Grace Jones / Disco box set


Grace Jones’ first three albums for Island Records, Portfolio (1977), Fame (1978) and Muse (1979) have been remastered and expanded and this May will be brought together under one roof for Disco, a brand new three-CD or four-LP box set.

The Tom Moulton produced albums are all appended with bonus remixes and instrumentals (some previously unreleased) on the CD edition of Disco, while the vinyl box maintains the original track listings and offers a fourth record, Singles that collects mainly long versions of the 45s from this era.


Disco / 4LP vinyl box

The full CD track listing with all the bonus material will also be issued on one hi-res blu-ray audio disc which, like the other formats, comes with a 32-page booklet with new notes.

Disco is released on 4 May 2015.


4LP Vinyl Edition


Blu-ray Audio


3CD Box Set

Track listing

Disco 3CD box set

CD 1: PORTFOLIO, Island ILPS 9470, released December 9, 1977.

  • 1    Send In The Clowns  7:33
  • 2    What I Did For Love  5:15
  • 3    Tomorrow  5:48
  • 4    La Vie En Rose  7:28
  • 5    Sorry  4:00
  • 6    That’s The Trouble  3:38
  • 7    I Need A Man  3:25

Bonus tracks:

  • 8    Sorry (Long Version) 6:45

      A-side of Beam Junction 12” single 12-BJ 1001 (US).

  • 9    That’s The Trouble (Long Version) 7:01

      Released as the b-side of Beam Junction 12” single 12-BJ 1001 (US).

  • 10  I Need A Man (Long Version) 7:37

      Released as the a-side of Beam Junction 12” single 12-BJ 1004 (US).

  • 11  I Need a Man (Instrumental Version) 4:57

      Released as the b-side of Beam Junction 12” single 12-BJ 1004 (US).

  • 12  Sorry (Instrumental Version) 4:47

      Previously unreleased instrumental version.

  • 13  That’s the Trouble (Instrumental Version) 3:53

      Previously unreleased instrumental version.

  • 14  La Vie En Rose (Instrumental Version) 7:26

      Previously unreleased instrumental version.

      Track 2, Sorry, was also issued as the a-side of Beam Junction 7” single BJ-1001.

Track 6, That’s The Trouble, was also issued as the b-side of Beam Junction 7” single BJ-1001.

Track 7, I Need A Man, was also issued as the a-side of Beam Junction 7” single BJ-1004.

Track 4, La Vie En Rose, was also released as the a-side of Island 12” single IPR 2004 (UK).

CD 2: FAME, Island ILPS 9525, released August 4, 1978.

  • 1    Do Or Die  6:43
  • 2    Pride  6:27
  • 3    Fame  5:35
  • 4    Autumn Leaves  7:03
  • 5    All On A Summer’s Night  4:18
  • 6    Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City  5:31
  • 7    Below The Belt  4:55

Bonus tracks:

  • 8    Do Or Die (12” Disco Version)  6:16

      A-side of Island 12” single IS 1008 (US) and 12 WIP 6450 (UK).

  • 9    Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Long Version) 4:31

      B-side of Island 12” single IS 1008 (US) and 12 WIP 6450 (UK). Also included on the Canadian pressing of FAME, instead of “All On A Summer’s Night”.

  • 10  Anema E Core (Long Version) 5:04

      Edited version was released as the b-side of “Autumn Leaves”, Island 7” single WIP 26471 (Italy). Also included on the Italian pressing of FAME, instead of “Below The Belt ”.

  • 11  Do Or Die (Instrumental Version)  6:24

      Previously unreleased instrumental version.

  • 12  Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Instrumental Version) 4:32

      Previously unreleased instrumental version.

  • 13  Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City (Instrumental Version) 5:30

      Previously unreleased instrumental version.

  • 14  Anema E Core (Instrumental Version) 4:31

      Previously unreleased instrumental version.

CD 3: MUSE, Island ILPS 9538, released September 7, 1979.

  • 1    Sinning  5:07
  • 2    Suffer  4:15
  • 3    Repentance (Forgive Me) 3:51
  • 4    Saved  7:09
  • 5    Atlantic City Gambler  5:48
  • 6    I’ll Find My Way To You  5:16
  • 7    Don’t Mess With The Messer  4:51
  • 8    On Your Knees  6:30

Bonus tracks:

  • 9    Don’t Mess With The Messer (Long Version) 6:33

      B-side of Island 12” single DISD 8869 (US) and 12X WIP 6511 (UK).

Selected Rare 7” Single Versions (1977-1979):

  • 10  La Vie En Rose (Short Version)  3:36

      A-side of Island 7” single IS-098 (US) and WIP 6415 (UK).

  • 11  Do Or Die (Short Version)  3:24

      A-side of Island 7” single Island IS-102 (US), IS-8681 (US) and WIP 6450 (UK).

  • 12  Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Short Version) 3:10

      B-side of Island 7” single Island IS-102 (US), IS-8681 (US) and WIP 6450 (UK).

  • 13  Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City (Short Version) 3:33

      Previously unreleased single version.

  • 14  On Your Knees (Edit)  3:49

      A-side of Island 7” single IS 49002 (US) and WIP 26511 (Italy).

  • 15  Don’t Mess With The Messer (Edit)  4:10

      B-side of Island 7” single IS 49002 (US) and WIP 26511 (Italy).

(Track 8, On Your Knees, was also issued as the a-side of Island 12” single DISD 8869 (US) and 12X WIP 6511 (UK).)

Disco 4LP vinyl box set

The first three LPs are the original 1977, 1978 & 1979 LPs.

The fourth LP is an 8 song “Singles” compilation drawn from the bonus tracks on the 3CD set.  Note that  On Your Knees (12” Disco Version) is actually the same as the album version.

LP 1: PORTFOLIO, Island ILPS 9470, released December 9, 1977.

Side One

  • 1 Send In The Clowns 7:33
  • 2 What I Did For Love 5:15
  • 3 Tomorrow 5:48

Side Two

  • 1 La Vie En Rose 7:28
  • 2 Sorry 4:00
  • 3 That’s The Trouble 3:38
  • 4 I Need A Man 3:25

LP 2: FAME, Island ILPS 9525, released August 4, 1978.

Side One

  • 1 Do Or Die 6:43
  • 2 Pride 6:27
  • 3 Fame 5:35

Side Two

  • 1 Autumn Leaves 7:03
  • 2 All On A Summer’s Night 4:18
  • 3 Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City 5:31
  • 4 Below The Belt 4:55

LP 3: MUSE, Island ILPS 9538, released September 7, 1979.

Side One

  • 1 Sinning 5:07
  • 2 Suffer 4:15
  • 3 Repentance (Forgive Me) 3:51
  • 4 Saved 7:09

Side Two

  • 1 Atlantic City Gambler 5:48
  • 2 I’ll Find My Way To You 5:16
  • 3 Don’t Mess With The Messer 4:51
  • 4 On Your Knees 6:24


Side One

  • 1 Sorry (Long Version) 6:45

A-side of Beam Junction 12” single 12-BJ 1001 (US).

  • 2 That’s The Trouble (Long Version) 7:01

Released as the b-side of Beam Junction 12” single 12-BJ 1001 (US).

  • 3 I Need A Man (Long Version) 7:37

A-side of Beam Junction 12” single 12-BJ 1004 (US).

  • 4 La Vie En Rose (Short Version) 3:36

A-side of Island 7” single IS-098 (US) and WIP 6415 (UK).

Side Two

  • 1 Do Or Die (12” Disco Version) 6:16

A-side of Island 12” single IS 1008 (US) and 12 WIP 6450 (UK).

  • 2 Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Long Version) 4:31

B-side of Island 12” single IS 1008 (US) and 12 WIP 6450 (UK).

  • 3 On Your Knees (12” Disco Version) 6:32

A-side of Island 12” single DISD 8869 (US) and 12X WIP 6511 (UK).

  • 4 Don’t Mess With The Messer (Long Version) 6:33

B-side of Island 12” single DISD 8869 (US) and 12X WIP 6511 (UK).


3CD Box Set


4LP Vinyl Edition

82 responses to Grace Jones / Disco box set

  1. Mark says:

    Just ordered from Amazon UK and also received the original mispressed version. Emailed Universal, hopefully they are still issuing the replacement discs.

  2. Johnathan says:

    As DaveM did above, I contacted about the issue with the ‘Fame’ CD (the incorrect mix of “Comme Un…”). I’d recently purchased the ‘Disco’ box from Amazon UK, but Universal replied less than 24 hours later and a replacement disc is on its way to me.

    Since we’re well into 2016 now, thought I’d let anyone else who was a late-purchaser know that they, too, can still request the replacement!

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  4. Ruben Ledesma says:

    Grace Jones es Toda una DIVA Celebro con Entusiasmo Esta Lujosa Edición de Lujo en Ambos Formatos del BOX SET de GRACE JONES “DISCO” en LP Vinilo y CD GRACIAS UNIVERSAL RÉCORDS GRACIAS GRACE JONES!!!! I LOVE YOU TO LIFE GRACE—-‘)))))))))Atte Ruben Ledesma desde Córdoba Cuidad ARGENTINA

  5. DaveM says:

    Emailed on Sunday and got a replacement Fame with corrected track in the post today – result! I bought mine from Amazon which I explained.

  6. yvonne says:

    I also receive an email from them: Thank you for the email.

    If the order was placed with ourselves we will be replacing this item, however for any orders placed with other stockists I am unable to advise you on what will happen.

    If we supplied the item to you we will be in contact as soon as we can confirm when a replacement will be sent to you, however if the order was with a different store you will need to contact them for further assistance.

  7. Nico says:

    I recveived this email today from Uiversal:

    Today I received the following email from Universal and it look like there is going to be a new corrected version of the wrong track !!

    We are sorry for our delayed response.
    We have been informed by the label that there will be a replacement disc with the correct tracks and we are currently awaiting a timeframe.
    We will contact you shortly once the date has been received.
    Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this.
    Kind regards
    uDiscover Customer Services

  8. discoadam says:

    The original Portfolio release – at least in North America, did indeed have a gatefold cover. One of the two interior pics has Bernstein re-creating Grace a la Billie Holiday with a gardenia in her hair.

  9. Paul B says:

    I got a reply from Universal over the lack of gatefold sleeve for the Portfolio CD. Fair enough I suppose…

    “Hi Paul,

    The team behind the release created your version from the artwork from the original vinyl version. That original version wasn’t a gatefold, thus didn’t feature any of the inner images.

    There are currently no plans to change this release – apologies.

    Hope this answers your question.


  10. yuri1204 says:

    The vinyl box comes with a download, are these the complete cd’s extra’s [like the Oasis vinyls] or only the vinyl extra’s…

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  12. UPDATE 2:

    The Blu Ray downloads are delivered in WAV format! Now THAT was a bit of a welcome surprise! :-)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Wow, that’s pretty cool. Not convinced they *meant* to do that, so if you’ve got a code I’d suggest downloading sooner rather than later!

  13. UPDATE:

    Looks like the Blu Ray download codes are now working. It’s a 7.1GB download, so it looks like Universal may have finally listened and provided hi-res downloads instead of MP3s, which pretty much defeated the object! ;-)

  14. I’m having similar issues with the Blu Ray download code. I’ve emailed them but haven’t heard anything as yet. Has anyone had a successful resolution to this issue?

  15. Dean says:

    Here is the link referred to above for contacting Universal about this issue:

  16. Shane says:

    I got all my copies. They look fantastic, really did a great job, but I was also scratching my head re the empty Portfolio gatefold! WTF indeed.

    Also, my download coupon for the BluRay does not work.

  17. Paul says:

    Matthew. I’ve sent universal a message re the lack of gatefold sleeve image for Portfolio CD using the “help & support” link on the customer service part on the uDiscover home page. You could try that

    • Matthew Jessee says:

      Hi Paul. Sorry I was referring to the mistake with “Comme Un Oiseau” (that the 4:30 vocal mix is actually missing – replaced with an instrumental/backing vocal version). But I will go to their page as well and send feedback. Thanks.

      • Matthew Jessee says:

        Have now noticed a number of reviews on Amazon discussing the same issue about “Comme Un Oiseau” – so I’m not the only one gutted about the mistake. Universal sent me an e-mail saying they are looking into it …

  18. Matthew Jessee says:

    Paul, is there any way to contact Universal about the error I mentioned? I’m just wondering whether the 4:30 vocal mix of Comme Un Oiseau was even remastered. But if it was, they could at least offer it as a download.

  19. Paul says:

    William. Yes the Blu Ray comes with a download coupon for the full set

  20. Edward says:

    Bought hte CD-set last Friday. The box is beautifullt presented as such but a bit budgetty on the actual content. I am honest to admitting that I am not the biggest fan to judge the tracks and what exactly is missing. What I am most upset about is that Muse and Fame both have their inner photos on the gatefold sleeves, but Portofolio does not (so, all three gatefold but no inner photos on Portofolio). WTF ?! Sent an email to Universal about that (in Holland) and they said: that is just the way the box was manufactured. (Sigh)…… Yeah, I noticed already. But for what reason?!

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  22. Matthew Jessee says:

    I’m enjoying the LP and CD box sets but very disappointed that the actual full length version of “Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’envole” is not included in either version of the set. The CD box includes an instrumental version with background vocals only as well which is labelled as the “Long Version” – this is incorrect! The same mistake is on the Bonus EP with the LP box set. The CD box includes another completely instrumental version and then a 3rd version which is the single edit. So no remastered full length of this track – which is my favorite from this entire era. Oh well. I doubt Universal will be bothered to rectify this in any way but it’s an absolute shame.

  23. William Murdock says:

    Does anyone know if the Blu-Ray will come with a free download like NightClubbing did?

  24. Jean-Marie Potiez says:

    This Disco trilogy CD box set is an event for all Grace Jones fans! Of course, they’ve missed some tracks: “Again & Again” (French label Orfeus), “I’ll find my way to you” (from the movie “Quelli Della Calibro 38” on label Cinevox 1976), “I need a man” (first version on French label Orfeus 1975), “That’s the trouble” (first version on French label Orfeus), “Fame” (edit). I can’t complain because we’ve been waiting for such a release for so many years! Strange to have added some “Fame” bonus tracks + “La vie en rose” (short version) on the “Muse” CD.

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  26. Ian Maudlin says:

    I found this upcoming release by accident. A great surprise!! Coloured vinyl would have made this release extra special!! Have ordered the CDs.

  27. massflip says:

    No extended versions of La Vie en Rose and Am I Ever Gonna Fall…? and we get instrumental versions instead?? WTH

    • Stephen Gilham says:

      There are no official 12″ versions of La Vie En Rose and Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City as the album versions are pretty much extended already.

  28. Chus says:

    Amazed to see the good price on, my country. Already ordered.
    Glad to see those thiefs of Gold Legion are not involved here, I pre-ordered several CDs from them, I was charged the full amounts and got nothing, not even a reply to my queries.

    • Jack says:

      Chus, yes, Gold Legion are thieves. I ordered and paid for several of their releases and never received them. Plus their Grace Jones reissue of Muse was mastered from vinyl, as are most of their releases, I suspect.

      • Jean-Marie Potiez says:

        Yes, you’re right: Gold Legion people are thieves! Two years ago, I had ordered the “Fame” and “Muse” CD in digipack versions. I paid by credit card but never received the ordered CDs. I’ve sent emails to Gold Legion and even asked to get my money back. They NEVER replied to my several emails.

  29. Trevor Smith says:

    Oh dear, just read the reviews on Amazon and they’ve completely put me off! Think I’ll stick with my VHS tape.

    • Paul says:

      Yes it’s not the greatest (though not as bad as that review says!)

      I think it is taken from a Japanese Laserdisc release from around 1983/84. It does seem to be going for quite a fair amount these days

  30. Trevor Smith says:

    Oh really!? Thanks Paul, will check it out now.

  31. Jopla2 says:

    “Graces Jones / Disco box set” – well there are 3 or 4 discs per set so I guess it has to be “Graces” in plural…

  32. Trevor Smith says:

    Really pleased to see this set and have ordered the CD box. Hope this paves the way to A One Man Show being issued on DVD/Bluray! That would really make me happy.

    • Paul says:

      A One Man Show has been repackaged and released on DVD in the UK – search Amazon Grace Jones Live in NYC. Not the greatest but much better than my old VHS!

  33. Disco Fan says:

    Is it safe to assume the Gold Legion reissues will go out of print? Or maybe not, if this doesn’t get a U.S. release?

  34. Eurovision says:

    Would love to see the specs for the Blu-ray version too!

  35. Baward says:

    Hopefully these albums will become available on Spotify too. I am looking forward to exploring these albums in greater depth than I know (sadly not on vinyl due to the preposterous price) as I love what I know already and Mr Moulton’s work also.

    • Adam says:

      In the US at least, they’re available on Spotify, Beats and Xbox Music for streaming. I have always liked the later Grace Jones, and I’ve been fond of Tom Moulton’s productions, but something about these albums is just not doing it for me. I might pass on these.

  36. Matthew Jessee says:

    It’s really a shame if they can’t add the Fame (Edit) version 4:51 to the bonus tracks. It has an extra beat at the start and a completely unique cold ending (that’s quite OTT disco camp at it’s best).

    • Paul says:


      This version is available on a 24 bit remastered version I got off eBay from a seller based in Mexico.

      Someone asked uDiscover direct why it is omitted but their reply was it was a promo only for the U.S. market. (Which would fit with the idea of a rarities collection wouldn’t it).

      • Matthew Jessee says:

        Thanks for the info, Paul! I found that disc on eBay but it seems a bit suspect since it’s from last year and only available on eBay from Mexico (yet the disc says manufactured in the EU). Just wondering if the bonus tracks sound like needle drops or true remasters.

        That’s a very strange explanation for omitting this track – a promo 12″ version is definitely something we’ve come to expect from such packages – and Universal is no stranger to providing them! Weird. Still very excited for this set though.

        • Paul says:

          You’re welcome Matthew.

          I’m not sure of the legitimatcy of the releases as they are not on discogs etc but the quality of all three – Portfolio, Fame and Muse – I bought off the chap on eBay are great. He’s a very friendly seller too.

          Sound quality is as good if not better than the Gold Legion ones I eventually got for Fame and Muse. The bonus tracks are not ‘needle drops’ to use your phrase.

          Still I suppose this box set is going to be almost the definitive releases we will get for these classics.


          • Matthew Jessee says:

            Just received my Disco LP box set this morning. Love the sturdy box but was a little disappointed to find it doesn’t have the flip top that the CD version will supposedly have. But that’s a minor quibble. I listened to the Bonus EP first – and while the sound quality and remastering are great, I was gutted to find a major error. Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole (Long Version) is actually the instrumental version. I am really bummed about this as it’s one of my absolute favorite from this era – I think it’s a rather glaring error as bad as the OMD debacle a few months ago.

            Another disappointment is that Portfolio is not the gatefold version. I have no idea why they would go with the standard jacket for this one but the nice gatefold for Fame and Muse. Really odd choice.

            Most important of all is the great mastering though – and I’ll be playing these to death for years to come.

  37. Paul says:

    Not sure why my post was pulled (can only links to Amazon sites be given on here?)

    The CD and vinyl are available on the uDiscover UK store at £14.99 and £59.99 respectively.

  38. Foxee says:

    Fantastic news – and a really good selection of bonus tracks. This is actually a rare ocassion when the distributor puts three ‘deluxe’ editions in one and at a very reasonable (CD) price.

    Really really hope deluxe editons for Warm Leatherette and Living My Life are on the way, plus there are lots of mixes, demos and outtakes to add to Inside Story ( a very underrated album) and Bulletproof Heart (her least enjoyable album).

    Finally, anyone know anyhting about all those 90s tracks that never saw the lightof day the ‘Black Marilyn’ album?

    • Foxee says:

      …not to mention a deluxe of Slave to the Rhythm – ZTT must have HUNDREDS of mixes in the vaults for that one!!

  39. Jayson Messner says:

    Put some Grace in my face.
    When available in the USA ?

  40. Giles Roditi says:

    Any idea when the hi-res blu-ray audio will be available for order – I don’t see it.

  41. Paul says:

    Both sets now on udiscover store £59.99 vinyl and £14.99 CD

  42. moog_man says:

    UMG has done the right thing by including all the tracks onto the Blu-Ray, however. This vinyl junkie is going with that option

  43. moog_man says:

    Regrettably, as long as UMG continue to contract their vinyl pressing to GZ Vinyl, it’s a no for me and vinyl purchases on any Universal-related label. GZ is your guarantee of mediocrity and noisy pressings.
    Last year’s “Nightclubbing” re-release… you could tell the mastering at Abbey Road was an improvement – only to be compromised by the nasty pressing quality. A great shame.

  44. Paul says:

    I’m glad tracklistings and piccies for these have finally been released. I thought it was one that was never going to come to fruition.

    Like others though how do Commercial Markets /UMG justify the vinyl price? I’ve preordered and hope it’ll drop before May.

    Anyone got any more info on the blu ray version?

  45. Shane says:

    Great news, I had seen these on for more than a month and assumed they were simple reissues. I’m so happy.
    But the vinyl set is completely overpriced, I hope it goes down. And sad that they just made a highlights bonus disc for it.

  46. Straker says:

    CD box ordered. Ouch! for the vinyl price.

  47. Dave says:

    Great stuff, just ordered!

  48. noyoucmon says:

    Ordered. (I sprang for the CD version.) I almost never run into the original LPs and when I do they’ve been loved to death. It’ll be great to have these expanded versions with bonus material.

  49. Alan says:

    Pre-ordered ages ago and was hoping for some nice extras and they seem to have added just that. Now just to wait until early May. Maybe we can hope for an Island disco set later as well with all their other artists stuff

  50. Fred Smith says:

    Great news..ordered!

  51. Saar Freedman says:

    Was Also wondering why they missed out on the 1976 single “I’ll Find My Way To You” B/W “Again and Again”
    They also did not include the (b- Side Version) Anema E Core Edit, which is a shame, it appears they should have had the space for it

    • VanceMan says:

      “I’ll Find My Way To You” / “Again And Again” wasn’t released on Island records; I think it’s a right issue — not a “We didn’t know about it” issue.

  52. claudio says:

    …why do “industry” always let much stuff behind when it’s time to put ALL the thing together???? Such a shame, as usual…

  53. Orig80'saddict says:

    Had already pre-ordered thinking they were just the original cds. Nice surprise.

  54. HS says:

    I already own all three albums on CD, but I am still getting the CD box for the new masters and the bonus tracks.

  55. Patrick says:

    I sure wish they included “Anema E Core (Long Version)” on the vinyl bonus LP — does anyone have contacts at Universal that they can contact and ask them to “On Your Knees” (which is apparently the same as the LP version) with it?

  56. Dean says:

    It’s about time! Pre-order in.

  57. Wayne says:


  58. Matthew Jessee says:

    Have been hoping for these to be properly remastered for years – especially the long versions & b-sides.

    Wish they could include the tracks Again and Again (b-side) and the original version of I’ll Find My Way To You (soundtrack version).

    • Matthew Jessee says:

      Oh and the 12″ Single edit of “Fame” too!

    • Dirk says:

      I am glad they did not. Her singing is not quite of the quality of the tracks they did enclude. Sometimes it is about growing into your voice, and Again and Again is lovely, but not good enough comparred to later her work.

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