Haircut One Hundred / Pelican West 2CD deluxe edition


Cherry Red Records are to issue a two-CD deluxe edition of Haircut One Hundred‘s debut Pelican West at the beginning of March.

The album almost topped the UK charts when originally issued in 1982 (it peaked at number two) and features the hit singles  Love Plus One, Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl), and Fantastic Day.

This long-player has been reissued before, back in 1992 when the one-disc expanded edition offered five extra bonus tracks. All of those are repeated on this two-CD deluxe edition, along with a further 12 tracks, primarily made up of extended remixes from original 12-inch vinyl singles. A couple of these are claimed to be previously unreleased in the UK (Calling Captain Autumn and Love’s Got Me In Triangles).

This set will undoubtedly be newly remastered and is released on 18 March 2016. It’s a bit of a bargain at the moment at just £10.99 on Amazon UK.




  • 5. MILK FILM
  • 9. SNOW GIRL


  • 13. BOAT PARTY
  • 14. SKI CLUB
  • 15. OCTOBER IS ORANGE (DAY 1 & 2)


  • 7. OCTOBER IS ORANGE (DAY 1 & 2) (12″ VERSION)

# Previously unreleased in the UK

57 responses to Haircut One Hundred / Pelican West 2CD deluxe edition

  1. joseph gillen says:

    PLEASE PLEASE , To all Haircut fans…..
    Contact cherry red records, and request that they doe a re-issue of PAINT & PAINT from 1984, by Haircut 100….. If u don’t have it, then you are missing out. its easily as good as pelican west was……

  2. joseph gillen says:

    lets hope paint & paint from 1984 by HAIRCUT 100 will be released too. it was and still is a fantastic album. you should all request this too from cherry red to get it re-issued on cd format…… calling all Haircut fans………

  3. joseph gillen says:

    love this band. this is a fantastic 2x cd release …….. the 12 inch and remixes are brilliant.
    i wish cherry red would release PAINT AND PAINT by the boys from 1984 on CD too.. Its also a brilliant album, which also showed and proved beyond a doubt that the other 5 members can write just as well as Mr Heyward……

  4. Ian Harris says:

    I’ve had this on pre-order since February direct from Cherry Red. As I write this (April 2nd) they STILL haven’t sent it to me. I’ve emailed three times, no replies. I’ve phoned twice and once got through to the mail order guy who said they’d had a delay getting them (wtf? didn’t delay them getting to the shops) but it would go out to me this week. I’ve still had nothing. Does anyone know what more I can do? They’ve lost a very loyal customer over this.

  5. ant says:

    what happened at the end of marine boy 9track 4 into 5) ……at 3m17 one channel disappears for about 8 seconds before the car sound effect takes it into the next track. I’d better listen all the way through!

  6. ant says:

    Overall the sound is ‘fantastic’ definitely worth it! The tracks are HOT often peaking at 0db but the tracks aren’t majorly brickwalled….still plenty of transients….so LOUD, but open sounding and very warm and weighted for a very early ‘all digital’ recording. Only small thing (a lot of new transfers/remasters suffer from this) is that some of the endings of the tracks suffer. The fader shoots down. What was great about the original cd was that the fade outs and timings between the tracks are perfect. On this version they are sometimes hurried, no room to breathe….BAM onto the next which is a shame! I remember getting all excited about a CD remaster of Welcome to the Cruise by Judie Tzuke….same problem; so I stuck with the original. Example – the ending of lemon firebrigade, what happened there? (besides the glitch in one channel at 3m47sec which has a disclaimer in the liner notes) Anyways besides the little first world problem def: get this r-release. What a great album it is!

    fao Cherrypop – Eroica by Wendy and Lisa please x

    • joseph gillen says:

      we should all request cherry red to release PAINT AND PAINT from 1984 on CD too. This is also a superb album…..

  7. SimonP says:

    I’m waiting for the predicted Amazon slatings before pulling the trigger on this, as I wanna be sure there aren’t any vinyl rips. I can just buy the 12″ singles and do them myself if they’re just putting recordings of vinyl records onto a CD.

    • Anthony James says:

      “All the tracks have been sourced from the original production master tapes.”

      So say Cherry Red…

  8. DiscoDave2000 says:

    Looking forward to this reissue. One minor complaint regarding disc 2… Live tracks have a completely different sonic aura vs studio cuts (esp extended remixes). Why insert them in between studio cuts? My preference is to save them for a live album, but if they must be included, please bunch them together at the end!

  9. David says:

    Cherry Red… oh, great, then you can expect a few of the tracks to have that “retro” crack and pop of vinyl. :|

  10. Mark Phillips says:

    Somewhere tucked away in a box I have a unique cassette recording of a gig Haircut 100 did at my school. It was around the time Love Plus One came out and Nick, who had left the previous year and was a year or two older than me, agreed to come back with his band and play a gig as part of a non stop dance to raise money for charity.

    I was the DJ on the night and it was impressive to see the school hall at Kelsey Park school for Boys in Beckenham, Kent filled with teenage girls screaming NIIICK!

    • Iain Barr says:

      I was one of the teachers that organised the concert and was a fan then – still am! I went round the local girls schools selling tickets – hence all the girls! It was a good concert – we got the band to sign quite a few 12″ singles which we raffled off. I also remember that the concert was videoed and have often wondered if the footage still exists somewhere!

  11. Jason Greenwood says:

    Elliot, there were problems with licencing them from EMI at that time. It was due to Rob Fishers estate.

    Any track was allowed provided it was an album track, B side or bonus track. Cherry Red originally planned Everything and Coming In For The Kill as 2CD sets and I think there was enough in the vaults to do 3 discs for both. There’s a great extended bite the hand that feeds unreleased. A so so break the silence extended and a 9 minute coming back for more!


  12. elliott buckingham says:

    of topic abit but regarding cherry red / pop. the missed a trick with clime fisher everything plus reissue not 1 single 12″ version wtf have them all on vinyl but would have been nice to have had these remastered on cd

  13. johnny42 says:

    Can’t wait for this too. I’m kicking myself for not grabbing The Real Haircut 100 – Short Back and Sides when it was offered in iTunes. Is this a proper forum to request assistance in acquiring it? It was also on Spotify for a time but I was not able to get all the tracks.

    • trash says:

      Re: The Real Haircut 100 – Short Back and Sides

      Never heard of this until now. A quick bit of googling around has left me very intrigued.

      If anyone can help to track it down I (and Johnny42) would be very happy.


    • Patrick says:

      I tried to download and trackdown those tracks too, but only managed to find “Slipping Backwards”.. Lucky you for managing to download some..wouldlove to hear what you got..Also managed to find a short sample of Go Motion and Favourite Shirts..

  14. Saad says:

    Cherry Red on the money yet again! Shame the Michael Jackson ‘Off The Wall’ project wasn’t put in their hands!

  15. SimonP says:

    I was sad enough to look up what held it off the number one spot. It went up to second place three times. Twice beaten by Barbra Streisand’s Love Songs and the third time was a new entry, 1982 by Status Quo.

    Barbra and the boys got knocked back to 2 & 3 from 1 & 2 in the charts twice, too. Once by The Gift by The Jam and the other time by Iron Maiden…

  16. discoadam says:

    Thank you once again Paul for bringing awareness yet another brilliant must-have reissue! Pre-ordered!

  17. Rob H says:

    Now this is a great release. Include all these very hard to find tracks from the era.

  18. Neil I. says:

    Will definitely buy. I know it wasn’t part of this album, but what do we need to do to get the 12″ version of “Laura” on CD?

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Is that the version with Wedding Bells at the beginning? It’s on a North of A Miracle CD and a Best Of.

  19. Mike says:

    4th best selling album of 1982 beating Rio into 5th place, also oddly only getting to number two.

  20. Michael says:

    It’s sourced direct from the master tapes.

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Bonus tracks too? It’s a digital recording isn’t it, so if the tapes can still be played hopefully nothing much will go wrong.

  21. Philip says:

    …….and ordered. A longtime guilty pleasure of mine, looking forward to getting my ears on it again.

  22. Piman says:

    That’s right OMAR, totally agree. I’m also waiting for Paint & Paint to be reissue on CD as well. Hope it’ll happened soon. I’m so tire of waiting…

    • joseph gillen says:

      I also wish cherry red would release PAINT AND PAINT too from 1984, when the rest of the guys went on their own after Nick left them high and dry!!!! I’ve got it on vinyl, but want to get it on CD format…..

  23. Ravi says:

    Great album! Have ordered from Amazon UK – about $10 cheaper than [local] Canada based on current exchange!

  24. OMAR says:

    At last. Still waiting for Paint & Paint to issued on cd as well.

    • joseph gillen says:

      so am i Omar….. i wish they would release PAINT AND PAINT on CD too. we should all contact cherry red records to get them to do just this…….its a fantastic album from 1984

  25. baward says:

    In 1985 I worked alongside the guy who was the conga player, who ended up being the A&R man where I worked.

    • trash says:

      That would be Mark Fox

    • joseph gillen says:

      the 1984 Paint & Paint album by HAIRCUT 100 has been re-issued on CD for the first time with 30 tracks on this bumper DELUXE EDITION. Its well worth pre-ordering on Amazon or Cherry Reds Web Site… Its a fantastic listen for all HAIRCUT 100 Fans… Support the boys and BUY IT. Its £10.95……..


  26. Will_2 says:

    Absolutely love this album but I will wait to see the technical details behind it before pulling the trigger. i.e. remastering details, are there needle drops etc. Cherry Red always seem to be a bit shy in releasing this sort of info.

  27. Mark says:

    With Nick’s new solo album also coming out this spring, it’s going to be a great Summer.

  28. Mike the Fish says:

    Have Cherry Red given any information about sourcing the tracks? Are they looking at master tapes, mp3s, or vinyl rips?

  29. Charles K. says:

    Any word on whether its gate fold digipack or jewel case? Either way I’m getting it!

  30. Kauwgompie says:

    Great album! Seems like a worthy reissue with tons of remixes. Will definitely get this. Great work Cherry Red.

  31. eoin hall says:

    Great to see a cd debut for the 12” of fantastic day.

  32. Metal Mickey says:

    I was going to mention the unreleased 2nd album too – it was going to be called “Blue Hat For A Blue Day” (I even remember it being advertised in some long-lead publications, with a provisional sleeve design), and most of the songs ended up on “North Of A Miracle”, but this would have been a good opportunity to give them an airing… looking forward to this anyway, it’s well overdue…

  33. Paul H says:

    Agreed with Mylene. Bringing the “Half Baked” bootleg collection (demos for the aborted second album) into the public domain would also have been very welcome…

  34. Mylene says:

    It should have had the flexipop version of Nobody’s Fool (which in my opinion is the finest thing either Nick or the Haircuts ever did)

    • joseph gillen says:

      its now available on ore-order for £10.95 with 30 tracks on it….. it has lots of remixes etc… ITS A FANTASTIC ALBUM….FROM 1984 CALLED “PAINT AND PAINT”….and now on CD FORMAT…u can get it from a site called CHERRY RED or from AMAZON…… its officially out on the 19TH MAY 2017…. CALLING ALL HAIRCUT FANS, u got to buy this. its well worth it….

  35. Tim Barton says:

    Great album! Pop gem! I’ve got the Japanese paper sleeve version of the expanded edition mentioned, but this looks worth picking up!

  36. Ben in Colorado says:

    One of my favorite albums. Reminds me of high school. Nostalgia pull is too strong, so I’ll be ordering for sure. What a great surprise!

  37. trash says:

    Love this album (and Nick’s first solo album North of a Miracle).
    Used to have all the 12″s and stupidly got rid of them. Kept my Nick Heyward ones though.

    The original CD of this hd some terrible dropouts in one of the channels so I hope that will be rectified.

    • joseph gillen says:

      its now available on ore-order for £10.95 with 30 tracks on it….. it has lots of remixes etc… ITS A FANTASTIC ALBUM….FROM 1984 CALLED “PAINT AND PAINT”….and now on CD FORMAT…u can get it from a site called CHERRY RED or from AMAZON…… its officially out on the 19TH MAY 2017…. CALLING ALL HAIRCUT FANS, u got to buy this. its well worth it….

  38. Paul H says:

    Great to see this is finally coming out, its been on the cards for a while now. The 12” versions (including B-sides) were always great but also amazingly rare on CD. New, and very long awaited, Nick Heyward solo album due this Spring too….

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