Is George Michael’s Symphonica being reissued on vinyl early next year?

George Michael / Symphonica 2LP vinyl reissue

We may be about to get a vinyl reissue of George Michael‘s 2014 album Symphonica, if early listings on Amazon are accurate.

George’s live album from his 2011-2 tour features orchestral / big band arrangements of many of his songs, alongside a generous selection of covers. The SDE review expressed disappointment at the proliferation of covers and dearth of Michael originals (“George Michael continues to please himself rather than the fans”).

Symphonica was originally issued as a 14-track CD, a 17-track deluxe CD and blu-ray audio. Five months later, a limited edition double vinyl edition (with all 17 songs) followed (this was August 2014).

The vinyl and the deluxe CD are long out-of-print and neither is cheap to get hold of. Indeed, the vinyl’s median price on discogs is £350! So a reissue of this 2LP set would undoubtedly be very welcome.

Symphonica was destined to be the last George Michael album issued in his lifetime and was producer Phil Ramone’s last record too (David Austin is credited as ‘executive producer’).

Nothing is confirmed, but February next year looks likely with regards to this reissue.  In the meantime, check out the ‘Pure Audio’ blu-ray price in Germany. A bargain!

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George Michael

Symphonica - 2LP vinyl reissue

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Amazon fr   30.97
JPC de   31.99

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George Michael

symphonica - original blu-ray release


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George Michael

symphonica - original CD release


  1. Through
  2. My Baby Just Cares For Me
  3. A Different Corner
  4. Praying For Time
  5. Let Her Down Easy
  6. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  7. Feeling Good
  8. John And Elvis Are Dead
  9. Roxanne*
  10. One More Try
  11. Going To A Town*
  12. Cowboys and Angels
  13. Idol
  14. Brother Can You Spare A Dime
  15. You Have Been Loved*
  16. Wild Is The Wind
  17. You’ve Changed

*bonus tracks on deluxe CD, blu-ray audio and 2LP vinyl

35 responses to Is George Michael’s Symphonica being reissued on vinyl early next year?

  1. Dawn says:

    Just been advised my Amazon uk release put back with no date identified , and idea when it is likely to be Thanks

  2. Alan says:

    My amazon fr pre order is showing its release as 30 June/1 July.
    Anyone have any idea if that’s still the case or will it be put back to Sept in line with other Amazon sites.
    Its also showing currently unavailable on the French amazon site but my order is still valid.

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  4. Maria do Ceu Fernandes says:

    Considering the high prices the Symphonica vinyl has been going on sale for, I’m happy with this re-release. Otherwise I will never have one for myself. I love George and buy everything related to him but there are some items I just can’t afford. One of them is Symphonica original vinyl. There are a few more, such as his book “Words”.

  5. Shane says:

    Ssometimes it pays to be a completist, I just checked and i do have the original vinyl in mint condition. Tho i wont part with it its sad its value will decrease but good for the few ones who want it but not to sell it on.

  6. Glen Leat says:

    Bought the blu-ray from Germany for £9.78 including postage as opposed to £24 in UK. Something seriously wrong with this situation. I assume after Brexit we’d have to pay customs charges from the EU.

    • Mijael says:

      Although he wrote a number of good songs, he was always a singer more than a songwriter to me, and Symphonica is one of his finest moments.
      I will cherish my blu ray audio till the day I die.

  7. SimonP says:

    The people that are paying over 300 quid for a George Michael live album (or any other live album, to be fair) need their bumps felt!

  8. Shane says:

    It seems labels always do what fans want the least. Go figure. I dont even remember if i have the originak vinyl.

  9. kittens69 says:

    Curious choice. His least loved and least best-selling album by some way (just 200,000). Voice no longer at its best and song choice just a bit dreary. Vinyl versions of ‘Older’ and ‘Faith’ are what’s wanted…which I’m sure will come in good time…and then colored vinyls…RSD editions…picture discs…by which time they’ll be a massive CD revival going!

  10. Michel Banen says:

    The Symphonica album remains a weird one to me. The fades after the tracks completely ruin the idea of listening to a live registration and why wasn’t a home video released of the show ? Besides that with all the covers I found it a mediocre release that didn’t give me goosebumps like the MTV Unplugged recording. Along with “Songs from the last century” the Symphonica album is one I never play.

  11. Lon Pinkerton says:

    Could those responsible for George’s “legacy” please release at some future point:

    1. “Faith” Tour CD / DVD set
    2. “Cover To Cover” CD / DVD set
    3. “Older” deluxe edition (including Moody, and maybe an updated “Unplugged” set from 1996 to include rehearsal material, such as Hand To Mouth and George dialogue?)
    4. Double / Triple CD “Rarities” set to include previously released “B” sides / compilation tracks (Safe, Happy, etc), live tracks (Tonight, If You Were My Woman, etc) and previously commercially unreleased tracks (This Kind of Love, Tape Loop, For The Love of You, etc)

    Also, a few years ago I sent an email (so far unanswered) to George’s website suggesting an album called “Songs of Wonder” containing (unsurprisingly !!!) George’s versions of Stevie Wonder tracks to include As, Love’s In Need of Love Today, You & I, Village Ghettoland, etc.

    Finally, bearing in mind that George was such a great writer, vocalist and performer I would like to see a book reflecting his career (including Wham!) possibly similar in style to Mark Lewisohn’s excllent “Beatles Compendium”.

  12. Simon Taylor says:

    Wow, was it really going for that much? I ordered from his website upon release and it was poorly package and cover has creases so complained and they sent another. I contacted them to ask where to send the damaged one back and they never responded. So i play the original with creased cover and kept the replacement sealed. Perhaps now missed out on selling for a good price but nevermind.

    It’s a lovely record BUT i want double vinyl reissue of Older. Please!!!!

  13. Glenn says:

    I just listened to this CD last week for the first time in a long time. Was also struck by how many covers were in the set. Have been trying to track down the deluxe CD for years at a reasonable price. Have the concert on my DVR which I recorded off of Showtime I think years ago. Would be nice to have that released on blu-ray as well as the Freedom documentary. Not to mention the continued deluxe editions…

  14. Rolf says:

    It’s all about prolonging the legacy now. Rerelease everything remastered repackaged over an extended period of time and slowly give the fans what they want & hope you pick up some new younger fans along the way. They said cynically…

  15. Tanysha Giddins says:

    Any time we hear anything from the late,great George Michael is wonderful.I feel like Older should be re- issued on vinyl, remember a lot of people have never heard George’s later works.Speaking of the Symphony album,I enjoyed it – that was something he always wanted to do, be backed by a symphony- after all he and his mother were true lovers of music.I say release it for the true GM fans!

  16. Ryan Sinclair says:

    Of all the GM albums to re-release, why this? ‘Older’ etc. are surely more important to his fans for a re-issue (especially on vinyl)…. Maybe I’ll sell my LP copy before Feb?

  17. MusicFan says:

    I love this album – it is a masterpiece!

    I wish the blu ray audio followed the deluxe track listing rather than the standard issue.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It does follow the deluxe… (?)

      • MusicFan says:

        Oh yes, so it does!

        I wonder what I was thinking?

        Maybe at the time I felt it was unfortunate it didn’t include the full set of tracks as Song To The Siren and I Remember were released as digital exclusives!

        It’s a pitch the DVD/blu ray of the Paris film was never released (other than promo).

  18. Rolf says:

    I think I played this album once & once only! Enough said.

    • Michael McAlister says:

      I listened to it once too – a friends copy.

      While I always aim to never speak ill of those passed – it does slightly irk me how GM is always held in such high esteem. Yes – he certainly could sing – beautifully – and LWP is a masterpiece – but he was hardly prolific – and in my opinion Older was patchy and Patience dire. Padding out his career – he relied a lot on covers (this live album – Songs From The Last Century) – often used samples from other people’s songs (Fastlove – Shoot The Dog – Flawless) to mask average songs – and bugger only knows how many duets he did ……

      ….. and to plug a new song at the 2012 Olympics ceremony (I thought) was shameless.

      Compared to many other artists with careers spanning a similar period (Depeche Mode comes to mind) how many great songs did he really produce? Bloody hell – I’m sure even (the goddess that is) Kate Bush has produced more material – and that’s saying something!

      …… and Wham!? – overrated.

      Chronically vain too (have I gone too far?)

      Oh Christ – and he’s just come on the radio AGAIN!

      • Chris Squires says:

        Agree with most of what you said Michael, except the bit about Wham! being overrated. If anything, for me at any rate, Wham ! are underrated. Particularly by the record companies. SDEs of both Fantastic and Make it Big (on the proviso they were done properly) would sell by the bucketload. Personally they should do a single megabox of ALL the available Wham! material covering The Executive through to the very last Pip. Everything. Including all promos and Foreign Skies on DVD or, as much of it was shot on film, Blu-Ray. I could see a 6 – 8 disc set in the mould of Play to Win / Snowstorms or Chickasaw. I loved George, but I don’t play anything much after 1996 as it leaves me cold, but Wham! leaves me with a smile. Take my money.

        Symphonica – nah, too many covers and poor songs.

      • bob says:

        Actually for George to perform one of his own songs at any kind of charity/big event was extremely rare.
        At Live Aid George only sang other peoples songs, same with the huge Nelson Mandela concert. He made a point of not been seen to gain from these events, unlike almost every other artist. He made a point of announcing that all of the profits from Last Christmas would be going to charity/Live Aid before the single was even released, hoping that other artists would follow his lead. None did.
        I will give him a pass on his performing one new song at the Olympics.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Although George failed to consider that people WANTED him to play his big songs at these events. He was on the bill at Live Aid because he was massive and fans would have loved to hear Careless Whisper, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Everything She Wants etc. It’s not a matter of ‘gaining’ from these events, you are there to help make them memorable and give people a great show. No one begrudged Queen doing a greatest hits medley. Everyone loved it and it has become the accepted highlight of the day. GM was his own worst enemy really. No one wanted to hear Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me and he made Andrew look stupid by relegating him to ‘backing vocals’ duty with Kiki Dee. Wham! were still a band at this point!!

          • Michael says:

            I liked that version of don’t let the sun at Live Aid. Thought it was great. Aretha Franklin also singled that performance out after he died.

            Symphonica is fine. Not that crazy about Phil Ramone. His music with Karen Carpenter was not her best. It’s a stronger album than songs from the last century easily & do still listen to it sometimes.

            Some of the comments here are not particularly nice. 4 of the 8 albums he made total made all great. If they were going to do an boxset anthology compilation may flow best with 2 albums with fast songs & 2 slow. And don’t scrimp on the early songs. When it came out he liked the Joy Division album a lot but said he realised that was not the type of music he was supposed to do. He forgot that sometimes.

            Hope like a previous comment that the 3 Wham! albums are expanded & reissued. Checked the Spotify amounts of play for Wham! 22 million a month (maybe because it’s December) far more than some of the biggest names of the 80’s.

      • Carmen says:

        GM SHOULD be held in high esteem. He produced, arranged, wrote and then sang all of his songs with the exception of very few. How you perceive Older – which is a masterpiece – to be “patchy” is unfathomable. Patience was also beautiful and yes, certainly a departure from previous work but that is the mark of a true artist. He was always reaching for different ways to express his artistry – hence the duets and covers, which incidentally, sounded superior to the originals. In many ways, George was prolific because he edited his work so assiduously – no song was ever a filler. Symphonica was a glimpse of a more mature artist and I loved his renditions. Yes, the voice was different, deeper, less prone to histrionics and as a result more resonant and sublime. True artists evolve.

  19. Alastair says:

    Thanks for the word about the bluray. I sold my copy of the deluxe cd (an offer I couldn’t refuse) with some regret, so I am pleased to get a physical copy of all 17 tracks, including Going to a Town, on a superior medium.

  20. Andy Hanson says:

    Saw this tour at the Royal Albert Hall and was gutted that the superb version of Rihanna’s Russian Roulette wasn’t included on the live release. T’was superb!

    • Paul Assirati says:

      Absolutely agree. When he came down those stairs with the opening bars of Russian Roulette my goosebumps had goosebumps!

  21. Ben Williams says:

    I always thought Going To A Town was one of George’s finest moments and was gob-smacked it was only on the “deluxe” edition. I was listening to this album a couple of days ago, I do like it.
    I just wish that maybe George had used the Symphonica tour to showcase new songs but as a final album, I do like it very much.

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