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A new two-CD set featuring the best of Gilbert O’Sullivan will be issued this week…

The Irish singer-songwriter was massive in the early 1970s and The Essential Collection is a 43-track double-disc set that features all his hits, including chart toppers Alone Again (Naturally) (number one in America in 1972) and Get Down which hit number one on the UK singles charts the following year.

In addition, this attractively designed collection features new single No Way, and a remixed version of I Guess I’ll Always Love You which will be a second single later this month.

The Essential Collection is out on 10 June 2016

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Gilbert O'Sullivan

The Essential Collection




Disc: 1
1. No Way (2016 Radio Version)
2. Nothing Rhymed
3. Clair
4. What’s In A Kiss
5. I Guess I ll Always Love You (2016 Radio Version)
6. You Are You
7. Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day
8. Get Down
9. The Golden Rule
10. Out Of The Question
11. No Matter How I Try
12. Happiness Is Me And You
13. Why, Oh Why, Oh Why
14. Houdini Said
15. Can t Think Straight
16. Lost A Friend
17. Dear Dream
18. Doing What I Know
19. Thunder and Lightning
20. You Got Me Going
21. Made In Love (2015 Radio Version)
22. Matrimony

Disc: 2
1. Alone Again (Naturally)
2. We Will
3. The Niceness Of It All
4. Ooh Baby
5. So What
6. Answers On A Postcard (Please)
7. Young At Heart (We’ll Always Remain)
8. I Wish I Could Cry
9. Miss My Love Today
10. All They Wanted To Say
11. Can’t Get Enough Of You
12. Where Would We Be (Without Tea)
13. Stick In The Mud
14. I Don t Love You (But I Think I Like You)
15. Missing You Already
16. Because Of You
17. At The Very Mention Of Your Name
18. Bear With Me
19. A Friend Of Mine
20. Mr Moody s Garden
21. End-vironmental Piece

36 responses to Gilbert O’Sullivan / The Essential Collection / new 2CD best of

  1. Steve Foster says:

    Love everything he’s ever released (except “A Woman’s Place”). Have purchased the Deluxe Edition re-issues of his albums (three have not been re-mastered or re-released: “Singer Sowing Machine”, “Irlish” and “Tommorow Today – live in Japan”). I was astonished at the range of material, the colours, the tones, the lyrical wordplay… the man’s a genius. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can’t be denied that he is a wonderful, quirky and uniquely talented man who’s written many wonderful songs.

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  3. Adam says:

    Have to say ‘Nothing Rhymed’ and ‘Alone Again, Naturally’ are two of the very few songs that will get me blubbing. Saw him live at Glastonbury in(I think) 1995,and he was superb.

  4. Noel Hyland says:

    The best Irish singer/ songwriter EVER,
    I’ve being following GOS since the 70s
    every album has at least one gem on it,
    and the album tracks are better than the singles, honestly.

  5. This Essential Collection is put together by Gilbert himself. From the original 73 tracks he left out 30… that’s why we miss gems like Don’t Let It Get To You, Save It, Christmas Song, Looking (A Tale Of Two Meanings), Conversation With The Flying Plates, I Don’t Care, The Best Fun I Ever Had, Pretty Polly, Number 4, Underneath The Blanket Go, When To Today, I’m A Writer Not A Fighter, Force Of Habit, A Love So, Nobody Wants To Know, That’s Love, Can I Leave The Rest Up To You, Disappear, You, and Get Out Of My Life.


    I still find it quite incredible that a song about suicide not only garnered heavy radio play, but made it to the top of the charts (Alone Again)… but it is an amazing song (as is Pete Wylie’s cover version)… *yes, I do know about the MSPs Suicide is Painless, but bearing in mind that this was the early 70s….*

    • Stan Butler says:

      Suicide is painless or “Theme from Mash” as it was called, was a No.1 in 1980 for M*A*S*H.
      Manic Street Preachers’ cover got to No.7 in 1992.

    • bob says:

      The 70’s was such a strange (and fantastic) era, it might just as well have been 100 years ago lol
      Remember the sleeve pic for The Police single – Can’t Stand Losing You? It was of a young man standing on his tip toes on a block of ice with a noose around his neck, with an electric fire next to the ice melting it. Nobody even questioned it as I recall, it was for sale in Woolworth’s and WH Smith’s etc.
      Can you imagine a chart pop act trying to release a single in a sleeve like that today, it wouldn’t even be an option.

  7. Dan says:

    Gilbert O’ Sullivan is, in my humble opinion, one of the unsung (pardon the pun) heroes of popular music. He was a victim of his own success and was poorly managed by a man he later successfully sued. But I digress. As a musician and lyricist, I think he is/was truly talented and should be declared a national treasure. Some of his compilation albums over the years have done him few favours. The early albums (I’d say the first four) have some truly artistic merit. The first one (entitled ‘Himself’) was highly original and certainly of its time. Whoever was responsible for the man’s style on that first album cover needs help big time! Actually, I do believe G O’S himself played a huge part in that. It didn’t get much better though on subsequent albums when he decided to become a ‘ladies man’ and wore a jumper with a bloody great B on it. Oh well, we can’t all be perfect!

  8. Pieter van der Velde says:

    I do miss the Dutch number 1 “Underneath the blanket go”.Brilliant song and follow-up to Nothing rhymed in the Veronica Top 40. The song is included on my Greatest Hits CD from BR Music. Made in Sweden It also cantains Christmas Song and the awful A woman’s place.
    By the way. I love this webside. Check it out every day

  9. ian s says:

    ”Christmas Song” was included on Gilbert’s 1991 ”Nothing But The Best” compilation CD released by Castle Communications.

    • Mark Bumgardner says:

      I believe it’s also on the Rhino best of that came out in the early ’90s.

      • ian s says:

        The 1991 version of that Rhino compilation had ”Christmas Song” on it,but the 1998 repackaged version doesn’t!

    • Francis says:

      I have the ”Nothing But The Best” compilation CD released by Castle Communications that includes the “Christmas Song” but it would been nice to have this brilliant seasonal track on the new 2CD set considering it was a hit and not just some throwaway thing he wrote, as it got to Number 12 in the UK Singles Chart in 1974. What surprises me, it was not even included on the Deluxe Editions of his albums as one of the bonus tracks.

  10. bob says:

    Bill, Gilbert was initially a highly regarded singer songwriter in the early 70’s tradition who sold both albums and singles, and loads of them. He then became more mainstream.
    Unfortunately in the mid 70’s he made the disastrous decision to release the single ‘A Woman’s Place (is in the home)’. This proved to be a big mistake as he was rounded on by feminists, music critics and pretty much everyone else. The single flopped and his sales pretty much never recovered.
    This compilation is a great place to explore his music.
    I always loved his Christmas single, I am surprised they haven’t tacked it onto the end of this album.

  11. Willy says:

    His ‘Sounds of the Loop’ album from 1992 is amazing. At first glance I think only ‘Can’t Think Straight’ (duet with Peggy Lee) is present here.

  12. Paul H says:

    It’s an interesting body of work and I’ve lately been buying the Salvo reissues from a few years back on the back of some recent interviews with Sodajerker and Danny Baker which were both very charming.

  13. Mitchy says:

    Beautiful melodies combined with thoughtful and/or quirky lyrics. I would be surprised if most music lovers didn’t find lots of these songs to be great and stuck in your head nicely for a long time. Most definitely recommended. PS Great site Paul!!

  14. Robin says:

    A decent enough selection of tracks, but the Rhino Handmade “Caricature” box is still the one to get.

    • Darren L says:

      Yes most definitely….I didn’t get the Rhino Handmade issue though, I got mine on Gilbert’s own ‘Bygum Records’ direct from his website.

      As good a songwriter as Ray Davies for me (although for some reason, not seen nearly as credible in a lot of circles).

  15. Francis says:

    Just like David Bowie’s “Laughing Gnome” always seems to be missing from compilations, “The Christmas Song” is missing yet again from another Gilbert O’Sullivan compilation. BOO!

    • Doug says:

      Quite agree. Can’t understand why this has never been released on CD.

    • John says:

      One of my favourite tracks was “The marriage machine”, that’s never been released on CD either

      • Christopher Taberham says:

        John….The Marriage Machine was a track on Gilberts ” A stranger in my own back yard ”
        album and is on the 2012 Salvo reissue .

        • John says:

          Thanks Christopher, I never knew that. I’ve got “A stranger in my own back yard” on vinyl but nothing to play it on now!

  16. Horslips says:

    UK? Gilbert is Irish. Born in Waterford.

    At least this set is more attractive than the “The Berry Vest of Gilbert O’Sullivan” which must be the contender for the worst title ever for an album. The joke also needed the cover which was also awful.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good point..

      • Stan Butler says:

        Looks a very nice package. I only started collecting his stuff a couple of years ago and there’s some gems in his catalogue. He deserves greater recognition.
        It’s great that “I wish I Could Cry” is included as it was left off the recent reissues and has never appeared on a compilation as far as I know.

        And I’m a fan of both Ronnie James Dio and Gilbert. Variety is the spice of life.

    • Trash says:

      @Horslips – just googled it and ‘oh my god…’ :-)

    • Alan says:

      Apparently he moved to the UK at age 7, so could be described as Irish/British… Wikipedia describes him as “English-Irish”

  17. Steven says:

    Was never that much of a fan, but Alone Again (Naturally) is a fan-bloody-tastic record!

  18. elliott buckingham says:

    have the best album he did back to front

  19. Bill says:

    I don’t know much of his music beyond “Alone Again”. Was he pretty much straight radio friendly pop singles, or did he branch out into other styles? What do you guys think of his body of work?

  20. Michael Leek says:

    Dio followed by Gilbert O Sullivan.
    Paul, this is one mixed-up website.
    I’ll probably buy both…

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