Grateful Dead / Anthem of the Sun 2CD deluxe edition + vinyl picture disc

The Grateful Dead‘s second album, 1968’s Anthem of the Sun, will be reissued as a 50th anniversary two-CD deluxe edition in July.

The double-disc set actually includes two mixes the original album; a newly remastered version of the original 1968 mix and the more well known 1971 mix (also remastered). These two versions are bedfellows on CD 1 and the remastering was undertaken by David Glasser, from the original analog master tapes.

The bonus CD features a previously unreleased complete live show recorded on 22 October 1967 at Winterland in San Francisco. This audio has been newly remastered by Jeffrey Norman, and this is the first known recording of the Grateful Dead with Mickey Hart, who joined the band in September 1967.

“This is one the most thrilling albums the Grateful Dead ever produced, mixing portions of live recordings from the first six months of Mickey’s tenure with the band, along with studio experimentations that would hint at where the Dead would go when they started recording to 16-track tape the following year,” says archivist and producer David Lemieux.  “The 1971 remix, produced in order to make the album more accessible to the newer fans who were brought on board with Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty, has been the most commonly heard version for the past 45+ years. However, having this side-by-side with the original 1968 mix demonstrates countless differences, with the original mix being more primal, psychedelic, and experimental. Add to this the first extant live recording featuring Mickey as a member of the Grateful Dead, and you have a very special release in every way.”

Anthem of the Sun will also be released as a limited edition (10,000 copies) vinyl picture disc (which features the remastered 1971 mix).  Both this and the two-CD deluxe will be issued on 18 July 2018.

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Grateful Dead

Anthem of the Sun - 2CD deluxe


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Grateful Dead

Anthem of the Sun - vinyl LP picture disc



Disc One:

Original 1968 Mix

1. That’s It For The Other One
I.    “Cryptical Envelopment”
II.   “Quadlibet For Tender Feet”
III.  “The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get”
IV.  “We Leave The Castle”
2. New Potato Caboose
3. Born Cross-Eyed
4. Alligator
5.Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)

1971 Remix

6. That’s It For The Other One
I.    Cryptical Envelopment
II.   Quadlibet For Tender Feet
III. The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get
IV. We Leave The Castle
7. New Potato Caboose
8. Born Cross-Eyed
9. Alligator
10.Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)

Disc Two: Winterland, San Francisco, CA 10/22/67
1. Morning Dew
2. New Potato Caboose
3. It Hurts Me Too
4. Cold Rain And Snow
5. Turn On Your Love Light
6. Beat It On Down The Line
7. That’s It For The Other One
I.    “Cryptical Envelopment”
II.  “The Other One”
III. “Cryptical Envelopment”

9 responses to Grateful Dead / Anthem of the Sun 2CD deluxe edition + vinyl picture disc

  1. Dan says:

    FYI, the press release is mistaken about the remix being the “most commonly heard version.” The remix is pretty rare and all, or nearly all, CD releases have been the original mix.

    • greengo says:

      Not correct. The 1968 mix has only been heard on the early vinyl pressings and has a lot more crazy stereo panning of the tracks. The 1971 mix had less distracting panning and was used on all post 1971 pressings and CDs until the WB rhino vinyl box set. I was able to find early copies of both vinyl to verify this.

  2. madman says:

    I wonder why they didn’t release the deluxe version on vinyl?

  3. Bobbyjean says:

    Vinyl is now £16.42 on amazon uk.I wonder why the picture disc has a jacket and last year’s didn’t?.kinda spoils it when collecting all of them

  4. Euan Shanks says:

    This is great news. I’m gradually expanding my collection. I’ve just pre-ordered the album through Amazon. I’m also intrigued to hear both mixes to see what differences there are. The live show is an added bonus.

  5. The Golden Age Of ---- --'- says:

    I’m in for the CD, the picture disc is fit for display only. I have all the Ded albums both live & studio but I’m not such a completist to want the picture disc. Hur hur, says he who already has 3 copies of AOTS.

    I wonder if this 50th Anniversary lark is going to apply to all the studio albums.

  6. Rik says:

    Definitely my fave Dead “studio” album, because it’s mostly live! However I wonder how much the remastering can improve the famously lo-fi original production, which was primitively cobbled together from a bunch of different sized & speed tapes, recorded on a bunch of different equipment. Still, I do want this.

  7. David Olstein says:

    Which mix is on the picture disc?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good question. Just checked this out and it’s the remastered 1971 mix. I’ve updated the post.

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