Grace Jones’ Warm Leatherette gets hotter with extensive deluxe sets

Grace Jones fans have been well served by Universal Music in recent years with an excellent Nightclubbing reissue in 2014 and last year’s Disco box set which brought together Portfolio, Fame, and Muse in one smart package. This trend continues in 2016 with deluxe editions of Jones’ 1980 album Warm Leatherette due in June…

The first album in her critically-lauded ‘Compass Point Trilogy’ saw Jones working with an all-star session group (rhythm section Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, plus percussionist Uziah Thompson, along with keyboardist Wally Badarou, and guitarists Mikey Chung and Barry Reynolds) and leave ’70s disco well behind.


2CD deluxe edition

The eight-track album included covers of The PretendersPrivate Life, Roxy Music‘s Love Is The Drug and Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersBreakdown.

The newly-remastered deluxe editions, bringing together the entire Warm Leatherette album, b-sides and rare in-era mixes and instrumental versions. The physical formats available are as follows

  • • two-CD deluxe edition (27 tracks)
  • • 4LP box set (27 tracks)
  • • Blu-ray audio (32 tracks)

4LP edition of Warm Leatherette deluxe

All editions have 19 bonus tracks, except the hi-res blu-ray audio which has five additional bonus remixes including the Francois Kevorkian Remix of the title track. Full track listings (and timings for all the bonus tracks) can be found below.

The packaging looks good with these deluxe editions appropriately encased in Leatherette packaging!

Warm Leatherette deluxe editions will be issued on 17 June 2016.


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Grace Jones

warm leatherette 2CD deluxe


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Grace Jones

warm leatherette 4LP vinyl


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Grace Jones

warm leatherette blu-ray audio



CD 1


  • 8. PARS

Bonus Tracks : LONG VERSIONS:

  • From WARM LEATHERETTE cassette ICT 9592 and b-side of 12” single
    12WIP 6645, released September 1980.
    From WARM LEATHERETTE cassette ICT 9592 and a-side of 12” single
    12WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as a-side of 12” single 12WIP 6591, released April 1980.
    From WARM LEATHERETTE cassette ICT 9592 and a-side of 12” single 600
    198 (Germany/Netherlands), released May 1980.
    From WARM LEATHERETTE cassette ICT 9592 and a-side of 12” single
    12WIP 6645, released September 1980.
  • 14. PARS (LONG VERSION) 5.41


    Previously Unreleased Mix.
    Issued as the b-side of 12” single 12WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as the a-side of 7” single 101.819 (Germany/Netherlands), released May 1980.
    Issued as the a-side of WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as the b-side of WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as the b-side of WIP 6645, released September 1980.
    Issued as the a-side of IS 49603 (US), released October 1980.
  • 24. PARS (SINGLE VERSION) 4.24
    Previously Unreleased Mix.
  • 25. PARS (DUB VERSION) 4.41
    Previously Unreleased Mix.
  • 26. LOVE IS THE DRUG (12” SINGLE REMIX) 7.23
    Remixed by Paul “Groucho” Smykle at the Fallout Shelter.
    Issued as the a-side of 12” single 12 IS 266, released February 1986
  • 27. PRIVATE LIFE (12” SINGLE REMIX) 7.04
    Remixed by Paul “Groucho” Smykle at the Fallout Shelter.
    Issued as the a-side of 12” single 12 IS 273, released May 1986

Bonus Tracks – Blu-ray Audio only

    Issued as the b-side of 12” single 12WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as a b-side of 12” single 12 IS 273, released May 1986.
    Remixed by Eric “ET” Thorngren.
    Issued as the a-side of 7” single IS 266, released February 1986.
    Remixed by Paul “Groucho” Smykle at the Fallout Shelter.
    Issued as the a-side of 7” single IS 273, released May 1986.
    Remixed by Francois Kevorkian at Right Track Recording, NYC, May 1985.
    Previously Unreleased Mix.

150 responses to Grace Jones’ Warm Leatherette gets hotter with extensive deluxe sets

  1. Matthew Jessee says:

    I finally got the CD box set last week and was gutted by the glitches on the single version of ‘Private Life’. Besides the error at the start, there is a second drop out at 1:48 and the word ‘regret’ is completely lost. Why can’t they catch these mistakes?!!

  2. Ray says:

    I am considering buying the Blu-Ray audio for the extra tracks. Is there a date when the download audio download expires and have the download issues been sorted, I have the CD version but chasing the extra tracks on Blu-Ray

  3. spaceboy says:

    I am also having difficulty with the d/l. Just received this yesterday. Brand new copy (Blu-ray). Went to d/l the tracks and got a “This code has already been used by someone else.” Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  4. Griffin says:

    I can confirm CD2-6 Private Life Single Version had a dropout on the right channel @0:03~0:04! It’s also on the download I’ve got (unknown source)! But that’s a bit less obvious than the CD.

  5. Mark says:

    Any updates on the blu-ray download? Has anybody done it successfully?

    • Steven Morgan says:

      Not completely. I’ve been able to download the 5 bonus tracks, and a few tracks at end of side 2. All other tracks keep failing with unsupported compression errors no matter how many times I’ve deleted the original files and downloaded new ones.

  6. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Both Disco and Nightclubbing blu-ray audio discs had the codes and the picture on the uDiscover webpage still does have this sticker.

  7. EDW99 says:

    UDiscover are claiming that “We have checked on the online store and can see that the item should not receive a download code from our store. If this is not the case please provide photo evidence and we will look into this further for you.”

    I have replied with the photo from their online store which clearly shows the sticker on the front that states that it comes with a download code. I hope that will have some effect….

  8. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Philippe, you could email

  9. Philippe says:

    The code inside my blu ray audio does not work either. To whom may I complain ?

  10. Paul says:

    The single version of Private Life has some sort of drop out at the start in the right speaker, it completely vanishes

    • Randy Metro says:

      I’ve seen this comment in a couple places. I checked all of my versions (5 by my count) with Audacity, and I can only guess that it is at the 3 to 4 second mark???? All versions have a little fluctuation or “drop” in sound in either the left or right channel for a millisecond. The sound doesn’t drop out completely, just the volume gets low for a millisecond on all 5 mixes, some the right channel and some the left channel. I don’t hear it as a glitch, mistake, or loss of sound.

  11. EW99 says:

    Nope, still not there. Bloody hell!

  12. Steven Morgan says:

    Friday being the release date yeah. I did think that. Just have to wait as I don’t how a blu-Ray player !

    • EW99 says:

      Glad it isn’t just me! I assumed that it not being officially released yet might be the problem so will try again tonight.

  13. Steven Morgan says:

    Anybody else having problem with the Blu-Ray download access code ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It hasn’t officially been released yet, so that is likely to be the issue!

      • Steven says:

        Well, official relese date today and code still not recognised. Did email a few days ago and yet no reply. Not impressed with them so far.

  14. Stefan says: and don’t list the CD-Version anymore, what’s going on?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thank Amazon have it a bit mixed up. The 2CD is still there, but labelled (probably incorrectly) as blu-ray audio. Will look into this. I strongly suggest people don’t start cancelling orders because it’s highly likely that everything is okay. But will check.

      • Randy Metro says:

        Amazon US is quite messed up on their listing for the CD version. I’ve found the DVD & CD versions all under “CD format.” A few hours ago I “hopefully” scored the 2cd leatherette set for $27.99 plus shipping – down from $58 when I first began pricing. Fingers crossed.

  15. Michael says:

    Hey Paul, is that “leatherette” packaging a limited run or permanently part of this particular reissue? Can’t really buy right now….

  16. memoryboy says:

    (2) meaning …. a portable player like an iPod-type of mp3 player, but for High Resolution File Downloads?

  17. memoryboy says:

    Thank you Paul for that description, you actually have piqued my interest in high resolution downloads. I assume they don’t play as an mp3 or on an iPod of course but you did mention the software to convert to mp3. So I guess my other question is: A high resolution can be ripped to mp3? That’s what it looks like you are saying and that’s pretty awesome. Another question: Are there such things as a portable player for High Resolution download files?

  18. memoryboy says:

    I feel stupid for asking, but what is a “high resolution Download”? Is it the same as a 320kbps mp3? I want the Blu-Ray bonus tracks so bad, but dont see the point in buying it if I cant rip the tracks to mp3 for my iPod player. I wish they would put those bonus tracks on a 3rd CD, that would make me happy.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      High-res download means better than CD quality, so much, much better than a 32kbps MP3. They’ll be WAV files or FLAC and will be large files. Very easy to find some software to convert to MP3 though, if that’s what you wish to do. As a mac user, I use an application called ‘Max’ which is very good.

      • Randy Metro says:

        Fre-ac free audio converter has worked great for me. Free ware with just a “tip of the day” nagware box.

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  20. JL says:

    Is there really a bluray for this? I can’t a way to order it anywhere.

  21. Rosslyn says:

    Still waiting for the blu-ray to be listed on amazon – the other formats were listed on there some time ago….

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  23. Philippe Perret says:

    Thank you Griffin, I have sent an email, they have replied quickly and promised to send the CD.

    • Griffin says:

      @Philippe Perret, you’re welcome. Glad I could help. I believe every fan will help each other here. If DaveM didn’t mentioned it here, I wouldn’t know about it, on my turn I couldn’t have helped Gordon or you.

      • Philippe Perret says:

        Hi Griffin. I have received the disc only one week after the e-mail ! Thank you again. Now I have 4 versions of that track.

        • Griffin says:

          @Philippe Perret, yep, Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Short/Long/Instrumental/Backing Version) hahaha :D
          This kind of mistake they should make more, giving us/fans more unreleased material :P

  24. Griffin says:

    @DaveM, thank you for mentioning here on SDE the incorrect version on Fame. Now I just received the corrected one ;)
    @Gordon & others, who pre-ordered/bought the Disco (Years Trilogy) with the backing version instead of the vocal version of Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Long Version) 4:31 you can send them an email request a corrected CD:

    On 17/03 I sent Universal an email. I got a quick reply. She asked which product it was and the barcode. I told her the title plus barcode. Never heard from her again. I thought they were ignoring me since I hadn’t ordered directly from them. Almost a week later another email, of course no reply. Then on their site via contact a webmail. Still no reply but today they took me by surprise the corrected Fame CD with the Vocal version (clearly Grace almost from the beginning) ;) The backing version (mmm, ah ah and sung softly but no Grace) is different than the Instrumental.

    Important: their emailaddress, title of the box with barcode and your address. Preferably mentioning about the 5 bonus tracks/mixes on the Blu Ray audio only, to put on an additional CD making it 3CD set of the new reissue of Warm Leatherette. Thank you in advance and good luck to your all!

    Subject: Replacement disc for Fame of Grace Jones’ Disco (Years Trilogy) Box set (barcode 0600753546482)!

  25. David McCallum says:

    It’s rather fascinating that, in twenty years time, one of the artists that will have fared best in our era of physical media will be Grace Jones — looking at high quality unique tracks vs. redundant tracks on albums and compilations. Can you think of anyone that has fared better? Don’t get me wrong — Grace deserves it all — but it’s still fascinating.

  26. Kevin Brown says:

    Why can’t we have Warm Leatherette in the Standard Deluxe Digi-pack Case with disc intrays like they did with the 2CD Deluxe Nightclubbing LP. I’m sure this option would keep the price down and keep the “”Deluxe” releases ALL looking similar in their packaging, PLUS we would get a decent image of the Original Album artwork instead of that image the size of a postage stamp stuck on a piece leather and discs put into those horrible cardboard inner sleeves causing major scratching to the discs every time they get used. All the other 2CD Deluxe Editions from Universal have come packaged in Digi-pack format can’t see why they just cannot continue this format for Warm Leatherette.

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  28. Ali says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since forever! I thought there would be unreleased tracks just like the did with Nightclubbing, i hope a footage of her 2 hour performance at the beacon theater in 1980 get a dvd release or the full concert of her One Man Show in Australia 1982.

  29. Haakon Moskvil says:

    Why no standard 180g vinyl edition from original masters ??? I have no need for 15 remix and bonus tracks, never listen to it anyway.

    • probablyrustin says:

      I was wondering the same re: no standard 1xLP edition. It seems they really are targeting just the premium buyer here, thinking that only the really committed (with large music budgets) are interested in Grace anyway. Too bad…

  30. EW99 says:

    I wonder if the blu ray bonus tracks will be available on Spotify ;)

  31. Derek Cornish says:

    Damn…..just like the last one….no US release

  32. Rob Wilcock says:

    I have the CDs as well as the Blu-rays. I do think that at almost £30 the CD is definably a deluxe purchase. I would only buy the CD version if it was £20 to £25 with all the bonus tracks.

  33. Ian Maudlin says:

    Warm Leatherette is definitely in my top 10 albums ever. I am disappointed though that the extra tracks edition is only available in blu ray. What is the rationale behind this? I would be interested to know the percentage of population who listen to music on their blu ray players. £70+ for the vinyl edition & £28+ for the 2cd? I’ll save my money thanks and download the tracks ‘by other means!’

  34. Rob Wilcock says:

    The 2 previous blu-rays had PCM, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio, 2.0, minimum 24bit/96 kHz audio material.

  35. Gary Shaw says:

    Presumably the Blu Ray is 24 Bit, but are all the tracks in 5.1 too?

  36. Griffin says:

    @Paul, can you check with Universal whether it’s still possible to put those 5 Blu Ray audio bonus mixes on a CD adding to the 2CD set? Especially when the price is that high they should include bonus material with the CD and not Blu Ray audio. Are they trying to get us the phyical product (CD) buyers to buy their new media (Blu Ray audio)? I got rid of the vinyl & cassette years ago & bought many CD’s since then (even Sony’s MiniDisc, which died of course). My entire collection is on CD (or DVD’s with promotional muisc videos of the singles)! I don’t want to begin with a new media again: the Blu Ray audio. Who can predict the future? But it can be ended up like MiniDisc. Many thanks Paul.

  37. alan hansen says:

    i will always hold-on to my japanese vinyl of this for one reason – and it’s a good one. for those of you unfamiliar with japanese editions, whether standard issue came with printed lyrics or not, japanese editions will include them in both english (if not already there) plus a japanese translation. in this case, with absent lyrics in english, a ‘best-effort’ was made to listen and transcribe the words to “private life” and this is what resulted from that: “…your private life, drama baby, eat me out.” coming from Grace Jones, i suppose nobody involved with the japanese edition was surprised by such a turn-of-phrase.

  38. Randy Metro says:

    If you haven’t heard the single version of The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game, you are in for a treat. It is a very different mix from either the LP, cassette, or CD versions, not just an edit. It makes me wonder if a full length version of it exists. I have the 45 but have never found it on CD.

  39. Rob Wilcock says:

    I hope the CD price does drop to about £20, the blu-ray is about that with p&p.

    This is the first time the original (vinyl) release has been out on CD. The single mix of Private Life too. The long/dub versions of, the tracks are probably not that different either.

    Hope Universal haven’t shot themselves in the foot with the pricing, deluxe packaging or not…

  40. brian says:

    After a few minutes I am not as excited as I was at first. never mind the price, it will go down significantly. But the regular CD already has all the long versions (minus ‘A rolling stone’) – with that, I don’t need the short versions as they are edited down form the long ones anyway. So if you have that CD and the compass point sessions, you hardly need anything alse on this. OK, the ‘Pars’ dub version, the Groucho Mixes… I never said I wasn’t going to buy this!

    • probablyrustin says:

      I think they definitely could have swapped out some of the duplicates or less interesting ones (two long versions of the same track?) for the rarer Blu-ray bonuses (the single remixes and FK mix) to entice CD buyers a bit more. oh well…

  41. DaveM says:

    Hi Scott, see comments, including mine, under Slave to the Rhythm reissue on this very site.

  42. Rob Wilcock says:

    Scott Harding, I have the Culture Factiry CD. The sound is excellent and I believe this is the full unedited version of the album.

  43. Auntie Sabrina says:

    seikotsi, A Rolling Stone was co-written by Grace, the other songs are all covers.

  44. Scott Harding says:

    Looks interesting will have to watch the price. Has anyone bought the CD of Slave To The Rhythm that was released in the USA last year. Culture Facory maybe? Looked like vinyl. Keen to know peoples thoughts..

    • Andrew says:

      Hey—are you “the” Scott Harding (aka Scotty Hard)? Big fan of your work, over the years, from production to your RRS/Thirsty Ear album. (Can’t find “Dog E” anywhere, though!)

  45. seikotsi says:

    Are all tracks on this album covers?

  46. bertielego says:

    Very happy that the vinyl set includes as many tracks as the CD set!

    I wish the same had been done with Nightclubbing…

  47. Gregg Mitchell says:

    Grace’s “One Man Show” was (sorta) released on DVD a few years ago back in 2010 on an import region 0 DVD called “Grace Jones Live New York 1981” – it’s basically a scrambled/re-ordered/edited version of the original VHS tape of One Man Show with a few of the interstitial/segue montages/bits missing – while the quality isn’t great (and I wish they would have issued the original completed version, not a cut-up), not a bad deal if you’re a completest who wants some Grace in your Face:

  48. FRENCHY ERIC says:

    Use this link below to listen to the original version of Pars by Jacques Higelin (track 8)

  49. Gordon says:

    A few comments:

    1) Thanks Robb and Sabrina for your responses to my earlier post.

    2) Ugh…..don’t get me started on Gold Legion!

    3) I’ll have to check my “Disco: Fame” disc – I ordered mine through, I don’t know where they would have sourced it from. Trouble is, I had never heard the track before (not on my ‘Karusell’ or ‘Gold Legion’ (hiss!) copies – one of the few GL purchases I actually received!) so I’m not sure what tell-tale sign(s) to look for. I guess it’s too late for a replacement but I’ll check it out anyway.

    4) Interesting to see what happens with “Inside Story” – on my cassette copy A1 (“I’m Not Perfect…”) starts off at the wrong speed but quickly slows down to correct, then at the end of B5 (“Inside Story”) it speeds up again! But that error isn’t on my CD copy, so I guess it’s nothing to worry about.

  50. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The 2 previous Grace Jones releases did.

  51. Paul Sinclair says:

    Just for everyone’s information, Universal have confirmed to me that the blu-ray will come with hi-res downloads.

  52. EW99 says:

    Sorry for being a bit of a dumbo but what do you get with a blu-ray? Can I expect to only be able to play the album through my blu-ray player? Or would there be some sort of downloadable audio that I could listen to away from my blu-ray player? Or would I need to get a blu-ray drive for my computer in order to get the audio off the blu-ray?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, can only play via a blu-ray player. But the package will come with digital downloads. Used to be MP3s, but recently with Grace Jones in particular they’ve been giving out hi-res downloads too. I’m checkin with Universal to see what the deal is with this release and will post a comment up here.

  53. Rob Wilcock says:

    The remastered Nightclubbing CD (without any extra travks) was releaseed. The original 39 minutes or so LP of Warm Leatherette was never released on CD so I sm sure that version will be too.

    I do think the deluxe CD is a bit too deluxe because of the leatherette slipcase. Hopefully the price will fall as at the moment my order is blu-ray only.


    • DaveM says:

      The remastered single CD of Nightclubbing is only £3.99 on Those willing to wait for a single disc version of WL may grab a bargain in time.

      • probablyrustin says:

        The single disc remastered Nightclubbing was released alongside the deluxe packages. Not to say that it won’t happen for Warm Leatherette eventually, just to put out there – not a guarantee.

  54. DaveM says:

    Great news – apart from the ludicrous price of the 2CD set which I hope is a mistake or that a normal packaged cheaper version will appear!
    Nightclubbing ended up (surprisingly) being my most played reissue of 2014. For me this had it all, great packaging, superb contents and phenomenal sound. The Disco trilogy box was great as well and represented great value for money. I know there were issues with the incorrect track, but Universal sorted the replacement disc quickly.

    • Griffin says:

      @DaveM, which incorrect track & which replacement disc? Many thanks in advance ;)

      • Griffin says:

        @DaveM, I just googled around. It was 2-9 Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Long Version) 4:31 Fame of The Disco Years. It was the Backing Track instead of Vocal/Long Version. You bought your from Amazon. Universal only helped/replaced the ones ordered from them directly & suggested others to contact the online stores they bought from. Did anyone else not ordered from Universal get a replacement disc?

        • DaveM says:

          Hi Griffin, yes you are correct, see my comment, unless you already have, (last but one) on the Disco Years box set if you haven’t already. Got all the advice I needed from the reviews on how to get the replacement even though it was not bought from Universal.

          • Griffin says:

            @DaveM, I pre-ordered mine from Grooves-inc! So mine was also from the first batch with the incorrect backing version. I used the email address you posted here on superdeluxeedition & sent Universal an email. I’m hoping they’ll replace mine. I still can’t understand why are the early birds always get punished (paid higher prices & later on in deal alerts with low prices, wrong version(s)/mix(es) were used or glitches with the master, booklet pages in random order etc & perhaps not getting a corrected disc at all)!

  55. Griffin says:

    Thanks Sabrina, But I bought the CD-sets from the previous Grace Jones Re-issues! And I won’t change to the Blu Ray all in s sudden. If they could previously fit everything on 3 CD’s they can do that now as well. Then I’m a happy man.

  56. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Gordon, the Disco and Nightclubbing blu-rays do contain booklets.

    Griffin, if you have a blu-ray pkayer connected to your stereo amplifier you can listen to the audio just like a normal CD. Yes, the menu appears on your TV screen but you don’t need a TV to actually use the blu-ray.

  57. Robbert says:

    The Disco Blu-ray had the same booklet as the CD/Vinyl versions

  58. Gordon says:

    This may sound like a stupid question, but would the blu-ray contain the booklet that the CD/vinyl has? I’m asking because as much as I prefer the CD (for one thing I don’t even HAVE a blu-ray player!), the blu-ray has the extra tracks and is (currently) cheaper.

  59. Isaías says:

    I’d love to see Living My Life and Slave To The Rhythm as deluxe editions in a near future also.

  60. probablyrustin says:

    I disagree that this type of release can only ever sell to “diehard” fans. These types of deluxe editions, when done smartly, usually have multiple options available to cater to different markets. This roll-out checks the right boxes for vinyl lovers and for audiophiles, however unlike most other campaigns, misses the mark on the mid-range (or what should be mid-range) 2CD edition. With reasonable pricing and a good selection of content, many “moderate” fans (like myself) can be persuaded to buy, much like I do for the mid-range deluxe reissues of many others – Underworld, Supergrass, Saint Etienne, etc. – the list is endless. There’s just enough extra there to convince me, a onetime obsessive CD buyer and now a more discerning spender. I’m going to give this a miss (and probably a download) until the price drops significantly.

  61. alan hansen says:

    read carefully, i shall write this only once: i have a japanese vinyl pressing of this. why do i make mention of it, and why do i hold closely and dear this LP? well, because the english translation of Pretenders cover of “Private Life” included in the liner notes reads: “…it’s your private life, drama baby, EAT me out.” truth is stranger than fiction… too damn funny!

  62. Michel Banen says:

    As a fan I pre-ordered all versions. Not a lot of Grace Jones special releases so as with the Nightclubbing deluxe editions and the awesome Disco boxset I HAVE to have all. Too bad the blu ray audio discs do not have 5.1 surround sound mixes.

    Next we NEED a Slave to the rhythm deluxe and that one SCREAMS for a 5.1 blu ray audio surround mix so I hope they supply the big demand from fans for that…..

  63. Griffin says:

    Nice to see it gets the deluxe edition release! But why 2 CD’s and not 3 CD’s? Put those Blu Ray audio only tracks on a 3rd bonus CD & do it for the prices I paid for Grace Jones – Nightclubbing Deluxe Edition € 15,29 & Grace Jones “Portfolio/Fame/Muse-The Disco Years Trilogy LTD” €23,79) I’ll pre-order/buy it in a split second. The die hard physical product fans would prefer a CD-set instead of the Blu Ray audio. But with that price tag they won’t be buying the CD physical product unless the price comes down. Although they might prefer the Blu Ray audio only tracks with that low price tag. But they won’t be buying neither unless they have a Blu Ray (audio) player or they can have those Blu Ray audio only tracks on their HDD or portable audio player! So totally missing the point here, neither one won’t be selling well. I hope it’s not too late for Universal to add the 3rd CD with those Blu Ray audio tracks as a bonus to the CD Deluxe Edition.

  64. Eurovision says:

    GoldLegion is no longer in business, great quality remasters but criminal practices towards the later years, good riddance!

  65. Brian says:

    Slave to the Rhythm would be cool. Still no 5.1?

  66. Shane says:

    I will be buying all three formats! And happy they used the original artwork.
    And yes, I was also ripped off by Gold Legion, and don’t even know if my credit card company refunded me. Stay away from them!!

  67. Carlton says:

    This is so going to be mine the moment it comes out.

    I hope we’ll see something similar for Living My Life and hopefully some of the abandoned albums projects from the 90s will see the light of day at some point. From what I’ve read, there’s at least one completed album from the mid-90s (Black Marilyn). It would be great to get a collection that rounds up the soundtrack songs as well. And I’d love a properly remastered version of the actual single version of Slave to the Rhythm.

    • Dirk says:

      I have the vinyl single of Slave to the rhythm, it is just an edit, as in cut some parts away, and to be honest rather bluntly.

  68. noyoucmon says:

    Bit of a miss for me, as I have the Compass Point Sessions and don’t want to shell out for lots of duplication. Pity because I’ve enjoyed the Nightclubbing Deluxe and Disco box.

  69. Auntie Sabrina says:

    It helps pay for Grace’s Issey Miyake outfits. Keep up the good work Grace…

  70. Runicen says:

    This may be a stupid question and apologies if I missed it having been addressed, but do these bluray releases include lossless downloads or are they just MP3s of the content?

  71. Michael L says:

    I’m interested in it on CD but not at that price. The bluray version and currently much better value but not a format I’m bothered about.

  72. colm47 says:

    Is there alternative packaging for Vegans like me?!?

    I’m joking by the way.

  73. Andrew says:

    Barry—I share your dissatisfaction re: the cost, but wanted to point out that die hard fans will be pretty much the =only= people buying this. Spending money on tangible audio (and video) media is something that (statistically speaking) nobody does anymore. Anyone who’s about to do so on a Grace Jones album will be very unlikely to start with these reissues. (Well, maybe the Disco box, actually. But that’s a much different set/offer than this or Nightclubbing.)

    Just a observation (with a sigh) on digital/virtual changes in the analog/physical world…

    • Barry Grayshon says:

      I somewhat agree, but that’s what my point is about limiting the customer base. I love Grace Jones, but I also love hundreds of different artists. I buy music every week (in fact, I think I have a problem). 99% of the music I buy is of physical format. I hate downloads.

      In the current climate, we are bombarded by box sets, reissues and deluxe versions. They’re all fighting for our money. I have the original release on vinyl and CD, but I’m a sucker for the deluxe version as most fans are. Unfortunately, I normally have to choose between what I want the most as, I can’t have everything, although I do try, although my wish list seems to be ever expanding.

      The whole package sounds amazing, but I just don’t see the fact that the packaging justifies the price. I’ll end up buying it second hand at a knock down price, which doesn’t help the record company, and more importantly the artist.

    • Joseph says:

      I think I agree with Andrew. In this particular case, the label clearly does – otherwise, the strategy would be different. It’s the safer choice to only address the known die-hard quotient and not go for the wider audience. At least they die-hards are not being ignored in this example, it’s just too bad they know what they can get out of us!

      I don’t think the state of affairs is that labels should NEVER EVER shoot for higher sales of reissues beyond the die-hard fan base because spending money on tangible media is something “nobody” (outside of us die-hards) does anymore. Labels have shown they will stretch on reissues sometimes to go after first-time buyers. It just probably isn’t the prudent choice re. Warm Leatherette. Just as we consumers must pick & choose, so must the labels try to guess what customers at large are most likely to pick & choose.

  74. Gord says:

    Looks utterly fantastic, though I too am pretty annoyed with some of the tracks I’ve waited years for being Blu-ray only.

  75. Jack says:

    I have to say Universal give Grace Jones a lot of love with her releases! I mean the Blu-Ray audio discs alone actually containing bonus tracks is icing on the cake. The options for CD Vinyl and Blu-Ray Audio are awesome. I hope they keep it up.

  76. Barry Grayshon says:

    £28 is ridiculous. I clicked on the link to place an order but there’s no way at that price. God, I’ve just purchased the 10 x CD Donna Summer box set for £32.50 (although admittedly that was bought via the BBC shop as part of it’s closing down sale), but, you know, £28 is a lot. I even only paid £10 for my copy of Disco.

    I don’t understand the thinking behind Amazon’s pre order prices. I know their guarantee will see you are only charged the cheapest price it goes down to, but I thought the pre order service was supposed to encourage customers to buy early, and that, to me, would involve listing at the cheapest price first, and then seeing it gradually increasing towards the release date.

    The other week I noticed the mish mash of prices for The Associates imminent reissues. Don’t worry, I was told, the prices will come down, they’re not correct. They have in fact come down in price over the last week – by pennies. One release has in fact dropped by £0.02.

    Whilst I appreciate prices can fluctuate when they are being set, isn’t it time they got their act together and sorted this out?

    I pre ordered the 12″ vinyl of New Order’s “Singularity” from Piccadilly Records for £7.99. Mutebank and the New Order store are around the same price. It’s currently £16.83 on Amazon and due for release next Friday. Unless it sees a dramatic drop in price over the next few days, anyone who ordered it is going to get ripped off. That is, if anyone did order it, at over twice the normal price.

    I just find the whole Amazon price issue quite absurd at times.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Amazon can be wayward with their pre-order prices but this isn’t an example of that. This product is about 20% MORE on Universal’s site, so the dealer price is obviously very high.

      • Barry Grayshon says:

        That may be true, but it’s not worth £28 in my eyes, and I certainly won’t be purchasing it at that price, just because of the packaging. I would imagine this would surely affect it’s sales with the non die hard fan.

        I’ll keep a close eye on the situation….

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I agree the price is high for two CDs.

          • Michel Banen says:

            Yup. Got ripped off by Gold Legion too. Licensed by Universal but when I complained there I never got a response.

            Also Grace is not a million seller so this won’t move huge numbers and therefore production and price will be higher. I’m very willing to pay for beauty like this

  77. Jon J says:

    Nice to see they’re continuing where they left off with the excellent Nightclubbing reissue. They seem to have covered pretty much all of the bases for the bonus tracks and it’ll be nice to have the original ‘short’ version of the album (I’ve only heard the ‘long version’ on the original CD).

    However, it’s a shame that some of the bonus tracks, including the excellent Groucho Smykle 7″ remix of ‘Private Life’, are going to be BluRay only. I’d happily lose any of the versions of ‘She’s Lost Control’, which is a rare complete failure and already appears on the 1998 Compass Point Sessions CD, from CD2 to make way for this and the E.T. Thorngren edit of ‘Love is the Drug’.

    Hope the price takes a good tumble at some stage too – can’t imagine the ‘Leatherette’ packaging will make it worth nearly three times what the Nightclubbing reissue sold for.

    Still, encouraging that they’re continuing with the reissue programme and augurs well for a reissue of Living My Life to follow, which will put paid to the crazy prices the original CD changes hands for these days!

  78. Rob Wilcock says:

    Lee Anderson, thanks for the link to buy the BR version.

  79. Søren Jensen says:

    It looks really, really fabulous – I can’t wait. Please be aware there’s an alternate Leatherette mix on the B-side of “Demolition Man”, WIP 6673. This mix has more reverb on the instruments and on Grace’s voice. It would be cool if that could be included as well!

  80. claudio says:

    …what about the INSIDE STORY deluxe package? has anyone heard about it?

  81. Paul Anthony Chapman says:

    an excellent package, hopefully the price will drop!

  82. Simon says:

    Hopefully this means Living My Life will get a reissue in the near future to round out the trilogy

    • Michael Khalsa says:

      Will probably buy this. Would love a reissue of ‘Inside Story’ sadly on a different table which is my favourite along with with ‘Night Clubbing’.

  83. Lee Anderson says:

    So pleased about this and looks really good. Amazon pricing cheaper than Universal but Blu Ray can be pre ordered from there @ 17.99:

  84. Neil says:

    Actually for once Amazon have been outdone on their ridiculous pricing as the official uDiscover Music Store is asking £36.99 for the double CD. Who in their right mind is going to pay anywhere near that lol.

  85. Adam shaw says:

    Cd and blu ray for me ta

  86. Tim says:

    YAY!!! Great news! The Disco and Nightclubbing blurays are fantastic…

  87. Marc says:

    I have only ONE minor complaint – this misses the short Version of Warm Leatherette that was used as the B-Side to Singles. It was a different mix to the Album version

  88. probablyrustin says:

    and YIKES on the 2CD price, that’s going to have to drop a fair deal if they want to move anything close to the (presumably successful) Nightclubbing deluxe or Disco sets. Suddenly leatherette material justifies doubling the standard list price for a 2CD set?

  89. Dean Harris says:

    These Universal re-issues for Grace Jones are so encouraging and well done. I only wish they would do the same for the late Donna Summer. A wealth of untapped potential, beyond just her commercial releases.

  90. probablyrustin says:

    LOVE the album and glad this is getting the full re-issue it deserves. truthfully, pretty annoyed that 3 intriguing remixes are being shunted to the Blu-Ray audio only – would love to see these included as a bonus MP3 download at the very least (especially the unreleased FK remix). I’m sure they’ll find their way onto my hard drive one way or another, just a question of whether the label wants to enable it or not…

    it also looks like disc 1 is a unique blend compared to the CD version – all album tracks are the shorter versions (as on the original LP), whereas the CD releases up to now have been mostly the long versions included as bonus tracks here, with a few short versions.

  91. HS says:

    I’m getting the 2CD version – looks great! It really would be great to get the One Man Show out as well, remastered on DVD/BR.

  92. alan hansen says:

    sweet! now let’s get going on the rest of them – i was mugged by Gold Legion a few years ago when i paid for a few discs (Inside Story and Bulletproof Heart) but they never materialized and try as i did, could not get my money back. buyer beware!

  93. OMAR says:

    I’m sure Amazon will lower the prices as we get closer to the release date. I’m very excited about this but will not pay that absurd price in dollars, it comes to $52 for 2cds?

  94. Jonathan says:

    I love the Compass Point material and shall be buying this. My preference is for vinyl although the extra blu ray tracks look really interesting too – hope the vinyl comes with download copies for the car…

  95. DJ Control says:

    A bit on the expensive side for two cd’s. I’m guessing the leatherette packaging has raised the retail.

  96. Philippe says:

    I was sure of this, because a 12″ is reissued for RSD 2016. Such good news !

  97. Rob Wilcock says:

    I hope A One Man Shiw gets a DVD/Blu-ray release as well

    • Dean Harris says:

      Agreed! “A One Man Show” is a primitive, yet creative masterpiece, like nothing you’ve ever seen!

  98. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Bloody hell, this is so good to hear. Love Ms Jones, great to have the long versions which I had on tape. The covers great too…

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