INXS / Live Baby Live Wembley concert film issued on 4K UHD blu-ray

2CD+blu-ray, blu-ray and DVD also available

Live Baby Live, INXS‘ incredible 1991 live show at Wembley Stadium was issued last year on audio formats, but next month will finally be released on blu-ray and DVD, and the good news is the fully restored film – with Dolby Atmos soundtrack – will be available on the 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) blu-ray format for incredible picture quality.

This visuals have been meticulously restored over a twelve-month period from the original 35mm negative to 4K Ultra HD, and during the process a previously thought lost performance of the X album track ‘Lately’ was discovered and reinstated into the film.

I was lucky enough to see a screening of this last year and can confirm that it’s stunningly good. They’ve actually converted 4:3 to 16:9 with careful shot-by-shot reframing, for the full cinematic experience. The audio for the film will be in Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio (Blu-ray only), DTS 5.1 Surround and Dolby 5.1 Surround (all created by Giles Martin and Sam Okell at Abbey Road Studios). See the video below which goes a great job of explaining the process and illustrating the improvements.

It’s important to be aware that the 4K UHD version will not play on a standard blu-ray player, you need a player that is 4K UHD compatible (and a TV that will cope!). However, the 4K disc is a two-disc package that does include a ‘standard’ blu-ray as well, so even if you aren’t set up right now, you are future proofed for later hardware upgrades. Also, both blu-rays are ALL REGION so that is not an issue (in fact all the discs, including DVDs are all region, NTSC).

There are audio/video bundles available too, but only 2CD+blu-ray and 2CD+DVD, so no 4K bundle option…

All the various formats – and there are FIVE different physical configurations – are available on 26 June 2020. We are making the 4K blu-ray package available via the SDE shop which you can pre-order with this link or by using the button below.

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Live Baby Live - 2CD+Bluray


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Live Baby Live - 2CD+DVD


4K UHD Blu-ray spec

Region:   ABC (all)
4K Visual Format:   2160p Ultra High Definition
BD Visual Format:   1080i High Definition
Picture Format:   NTSC
Aspect Ratio:   16:9
BD & 4K BD Audio:  LPCM Stereo, DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio, Dolby Atmos
4K BD Format:   UHD-66
BD Format:   BD-50

1.     Guns in the Sky
2.    New Sensation
3.     I Send a Message
4.    The Stairs
5.    Know the Difference
6.    Disappear
7.     By My Side
8.    Hear That Sound
9.    Lately*
10. The Loved One
11.  Wild Life
12. Mystify
13.  Bitter Tears
14. Suicide Blonde
15. What You Need
16. Kick
17.  Need You Tonight
18. Mediate
19. Never Tear Us Apart
20. Who Pays the Price
21. Devil Inside
22. Shining Star

* Previously unseen/unheard performance

42 responses to INXS / Live Baby Live Wembley concert film issued on 4K UHD blu-ray

  1. Mathieu says:

    Will this be available in North America?
    Ordering from Europe to Canada is taking months currently unfortunately

  2. Jeff says:

    My 1st order from your site Paul…..thanks for the heads up!!

  3. SimonP says:

    Watched the video on my phone then watched it again on the TV to get the full effect. I do agree that the restoration is a bit too green, but the DVD video is rather Daz bluey white, too. I’d rather a middle ground between the two, but the results look great anyway. Added to my Christmas list!

  4. Graham Turner says:

    The restoration work looks excellent in general and I’m really pleased they’ve provided a video detailing exactly what’s been done here. Like others have said it’s exciting to see concerts starting to appear on 4K and this will look and sound excellent projected large in my living room.

    My only criticism is the rather severe teal/orange colour-grading that seems to have been applied, to the point that things that should be white (Michael’s trousers, Tim’s T-shirt) now have that blue/green cast to them. Unfortunately this is a very common choice for modern presentations but is rather distracting to my eyes.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Looking at the clip fullscreen on my computer monitor I noticed that while the resolution is improved, the colors of original DVD looked “cleaner” which I take to be the lack of the teal/orange grading in the 4K which seems to mute the reds and blues. Is this what happened to the BD of Fellowship of the Ring which has a distinct green hue compared to the other to movies on BD?

      Why are they distorting colours? Why do they think its better than reality? Is this the video form of brickwalling sound?

      I shall likely purchase the 4K, just to support and encourage the UHD and Dolby Atmos formats. The Kick album sounds amazing in Atmos as does Abbey Road.

  5. Steve Burke says:

    I have nothing bad to say about this release, have had my fingers figuratively crossed for months and months now that they wouldn’t forego a 4K UHD release for this one given most concerts don’t get UHD releases (I think there is literally only ONE 4K Ultra HD physical disc release of a concert prior to this) so I’m beyond psyched that it’s only a month or so left until this native 4K release becomes a reality in my own Atmos-enabled home theatre. Let’s go!

  6. Daniel says:

    Looks like an amazing restoration – would love to see a tour from another Australian artist, Olivia Newton-John’s 1982 Physical Tour, to have a restoration like the INXS concert and be released in the same formats. There were over 500,000 tickets sold for Olivia’s tour and it was also a Television special ratings success and spawned a Laserdisc and VHS release in 1983 that was Grammy nominated, so that is a reasonable audience for a re-release to be considered.

  7. John says:

    I have the old Laserdisc and “Original Sin” is right after Hear That Sound. Don’t know why it wouldn’t be included on the new release.

    • Ben says:

      Original Sin is also on the “21st Anniversary Collectors Edition” DVD released in 2012 on the Petrol Electric label. Crazy to leave it off the remastered Blu-ray!

  8. Koen says:

    and now LIVE AID please!

  9. Glenn says:

    Looking forward to the 4k release.

    Have the prior DVD release of this from 2003. It includes Original Sin which I don’t see here. It did turn up on the recent CD release after not being on the original posted track listing. Older DVD does not include Lately (as noted above) or Shining Star. The DVD includes several extras and I wonder if they will be included again on the new release:
    New Band Interviews
    Backstage Footage
    “Talk Baby Talk”
    Photo Gallery
    Band Commentary
    Wembley Excess – 40 minutes behind the scenes documentary

    Assume these won’t be included so will need to keep the older DVD.

    • Nigel R. says:

      Aye, I noticed that. “Original Sin” is on the Amazon list for both CD and blu-ray … so I assume the 4k too. It’s on my audio release from last year too (see Tidal etc).

      “Shining Star” is over the credits I believe, but looks like an extra track on tho CD too.

      4K for me!

  10. Bogdan says:

    Instant pre-order, thanks Paul!

  11. Mathieu says:

    Is this the first music release on 4k disc?
    I am unaware of other concert or documentary…

  12. Scott says:

    There you go if inxs can get the aspect ratio correct, so should of Pink Floyd on pulse….!!!!!

    • Laszlo says:

      Unfortunately Pulse was filmed on some now obsolete, low resolution format. There is no
      fixing that in any shape or form. It is frustrating to watch the blu ray version, the visuals are horrid.
      Film still beats any digital media, 4K or 8K.

  13. smorrissey says:

    Last Monday i watched the documentary Mistify on Netflix.

    There’s a scene when the brit awards took place and Hutchence honoured Oasis….

    I though until that moment the only prick in Oasis was Liam…had no idea that Noel was an utter moron too, now i want to destroy all my Oasis collection, those guys never convinced me when they were active (Beatles Copy) but later i gave into them… now i regret that.

    Having said that i might buy this INXS release, it looks pretty good and never seen it.

  14. RODOLFO MARTIN says:

    I watched the documentary Mystify last weekend. This was never my favourite band and I never bought more than the greatest hits with an additional disc of remixes. After the documentary, I like MH and I will buy this 4K . If you are not familiar with the documentary, the last 30 minutes reveal an episode that changed his life. I recommended for fans and not fans. There is a nice clip of MH and the keyboard player composing Mystify that is very touching.

  15. Rayburn says:

    Finally a real 4k concert release!

  16. Charlie says:

    converted 4:3 to 16:9? That means that a large part of the original image has been cropped out. I’d hardly describe that as the full cinematic experience. Why do people feel that there’s something wrong with 4:3?!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If you watch the video they’ve carefully done this frame by frame. The reason is obvious – anyone with a 4K HD set up has a massive WIDESCREEN TV!!!

    • Federico Spielberg says:

      Ah but…. 35mm is mainly shot at 3:2, roughly 14:9, so it’s the 4:3 that’s cropped.

  17. Dave says:

    Yeah ! kinda frustrating for me too . 4k + cd perfect . ? Dumb !! But me thinks very canny .

    • Nigel R. says:

      Indeed…. there have been a few titles released recently either stand alone blu-ray and CD/DVD pack. So I just get the blu-ray …… Assuming you have a PC, you could always rip the stereo track from the included blu-ray disc I may have done this a few times, especially for any 24 bit titles and uploaded to my “Cocktail Audio X30” in flac. Can’t understand why they bother with DVD at all, especially on a re-release?

  18. Klaus says:

    Already bought the 2-CD before christmas for less than 8 £ from and will now wait until the standard blu-ray gets below 6 € here in Germany which should happen sometime in the next 12 months based on my experience with other releases by Eagle.
    I haven’t got the set-up to really see a difference between 4k and standard bd and the sound will be the same on both.

    Oh, and everything that was said here or in other posts about INXS regarding Michael Hutchence’s charisma is absolutely true.

    I only watched them play live once (iirc on the “X”-tour) in the early 90s in Dusseldorf and, regarding that i’m not an uber-INXS-fan, that was one of the best experiences in a concert arena (capacity was about 7.000 i think) that i had so far in my life.

  19. Marko says:

    In 2 Cd+Blu-ray bundle there is 1 Blu ray+1 Uhd 4K Blu ray+2 Cd?

  20. Billy says:

    I wish Madonna would do this with the Blond Ambition and Reinvention tours, and Kate Bush with Before The Dawn and maybe even Hammersmith Apollo

    • Rick says:

      Blonde Ambition really needs a bluray/dvd release. My VHS from Japan is worse for ware.
      Reinvention was an incredible show and should not have been a pseudo documentary release (imo).

      • Ken says:

        There is a pro recording of the full Reinvention show from Lisbon “out there”, only in SD though.

  21. sean says:

    Thanks Paul, it’s ordered.

    Saw them in Melbourne in the 80’s and after the concert found a way into their limmo to chat to all but 1 of the band (kinda just walked up past security and knocked on the door). After a few minutes I got a tap on the shoulder… MH wanting to get into his ride home. They all signed the flyer and were super kind to even say hello.

  22. Graham says:

    Typical, the one bundle that I want – 4k & 2cd – doesn’t exist. Will have to buy them separately.

    Hopefully some deluxe editions will follow shortly of the other studio albums.

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