Heaven 17 / Exclusive signed SDE ‘keepsake’ interview booklet

Marytn Ware and Glenn Gregory’s recent filmed interview with SDE, where the pair entertainingly discuss Heaven 17‘s ‘Virgin Years,’ is to be made available as a special SIGNED ‘keepsake’ printed booklet edition.

Following similar publications (now mostly out-of-print) in 2017 and 2018 about Paul McCartney, Roxy Music and Pete Burns, this is the fourth in a series of occasional printed SDE interviews and the second to be signed/endorsed by the artists themselves.

This saddle-stitched (or staple-bound) document is a professionally printed and designed 20-page A4-sized booklet and is limited edition to just 450. Each one comes personally signed by both Martyn Ware and Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17.

The style of presentation is designed to be consistent with the previous booklets and features an outer gloss-laminated card cover and inner pages printed on 160gsm uncoated stock. It will be a great companion to either the CD or vinyl ‘Play to Win‘ box sets.

This is available exclusively via the SDE shop and once this limited run is sold out, no further copies will be produced. These will ship worldwide on 29 March 2019.

Order your copy by visiting the SDE shop or use the button below.

20 responses to Heaven 17 / Exclusive signed SDE ‘keepsake’ interview booklet

  1. Vlad says:

    Missed this but very interested. Will this one be reprinted at all, please?

  2. John 79 says:

    Received my Heaven 17 booklet today, really impressive Paul,I’m really happy with it,it will go nicely with the virgin years Boxset,
    Sadly the Boxset has a few mistakes and i have only listened to 4 discs so far…….

  3. Janice Pugh says:

    Wow – thank you Paul. I ordered the Andy Mackay/Phil Manzanera signed booklet a few weeks ago….really pleased. Love Heaven 17 – saw Glenn with Holy Holy recently and then with Afterhere. Excellent gigs xx

  4. Wayne Olsen says:

    Ordered. thanks, Paul!

  5. ROBIN PULLEN says:

    This was a no-brainer, many thanks for arranging this Paul, your continued hard work is very much appreciated.

  6. Robert Laversuch says:

    Got mine a few days back-good show!
    Keep em coming!

  7. John says:

    Ordered and greetings from New York City.

  8. Soily says:

    Are these also signed by the author?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      no they are not…

      • Chris Squires says:

        Could we afford them if they were?

        My order is in. My favourite so far is the Roxy Music edition. Keep ’em coming….

      • Soily says:

        Could the author sign mine when I order one?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I will endeavour to, if you email me your order details. Sorry to sound vague but it’s very easy to forget or lose track of special requests, but will make a note and try to make sure this happens. Thank you!

          • Soily says:

            You’re a lovely man, Paul. Apologies to bother you so. Your wish is my command… Sending my best regards to you and your family XXX forever endeavour nevermind ze-weather

  9. Yani P says:

    ordered cheers Paul

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