INXS / Kick 30 / anniversary deluxe set

Brand new Dolby Atmos surround mix • Renders Kick 25 redundant

When I reviewed the 25th anniversary of INXSKick album back in 2012 I opened by saying “major record labels cling to blockbuster albums like a toddler clings to a security blanket”. Well, the proof is in the pudding, because since that time no other INXS album has received the expanded deluxe treatment, but five years down the line Universal Music are reissuing Kick again, for its 30th anniversary!

This is the third reissue of this album in 15 years and although I’m not sure it’s physically possible to roll your eyes enough to react properly to this news, the cloud does have a silver lining, because while the previous 25th anniversary set was missing remixes, didn’t include all the videos and was rather expensive, this time the label seem to have got it right, with a well-priced four-disc package that includes a brand new surround sound mix – in Dolby Atmos, no less – created by Giles Martin, who has made his name in the last decade as the new custodian of The Beatles audio, with regards to re-releases.

The first disc in this forthcoming Kick 30 package is a newly remastered version of the album, while the second CD is identical to CD 2 from the previous reissue. On the third disc, Universal do this time what they inexplicably failed to do five years ago and that’s fill out the disc with the ‘missing’ remixes. It’s uncanny. Anyone would think they’ve been reading SDE, since everything suggested five years ago is here (and more). Amongst the new additions are the Kookaburra Mix of Guns in the Sky, the Ben Liebrand Mix of Need You Tonight and the Mendelsohn 7″ Edit of Need You Tonight.

But credit where it’s due. It’s really fantastic news that a Dolby Atmos surround sound mix of this album has been created. It features on disc four –  a blu-ray. If you are new to Dolby Atmos, here’s the science bit: “This advanced technology delivers moving audio – a complete atmosphere of sound, with individual sounds that can be precisely placed and moved all around the listener, even overhead.” Although you need a Dolby Atmos compatible amp and God knows how many speakers in your room to really get the benefit, we are assured that this will provide “an enhanced sound experience on any surround sound set-up”. Giles has worked with Sam Okell at Abbey Road studios to create the ‘immersive’ mix.

“You can hear this album like you’ve never-before,” says Giles Martin. “You can hear Michael so close to you, you can hear his breath. You feel like you’re in the studio with the band. You have a record that’s 30 years old, but it’s been taken in a completely new direction and you can listen to it in a completely new way and it becomes new again. Great music and great songs, they don’t get old.”

Interestingly, after all the fanfare about R.E.M.‘s Automatic For The People being the first album to be mixed in Dolby Atmos, the Kick Dolby Atmos mix is actually going to beat R.E.M. ‘to market’ by a week (INXS is due on 3 November, while R.E.M. comes out on the 10 Nov). One up for the Aussies!

As well as this new surround mix, the blu-ray features all the promo videos alongside a new video for Kick. The Through Our Eyes Only home movie feature and the Track By Track documentary haven’t been ported over from the previous set.

This four-disc Kick 30 set comes in DVD-sized ‘fan-deluxe’ which includes a 48-page booklet with interviews, essays and rare photos. Best of all, it is less than half the price of its bigger, and inferior 25th anniversary cousin!

There will also be a new 2LP vinyl edition of Kick, half-speed mastered and pressed at 45RPM. This has been cut by Miles Showell, who did the recent Brian Eno sets. These come with a download card and a ‘certificate of authenticity’. A limited edition red vinyl version of this is available via the INXS online store. Andrew Farriss of the band declared these as “an outstanding sonic achievement… I was truly amazed to hear INXS’ recordings sounding so incredibly fresh, clear and kick-ass, like vinyl on steroids…”

All the INXS albums from the 2014 vinyl box are also being made available on vinyl LP individually at this time.

The Kick 30 3CD+blu-ray anniversary deluxe set is just £26 in the UK. It will be released on 3 November 2017.

Compare prices and pre-order


Kick 30 - 3CD+blu-ray deluxe edition


Compare prices and pre-order


Kick 30 - half-speed mastered 2LP vinyl


Kick 30 / 3CD+Blu-ray deluxe edition

1. Guns In The Sky
2. New Sensation
3. Devil Inside
4. Need You Tonight
5. Mediate
6. The Loved One
7. Wild Life
8. Never Tear Us Apart
9. Mystify
10. Kick
11. Calling All Nations
12. Tiny Daggers

1. Move On [Guitar Version]
2. I’m Coming (Home)
3. Mediate [Live From America]
4. Never Tear Us Apart [Live From America]
5. Kick [Live From America]
6. On The Rocks
7. Do Wot You Do
8. Mystify [Chicago Demo]
9. Jesus Was A Man [Demo]
10. The Trap [Demo]
11. Guns In The Sky [Kick Ass Remix]
12. Need You Tonight [Mendelsohn Extended Mix]
13. Move On

(tracks in bold, new additions compared to KICK 25)

1. Never Tear Us Apart [Soul Version]
2. New Sensation [Nick 12” Mix]
3. New Sensation [Nick 7” Mix]
4. Devil Inside [Extended Remix]
5. Devil Inside [7” Version]
6. Devil Inside [Radio Edit]
7. Different World [12” Version]
8. Different World [7” Version]
9. Need You Tonight [Big Bump Mix]
10. Need You Tonight [Ben Liebrand Mix]
11. Need You Tonight [Mendelsohn 7″ Edit]
12. Guns in the Sky [Kookaburra Mix]
13. Calling All Nations [Kids On Bridges Remix]
14. Shine Like it Does [Live]


1. Kick Mixed in Dolby Atmos & High Definition Audio
2. Promo Videos
Guns In The Sky
New Sensation
Devil Inside
Need You Tonight
Never Tear Us Apart
Kick [New 2017 promo]

Kick 30 / 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl

Side A
1 Guns in the Sky
2 New Sensation
3 Devil Inside

Side B
1 Need You Tonight
2 Mediate
3 The Loved One

Side C
1 Wild Life
2 Never Tear Us Apart
3 Mystify

Side D
1 Kick
2 Calling All Nations
3 Tiny Daggers

192 responses to INXS / Kick 30 / anniversary deluxe set

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  2. Alone With Strangers says:


    Having lived with this for a few weeks now I feel compelled to raise an issue. It’s nothing to do with the tracks included which are great (although I never need to hear another version of ‘Need You Tonight’. Ever.)

    Nor is it particularly to do with the mastering which is a tad loud to these ears.

    No. It’s to do with the blu ray & its claim that it includes a, and I quote, “Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Mix & Hi Resolution Audio”. The Atmos mix is fine – assuming one has the ability to play it and to get the best out of it.

    It’s the claim of the “Hi Resolution Audio”. I, for one do not consider a 16bit/48khz audio file as ‘Hi Resolution’. It is scarcely better than a bog standard CD and, to be frank, this is a rip-off: this was one of the key reasons I bought the set.

    Now it could be that the album was recorded, mixed, mastered digitally and at the time that would have restricted it to 44.1khz or 48khz. That is understandable but it should not be marketed as ‘Hi Resolution’.

    But I don’t bear a grudge and so sought out a copy of the 24 bit/192khz download. Guess what? It’s 24bit! Yay! Guess what? It’s still capped at 48khz….. However, Universal are now marketing & selling a product in breach of advertising regs & sale of goods.

    I have written to them via email & have received no reply. You have contacts at Universal – can you please contact them to request an explanation and, hopefully, a TRUE “Hi Resolution’ copy?

    If required I can supply screenshots of the file sample rate & frequency distribution



    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Interesting points. I *might* (not confirmed) get to talk to Giles Martin about this release, so if I do then I’ll put these points to him.

      • Alone With Strangers says:

        Thanks Paul. Record companies – indeed, any company – should be held to account for issues such as this. If this was a Financial Services product, the Financial Conduct Authority would be down on them like a ton of bricks.

        • Alone With Strangers says:

          Just to correct something in the above – please replace “48khz” with “48khz or less” since , on closer inspection, the ‘192khz’ download is actually limited to 40khz.

  3. Rob G. says:

    Is the “Devil Inside” 7″ mix any different from the album version? Or was that just a mistake since both are thr same length? I know the edit version is shorter obviously.

  4. David Carter says:

    Received my Vinyl today and its a superb release, I have never heard this album sound better

  5. Mark Sinclair says:

    The vinyl is alwfully compressed and clipping is riff.

    The extra dynamic range brought about by the half-speed mastering process has been wasted and simply accommodates a nasty compressed and loud master.

    I’ll be listening to my original vinyl pressing for sure. I foolishly though the vinyl would have been mastered separately like So or Roxy half-speed masters….

  6. TomG says:

    @Paul Sinclair:

    Apparently, the surround sound is not an actual hi-res transfer is just 16bit. If this is the case, I might have to skip this one.

  7. gogandmagog says:

    very well done
    I posted my humble review in Amazon uk

  8. William_M says:

    bluray visual quality, especially the menus are a bit crap to be honest

  9. Dajong says:

    Received mine today. When I skip some songs on the blu-ray disc, I can still hear a few seconds of the ending of the song before. Does anyone have the similiar problems with the blu-ray disc?

  10. Andy B says:

    Listening to this right now, nice meaty remaster (haven’t got 25th) don’t really care for the bonus stuff, but overall solid.

  11. Jon Mayers says:

    Everything on the blu-ray is beyond awful. Utterly deflating hearing / seeing how bad it is.
    So disappointed. If the other earlier albums do ever get reissued properly (which us fans have wanted for decades), PLEASE don’t let it get remixed unless it’s by Steven Wilson…and PLEASE don’t edit the videos and replace the original audio.
    (Why does no one ever listen to the fans?)

  12. Joseph Stone says:

    Amazon is now showing Feb release ?
    Universal website still shows a NOV release. Anyone have any new information in this? Thanks

    • MikeT says:

      Release date on Amazon back to 11/24/17. I ordered my copy from, since it was less expensive than, and my copy shipped today from the UK and expected in the US prior to the US release date.

  13. Bill says:

    Paul ( or anyone else) i only have a standard stereo monitor, 2 speaker with blu Ray player. Is there a blu Ray Disc that comes with this set that I can play? Does it include the home movie documentary? Bottom line—what Can I play from this box set and what can’t I play based on my system?

  14. Jeff says:

    I probably haven’t listened to this record in 25 years, but a 5.1 mix in Atmos and a good price. I’m in.

  15. Glenn Schryver says:

    Attended the world premiere last night. The surround mix is excellent; I picked up things that I’d not heard before. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  16. Shawn says:

    $33 shipped to the USA from Amazon UK, thanks Paul!

  17. Daniel (from Adelaide) says:

    Loved INXS since I saw them back in 1983 in a small club in Adelaide (Bridgeway). I don’t think I’ll be buying this set for six remixes that I already have though. Having said that, it does look great, so if a copy turns up very cheap, I’ll swoop on it.

    As for the band themselves, I once heard them described as a good, second tier band with a great, top tier front man. That was as apt as anything. Live, they were great back in the day, but playing pubs in Australia back then soon sorted the wheat from the chaff.

  18. elliott buckingham says:

    just sold my red kick 25 vinyl so ive pre-ordered the dbl red vinyl postage is a bit steep though

  19. Luis says:

    do we know which version of the vinyl issue will have the certificate of authenticity? both or only the black version?

  20. Mark says:

    My two favourites are The Swing and X but I would be very keen on deluxe releases from The Swing up until and including Full Moon,Dirty Hearts.

  21. Steve says:

    Michael. There will be a regular single disc black vinyl version of Kick (and their back catalogue) issued for £16.99

  22. James says:

    Happy about this news. IMO Shabooh Shoobah is their best album. Would love the deluxe treatment for SS.

  23. Michael says:

    I will be tempted to get this on vinyl, but it’s too steep in price yet to feel worth it for me. I might have some interest in the remixes, but I’ve never felt that INXS were really a great band for the “deep cuts” and b-sides, as I grew up with them collecting all of their 80s stuff as a child.
    I’d love to have the album on a new vinyl copy, but it seems like they only do very expensive versions in reissue.

  24. elliott buckingham says:

    at least now I can put my atmos receiver to use since buying it 4 weeks ago I haven’t owned anything atmos enabled

  25. Josh says:

    Leo Lotti, thanks for telling Giles Martin that – I fully agree.

  26. Gisabun says:

    Hmmmm. Waiting for the 35th anniversary which will add additional material not found in the 30th. :-)

  27. Christopher Old says:

    Is this a Region free blu-ray, or must I purchase from .com to view in Canada?
    Extremely excited about this release!

    • Gisabun says:

      Huh? Amazon Canada is extremely slow in listing new items. Wait a bit. It will show up.
      Because of the smaller quantity sold in music videos, BR videos are generally region free.

  28. Leo Lotti says:

    Guys, you wouldn’t believe me, but I met Giles Martin outside of Abbey Road studios. Apparently, I was the only tourist outside the building that could actuatly recognize him. I told him that I thought he was one of the best engineers around and thanked him for all the marvelous he has been doing with the Beatles catalogue. I even told him that I couldn’t wait to listen to his Kick Dolby Atmos mix. To my infinite annoyance, the batteries on my cell phone had run out and I couldn’t take a bloody picture and register the moment, but there you go!

  29. Simon says:

    Screening of Live! Baby Live! coming up in London in October and note ‘Come wearing your favourite INXS shirt for a chance to win one of 10 door prizes.’

    And a special guest to open the screening as well.

  30. William says:

    Welcome To Wherever You Are should definitely get the SDE treatment. I had a few CD singles from the album (did I really pay £4.49 each back in 1988 for those?) so some of those remixes and extra tracks will appear on this set but it still looks like a well priced set.

  31. gogandmagog says:

    Midnight Oil and Crowded House…but don’t forget Men at Work…and (I know, no big hits) the magnificent The Church!!!!!

  32. John says:

    I suppose this is as good a place as any to complain about the 19 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees, as Inxs is not on the list, AND SHOULD BE! If the Cars don’t get in this year, I listen to nothing but country music from now on.

  33. Chris says:

    I would love the other albums to be given the Super Deluxe overhaul…esp The Swing ( which could have the fantastic Dekadance EP as part of a deluxe version) and Listen Like Thieves.

  34. Martin Kilroy says:

    Hi Paul. Is anything exclusive to 25 or is it all repeated?

  35. Glenn says:

    Excited about this. Nice to see the new additions on disc 3.

    Missing (?): The 5:11 Mendelsohn Mix on the 1988 CD single:

    Would be nice if they included all of the DVD features from Kick 25 on the blu-ray.

    Would like to see Deluxe Editions of their other albums.

  36. Charlie Waffles says:

    In the summer of 1988 I watched a show on NBC one night. INXS performed four songs from Kick at the Universal Amp. I wish those would have made it onto the Blu-ray. I also remember Dan Aykroyd and Sam Moore singing blues songs together on the same show.

  37. Steven Roberts says:

    Looks like a great set for the price.

    If there is one minor criticism…’s that not all the material on the CDs hasn’t made it onto the blu-ray in hi-res. I’m guessing that – even with the album in Dolby Atmos – there’d be plenty of space left over for the demos and remixes etc to be included on the blu-ray?

  38. Brian says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Velvet Underground’s debut had a 40th, 45th and then a 50th anniversary edition. Each with a few added tweaks. There’s a lot of mileage in anniversary editions so it seems.

  39. Mo Lester says:

    Atmos mix is the big pull here. Heard good things.

  40. Ty Tudor says:

    Cat got tongues? Paul – calm down.
    Simonf added to the mix. You were off hand and he is heartbroken.
    Poor lamb Simonf has been lambasted for wording his wording ‘reissue repackage same old shit’ in the most gangster way.

    Cheers Paul. Nice one Paul. Ohh Paul Ive bagged it, thanks to you. Ohh my wallet, oh my wife, ooohh Ill have to bribe the postman – is getting a tad trite you must admit.

    Some constructive mud slinging has materialised this week. Thank you Simonf.
    And you have to admit, minions decorating your comments give’s you no right to doctoring a community that is not up your arse.
    Many thanks for the communistic effort.

    I demand a petition to get Simonf back on here, and everyone makes a concerted apology for your loose and un charitable message to him.

    You have turned opinionated of late, so why cant we?

    Simonf I miss you dearly. Paul is in a foul mood, and he knows it.
    Only an apology from Paul will do.

    • Paul E. says:

      @Ty – I’m guilty as charged. I did thank Paul Sinclair in my earlier comment and went as far as crediting him for the post by using the SDE widget link to pre-order…shameful indeed.

      The problem as I see it is that there is no problem at all.

      I’ll add more fuel to the fire and restate how appreciative I am of the information on releases I’m interested in purchasing or just entertained by the extravagance of some
      these box sets. Either way, SDE has become a great resource for this music collecting hobby/passion I have.

      Fact still remains that he/Paul Sinclair didn’t withhold Simonf’s 1st OR 2nd comment and/or your criticisms. Good luck with that petition though – suggest you post it on your site.

  41. Dylan says:

    From memory, there’s a largish number of “unreleased” INXS tracks out there. If the other two Antipodean bands who made in big overseas – Midnight Oil and Crowded House – can have a full reissue campaign, I can’t see why it shouldn’t happen with INXS. My preference would be the CH model.

  42. Bren says:

    Going to have to go for this. Will only be able to make use of the Dolby TrueHD ‘core’ of Atmos, will be happy with that though.

    One of THE albums of the 80s, every track an absolute winner. Used to hire the VHS of the promo vids for the album (Flick?) and loved all of those too. Only Welcome To Wherever You Are came close to matching Kick after this.

    Not heard any of the 25th bonus material – the surround mix and the promo vids make this package worth the asking price. The rest is gravy as far as I’m concerned.

  43. Griffin says:

    Again? I’m still waiting for the Janet Jackson Control & Rhythm Nation 1814 Super Deluxe Editions. Glad I didn’t buy the previous one (25th ann.)! So I’ll buy this one (30th ann.) for the missing remixes.

  44. Shane says:

    I wonder what the purpose is of Dolby Atmos (whatever it’s called) when clearly the album was not recorded that way and surely it wasn’t re-mixed to sound like that, as I can’t imagine anyone taking notes of where the instruments and the musicians were in the room when they recorded it.
    So basically you have this new disc of someone completely remixing the album to sound in a way that it was never meant to be and that has been randomly decided by someone who is not even the band?
    I will be buying it anyway, it’s a pretty package and I don’t have the album yet.

  45. Gunnar Radisewitz says:

    Are there any differences between the previous 2012 Remaster and the new 2017 Remaster of “Kick”?

  46. Ty Tudor says:

    Atmos.. Dolby IIz anyone?

    Brilliant album on DVD/A. The best disc i ever heard. Fact.

  47. CJ says:

    This is so weird, as I was literally listening to this album just last week and wishing that I had bought the 25th anniversary set when it was out–kicking myself for missing it. This is great news–already pre-ordered.

  48. Steve says:

    Ordered, Thanks Paul for pointing out the Red vinyl version. Also for anyone interested, Universal have a silver coloured double vinyl of The Best Of on their store for release at the same time.
    Love Full Moon Dirty Hearts too Gogandmagog.

  49. Steve says:

    Paul – you should withhold comments as you see fit. If they’re just noise, not adding to the discussion, decline them. Whether they’re negative or positive. Simonf’s comments were off-topic, but maybe were interesting enough to let through.

    I’ll second Kauwgompie’s suggestion of adding “like” options. No need for “don’t like”, just the positive marker. That would allow people to contribute, without writing mostly-duplicate posts. And you wouldn’t have to moderate the “likes”, maybe reducing your work load.

    Actually, an automatic poll at the posting level would be interesting. Let people could weigh in on whether they’re interesting in the release, will definitely be getting it, already pre-ordered, why didn’t they put this out years ago, don’t like the artist, will wait for a sale, etc.

    Anyway, I’m pretty geeked about this “mini SDE” – price-wise, it’s fantastic. Minor grumble that yeah, it’s still not the complete SDE package, but that’s a complaint to lodge against higher-priced sets. Here’s hoping more of the INXS catalog gets similar treatment as this.

    I’ve been a fan of INXS since “The One Thing” hit MTV. Saw them open for Adam Ant in 1982, they were great – although Hutchence was drunk to incomprehensibility. Then again, if I had to open for Adam Ant in some podunk midwest city, I’d probably drink a lot, too. :)

  50. Schu says:

    Looks like they finally got this one about right with a reasonable price point. Other single release albums could take a queue from this. Now it’s time to release an SDE version of an INXS album I’d want to purchase, The Swing or Listen Like Thieves.

    Other than the useless “this band sucks” or “anyone who likes this is crazy”, I applaud the fact that this is generally an open forum for everyone to express varied opinions.

  51. Kenny says:

    Not the biggest fan and prefer Listen Like Theives but might buy this as it has the Blu Ray with the Hi-res Atmos mix.

  52. Oliver says:

    You just can’t beat finding the original LP, mint, in a Kent field for 10p… that’s how I got my copy of Kick a few years back :’)

    • Mike the Fish says:

      If I had a pound for every record I’d bought in a Kent field I wouldn’t have enough money to buy the record you bought in a Kent field.

    • daveid76 says:

      That must have been from the INXS orchard nearby. Was it harvest time?

  53. Charles Christopher says:

    Speaking just for myself, I wasn’t aware of the Kick 25th Anniversary edition, so I’d discourage everyone for assuming that re-releasing these things on other anniversaries is entirely just milking the cash cow. I also can’t be the only person whose interest in bands wax and wane, and what might thrill me one year doesn’t the next – or with a little more nostalgia, what I was barely interested in might seem more rose-tinted five or ten years later.

    Good on the label for making it a bit more content-heavy than the previous issue, if they are going to re-issue it. I don’t think there was any obligation to re-issue it at all, additional tracks or not.

  54. Pablo says:

    I don’t know why only this only record had a deluxe edition… although “Welcome to Wherever You Are” was release as expanded version in 2002…

    I’m totally disagreeing with the comments (offensive) from Simonf…

    Thank you PAUL AS ALWAYS!!!

  55. Craig says:

    So when Kick came out, I was in college and writing for the school paper. I interviewed Jon Farris (and his smoking HOT girlfriend) at the hotel the band was at. Super nice guy, good interview, even with a nervous college writer.

    Need You Tonight was huge at the time. The album had just come out, and I had only listened to all of it a couple of times. I asked him about what the next single would be. I suggested “New Sensation” or maybe “Mystify”. He said the band had been “arguing” about it since they thought there were 6 hit singles.

    I held in a laugh, because at that time, that was Michael Jackson territory. Six? Ha!

    Well, there were five, and even “Kick” got a little alternative airplay.

    The only part he got wrong was he said he wanted to release “Calling All Nations”.

    As for this release, seems like the perfect set – with all the relevant mixes and videos. CD and vinyl separate. Decent pricing. Definitely picking it up!

    Would really like to see some kind of SDE for Listen Like Thieves – lots of remixes/versions of those songs not on CD.

  56. Eric M. says:

    Hi Paul,

    Are previously released bonus tracks being re-remastered as well? The single mix of “New Sensation” on the last reissue is one of the most offensive wall of bricks I’ve encountered. If they can get the sound right, I’m definitely down with this release.

  57. Garry says:

    I love INXS, growing with them in Australia, I have enjoyed their music from the start to the end, including when they fell seriously out of favour with Australian audiences, bit of a tall poppy syndrome. I am so happy to see Kick get the proper treatment it deserves, would love to see the deluxe treatment to some of their earlier efforts, particularly Shaboo Shoobah and Listen Like Theives.

  58. Marty says:

    Bands, people, opinions, football results, comments from my wife – if I don’t like them, I filter them out. I don’t get out much but a girlfriend dragged me to see INXS at Wembley Stadium in the summer of 1991, I think it was called Summer XS and there was Roachford, Debbie Harry, Hothouse Flowers (with Tinker from Lovejoy, I walked past him on the way to the toilet) and maybe more. Kick is a classic album for me but yeah what about the others? There are loads of b-sides and mixes too, and there was a cassette-only E.P.! Please to see them all coming out on vinyl properly too, been waiting for ages.

  59. Francis says:

    I am really glad I never bought the previous Super Deluxe Edition because it was way too big, lacked remixes (that this edition has) and was more expensive. To think I almost bought the previous box set only a few months back so I am pleased I that I did not bother.

  60. multivit says:

    Great News!
    But regarding Dolby Atmos, another Artist was first:

  61. Paul E. says:

    Thanks Paul – ordered on Amazon UK: cost w/shipping to the States was $34.43! Time to part with my 2 CD Deluxe Edition.

  62. Stephen says:

    My previous copy was the early Japanese bonus-tracks CD. While not perfect, none of the reissues which came after did anything to really compete. This is the inherent problem with endless reissues: If all you do is swap out one set of incomplete b-sides, single edits, and remixes for another incomplete set, you still have only “half” a product. Good job on them going back and “finishing the job” this time, so to speak.

  63. Gogandmagog says:

    Full Moon Dirty Hearts
    I suppose I’m a minority but I love it, woul be great have it eith the video album in upgraded image

  64. Steven says:

    Will be interesting to hear how the Atmos mixes diverge from the 5.1 versions previously available on the “I’m Only Looking” Videos package

  65. Kevin says:

    Pre-ordered and really excited for this. Will 2nd, 3rd and etc. etc. the comments of this needing to happen to AT LEAST Listen Like Thieves, The Swing, Shabooh Shoobah, and X.
    I will put forth the good will by stating that whenever INXS comes up on my device, I feel such a mixture of happiness and sorrow that I’m listening one of the best voices and frontmen ever and we lost him.

  66. Tracey Spivey says:

    This album brings back so many great memories. Given the “recent” trend of some highly priced (and somewhat disappointing) SDEs, its nice to see this release with a very reasonable content/price ratio. I’m looking for to listening to this and would definitely support similar SDE’s for some of the band’s earlier albums.

  67. Dave W says:

    Preordered, but I sure hope the Amazon UK description of “3 discs” is incorrect and the blu-ray is included. I wanna transport myself back to 1987 with those cheesy videos! :)

  68. Steve Marine says:

    This set looks great and I’ll definitely buy it. But I’d kill for them to do the same deluxe treatment to THE SWING, which I consider to be INXS’s masterpiece.

  69. Graham says:

    Aren’t there some documentaries on the 25 edition dvd that aren’t on the latest?

  70. Josh says:

    Paul, please censor the “this band’s/artist’s shit” time waster “contributions”. Zero point to these self-centered postings… we know someone hates her/him/them/this album somewhere and we don’t care.

  71. Nick says:

    Great To see Kick 30th Reissue !

    On a slightly sadder note Do you think Any Tom Petty LPs will get the same sort of Deluxe Re-Mastering treatment?

    Wildflowers All The Rest – remastered / deluxe edition has been in the pipeline for the last 2/3 years, i can’t believe none of his Vinyl LPs have had the Re-Mastering treatment – Maybe now that he’s sadly passed away, his music will get the treatment it truly deserves!

    R.I.P Tommy!

    • Larry Davis says:

      Just ordered the new INXS “Kick” 30th Anniversary package…killer price…on Amazon UK, with the VAT taken off and shipping, came to $34 and change, while Amazon US had it for $44…sold and better than the onetime UK deluxe 2CD and US 1-disc thing on Rhino!! As for the dearly departed Tom Petty, “Damn The Torpedoes” got the 2CD deluxe treatment and it was a little disappointing because the bonus disc was only 9 songs…nice informative booklet though, with an essay on the trouble making that album had, with the court case. Been waiting on the deluxe “Wildflowers” ever since Tom said they were working on it…or at least the disc of unreleased songs from the “Wildflowers” sessions. As for his catalogue getting the SDE treatment, not sure how much unreleased stuff was in his vault…you would hope, with the 3 discs of rarities/unreleased on the “Playback” box…I hope there is…his catalogue does deserve it, yes…been waiting on a deluxe remaster of “Full Moon Fever” for years…

      As for INXS…that silver 2CD/1DVD “Very Best Of” is awesome, and now this…perhaps, the rest of the band are working on deluxe catalogue reissues of the rest of it?? Being they are having trouble getting a new frontman worthy of Hutchence’s shoes…impossible or an extremely tall order, kudos for trying tho…JD Fortune?? Meh. Maybe they should concentrate on reissues and preserving the catalogue, as well as Michael’s solo work like Max Q?? They do seem like cool people though, from interviews…

  72. Grant_R says:

    Paul, you do such great work on this site, and I believe every contributor to SDE via the comments page, would agree. Don’t change the way you do things regarding negative comments, in a way they give us all a little chuckle.
    The actual release looks great and have pre-ordered as I did not go for the 25th anniversary. It may not be the best INXS album, but was certainly one of the best of it’s time.
    Thanks Paul, have been a fan of this site for years, and would be lost without it.

  73. Lee Bowler says:

    Please don’t publish the comments that p#ss on people’s parades, it’s totally uncalled for. Why have good news tarnished by haters. I wouldn’t even comment on a artist that I had no time for etc. Back to the actual release, big thumbs up here and pre-ordered! Thanks for the heads-up! NB fab price!!

  74. Peter Anderson says:

    Apart from my poor grammar that is! What’s not to like, of course.

  75. Peter Anderson says:

    While not the world’s biggest INXS fan, what’s not too like at this price? Suggest Paul forwards the details to the Eagles!

  76. Adam says:

    For anyone in Australia, both editions are available for preorder from JB Hifi with the same release date of 3 November.

    • Bobby's Dad says:

      Re: JB HiFi
      Thanx for that…..

    • theGedemondan says:

      I looked at JB Hifi, and found it was $15AU more expensive that getting it from Amazon in the K.

      • Paul W says:

        I also looked at jb just orderd mine from amazon uk

        • DJ Control says:

          Me too! JB are regularly $15 more than elsewhere which is why I rarely shop there. Hopefully when Amazon launch in Australia JB will get competitive with their pricing.

          • gwynogue says:

            JB Hi-Fi online can be good if there’s a sale on, but their regular prices can be pretty awful. Especially with the added postage. I don’t live near a JB Hi-Fi so I have to use the the mail delivery option. They charge a flat amount per item which doesn’t change, regardless of how many items you buy.

  77. CJL says:

    Ordered. Would have preferred a deluxe of Listen Like Thieves (easily their best album as far as I’m concerned) along with a dvd/blu release of Rocking The Royals. As someone else mentioned, a dvd/blu release of In Search Of Excellence wouldnt go amiss. First saw the on Live Aid & have been a fan ever since.

  78. Kauwgompie says:

    Paul, I do welcome also the more negative comments but wouldn’t mind a bit of light editing if you will. Simonf’s post was entirely pointless and unnecessary and pushed the comments into a different direction. Not the direction where you wanted them to go (although I did like the Bob Geldof comment). That’s a shame. Comments should be about the new Kick SDE, not a debate whether Michael Hutchence had talent or not.

    As far as the actual release, I love it. Finally all the remixes and B sides together. And the price is obviously great. Even though I bought the 2cd 25 version, I will get this for sure. Finally a complete picture, although who knows what they dig up for the 35 anniversary. More demo’s? A live concert?
    By the way, I always thought that “Welcome To Wherever You Are” was an amazing album. Glad to see I’m not the only one!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The thing I won’t do is edit actual comments. It’s all or nothing. Sometimes I get some quite good comments ruined by some kind of personal attack at the end. They don’t get published.

  79. Not wishing to be unpleasant, but Giles would not, I suspect, be doing this if he wasn’t George’s wee laddie.
    Steven Wilson he aint…
    Discuss – but please don’t get me started on musical merits (or otherwise) of of INXS – I may get banned ;-)

  80. Simonf says:

    I stand by what I said and am not going to apologise. There are loads of bands/singers featured on this site that I don’t care about, and feel nothing for, but INXS really do annoy me and that’s why I had to speak out. Looking through the track listing on this album there are at least four tracks I can recall, not difficult as this stuff was all over the radio and TV back in the day, and it always just felt so empty; there’s nothing there to grab onto, and that is my main problem with the band. It comes, it goes and that’s it. I just can not understand how they became so popular. I think that Hutchence had it in him to be a good rock’n’roll performer, after all he nicked it all from two of the best, but unfortunately he was surrounded by a bunch of uninspiring dullards hence the music that they churned out. If only he could found Australia’s version of Keith Richards things could of been quite different.

    • Klaus says:

      I think you’re not getting the point.
      You surely are entitled to have your own opinion and nobody here wants you to apologise for it (well, at least not me).
      It’s just that i already knew that there are people who don’t like INXS, same as for any other artist. So there’s no point in pointing that out by commenting a post referring to a newly announced SDE of an INXS-album.
      …but that’s just my opinion as I’m of course entitled to have one too.

    • SimonP says:

      You “had to speak out”?

    • Larry Davis says:

      I see your point, Simonf, (my fave Aussie band is Midnight Oil, but still a big INXS fan) but INXS had a different dynamic than the Stones did…they are/were more of an ensemble with multiple styles and moving parts…not the Jagger/Richards-type of approach…plus there were many styles interwoven into INXS’ sound, from powerpop to disco to new wave to raunchy rock & roll. Their sound was more expansive than the Stones as well, with an adaptability that enabled then to transform freshly over almost 20 years, while the Stones many times got quite stale. But calling the Farriss brothers, Kirk & Garry “uninspiring dullards” was a bit low…those guys are great musicians, songwriters and tight band…Michael was the perfect frontman, unfortunately TOO good because no one else can replace him!! Also, great pop songs are not “empty”, sorry…it’s really difficult to write killer, tightly-constructed tunes, like “New Sensation”, with earwormy hooks…you try it!! This “Kick” 30th SDE is a no-brainer.

    • Jakob says:

      @simonf What felt empty to you hit my soul like a tonne of bricks. That’s why they were huge, they tapped into something that resonated with a mass of people. But not every person. For instance the same way The Who have never done anything for me. Every criticism of INXS you made here I could quite easily cut-and-paste into a post about The Who and feel like I could completely stand behind it. That’s the magical thing about music, how people hear different things and feel different things when they hear it.

  81. Andy B says:

    This LP summed up my summer of 1987 when I was 16. I have a huge soft spot for this LP, even if you like INXS or not, which in fact I don’t, but Kick regardless, is a masterpiece of right then right now and capturing it so well.

  82. DaveH says:

    Nice one Paul, I wondered when you were going to announce this release.

    No complaints about the package, price and contents. I’m a sucker for surround mixes and the INXS promo video DVD sounds great in 5.1.

    As for timing, only five years after Kick 25, the anniversary of Michael Hutchence’s death is coming up and I’ve already read bits about last words in the media etc. I held off buying Kick 25 because it didn’t represent value for money to me but have no complaints about this release.

    As for negative comments, I don’t personally write “I don’t like this band” as there’s many bands I’m not interested in but when I read so many readers enjoy listening to that particular band, I just think to myself, wow each to their own. That’s the beauty of music, different people enjoy different music for whatever reason. I’ve read many comments where readers will write I not a fan of the artist but that’s a great release!

    I can skip over comments like simonf, he thinks INXS are overrated, that’s his personal opinion. Does it change anyone else’s opinion on the band – no! As long as personal insults are not thrown around, I think it’s fine. You are the judge and jury Paul and you do a good job calming things down when things get too heated anyway.

  83. Mark says:

    To be honest I am a little bit tired about catchphrase like “new mix” or ““You can hear this album like you’ve never-before” or “you can hear thins you never heard before”.

  84. Reed says:

    A little disappointed Atco did a Kick 25 only to turn around and do a Kick 3o. Should I ignore the 30 in anticipation of a Kick 40 that includes remastered video from their 87-88 world tour?

    As for Simonf, I would not sweat it…probably ex-Boom Crash Opera who labored for years with Hutchence stealing his thunder.

  85. Jozek says:

    Passed this information on to a good friend of mine, this is one of his all time favourite albums so he is really excited. Thanks again Paul for the information, you have made his day

  86. Bobbyjean says:

    Paul when people weren’t happy with the bowie boxset the record company lied.when people said we’re not buying there lies and said they were sending it back the record company backed down.somtimes they listen to a nasty response when they know it hurts there wallet.sad world but true

  87. Federico says:

    Is also the 1st disc a new remaster?I mean different from the 2004 one :)

  88. Stephen Leigh says:

    Also like to add that I was fortunate to see INXS on their single trip to South Africa. If memory serves, very shortly before Hutchence passed away.

    SA band Springbok Nude Girls as support, which to an SA rock fan made it a double headliner, and INXS were mind blowing. Still one of my top five greatest gigs. Michael gave 120% on stage. Sad loss. I recall only a few tracks from KICK not being played that night. They knew what an important album it was.

  89. daveid76 says:

    Amazing album, but I prefer The Swing and would love to see an SDE released of that one day.

  90. Olov says:

    Great price. A lot of value for the money. Have previous editions, but will buy this for the blu ray. And when it comes to comments about the band: totally unnecessary. I really think INXS is one of the most underrated band of the 80’s and 90’s. And if you don’t like them, you could/should respect people who do by not commenting or engaging at all. This is a forum for SDE-nerds and music LOVERS. Not haters. Just my five cents.

  91. Martin says:

    “You can hear this album like you’ve never-before,” says Giles Martin. – Until the next time….. A great album but surely only for collectors? I may pick up the vinyl as a change but I agree it is this type of release which is what is wrong with DE releases

  92. elliott buckingham says:

    id like to see a inxs 12″ collection reissued they did some superb mixes from previous albums

  93. Friso Pas says:

    Will eventually buy this. I like INXS a lot. Always did.
    For me it started with The Original Sin, great single.
    I like Kick, maybe ‘X’ even better, but I agree with someone else here, that I think Welcome To Wherever You Are is their best. But that was not so succesfull, so it probably will never get a deluxe treatment. That ‘X’ will get that remains a possibility.
    BTW, for lovers of the surround mix, Dolby Atmos is backward compatible to everyone who has a 5.1 setup. The signal has a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 in its core, so you can enjoy that one.

  94. Craig says:

    The singles are monumental and timeless. The rest of the album is solid. Definitely not overrated.

  95. Will says:

    Superb price. Purchased!
    Wish they would give this sort of treatment to Shabooh Shoobah and Listen Like Thieves as well though.
    I also wish the REM AFTP set was a bit closer to this price as well – really want to buy it but struggling to justify the price.

  96. Ricardo says:

    What do I need in order to play those Dolby Atmos tracks? A new Blu Ray player? A new receiver? Both?

    • Stephen Leigh says:

      You will need a Dolby Atmos compatible amplifier/receiver and speakers… This includes additional channels, including overhead ceiling speakers, ideally.

      I don’t have this, but I had the recent Roger Waters The Wall Blu Ray demoed to me on an Atmos system and holy cow poo it was breathtaking…

    • Mike the Fish says:

      If you specifically want the surround mix using atmos you’ll need a receiver that can process the signal and probably some more speakers. If you’re already set up for 5.1 with blu ray then you can still play it, but it will reduce down to standard 5.1.

    • Bogdan says:

      Yes, Ricardo: compatible player, receiver and some additional speakers (or an Atmos-enabled sound bar, which includes the latter two).
      Referring to this set: great value for what is offered and definitely worth it. One of the best pop albums of the ‘80s.

    • Ty Tudor says:

      Ricardo. You will need both a player and receiver for the Atmos.
      Dolby IIz which is on many receivers gives great results if you place the L/R back rear surrounds above the listener.

      The DVD audio of Hotel California sells for £75 average. I sold mine for £100 and regret it. I miss it dearly. Its that good. The best of Elliot (hit and miss) Scheiners 5.1 mixes. The drums sound like they are in the room, especially the toms. Its ridiculously analouge sounding. I looked online today and the DVD/A is still highly sought after.


  97. Michel Banen says:

    Looks like the “stand alone” blu-ray pure audio format is dead but not it pops up in these kind of sets to push people over the bump to buy yet another copy of an album they already have several times. Well, I’m not complaining as the surround mix is the reason I just pre-ordered this.

    Now I only still need Def Leppard’s HYSTERIA in a similar surround mix….

  98. Ivan says:

    Not to have other great albums from INXS’s discography remastered and expanded, but at the same time having greatest hits and “KICK” rereleased time and time again is such a pity and utter dismay for long time fans of the band. I blame the hideous Chris Murphy and the remaining band members apathy instead of the record company, Universal.

  99. Graham says:

    Still think it’s a bit of a lazy release. Good that they’ve added some missing tracks but why didn’t they reorder discs 2 & 3? Personally, I don’t like mixes of the same track being grouped together and prefer them spread about but this is neither one nor the other. Perhaps they will get it right in another five years.

    And why don’t the record company realise that INXS did actually release other albums? They surely would make great deluxe sets.

  100. RJS says:

    I bought Kick on cassette when it first came out. I liked ‘Need You Tonight’ and always considred the track ‘Mediate’ that it segues into to be the 12″ version. I never upgraded it to CD and won’t bother now but this is a good value box set. I do have a limited edition 7″ of ‘What You Need’ that came with a free cassette single. I though it might be worth something but just checked on Discogs and it can be picked up for £2.99!

  101. Alan says:

    Michael’s breath was always clearly audible in the middle of Need You Tonight.
    That being said, I love how producers or engineers leave the breath in the vocals and I hope that is what Giles means.
    These days I often hear vocals without breaths. When I was remixing Duran Duran’s Pressure Off 2 years ago I didn’t find any breath in the vocal track. Makes it artificial.

  102. José Ramón says:

    Isn’t it the fourth reissue if we include the US 1 CD version with extra tracks?

  103. Brian says:

    why do some people have to say stuff like “if you like this you must be a reader of this” ? It’s such a pointless statement.

  104. Bobbyjean says:

    Well come on without a disagreement or opinions the bowie box set wouldn’t of been changed.and if people like the band they shouldn’t feel the need to coment about my opinion .so we’re all stupid.we pay mad money for overpriced box sets .and we won’t stop

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Saying Bowie was rubbish and didn’t have any talent, didn’t get the box changed. Constructive and persuasive arguments made that happen.

      • martin farnworth says:

        Wasn’t he though? Just a load of image changes and stolen ideas (i jest of of course).

        • Andrew M says:

          I said the same thing but not as well as you, reading it back, and didn’t make it obvious enough that I was being cynical.

          Thank God that Paul didn’t publish it – I could have been hammered. But I was joking……!

  105. seikotsi says:

    I just wanted to say Welcome to Wherever You Are is even better, but then other people did already. I won’t buy this, mainly because the hits have been overplayed. May buy Welcome to Wherever You Are, whenever that comes out.

  106. Chris says:

    I’ve just pre-ordered this, great value and content.

  107. Bobbyjean says:

    I have to agree with simonf .this was a rock band that was all about image and no talent.more likely to appeal to sun readers than uncut mojo readers

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Welcome to Wherever You Are was one of the best albums of the 1990s

    • Klaus says:

      I for one am a MOJO and Uncut-Reader (still missing “The Word”, too) and wouldn’t touch “The Sun” even with gloves and still think that this is a really great album of danceable pop-music (though i must say i was surprised of that when i first listened to the album) and Paul’s right too, that WTWYA was maybe even better.
      Btw: I don’t understand what’s the use of telling fans of this that you don’t like the band. If Paul posts about artists i don’t like i don’t even bother reading it, let alone offer my disliking to people who are interested in them.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It is a bit annoying. I’m tempted to not publish posts where people say ‘this band are shit’ etc. It’s just so unnecessary and doesn’t really add anything, and winds up people that do want to discuss the merits of the release in question. I try to be relaxed and let virtually everything through, but don’t remember the NME letters page printing every opinion that they received!!! What do people think?

        • Wazza says:

          Unless it’s some kind of constructive dislike then don’t give them their little moment …. i for one am a big fan and that all started with this album when I got this tape along with icehouses man of colours and rattle and hum for Xmas . I bought the 25th 2CD edition but I think I will be upgrading to this since the price is too good to pass up

        • RJS says:

          As long it’s constructive, I welcome negative comments about bands and releases. I do enjoy the comments on this site and think it would turn very dull if it was just positive “My favourite band, ordered!” comments. Having said that, the Jagger/Morrison love child comment above has no merit.

        • Klaus says:

          @Paul Sinclair:
          I like your approach to this and would recommend not to change it.

        • Stan Butler says:

          Comments on the merit of the artist are pointless. It is the specific release that should be discussed and open to criticism or praise (e.g. the recent issues raised about the McCartney & Bowie releases). INXS were never my cup of tea, but we all have different tastes and I would rather read knowledgeable replies where I learn something, even if I don’t like the artist.

          • Chris Squires says:

            It’s a tough one Paul. I wouldn’t open the curtains if Saxon or Metallica were playing in the back garden BUT I can recognize when an artist I have no care for puts out a superb edition with love, care and attention to detail (It’s usually jealousy) and I CAN see why others would like it / them. Simonf’s point was pointless, slagging off a band and it’s lead singer for nothing other than self gratification and attention…or else why bother. Loathed as I am to agree with RJS, constructive criticism can be useful, it can make good things happen, as this site proves regularly. I would have no trouble with posts being withheld on the basis of “They are crap” or “people who buy vinyl are idiots” being a waste of pixels that does this site an injustice and serves zero purpose.

            This ain’t digitalspy y’know but it also isn’t North Korea – your call.

        • Gary Madeley says:

          There are loads of bands I’m not keen on, like all of us I suppose, but I love receiving updates of who’s releasing what, in what format and price etc. Paul does a fab job that we all benefit from and if you don’t like an artist just let it go. If a post merely slates an artist then delete the post. At the end of the day the site as I understand it is an information post for releases and the merits thereof open for discussion. If your sole opinion is of the ‘that band are crap’ variety then this isn’t the place to post or be posted.

        • Dean says:

          Depends on what you want the site to be. Good or bad, sanitizing it turns it into a pure fanzine type site, where only those who love something and gush about it get heard. Or, you can keep it real. I personally hate that we can’t edit our posts, and would prioritize that first. Like it or not, naysayers are part of the market place. My own post in this thread started with “I have no interest in this” – but I wasn’t being unduly rude.

          Honestly Paul, if I were you I’d be looking to minimize the amount of time I spend on minor stuff. You run a site letting people know what’s coming out, so spending time cleaning threads isn’t really something I’d assume you want to do too much of.

          Come to think of it – you have some good features on the site, but the comments section with no validation, no edit, no ability to simply post, is a glaring hole where it’s a bit…. 80’s! LOL

        • DJ Control says:


        • martin farnworth says:

          Yeah I know! You never published my post. I actually owned this album way back so I could argue my opinion is valid. I can understand- it distracts from the discussion. Whats really relevant is the actual “package” being released more so than the music.

          Personally though I wouldn’t mind people slagging off my favourite groups. It’s almost entertaining as me doing it (on a rare occasion) even if it is immature. But I find it amusing if people are hurt or angry by this- come on, get a grip.

    • David says:

      What utter bollocks!!!! If anything, they were actually underated!! Every bit as good as U2nor Depeche Mode….and INXS put out some great albums. Hutchence was actually a really great singer if you gave him a chance. Just listen to a few albums from start to finish….he had a great voice! It just so happened that he looked cool to.

  108. Neil says:

    It’s £23.99 here*/*/Kick-30th-Anniversary-Edition/5OQZ0000000 not sure about postage though and £24.99 on

  109. Lee Realgone says:

    I’ll be getting this, definitely! Looks like a great set. I still desperately want a DVD of ‘In Search of Excellence’, though. Doesn’t look like that’ll ever happen.

  110. Dean says:

    I’ve no interest in this whatsoever – but look at the price. SDE prices are so all-over-the-shop. It’s clear the labels have no idea of the “worth”, and are just throwing numbers around to see what sticks.

    Great value this.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      In this instance, I think the price reflects the fact that they only did this five years ago and they certainly aren’t giving out any refunds, now that they have done what they should have done in 2012.

      • Klaus says:

        Great album imho, now with some good bonus too. Before i only bought the 1CD-remaster because i thought bonus wasn’t worth the price asked.
        Now definitely on my pre-order list and pricewise luckily oriented at “Purple Rain” not R.E.M.s “AFTP”.

  111. Manuel says:

    I can live with the 25th anniversary edition I recently purchased for 15 euros. I also have the original master. I’ll be more than happy to invest in something else.

  112. John says:

    You’ve pre-ordered then @Simonf? ;-)

  113. Jens says:

    Where is the “Devil Inside (Re-Mix Version)” from Francois Kevorkian (6:31) from the Japanese Special Edition CD (1989)?

  114. Gareth says:

    My favourite band (sorry, Simonf…). I own pretty much all of this on vinyl from the 80’s but will be good to have it all together like this. Wish they would do the same for ‘Listen Like Thieves’, ‘X’ and ‘Welcome to Wherever You Are’ (the latter album being their best in my opinion). They always did interesting b-sides which allowed the band members to do their own solo tracks (although ‘Kick’ was a bit weak in this regard). ‘Begotten’ and ‘Everybody Wants U Tonight’ are good examples.

  115. Simon says:

    Just to be clear Simonf doesn’t speak for all Simons :)

  116. Chris Gunn says:

    I see that there is a vinyl preorder on UK Amazon (same release date 17th Nov) but no details that confirm that it is the 1/2 speed master. Any idea if that is it?
    If matches the release date on the Abbey Road website.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Pretty sure that isn’t the 2LP half-speed, which is why I didn’t link to it. I think that’s just the standard black LP.

  117. David Carter says:

    A bit harsh, Its a great pop album of its time but enough killer hits that truly hit the mark

  118. Simonf says:

    Hugely overrated band with an unbelievably bland sound, fronted by a man who thought he was the love child of Jagger and Morrison but without a single ounce of their talents.

    • Nicofromsa says:

      Geez what are you doing here Simonf? Kick is the best Oz album of the 80’s and it’s not even their best. 1992’s Welcome To Wherever You Are is kickarse with no filler unlike a couple of duds on Kick. Love child of Jagger/Jimbo – who wouldn’t take that. Sometimes we Kick sometimes we get Kicked

      • Shawn says:

        I like INXS quite a bit, and love Kick, but it is not even close to the best Oz album of the 80s. That honor goes to Starfish by The Church.

    • Neil says:

      Why even bother making a comment on a band you clearly don’t like ?

    • daveid76 says:

      Bob Geldof spotted at SuperDeluxeEdition!

    • Chris Squires says:

      Rule number 1. – Remember every album, no matter how much you think it sucks, is someone’s favourite. Also, your favourite album, will have plenty of people who think it sucks.

      Whether or not Kick deserves to have so many editions, it sold bundles and is held in fairly high regard. The Mobile Fidelity LP is pretty awesome to my ears….

    • Dave says:

      Simonf . Could you be deaf ! By any chance ?

    • Mark Carroll says:

      Yeah, I always thought he was a Jim Morrison imitator..2nd rate at that…

    • AlexKx says:

      Oh, shi-ot!

  119. -SG- says:

    They finally got this one right, good for them.

  120. elliott buckingham says:

    whats not to like didn’t bother with the the 25th but did get the red vinyl edition from the other year. this now finally is a decent upgrade from the Japanese edition which was my go to version of choice

  121. Kevin Barrett says:

    Good album, deserves this release imo

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