Japan / Quiet Life box set

1979 album remastered and expanded for new deluxe box set

In March, BMG will reissue Japan‘s third album, Quiet Life, across a number of formats, including a deluxe box set.

The 1979 album (issued a few weeks late, in January 1980, in the UK) was the final album on Hansa Records and became a forerunner for the alternative/new wave sound of the new decade.

The single ‘Quiet Life’ reached number 19 in the UK, but almost two years after the album (having originally been a B-side for non-album single ‘I Second That Emotion’). The Quiet Life album was a creative, rather than commercial success and Japan singles only started to chart once Gentlemen Take Polaroids and Tin Drum (both issued on Virgin in 1981 and 1982 respectively) raised the band’s profile.

The Quiet Life box features  three CDs and a 180g half-speed mastered vinyl LP (click image to enlarge)

Quiet Life is being reissued as 3CD+LP box set that features a new 2020 remaster of the album on CD and vinyl (the vinyl is half-speed mastered at Abbey Road) along with a disc of alternate mixes, remixes, singles and rarities. This same disc also includes the four-track EP Live in Japan (taken from the March 1980 Budokan show) which had a limited vinyl release in Europe in July of that same year. The third CD in the box set is that same Budokan gig, in full.

In addition to the box set, there are standalone 2020 remasters of the album available on black vinyl, red vinyl (both half-speed) and CD. There is no two-CD deluxe edition, in case you are wondering.

The reissues feature newly restored original album artwork, new sleeve notes with contributions from band members and original producer and rare and unseen photography and memorabilia. BMG have worked with Steve Jansen, Rob Dean, producer John Punter and with band biographer Anthony Reynolds and the Japanese Shinko archive in putting this set together.

The official store offers an exclusive 9-track ‘Life in Tokyo’ CD single with the box set

If you are interested, it’s highly recommended that you pre-order this Quiet Life box set from the official Japan store since it comes with an additional nine-track CD single full of original remixes of ‘Life in Tokyo’, only two of which are included in the box itself! This CD single is exclusive to the official store.

Quiet Life will be reissued on 5 March 2021.

Official Japan Store pre-order exclusives

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Quiet Life - 3CD+LP deluxe box set


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Quiet Life - half-speed mastered black vinyl


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Quiet Life - remastered CD edition


Quiet Life – 3CD+LP deluxe box set


  1. Quiet Life (2020 Remaster)
  2. Fall In Love With Me (2020 Remaster)
  3. Despair (2020 Remaster)
  4. In Vogue (2020 Remaster)
  5. Halloween (2020 Remaster)
  6. All Tomorrows Parties (2020 Remaster)
  7. Alien (2020 Remaster)
  8. The Other Side of Life (2020 Remaster)


  • 1. European Son (Steve Nye 7” Remix 1982)*
  • 2. Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye 7” Special Remix 1982)
  • 3. Quiet Life (Original German 7” Mix 1980)*
  • 4. I Second That Emotion (Steve Nye 7” Remix 1982)*
  • 5. All Tomorrow’s Parties (Steve Nye 7” Remix Version 1983)
  • 6. European Son (John Punter 12” Mix 1980)
  • 7. Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye 12” Special Remix Version 1982)
  • 8. I Second That Emotion (Steve Nye 12” Remix Version 1982)
  • 9. All Tomorrow’s Parties (Steve Nye 12” Remix Version 1983)
  • 10. European Son (Steve Nye 12” Remix Version 1982)
  • 11. Quiet Life (Japanese 7” Mix 1980)* [18/01/21]
  • 12. A Foreign Place
  • 13. All Tomorrow’s Parties (John Punter 7” Mix 1979)
  • 14. Life In Tokyo (Theme Giorgio Moroder Version 1979)*

Live In Japan

  • 15. Deviation (Live In Japan)
  • 16. Obscure Alternatives (Live In Japan)
  • 17. In Vogue (Live In Japan)
  • 18. Sometimes I Feel So Low (Live In Japan)

CD3 – LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN 27/03/1980

  1. Intro*
  2. Alien*
  3. …Rhodesia*
  4. Quiet Life*
  5. Fall In Love With Me*
  6. Deviation*
  7. All Tomorrow’s Parties*
  8. Obscure Alternatives*
  9. In Vogue*
  10. Life In Tokyo*
  11. Halloween*
  12. Sometimes I Feel So Low*
  13. Communist China*
  14. Adolescent Sex*
  15. I Second That Emotion*
  16. Automatic Gun*


Side A

1. Quiet Life (2020 Remaster)
2. Fall In Love With Me (2020 Remaster)
3. Despair (2020 Remaster)
4. In Vogue (2020 Remaster)

Side B

1. Halloween (2020 Remaster)
2. All Tomorrows Parties (2020 Remaster)
3. Alien (2020 Remaster)
4. The Other Side of Life (2020 Remaster)

*rare or unreleased


  • 1. Life In Tokyo (Original 7” Mix 1979)
  • 2. Life In Tokyo (Original 7” Mix Part 2 1979)
  • 3. Life In Tokyo (Original 12” Version 1979)
  • 4. Life In Tokyo (‘Assemblage’ 7” Remix 1981)
  • 5. Life In Tokyo (‘Assemblage’ 12” Remix 1981)
  • 6. Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye 7″ Special Remix 1982)
  • 7. Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye 12″ Special Remix Version 1982)
  • 8. Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye Theme 1982)
  • 9. Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye Theme ‘Correct Pitch’ 1982)

207 responses to Japan / Quiet Life box set

  1. Noel Fitzsimons says:

    I take it that the set with the bonus CD is no longer available from the official store?

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  3. EW99 says: have a good price (€36.99) on the box 22/1/21

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m amazed they still have that price. Cheers.

      • EW99 says:

        It’s been popping in and out at that price for days but every time I caught it it went straight back to “not available” before I could order. Thankfully they finally committed to it :)

  4. John MC cann says:

    Iv just dug out a book called. David Sylvian the last romantic by Martin power, got it from fopp about five years ago and forgot all about it,this thread has put me back in a Japan mood,, while I’m here tell you a funny story,,,4 years ago I walked into a musical instruments shop in East Kilbride, strangely at the back there was a rack of records no prices on them but all mint unplayed,
    Asked the owner about them he said a record company rep in the 70s kept some records that would have been promotional items,had them in his loft for years,he traded them for a guitar in the shop,, among them was a brand new hansa gatefold sleeve quiet life with a sticker on it £4.99 for a ltd period only,
    I took it to counter asked the guy if it was still £4.99, yes mate give me a fiver, happy days,have it in a display cabinet,brand new ,old stock never seen a stylus!

    • Tcf says:

      Good story! I still have a sealed copy of GTP from 1980. Wanted it to give to a schoolfriend as a gift but then decided that he was unworthy……

  5. Michael says:

    True story.About a decade ago I sent David Sylvian’s management an email politely asking him to reform Japan as I was a big fan of the band and they responded with a very curt response saying he was a solo artist and Japan are extinct.They seemed very upset I had the audacity to suggest such a thing!It was like I’d insulted him!

    • Richard Heraghty says:

      You did. His solo output is superb. You should have seen them in their time. I did, 19 times. We don’t need a retro return.

    • SimonH says:

      Quite funny that they responded:)
      I doubt they’d reform based on polite email requests…

      • John MC cann says:

        Take more than a polite email,to get the bass player to return to the band,,

        • Chris Squires says:

          Indeed. I was just, within the last 30 seconds, listening to Oil on Canvas as I have been since yesterday as the conversation with CJ (below) put it front and centre of my mind and I haven’t been able to shake it off yet.
          I even reached for “Incantations” from my shelf to listen to that, but seeing Oil on Canvas in the slot made me think… “just one more”.

          I digress. The point I was coming here to register is that the whole album is driven, almost to perfection, by Mick Karn. It’s not Sylvian’s voice, sublime though it is or Jansens vastly under-rated drumming. Nor anything else on show. Yes, like the best live albums it is more than the sum of it’s parts but by far the greatest part is the sorely missed Karn. Just listen to the opening of Sons of Pioneers. Or even Swing which is a drum ‘n synth track at it’s heart. Karn steals it away into the world of bass-line jiggery-pokery. Then of course a tour de force on Visions of China, where you can imagine they must have had more than one bass player on stage, surely?

          To steal the show from the Brothers Batt is nigh on impossible, but somehow in that 72 minutes Mick Karn manages the impossible and makes it sound easy.

          No Mick, no Japan. Simple as.

          • SimonH says:

            Spot on.

          • Paul E. says:

            @ Chris- have you heard Peter Murphy/Mick Karn team up together as Dalis Car? That first song in particular off of 1984s “The Waking Hour” is what lead me to listen to Japan. Incredible bass from a very gifted musician.

          • Deanery says:

            Pop Erik Satie at it’s best. Agreed Chris Squires – no Mick, no Japan!! When I first heard him/my first Japan purchase/Canada….was Oil on Canvas/this live album I enjoyed and the gatefold album cover with the superb pictures inside are out of this world. Where’s the inner gatefold for this album?? – incredible again – love the barrett.. it all looks like you’re in some type of spaceship encounter and I guess you are – musically/you can hear some of the influences and yet it’s so original and influential. Then I bought Polaroids (my fave). I wasn’t even sure he was playing a bass.

            Even the slower stuff on here is superb and catchy (Hallowe’en/In Vogue/Alien)….then a song in French and a cover version…..what more could you want? I probably will buy this…but not at the ‘new’ price.

            I need to look into/buy Mick Karn/Titles. Love Dali’s Car too.

    • Deanery says:

      A favourite album….can’t believe Fall in Love wasn’t a single. Great songwriting/Karn bass/Barbieri keyboards/David/his brother and Rob Dean…..soooo musical and catchy-clever….to good to sell well. I already own 2 copies of the album and the 12″ singles, 2 copies of it on cd and I’m not wowed by live albums or single versions so……I’ll need to see more/hear more….if I hear the SQ is much improved I’ll buy the single cd….very glad BMG put this out though.

    • Tcf says:

      You should read Sylvians latest Twitter replies concerning the QL Re-Issue. I must say that I find it harder from year to year to find him and his latest musical output “fascinating” as in the years from Brilliant Trees up to – let’s say – Blemish. He sounds like a snob these days.

      • Bill B says:

        I fully expect or all his apparent distain for this period of his musical life David Sylvian will still cash the royalty cheques from it no doubt!

        • Tcf says:

          Spot on, Bill B. That’s exactly what I thought when I read his comments about listening to his old music. He can afford to have a living without releasing anything for decades. Must have something to do with enough people listening and buying his old stuff. I suppose he didn’t make a fortune with “Playing the schoolhouse ” – for me the lowest point of his musical output so far.

  6. CAB says:

    I agree with many of the posts below. I’d be more than happy to pay for CD’s of the remastered Lp, the remix CD and the Life In Tokyo remixes if they were all released individually. Not so interested in the live CD.
    If the embedded video in this article is anything to go by (Quiet Life on You Tube), the remaster sounds very open.
    But I too don’t want to pay for vinyl. I also don’t want yet another ‘slip in’ design for the CD’s, which by the look of the packaging is what this will be. Each element of a deluxe edition should in my opinion have its own artwork, no matter how simple.
    Bottom line is that I can’t personally justify the price for this collection even though it’s probably worth it if you use all of it.
    I find it a bit short sighted that record companies treat CD collectors as a second consideration – that CD’s are somehow a bonus to the main event.

  7. Hirotsugu says:

    I’m in japan(country).

    Ordering Quiet Life Deluxe Boxset + Life In Tokyo EP ( £65.00) via the official website will force me to pay an incredible shipping cost of £86.

    when I ordered Bryan Ferry / Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1974 Boxset in 2019, The shipping cost was £21.

    Even if there is the influence of Covid19, I can’t understand at all why Japanese people can only choose super expensive DHL delivery when trying to order this time. Townsendmusic gave me a totally unfaithful answer.

    > If you ordered the same item today, the postage would also show higher than paid previously. It is your choice whether to place the order or decide not to do so.

    They may have unavoidable circumstances regarding international shipping cost.
    But this reply doesn’t really convince me.
    Why do we have to pay nearly £100 for Life in TokyoEP?

  8. EW99 says:

    This looks like a gorgeous package and I’m totally in for it. I’ve gone for the box from amazon and the CD + Life In Tokyo single from the official shop as it doesn’t look like the box contains the single CD digipack which I quite want.

    Japan reissues are notorious for errors with versions of tracks so I really hope that everything is correct this time. I’m sure lessons have been learnt from before so fingers crossed.

  9. Shane says:

    I don’t agree about the excuse about higher shipping charges so that clients won’t complain about lost parcels: This is only valid if you give the client a choice. Forcing them to use UPS or similar is not friendly at all.

    Also someone says they ordered the CD from the official store to get the EP: make sure you check your order details because like Peter said, they removed that option the day they made the listing. I also emailed the store and they just said it is not included. It would have been more professional to say that they NO LONGER offer it in that bundle and that their banner/statement is factually wrong and they should remove it. But I won’t waste my breath there.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I can’t understand why people are getting all concerned about orders that were placed BEFORE they changed the CD+bonus CD offer. You presumably have a confirmation email telling you what you pre-ordered. Since when did changing a listing online automatically retrospectively apply to pre-orders for a different listing!?

  10. O(+> Peter B says:

    I went to order from the official store to get the Life In Tokyo CD but I unfortunately had to cancel. Postage to Australia was £79.50 (roughly AUD $150) – more than the item itself. Whereas I just ordered the 10CD box set from Cherry Red and postage to Australia was a more reasonable £15.

  11. Awkward Moment says:

    Holy heck… postage to AU is 85 quid!

  12. SimonP says:

    Again I am thwarted from buying something I’d really like due to formatting. A 2 disc CD set would be my choice, but it’s not available.

    I’d probably plump for the box with the Life In Tokyo bonus disc if said disc was a freebie but it isn’t, is it?

    As it is, I’m reluctantly passing. :-(

  13. Jeffrey fitzsimons says:

    The only marketing of the release has been a farce. Burning Shed put up links which a lot of us jumped on and then the next day an Official Japan store pops up offering the extra LIT CD and now the only way to get that is to buy the black vinyl again as the cd option was taken down straight away. It’s an absolute disgrace and all it will do for us collectors is feed the EBay scalpers…. shame on BMG and Townsend…. a complete farce.

  14. Robert Lett says:

    I actually had this in my shopping cart until I saw the shipping price to the US. I’d like to have it w the bonus but that’s gonna be a hard no for me.

  15. Michel75 says:

    How annoying to be forced to buy vinyl (which I don’t care at all) to get the full CD package….despite being a huge Japan and D.Sylvian fan, I will skip this one.

  16. Paul Rymer says:

    This is a wonderful package with a lot of love put into it.

    Sadly there just isn’t that much additional material that could have been included. This is due to the way the band developed material in rehearsal and only recorded the songs intended for the album. “A Foreign Place” was recorded for the album but left off when they finalised the running order in 1979.

    As for the international shipping costs, these have all gone up due to recent price increases, Brexit and the fact that reliable methods need to be used. There are hold-ups due to the pandemic with some countries only accepting express / tracked mail. Japan (the country) just imposed rules around package size and weight as well. Things may improve by March but it’s hard to say.

    • SimonH says:

      Hi Paul (Rymer not Sinclair:))
      Have you heard the remaster and if so is it worth picking up the single
      Cd if the box isn’t an option?
      I know you are an expert on the band’s cd variants!
      Thanks very much

      • Paul Rymer says:

        Simon H – the main album is totally accurate to the original pressing – segue between All Tomorrow’s Parties and Alien as it should be (not a complete fade between the two), and the vinyl sounds like a cross between the original UK and Japanese vinyl – both of those were excellent with the UK a tad warmer. Gets 10/10 for accuracy from me.
        Fall In Love With Me is a complex track that I like to use to test speakers and headphones and it meets my approval wholeheartedly. I’m assuming that the CD version will be the same as it is advertised as the 2020 remaster. Buy the remaster with confidence.

  17. Crashcris says:

    Just wishing for a lovely 5.1 box set of all the albums (SACD or BluRay), in fact I’d rather be able to download just the files in FLAC 5.1. I’m not interested in the remixes nor adding to the planet’s plastic landfill sites with vinyl or superfluous remixed CDs and fancy packaging. I’m just into the music.

  18. Jan says:

    I’m buying the single disc with the bonus remix disc from the official site, and the big box from Amazon. Totally makes sense, and means I have the basic album for the car. whoop.

  19. Richard says:

    Worth waiting a few days.
    Just ordered on Amazon
    Many thanks Super Deluxe

    • Nick Dyer says:

      I’ve done the same switch to Amazon – it saved me £78- £50 = £28…I would like that Life In Tokyo CD, but a £28 premium? You must be joking. Luckilly I have the 12″ but I would have liked to hear the others…but I am not fond of CDs – surely you’ll be able to get rips from someone?

      Intersting comments about postage cost (and I appreciate the Italian risks) but this is too much cost to the punter.

      • Paul Taylor says:

        It could end up £78 cheaper if Amazon doesn’t get sufficient stock to fulfill all their preorders. ;-)

  20. Phil Hitchings says:

    Ordering from the official site makes the package cost £71, Amazon UK with free delivery is £22 cheaper, in other words, £22 for a CD of LIT remixes; too ‘spensive for me.

  21. Andrea says:

    I like Japan and I’d be interested but this SDE is not really attractive and quite expensive. To ship to Italy the official shop asks for 30€, if postage costs keep growing maybe there’s hope for local shops…. Easy pass for me at this stage, I’m confident this will become available at much lower price someday. If not, not a big loss…. B-sides and edits, audience live recording, vinyl/cd duplication… No 5:1 or any visual, could they do any worse?!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      People are always quick to criticise postage costs, but if something goes missing or gets damaged in the post they are also quick to demand a refund/replacement. Guess who pays for that? The seller. The seller is providing you with a platform to purchase, providing you with the mechanism to make the payment online, they are doing all the packaging and postage, handling import-related issues (CN22 etc.), they are taking liability for lost or damaged items, they are providing you with customer service and responding to emails. All these things COST MONEY and need to be factored in to either the selling price of the item or the overall charge for P&P. I know from experience that Italy is terrible for items getting lost in the postage system. The SDE shop will not ship to Italy now unless the item is sent ‘tracked’. My observation is that people in general have a very skewed and unrealistic idea of how much international shipping actually costs, because they have grown used to the totally unrealistic and unrepresentative prices charged by Amazon.

      • Jan says:

        spot on.

        • Glenn says:

          As an online seller since the late 1990s I wholly agree with your comment here Paul. I have sold on Ebay since then and Discogs more recently. Shipping costs have continued to go up over the years. I used to be able to charge ~$7 USD to ship a CD to the EU and now it is ~$16 USD. Ebay used to allow buyers and sellers to work out issues with lost/damaged packages etc. but several years ago Ebay began charging the sellers for them. As I do this as a hobby and am not a ‘business’ I found that unfair. Most buyers were happy to ‘split the difference’ if things went lost or were damaged by the postal service as it was part of the risk of buying online. They other decision Ebay made several years ago was to charge fees against shipping costs which in my view is wrong. More recently for those sellers they have forced into ‘managed payments’ (ie. let’s grab the transaction fees from Paypal now that we no longer own them…) they also take a percentage of the sales taxes buyers pay. Again, wrong. Their justification for this was ‘it makes things simpler’. Obviously it would be simple to set up their website to NOT charge the fees against taxes… I have also had several bad experiences shipping to Italy (as well as Brazil) over the years. Have seen several sellers that refuse to ship to those countries. The most recent thing is that Paypal etc. now report your sales to the IRS here in the USA so they need to be accounted for in our annual taxes. As an online seller it seems we are always facing a headwind…

      • Tracey says:

        Well said Paul. It’s unfortunate that shipping costs have become a material obstacle for some when it comes to supporting their favorite artists and/or the availability of physical product in general. It will be interesting to see if this dynamic continues in the future in our global “new normal.”

        Stay safe and be well everyone!

      • Emmanuel says:

        I couldn’t agree more with Paul. Regular shipping costs are expensive, but if you don’t secure it and it is lost, the seller will have to pay/refund/re-send. It happens to me on Discogs, I ask buyers to pay an extra for tracking, they say “no need”, then when it is lost, they complain and ask for a full refund. Amazon cheats with “free shipping”

  22. CJ says:

    I had never heard anything by Japan until i saw this post, and I was intrigued by the sample posted. I took a listen to some of their other work on Spotify, and I’m not a fan. Just ordered the entire back catalogue from Amazon. Might consider ordering this box too, if the price comes down a bit and I can get decent shipping on it. How did I miss this group?

    Thank you, once again, Paul, for introducing me to some excellent music that had passed me by.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Interesting comment CJ, I trust the “I’m not a fan” is a typo of “I’m now a fan” or you are a true Jedi master of /s sarcasm.

      Interesting to know which work you heard to make the conversion as there is a world and a half of difference between Deviation / Automatic Gun or Nightporter / Canton?

      For most people who like Japan, that I have ever seen posting here or on other review sites somewhere between Gentlemen Take Polaroids and Tin Drum is peak Japan. Personally my go to moment is the 1984 compilation album “Exorcising Ghosts” which says everything wonderful about Japan in one double LP. If you buy Vinyl do get the LP and not the CD as the CD omits 5 important tracks, not that you can’t get those tracks elsewhere it just loses the flow of the LP version. (whilst still understanding the irony of having to get up off yer arse to turn the record over twice and change it once).
      There are a few Japanese imports CDs that keep the full Exorcising Ghosts 16 track listing over two CDs, which are worth hunting down.

      The best “Early Years” release, by some distance (again IMHO) is Assemblage. This originally came as a 10 track single LP compilation in 1981, but I was first exposed to it as a 15 year old in it’s 1982 Long Play cassette guise which has a rather all encompassing and brilliant 18 tracks including remixes and live versions. Again if you don’t do cassette, and not many of us do these days, you can hunt down a Japanese double CD with all 18 tracks. I don’t think, and I am sure someone can correct me if I am wrong, there is an LP version with more than the original 10 tracks, which is a shame as a double LP of the extended Assemblage would be rather nice and would fly onto my shelf.

      Hope that helps and enjoy the music CJ.

      • What? Japan? Worry? says:

        “Exorcising Ghosts” is worth it alone just for “A Foreign Place” and “Voices Raised in Welcome, Hands Held in Prayer”

      • CJ says:

        You’re right, it was a typo. I meant, “I am NOW a fan.” Can’t believe I missed that.

        I bought just about everything: the five studio albums, plus Rain Tree Crow and Assemblage, Exorcising Ghosts, The Very Best of, and Collection. I’m not a huge fan of live albums except for specific acts, but I may pick up Oil on Canvas at some point.

        I listened to a random sample of their stuff on Spotify to decide if I was into them enough to fully invest. I sampled at least one track from every album. I thought I might not like the first two albums, but I even liked the tracks I heard from those. I seriously don;t know how I never heard their stuff before, because it’s exactly the kind of music I love.

        Thank you for the suggestions.

        • Tcf says:

          Hi CJ, I am a bit envious – being able to listen to QL , GTP and TD for the first time again!! I still remember how it felt. Couldn’t believe what I heard when I first turned on TD for example. This album has dated so well! Enjoy!

        • Chris Squires says:

          CJ – You must invest in Oil on Canvas. There was a thread a few months back about live material and how many people said they didn’t bother with it but then most admitted there was always one live album in their life that was more than worth the effort. Oil on Canvas is one of those albums. Get to know the material first then immerse yourself in the one live concert album I put above Before the Dawn.
          The video is worth a watch as well although that is unfortunately a cut down 11 tracks, you will find a few tracks scattered across the YouTube, but as a single aural experience it is up there with the best of it’s genre.

          Tcf – bang on the mark, mine was Gentlemen Take Polaroids. How I would love to get that feeling of hearing GTP, The Kick Inside, Tubular Bells for the first time. All in that 12 to 14 year old corridor for me. Blew me away. I can think of albums I love equally, but didn’t hear until I was 20 (like eponymous The Lilac Time) but being older lost some of that thrilling magic that comes with entering the teenage years rather than leaving them.

    • Craig Hedges says:

      CJ – you might want to check out their gig at Hammersmith in 1982, Bassist Mick Karn’s moves are incredible and his bass playing is out of this world. Sadly he passed away 10 years ago. Deeply missed.

  23. Karl Garwood says:

    Gutted that you stopped the option of Single Cd with 9 track LIT EP for all in £18.50 was in the process of completing order , got called away and by the time i went back to complete the offer had been taken down gutted

  24. David says:

    Decided that this is too expensive for what you get. Had there been a deluxe cd version I would likely have purchased

  25. Stephen dC says:

    While we are at it, something that always baffled me is that on the original Life In Tokyo 7″ Vinyl single, it has [what I presume to be] the Life In Tokyo Theme on the B Side albeit at the wrong speed. It would only play near correctly at 78rpm. Does anyone know if this was intentional?

    I note the ‘bonus CD’ contains a ‘corrected pitch’ version and wonder if this is the same one, corrected [and is the Steve Nye Theme, track 8, still at the wrong speed?].

  26. Grahame Andrews says:

    I was going to press “buy” but as I get older and also limited space in my Kallax shelves, I thought let’s see what’s on offer here. I realised that I have a 2004 Japan cd replica sleeve version of this, which has 4 remixes and a Quiet Life video. Sounds perfect to these ears and I don’t really think the box set has enough to tempt me. I will order the red vinyl from Burning Shed, anyone notice they have scrimped even on this, 140 g, come on BMG, 180 g is the norm surely! I will save my remaining space for London Town and Back To The Egg, although looks like they will be empty for the foreseeable future!

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      God bless Ikea for inventing the Kallax (fka Expedit).

      180 gram vinyl is still sold as a premium product, and up until the last year or so I don’t recall seeing any 180g colored vinyl. The two styles were aimed at different target customers: heavyweight black vinyl at the audiophile, colored at the design fan/collector.

      For me, the quality of the mastering and pressing seems to make more of a difference than the weight of the vinyl. If it makes you feel any better, the original Hansa versions of the Japan records were on the old standard 120 gram and sounded great.

  27. I did a restoration of the Live In Tokyo gig (which is 16 March, not 27th – they didn’t play in Tokyo on the 27th) created from 3 separate audience recordings for my website – I’ll be taking down the free copy on there when the show gets an official release in March. But I was hoping the official release would be from soundboard, at least. None of the 3 audience recordings are very good and took a LOT of restoration work to sound half decent. I hope someone has put some serious work into this, or people will be sorely disappointed.

    • SimonH says:

      I think you have just helped me in my decision to hold fire!
      Thank you.
      Really wish there was a reasonably priced two or three disc release.

    • Tom says:

      Live And Loud Show – is there a chance BMG might have used your clean-up work for this CD release?

    • David Harold says:

      So is it the case that the live CD is taken from an audience recording? I’d hope that was very clear if true and I can’t see it anywhere?

  28. Martin Farnworth says:

    In my very limited experience of charity shop vinyl purchases three Japan Lps for £1 each including this album was the best ever.

  29. Nigel Day says:

    I’ll save my money. It’s a mediocre album at best

  30. Mark Jensen says:

    Does anyone know how to tell by listening the difference between the 1979 12″ mix of Life In Tokyo and the 1982 12″ Steve Nye extended version? I’m trying to figure out which version appears on cd 1 of the 12″/80s Electro:Pop compilation, which is just labeled as Long Version.

    • Khayem says:

      As far as I can tell, it’s the Giorgio Moroder mix on 12″/80s Electro:Pop compilation (the entire series was notorious for mislabelling tracks or including non-80s mixes as I recall). I think it’s the Steve Nye Extended Version that appears on Twelve Inch Eighties: Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, the similar (but budget priced) compilation from 2016.

    • David says:

      My research concluded that this was the 1982 version

    • Isaías says:

      I can help you Mark, let’s go:

      (1st release) 1979
      Produced by Giorgio Moroder
      07″ Life In Tokyo (short version) 3:30
      Life In Tokyo (parte 2) 3:17

      12″ Life In Tokyo (short version) 3:30
      Life In Tokyo (long version) 7:08

      (2nd release) 1981
      Produced by Giorgio Moroder |also|
      07″ Life In Tokyo (short version) 3:30 [the same]
      European Son 3:45 [new B-side]

      12″ Life In Tokyo (long version) 7:08 [the same]
      European Son (extended remix) 4:58

      (3rd release) 1982
      Produced by Steve Nye

      07″ Life In Tokyo (special remix) 4:03
      Life In Tokyo (theme) 3:55

      12″ Life In Tokyo (special remix ext) 7:06
      Life In Tokyo (theme) 3:55 [the same]

      So the difference is the new bass and synths.
      Listen to them very carefully Mark, ok?
      Have a great 2021

  31. David Bishop says:

    The £15 option seems to have disappeared from the Japan official website?!

  32. Bridge says:

    Sub-Total: $89.00
    Estimated Postage:$115.00
    (DHL Express to Canada)
    LOL and btw, this is in U.S. dollars, so $260CAN. Again LOL.
    That being said, the contents of this edition are slim at best. If your going to provide a live set, at least they could have dug up a dvd concert. I can’t imagine this live cd (I know its from the time period) being near the quality release that Oil On Canvas was. As for the ‘bonus’ CD. 9 mixes of one song? CD 2 looks somewhat interesting, but that’s about it. I’ll pick up the vinyl remaster when it comes down to a reasonable price. Unfortunately I missed out on the MOV release some time ago. Rant over.

    • The Thorn says:

      Yeah, I was all over this until I saw the total price. :(:(:(

      Seriously, there’s not reason why shipping to Canada has to be this expensive. I love Japan (I’ve got so many releases already) but I simply can’t justify 260CAN for just a live show and bonus EP.

      Terrible misstep here. :/

  33. Ex-Oligarch says:

    Obviously the intent was to has the original album stand alone on CD1, but I think it would have been nice if they had sequenced the lovely little instrumental “A Foreign Place” alongside the album, rather than burying it among the remixes on CD2. It fit in nicely with the band’s main work when it was included on the “Exorcising Ghosts” compilation.

  34. wim says:

    Anthony Reynolds answered after me asking what the quality of the live cd is compare to the “live in Japan” Ep from the 80’s:
    The live cd sounds like a boot alright, but is quite interesting to suddenly hear the music from such a different perspective. The band play great as ever. No one seems to know where the show is from though exactly. Steve Jansen thinks its different show from the one on the Live in Japan EP..

  35. Paul Taylor says:

    Bizarrely the red vinyl LP is available on Townsend’s own website but not Japan’s own site, which Townsend manage! I suppose it’s down to the interpretation of ‘indie’

  36. Ken says:

    David Sylvian is a frustrating figure who refuses to revisit anything related to his Japan years.So I aint surprised he has done nothing to help make this a better release.So he is a bit like Kate Bush as she likewise aint interested in anything pre-Hounds of Love.So no matter how enthusiastic fans are of their early work both these artists stubbornly seem to dismiss their own early work as historical museum artefacts literally irrelevant to them now.

  37. Chris Squires says:

    I have about 20 (or more) Japan Live audience recording CDs and paid good money to send them all to a clean up studio about 19 years ago. They are exceptionally good although I don’t think I would have the balls to try and release one as an official live recording, which it seems is what is happening now.

    Quiet Life is quite the enigma. It’s like The Dreaming or Abba the 1975 album.

    I am sure there are others but this stands out to me as the most gateway of gateway albums. I can’t describe it in any other way. They had two albums then this album then two more completely different albums.

    Curious to know what people would see as their artist’s gateway album. The most obvious stepping stone, commercially unsuccessful probably, but without it, everything that followed would not have happened.

    Many go bang! first album massive, difficult second and disappear after disappointing third. Japan were different.

    My MOV 3LP will do for although I feel I want to own this, there just isn’t enough to make me want to part with the money.

    • Leo Vogelzang says:

      Do you sell copies of your live recordings?

    • Kevin O says:

      My “gateway” Japan album was the Tin Drum/Gentlemen Take Polaroids hybrid released as Japan by Virgin/Epic in 1982.

      Up to that point, I had regularly seen Japan’s albums in the import bins at Tower (back when the original Tower Records still existed and they still had an Import section), and the band seemed to be a favorite of many of the clerks at the main store in Seattle. Import LP prices discouraged me from taking a chance on an unknown band (none of the local FM stations had ever played the band’s music), and the “Life in Tokyo” 12-inch seemed gimmicky (“Japan. Life in Tokyo. Get it?”).

      But the US release of a Japan LP at a budget price ($3.99 at retail—discounting was still the norm then; the list was likely $5.98, versus the normal $7.98 or $8.98) made it worth checking out. Unfortunately, the deteriorating quality of US vinyl was approaching its peak around that time (March 1982), so I ended up returning the LP and purchasing the cassette instead.

      I found the sequencing of the cassette made much more sense. The LP version essentially took Tin Drum and replaced Canton with Gentlemen Take Polaroids on side A, and Sons of Pioneers with Taking Islands in Africa and Swing on side B. The cassette version, undoubtedly resequenced to avoid too much blank tape at the end of one side, felt like it was done with more care (however inadvertently). Side A works particularly well: The Art of Parties, Swing, Ghosts, Gentlemen Take Polaroid.

      From there, I went more or less in reverse order through the albums, nearly all as Japanese imports. As it turned out, despite having the most intriguing cover (even with the unfortunate faux-Asian rendering of the band’s name), Quiet Life was the album I bought last.

      Gentlemen Take Polaroids is still my favorite, but Quiet Life would be the runner-up. In the context of the band’s catalog, Quiet Life feels like a transitional album; musically, Japan starts to stretch out and work with more sympathetic arrangements; lyrically, the album seems wordy compared with what follows.

      In any event, I will be glad to have a copy of this new edition.

    • CJ says:

      I think the reason we see so many artists today have the huge first album followed by a swift downfall in commercial (and sometimes critical) success is for a few things. For one, music has become somewhat disposable in the way it’s marketed to us. Today’s BIG THING is just “old” in six month’s time. General audiences have become really fickle.

      For another, and this has been the case for just about ever, you have all the time in the world to make that first album. You can write a boatload of songs, play out live, hone the best ones, and the very cream of the crop goes on that first album. If it’s a huge success, the record company wants an immediate follow up, and you get, maybe, a year to put the sophomore album together. You’re either pulling from what didn’t make the cut for the first album or writing a pack of songs in a short time that aren’t going through that same process of development that you had for the first album (or a mixture of those two). In some cases, artists fall back on outside collaborators to get the material pulled together, which affects their vision. And they are already working with material below the standard of the first album. Plus they’re in a promotional cycle of touring and other commitments they didn’t have before, so the writing suffers. There also tends to be more interference on the part of the record companies once an artist has major success, which seems counterintuitive–“Hey, they proved they could do it on their own. Now let’s get in their and show them we know how they could do it better. Bring on the accountants!” It makes no sense, but it seems to be the standard story with almost every artist history you read.

      Finally, record companies aren’t as dedicated to the development of artists anymore. In many cases, they get one album to prove themselves, and if it doesn’t fly, they get dropped. If the first album does well, but the second bombs, they get dropped. The old model where artists could release several albums with record company support before they really “made it” just isn’t there anymore. If it’s not making money, the company loses interest. Heck, even if it makes money, but doesn’t make “enough” money, the companies walk away. Can you imagine how that would have worked with some of the biggest artists of all time if this had been the practice? How many albums did INXS have before they had even one international hit? And then it was still several more before they had a really big smash album. Prince’s first several albums were only modest successes. In today’s climate, INXS and Prince would have been back to playing dive bars and the club circuit, hoping to get picked up by another label.

      The “business” part of the Music Business has subsumed the music part.

      • John MC cann says:

        A&m records where we’ll known for letting artists get on with it,
        Never hear a former a& m records artist say a bad word about them,Joan armatrading was on BBC radio Scotland last week saying the same thing,, they also gave Captain sensible a good run at it,,wot you say about artists struggling with album no 2 is almost correct,,oasis it was number 3,

  38. Fulvio says:

    I would surely have bought a deluxe set WITHOUT VINYLS. Such a missed opportunity for Japan and for BMG.

  39. wim says:

    Can someone explain why I should pay for the “Boxset” plus the same vinyl record and CD again for €102.01, the only differents I see is that the sam CD has the official cover, or am I missing something Paul?

  40. Brendan O'Lear says:

    Does the 1CD not come with the Life of the Tokyo EP anymore?? It was available this morning for $21, now it isn’t. Now it’s just the 1CD available for $13. He who hesitates is lost, I guess…

  41. Michel D. says:

    $115 (CAD) to ship in Canada hahaha…they can keep it!

    • CJ says:

      Right? I was going to order an album yesterday for about $30, which seemed steep for one CD, but it’s pretty scarce, so I decided to go for it. I got to the checkout and saw the total and thought I must have accidentally ordered ten copies. The shipping was over $100. I may spend a ridiculous amount of money on music, but even I have my limits. It would almost be cheaper to get a plane ticket and go pick the damned ting up myself.

  42. Paul Deighton says:

    ‘Bonus’ tracks pretty disappointing, all being basically 12” remixes or 7” edits.
    No sign of any album session outtakes, different vocal takes, demos or actual unreleased alternate album track mixes.
    As usual David Sylvian couldn’t give a Fig , choosing to not have anything to do with this reissue.

    • daveyman19 says:

      japan notoriously had very few recordings of demos or alternate takes, those that exist would never get the go ahead to be released – they rehearsed songs relentlessly before entering studios and then pretty much recorded from there. frustrating for fans but sylvian was a perfectionist.

  43. Sean LaClair says:

    Too much money between bundle and shipping to bother with. I was lucky enough to get one of the red 3LP reissues from Music On Vinyl years ago and it has most of this. Not really too worried about missing some live tracks and really don’t need 9 versions of Life In Tokyo. Having said that for those that don’t have the MOV reissue, which I’m sure won’t sound as good as the new half-speed remaster, this is a must have.

  44. Tony says:

    According to Anthony Reynolds on a FB post the live CD is from a cleaned up audience recording. I don’t think it would put me off buying if I’d known beforehand but still disappointing it’s not a soundboard recording.

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      That’s a pity. Surely the whole show was professionally recorded. Perhaps the soundboard masters of the full show have been lost, and all they had to work with was the stereo EP master?

      I would certainly explain why they duplicated those four songs on CDs 2 and 3.

  45. eric slangen says:

    According to the picture It looks like the Japanese set has two vinyls???
    Can you confirm this?

  46. Gregg says:

    So, if you choose the Quiet Life CD + Black Vinyl + Deluxe Boxset + Life In Tokyo EP from their site, it looks like you’re duplicating efforts on the remastered cd and the vinyl…is that correct? Don’t need two of those, if that’s the case. Really trying to tell the difference. Thanks, anyone.

    • Jamil Ahmad says:

      Exactly Greg … I had initially proceeded to the checkout with the Quiet Life CD + Black Vinyl + Deluxe Boxset + Life In Tokyo EP. Then before pressing confirm, etc, I thought “what”. Hence I cancelled the option in question and ordered the Deluxe Box Set instead!

  47. Kauwgompie says:

    I wanted the version with the bonus CD single. The price is $89 from the artist store. Ridiculous of course. The similar Ramones deluxe boxes you could pick up for $50. I still wanted it so I checked the shipping price to NYC: $56. LOL! So the decision was made for me. Not getting that box. Will buy it later -without the CD single- once it is normally priced. I hope I can for once in my life stay this principled about a box set. I said the same thing about the Shakespear Sister box and of course I ended up buying that. Shipping for that box was insane too.

    • shunte88 says:

      I buckled and bought it $56 shipping and all – wallet is a $145 lighter and I’m 10 minutes in with no regrets
      Having read your comment the regret is building ;0

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Hahaha, congrats Shunt. No regrets necessary. Enjoy your purchase!! You decided it was worth it, so it is.

    • John Archbell says:

      The Shakespears Sister boxset is like gold dust now. Two went up on eBay – one is currently bidding at £250 and the other sold for a minimum of £299 (the seller was also asking for offers in excess of £299.)

      It’s a beauty and you shouldn’t regret your purchase!

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Yes that is true. It is now out of print which was expected as they only printed a 1000 box sets. That is why eventually I pulled the lever. I should not have regrets as it is also a beautiful box. I don’t think this box will go out of print as quickly so I am planning to wait for a more reasonable price and more reasonable shipping.

  48. Pete from Holland says:

    Not sure if the Life in Tokyo EP is worth it? Japan remixes are more than often just re-hashes of original tracks and are not a patch on the originals. The whole musical direction of Japan was to keep moving forward and not drown themselves in alternative versions of tracks that were considered as superior in the first instance. As a fan I am exhausted by the variations of products that exploit the fan who collects everything. Record companies have long taken advantage of this and now its Japan’s turn to jump on the bandwagon. Although the drummer Steve Jansen and to a lesser extent Richard Barbieri have been mining a rich seam of newly found awareness and exposure with new and old products been reissued in limited editions. Sylvian of course has been ploughing that field for as long as I can remember. God save us from limited editions that are neither needed or necessary. With the only exception of the live CD the whole package seems pointless given that a triple vinyl album was released a few years ago.

  49. Chocker says:

    Only really interested in the original Moroder 1979 full length version of Life In Tokyo, on the bonus disc. I never come across it on CD – it’s usually the rather tinny 1982 7″ or 12″ remix that gets used on reissues and compilations.

  50. JuzzyB says:

    Another album that I have bought several times, I would have bought it again if it was a definitive package at a reasonable price. CD2 looks good but the other Life In Tokyo mixes really need to be part of the box. If you want the vinyl I suppose you might think ordering the bundle is reasonable (£70? Are you sure?) but it has been included purposely to bump the price up. For me the cost of obtaining everything is just too much. This is where the Ultravox Vienna Set was spot on and this one misses the mark.

  51. Shane says:

    Paul do you know if really all orders from the official store come with the EP? Their banner says so but in the single CD version it does not show up in the page, but it does in the other bundles.

  52. Shane says:

    Wanted to buy the box from the store but 42€ SHIPPING have they lost their mind????????????? Forced UPS!

  53. EW99 says:

    Now what? The CD on the official website no longer comes with the Life In Tokyo single. Does that mean I get mine or not I wonder?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Depends if you ordered before or after they changed it!

      • EW99 says:

        I was wondering if they might decide retroactively that the single wouldn’t come with the 1*CD album. I got in before they changed so am hoping they will honour the original purchase. Wonder why they decided against it. Too many people going for that instead of the box set?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It would be a pretty stupid thing to do for any e-comm site to ‘retroactively’ change a confirmed order without telling you first. I think you’ll be fine.

  54. Markyp says:

    I’ve just noticed that there’s a bundle on the store that comprises the deluxe box set and the EP and black vinyl record.
    So the deluxe box contains the black vinyl anyway, why is there a bundle with another copy?
    I’m not missing anything… they are identical, right?

    • SimonP says:

      Burning Shed are doing the same thing. Three differences, though. The second vinyl is red, no Life In Tokyo EP and it’s 20 quid cheaper.

  55. Dieter says:

    shouldn’t the offer on an official Website be a lot cheaper? I mean, shipping it to a shop first cost additional postage/freight, and the shop wants to make a Profit, too. If you skip this stage you save a lot of Money.

  56. Frank says:

    I would prefer a CD ONLY box set of their albums and singles.

  57. Peter Muscutt says:

    Makes you wonder if there’s ever going to be a solution to the mixed media box sets… it’s “blue sky” thinking but it’d be great having the separate elements all on a list and you ‘pick and choose’ which bits you want. Just the audio exclusively on vinyl? Cool. Just on CD? It’s yours. Fancy some replica tour bits – posters, art prints, t-shirts etc? Hardback book? Live DVD? Bonus discs? (Dare I say it) marbles? Add them on and ‘create your own’ box set. Say a tenner for just the CD, £30 for three items, £40 for four items…I know this is done in a way with store bundles etc. and manufacturing costs would be a nightmare with individually tailored sets, but we can dream !! Sort of like how Kaiser Chiefs released an album a few years back where you picked ten tracks from a long list of twenty, but with more consideration to the deluxe box set aspect.

  58. musicoloog says:


    It seems a few tracks/versions are left off:
    – “I Second That Emotion” (John Punter 7″ Mix 1980) 3’46
    – “European Son” (John Punter 7″ Mix 1980) 3’40
    – “Quiet Life” (UK 7″ Edit 1981) 3’34

  59. Tracey says:

    The shipping cost of the 3CD/1LP box set to the US when ordering from the official store is 63% of the cost of the actual product. Ouch…

  60. Marc says:

    73€ for the Box (Official Store) + 23€ Shipping to Germany = 96€
    + extra postage if you need the red vinyl edition from another shop. (Rough Trade – 13€)

    36€ only for shipping. Sorry, but that kill’s it for me.

  61. dazzler says:

    I would blindly buy CD1 and CD2. It’s a shame I will have to pay for CD3 (I could live with that) and the LP. So I’m gonna stick with my original LP, the previous remaster with bonustracks and a Japanese (no pun intended) 2CD compilation with the various 7″ and 12″ versions.

  62. Donnie Biscuits says:

    Why no red vinyl on the official site; or am I missing something?

  63. Mike the Fish says:

    I’ve got the 3LP set with a bunch of remixes on and £70 odd to pick up the stragglers is far too much for me. I’ve no need for another copy of the album on vinyl either!

  64. stewart ord says:

    Burning Shed have the box set on pre-order for £49, is the EP worth an extra £15 especially when 2 of the tracks are included in the box set?
    Now if the official site sold the red vinyl as well then i could be tempted into making that extra purchase

  65. Vince Williams says:

    Luckily the Life In Tokyo EP is available with any purchase there so just went for the vinyl version.

  66. Eric says:

    I want the 3CD Deluxe (why are we being forced to buy vinyl we don’t want?) and went looking for a local (Australian) store. All I can find is the CD & LP. Curiously, one store had the obligatory, “you may also like”. A right angle power cable, Star Wars 4k DVD and AC/DC’s TNT. The very three things I think of whenever I listen to Japan.

  67. Tcf says:

    I really would love to hear something new some time. Not the umpteenth Remix of Life in Tokyo. But there a hardly any unreleased Japan tracks out there. Except maybe for the original “Some kind of Fool” or a mysterious track called “Venus in Furs”. And in the “Sons of Pioneers” Book by Fin Costello you can spot a tracklist for the final tour including “Rice Music” and “Life without buildings”.

    • Richard says:

      Venus in furs I would guess is a velvet underground cover. Would love to here that

      • Tcf says:

        I got it slightly wrong: “Venus in furs” by VU was recorded during the Sessions for Obscure Alternatives. A song called “Angel in fur” was recorded during the sessions for “Gentlemen take polaroids”. I think I read somewhere that parts of this song later became “My new career”.

  68. Gary Tilford says:

    It does look very tempting but I think I will stick with my 3 LP set that Music On Vinyl released a few years ago.

    • Lee says:

      I’m a massive Japan fan but this re-issue leaves me cold. Like you Gary, I’m sticking to my Music On Vinyl red vinyl version!

  69. blaahh says:

    It seems there is a product missing which would appeal to some of us, which is the 3CD set on its own, priced at £25-30. Bundling with the vinyl just adds cost and for those who arent interested, not required.

  70. Bern says:

    Does anyone know if since Brexit, if you are based in the UK, do we get charged import charges if we buy this from the European branches of Amazon?

  71. Daveyman says:

    The full live album (from which the 4-track EP is tskrn from) is one of holy grails that Japan fans have asked for years would ever be available, so great to see that finally getting a release.

    As for comments asking for Tin Drum and Gentlemen Take Polaroids deluxe sets, doubt it’ll ever happen, especially as Tin Drum original multi-tracks were destroyed by flooding after being carelessly stored, so at least there will never be desirable 5.1 mixes to add value and interest to any proposed deluxe set… very sad ‍♂️

    Polaroids not sure about – for both albums theres not much in the way of extra tracks, remixes, live recordings or demos to add to the original albums to make deluxe sets. Same goes for their first two albums unfortunately.

    Quiet Life around the 79-80 period was great for lots of period releases, which is why theres lots on this.l to make such a great deluxe set.

  72. Tim says:

    I hate marketing people. Why should prospective purchasers be forced to shell out for a vinyl record in order to get the CD bonus material (meaning discs #2 & 3, rather than the extra 9 track LIT)? If you’re a vinyl only person you can’t get this bonus material on your format of choice, and if you’re a CD only person you have to spend a considerable extra amount on a format of no interest, or go without it.

    • Markyp says:

      It was the same with the Marillion deluxe sets. If you wanted all the extra tracks and the DVD you had to buy the CD deluxe even though if your chosen format was vinyl.

      Why don’t vinyl box sets have the DVD video from the CD set and why does the CD set contain records?
      Irrespective of that I think I checked SDE bang on when you published this page so glad the link was there for the official store and the deluxe set with EP.
      Thanks Paul!

  73. Frank Bruce says:

    Looks like the record company is doing a massive cash in and they expect people to buy into this? I wanted the 3 CDs but i’m not paying stupid money to get them. £65 it’s not happening for me, i will hold off and get it in the sale and if i don’t then i will buy something i want more with the money

  74. Sex Dwarf says:

    Lexer have best price for the box I’ve seen @ £45

  75. P.E. says:

    I love this album immensely but it’s not my favourite Japan album, that being Gentlemen Take Polaroids. I hope they do a box set for that album and Tin Drum sometime in the future. Having already ordered the Quite Life box set from my local record shop (Resident Music in Brighton) a couple of days ago I’ve now ordered the single CD from the official Japan store just to get the free CD with the nine extra tracks. I’m sure I’ll be able to gift the album CD to a mate.

  76. Clive says:

    Box Set, minus Life In Tokyo CD is £50 from burning shed, so that £15 for a CD of 1 track, remixed to death. How many version’s of Life in Tokyo do I need? Not enough to splash an extra £15 it appears but ……..

  77. Grant Riggs says:

    Just went to order this – £13.5o delivery charge from the official store!!! Seems a bit steep!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Royal Mail Tracked 48 shipping to the UK is £6 via the official store. £13.50 is if you want a courier, which isn’t necessary with RM tracked.

  78. Chucky says:

    This looks nice, but why include the Live in Japan tracks on disc 2 if they are just replicated on disc 3?

  79. Kimmo Karjalainen says:

    I tried to order this to Finland, but he shipping price on the official site is EUR 84.00 !! I’ll pass…

  80. ian says:

    How disappointing, been looking forward to this and now……..well i don,t want vinyl or “live” just want a double. the original cd and the bonus rarities etc……oh well, nevermind.

  81. ND says:

    £13.50 postage for the £65 boxset for UK Delivery

    It hasn’t taken long for this to turn into a pathetic fleecing exercise has it. The CD EP thing should already be IN the deluxe boxset as standard!

  82. Chris Burton says:

    Will definitely order the box set. So fortunate to have seen Japan in concert on three occasions.
    I think Quiet Life will take some beating as an album based box set this year.

  83. iainc says:

    Budokan is the deal breaker for the 3CD set. I assume the old import Live in Japan EP songs are not from the same show as that would be odd to duplicate them.

    The CD single looks cool, but I have all the mixes of LIT as for as I know so will pass.

  84. Steven Morgan says:

    £14 postage is crazy on the official store. Basically it will be on Amazon I assume say £50 so you are paying neatly £30 just to get the EP

  85. Gareth Jones says:

    Stating the obvious here, but… the live EP tracks are duplicated on the full live CD. What’s the point?!

    • Simon Musselle says:

      “ Stating the obvious here, but… the live EP tracks are duplicated on the full live CD. What’s the point?!”

      Same show but different recording.

  86. What? Japan? Worry? says:

    Look forward to Gentlemen and Tin Drum a lot more

    • Isaías says:

      Gentlemen and Tin Drum are Virgin/Universal rights not BMG Sony. But, if someone is aware about news for these please let us all know!!

  87. GC says:

    I would buy the original cd with 12″ remixes because I would love to have those to bring back memories of my nights out in the 1980s, that’s the way things used to be re released, but nowadays but they have to throw in the vinyl which I don’t want!!!

  88. Andrew Sellers says:

    Hmm, £13.50 postage to the UK is problematic for the Boxed set. I want the bonus disc but not a t that cost!

  89. Marc says:

    There is also a colou-red vinyl available at Sound of Vinyl.
    Don’t know if it is a shop exclusive, only know it slots into the new trend for 2020/2021: ridiculous prizes for single lp editions (colour and black vinyl alike). What goes up must come down. Hopefully the market will plummet soon and prices will go back to acceptable.
    30 euro/25 pounds for a single vinyl disc is no longer acceptable, I think

  90. The Flying Sorcerer says:

    Seems like a pretty forensic analysis of the Quiet Life period! Dunno if we really need ANOTHER remaster but hey ho.

    Any word on the audio source of the live show? If it’s no better than the bootleg that’s been flying around for years then I’ll pass.

  91. cdmaniac says:

    I really want to go through the store to get the single but its $80.00 just for shipping. YIKES!! My Shakespears Sister shipping was only about $45

    • Matthew says:

      The official store just quoted me over fifty bucks to send to the US, making the total $145. Like others, I really just want the bonus CDs. And I’m writing a book that is largely about Japan & Sylvian, so I really want those CDs. But that’s a fat price to swallow. Still, as Paul often says, we have a choice. (But do we, Paul? Do we?!)

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        We send heavy boxes (3-6kg) to America and charge £80. That only just covers the Parcelforce charges, I kid you not.

        • Christopher Merritt says:

          Shipping from the UK to the US right now is bonkers expensive – it has seriously curtailed my purchases from UK Discogs sellers… (that said I did go for this – but $45 shipping – ouch!)

          • Derek Langsford says:

            The shipping situation has become ridiculous and a huge disincentive. A single CD from Amazon UK now often costs more to ship to the US (£13.44) than the CD itself. A year ago is it was £3.08. And we’ve also lost half the VAT removal by being charged US sales tax (on both the item and shipping). So what used to cost £12.68 to get a £12 CD from Amazon UK to CA now costs £24.88.

            Do we know for sure if this is a result of COVID, UPU changes, or Brexit? I think for us outside the EU and UK its UPU changes pushed by the US to “level” the playing field.

  92. Giorgio says:

    The 3CD+LP DELUXE BOX SET is on sale on for about 36€ which is half the official store price (no bonus disc though, obviously).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No it isn’t.

      • Richard says:

        Yep, it was ‘temporary unavailable’ as of last night . Hope it pops up on Amazon soon. Sister ray records offers a 10 percent discount on first orders if you sign up with them . But as of today it is listed but unavailable. Intend to shop around for this as this is a must. This is proving problematic as we have the grandkids here today. Fun but chaotic

    • DaveySussex says:

      Sadly they won’t ship to the UK.

  93. Mikael says:

    Pretty cool, have never heard their early stuff live. Pity the live wasn’t also bundled with the original in a 2CD for those of us who don’t need or want the vinyl. So this is not a complaint about the offering, rather a wish for even more alternatives …
    Hoping Virgin will do something similar for Gentlemen and Tin Drum.

  94. Michael McA says:

    I’m trying to work out if I already have most tracks on the 2nd CD – shame there’s no timings.
    A fantastic album but their peak for me was GTP.
    A huge solo Sylvian fan too. Hugely overlooked as a serious artist who has produced some startlingly beautiful music.
    Give ‘Darkest Dreaming’ a listen.

  95. Deakie Bass says:

    An extra £14 for delivery by DHL if you order from the official store to a UK address though! Ouch!
    Wish they’d done a surround sound mix, that would have been perfect – really all you’re getting here is a bonus live recording, nearly all the other bonus tracks already having been including in the last digipack remaster of this album in the noughties. I’ve still pre-ordered, though :)
    And also a slight shame that there’s no inclusion of the cool promo video for Quiet Life – shoulda remastered that from the original elements and put on bluray ;)

  96. This just made my year!

  97. Dave Moore says:

    It looks like no 3CD option only? You have to buy vinyl as well? Hopefully this will change

  98. Steven Roberts says:

    Disappointed, as is the norm these days, to find no digital hi-res in the box (5.1 or otherwise).

    Very odd that they are including the Live in Japan EP on disc 2, which features highlights of the complete show on disc 3 (Ie the same tracks used on both discs). Unless they are planning to put a 2CD “expanded release” at some point, I guess.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      I agree. When most music is now archived in 96/24 digital it would seem obvious to include at least a hi-res stereo mix of an album in a boxed set. The labels are kowtowing to the vinyl buyers because of the higher profit margin.

  99. Bruiser says:

    Ouch! How much?

    If the #Japan #QuietLife Deluxe 3xCD is not released separately (with or without the “Life in Tokyo” 9-track [remix… yawn!] CD) then, sadly, thanks, but no thanks.

  100. Dean says:

    Hm, I’d of thought Surround Sound would have been in there. I think it should become a standard for these kinds of sets at this point. We’re all looking for “value add”, and a good Surround Mix might be the only reason I buy a box!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Multi track tapes missing

      • Craig Hedges says:

        Hi Paul, Going forwards that excuse is now redundant. Last week on the Sonic Talk podcast Steve Hillier, previously of Dubstar, talked about Isotope RX8 software which can now strip a recording down to the isolated tracks, to prove this he has remixed Dubstars cover of PSB jealousy from a lousy MP3 file, both videos are on YouTube. This really opens up a whole new whole for remixes but really it depends if the record companies can be bother to pay to get 5.1 mixes done. Hopefully it means that Steve Wilson will be able to XTCs English Settlement remixed.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Not sure if this makes it ‘redundant’ – it’s clearly never going to be as good as hi-res transfers from individual elements.

  101. Derek says:

    Official store is pricey! It actually worked out £7 cheaper to buy the box elsewhere and then also get the standard CD + bonus Life In Tokyo CD from the official store.

  102. Stephen dC says:

    You get built up then it all comes crashing down.

    In your preview of 2021 I got very excited about this but looking at the details I am a bit meh.

    Why do I have to have bulky vinyl just to have the CD of mixes etc? By including the non-album Life In Tokyo mixes [which I don’t think fits with the feel of the original album] it just feels like bulking up to justify the price.

    Oh well.

  103. Neil Parnell says:

    I hate these mixed sets….do all cd or all vinyl…same with new order…as a vinyl guy will go for red remaster

  104. Ant Prr says:

    Odd/deliberate/annoying the red vinyl not available at the official store to get the exclusive CD single with it :(

  105. mostbeautifulmanintheworld says:

    Jeezus i loved this band! However I don’t buy CDs, so will get the red vinyl I think.

    I’d recommend getting the free cd single as the box set doesn’t seem to have the original 12” LIT which is the only one you NEED!

  106. DaveySussex says:

    This looks like a nice little package. The bonus CD has plenty of interesting material and considering they are including the vinyl the price isn’t too ridiculous. I might have to plump for the official store version to get the extra EP.

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