George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice reissued as super deluxe


George Michael‘s second solo album, 1990’s Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1, will be reissued across a number of formats in November, including a 3CD+DVD super deluxe edition box set.

The super deluxe will comprise the original album remastered, a CD of the audio of George’s 1996 MTV Unplugged performance (remastered), a bonus disc of B-sides, mixes and rarities and a DVD (NTSC, region free) of UK TV’s Southbank Show special from 1990.

This set comes with a 36 page book featuring liner notes, photos and memorabilia from George’s personal archive. Best of all this super deluxe is really well priced at only £34 in the UK at the time of writing. Less than HALF the price of The Human League set, which is the same 3CD+DVD format!!


A two-CD edition includes the Unplugged performance, but omits the bonus disc of mixes/rarities (and the DVD of course).  This ’25th anniversary’ (it’s actually been 26 years) is also being released on vinyl, too.

All formats are out on 11 November 2016.

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George Michael

Listen Without Prejudice: 3CD+DVD super deluxe


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George Michael

Listen Without Prejudice: 2CD edition


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George Michael

Listen Without Prejudice: remastered vinyl




Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1 – 3CD+DVD super deluxe

CD 1 Listen Without Prejudice remastered
1. Praying for Time
2. Freedom! ’90
3. They Won’t Go When I Go
4. Something to Save
5. Cowboys and Angels
6. Waiting for That Day – George Michael / The Rolling Stones
7. Mothers Pride
8. Heal the Pain
9. Soul Free
10. Waiting (Reprise)

CD 2 – MTV Unplugged
1. Freedom! ’90
2. Fastlove – George Michael / Patrice Rushen
3. I Can’t Make You Love Me
4. Father Figure
5. You Have Been Loved
6. Everything She Wants
7. The Strangest Thing
8. Older
9. Star People
10. Praying for Time

CD3: B-Sides And Mixes (super deluxe only)
1. Soul Free (Special Radio Edit)
2. Freedom! ’90 (Back To Reality Mix)
3. Freedom! ’90 (Back To Reality Mix Edit)
4. Fantasy ’90
5. Freedom! ’90 (Edit)
6. Cowboys and Angels (Edit)
7. If You Were My Woman
8. Too Funky (Edit)
9. Crazyman Dance
10. Do You Really Want to Know
11. Happy
12. Too Funky (Extended)
13. Too Jazzy (Happy Mix)
14. Fantasy ’98
15. Heal the Pain – George Michael with Paul McCartney
16. Desafinado – George Michael with Astrud Gilberto

Disc: 4 – DVD (super deluxe only)
1. The South Bank Show 1990
2. Freedom! ’90
3. Praying for Time
4. Freedom! ’90 (MTV 10th anniversary)

169 responses to George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice reissued as super deluxe

  1. esque says:

    The first half-second or so of “Fantasy” is also missing, as anyone who compares this version with the version on _Twenty-Five_.

  2. Manuel says:

    Any official statment from Sony about the deluxe edition second disc issues?

  3. Stephen E Cohen says:

    My boxed set arrived today… Seven e-mails from Amazon dating back to Sep 2016… Of course there were sad, extenuating circumstances that led to these unfortunate delays. Many of the others are right; The print is hard to read. I looked at the original compact disc that I bought back in 1990, which had a much darker silver font. However, the music is undeniable, and am so thankful that this deluxe edition that I NEVER thought would happen is here!

  4. Tracy says:

    I am on my third replacement from Amazon. The print in all of them is very poor and also some of the pages in them have creases. I have come to the conclusion I am not going to get a better one right now. I don’t know if this is a limited edition or not but I intend keeping the best one for now and hope I can get a better one in future, otherwise at this rate I won’t have it in my collection at all.

  5. Johan says:

    It would be great if Paul could get a comment from Sony on the use of the studio version of I can’t make you love me on the MTV Unplugged cd. The live version was the sole reason to buy the set for me as I have most live tracks on the cd-singles.

  6. Manuel says:

    Could anyone confirm if I Can’t Make You Love Me unplugged is the studio version?

  7. Manuel says:

    Sorry but this is D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G.
    Give us the replacement CD or give us back the money.

  8. Keith says:

    Mines going back for refund just like the bowie set, I’m getting sick and tired of the poor quality deluxe editions we are being sold now . The print in mine is almost non existent in places on some pages, I think I will stick to the vinyl after the hash up on the MTV performance.

  9. Phil Wilson says:

    Have found this one on the sony music website:

  10. Peter Anderson says:

    Pleased with the overall SDE presentation but are the lyrics in anyone else’s virtually illegible or is it just my ageing eyes?

  11. Phil Wilson says:

    It clearly says on the sticker on the front, on the front of the loose sheet and on the back on the tracklisting that Fantasy with Nile Rodgers is on there, but it isn’t. No mention of it being a download. The lyrics and text are quite dull, but some lines are mistakenly in bold, it’s just poor quality control isn’t it?

    • fred says:

      u are right dude
      this sticker is a way to cheat people
      please give us the sony email to have the cd with fantasy feat nile Rodgers.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I don’t know what the Sony email is. I’d be doing what you or anyone else could do, looking for it online.

  12. fred says:

    on sticker it’s written that fantasy feat nile Rodgers is on disc 2 !!! but it’s wrong
    I want the cd with this bonus track !
    what is the email of sony to have it

    i dont want a download ; i want the cd as written on tracklist on backside of boxset !!

  13. Phil Wilson says:

    Apparently the MTV Unplugged version of “I can’t make you love me” is the wrong version, it is apparently the Older CD version, but with added applause. Lots of complaints on Amazon already about this. #Heroesgate, also people are saying other vocals from unplugged have been re-recorded, can anyone confirm this?

  14. Floh says:

    The web-address for the download site now works, you need to sign up to the site before you can get to the downloads. There are three links for the three CDs of the box set:
    ‘MTV Box Set Disk 1’ [CD 1 Listen Without Prejudice remastered]
    ‘MTV Box Set Disk 3’ (should be titled .. Disk 2) [CD 2 – MTV Unplugged]
    ‘MTV Box Set Disk 3’ [CD3: B-Sides And Mixes (super deluxe only)]

    With regard to the vinyl, side A is very low in volume, especially the first song, compared to side B.

  15. angeliczg says:

    Fantasy featuring Nile Rodgers (2017) is on cd2

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes but not on the deluxe edition where it’s download only.

      • Floh says:

        Hi there. Just received my deluxe edition and LP from Zoom. Some quality issues, the vinyl has some very loud clicks for around up to 15 seconds (I guess) on a couple of tracks, therefore very noticeable in the quiet sections, although no scratches are visible.
        The inner sleeve has a crease, which must have been made before putting the record into he LP sleeve. The inners cardboard sleeve is not lined.
        A couple of the CDs in the deluxe set have been found to have slight scuff marks on the playing surfaces when opening (haven’t played them yet) again this must have been missed by quality control (if there is such a thing). Also weirdly one of the pages of the book has a small crease on one of the pages but in the middle of the page, not sure how that happened, all other pages are ok.
        Also, the site for the download doesn’t seem to exist some cloudbase message comes up.
        The sets are nice, but I’m a bit disappointed by the quality control issues.

      • Phil Wilson says:

        Fantasy is on CD2 of the super deluxe, just had a look in HMV and it is listed on the back of the packaging on the super deluxe. Not sure why, but they are limited to 1 per customer

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It’s a download.

          • Phil Wilson says:

            It’s not on the disc, but is clearly listed as being on disc 2. That is pretty shocking (I know we weren’t expecting it to be on there) but why list it?

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Have to agree it’s a bit misleading. I was assuming the sticker on the front would make it clear that “Fantasy with Nile Rodgers” was redeemable via download.

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  17. FredHolmes says:

    Last night’s Freedom showed must what a talent George Michael was. Truly inspiring.

  18. Denny G says:

    Why not include all the music videos from the album on the DVD??? And include the original Thierry Mugler directed version of Too Funky? Many missed opportunities here.

    Brilliant album though. Truly amazing. I recall reading an article where they were going to bring back all the models from the Freedom 90 video for a documentary to be included in this box set. I guess that never happened.

    Definitely would have enjoyed seeing that as well as demos and alternate versions, music videos, etc.

  19. Peter Muscutt says:

    Although the Unplugged set would “belong” on a reissue of Older, why all the fuss? We’re getting it sooner rather than later!! :-)

    • Andreas says:

      because it’s taking the place of bonus stuff relevant to the period – “lost” LWP2 tracks and ‘cover to cover’ live material.

  20. Malcolm says:

    Anyone wanting the deluxe boxset can get it for £26.99 using discount code SIGNUP10 at (Universal UK”s direct video sales website).

    If you order before release they ship 1st class so should arrive Friday. If you wait until it goes on sale they use cheaper mail options so can take a week to turn up.

    I believe they also now ship to Europe not just UK. Not sure what the postage is. Their quoted prices include UK postage.

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  23. Sam says:

    Channel 4 commissions new feature doc Freedom: George Michael (w/t)

    14 SEP 2016
    Today Channel 4 announces it has commissioned an exciting new feature documentary Freedom: George Michael (w/t), an amazing and engaging film which covers an eventful five year period in George Michael’s life. This period saw a complete change where he was able to grow as an artist and finally take full control of his life as well as his career. He fell in love for the first time, which sadly ended in tragedy. It also follows the gripping story of the making of George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 and the infamous battle with his record company which followed ending up in the high court where George challenges the standard recording contract. Freedom: George Michael (w/t) is being produced by Sony Music Entertainment UK limited. The film is narrated by George himself, giving viewers his own personal account of this dramatic period in his life.

    The feature documentary will include the original five supermodels from film director David Fincher’s Freedom! ’90 video, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz and Linda Evangelista who will be coming together for the first time to talk about the experience and celebrate the iconic music video. The film will also feature famous fans of George and the album: Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Mark Ronson, Liam Gallagher, Mary J Blige, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tony Bennett and James Corden.

    The 1 x 90′ newly commissioned film will be a very personal documentary revealing how the boy from north London became one of the most influential recording artists of all time and helped to re-write the rules of the music industry and celebrity. The success of his first solo album Faith resulted in him becoming one of the few artists who could shift millions of albums worldwide. This was a dream scenario for the label but he had different plans. This resulted in a difference in opinion between him and the label over how the follow-up album Listen Without Prejudice was promoted.

    The programme will feature rich unseen archive content, combining set piece interview sequences with an A-list cast of music and fashion luminaries, leading industry figures and other key characters.

    Sony Music will be re-releasing George’s Michael’s iconic album, Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1. This was George’s second solo album, but the first where he has said he felt fully in control artistically.

    Freedom: George Michael (w/t) will include never before seen outtakes of the ground breaking video of Freedom! 90.

    The feature documentary was commissioned by Channel 4’s Jonny Rothery, Commissioning Editor, Music & Formats. It will be Executive Produced by David Austin, with BAFTA nominee Phillip Smith directing and produced by Steven Lappin. The documentary will air on Channel 4 this autumn. It is being produced by Sony Music Entertainment UK limited and is being distributed internationally by BBC Worldwide. US Cable network Showtime have acquired the feature documentary and it will air in the States later this year. The filmed, owned by BBC Worldwide, will be making its U.S. debut on Showtime on Friday, December 9th at 9 p.m. ET.

  24. Sam says:

    I think the following GM tracks would of been a great addition too:

    Ain’t No Stopping Us Now
    This Kind of Love

  25. Bill Hansen says: has false information calling this cd remastered. If you research this, you’ll find out that blu-spec 2 is not, I repeat is not a remastering process. No where on the cd jacket or sleeve will you find any information saying that the original album tracks have been remastered. Now, the added bonus material I believe has been remastered. I’m talking about the upcoming Japanese release. It’s a good bet if their was no remaster done in Japan that it is very unlikely any upcoming Euro or US release will have the original album tracks remastered !

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The pack shot on this very post, clearly states that LWP has been remastered.

      • Bill Hansen says:

        Hi Paul, my mistake. I skipped by the pack shot. Curiously, CD Japan does not mention the original album being remastered unless it’s in their Japanese notes which I can’t understand. Their site usually says something like “with 2016 remastering” as an example. Without their usual detail, I became suspicious. They do mention blu-spec cd which is a manufacturing process used in Japan. Check out their site at and see if you can find something that I missed!

  26. vikerii says:

    Email from amazon. Delayed until February 10 2017.

  27. Megatof says:

    I really don’t get why we have some misplaced or rather uninteresting stuff:

    – 4 edits, including 3 obscure promo… (that’s if you like your songs shorter I guess…)
    – 10 songs from MTV Unplugged recorded in 1996,
    – Desafinado from 1996,
    – Fantasy ’98 from… 1998,
    – Heal the Pain with Paul McCartney from 2006…

    Meanwhile we DON’T have THESE songs, which are actually from this era:

    – Tonight (live in Wembley) from “Two Rooms”,
    – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (live with Elton John),
    – Too Funky (Digital Mix)

    Also this is a missed opportunity for these tracks:

    – Somebody to Love (live with Queen),
    – These Are the Days of Our Lives (live with Queen and Lisa Stansfield),
    – Year of ’39 (live with Queen) (this one is only officially available on video),
    – Killer (live),
    – Papa Was a Rolling Stone (live),
    – Killer/Papa Was a Rolling Stone (PM Dawn Remix),
    – You Spin Me Round (yes, he did it! as Infamy, but he did it!)
    – Any recording from the Trojan Souls demo (some have been officially available on his site at some point I believe),
    – Any live recording from the Cover to Cover tour (some too have been officially available on his site at some point)…

    I really don’t get it… This track listing is a mystery to me.

    • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

      You have so right in every word. Shame on george michael and shame on the record company for this “deluxe” edition. They should look what other artists like tears for fears
      did with their great albums… 3cd and 5cd and dvd….
      the only way is: not buying it… then maybe they will learn…

  28. Megatof says:

    Maybe someone could help me with the track listing for the MTV show…

    I’ve always believed there were only 8 songs performed that night:
    – Freedom ’90,
    – Fast Love
    – I Can’t Make You Love Me (issued as a single with “Older”),
    – Father Figure (issued with “You Have Been Loved” single)
    – You Have Been Loved
    – Everything She Wants (issued with “Star People” single)
    – Praying for Time (issued with “You Have Been Loved” single)
    – Star People (issued with “Star People” single)

    These 8 songs appear on numerous bootlegs.

    Are “The Strangest Thing” and “Older” really from that same show?

    • 2badmofo says:

      I can’t make you love me was not the unplugged version though, it was studio. Also there are 2 studio versions the other one was on the promo single.

  29. 2badmofo says:

    Release put back to 3/3/17 :( what a joke

  30. Deevan says:

    Also he did song waiting for that day on unplugged …never shown on mtv

  31. elliott buckingham says:

    just want deluxe issues of the wham albums or a comprehensive 12″ collection

  32. MüllerMüller says:

    What’s about the Mexican 12″ inch Mix – called “WFM Extended Mix” 11.02min of FREEDOM91 ??????
    The Digital Mix of TOO FUNKY ????

  33. 2badmofo says:

    Japan version on sale now, although not that cheap €89 Delivered to Dublin.

  34. Stephen E Cohen says:

    I promised myself that I would order this album and get rid of my old 1990 version if they ever did a SDE version. “Faith” may have sold more copies, but I always thought that “Listen Without Prejudice, Volume 1” was better quality stuff. Too bad all that stuff with Sony happened, and George Michael never followed it up with an actual Volume 2.

  35. nite says:

    DVD’s look dreadful on your average large screen HD TV. One would have thought a blu-ray would have been a better choice.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      As is regularly pointed out by readers of SDE, unless it was filmed in HD or film, Blu-ray would make no difference.

  36. Paul says:

    When Waiting For That Day was shown on TOTP, they showed a photo montage of George pics.

  37. Da'Ron Brown says:

    Amazon (US) has an additional track.
    Disc 3: track 14. Calling You (Cover To Cover Live Wembley Arena) (Mixes and B sides)
    is this correct?

  38. gwynogue says:


    Sorry, didn’t see that – all the other comments were about “Waiting For That Day” so I only looked at the WFTD page.

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  40. Deevan says:

    Unplugged Mtv album should have added hand to mouth unplugged

  41. Todd R. says:

    I have a whole page of notes – and despite having many of the same issues as those mentioned above here – I’m still jazzed to get this set, as oddly arranged as it is.

    Also, there was an hour-long radio promo interview on LWP – that would have been a terrific bonus somehow here – with period explanations on the songs and the creation of the original album.

  42. Neil says:

    Is there going to be a single disc release of this as i don’t fancy that 1996 concert on an album from 1990.

  43. deevan says:

    DEFFO should have the unplugged dvd , pleased OLDER MTV VERSION FINALLY RELEASED. there Is deffo a missed opp for cover to cover tracks to be included. TTD sign your name is an example of an amazing cover ..still unreleased.come on SONY

  44. Craig says:

    The onslaught on US airwaves/MTV that was the Faith album back in the day was unbelievable. Catchy (more “serious” than Wham) songs, hot videos, cool club remixes, sick tour. The perfect storm.

    Was it just too much for him to handle? Maybe. Those end of Wham/Faith years must have been a crazy ride with little downtime.

    Plus he was putting out one image and being worshiped by “hungry school girls” while not living his life true to himself (at least publicly). I can certainly see the cathartic nature of Freedom ’90 and its video.

    And, at least in the US, there weren’t really any catchy club-type songs that people wanted/expected. That and the lack of videos and of even self-promotion.

    I have always felt the whole lawsuit thing was just all this coming to a head.

    The way it played out was unfortunate for everyone – Sony, George, and the fans.

    It’s really too bad that his output pretty much stopped years ago. It seemed like he was enjoying a bit of revival a few years ago all the way around – personally, musically, popularity, etc. He was on several US TV shows, performing etc. But all that seems to have faded now.

    As much as we all nitpick this release or lack of other releases (how about a SDE of Fantastic???), I have long come to accept to just appreciate what is released for what it is.

  45. Marc says:

    Andeas is right George did kill the album by not promoting it. If an artist is not interested in promoting their music why should potential record buyers care? George became far too precious after the success of Faith but how many struggling musicians would kill for that success or his recording contract? He complained about his image during the Faith era but you don’t see other artists sabotaging their careers because of an earlier image problem. As for his recording career just 4 solo albums in nearly 30 years? I mean really, seriously? He can’t blame that woeful output all on protracted court cases!

    • bob says:

      George wasn’t precious at all, he was just a different artist by now as he was 18 when Wham became famous.
      Sony wanted to milk George for all he was worth and wanted Faith mk2 for his new album. George had other ideas and presented them with, as Elton John says, his masterpiece LWP. George has spoken many times about how he wasn’t comfortable with his pop idol image and wanted to leave it behind. As he says he could have easily taken it to the next level of success but he didn’t want it. For eg he had a meeting with Michael Jackson re a duet single, George knocked this idea on the head straight away once he realised what a whacko he was dealing with (his words).
      There was also other things at play with the Sony court case that only came to light afterwards. George Michael got wind that the head of Sony, Tommy Mottola, had called him a ‘limey fag’ at a conference. At this point George was the second biggest selling male artist in the world behind Jackson, and a huge earner for Sony, and yet here was the boss calling him a fag behind his back to a conference full of people. Would you stand for this if your boss said this about you?
      I admire George hugely for standing up to Mottola, even if he did lose the court case.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Is all that definitely true or is it alleged?

      • Andreas says:

        George wanted his cake and to eat it to – the sales and the luxury of not having to peddle his product. He shouldn’t have taken the complete no promotion route, which I’m sure he regrets given the glossy videos for the follow up ‘Older’. Sony had an investment to protect, and if an artist won’t do anything to promote a major release, what can they do around falling interest in a major market where ‘the face’ counts. George blamed Sony, but he was as much a party to this project as they were.

        ‘Older’ stalled in the Sates due to no exposure beyond the videos – but George did no live promotion, personal appearances around this release. Again, he blamed the record label (DreamWorks) for lack of success in the States, hence the follow up unprompted (and fully lacklustre) covers ‘SFTLC’ as a means of fulfilling his 2 record obligation to the company.

  46. Griffin says:

    It’s kind of strange to make the 2 CD set with the MTV unplugged instead of the CD3! I don’t care about the unplugged. If I don’t want the whole 4 disc set I could just get the 2CD. But now I feel they are milking me/us to make the steange combo with MTV unplugged.

    And also really strange not including the Waiting for that day video!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There was no video for Waiting For That Day.

      • Neil says:

        I wonder how they promoted that single back then without a video and what did they show on MTV and TOTP.

      • Griffin says:

        I don’t remember exactly. But according to wikipedia there was! I guess it’s wrong then. Still the 2CD set with CD1 & CD3 would make more sense! And CD2 for the die hard fans in the 4 disc set.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I think wiki must be wrong… I do agree that the rarities disc would have made more sense as CD 2.

          • gwynogue says:

            The wiki page doesn’t mention anything about a video.

          • Griffin says:

            Wiki for Mother’s Pride:
            While video clips were released for the previous two singles from Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, no video clip was released for this single.

          • Megatof says:

            I kind of remembered something à la “Sign ‘o’ the Times”, with only the lyrics on screen… But I must be wrong then…

  47. Graham says:

    Looks good to me. I wonder if the BBC radio concert – which was basically a try out for the Unplugged performance – will ever see the official light of day. Perhaps that will be included with an Older deluxe set.

  48. DaveM says:

    Not a massive fan of George Michael, but like and admire the singles I have heard over the years, so cannot comment on the ‘whats missing ‘ element of this. Always read about releases on here anyway and don’t usually comment on stuff I don’t really know, but what I think is that as an SDE its all meat and no fat in terms of format and is great value. I think I am actually jealous that some of the stuff I do buy isn’t presented / priced this way!

  49. EW99 says:

    I shall be very surprised if a deluxe edition of Older some time in the distant future doesn’t include Unplugged on a DVD.

    Anyway, great news and this is a definite for me.

  50. Lon Pinko says:

    Shame there is no sign of “This Kind of Love” or any “Trojan Souls” tracks from the same era. I echo the remarks about the inclusion of the “Unplugged” session which would sit better with an “Older” Deluxe. And finally what about some “Cover To Cover” footage? Maybe this will be in the forthcoming Channel 4 movie tie in.

  51. Andreas says:

    And where is ‘Killer/Pappa’ & it’s remixes?

  52. Matthew says:

    this goes straight on my christmas wish list. AWESOME! i could never work out why Soul Free wasn’t a single. IMO it is the most obvious ‘single’ on the album apart from freedom.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes. Soul Free is a great song.

      • Andreas says:

        Yep – George killed that album single handily (though I’m sure the new doc will tell us otherwise) :-)

        • bob says:

          What are you talking about?
          This album is George’s masterpiece and was a huge seller. In the U.K. it outsold Faith.

          • Andreas says:

            8 million sales globally versus 25 million for faith. He killed his career in the U.S by wanting to lose the image. Fine if that was a sacrifice he was willing to make, but then he went and blamed Sony for the lack of success stateside.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Half agree, however as has been said, in the UK Listen Without Prejudice was bigger than Faith, which proves that lack of promotion doesn’t necessary equate to lower sales (although it’s not going to help). Therefore Sony UK probably did their bit despite limited promotion etc., but perhaps Sony US didn’t? Also the image/brand was so strong in America you get the feeling that the US audience were ‘locked’ into *that* person in the Faith video and that ‘brand’ – whereas I think in the UK it wasn’t so much the case. Seeing GM pretending to be a NY cabbie in a video was a bit of a ‘roll your eyes’ for us Brits, rather than “what a cool dude!” So when all that ‘stuff’ disappeared for the next album, I just don’t think the mainstream US audience ‘got’ it. This is my feeling, but interested in other views.

  53. Francis says:

    Apart from the up-and-coming George Michael album, the band Black Grape are having their album “It’s Great When You’re Straight…Yeah” being released as a 3 Disc Deluxe Edition Box Set this November.

  54. Francis says:

    I wonder what happened to “Listen Without Prejudice: Volume 2”?

  55. Neil says:

    I like this album and will probably pick up the 2 disc edition but i would have preferred the 2nd disc to be the B-Sides And Mixes rather than the live stuff.

  56. Daran says:

    What a good week it’s been for modern synth / pop music SDE’s. DoL, DM, HL and now GM. Like buses, nothing for ages then 4 come along at once :)

  57. andrew says:

    George’s website and other outlets are talking about a new documentary narrated by George with many famous talking heads looking back at the making of the album called Freedom: George Michael. Am I missing something or is this not included on the re-release? Apparently it’s a commission by BBC and Channel 4 so we can expect it to appear there but surely it has to be in the super-deluxe set too?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No it’s not. It will be a documentary screened on TV. Presumably it will be issued as a standalone dvd/blu-ray at some point.

  58. Smith says:

    Nice looking package……..

    ……….said George to the man on the heath.

  59. John says:

    Well, I’ll be getting this for sure, but it seems like they should have included “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” as well since that was sandwiched between the release of this album and “Too Funky.”

  60. DJ Boji says:

    Does anyone have the tracklist of the southbank Show 1990?

  61. paul kelly says:

    there should be more on the dvd like top of the pops performances or should been a 3 cd version
    what a waste of making a dvd with only 4 songs on it

  62. Michael Bird says:

    Oh, what I’d give for a high-resolution, surround mix of this album. As it was tracked digitally, nothing better than 44.1 is possible but I dream of it nonetheless. I am sincerely hoping that the remaster expands the stage a little. I dream of what could be heard in a multichannel of “Cowboys and Angels” and though it may be tempting sacrilege to say so, but I’d rate GM’s version of “They Won’t Go When I Go” as better than Wonder’s own original. It’s debatable at least.

  63. Simon Taylor says:

    Older really is THE George album for me, that one I want on vinyl and hoping for a reissue ever since Symphonica came out on double vinyl.

    I’ll echo the comments about this one, looks nice to see and i would like it but would’ve thought Unplugged would’ve come with an Older reissue. But what the hell, i’m talking myself into this one, or perhaps more sensible for my wallet, i’ll put this on my Christmas list.

    I did wonder if vinyl reissue of LWP would come out but 2nd hand copies of that are cheap and plentiful. Pleeeease, double vinyl reissue of Older. Thats the one I want, early 2017 will suffice!!!

    BTW, nice to see so many comments for a George re-release. The man is still very popular. His last 2 tours i’ve avoided mainly due to ticket price but if he tours again i’m first in the queue for 2 tickets. THAT i will happily invest in.

    We shall see……

  64. ant says:

    For me George’s best album, grownup sound, timeless! cd deluxe and vinyl ordered, praying for non brickwalled digital audio otherwise. ………….. double lp would have been great……..praying also for hi res download which should certainly exist from the remaster,anyone know who did it? Dont know him but miss George, hope all is ok

  65. Gary C says:

    Hi Paul
    Agree with most that this is his best album, love the Macca Heal The Pain version.
    Amazon showing a single disc for the LP, which is a shame as a double vinyl and a DL card for discs 2 and 3 would have been fantastic

  66. Dan Slattery says:

    Nice to see the “Red Hot and Dance” material has been included. Apart from “Too Funky” I don’t think any of the other songs have been re-released since.

  67. Lee says:

    Looking at the DVD listing it’s a missed opportunity that they haven’t got the ‘Too Funky’ video on there and the ‘Making of’ video too. I may still have it on VHS, but I’m not sure.

  68. peet says:

    is there any news the remaster will also be released in a hi-res formats 96/24 or 192/24 FLAC or maybe DSD?

  69. Simon C says:

    My guess as to why the unplugged concert is included even though it’s the wrong period, is that the record company didn’t have permission to use unreleased stuff. So to ensure a third disc they used the unplugged concert.

    Was there any unreleased stuff on the Faith reissue? No, so this was unlikely to change for LWP. My guess is that George himself would have had the final say on the tracklist and vetoed any unreleased stuff.

    When it comes to the Older album because of the number of remixes and additional tracks on the singles, it will be easier to fill a third disc.

    • Scott says:

      Was “Calling You (Cover to Cover Live Wembley Arena)” previously released? That is a new one to me.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        That was on the Five Live Freddie Mercury EP. I’m not convinced the US are getting a different version of this reissue.

        • Scott says:

          Thanks, Paul! I totally forgot about that track being on “Five Live.” Also, since it was originally a Hollywood Records (US)/Parlophone (UK) release and not a Sony one, it didn’t even occur to me that any of the “Five Live” tracks would be an option for inclusion on this.

  70. Kauwgompie says:

    My favorite GM album! So glad this is getting reissued. We all know GM doesn’t release a lot of songs so to expect all kinds of demos and LWP part 2 is just not realistic. I’ll take it :-)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Very much agree with this. George was never going to approved unreleased material. Once you accept that, I think the bonus disc of mixes etc. is far better than on Faith which randomly missed off instrumentals and bizarrely included Fantasy.

  71. Rob says:

    The Amazon USA track listing for disc 3 has a different running order and one additional track (“Calling You.”)

    Disc: 3
    1. If You Were My Woman (Mixes and B sides)
    2. Fantasy (Mixes and B sides)
    3. Freedom (Edit) (Mixes and B sides)
    4. Cowboys And Angels (Edit) (Mixes and B sides)
    5. Soul Free (Special Radio Edit) (Mixes and B sides)
    6. Freedom (Back To Reality Mix Edit) (Mixes and B sides)
    7. Too Funky (single edit) (Mixes and B sides)
    8. Crazyman Dance (Mixes and B sides)
    9. Do You Really Want To Know (Mixes and B sides)
    10. Happy (Mixes and B sides)
    11. Freedom! (Back To Reality Mix) (Mixes and B sides)
    12. Too Funky (Extended) (Mixes and B sides)
    13. Too Jazzy (Happy Mix) (Mixes and B sides)
    14. Calling You (Cover To Cover Live Wembley Arena) (Mixes and B sides)
    15. Fantasy 98 (Mixes and B sides)
    16. Heal The Pain (with Paul McCartney) (Mixes and B sides)
    17. Desafinado (with Astrid Gilberto)

    Like other have said, the MTV Unplugged is an odd inclusion as it’s from the Older era. Would have much rather had a live album from the Cover to Cover tour. He played lots of great covers on that tour that have never been released. (A fantastic version of Bowie’s “Fame” was a highlight of the show I saw.)

    Also, I really wish George would do some 5.1 mixes. His albums are so well suited for surround sound.

    • Aevion says:

      A Cover to Cover live album would’ve been a fantastic addition to this set! Maybe even tag on the Five Live album as well which would very nicely round up this era.

  72. Todd says:

    Nice that this is finally getting a deluxe release. However, I have to agree with Daniel; why aren’t there more Demo’s, outtakes and alternate versions included? These are what long time fans really want over edits and more edits of edits. I see a few B side tracks listed but I always thought there was/should have been longer or alternate version of Soul Free and Waiting for that Day as well as others. I guess I’ll still be waiting for that day…..

  73. Michael Leon says:

    Still my favourite album. Should’ve included all the Cover to Cover live tracks, especially the ones that were never officially released like Desperado, Victims and Ain’t no Stopping Us Now. Also the unreleased LWP volume 2 and Trojan Souls songs like Disco, This Kind of Love and One Day I’ll Know. A shame MTV unplugged is on here as I’d expect it to be part of an Older Super Deluxe. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be as great as it could’ve been and I was right.

  74. Massimo says:

    MTV Unplugged in this box?!?!?! This is very stupid thing! And the nothing Demos?! This second stupid thing! Bad edition!

  75. Paul B says:

    One of my favourite albums of all time but it’s only an OK set. The unplugged show was post-Older, the last three tracks on the third disc are also post-Older, and where is ‘I Believe’!?

    That said, the Southbank Show is worth the money alone, it is a great programme – I loved how George broke down ‘Waiting For That Day’.

  76. Florian M. Kranz says:

    I have the unplugged show on DVD. It has been broadcast on New Year’s Eve while ago on the German Austrian Swiss chain 3sat. That might stop me from buying the DE or SDE. But it will be an excellent box, I’m sure.

  77. lee bowler says:

    I was hoping for a Faith style box set – that was glorious.

    But … Not going to moan, waited a long time for this stunning album to be given the deluxe treatment.

    Strange they changed the cover art.

  78. mike says:

    Given ive wanted Unplugged since first saw it. This is brilliant news! Though odd as everyone says. Wished for LWP volume 2 but bar the same b sides, looks like it’ll stay unreleased. Similar to Faith reissue then bur good price.

  79. AnthonyC says:

    Awesome news!

    The DVD would have been nice with the LWP TV commercial – censored and uncensored versions! These would have been a nice addition to this era.

    Sadly, the MTV interview with Kurt Loder is missing. Technically this is from cira 1992 but sums up this era nicely, particularly as the Red Hot tracks are here.

    The uncut version of the interview is great, particularly when George speaks candidly about the Sony court Case.


  80. John says:

    Definitely picking up a version of this. FTI, the 2 disc set is currently showing 13.98 on Amazon US.

  81. Peter Tiel says:

    Why is the cover photo changed?

  82. elliott buckingham says:

    I think I have the live tracks from al the older ep cd singles releases

  83. David says:

    The MTV unplugged show would have sit better on an Older 25th anniversary which would be out in 2021 and knowing George, it will be a year later. After all, he waited one extra year with Faith and now again with Listen Without Prejudice. It is slightly better than the Faith reissue but putting some demo’s on it would have been nice.

    • Aevion says:

      Actually the Faith reissue came out in 2011, so he actually got in early for that one.

      The first and third discs of this reissue look fantastic, however I’m kinda scratching my head over the Unplugged disc. But considering the inclusion of “Fantasy” on the Faith reissue, it seems whoever compiles these reissues isn’t entirely concerned with sticking to an era. And this reissue includes the 1998 version of “Fantasy”; at least it’s a different version….

      Was also hoping for some more tracks from the abandoned LWP Volume 2, but oh well. At least this reissue is actually being made, something I never thought would happen. Can’t wait for the eventual Older reissue!

  84. Smith says:

    There must be some mistake. Where’s the ever present vinyl and memorabilia?

    Perhaps somebody from the record company hand delivers the box set and smacks you aggressively round the head with the unadvertised and already warped and dished, digitally sourced vinyl portion until you give them an extra £40.

    At which point they stab you with the pin of a George badge until you have hand over another £10 for that as well. They the throw a folded up poster of George at you dismissively and snort, “You can have that for nothing, because that’s what it costs us.”

  85. bob says:

    I wonder what kind of packaging the deluxe version come in, hopefully not an LP sized box.

  86. Scott says:

    Very excited for this release, but yes, some of the bonus material choices defy logic. Agree with what everyone has said above. I also noticed that they included “If You Were My Woman” and “Freedom! ’90 (Back to Reality Mix)” from the “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” single, but not “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever).” And the inclusion of “Desafinado” is about as random as random can be.

  87. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    Everybody knows that goerge michael has done so many demo tracks between 1990 and 1996. I own some demo versions of that time from bootlegs. Where are they ? I cannot understand why the 1996 unplugged tracks are on this deluxe edition. And then partly with new tracks from 1996. This should be on a forthcoming deluxe edition of “older”. Sometimes i can’t understand the decisions of the artists / record labels. Mixing tracks from different decades on an album re-issue and named that “deluxe edition”.
    And as far as i know the “heal the pain” duet with paul mccartney is from later than 2000. ?? For me this is the same missed opportunity as “faith”.
    And finally nothing for me.

  88. omar says:

    I wonder if The Too Funky (Edit) is the 7″ version or the Video edit with the “I’m Not Trying To Seduce You” intro?

  89. Daveyman19 says:

    Hurrah – a 4disc box set thats reasonably priced and contains worthwhile content!

  90. Tyler Williams says:

    It doesn’t make any sense to release the 1996 MTV Unplugged performance with Listen Without Prejudice. It should be released as part of a deluxe edition of Older.

  91. Ken Murphy says:

    Finally, the Unplugged session gets an official release. Ordered!

  92. Remon says:

    Nice release. Was hoping for a cover-to-cover 1990 concert but the unplugged 96 is very good too. I think i have bootleg of this show; was it ever released officially before?

  93. Ben Williams says:

    Great news! Looks fantastic!

    Though confused at the inclusion of Unplugged.. Surely would fit better on an Older deluxe edition??

  94. Paul Edwards says:

    A good round up of official tracks, sensibly priced so I will buy it- it somehow does feel like an opportunity missed though

  95. bob says:

    The MTV unplugged is from the Older era 6 years later, and why is Fantasy on this box set and the Faith box.

  96. Mike C says:

    Definitely putting an order in for the Super Deluxe edition. Great to see the South Bank Show on it as well. Remember watching that, very intimate performances and outatkes on that show. Think even an acoustic version of a Wham song was done on the show, whether that will be on it, is anyones guess, but looking forward to it.

  97. Shane says:

    Ordered even before finishing the post when I got to the cheap price part!

  98. James says:

    Excellent news. My favourite of his albums. Cannot complain about anything that is included.

  99. Michael says:

    Fantastic news, I was wondering what had happened to this release. It seemed to have dropped off the radar. Will be placing my order asap.

  100. Gaston Guillaume says:

    Yes !!!!
    You make my day Paul !

  101. Thorsten says:

    CD3: Sides And Mixes
    1. Soul Free (Special Radio Edit)
    2. Freedom! ’90 (Back To Reality Mix)
    3. Freedom! ’90 (Back To Reality Mix Edit)
    4. Fantasy ’90
    5. Freedom! ’90 (Edit)
    6. Cowboys and Angels (Edit)
    7. If You Were My Woman
    8. Too Funky (Edit)
    9. Crazyman Dance
    10. Do You Really Want to Know
    11. Happy
    12. Too Funky (Extended)
    13. Too Jazzy (Happy Mix)
    14. Fantasy ’98
    15. Heal the Pain – George Michael with Paul McCartney
    16. Desafinado – George Michael with Astrud Gilberto

  102. les oldfield says:

    Superb, been waiting for this reissue since the anniversary last year!
    I like the fact that the ‘unplugged’ album will be on the 2cd set as well as the deluxe box, even though i’ll probabaly buy both….only for the collection of course!
    Looking forward to ‘Older 25’ sometime in the next few years! ;0)

  103. Ian Street says:

    Was hoping this collection would include the cover versions of various Stevie Wonder tracks he recorded….anybody know where you can find these?

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