Gene Clark / ‘No Other’ deluxe box set

LP + 3 x SACD + blu-ray + 7″ single + hardcover book

American singer-songwriter and Byrds founding member Gene Clark’s 1974 solo album No Other is to be reissued by 4AD in November as a lavish box set which features no fewer than three SACDs, a blu-ray and an 80-page hardcover book!

Originally released on Asylum Records, a year after the Byrds shortlived reunion, Clark’s psychedelic rock, folk, country and soul record cost a small fortune to make and despite being well received critically, it was a flop. It is said that Clark never really recovered from this blow.

Since then, the album has gained greater prominence via a few reissues and has become recognised as a great album of its era.

Gene Clark ‘No Other’ box set. Click image to enlarge

4AD have remastered the eight-track album at Abbey Road and are reissuing it on CD and vinyl, but of interest to SDE readers will be an ‘extremely limited’ deluxe box set which contains the album on silver-coloured vinyl, three SACDs, an exclusive seven-inch single, and a blu-ray disc – which includes HD versions of all tracks, a 5.1 surround mix of the album, the original 1974 vinyl master and an exclusive documentary by Paul Kendall (the director of the 2013 film, The Byrd Who Flew Alone: The Triumphs and Tragedy of Gene Clark) – and a hardbound 80 page book which features essays, extensive liner notes and previously unseen photos.

All the SACDs are hybrid, meaning you can play the stereo audio on normal CD players. The first (multi-layer) SACD is presented in an exclusive Japanese vinyl replica sleeve and features the eight-track album and the 5.1 surround mix, while two further SACDs offer 18 session tracks and a couple of seven-inch edits. Amongst the sessions is a recording of ‘Train Leaves Here This Morning,’ an Eagles hit in 1972, written by Gene and Eagles founding member Bernie Leadon.

As well as being home to the documentary, the blu-ray offers all the stereo content on the three SACDs, plus the 5.1 mix, the 1974 ‘vinyl master’ of the album and an exclusive 2019 stereo remix. The 5.1 and stereo remix is by Neil Wilkes and B.J. Cole at Opus Productions (everything is 24/96).

All the studio takes have been worked on and mixed by the duo of Gene Clark aficionado, author and Long Ryders frontman Sid Griffin and John Wood, the producer famed for his work with the likes of Fairport Convention, Nick Drake & Sandy Denny. No track has been edited or composited in any way so what you hear is exactly what went down in the studio before any overdubbing took place.

As well as the box set there’s a special 2CD hardcover book edition (with a selection of sessions) and a black vinyl LP version. All three formats can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop, using this link or the buttons below.

No Other is released on 8 November 2019.

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Gene Clark

No Other - box set


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Gene Clark

No Other - vinyl LP


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Gene Clark

No Other - 2CD edition


No Other deluxe boxset

SACD 1: No Other (Remastered) + 5.1 surround mix

1. Life’s Greatest Fool
2. Silver Raven
3. No Other
4. Strength Of Strings
5. From A Silver Phial
6. Some Misunderstanding
7. The True One
8. Lady Of The North

SACD 2: No Other (Sessions 1)

1. From A Silver Phial (Version 4)
2. Silver Raven (Version 2)
3. Some Misunderstanding (Version 3)
4. Life’s Greatest Fool (Version 2)
5. Train Leaves Here This Morning (Version 2)
6. Lady Of The North (Version 2)
7. The True One (Version 2)
8. Strength Of Strings (Version 2)
9. No Other (Version 2)

SACD 3: No Other (Sessions 2)

1. From A Silver Phial (Version 1)
2. Life’s Greatest Fool (Version 1)
3. No Other (Version 1)
4. Lady Of The North (Version 1)
5. Some Misunderstanding (Version 1)
6. Silver Raven (Version 1)
7. Train Leaves Here This Morning (Version 1)
8. The True One (Version 1)
9. Strength Of Strings (Version 1)
10. Life’s Greatest Fool (Single Version)
11. Silver Raven (Single Edit)

Exclusive 7”

A. Life’s Greatest Fool (Single Version)
AA. Train Leaves Here This Morning (Version 1)


Documentary: The Byrd Who Flew Alone: The Making of No Other by Paul Kendall

No Other (Alternate Audio Versions)
No Other (HD Audio Remaster)
No Other (5.1 Surround Mix)
No Other (1974 Vinyl Master)
No Other (2019 Stereo Remix)

80 Page Hardbound Book

Extensive Liner Notes
Previously Unpublished Photographs
Essays by Andrew Perry, Jon Einarson, Johnny Rogan, Martin Aston & Sid Griffin


No Other 2CD edition

CD 1 / No Other (Remastered)

  1. Life’s Greatest Fool
  2. Silver Raven
  3. No Other
  4. Strength Of Strings
  5. From A Silver Phial
  6. Some Misunderstanding
  7. The True One
  8. Lady Of The North

CD 2 / No Other (Sessions 1)

  1. From A Silver Phial (Version 4)
  2. Silver Raven (Version 2)
  3. Some Misunderstanding (Version 3)
  4. Life’s Greatest Fool (Version 2)
  5. Train Leaves Here This Morning (Version 2)
  6. Lady Of The North (Version 2)
  7. The True One (Version 2)
  8. Strength Of Strings (Version 2)
  9. No Other (Version 2)

Vinyl LP

No Other (Remastered)

  1. Life’s Greatest Fool
  2. Silver Raven
  3. No Other
  4. Strength Of Strings
  5. From A Silver Phial
  6. Some Misunderstanding
  7. The True One
  8. Lady Of The North

67 responses to Gene Clark / ‘No Other’ deluxe box set

  1. Rashers says:

    Such a great album – bought the CD and the MOV version years ago. I just went ahead and pre-ordered on Amazon UK. Then I read the post above from Denmark and realized that I could be hammered with tariffs if the UK does the no deal madness at Halloween (I live in Ireland). Any sign of the set appearing on or .fr?

  2. Kpsja says:

    Now if we could just get the UK to stay in the EU a fortnight longer then the package would probably go to Denmark without any problems. But if you know who gets his way, it could end up costing nearly twice the price, with taxes, fees, and fee for the fee itself (I kid you not)!

    I’m sorry as I would like to support the sde, but I’ll have to if it becomes available at or similar.

  3. Steve gilmour says:

    Just want to say I LOVE paul sinclair. Im been an SDE subscriber from day 1…hes made me broke fair dinkum but his comments and dry wit put a smile on me every day.

    Long may he run and Paul if youre ever in Perth mate you have a place to stay here

  4. Simon Stokes says:

    Not heard this album before. Just finished listening to the song posted on your site Paul.

    Now I know where the Jayhawks came from!

  5. Leemer says:

    Ivo Watts-Russell’s cover of Strength Of Strings with This Mortal Coil on Filigree & Shadow explains this beautiful homage. If 4AD could, you would probably also see Tim Buckley and Alex Chilton/Big Star reissues.

    Yes, Paul, it is true that most 4AD product does not get discounted and after their limited run go very dear indeed.

    I hope that I could get the delirious SDE version. Not likely to happen…

  6. Stan Butler says:

    £140! To quote the great John Lydon, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”
    Is there any linit to the amount record companies can screw out of the public?

  7. Michael Manasse says:

    It does not look like they have re-printed the poster that was included in the original U.S vinyl pressing. A deluxe treatment we see here should have had that included.

  8. Bassel Hassouna says:

    Are there any amazon links as I do not live in the UK

  9. noyoucmon says:

    Glad to hear the SACDs are hybrids. I have no business doing it, but that super box is very appealing.

    I will admit, though: if this came out on another label I wouldn’t be drawn to the super box at all. 4AD is a much different label than it once was, but there is something about that 4AD logo that can add instant gravitas to a project. And I always thought it was super cool when the label had connections to country music, something NO ONE cool was doing in the ’80s/early ’90s. Having Rodney Crowell covers on This Mortal Coil albums was more daring than half of what I saw coming out of alternative rock at the time.

  10. The Golden Age Of A Gene Clark Deluxe Box Set says:

    Sorry Paul, got an email from Echoes: Gene Clark website this afternoon and I simply had to have that deluxe box and ordered right away from 4AD.

    I`ve been a fan of Gene Clark since his days in The Byrds and `No Other` as many have already said is one of the great albums of the last 50 years. The great man never got the recognition his talent deserved. The Byrds were never the same again without him.

    I have the S.D.E.`s of Abbey Road, Arthur, The Soft Parade and quite a few more on preorder but this is the release I`m now looking forward to.

    • noyoucmon says:

      Okay, not exactly true that NO ONE cool was connected to country in the ’80s/early ’90s. Elvis Costello’s Almost Blue album was completely daring, and still one of my favorites by him and the Attractions.

  11. SimonH says:

    Would love this album on SACD but the box is too much in terms of cost and content. Although I’m sure it will be lovely and it’s totally understandable that it’s coming out on 4ad.

  12. Ron says:

    This is extremely unexpected, but fantastic. The Deluxe Box is a must have and will sell out fast, I predict. Perhaps with that cash infusion, 4AD will get working on that SDE for Wolfgang Press?

  13. Toby Young says:

    140 squids! it’ll be 50 in a matter of months. Over the top pricing on this.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not so sure. This looks a cut above the average and previous 4AD boxes aren’t known for becoming cheaper over time.

  14. BobW says:

    Can’t wait to hear the tracks without the original horrible over-production. It may have been “of the time” but Gene’s wonderfully emotive delivery and songwriting were trampled upon. By ignorance or intent, the immediacy and depth of a great artist were lost.

  15. ed says:

    Curious to know how the different versions match up with those on the 2003 reissue (other than sound quality, which of course counts for something). You know, is Version 2 of a song the same as the ‘previously unreleased’ version of the same song on the earlier reissue?

    Were you given any insights, Paul, or does one have to buy everything?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t really know the answer, to be honest. If you absolutely love this record then the box set – while pricey – is clearly the ultimate, with all the versions on the blu-ray etc.

  16. Eric says:

    There’s an exclusive Flexi if you order the box from the label..

    Also, Ivo from 4ad is a huge Gene Clark fan and This Mortal Coil did a few Gene covers so I think that’s why he’s doing this

    • Rob says:

      Not Ivo. Sadly, Ivo passed a few years back.

      • hamicle says:

        Ivo sold his share of 4AD to Martin Mills/Beggars in 1999 but is still alive, unless his death has gone unreported?

        • Rob says:

          whoa, apologies to Ivo for thinking him passed. I remembered several artists tributing his life a few years back (time flies!) but I guess it was over his selling his shares.

          Apologies. Mea Culpa.

          • hamicle says:

            He does seem to be living the quiet life these days so wouldn’t have been outwith the realms of possibility!

    • Matthew McKinnon says:

      Ivo hasn’t been involved in 4AD for twenty years. Not in any capacity whatsoever. He sold his shares and moved on.

  17. Andrew Abley says:

    Simply brilliant news

  18. bret says:

    Does anybody know if the vinyl is mastered from the original tapes?

    • derosa says:

      it’s digital vinyl because the half-speed remaster process is not done with the analog tape,
      they cut the lacquer from a digital file run at half speed.

  19. John Murray says:

    SACD lives! Rejoice!

  20. Robert Ferbrache says:

    How about a release of the blu-ray

  21. Paul English says:

    One of my favourite ever albums. I know a lot of people were turned onto it by that Melody Maker Lost Albums book in 1995. Will get the super deluxe edition – worth the price of admission for the two single edits alone.

  22. Mathew Lauren says:

    This looks to be a great RE campaign with a multi-hybrid 5.1 SACD AND 5.1 Blu-ray amongst the goodies. I’ve been a proponent of 5.1 SACD/5.1+ Blu RE sets for years. What a treat!


  23. Tim Abbott says:

    One of the greatest albums ever made by one of popular music’s underappreciated stars. But what I’ve heard of the bonus tracks (when they were added to the CD reissue 15-17 years ago) added nothing to the album’s brilliance; part of its appeal is the economy of just eight songs. Aside from the 5.1 mix, I feel this would be a slog. Even the double LP of unreleased outtakes from across his career was a tough listen in places. Sorry Gene.

  24. Mike says:

    So happy to see this album get the full reissue treatment that it thoroughly deserves.

  25. Ryan says:

    Just for clarification, it looks like the double CD version is NOT an SACD. Is that correct?

  26. Ron Weslosky says:

    I’m interested in the set for the digital portion only. I have o interest in the vinyl, box, paraphernalia books etc. So if anyone else is interested in getting that set without the digital maybe a deal could be made?

  27. XAVIER says:

    Very interesting but not a lot of songs for this prize … 3 sacds? with 2 it was enough for the songs included …

  28. noyoucmon says:

    A completely boneheaded question: those SACDs aren’t gonna play on regular CD players, correct? Some part of me wants the deluxe box, but I think that’s gonna be the dealbreaker.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They will all player on normal CD players.

      • David Bly says:

        But, SACDs do NOT play on some computers, like mine. And as I don’t have a stand-alone CD player anymore, that’s a bit of a problem. I do have a way I can extract the audio portion and turn them into mp3 files, but it’s sad that I won’t be able to get the whole effect.

        And as I previously pointed out, I also do not have a Blu-ray player, as such another example of where a DVD would help, and would play on my computer.

        I will probably buy it, and may just buy the 2-CD version also, just so I can play it easily.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          David my friend… if you don’t have a blu-ray player OR a CD player you can’t come on here complaining about not being able to play things! ;)

          • David Bly says:

            Oh, I get that a lot! Some years ago I actually bought a used Blu-ray player from someone for $50 and I got it home and dropped it in the hallway just feet from the bedroom door (that’s where my big TV is). After that I looked for other bargains but never found one.

            Meanwhile, I’m perfectly happy with my all-region DVD player which has allowed me to buy DVDs from all over the world – South Korea, Hong Kong, Brasil, France, and the UK – the latter where I’ve gotten some great dual-format sets (DVD/Blu-ray) from the British Film Institute, many of which are of films not available in the US, or in better versions. The BFI just released a dual-format version of “How I Won The War”, for example.

            As for not having a CD player, it was just a result of the last one dying, and since the computer played them fine – until in found out about the SACD problem, I never bothered to get a new one. I only have about 15 hybrid SACDs, only one of which (a classical one) I don’t have otherwise on CD and vinyl.
            I also have several DVD-As, which were great.

            But as I pointed out before, some artists are releasing both DVD and Blu-ray, and many new bands are releasing only DVD versions as they realise many of their fans may not have Blu-ray.

            In the long run, I may get a Blu-ray player, but there’s only 2 available inputs on my TV, so I’de have to remove my all-region DVD player or my VHS recorder/player.

            There’s never going to be an end to the format wars until they finally start licencing my BrainQube™ system, where a small cube about the size of a thumbnail is inserted directly into your head via a small square hole in the side of your temple.
            WHY they haven’t come to me yet, I DO NOT KNOW!

            What To Do??????? [place smiley emoji here]

        • Matthew Breach says:

          I bought a £30 “unknown manufacturer” CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player off Amazon which plays absolutely anything on my iMac (let alone a PC) – treat yourself! Only issue with it so far (after 2 years of heavy use) is that it won’t let me rip the SACD layer from a hybrid SACD – only play the CD layer. A bit strange as I can rip the SACD layer on a non-hybrid SACD.

  29. Rare Glam says:

    4AD box sets are always beautiful in every sense. But this looks like there’s nothing on the SDL box set you can actually play on a standard CD player or are the SACDs hybrid? I’ll go for the 2 x CD set if not. So many big box sets due in the next four months!

  30. Mike says:

    Cool set but how did this end up on the 4AD label??

  31. Robert B says:

    One of my favorite albums of the year.
    The demos that appeared on the UK cd release years ago, imo, are
    better than the released versions.
    Such a great voice. Despite the heavy price Im seriously considering

  32. David M says:

    One of the greatest albums ever made. Would love it, but probably a little too pricey for me.

  33. Adam says:

    An absolutely fantastic album, and one that has been in need of a careful well considered reissue, which this new one looks to be. The previous “remastered” cd from about 15 years ago was horribly compressed.

    As much as i love it, i don’t know if i will stretch to the boxset, as comprehensive as it is, but i will be snagging the vinyl!!!

  34. Gareth says:

    Anyone curious about GC just needs to check out Some Misunderstanding and Strength of Strings from this release. Awesome stuff.

  35. Howie says:

    Why did this have to come out in a deluxe edition? Here I am feeling all smug having no interest in the recent rip off Pink Floyd box, among others, and now this, my favourite album.

  36. Jim says:

    Wow! I had no idea this was even on the horizon. Interesting that it’s on 4AD given that This Mortal Coil covered Strength of Strings from this album.

  37. Andrew Greenwood says:

    It looks the 2CD set is the vinyl free option, then hope that he blu ray comes out on its own at some point

  38. Justin Cole says:

    A great album that is well-deserving of the deluxe treatment.

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