Handsome packaging for The Handsome Family coloured vinyl set


Alt country duo The Handsome Family issue Unseen, their new album later this week. As you might expect, the long-player is available on CD and vinyl from the usual channels, but there are some excellent limited edition packages available from independent record shops and specific online stores.

The pick of the sets is the limited ‘pond green’ vinyl which not only comes with a download code for the new album, but also includes a signed print, lyric sheet and a nine-track Handsome Family ‘best of’ on CD. This disc (which has its own printed sleeve) includes SDE favourite So Much Wine and Far From Any Road, which was used as the theme tune for the first series (aka the good series) of HBO’s True Detective. These are only £20 which seems like great value. If you want to order online there are apparently only a ‘handful’ of these left, but head over here. Otherwise make some enquiries at your ‘local’ independent record shop.

You can buy the green vinyl sans all these bits (all the vinyl on amazon is green, too) but for the £3 extra, if you can get hold of the flashier package, it’s worth it. A double CD set which includes the best of is also available.

If you just want the standard CD and black vinyl, that’s what you’ll find links to below. Unseen is out this Friday, 16 September.

Update: All Unseen vinyl from Loose Music will be GREEN vinyl, so Amazon links below will be coloured pressings too.

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The Handsome Family

unseen - standard single CD


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The Handsome Family

unseen green vinyl




  • 1 Gold
  • 2 The Silver Light
  • 3 Back In My Day
  • 4 Tiny Tina
  • 5 Underneath The Falls
  • 6 The Sea Rose
  • 7 The Red Door
  • 8 Gentlemen
  • 9 King Of Dust
  • 10 Green Willow Valley

Best Of CD 

  • 1 Weightless Again
  • 2 So Much Wine
  • 3 Cold, Cold, Cold
  • 4 Far From Any Road
  • 5 After We Shot The Grizzly
  • 6 The Loneliness Of Magnets
  • 7 Woodpecker

5 responses to Handsome packaging for The Handsome Family coloured vinyl set

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  2. frattonlad says:

    Mmm, got my pond green vinyl today. Lush!

    Didn’t bother with the CD, though a signed copy would have been sweet.

  3. richie says:

    The vinyl is well worth the money, everything present as above including the SEVEN track CD.

  4. Chucky says:

    “Nine track best of…”, but the tracklist only has seven songs.

  5. richie says:

    Thanks Paul, I`ve opted for the vinyl package from `Loose`, very nice it looks too.

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