Hyde Park 1969 next in Rolling Stones From the Vault series


The Rolling Stones‘ 1969 gig at London’s Hyde Park will be the focus of the next ‘From the Vault‘ series.

Amazon US and Canada are currently listing a standalone DVD and Blu-ray editions (no UK pre-orders yet) but with no official announcement and full details of the formats yet to emerge, it remains to be seen whether fans will enjoy the vinyl and CD combo sets offered for previous releases.

The film was originally shot and edited for broadcast on British TV and has been available on DVD (and more recently blu-ray) over the years in the UK. It was also included a few years back on the US version of the Sweet Summer Sun deluxe edition.

Hyde Park Live 1969 currently has a provisional release date of 24 July 2015.





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  1. Peter Stevens says:

    Getting fed up with this.The Marquee came with Brussels Affair in Japan.If you pick and choose what you release where then don’t be surprised if the fans stop buying the series.Doubt if the Cd would be as good as the Boot anyway

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  3. Dr Magus says:

    Not really interested in the Stones but it’s a crying shame King Crimson’s set wasn’t filmed.

  4. Holger says:

    This was only released in North America, right? Will this “From the Vault” release be released in Europe in the future?

  5. Nico says:

    Hardly qualifies as a ‘from the vault’ series. It’s never actually seen a vault. Pointless if we don’t get the whole out of tune experience.

  6. Martin says:

    Will the full 18 minute ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ be on there, or is it just the Granada TV version? Network DVD did a fine restoration job on the Granada show not so long ago. So I don’t see what will be new about this one…

    There is nowhere near enough stuff on DVD (practically none) from the Brian Jones era.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      The DVD issued by “Network”(Though I have it in my collection, and I’m equipped with a modified DVD player that can play it) is a region coded disc that would otherwise be playable only in Western Europe & Southeast Asia. The same is true for other Hyde Park ’69 discs licensed by Granada Video(such as the Japanese disc).

  7. Danny Berkhout says:

    I love this doncert too, and the sloppiness. Indeed good versions of Lovin Cup, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, No Expectations etc.

    I love the bootleg on cd, but I hope they’re release it officialy once…And I hope ABCKO brings Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet out as boxset as soon as possible!

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Jagger & Richards still harbor bitterness towards ABKCO, and it is their view that ABKCO founder Allen Klein tricked Jagger & Richards into thinking that they owned their 1960’s song publishing. However,though Jagger & Richards relations with Klein’s son Jody Klein are better, it is still unlikely that Jagger & Richards will permit ABKCO to release unreleased 1960’s studio material.

  8. David Hart says:

    Hope they include Stray Cat Blues, No Expectations and Have Mercy which have been on You Tube …..of course the whole show would be awesome…….

    One last ‘pitch’ ……El Mocambo soundboard please!!!!

  9. skeltiscope says:

    I don’t think this is a terrible concert at all. There are some great versions of quite a few songs. Some people hate the sloppiness of this show, but I love it. I even really like the slow playing speed of some of the unofficial versions of the show. Mick Taylor played great slide guitar and vastly improved the band. Some of the tracks I like from this show are Loving Cup, Love In Vain, I’m Free, Jumping Jack Flash where Jagger repeats the word ‘gas’ over and over again, Mercy, Mercy and No Expectations. No Expectations and Love In Vain were beautiful with the slide.

  10. emstini says:

    Historically important, musically insignificant; a terrible concert.

    • pierre baril says:

      the hyde parrk concert was a stones practise with a new guitarist ,to start the 69 north american tour, theysounds like a garage band,a good one for brian thank you for the inspiration cheer

  11. Michael says:

    Hope they include a cd release it would be great to have the official audio after all the bootleg versions some of which left out content. I loved this concert it was iconic Stones x

  12. Dusper says:

    SD-BluRay or Hd-BluRay? This was shot on video or film?

  13. Rik says:

    The most important part of this Hyde Park show? It was the public debut of King Crimson! That other group has always paled in comparison.

  14. Gisabun says:

    Personally I’m getting tired of the “playing around” with releases. Some releases have no BR [LA Forum]. Some lack a CD [this one and Marquee in some territories – why?].
    They should just settle down though out the Vault series with a standard sets to choose from: BR/CD, DVD/CD, LP/CD

  15. Phil Cohen says:

    If you’ve bought the “Sweet Summer Sun” 2-DVD + 2-CD + Blu-ray Deluxe set, then there’s no reason to buy this. Yes, the Blu-ray will have better sound and video quality(versus the DVD included in the “Sweet Summer Sun” set), but these will be only slight improvements.
    The “Eagle Rock” releases of “Hyde Park ’69″(starting with the “Sweet Summer Sun” set) were the first releases of the Hyde Park film to have stereo sound, but the Eagle Rock releases lack the two bonus songs included in the most recent UK & Japan DVD releases.
    Not all of the songs from the show were filmed, but the entire concert was audio recorded. There is no reason why there couldn’t be a complete audio release of the show(unless ABKCO claims the CD rights and/or The Stones say “No”). It would be an ideal opportunity to neutralize the bootleg CD’s of the concert. But, such a thing has never been a priority for The Stones. They just permitted all of the unreleased(but already bootlegged) 1963 & 1964 Stones recordings to fall into UK/Europe public domain. And really, ABKCO doesn’t lose. UK/Europe labels that issue public domain CD’s of those recordings still have to pay song publishing royalties, which means that money goes to ABKCO for Jagger/Richards compositions.

  16. Eddie says:

    PS: “56 minutes” duration as listed on Amazon would indicate that there’s nothing new here…and no CD makes it all the more disappointing

  17. Eddie says:

    I echo Richard’s question….is this just a US release for the Blu-ray/DVD that has been available in the UK for some years already?

  18. RICHARD says:

    i was expecting this …but .. the major question .. ? is it the Granda TV show version .. or the Golden Pot at the end of the rainbow .. a complete hyde park 1969 …

  19. Mr Tim says:

    An iconic gig just a shame by most accounts a not very good one, however the positive is that these (official to boot) releases exist at all, and at reasonable prices. looking forward to more of the same
    Mr Page, Sir! please take note….. what next? ambient audio recorded in the car park – OUTSIDE the studio whilst an album session was taking place INDOORS …
    I digress but only to give Mick and co their due. Archive audio and video thats affordable, listenable and actually warranted.
    Thanks for the update.

  20. Thomas Casagranda says:

    Done to death I’m afraid; it’s a pity there’s no CD release.

  21. richie says:

    I was expecting this. Hyde park was a poor performance from the Stones, I believe the visuals have been cleaned up but they can`t do anything about the performance. One for the fans, I`ll be ordering mine ASAP.

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