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Before This World is James Taylor‘s first collection of new material in 13 years and will be released in June across a number of formats including a super deluxe edition box set.

It is a ten-track album and a deluxe CD+DVD will add a 30-minute documentary that explores the making of the new album; There We Were: The Making of James Taylor’s Before This World.

The super deluxe book edition is a three disc set with bonus tracks on an extra CD, the aforementioned DVD with the documentary, and a 40-page hardcover book featuring photos, liner notes, and a collector’s envelope with handwritten lyrics and other memorabilia, all housed in a numbered, die cut slip case.

Super Deluxe Edition

The bonus tracks for the box are to be confirmed at the current time. There will also be a heavyweight LP edition of the standard album pressed on 180g vinyl which comes complete with a download card. The SHM-CD version in Japan will also come with a bonus track (possibly more than one) but nothing has been confirmed. There is a good chance any bonus tracks here are selected from the bonus tracks on the big box.

Before This World is released on 15 June 2015. (LP pre-orders to be added when available)

Super Deluxe Book Edition

Deluxe CD+DVD

Japanese SHM-CD

CD Edition

Track listing

  1. Today Today Today
  2. You And I Again
  3. Angels Of Fenway
  4. Stretch Of The Highway
  5. Montana
  6. Watchin’ Over Me
  7. SnowTime
  8. Before This World / Jolly Springtime
  9. Far Afghanistan
  10. Wild Mountain Thyme

20 responses to James Taylor / Before This World

  1. Philip says:

    All three releases from the album so far have been superb. James is in great form and has crafted what looks to one of his best albums.

  2. Kevin says:

    Any news on where to order the vinyl LP from in UK?

  3. Alan Jones says:

    Great news indeed and really looking forward to hearing some new stuff from JT. I am deliberately holding off from listening to any tasters, pending the time when I can hear the whole album on vinyl in my front room…however I can tell you already it will be one of the best new releases in 2015.

  4. Jurg says:

    A new record by James Taylor. Great! But when are they going to remaster his Warner Brothers catalogue (with bonus tracks)? Any news?

  5. BritinDetroit says:

    James Taylor SDE or Toto XIV Deluxe ?

  6. Rodolfo Martin says:

    Dear Peter Douse,
    Thanks for letting me know that one of my heroes, James Taylor, is rubbish. Could you please let this forum know who the artists that deserve to be listened to are? I am not probably the best to distinguish betting good or bad music but I trust my own taste, which is what matters. Thank you. Your comment was one the most disrespectful comments I have seen in SDE. Paul, have you ever thought about filtering comments?
    Rodolfo Martin
    Jacksonville, FL

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      While as a comment it doesn’t really add to the ‘debate’ – and I’d always encourage people to be both interesting and/or informative on this site (most of you are) –  it wasn’t offensive and not a personal attack, so no real justification to not publish. But surely I detect tongue firmly in mouth when Peter says Milli Vanilli are ‘miles better’ then James Taylor. Either way, let’s move on I think :)

  7. fenwick says:

    Bought the super deluxe US version. Thanks Paul!

  8. Saar Freedman says:

    The link to the super deluxe US edition now directs to the CD/DVD edition only

  9. Peter George says:

    Is the super deluxe edition being released in the UK I wonder ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good question. It might be a US-exclusive… will certainly keep everyone informed if I found out more.

  10. Rodolfo Martin says:

    I forgot to say that I would like to see a blu-ray edition with the book as, for sure, all the content in this DVD is shot in high resolution as it is the standards these days.

  11. Rodolfo Martin says:

    According to Amazon USA, the content on the DVD that comes with the book edition is listed as “Extended”. We will have to wait and see if this version is one minute longer or something that worth to pay for those that do not care about the book itself. James Taylor official site does not mention anything about the different lengths of these DVDs. If anyone knows it, please, inform.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, I did spot that but as you say not enough information to reach any conclusions at the moment. Will update the post if I find out more.

  12. Joe Wiz says:

    Fathers Day, you say?

  13. Andreas says:

    Nice cover!

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