Be Glad when they arrived, I’ve had Signed Copies on Pre Order for Nearly 2 Years! Got to be the Longest pre Order in History – The Coloured Brown Vinyl LP Mock Up Looks Horrible – what happened to the Blue versions we ordered?

  15. Ex-Oligarch says:

    I had the pleasure of hearing Numan speak about his role in early days of electronic rock at a conference last year. In person he comes across as disarmingly unpretentious and modest about his considerable accomplishments.

    The event was recorded and is available on Youtube:

    Fans of Numan and coldwave might find it worth a watch.

  16. David Mcintyre says:

    Since 1994 Numans albums have been consistently good. Sacrifice, Exile and Pure being stunning. Savage was pretty awesome and was way better than Jagged and Dead son rising, 2 albums that I’ve never taken too. Really looking forward to this one

  17. Matt Johns says:

    There’s a limited red vinyl edition from indie record stores as well…

  18. Ben in Colorado says:

    Looking forward to this release. I collected his earlier albums, but not his recent offerings. But I am in a mood to give this one a try.

    Can someone tell me when Gary went from mild, synth nerd to the Road Warrior? :)

    • Frank Macari says:

      He turned darker in 1994 with his album Sacrifice and the albums since then…..Exile, Pure, Jagged, Dead Son Rising, Splinter and Savage have been electro but heavy too.

  19. DJ Salinger says:

    ‘You’ve got too close to that hot grill again, Gary. How many times have I told you not to muck about with the BBQ?!’

    Let’s hope the purple patch continues with this one. I saw him live for the first time on the ‘Savage’ tour and was blown away by how good it was. His energy on stage was a thing to behold.

  20. David Harold says:

    I suspect not Graham as the original crowd campaign required you to pay an extra £8 for download codes. If they are bundled now a lot of backers will be rather p’d off…

  21. Lloyd Evans says:

    Paid my money back in March of 2019. Originally listed as blue vinyl(stc) but looks to have become gold instead(splatter is where it’s at). Originally pencilled in for last year and then potentially February May seems so far away :(

  22. Peter Muscutt says:

    Have to say Numan on his last tour was the LOUDEST gig I’ve ever been to, and we were sat near the back! My wife was pregnant at the time and hoped there’d be no ill effects or that it brought on early labour! Cracking gig and album though… hope this one continues in the same vein.

    • Quante says:

      I had a similar experience at an AC/DC concert, when my wife was six months pregnant with our first child. I was deaf for two days and worried about the effect on the baby’s hearing. As a youngster he was incredibly sensitive to loud noise, so there is probably a correlation. Nowadays he’s rather loud himself.

  23. Dennis Yardley says:

    £4 for one extra track on the deluxe cd – am I the only person that is heartily sick of these ‘dual’ releases? Of course fans (of any band) are going to want the deluxe – it’s just a con and should be stopped

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The packaging is better on the deluxe CD. They cost more to produce, so it’s logical that they’d charge more.

      • Dubsideofthemoon says:

        Just right Paul !

      • Mark Rider says:

        And of course, the option is there for people that weren’t/aren’t fans and don’t mind taking a punt on £10 for the Standard CD. There are options for everyone…even those who still own a cassette player :-D I’ve ordered the Deluxe CD, the cassette, the Black, Gold, Red, Silver and picture disk LP’s…all I need now is a record deck to play them on!

    • Trapdoor says:

      To be fair the vinyl thing is far worse but there is no gun to your head forcing you to buy them. I’m just a bit miffed why Gary has had the test pressings for weeks and we have to wait for May. Although granted it could be COVID, post Brexit drama or maybe the test pressings weren’t the final product. Either way it should be a belter! Numan!

  24. Graham G says:

    His previous album Savage was excellent. I had been Numan free for a couple of decades or more but liked the My Name Is Ruin video and bought the album about a year after release. Haven’t stopped playing it since. Savage vinyl came with a download code, can we get confirmation as to whether this one will?

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