Goldfrapp / Seventh Tree yellow vinyl

2008 album back in print on vinyl

Goldfrapp‘s Seventh Tree will be reissued as a limited edition coloured vinyl LP in March.

Their fourth album was issued in 2008 and saw the electronic music duo incorporate acoustic instrumentation into their sound. Lead single ‘A&E’ peaked at number two in the UK charts and Seventh Tree reached number two.

This new edition is pressed on 180g yellow vinyl and like the previous reissues this comes with a print of the album cover (sans text).

Seventh Tree is out on 5 March 2021.

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Seventh Tree - yellow vinyl


Side A

1 Clowns
2 Little Bird
3 Happiness
4 Road To Somewhere
5 Eat Yourself

Side B

1 Some People
2 A&E
3 Cologne Cerrone Houdini
4 Caravan Girl
5 Monster Love

18 responses to Goldfrapp / Seventh Tree yellow vinyl

  1. MiaBocca says:

    My favourite Goldfrapp album, A&E is so beautiful. All the singles were well chosen.

  2. GDAWG says:

    This is where Goldfrapp lost me – “Titties that live on and on and on and on” errrrr no thanks

    • Shaun says:

      That song is supposedly about Real Housewives type characters. “Whatcha wanna look like Barbie for? Dear oh lord it’s easy.” I like that the lyrics are half mumbled over some lilting guitar.

  3. Steve says:

    between the Goldfrapp and PJ Harvey reissues over the past 18 or so months I’ve been pretty happy. Can’t wait to get this one too!

  4. Malc says:

    What ever happened to the Felt Mountain Anniversary reissues? I know the tour has been postponed but does anyone have any news?

  5. Michel Banen says:

    Pre-ordered via Mute. Got the deluxe CD signed :-)

  6. Pieter van der Velde wzn says:

    I think Felt Mountain is a great record. Is there another Goldfrapp record to be recommended if you like the style on that record.

    • Christian says:

      If you like “Felt Mountain” and “Seventh Tree” you might also like “Tales Of Us”. All three albums have a different feel but they use acoustic instruments rather than focussing on synths.

      The other albums are rather electronic – and again each one is unique in its own style. Maybe this is one reason why I love their music so much: you don’t get bored with repetitions. On the other hand this change in style might also be the reason why they don’t sell albums in large numbers: it is hard to promote them as a pure electronic act (e. g. considering the break in style from a glam-pop album like “Supernature” to a folk-inspired album like “Seventh Tree”).

      I would love a collection of their albums as instrumentals. Some of them can be heard on youtube and you can discover a lot of sounds and effects without Alison singing. Not that I wouldn’t love her voice it is just for the sound of their music.

      • Pieter van der Velde wzn says:

        Thank you Christian for your information. I’ll go and look for Tales of us .

        • Christian says:

          @Pieter: my pleasure. “Stranger” in particular gives me goosebumps, especially at 1:55 and 3:00.
          They should be the next for a James Bond song!

          The deluxe edition also contained “Lee” as a bonus track. I could kick myself for not having bought the deluxe edition then because now it goes for exorbitant prices.

          • Pieter van der Velde wzn says:

            Well William, I’m getting more and more interrested in Tales. Next week the 10th I’m gonna contact my local store in Amsterdam Concerto. I’m a regular there since 1971 and I can recommand them to all music lovers all over the world.

  7. Gary Tilford says:

    Mine is already preordered. Its not their best album but it’s still one to own if you are a fan. If you preorder directly from Mute it also comes with a large fold-out poster.

    • The Thorn says:

      “Its not their best album but it’s still one to own if you are a fan.”

      While I agree that it’s not their all-time best, I’d say it’s their second best – the nuances and delicate beauty of this album is something I go back to all the time.

      What I love about Goldfrapp is their ability to reinvent themselves and always make it interesting,. If only all of their albums were available on DVD or blu-ray…

      • Gary Tilford says:

        It’s very different from their previous two albums isn’t it? I have to agree with you about releasing their albums on Dvd or Blu Ray. In fact I am hoping that the much talked about Felt Mountain Deluxe reissue will come with a 96/24 disc.

        • Andrew says:

          They had three albums prior to Seventh Tree. I am also wondering what’s happened to the Felt Mountain anniversary release, but I understand they are working on new material at the moment.

  8. Denis Woods says:

    Great album. The original vinyl release goes for ridiculous money on Discogs

  9. David says:

    It’s available with a free poster through Mute Bank too

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